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CBS has renewed another season for Big Brother 26 to arrive in 2024 and I’m hopeful we’ll get back on the more recent track of a July premiere and September finale with the upcoming season. This whole mess last year of running into November was for the birds (hi, Grandpa Lou!) and I definitely want this series back as a summer installment. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime we’ve got all our regular lead up to the new season with the anticipated casting season, ridiculous rumors, and plenty of waiting until the big reveal for BB26 with the cast, house, and twists & themes. Good times are ahead and we will be back to deliver those to you.

Big Brother 26 Cast:

We’re still a long time from the reveal of the BB26 Cast but we’ll only get there with Big Brother Hopefuls applying! Yes, that means all of you wild and bold enough to toss your hat in the ring for a shot at the crown and prize money.

Casting is now open for Big Brother 26 through the official CBS site. Reminder that you should never pay anyone to apply so don’t fall for potential scams that are asking for money. There are former HGs who share tips and tricks which could be legit, but don’t go for one of those casting teams that are charging for what you can do easily online yourself.

The casting site notes that they hope to have in-person audition events available, but just to be sure you should still apply online. Good luck!

Big Brother 26 Schedule:

The schedule on Reindeer Games was a mess and BB25 wasn’t much better with its hundred-day stretched out season and changing dates throughout the season as shows returned to the lineup in the fall. If CBS can keep the bulk of this next season in the summer then it should be easier on the Big Brother 26 calendar.

I’ll be expecting another season of episodes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Now if only CBS would give us a consistent schedule so we don’t go missing shows along the way that’d be great!

Big Brother 26 Live Feeds:

The Big Brother Live Feeds have been a staple of the BB experience and they are expected back for BB26 and once again on the company app, Paramount+. You’ll be able to watch the HGs and what they’re up to all season long.

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