Big Brother 13 Episode 20 recap: Big Jeff gets revenge as Shelly’s dislike for Rachel grows

Note: This blog is written in real-time, presuming some readers actually do not know what has played out on the Live Feeds.

Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 13 opened with the continuation of the Head of Household competition and after what seemed like three hours of people running back and forth in foam, Jeff wins.

So, in other words, things aren’t looking good for Daniele, Kalia and Porsche. But once again, Adam gets to float on by.

Rachel is happy someone in her alliance won since her winning streak is still on hiatus. She also makes fun of Daniele, Kalia and Porsche for being what she thinks are sore losers. Even though I noticed nothing of the sort from any of them. Sure they looked disappointed, but who wouldn’t? I guess Rachel forgot about the time she ran off and cried under a tree after losing something. Or the HoH contest where she refused to cheer for Daniele or Kalia.

We’re reminded that Jeff and Daniele kind of (sort of) made a deal that they’d not go after each other, but we’re also quickly reminded that Jeff hasn’t forgotten Daniele’s earlier deception. If you ask me, Big Jeff needs to get over it and realize Daniele could be a good ally again and target floaters.

We learn more and more that Rachel wasn’t a victim of bad editing last summer. Shelly even hates Rachel. Of course Shelly’s not allowed to “hate” because her mommy and daddy said not to hate anyone, but she dislikes Rachel a lot. So if Shelly dislikes Rachel that much, then there’s a problem. I’d like to see Shelly punch Rachel once or twice. That would be good TV. But for some reason, Rachel decides to bite her tongue when Shelly tells Rachel to stop making evil eyes at her. Bor-ing.

While we’re on the subject of Shelly, CBS finally decided to feature something I mentioned weeks ago. And that’s that Shelly has somehow lived 40-some years only eating peanut butter and jelly. Who doesn’t know what a pear is? Seriously. And what is “gwak-a-mol,” Shelly? I’m embarrassed for you. I hope your kid knows what vegetables are. Poor child.

It’s a good thing Shelly’s not a have-not this week because she probably had no idea you could hard-boil an egg and she probably doesn’t know what a jal-uh-peen-yo is. Daniele, Porsche and Kalia are handpicked by HoH Jeff to eat the eggs and jalapenos for the week.

I think Kalia and Porsche tried to talk Jeff into not nominating them for eviction, but all I heard were crickets and Rachel’s laughter somewhere far off in the distance. It’s pretty obvious at least one of them will go up. Especially considering Jeff promised Kalia weeks ago, he’d get revenge on her for putting him up. We also get to see Jeff no longer playing with his precious integrity as he lies to Daniele’s face by telling her she’s 100 percent safe. He even tells her he won’t backdoor her. That’s the first time anyone has said this season without intentions of sticking to it. So it’s pretty clear what Jeff’s plan is.

So with NO surprise, Jeff nominates Kalia and Porsche with all intentions of back-dooring Daniele. And if that happens, Daniele will 100 percent go home. And the rest of this season will 100 percent suck. I hope all the Daniele haters out there are ready for several weeks of Adam’s annoying dancing, Shelly’s constant smoking and Jordan’s infantile “fuss-trations” because that’s all we’ll get. Where’s the drama going to come from? Rachel and Shelly? They’re in the same freaking alliance. For this show to continue being good, Daniele and, as much as I dislike her, Rachel need to make it to the Top 4. Bottom line. Otherwise it’ll be as boring as last season when only Enzo, Lane and Hayden were left.

What are your thoughts on the nominations? If you can’t wait until Wednesday to find out who played in the veto competition and who won, we have the results here. Find out if Jeff changes the nominations later tomorrow.


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