Julie Chen on Big Brother

Big Brother 25 returns in 2023 on CBS as host Julie Chen confirms BB25 for the long-running reality TV series has been picked up for another year of fun. Next summer a new batch of Houseguests will be competing for their chance at $750,000 and the crown.

Following last year’s tumultuous season that took its Week 1 underdog to finale night champ, the pressure will be on for a new round of Houseguests to face off and show how they’d play the game and battle it out in a seemingly neverending series of twists on CBS.

Big Brother 25 Schedule:

Despite summer seasons starting in June or July CBS has announced the 25th season of Big Brother will premiere on August 2nd which potentially leads us all the way to November for a long, late season of Big Brother. Wowza that’s going to be weird!

CBS also confirmed the Sunday (8/7c), Wednesday (8/7c), and live show Thursday (9/8c) schedule routine for the upcoming season.

Big Brother 25 Cast:

The Houseguests for Big Brother 25 have yet to be revealed but the casting process is underway with applications being accepted now online. And after several quiet years, in-person open-call casting events have returned! Find out where you can apply in-person to be on Big Brother!

Either way you go for it, remember the casting director has changed and his team has been doing a solid job in the new role. We wish them the best of luck in their search because a great season depends on it!

Big Brother 25 Live Feeds:

The Big Brother Live Feeds have been a staple of the BB experience and we can’t imagine the show without them. Expect the Feeds to be back for BB25 and once again on the company app, Paramount+. You’ll be able to watch the HGs and what they’re up to all season long.

Now, while we wait for next summer, here’s host Julie Chen reminding us to get ready for the new season ahead.

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