Big Brother 13 Finale Winner Predictions

Big Brother 13 wraps up tonight and we’ll soon have a winner crowned for the summer. I’ve fully detailed my Final 2 scenarios and who I think can win in all match-ups, but now it’s time to place the bets and see if we’re right. Check out all of these sites’ predictions and then leave your own in our poll below and the Comments section.

Big Brother 13 Winner Predictions:

Big Brother 13 Rachel
Big Brother 13 Rachel
Big Brother 13 Porsche
Big Brother 13 Rachel
Big Brother Access Big Brother 13 Rachel
Big Brother Live Big Brother 13 Rachel
Zap2It Big Brother 13 Porsche

If it’s Rachel and Porsche, like most people think will happen, it could be very close!


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  1. I would love to see Porsche win! But if not then i’m totally happy with Rachel winning. But amazing girls <3 If Adam wins i will NEVER watch this show again

    • Adam has been a complete wreck and if you haven’t watched the feeds of the article below….WOW! he is off his rocker right now~

      Go Porche! She is a newbie, didn’t have an alliance walk through the door with her….only changed sides when she was dumped and won her fair share of comps. Plus, she cooked that slop stuff to make it edible for everyone, including the brat Jordan. Hope she wins, she had not a clue walking into the door. Rachel did, and she had her chance last year!

      • Porche didn’t even get out of bed until the past few weeks and all she did was cook and eat and talk about eating. She talked to much about her life with her “Sugar Daddy’s” taking care of her and her threesomes with them and other girls. She is a pathetic excuse of what a young woman should be and it’s a shame that BB has to go the the gutters to get some of these players….if she wins [which she won’t] I will NEVER watch BB again…She should take lessons on how to be a beautiful, honest, respectful, young lady from Jordan. I would be so proud to call Jordan my daugter….Go Rachel!!!

      • @ lisa. Porsche had an instant alliance in the vets. Porsche knows Janelle and Dick knew that so he took her in rightt away. When Dick left Rachel campaigned for her and got her that golden key. Porsche sat around all summer with no target on her back because she shifted when power did. Rachel has had to fight her tail off as the biggest target in the house besides Brendon from day one.

      • In case you haven’t noticed, Janelle wasn’t on the show this season so therefore she could not have been aligned with Porsche. The only reason Rachael wanted her to have the Golden key was because she didn’t want compete against her in the comps. It was strategic not out of niceness.

      • Janelle got Porsche the interview for BB and then ED found out that she knew Janelle so he took her under his wing right away. They ALL run in the same “low-life” circles!! Porksche did nothing but sleep, eat & do mean things all season, she is a lazy ass that expects everyone else to do for her. She is nothing more than a uneducated call girl & a poor excuse for winning anything, let her go back to her gutter.

      • In case you haven’t noticed, adam has shifted to whoever was in power, he needs to be wiped out right now. And whoever goes to the final 2 with rachel will lose and you know it. Everyone thinks rachel is a bitch but if you really look at it and use some common sense, she isn’t. Yes, she is emotional i will give you that. She is a fighter and that is what she has been doing just because she has stood up for herself and fought the whole game doesn’t make her a bitch. It makes her a person. Everyone else basically(newbie wise) has either slept or coasted through without doing anything. Yeah jordan may of not won anything but she fought to. She was carried some of the way but she fought and stuck it through unlike adam. He is a guy for peets sake he is supposed to be strong and he is the first one to fall off every single competition like that and you can’t tell me that is wrong. Kalia complains about not being able to win anything, Well get off your lazy butt, stop sleeping all the time and do something-go work out go walk around. DO SOMETHING!!

      • @ herself. There is no way anyone can be that slow! Incase you didn’t notice I just said Porsche KNEW Janelle and Dick knew that so he instantly took her in. Porsche said this herself. I swear people should start paying closer attention to the show before they comment @ patti-thank yyou! At least someone is paying attention!

  2. Honestly I feel that it is a 50/50 chance of either Porsche or Rachel winning, it will truly be based upon who wins Round 3 of the HOH and whether or not if anyone takes Adam to the final 2 which I am not thinking either Porsche or Rachel will.

    • If Rachel was smart (which she is) she’ll take Adam to the final 2. Dani, Kalia won’t vote for Adam therefore, Rachel would have Brendon, J & J, Dani and Kalia’s vote. Shelly and Porche would vote for Adam cause they don’t like Rachel. Those 2 would vote on a personal level.

    • It’s about a 25/75 shot with porshe and rachel only because even if they do vote personally and not based on game play. rachel has brendon, j & j, when porshe has dani, kalia and shelly and adam..maybe. If they play on both rachel will have almost everyone except for kalia..maybe and maybe adam because every single person in that jury knows for a fact that she has busted her butt the whole summer to get where she is at and whoever says that she hasn’t or denys it is lying and you know it as well as i do.

      • @ allison that would be 40% 60g and who says Porsche has Shelly or Adam. Before Shelly left she told Jordan she will not be happy seeing Porsche or Kalia in the finals. Also Adam has said all along he will vote foor Rachel cause she’s playeed the best. As far as Daniele if she “respects” the game so much she will also vote for Rachel seeing as how Rachel has had the hardest fightt

      • I agree I think Rachel busted her butt all summer just because people don’t like her doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to win. I really hope she does win because honesly no one left in the house now derserves to win. Good luck Rachel!!!!!!!!!!

    • I don’t think Adam would vote for Porsche.
      So, Rachel, Jeff, Brendon and Adam, make it four for Jordan!

      • didya hear Adam say he didn’t want rachel get a f***ing penny on Monday. Woh, he was being sincere about it, I believe? He looked pissed!

      • @Lisa: Pretty sure Adam was just playing mindgames with Porsche to get her angry at Rachel so she wouldn’t take her to F2 if she has the chance. Adam was trying to get Porsche to also think “I don’t want to give her a penny either.”

        He is trying every play in the book at this point. It isn’t working.

  3. If you only consider game play, I think Rachel takes the cake. Porche seems like a mean girl, and Adam did next to nothing all season. Rachel was a target from the moment she walked in the house, and I am flabbergasted that she is still here. She deserves it!!!! How do you bounce back from crying in the bushes? She did! LOL!

    • I never liked Rachel and was sick to see her back but I must admit that I have respect for her for putting herself through another season after making an ass out of herself in BB12. Then coming back and winning in BB13. She didn’t fight like a warrior, more like a crybaby, but she deserves to win.

    • That’s what i’m talking about!
      She was a target since ALWAYS, and who’s in there?? Rachel! lmao
      She really deserves to win it, when she needed for her and Jordan she pulled it out. I’m really hoping that she win Round 3.

      • @ lisa. How can you say or it would have been Rachel??? Have you not watched at all? First of all Porsche knew jordan and adam were very close and they’d take eachother to F2. Second Porsche and Rachel made a deal that Rachel wins endurance ound Porsche wins skill and they take eachother to F2. From the looks of it, id be willing to bet money that jordan would have stayed on that mixer longer than Porsche Jordan stayed on her log for 3 and a half hours, Porsche stayed on the mixer for 44mins. We’ve heard all the “fixed” theories anyone can bring, most people don’t believe it and think its ridiculous. Its just such a cop-out for peoples favorite when they get sent packing.

    • You are right. Based simply on game play, Rachel should win hands down. The target on her got bigger each week and she stepped up when she needed to. I also think that since Brendon left the house she has been much more bearable and a lot less emotional. Their relationship is a train wreck waiting to happen.

      • I would like to see Rachel/Porche…I want Porsche to win. However good Rachel was in the competitions; she had her chance last year.

        this year, she had an automatic alliance with Brendon; Porsche was smart to accept the Golden Key, even though she wanted to compete.

        When Rachel dumped her, she had no other viable choice but to go with Dani and Kalia.

        She played the game, won the competitions, didn’t have an alliance walk through the door with her; and all except for Jordan (who is jealous of her badly)she had a pretty good social game.

        She cooked, cleaned and who wouldn’t want to lay out in the sun. I seen her and Kalia stay up late late late and therefore, they slept a lil’ longer during the day.

        The fact that she put benefiber in the muscle milk was just pure genius…LMAO!

      • @ lisa. Who was your favorite? Has it been Porsche since day one or did you have another you liked as well?

    • I started watching this season as a big Jordan fan. I still like her but she didn’t do much in my opinion. (yes, I know she helped calm Rachel down etc.) but she just sat there most of the time twirling her hair! However, I see clearly now and I believe that Rachel deserves to win for many reasons! The main one being that she played a great game and she’s a damn good competitor! I hope she wins it and she and Brendan can have a big wedding then do the “Nick and Jessica” type show where we get to see more of them.

      Just wanted to add that I still believe that Jeff is soooo damn hot! I liked him on his season and this also but he showed me a side to him that came across as slightly hot headed. He really needs to take things lightly before he pops a vein! He take things too personally. I know there are Jeff haters out there but he played a good game but he was too logical at times and just forgot that somtimes logic doesn’t cut it in the BB house!

      • I am a big Rachel fan. I wasn’t at the begininng and even believed like many of the houseguests that she was catty and very emotional… those opinions changed however when I saw her reaction when Jeff got voted and the weeks up till now. She showed that she could be a great friend and she was… to Jordan. She had her back and helped Jordan get far the last couple of weeks. I am glad that Rachel is still in it and I hope and pray she wins! i am not a fan of Porche and Adam… well he is useless and used being a huge fan as a way to get where he is at.

      • Adam just needs to go back home and continue being a “Fan”. Porsche needs to go back to Miami turning tricks for a living. Rachel needs to win BB13 because she worked the hardest. She had to work weekly due to the BIG target on her back. I feel that she has redeemed herself this year. besides Her & Brendon really do need the $$$ to help pay for his schooling a PhD is NOT cheap, not to mention that they live in an efficiency apt, they definitely are not going into debt to live like Rachel previously had in Vegas.

    • Not to start anything and i am not trying to get anyone mad. but i have a question someone said that when Porsche put benefiber in the muscle milk was pure genius. would you think that if Rachel did that to the other Hg’s or would you say that was wrong and she should be thrown out of BB?

      I don’t care who wins tonight. but i just don’t see how putting something in someone eles’s drink is prue genius. it just seems like dirty play to me no matter who did it. again not to start anything. just asking a question that had me bugged for a while

      • Susan you are absolutely right!!! That is just plain “mean girl” stuff. Porsche thinks that she is going to get some good TV time outta this gig…..NOT!! She might get a porn deal outta it, that’s about all she is good for not to mention the only experience she has.

      • That’s a great point susan. If Rachel had done HALF of the things the Dani clan has done people would be going nuts about it!

  4. I absolutely cannot stand Rachel; but, she will win. She has been marked since Day 1 and has outlasted everyone. Give her the check, then I hope I never have to look at her or hear that voice again. EVER!

    • Get over it!! Really what has she done to anyone. Shes had to fight against adversity since day one. Number one reason?? Not because she unlikable but because shes a tough competitor. I think alot of people would show a side that other people might not find to endearing if they were in her shoes also.

      • You ask what has she done? try back stabbing, name calling and that horrible laugh and all that crying…I also hope to never see nor hear of her after this season…Good riddance to bad gabbarge.

      • Wow! Are you people kidding me? I want you to go back and show me where she called anyone any names!!!! Rachel is hated by SOME(most of us want her to win) because she’s got a strong personality, she’s not a coward like Daniele. She says it to your face and follows through. Daniele Kalia Shelly and Porsche sat around doing nothing but calling her rude names and bashing her all summer. She did nothing to anyone of them. Or wait, she got Dom out. That is the ONLY reason that whole thing started was becauuse Rachel got Dom out. Who has she backstabbed? Rachel sticks true to her alliances ALWAYS! Unless they flip on her. Shelly is a backstabber. And need I remind you the only reason Cassi hated Rachel, which Cassi satrted by the way was because Rachel stoood up for Porsche when Cassi was talking crap about her. The other night when they were doing the burn book Rachel told them they better not say anything bad about Jordan or she’ll kill them. Porsche has continuously tried to sit around and talk crap about Jordan but Rachel won’t say anything. Porsche on the other hand is very phony, she sat around all summer talking shit about Rachel and saying really nasty things, like tripping her down the stairs and throwing something at her stomach to save Brendon 400$ on an abortion. Porsche deserves nothing, she’s truly a pathetic person.

      • Exactly! Who cares if you like or dislike someone in the house – whom which you don’t know nor ever will! The fact is, Rachel has fought hard to stay in the house and deserves to win. Remember, hate the game not the playa! HOLLER!

      • Vetfan it was actually adam who made the joke about the baby… she said it would save money… and it was the funniest moment all season except for when rachel and porsche were running around the yard and rachel faceplanted!

    • Ditto to what AngelaVaughan said.Iabsolutely did not like Rachel at all,and when i saw her walk back in the house WOW,I was so disappointed.I can’t stand to listen her laugh,cry with no tears,and then there is her Bitches comments.But after saying all that,when Brendon left the house she became a different person.That woman is one of the best people to ever play the game when it comes to comps.She has played the game better than any of the other house guests.I HOPE SHE WINS FINAL HOH,AND TAKES HOME THE THE WINNING PRIZE.GO RACHEL AND HAVE A GREAT LIFE WITH BRENDON.And don’t come back.

  5. can we have a re-do of the whole show and have some new top runners. i dont think either one of the final 3 should win it. i wanna redo the whole show and start over. this time maybe the newbies can stand up and do somethin for themselfs.

    • @lilmomma..I’d agree w/you except you have to get a whole new cast of newbies becausse this season’s one are just way too pathetic. I really don’t think any of them even knew how to play except for Dominick & he got evicted because of following Dani instead of playing his own game. If it wasn’t for Dani advising Kahlia & Porsche I doubt either one would have gone as far as they did. Adam he just rode Jeff & Jordan’s coattails till he had to actually play & make decision on his own. Shelly’s lie backfired in her face, Keith & Lawon were two idiots. Jordan did nothing but hide behind Jeff & then whine. Jeff was into his own ego & power trip as was Dani. Rachael was an emotional mess until she got hold of herself, so in my opinion she’s only one deserving of any $. Hope next year they don’t mix vets & newbies, or do any couple thing. I don’t like couples. Let each one play for themselves. Also enough already w/Jesse & Mr. Pectacular..can they stop bringing him back!

  6. I’m REALLY REALLY looking forward for today’s episode!
    Rachel has got to win! Damn i’ve waited for this a lot!

    • Woot Woot go Rachel, ive also been waiting. This is her moment, i want porache to be runner up, but if it will cost her the game Rachel shuld just take adam and get the 500k

      • Yesss! I’m shaking my legs when i think what Adam said, but i dont think he would vote for Porsche..

      • @Bob I agree in order for Rachael to be 100% guatanteed of winning $500k is she wins R3 of HOH, which I’m hoping she will, she needs to take Adam, it’s the surest way of winning $500k. It’s 50/50 w/her taking Porsche since she needs either Adam or another newbies vote & I’m not certain who Adam would vote for if he’s not taken to F2. If she takes Adam w/her to F2 she’s guaranteed Dani’s vote because as much as Dani dislikes Rachael, she dislikes Adam even more.

      • I think if Rachel wins round 3 she’ll win the money hands down. I’m a little nervous for Porsche winning round 3 though.

  7. i think porche should win ! but i think the show is fixed and if rachal wins i won’t watch this show again !the reason it is fixed is because they want to give brachel a wedding gift and this is there way of doing it with out getting in trouble ! just my thought!

      • Paleface…explain how the show is fixed if Rachel wins? She fought harder than anyone to get where she is while Porsche and her newbie friends did nothing but sleep and trash the other houseguest Porsche, Shelley, and Adam are poor excuses of human beings as they plotted how to “KILL” Rachel’s baby when she thought she might be pregnant so they would have a chance at winning. Adam-throw a medicine ball on her stomach until the baby dies…Porsche—let’s push her down some stairs and kill her baby—and Shelley…lets just do it the old fashion way and use a coat hanger…these are they type of people Rachel was up against and she is a better player than all of them put together….GO RACHEL!!!

    • Two things. 1) Rachel will win and I will love it. 2) See ya, no one around here will miss you.

      • @ sparky. Teamrachel didn’t say she would never watch if Porsche wins. So your comment doesn’t make sense. @ teamrachel I second that! See ya paleface no one will miss ya!

      • @ Lisa & @ Team Rachel 100% agree with both of you !! go Rachel !! WIN it all ~ have a great wedding and a nice way to start the family you dreamed of. I hope Rachel wins everything ! she has been fighting since day one ! she deserves to WIN !!
        ps.. i don’t believe the game is rigged at all.

    • @paleface/ I wish you and all the people who put all that negative crap on her saying the game is fixed,would stop putting crap on her.And if you don’t the show STOP WATCHING IT,and stop threatening BB that you stop watching.I have enjoyed every episode,and wish it was on twice a year like they did a couple of seasons ago.Keep up the ggod work BB.I will be waiting for next season to start.

    • paleface i am also a HUGE fan of porsche, i have loved her from the start and i think she should win. however, rachel, as annoying as she was, was also a great gameplayer who deserves to win. just b/c something doesnt go our way, it doesnt mean its fixed. as long as adam doesnt win, ill be happy.

  8. I did a write-n vote for Lawon.

    After all he got that “Secret, Magic Power” when he got evicted. It will be the final twist in the game.

  9. I want Rachel to win, the first half of the show I was not a fan! But compared to the other two, she has more heart in her pinky finger than they have in their entire body! She’s a fighter you have to give it to her, when her back is against the wall she doesn’t quit!

    • I feel the same way TedZ. Also I wanna just say ‘Go Women!’ I am happy too see more women in the finals this year. But Rachel really has finally proven to me that she is worthy of SOMEthing, I guess it’s half-a-mil this time. Haha this is funny…two beefy guys B&J and their women (hopefully, come on Rachhh) take the cash both games. LOL

  10. Rachael should win due to game play. Porche didn’t start playing till day 59 NOW COME ON PEOPLE!!!

      • Between Porsch & Kahlia I don’t know who ate the most. Have you noticed how much weight Porsche gained in the last 10 weeks? She better start losing some of that weight if she plans to move to LA so that her buddy Kahlia can get her into the “business”…..LOL The ONLY thing that Kahlia will do is use her and help spend her $$$, then she will throw her away like the trash that she is.

  11. Rachel for the win….Sure, she is annoying as hell at times and she is a sore loser (and sore winner at times) but the girl gives it 110% for EVERY comp – I believe she is misunderstood big time. I also beleive in redemption and she has redeemed herself somewhat. Its too bad she left snarky messages to jurors – not a bright move – but again, its how she rolls as a gamer. The people in the jury have seen good parts of Rachel and need to put aside their egos and vote for her because she played hard and won hard despite herself.

    And on a side note – she deserves the money for 2 seasons of people demeaning her to the core of a human being – all for the world to see. The things that have been said about her on tv, live feeds and BBAD are disgusting and $500K is a good way for CBS making it up to her for 2 seasons worth!!

  12. Porsche should win because I can’t stand Rachel. She just an coniving cry baby. If Porsche wins the next competition she best take Adam, because she won’t stand a chance against Rachel. Too many in jury box will go for Rachel. Good luck Porsche.

    • @Louise, Porsche will lose against Adam. Adam will have JJ vote & BR will also vote for him since Rachael will be pissed @Porsche not taking her to F2 So she loses 4 votes & Adam wins. In order to Porsche to have a chance she needs to win final comp. & take Rachael, this way she gets Adam’s vote if he does what he says he will & vote for the winner of round 3. If she loses final round & takes Rachael she still has 50/50 chance of winning if Adam votes for her if not she gets 50K.

    • Did anyone notice that at some point, all of the women cried…including tough Dani [NOT]….but I noticed while watching Porsche, I honestly don’t think this girl has a heart or feeings for that matter. She is the laziest, nasty, dirtiest, player I’ve ever seen on BB. She did’t even get out of bed until the past few weeks…got lucky with winning a comp when Jeff through his clown shoe out accidentally or he would have had that comp won and more than likely…Porsche pork wouldn’t even be there…which she DOESN’T deserve!!! Go Rachel!!!

      • Oh yes she did, herself!! Did you not watch the first week when she was nominated? She was up in the HOH room crying to ED and the other Vets.

      • @Patti: Yeah, because she doesn’t understand that the vets were trying to save her by giving her a Golden Key. I remember B and R on their DR sessions getting frustrated with Porkche because this girl JUST DOES NOT GET IT. She’s crying at the HOH room because they nominated her and the vets were explaining to her the Golden Key. Porkche just kept whining & crying, not understanding a single thing.

    • That’s not a good enough reason for Rachel not to win. There are many people over the past two season who have no liked her but she plays the game well and she gives over and above when she competes. This is not a popularity contest. The person who played the best game should win and out of the three left that is Rachel.

  13. Why would you not pick Adam. If I were Rach or porshe, and picking Adam was a sure 500,000 in my pocket, so be it. Although slim chance, if Rach picks porshe and looses (you neve know what Adam is going to do) then stupidity has hit a new low.
    After lying all these times, and now they was to clean up their act??

    • I agree Bob, If either don’t take Adam it will be a terrible move. Just remember Rachel or Porche has not made a decision on their own the entire game. Rachels decision makers were Brendon,Jeff and Jordon. Porches decision makers were Dani and Kahli. Lets see if they can make a decent decision.
      Adam to win it all.

      • @Bob&Boscobob..I disagree, I don’t think Porsche has a chance if she takes Adam to F2, as stated previously Porsche loses 4 vet votes JJ,BR. Rachael will not vote for Porsche IMO after she takes Adam when she agreed to take her to F2. Remember they need 4 votes. Porsche won’t have 4 votes if she takes Adam. On the other hand Rachael if she takes Adam will have more than 4 votes, Brendan, JJ & Dani. It will be 50/50 for either if they take each other. Depends on who wins final round that way & which way Adam goes.

  14. This has nothing to do with game play. It’s a popularity contest. Jeff and Jordon are ahead for the 25 thousand for best liked. If Jordon had made the final two, she would have won. If Jeff had made the final two, he would have won. It would have had nothing to do with game play.

    • Your theory is probably correct, about Jeff and Jordan however neither one of them are in the finale. Based on pure game play who do you think should win, forget about the whining,crying, sleeping and eating.

      • Adam has made some game moves that others have deemed floaterish! (if that’s a word) He did win the last HoH prior to the final HoH, so he isn’t a total loser, he is starting to look a bit foolish don’t you think!?!

      • Kalia’s main flaw was she over analyzed everything! She was good a questions, thus the two HoH’s but jeez Louise that woman was extremely annoying, oh and she did evict Jeff…..

      • Gameplay, it’s got to be Rachel hands down. That girl fought right from the start. These other two didn’t start doing anything until day 59. rachel needs to win part 3 and take Adam & she will for sure win it ALL. Porshe doesn’t deserve to get one red cent, she is NOT a nice person and I would not trust her even outside of this game. She is nothing but a people user.

    • You ae exactly correct Bob, and that is not how it should be. I love Jeff and Jordan, however out of the three who are left, Rachel is hands down the best player of the three. I am not a Rachel fan, but I wouldn’t want her not to win because she is not liked. That is pitiful. I do hope she wins and then maybe we wont have to see her again. BUT< I will say that when her and Brendon are not together, she is alot more likeable. As is Brendon. I think they are toxic for each other. Just an opinion.

    • @Sparky Kahlia didn’t win clown shoe it was Porsche who won that comp. Kahlia did evict Jeff though w/help of Porsche winning the clown shoe veto comp. & Shelly turning on Jeff & not voting to keep him in house.

      • @Dollarman it could go either way..depends on who wins final 3rd round IMO as to who wins $500k & whether the girls take each other to F2 & then it will come down to Adam once again for swing vote IMO

      • That’s right Jan13. It took Kalia, Porsche AND Shelly to get rid of Jeff. They were all running scared and began to panic.

    • what i meant she kicked out jeff and his clown shoe…. will be tweeting him saying clown shoe for months

    • Perhaps she will, but if I were a betting person, I’d bet on Rachel to win. Makes no differenc whether I like her or not. She played the better game.

  15. Can you all stop saying “if _____ wins then I will never watch again”. Shut up! You’re still going to watch next year and the years after that.

  16. Rachel for the win!

    She deserves it. Though, I would have loved to see a final 3 battle between Daniele, Jeff & Rachel…

    Either way…

    Rachel for the win!

  17. What all you Porsche fans are failing to realize is that Porsche is playing for second best period. There is a SLIM chance she will beat Rachel in the F2. If Porsche wins R3 she won’t take Adam. She knows JeJo will never vote for her and she’ll lose Brenchals votes for breking her word to Rachel. Instant loss for her. I honestly think Shelly will vote for Rachel over Porsche and Dani will vote for Rachel over Adam. I’m convinced Rachel has this thing on lock no matter what.

  18. To me I dont think none of them need to win but somebody has to so I guess Ive give Rachel my vote. Thats the way it happens you watch all the shows and when it come down to the final three you think none of them need to win.Last last season survivor everybody knows Matt should have won .At least the 100.000 the american vote.1/10 a point diffemce Survivor should just gave it to him.He fought more battle to stay in the game he got Russell early.Boston Rob wife already won a million he won a million.There wedding was on TV so they probably got another million for that.Good heaven why give Boston Rob another 100.000 over 1.10 of point.They was tried Matt and Rob but Boston Rob pulled it out some how.I dont understand if they where tried how Boston Rob got that little abite extra points.Im tell you now if survivor no better than last year .I want waste my time warching it to be disappointed at the end.Im sorry to get started on survivor.But I had to explain how I think this years BB has been one be waste of my time.

  19. just for chuckles and grins… at the very end i would like for them to pick adam… i truly dont think any of the final 3 deserve that money…

  20. if anyone smart ther send rachel out cause she won most of the things this summer. If she makes it to the end im sorry to say this but she takin the money

  21. I wanted Jordan to win, but she is out of the game.. so next choice to win is Rachael and 2nd Adam..Porche .. Out..

  22. Although I have not been a fan of Rachels, I have to say that she is the ONLY one left who deserves to win the this game. This should not be determined by popularity, it should be determined by who played the best game.
    Adam, was a floater. Porsche,up until recently was a floater as well.
    I personally hope Big Brother does not bring back vets to compete with newbies again. If they want past players on, then they should do an all-star show. Let the best of the best compete. That would be an awesome show to watch.
    GOOD LUCK to all three but Rachel deserves the win.

  23. I never want to hear or see BRJJ on my screen-Ever again. DO YOU HEAR BB??Allison G>???Enough is enough! Give Rachel the half mil so she freaking go away for ever!!!!!She will give it all away to the Plastic surgeon. She may not top Jeanelle, but she will top the actress who had 10 plastic surgeries in one day. Brendon will try to control the money–and that will be the end of this horrendous relationship. The only reason Rachel is with Brendon is because he is using his school loans and aid to support her and her unpaid traffic tickets. She said she has three accidents and several unpaid traffic tickets. The most spoiled, self-entitled, clinging, poor looser I ever saw. And, yes–her argument that she fought to get here. Yes–she fought way too hard and disregard anyone who dared to step between her and the 500. She did not allow anyone to have a chance. She ruthlessly got them evicted and laughed about it.
    I am not even go there and say what I think of JJ -another pair of leeches whose arrogance and self-entitlement turn my stomach.

    I really love the concept of BB. And, I would like to see a game with real people, and fair competitions. Another producer and director with a little class and a better understanding of what viewers want would improve their ratings by attracting other people to watch what I think is one of the best reality shows . I also watch and love Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. BB is my favorite, but I am getting very frustrated and disappointed with the casting and constant manipulation by Allison G

    • My goodness Kim. Calm down. It is only a TV show.
      The one who played the best should win whether you like them or not. When you saw that Jeff and Jordan and Rachel were on, why didn you keep watching if you dont like them?
      I guess it’s true. Some of us dont have lifes.

    • Kim I agree I do not want to see Rachel win this at all, she is very annoying, she cried and complained about everything until she did it then it was okay and she was happy, but once someone else did it, it was tears and oh nobody likes me. she should have been the first one to go home in my books.

      • I agree with Kim 100 percent.The reason most people watch BB when they only complain. The rest of the gopd channels are just reruns.After awhile thats gets old too.

    • @ Kim you really need to not watch BB it’s a GAME your wacked out over a GAME come on. simply turn the channel and watch something else like animal planet, calm down geeezzzzz

    • Bitter much Kim? First of all – it wasn’t an actress that had all those surgeries in one day, it was a reality star, Heidi Montag. Secondly, if you are going to rant and rave, please at least spell correctly. Go Rachel!!!

  24. on twitter……agrodner22 allison grodner
    #BB13 Thanks to all of our fans! See you next summer! ‘Big Brother’ Renewed for 14th Season – Hollywood Reporter

    • No Jordan didn’t win again however she will make just has much as the 2nd place winner in the end after she gets America’s vote for favorite player plus the $25,000 sign on bonus that all the vets got for coming back. So you can keep saying how dumb she is all you want. Bet she still has every penny of that $500,000 she won 2 years ago. Even though she won all that $$ she is still working a regular job & going to school……now whos dumb?

      • actually, she bought her parents a house. so really she doesn’t have every penny left. it’s almost gone., and you have to admit jordan wasnt the brightest…

  25. Man you people need to read the spoilers!! Adam lost round 1 and 2… Unfortunately the girls will not be taking him!

  26. if porche wins round 3 it will be pure luck all she did this summer is sleep she dont know the jury..go rachel you deserve it

    • roberta you are right. She also said they other night that she does not do well with questions. She doesn’t know enough about the other HG’s because she didn’t get to know them, all she cared about was herself and TV time.

  27. I just want to say as BB 13 ends tonight that I am going to miss Jordan and Jeff. After watching them on BB for 2 seasons and Amazing Race you feel like you have watched their relationship develop and grow.
    Going to miss not seeing them get engaged and married.
    Good luck to them!!

    • Maybe Laura Jordan and Jeff have there wedding on TV.Like Boston Rob and Amber from survivor.I learned something I didnt know I never knew they went on Amazing Race.I mean Jeff and Jordan .I knew Boston Rob and Amber did.I dont watch Amazing race anymore so I guess I misses that season.

  28. If Rachel wins this I will be so mad, I have watched every season and she is the most annoyingist person I have ever seen on this show. she does nothing but complain until she does it then it is fine.

  29. Tonight is the night that someone will walk away with $500,000. Vet or Newbie someone will walk away with some nice pocket change.

    Some can say they didn’t watch but you know you did, some can say you really don’t care who wins but you do. You can say you won’t watch next season but you know you will.

    One thing is for sure – BB13 accomplished what they set out to do – Get the fans back and increase their ratings and they did just that!

    Way-to-go BB and way-to-go to who ever wins tonight – as for me and my house yep we’ll be watching next season and we’ll be taking sides – hoping our favorite HG wins.

    Thanks to everyone who has posted and shared their opinions with us all – I enjoyed them.

    Thanks BB Network for giving us a place to post.

  30. The winner will be Rachel as that is what the show wanted. As soon as they seen Rachel and Jordan were in trouble, oh let’s have Porsche open Pandora’s box a go back to competing duos again. Wow. Haven’t watched since, want watch tonight and want watch next year. Also, fan vote was Brendon??? Come on now, really…………

    • believe what to want, brendon got the most votes. they cant alter these things. they can make twists, but not voting. and no one cares if u wont watch. BB has enough viewers

  31. Big Brother, This season seemed to have lacked the luster of the past seasons. The veterans seemed to bully people into their alliance while the newbies were confused about which direction to go in.

    Some jumped both sides to avoid being a target while others lied to get everyone on their side.

    Pandora’s Box is a prime example of opportunities given to the veterans. When the newbie, Porsche, opened Pandora’s Box, it created a shift in the game to the veteran’s advantage. When Pandora’s box was opened by a veteran, Rachel, there was no shift in the game nor no harsh penalties given.

    I find it sad that Danielle and Kalia are in the Jury house because those were the only two strategic, competitors that deserved to win.

  32. I don’t understand why some people say “out of the 3 left, rachel played the best game and deserves to win” she was a target from day one, so she ddnt just play a better game than the other 2. She played the best game this season, which iis why she’s still there

  33. @Matt(BBN) Who are you rooting for to win tonight? I am rooting for Rachel. And who else can’t wait for the Survivor Premeire tonight?

  34. people. it doesn’t matter if rachel had her chance last year, she didn’t win ! soshe got a chance to come back, and look how far she’s made it !, f3, with out really anyone. Jeff and Jordan really weren’t even TRUE to rachel, they only kept her in case she won HoH. until jeff left, jordan was actually with rachel then. if you look at it rachel was basically byherself, because she was the only one she could depend on. Look at porshe, she’s won things, but all she did was SLEEP, eat, and lay out. she hasn’t been a traget literally EVERY week she was there.

      • i love jeff and jordan, but they werent half the targets brenchel were, and they did not pull their weight. tehy let brenchel do all the dirty work, then jeff got cocky. they didnt trust brenchel when they said shelly was lying, well it bit them in the ass. Hoping to god Rachel wins

  35. r u ppl watching the same show as i am ? cause the reason rachel is there because of kalia and porche opening pandoras box she only won after that othewise brendon was really doing most of the work when rachel was doing all the cryinggg wanting sympathy even J-J wanted to evict her if BB Production didnt do duo’s she would be gone remember.. I know she will win but she doesnt deserve it

  36. Im the one person that really dont Rachel to win for a different reason.Im not going to say how she played the game how she acted in the house.The reason I dont want Rachel to win is because of Brendon.He treats like a dog.He yelled at her for calling him Bookie in the back yard.Had her crying so hard I felt sorry for her.Thats why Rachel played so hard this year she so afraid of loosing Bookie,He yelled your going to be doctors wife so act like it.Your not a showgirl anymore dont act foolish people be watching this show.Brendon has his nerve saying that to Rachel.When they had that super hero com.The next show he came out wearing his outfit and acting like he had a turtle on his shoulder.That to me was way crazier than Rachel calling him Bookie.Brendon is to controlling Rachel might be lucky to see a penny of that 500.000 if she wins.When they showed us the jury house you would never thought Dani had evicted Brendon twice,He was falling all over her.Let me get you some fresh squeesed orange.Lets watch the video.He was nothing like Jeff when Shelly came in the house.Brendon treated Dani better than he did Rachel.Poor Rachel dumped him he to controlling.

  37. Rachel deserves to win out of WHO’S LEFT.

    lol “rachel was a target from day 1” rachel was never a target she hid behind brendon and jeff.

    But the one thing I hate about rachel the most is her “win win win” motto and then when she loses she is like “why is everybody going after me!?” boo hoo. Maybe because you won comp. and you’re a bitch geez rachel I wonder why people are going after you. Lets hope she gets her money and we never have to see this women on tv.

  38. I started watching the show while I was with my cousin in BC. She had a totally different outcome of who was going to win Big Brother. She thought that Jeff was going to take home $500.000. But at least he did get voted America’s favorite house guest and won $25.000. But I thought that Rachel was going to win the $500.000. Way ago Rachel!!!

  39. Rachel is the most annoying person in the history of this show, if she is ever on this show again I will not watch!!!! she is an ugly person all around, not just appearance. the way she treats people is atrocious! I will be happy if I never have to hear that annoying a… voice of hers ever again!!!! Please whatever you do, do not bring this Kate plus 8 wanna be back ever again!!!! You will lose a devoted fan and follower.

    Put that horse out to pasture

  40. only reason she won is because the producers rigged the game when they realized that Shelly, Kalia, Porsche, and Adam would be the ones left. they “had to save the ratings” that this sasquatch apparently brings in! “news flash” the only reason people watched so much was to see her get voted out and melt down in a hissy fit in front of Julie “I NEED AN ANSWER” Chen!!!! Jeff and Brendon carried her the first ¾ of the way and the producers did the rest!!! Good riddance, at least now there is a good chance we never have to see here again!!! THANK GOD!!!!

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