Big Brother 18 starts June 22, 2016 on CBS

Big Brother 18 season premiere on June 22nd – Source: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother 18 Spoilers status board:


James Huling

Bridgette Dunning Frank Eudy

Big Brother spoilers are always in demand and I won’t disappoint you this season either. Throughout the week I’ll be updating this page here with the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers and status updates for the season with competition and ceremony results. If you want to know what’s going on inside the house with one quick glance then this will be the page to check so bookmark it now!

To keep you up to date on the latest spoilers in the game we’ll be posting the current status of the game here. Check back often for new results and links to Big Brother spoilers details on the season.

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Big Brother 18 Week 5:
Returning Evictee: Victor
HoH: James
Nominated: Bridgette & Frank
Have-Nots: …
Power of Veto: …
Veto Ceremony: …
Evicted: …

Big Brother 18 Week 4:
HoH: Paulie
Nominated: Natalie & Tiffany
Roadkill Winner: Tiffany
Roadkill 3rd Nominee: Corey
Have-Nots: Team James (James & Natalie)
Power of Veto: Corey
Veto Ceremony: Corey saved himself, Da’Vonne renom’d
Evicted: Tiffany

Big Brother 18 Week 3:
HoH: Bridgette
Nominated: Paul & Tiffany
Roadkill Winner: Frank
Roadkill 3rd Nominee: Bronte
Have-Nots: Team Nicole (Nicole, Corey, & Tiffany)
Power of Veto: Bridgette
Veto Ceremony: Veto not used
Evicted: Bronte

Big Brother 18 Week 2:
HoH: Paulie
Nominated: Bronte & Paul
Roadkill Winner: Victor
Roadkill 3rd Nominee: Tiffany
Have-Nots: Team Big Sister (Da’Vonne, Paul, & Zakiyah)
Power of Veto: Paulie
Veto Ceremony: Paul saved, Victor renom’d
Evicted: Victor

Big Brother 18 Week 1:
HoH: Nicole
Nominated: Jozea & Paulie
Roadkill Winner: Frank
Roadkill 3rd Nominee: Paul
Power of Veto: Paul
Veto Ceremony: Paul saved, Bridgette renom’d
Evicted: Jozea

Big Brother 18 Week 0:
Returning Vets: James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Da’Vonne Rogers, & Frank Eudy
Have-Nots: Day, Paul, Jozea, & Zakiyah
Safe 2 Rounds Team: James, Bronte, Victor, & Natalie
In-danger Team: Nicole, Corey, Glenn, & Tiffany
Evicted: Glenn

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