Big Brother 14: Sure Thing For CBS in 2012

Big Brother 14 for 2012 should be confirmed any day now with a press release from CBS as it seems like a sure thing based on this summer’s performance.

Update: Well look at that. In between the time I wrote this and it posted, CBS announced Big Brother was renewed for next season!

Here’s the rundown on Big Brother’s outstanding numbers this season:

  • Big Brother 13 won its time slot every episode all summer for key demographics with the caveat of excluding sports events.
  • Big Brother 13 grew its viewership by 11% overall for the 18-49 age group. That’s broken down as +4% for 18-34, +12% for 25-54, and +4% for all age groups.
  • BB13 Episode 20, August 21st, had the highest audience rating since 2007 with 8.37 million viewers.
  • BB13 Episode 24, August 31st, was the first time ever that Big Brother was the top program for the 18-49 and 18-34 demographics.
  • Big Brother After Dark was up 8% in average viewers from last summer.
  • Traffic was up 18% at for Big Brother visitors. Interestingly, our traffic was up a very similar 18.4% from last summer with over 14 million pageviews!
  • Live Feeds subscribers increased by 10% over last summer and 25% of those subscribers picked up the Live Feeds mobile access add-on
  • Fun fact: 2.5 million hours of Live Feeds were streamed to users.

Wow. Wow. Wow. With ratings and results like that how could CBS not renew for a Big Brother 14 next summer? Show of hands: who wants Big Brother in 2012?

Source: CBS press release


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  1. Im glad it got renewed Matt love this sithe and the job u do Thank you so much
    I am going to miss it but I will be checking your other site for survivor and other reality shows
    Thanks again

    • Also to add on to my last post, to any persons with the argument that past players were just playing now. Well obviously yeah, but those 6 wouldve been pretty good front runner choices for an all star 2.0. By getting them on this season, it would open 6 spots for 6 other all stars ( maybe not so obvious choices) next season. – Just my opinion …

  2. fyi….. agrodner22 allison grodner
    #BB13 Thanks to all of our fans! See you next summer! ‘Big Brother’ Renewed for 14th Season – Hollywood Reporter

  3. How ironic! The producers of this show have done everything you can think of to diminish the concept, trash all elements of the show including guest selection, competition creativity, feed blockage, outcome manipulation, diary room coaching/line feeding, jury house coverage, etc. You name it, they have taken a dump on it. Even the Zingbot was a messy pile of unintelligible gibberish. And what happens? The ratings skyrocket. Incredible. I am at a loss to explain this other than to say we did elect Bush President, twice.

    • Ratings are up because the current president is on television every night trying to save his *ss in 2012. Can’t get any more boring than that.

      • Yes, the idea of putting Americans back to work and strengthening the middle class cannot compare to the excitement of BB13.

  4. They NEED to have two shows per year… I’m going to have big brother withdrawals for a whole year lol. PS RACHEL deserves to win BB13… GO RACHEL!!!!

  5. We also elected Obama. If you don’t like the show don’t watch. Is that to difficult for you? They don’t fix what happens. Influence what they say sure, but no one is forced to do anything. Nothing they do is new. They have always block feeds some

    • No, it is not difficult for me as I have not watched much of this very predictable season. If you think they do not “fix” what happens then you are ill informed. They do more than “influence” what happens. I would say they control what happens making the idea that this is a “game” nil. What they are doing that is “new” is the degree to which the size of the turd has become that they are depositing on the show. So in a way, yes, same s***, but newer, much bigger and smellier turd. And, point of fact, they have blocked much more on the feeds this season.

    • I agree with DT. I have watched every season and this one was unfortunately too obvious. Love the show and glad it’s going strong but there was way too many obvious things that were too much. Producers should have faith in the good old formula from the beginning. Real unknowns (previous contestants as cameos only), different personalities, and new creative competitions. That’s what made it great in the first place! Go for it! :)

  6. YAY!!! I love bb!! I wish they had it twice a year. So to all u conspiracy theorists and bb haters. Guess u r wrong! Higher viewership ever!!!

  7. please don’t bring back the veterans next year!! they had their chance. I want to see new contestants!1

  8. I enjoy watching, want to be a HG made the finals for BB12 but somehow Enzo made it over me. I’ll be trying for BB 14. Wish me luck. Go Rachel.

  9. ok bb fans to all of you who trashed jordan jeff rachael and her man you have to admit they brought a lot of viewers back. i dont think jordan had her heart in the game this season but she still lets us know that there are sweet people in this world who have big hearts and put others before herself. even though shelly was an ass her child will learn a lesson at shellys expense. and rachael was a different woman. she cried for jordan when jeff left even though it meant she stayed and i thought she looked lovely towards the end without all the makeup. now if we can get the viewers to stop trashing the hgs…oh that will never happen….i will miss it….until next year bb fans

    • also i wish julie would start the show tonite telling us that rachael and adam would be playing for the money because of poor sportsmanship by the other player. that way maybe next season no one would be spiking other players food or drink.

    • Jordan putting others before herself? What show were you watching. This season Jordan showed she was just as self absorbed, arrogant, hypocritical, vindictive and mean as any of the past and present nasty BB Houseguests.

      • Finally someone was watching the same jordan I watched,
        I think there was some producers playing with the game too. but I love BB and all the feeds that are not fish tanks.

  10. I think tonight we will get a good idea of whether next year is all-stars or not, because normally in the finale they give instructions on how to apply for BB. If those don’t come up tonight, that might mean they are doing all-stars next year.

    • I’ve already read through the application. I would love to be a HG but not if all the rest are in their 20’s. Because I’m definitely not. Shelley was the oldest this year at 41!! OMG, I think I have clothes older than that. But Jane from Survivor did a really great job, physically and mentally. I know I’m not the only “older” fan of BB. I’ve watched every season, live feeds past 2 years and BBAD the year before that. I wish the demographics showed more of an age breakdown. Anyway, I’m already going through withdrawal. Almost booked a trip for TheVegasBash but finances brought me to my senses.

  11. The only time Kalia and Porsche ever talked strategy with anyone was when they were talking about how to play Dani’s game.

    And Dani’s game was awful. She was nothing without her Dad their to show her how it is done.

  12. I saw a clip (28) on cbs website, the finale show the jurors having a heated discussion. Should definitely
    be good tonight.

  13. I’m glad there is going to be a big brother 14, just hope it doesn’t suck like this season.

  14. Matt (BBN),

    Can you please tell me where to click to see that preview you are referring to, so I can see a preview of the heated debate with the jury? Thanks! P.S. I can’t wait until next summer because your BB Network site is great. I also look forward to posing on your Survivor site as well.

  15. @Matt (BBN)…I LOVE the site – will be back again next season! Thanks for all the updates.

    Go Rachel!

    Let’s go BB14!

  16. I wish Jordan and Jeff were still playing! Out of the three left, I do want Rachel to win. She deserves it at this point, and she played a pretty good game. The finale starts in 11 minutes! Can’t wait!

  17. U believe this is the 1st Big Brother season I ever watched? I was never a Big Brother fan cause I thought the show was lame.I was totally wrong.This makes me want to watch Big Brother over and over every year for now on cause this year all the episodes kept me glued to my couch 3 times a week on what was going to happen next.

  18. hey —matt—next time do not say wha big brother wants you to say,so they can get the rating,next time tell what is really going on.
    i posted who would win.i wanted the public to know
    how really things are going.and still no one would listen up.hell matt i could do your job better,and no one would watch this joke.–lol then what would CBS do.
    time for this show to die a fast death.
    i know lets bring back all the players from old seasons for the next 19 years so everyone can win–lol
    what a joke –this is —congrats CBS.have to be proud of it –lol

    • Uhh… When did we say what “Big Brother” wants us to say to get ratings? You do understand we’re not affiliated with CBS or the show, right?

      The Internet is a big place. If you’re not happy with our coverage and want to make your own site, then by all means.

      I doubt Big Brother is dying anytime soon. Ratings were huge this season and the show was already renewed.

      You sure seem awfully interested in something that you claim to hate so much. Good luck w/ those anger issues.

    • Tom or is it Tommy? Your internet time is almost up so you need to go back to your room and get your homework done.

      Signed, Mom.

  19. The best prayer won!!!! I couldnt of been happier!! Go Rachel!! U so deserved it! I would love to rub it in dani And kalia’s face. Ha ha u two. The best girl won!!!

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