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Big Brother 21 Finale:
Winner: Jackson, 6-3
Runner-Up: Holly
AFP: Nicole

Big Brother 21 Week 13:
Round 1: Jackson
Round 2: Holly
Round 3: Jackson

Big Brother 21 Week 12:
HoH: Nicole
Nominated: Holly & Jackson
Power of Veto: Jackson
Veto Ceremony: Jackson saved, Cliff renom’d
Evicted: Cliff, 1-0

Big Brother 21 Week 11:
HoH: Jackson
Nominated: Cliff & Tommy
Power of Veto: Nicole
Veto Ceremony: Cliff saved, Holly renom’d
Evicted: Tommy, 2-0

Big Brother 21 Week 10 – Round 2:
HoH: Nicole
Nominated: Christie & Tommy
Power of Veto: Cliff
Veto Ceremony: Veto not used
Evicted: Christie, 3-0

Big Brother 21 Week 10 – Round 1:
HoH: Jackson
Nominated: Christie & Jess
Power of Veto: Tommy
Veto Ceremony: Christie saved, Cliff renom’d
Evicted: Jessica, 4-0

Big Brother 21 Week 9:
HoH: Holly
Prankster: Nick
Nominated: Nick (by Holly) & Christie (by Nick/Prankster)
Power of Veto: Jackson
Veto Ceremony: Veto not used
Evicted: Nick, 5-0

Big Brother 21 Week 8:
HoH: Jackson
Nominated: Christie & Analyse
Power of Veto: Jackson
Veto Ceremony: Veto not used
Evicted: Analyse, 5-1

Big Brother 21 Week 7:
HoH: Tommy
Field Trip Safe: Jackson
Field Trip Punishment: Analyse
Field Trip Nominated: Christie
Nominated: Cliff & Kat
Power of Veto: Tommy
Veto Ceremony: Christie saved, no renom
Evicted: Kat, 6-1

Big Brother 21 Week 6:
HoH: Jessica
Nominated: Jack & Jackson
Power of Veto: Jessica
Veto Ceremony: Veto not used
Evicted: Jack, 6-2

Big Brother 21 Week 5:
HoH: Holly
Nominated: Nick & Sam
Have-Nots: Jessica, Nicole, and Sam
Power of Veto: Nick
Veto Ceremony: Nick saved, Kat renom’d
Evicted: Sam, 9-0

Big Brother 21 Week 4:
Camp Comeback: Cliff
HoH: Cliff
Nominated: Jack and Jackson
Have-Nots: Jackson, Christie, and Kat
Power of Veto: Jackson (Jack used his power to redraw players)
Veto Ceremony: Jackson saved himself, Bella renom’d (no power used)
Evicted: Bella, 8-2

Big Brother 21 Week 3:
HoH: Nick
Whacktivity: Christie
Nominated: Cliff & Jessica
Power of Veto: Kat
Veto Ceremony: Jess saved, Nicole renom’d
Evicted: Cliff, 6-4

Big Brother 21 Week 2:
HoH: Jack
Whacktivity: Jack
Nominated: Jessica & Kemi
Power of Veto: Sam
Veto Ceremony: Veto not used
Evicted: Kemi, 11-1

Big Brother 21 Week 1:
Camp Director: Jackson
Banished: Cliff, Jessica, Kemi, & David
Early Eviction: David
HoH: Christie
Whacktivity: Ovi
Nominated: Cliff & Kathryn
Power of Veto: Sam
Veto Ceremony: Cliff saved, Ovi renom’d
Evicted: Ovi, 12-0

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