Julie Chen on Big Brother 21

Get ready for more fun because Big Brother 22 on CBS arrives in (hopefully) summer 2020 for another round of Houseguests vying for the chance at surviving the season to win a half-million-dollar prize. With everything COVID-19 related going on right now it’s tough to be sure just when the new season arrives but we’re anxiously watching and reporting as we learn more.

CBS has already confirmed the return of Big Brother in 2020 along with host Julie Chen so we’re set and ready to spend our summer in the warm glow of BB22. Twenty-two seasons! That’s incredible.

Big Brother 22 Cast:

Casting for Big Brother is has ended with most all of the open casting events being canceled due to the pandemic. Kassting Inc. was still hard at work on casting the season though and it sounds like maybe this could be a summer of returning HGs based on the latest spoilers.

Big Brother 22 Schedule:

Watch for Big Brother in maybe late July, fingers crossed, for its premiere followed by the regular three nights a week approach. It’s what we’ve come to expect and despite the series’ slogan, that’s what will probably happen again this summer.

Big Brother 22 Live Feeds:

The Big Brother Live Feeds are solidly part of the CBS All Access package and I’d watch for those to stay right where they are. You can start your subscription again new with the Free Trial and watch everything from inside the BB22 house all summer long.

That’s all we’ve got for now but more Big Brother 22 news is never far away so watch this space for more headlines, spoilers, and more.

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