Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

After a wild ride last season it’s time for Big Brother 23 on CBS in the summer of 2021, or at least we sure expect it to be this summer! Of course last year was no normal year and yet Big Brother production pulled off a miraculous feat with an All-Stars season to keep us distracted from the chaos outside. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for them to make that magic happen again for 2021.

So we’ve already got CBS confirming the return of Big Brother 23 for 2021 along with our host Julie Chen Moonves. Hooray! Now we just need some Houseguests and after last season’s AS2 season it’s most likely this will be all-new HGs.

Big Brother 23 Cast:

Casting for Big Brother is actively open and you can submit your application online now. We don’t know if there will be open casting calls given everything going on but if they are then we’ll watch and report those down the road. In the meantime, online application submissions are now being accepted. Get your video done and get it submitted for your chance to enter the BB23 house!

Big Brother 23 Schedule:

Watch for Big Brother in June 2021 for a likely premiere followed by the regular three nights a week approach. At least we hope to be back on a regular schedule this season but if they need more time then we know the August to October routine is always a possibility. We’ll update here as we hear more in this BB23 preseason.

Big Brother 23 Live Feeds:

I can’t imagine a season of Big Brother without the Live Feeds so let’s go ahead and plan for those to return too. You can start your subscription again new with the Free Trial and watch everything from inside the BB22 house all summer long.

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