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Big Brother spoilers are back again this season. Each week I’ll be updating this page here with the latest Big Brother 24 spoilers and status updates for the season with competition and ceremony results. If you want to know what’s going on inside the house with one quick glance then this will be the page to check so bookmark it now!

To keep you up to date on the latest BB24 spoilers in the game we’ll be posting the current status of the game here. Check back often for new results and links to Big Brother spoilers details on the season.

Big Brother 24 Week 6:
HOH: Taylor
HNs: …
Nominated: …
Power of Veto: …
Veto Ceremony: …
Evicted: …

Big Brother 24 Week 5:
HOH: Michael
HNs: none this week
Nominated: Joseph, Monte, & Terrance
Power of Veto: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used, Daniel & Kyle renom’d
Evicted: Daniel, 8-1

Big Brother 24 Week 4:
HOH: Monte
HNs: Jasmine & Turner
Nominated: Alyssa & Indy
Power of Veto: Daniel & Kyle
Veto Ceremony: Alyssa & Indy saved, Nicole & Taylor renom’d
Evicted: Nicole, 9-1

Big Brother 24 Week 3:
HOH: Turner
HNs: Alyssa & Indy
Nominated: Brittany & Michael
Power of Veto: Brittany & Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used, Ameerah & Terrance renom’d
Evicted: Ameerah, 7-4

Big Brother 24 Week 2:
HOH: Jasmine
HNs: Pooch, Nicole, Terrance, & Daniel
Nominated: Pooch & Taylor
Power of Veto: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto not used
Evicted: Pooch, 12-0

Big Brother 24 Week 1:
HoH: Daniel
Backstage Boss: Joe Pooch
Pooch’s Picks: Alyssa, Brittany, & Paloma
HNs: Joseph, Michael, Monte, & Kyle
Nominated: Michael & Terrance
Power of Veto: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Michael saved, Taylor renom’d
Drop-out: Paloma
Evicted: No eviction this week!

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