Big Brother 17 Cast of Houseguests

Big Brother spoilers are always in demand and I won’t disappoint you this season either. Every day I’ll be updating this page here with the latest Big Brother 17 spoilers and status updates for the season with competition and ceremony results. If you want to know what’s going on inside the house with one quick glance then this will be the page to check so bookmark it now!

To keep you up to date on the latest spoilers in the game we’ll be posting the current status of the game here. Check back often for new results and links to Big Brother spoilers details on the season.

Big Brother 17 Week 6:
Head of Household: James
Have-Nots: Austin, Julia, Liz
Nominated: Clay & Shelli
Battle of the Block: twist is over for the season
Power of Veto: …
Veto Ceremony: …
Evicted: …

Big Brother 17 Week 5:
Head of Households: Jackie & Vanessa
Nominated: James & Liz, Becky & Clay
Battle of the Block: Jackie is dethroned, James & Liz escape the Block
Have-Nots: Clay, Shelli, & Steve
Power of Veto: Clay
Veto Ceremony: Clay saved himself, Jason renom’d
Evicted: Jason

Big Brother 17 Week 4:
Head of Households: Liz & Shelli
Nominated: Jackie & James, Jason & John
Have-Nots: Audrey, Becky, Jackie, & John
Battle of the Block: Liz is dethroned, Jackie & James escape the Block
Power of Veto: Vanessa
Veto Ceremony: Jason saved by Vanessa, Audrey renom’d in absentia
Evicted: Audrey

Big Brother 17 Week 3:
Head of Households: Austin & Vanessa
Have-Nots: no HNs this week
Nominated: Jason & Meg, James & John
Battle of the Block: Austin dethroned, Jason & Meg escape the Block
Power of Veto: John
BB Takeover: Meg won Gronk party cruise trip
Veto Ceremony: John saved himself, Jeff renom’d
Evicted: Jeff

Big Brother 17 Week 2:
Head of Households: Becky & Shelli
Have-Nots: Steve, Jason, Meg, & James
Nominated: Jason & Steve and Da’Vonne & John
Battle of the Block: Becky dethroned, Jason & Steve escape the Block
Power of Veto: John won Veto
Veto Ceremony: John saved himself, Meg renom’d
Evicted: Da’Vonne

Big Brother 17 Week 1:
Head of Households: James & Jason
Have-Nots: Vanessa, Liz, Austin, & Da’Vonne
Nominated: Steve & Jackie, Becky & John
Battle of the Block: Jason dethroned, Becky & John escape the Block
Power of Veto: Steve
Veto Ceremony: Steve saved, Jace renom’d
Evicted: Jace

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