Big Brother 13 Finale Results

Big Brother 13 Finale

It all comes down to this. The Big Brother 13 winner is set to be crowned and we’ll soon know who will take home the half-million dollar prize. Settle in for live results from the 3-part final HoH, the jury interrogation, and lastly the jury votes. Oh, what a night!

Reminder: Survivor South Pacific at 8PM & Big Brother 13 finale at 9:30PM.

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Big Brother 13 Final HoH Round 1:

Big Brother 13 Final HoH Round 2:

  • Underwater competition similar in style to BB8’s Final HoH round 2
  • Porsche finishes and is worried she was too slow
  • Adam makes a BIG mistake by throwing away his goggles mid-comp
  • Adam completes in 6:03
  • Porsche completes in 3:50. Porsche wins Round 2.
  • HoH Round 2 – full details

The Jury is debating. Lots of support for Rachel from Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, and, surprisingly, Kalia who says she had the hard road this game. Shelly just set Kalia off when she claimed Porsche & Kalia did nothing but play Daniele’s game. Things get very heated. Hard to tell how a few HGs will vote tonight.

Big Brother 13 Final HoH Round 3 – A/B style:

  • Round 1: Both guess “B.” Both wrong.
  • Round 2: Rachel gets it right. R:1 P:0
  • Round 3: Both guess “A.” Both wrong.
  • Round 4: Both guess “B.” Both wrong.
  • Round 5: Rachel gets it right. R:2 P:0
  • That’s enough. Chen closes the comp. Rachel wins!

Rachel is the Final HoH and will cast the last eviction in just a few mins.

Porsche asks Rachel to keep her as her ally and take her to the Final 2. Adam does a shoutout to metal heads first, but then he breaks in to a well-rehearsed speech against Porsche that she was a floater.

Big Brother 13 Final Eviction:

  • Rachel evicts: Adam

Wow, I really thought Rachel was about to evict Porsche there for a moment. Wow. Now Rachel will move on to the Final 2 with Porsche.

Adam comes out and tells Julie Chen that Rachel made the right choice because he would have won if he got to the Final 2. The audience laughs. Aww.

Will Rachel’s record of 4 HoH comps & 2 Vetos be enough to win?

The Jury is grilling Rachel & Porsche. Jurors want to know why Rachel said and did the things she did this season. Jurors ask Porsche what she did in the game and “when did she start playing?” Not as favorable questioning for Porsche. Rachel puts in a good word with Kalia that she had to evict her because if she got to F2 she would’ve won.

I’m thinking Rachel might sweep this season. Maybe 1 off?

Before the votes are revealed, we get the original HGs coming back out. Evel Dick and Daniele agree that she ruined the Vet alliance. Daniele says she wanted to play with people she liked, not the Vets. So she threw away her game over people she knew for a few weeks? Then Dick says exactly what I said the other day: Daniele should have waited until Newbs eventually won and then made the strike at Vets. Obviously, I agree.

Big Brother 13 Jury Votes:

  • Brendon: Rachel
  • Daniele: Porsche
  • Jeff: Rachel
  • Shelly: Rachel
  • Kalia: Porsche
  • Jordan: Rachel
  • Adam: Porsche

Rachel wins 4 – 3. I’m a little surprised by Adam and Daniele’s votes. I guess Adam really was mad at her, but after all his talk about voting for a competitor and the winner of Round 3 would weigh heavy, he votes for a HG w/ half the wins? Then after Daniele’s repeated comments during the season that Rachel should have voted for the best BB12 competitor, it was a little surprising to see this result. A Bitter Betty to the end.

Update: Adam told Evel Dick during the backyard interviews that he voted for Porsche over Rachel because he saw Shelly’s vote when she put her key in the box. He said he knew Rachel had already won so he wanted to throw her a bone. Weak.

Update 2: Daniele said in her SuperPass interview that Rachel was the biggest floater of the season. Do you agree? All other HGs said Adam for that question. Maybe Daniele is thinking of the two times she tried to get Rachel to flip on her alliance and change to her side. Both times Rachel declined. Hmm. Bitter Betty strikes again?

Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly

Big Brother 13 Winner:

  • Rachel Reilly wins Big Brother 13

Congratulations to Rachel. With 6 comp wins & 5 nominations, she earned it.

Big Brother 13 America’s Choice:

  • Jeff Schroeder wins $25,000 again

Is anyone surprised? Shouldn’t be. You all predicted it in our poll!

The season may end tonight, but the next is never far away. CBS has renewed Big Brother for a 14th season in 2012!

If you’ve got your Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch SuperPass’ Big Brother 13 Backyard Interviews on the Feeds. Flashback to 8:27PM BBT to see it from the start.

Fun Update: Just something fun for the road. Did you notice Adam’s family in the audience last night? Was that his brother or Tom Cruise’s alter-ego, Les Grossman?

Big Brother 13 finale Les Grossman


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