Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

After a wild ride last season it’s time for Big Brother 23 on CBS in the summer of 2021, or at least we sure expect it to be this summer! Of course last year was no normal year and yet Big Brother production pulled off a miraculous feat with an All-Stars season to keep us distracted from the chaos outside. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for them to make that magic happen again for 2021.

So we’ve already got CBS confirming the return of Big Brother 23 for 2021 along with our host Julie Chen Moonves. Hooray! Now we just need some Houseguests and after last season’s AS2 season it’s most likely this will be all-new HGs.

Big Brother 23 Schedule:

Big Brother 23 premiere is on Wednesday, July 7th at 8PM ET/PT for a 90-minute season launch followed by weekly episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (live) all at 8PM ET/PT each night. The series will be followed nightly by Love Island as CBS works to combo those two again this summer.

Big Brother season finale will be Wednesday, Sept. 29th at 9PM for a two-hour finale event.

Big Brother 23 Cast:

Sixteen All-New Houseguests have arrived for BB23 and we can’t wait to see what they deliver with this very diverse cast that will hopefully give us a change from seasons past. Meet all the BB23 Houseguests now and pick your early favorites for the season.

Big Brother 23 Twist:

Captains & Teams twist will launch the season for BB23 as HGs will move-in via groups of four to compete for the role of Captain then pick 3 more HGs to join them. Safety for the week will be set on Premiere Night and then the losing teams will face off for the next round of “risk vs reward”. Oh my.

Big Brother 23 Live Feeds:

CBS confirms Big Brother Live Feeds will be part of the Paramount+ subscription service, which is the rebranded All Access from before. You can start your subscription again new with the Free Trial and watch everything from inside the BB23 house all summer long.

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