Big Brother 13 Finale Show Tonight – Updated

Big Brother 13 finale

Tonight we’ll find out who won Big Brother 13 when the seven jury members place their votes and Julie Chen reveals their decision. After more than ten weeks in the house, only three HGs remain. One of them is about to become $500,000 richer.

Shifting from its usual Wednesday timeslot, the 90-min Big Brother finale will air at 9:30PM ET/PT right after the premiere of Survivor South Pacific at 8PM.

I’ve made my predictions for how tonight will turn out, but no one will know for sure until the end of the night. So while we wait, make your prediction in our Big Brother 13 winner poll then check out our Top 10 Big Brother 13 moments countdown.

Right now the Live Feeds are still running, so enjoy them while you can. Also, don’t forget to claim your free monthly $10 of MP3s that come with your Feeds subscription. Get those by logging in to your SuperPass account and going to Member Benefits. Update: Live Feeds turned off around 9:30AM BBT, but Flashback is still available.

Again, a huge thanks to all of you. This site simply wouldn’t be possible without you. As always, it’s been a pleasure and an honor to host a season of debate and discussion. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your return for Big Brother 14! We’ll see you soon.

Update: Earlier today, after a lot of consideration last night, I posted my revisions on the a Rachel vs. Porsche Final 2 and where I thought Shelly’s vote would end up afterall. Now I feel pretty vindicated. Check out this very short clip below from the Jury House where they debated who should win. Take special notice to Shelly’s opening lines.


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  1. To Matt (BBN),
    Thank You*! As Always, another Great Season, and Much of it, Thanks To You*!
    I’ll be here next year! I hope the “Diary Room” picks up a bit…
    You’re The Best Matt*! (not sure where you get your patience from…)

    • Matt
      Where is the jury house video clip?
      Also a great recap of all BB.
      I’ll be back next time for sure. I’ll also follow Survivor too.

      • Apparently the video is not available in my area.
        But I will say this …Rachel was the first one to catch onto Shelley’s lying game and she caught on early in BB. If nothing else Shelly should give Rachel kudos for that…everyone else was frakin’ blind.

      • CBS sure screwed the pooch tonight!! In the middle of the finale…. CBS loses the broadcast! What a bunch of clowns! Unbelievable!!!!

      • Apparently Danielle forgot how Evil D played the game! She said Rachel said some very mean things about people, and why should she be rewarded, well I remember some of the things E D said that were despicable and he won! So she needs to remember and shut the f–k up! Go RACHEL!!!!! In the true spirit of the game the right person won.

    • Matt, THANKS for everything and for being fair-handed even though I think this forum is fixed. :)

      Grilled Cheese and Bacon sammich is headed your way.

  2. I want to express my thanks again to you and your staff for the great job you have done on this site. It has brought my BB experience to a more entertaining level.
    I have loved the recaps, predictions and commentaries.
    The chat room was AWESOME! I made lots of buddys there that I will miss chatting with. Even when we had very opposing views, we kept it fun and civil (for the most part). In fact, I will visit some of the other places you suggested just to see whats going on with my fellow BB junkies. (My chat name was/is Dingbat) Best wishes to you all!

  3. Matt, let me take the opportunity to say right now thank you and your team so much for all your hard work this year. And, of course, to everyone who’s takent the time to post their comments here on this page day after day. It’s been one hell of a summer! I’m so glad that I finally found this site, and I’ll definitely be returning here next year.

    • Rachel is probably smart in some ways but she is the ugliest woman in sight and personality; what a cry baby and
      B. She was ready to cut Jeff and Jordan’s throat early on. I used to think Brendon was smart. DUH Not very smart in my eyes now

  4. I have been watching Big Brother since season 2 but this was my first year that I got the live feeds and I followed this page as well. I wanted to thank you on a great job for keeping us up to date on what was going on BB13. GREAT JOB
    I do have a question, now that I guess the live feeds will turn off after tonight’s finale show. would we be able to see the Flashbacks of BB13? there are some favorite moments of BB13 that I have and I would like to re watch them on the flash backs if possible.


    Luis from TX

    • @Luis, as long as you have the live feeds, yes you can use the flashback feature.
      I Hope Matt* doesn’t mind my answering this one…


    • JoeyLee is correct. You can keep watching BB12 & BB13 on Flashback anytime you want. BB12 will be available until the start of BB14 and BB13 Flashback will be available until BB15 starts (Real has a 2-year lease on the content).

      Even better is the news that Real/SuperPass will be playing lots of Live Shows content starting tonight with BB Backyard interviews. You won’t want to miss those.

  5. Quit bringing the Veterans back! Rachel boo-who her way through; Brendon & Jeff threatened; Adam and Shelly became cult like zombies…..not much time for the newbies to develop their TV personalities….

    Returning veterans have had there chance…so let them go back into whatever….

    • @BJ, accordig to TVByTheNumbers, a ratings site, Big Brother 13 surpassed every season since 2004, beating every Demographic Record.

    • I loved the Vets coming back – and I am hoping they bring more every year like Survivor is doing – it makes it much more interesting!
      Seriously, can you imagine this year without Rachels Drama – *yawn, boring, yawn* – Rachel definately deserves to win this year!

      • I agree. Loved the return of the vets! And as far as Rachel boo-hooing her way through, she also won many comps. I dk maybe she was boo-hooing while kicking ass I guess then!

      • I’d like to see some survivor vets on bb. Let’s see how russel would do with the power of veto and hoh

      • @Scott: Russell will probably CRY again like he did when he got eliminated from Survivor. That was so funny when he cried.

      • Thanks for creating this page for all us Big Brother fans! I’m glad they brought bak the vets & another All-Star Big Brother would be great down the line. Anxiously awaiting the finale 2nite & cheering on Rachel, all the way to her $500,000 victory :)

      • well i guess if boo hooing can win you competions and keep you awake and actually playing the whole season and keeping your eyesn open then good for her Rachel deserved to win she was the only one that had to work that hard to keep herself in the game and then win the grand prize go Rachel go you are awesome.

    • The newbies personality was basically this…eat, sleep, and float until almost all the good competitors are evicted then play a stupid game.

  6. Wish I knew who the final 2 were! this not having the show be on TV beyond seeing who the final 3 are is ridiculous! do not like this new format of BB 13 at all. NO BB since last Thursday! With past years we have been able to watch the final HOH competitions without having to pay for live feeds! Go back to the way it was! Will not be watching tonights show

    • I can’t watch tonight either and I don’t have DVR. Too late for me, I have to get up at 5:30. Oh well, guess I will just catch the winner on the internet tomorrow.

    • Actually last year we couldn’t watch any of the final HoH competitions on the Feeds.

      Most seasons only show Part 1 on the Feeds which was the same this year.

      Part 2 was off-feeds and will be played back tonight. Part 3 is always live just like it will be again tonight.

    • @Sue, don’t feel alone Sue, those of us watching the finale on the East Coast didn’t get to see the show either. Tech Difficulties ended the show before the voting!!! What a bunch of Bozos CBS must have working for them!

  7. Thank you Matt, Cloe and all the other moderators. Altho I haven’t posted I enjoy reading your recaps and spoiler. I read most of the postings except the bashing ones not so much. I look forward to SF now. Till BB14, bye for now.

  8. Sue the 9/11 special is why they didn’t have a show Sunday. I’m sure Grodner will cry at you not watching. I do prefer knowing the final 2. It allows for the jury question to be much better. Let’s face it though Adam is the only real ? when it comes to voting. Jeff, Jordan, and Brendon for Rachel. Kalia, Shelly, and Dani for Porsche. I would be shocked if any of those changed. Adam is right he determines the winner.

    • @Michael – I would not be so sure about any of “Daniele’s Crew). Daniele said she would vote on Gameplay, Shelley may end u for Rachel as she neve got along with Porsche until the end; while it was J/J & R/B that did keep her safe until the double eviction.
      Kalia? She blames Porsche for opening Pandora’s box and refers to Adam as “the idiot”…
      I honestly think IF Rachel IS in the final 2, and I have not been a huge fan of her’s, at all, until very recently. She may get a 6-1, or even 7-0 win… IMO

      • I agree about Shelly’s vote. Originally I thought it’d go to Porsche over Rachel, but then I started thinking about Shelly’s exit interview where she told us she resents Porsche for opening Pandora’s Box. I’m now expecting her to vote for Rachel over Porsche.

      • @ joeylee I agree! I think Shelly will vote for Rachel over Porsche. Even at the end there, shelly told Jordan she will be disgusted to see Kalia and Porsche in the F2. Now I know she said this about Rachel too, but its different when you get to jury and actually go off game not emotion.

      • @matt. I also agree with that, if they’re going off game play. They can say Porsche was involved in the 2 dumbest moves of the summer. Evicting a member of their own alliance and opening pandora’s box, that was not smart game play at all.

      • Oh brother! ? going off game play???? Shelley just wants Rachel, Jeff & Jordan to “like” her and maybe send a Christmas card.

      • Am I the only one who remembers that Shelly said she would be disgusted if Porsche and Kalia made the final two and that she wouldn’t vote for them in a million years? Sure Shelly spat a lot of lies, but she said this and I don’t see any reason to think she would say it for no reason. I believe this was during Jeff’s HoH when Porsche and Kalia were on the block pre-Veto. Rachel may have won Shelly’s vote by telling Shelly she was the best player in the house. Shelly seemed to take that to heart, ‘Wow, Rachel Reilly just said I was playing the best game’. She didn’t seem to feel it was smoke blown up her butt.

      • @MJ: Very good point. I had a hard time differentiating between the truth and Shelly’s own smoke blowing there toward the end of the game. She seemed to say a lot of things.

        @atram: Shelly is a long time fan of the show. I think she’s going to feel more obligation to vote based on gameplay than some HGs who hadn’t watched the show before.

      • Re: Shelly’s vote:

        I don’t believe a single thing that she says. Therefore, I wouldn’t try to read anything into what she says.

    • I guess you were shocked then cause Shelly voted for Rachel and Adam voted for Porsche! I wish someone would shove their foot in Kalia’s mouth whenever she opens it! She’s a real dummy I’ll bet she still doesnt realize she was played by Danielle! Duh!!

      • oh i know and i loved how she said i will freaking say it till the cows come home i did not play dani’s game i played my game ….hahahaha so funny what game all she did was eat and sleep and when dani started talking to her she clinged on thinking dani would save her… laughed my ass off whe they were both evicted.

  9. Matt,

    Thanks so much. I have so enjoyed watching this season and so happy that I took the advise to get the feeds. It is a completely different experience.

  10. Thanks for all your updates, commentaries, and predictions. It was a great summer for BB.
    I personally loved that they brought the Vets back…why not?
    I didn’t have live feeds, but I did have BBAD and you…it was all good!

  11. Matt and the BBN staff, you guys did an awesome job this season, thanx for all of the spoilers and live feeds updates! I will definitely be back next year! Thanx again!!!

  12. Matt, Thanks for a great season. You and your team are awesome and we appreciate all of your updates. Look forward to next year

    ****Go Rachel*****

  13. agrodner22 allison grodner
    #BB13 Thanks to all of our fans! See you next summer! ‘Big Brother’ Renewed for 14th Season – Hollywood Reporter

  14. this hasnt been said but needs to.

    on some real ish as the young kids say these days lol;

    for all of u luv over jordan for being such a great person, such a wonderful kind hearted person, and giving her the tim tebow effect (good person but cant play the game) its a shame u dont like porsche or atleast have some ounce of respect for her.

    porsche is honestly, probably the best human in that house. and thats not an exaggeration. she raised her brother, her mother wanted nothing to do with her, she has taken care of some of her cousins (dam near raised them too) and she says she always buys things for her brother first and pays for his school. did i mention she raised her brother?

    besides the big fact she either DOES or will if she gets some money out of the BB13 (i think it might be the former) sponsor a kid in a third world country. read that again. she said, and has stressed she wants to be a humanitarian and help ppl who are in worse situation then she was around the world.

    and just because she doesnt look ‘clean’ per-say like jordan, or she isnt ditsy, or other factors we (you not me) hate porsche and make fun of weight and all these other irrelevant, childish things?

    ‘she tried to spike the houseguest’s food’ WOAHHHH big deal. its called a prank. a good one i might add. u got everyone in the house shettin’ with really 1 bathroom.

    so im just sayin, when u say ‘oh i dont want porsche to win, she’s this, she’s that. she’s a terrible person’ and ALL that GARBAGE, remember that.

    • Best human in the house!?! I don’t dislike Porsche, I also don’t think she should win! In Porsche bio it speaks about how she helped her father after his heart problems, I did admire her for that. Lots of peole have horrible lives, but don’t go on national T.V. spiking peoples drinks or references aborations by kicking people in the stomach! Is your vision of Porsche somehow distorted because of the way she looks??

      • u dont think she should win because she spiked food and because she made a joke? what does that have to do with gameplay? why is it all the time u guys dont want somebody to win based off nothing having to do with how they played the game?

        she made a joke. u actually think she would kill a baby? REALLY? ragan made a joke last season about aids or something. do u think he’s serious? REALLY??? but we love all the things dick said right? its a freakin joke.

        my vision distorted? that would mean i said something that was wrong. and i didnt.

        i dont find her THAT attractive. but i dont care at the same time. her being attractive or not has nothing to do with anything. or shouldnt atleast.

        and i love the excuse u tried to throw in; ‘lots of people have horrible lives’ haha wow.

      • @Marcus please don’t put me in a category with everyone else. That is not an excuse as you say, a lot of people do have horrible lives. Porsche may have had a terrible childhood, but the most best human in the house. How did you come to that conclusion?!? I’m just asking you question, I’m not attacking you.

      • its very simple. the best human in the house theory. nobody else in that house has done more for others. that we know of. i can only go off what i know.

        maybe keith, but nobody else has done and wants to do for charity the way she does. nobody has shown great person qualities like she has. its very simple.

      • Marcus,

        I don’t deny that outside the house, Porsche has had her hardships and I commend her for doing everything she can to help out her family.

        However, I do not condone the Benefiber incident or the insensitive comments made by her and other houseguests about hurting an unborn embryo. If the Benefiber really was a prank, then it was really ignorant of her, because an overdose of Benefiber can lead to serious health issues, including mess up the small intestines really bad.

        On that note, I also blame Big Brother for dropping the ball on that one, since they could be in legal trouble if Jordan ever found out what really happened, especially since it could’ve been a lot worse than it was. I mean, what if Porsche had put peanuts into one of the houseguests meals and that houseguest had a nut allergy. An extreme example, but it gets the point across of how dangerous the situation could’ve become.

        People’s personalities change once they enter the Big Brother House, we all know that. And I think we can safely bet that the producers will be adding some sort of food tampering clause to the next set of contracts.

      • seems we (u guys not me) are setting different standards for ppl. if ur going to go hard on porsche for spiking food with freakin benefieber, why dont we ge ton jeff for making homophobic remarks, or the way he talks to his girlfriend. or why dont we get on rachel for the homophobic remarks against ragan last season?

        its different standards and its selective hearing/memory.

        porsche goes far behind doing things to show how great of a person she is, but now its ‘well lets keep outside things outside the house’

        thats not how u can look at things especially because of the nature of the game that is big brother.

        im not saying spiking the food means nothing and its just like w/e cause it good mess somebody up although i doubt it.

        but u guys are acting like she tried to put rat poison in somebody’s food.

      • Jeff’s remarks were dealt with by CBS all ready. Even I admit that he has some growing up to do in that department. But so does Porsche. Don’t make her out to be some sort of saint when she could’ve landed someone in the hospital (an action which should be taken VERY seriously, because there have been 45 reported hospitalizations and 6 reported deaths due to an overdose of Benefiber – no joke, look it up if you don’t believe me). Again, if Porsche’s actions were just a prank as you claim, then she was being very ignorant of the consequences of her actions.

      • so since CBS ‘dealt’ with them, it doesnt matter right. well lets just forget about them since cbs ‘dealt’ with them.


        if u ir anyone are going to compare spiking food with making homophobic remarks then u prove my point actually.

      • No, they are not the same. Actions speak louder than words. Saying something insensitive and risking someone’s health are two different things entirely.

        You know what? Whatever, I’m done arguing and trying to make you see that actions have consequences because clearly everything I say falls on deaf ears. Once again, I’ll take the high road. I’m logging off this site now and I’ll be back when the show comes on.

    • Porsche got a big pass out of the gate for three weeks, and had to do absolutley nothing during that time. She has been involved in some of the dumbest game decisions ever, has been mean spirited, and really has no game to speak of. She deserves to finish number 3. AS far as being a good person, well maybe outside of the house, but certainly not in it.

      • ur lying to urself. nog ame to speak of? she’s won in the clutch THREE TIMES. WTF ARE U TALKING ABOUT?

        ur blaming her for how the game is set up? its not her fault she couldnt do anything.

      • First off don’t curse at me Marcus! It was Rachel’s doing that kept her in the house, everyone knows that! Has she won yes I never said she didn’t! But compared to Rachel she’s a flippin dud! Just because she says she’s going to do charity work doesn’t mean she actually will!

      • compared to rachel she hasnt done anything? what show have u been watching?? again ur with the ppl as i stated earlier who dont see things AS they are. ur trying to minimize what porsche did, and over praise rachel.

        rachel had the aid of 3 other ppl in her alliance and was never the bigger target than jeff or brendon. she won in the cltuch once, against two fat ppl? porsche beat out rachel and jeff. rachel twice.

        porsche is a dam good competitor. OBVII

        and the fact that would pull the ‘well just cause she said it doesnt mean she would do it’ shows how far on one side of the fence u are. if ur gonna make that ridiculous argument, i can easily say “well she’s the only one saying it” perspective i guess is missing in most of yall’s vocab.

        but dont get me wrong, rachel is a good, good gameplayer. maybe great. i hesitate on great because her social game is non existent.

        but u cant blame porsche for getting a pass. and u cant give rachel credit for ‘giving’ porsche that pass. thats how the game was set up.

        the fact that u would minimize everything porsche did and then act like rachel did something ‘giving’ porsche 3 weeks off is absurd my good man.

        does rachel deserve to win? yes ofcourse. so does porsche. that both played a dam good game. key word is both.

      • porsche a good competitor you are making me laugh.. had she not of gotten the golden key she would have been gone after Rachel figured out how phony she was and would have never made it to the top 2.

    • WHOA, I kept waiting for you to say, “Just Kidding”…
      Porsche = Honesty? She SPIKED the protien shake mix with Benefiber which DID make Jordan sick.
      She has also stolen multiple people’s private property just for the sake of a “laugh”!
      There’s a LOT of things I CAN say about Porsche, NONE of them have “Honesty” in them..

      • Too funny how some of you are so bent out of shape over the Benifiber incident. I’ve got Benefiber sitting on my counter, and it’s not a friggin laxative, it’s fiber for cryin’out loud. Really, NOT that big of a deal!

      • thank you mindy.

        its only being blown so out of proportion because of who it is.

        im so glad after this season, after tonight, we never have to have brendon/rachel and especially jeff and jordan on this show again.

        it so crazy. the jj fans are so… idk even know what the word is. if u say 5 things good about them, ur a co-hero of america. rachel was hated last season, she spends 1 week with jordan now everyone is pulling for her.

        but god forbid u say one negative thing about them or try to get them out. OHHHHH NO. u get death threats to ur family.

        if rachel wins fine. i dont want her to, but she deserves it. i guess we can agree though;

        ANYONE BUT ADAM lol

      • I have to agree with Marcus on this one. I have also noticed some rather vindictive/evil comments made towards the other side of the house and regarding their families, when they were on the side of JJBR. As much as I enjoy being able to share comments with other BB fans, I am beginning to “dare I say” resent hearing the nasty comments that I hear. On another BB fan base people were also leaving comments, trying to throw in the race issue, etc. It all gets to be overkill. At least that’s what I think.

  15. Oh and Ragan was horrible last season, we can only base what we see in the house not outside. I heard all season that he and Rachel were actually friends, I think the LOVELY Jordan said it best, what happens in the Big Brother House stays in the BBH.

    • doesnt mean u take things out of context. u cant base anything off of anything when lacking perspective. they are all nice ppl. adam, jordan, daniele, ragan, natalie.

      • Marcus— I totally agree with you. Porsche is by far the best person in the house No you can not compare Porsche and Jordan. Porsche tried to get along with everyone despite her age. Jordan is the most self centered, hair pulling female there. I thought she was Americas sweetheart. She was the laziest female in the house. She also had a foul mouth when things did not go her way. The deck was stacked against Porsche from the beginning. Go Porsche. Hope you win enough to help your family.
        I hope we do not see Jeff and Jordan ever agin. Maybe they could go out and get real jobs.

      • Deck stacked?!? Seriously?!? What show have you guys been watching! She was only on the block 3 times.and was saved by Jeff herself and Rachel. Deck stacked!?!? Jeez Louise!

  16. Last night on BBAD Porsche kept asking Rachel who she was taking to the final & R wouldn’t give her a straight answer so P said that worried her. So I think that P may take Adam instead of R because of that. I think that maybe R is going to take A if she wins. Either way I think R would beat both of them but A would beat P. If Adam is pissed that R chose P over him he may vote for P. That would be an upset I feel if P & R went to the final 2 & P won. Adam may just win if he goes up vs. P.

    Wouldn’t that be a shocker because it seems everyone on here hates Adam. I thought he played a smart game. Floating works.

  17. can’t wait for the finale!!!!!! i really do hope that either rachel or porsche take each other, because i don’t think adam deserves even 50k

  18. Shelly made the biggest move of the season by evicting Jeff & Kalia made a dumb move by putting up Lawon even if he voluntered 2 go up & Porsche made another dumb move by opening pandoras box Rachel coulda been out a long time ago hopefully it wasnt a $500,000 mistake

    • @7-if Kalia hadn’t evicted Jeff he would have won the next HOH hands down. He was hitting snake eyes back to back to back. As far as Kalia nominating Lawan and evicting him, Rachel had the votes to stay regardless. It was a 6 person vote that week and jejo and shelly and adam said they were all voting for rachel to stay. And the week Porsche opened Pandoras box rachel won the veto. She would have also stayed that week as well

    • I can promise you one thing. There probably a 90% chance if Rachel had been evicted against Jeff that week. Jeff would be sitting there now and he’d win. Porsche slept ttooo long for people to take her seriously.

  19. Rachel FTW! summer w/out bb would be like christmas without santa. Dont even want to tink about it!

  20. Porcha played the best game she came from behind , ok Rachel is good now but she played all by making us believe she really needed help she could act,or they had the best physiatrist in BB. Porcha has proved herself to bb.

  21. @ Matt

    i tried to watch the video about Shelly but it gave me this message: ”the video you have requested is not available for your geographic area”

    could you please summerize what she said or what’s it about???

    thank you, it would be much appreciated

    • The clip is only 20 secs long. It opens with Shelly saying “the only time I ever heard her talk strategy was when you [Kalia] and Porsche played Dani’s game.” Then Kalia gets upset and says she needs to clear it up and that she’ll “say it until the cows come freakin’ home” [Kalia] wasn’t playing Dani’s game.

      • just to be sure i got it right, who was she referring to when she said: “the only time I ever heard HER talk strategy”

      • Considering who she was arguing with, I’d say Shelly was talking about Porsche. Good call, Matt (BBN).

      • Figure it’s gotta mean Porsche, since Rachel wasn’t part of Daniele’s alliance. But heck, CBS could have done a hatchet job to that clip and it was two totally separate thoughts!

      • @@ matt- I thought it seemed like a chop job too. But then shelly butts in where kalia is speaking and says “oh please you guys did nothing but talk about dani constantly”…something along the lines of that. So I am convinced she’s talking about Porsche. Pluus, she talked game for quite a few weeks with Rachel until Rachel called her out. I have a question for you though. Are you going to do like a “down to the minute” kind of coverage. Like q1- rachel got it right. Q 2- both got it right….etc. or are you just going to say, rachel won round 3. Or porsche won round 3?

      • Thanks all for the reply
        I figured it might be about Porsche
        Anyway will have to wait and see what happens tonight and who takes who

  22. Yeah Kalia, keep telling yourself you weren’t playing Dani’s game. If Kalia was playing her own game, she wouldn’t get so defensive when people accuse her of playing Dani’s. Anyway, I am SO excited for the finale, hopefully Rachel will win the 500k! GO RACHEL!

    • If Shelly flips her vote tonight and Rachel’s in the F2, she very well might, regardless of what Adam does.

  23. Oh, Admit it, Kalia! You DID play Dani’s game. It’s the only game you did play. And, you looked like a little puppet doing it. Porsche too. She doesn’t belong in the final three either. You both slept your way through this summer and this game. Play your own game? Yeah, right. No way!

  24. Thanks for posting this Matt. I have been saying all along I do not think Shelly will vote for Porsche to win. Kalia should have been told that it doesn’t matter what game she played cause she’s not there anymore. Dani was very quiet as well, that what makes me think she may also vote for Rachel even against Porsche.

    • Hey vetfan,
      Is it you who said that P asked R if she is still taking her F2 in case she wins but that R didn’t say anything back?
      If so, hope it won’t bite R back in case P wins FHOH and takes A instead
      Did u see more to that? Hope it won’t cause her any loss

      • E. I am very confident Rachel will win round 3. The comp is alway how you think the evicted hg finished a sentence. Being as how Porsche spent the whole summer sleeping, I don’t think she knows many of them very well. Jordan said she’d make her answers obvious so Rachel could guess hers easily and then hopefully they play brendons.

    • Matt… just wanted to thank you again for all of your awesome spoilers this season. You’ve done such a great job keeping us updated on all that was happening & made this season really great… love your sense of humor :) . Thanks for all of your hard work, the laughs & this space for us to chat it up.
      Looking forward to XFactor & maybe my 1st season of Survivor? And… GO Rachel! :)

  25. I was just thinking, it would be so funny if porsche won and evicted rachel. I’m sure rachel fans would go crazy just like jejo fans and threaten to kill porsche.

    The duo twist was stupid, the vets vs newbies was wtf , all the challenges were recycled, who wanted jeff and jordan or brendon and rachel back? They should have just made this a regular season and big brother 14 should have been an all-star season.

    Over all I was disapointed in this season and I hope next season will be better, the reason this season had so many viewers blows my mind, I mean who enjoyed this piece of crap?

    • Animal, they had returning players who were liked and disliked. Ppl like to watch grudge matches. If they’d have had some minor players return then no one would watch. Too bad they couldn’t have gotten Chilltown to particpate.

      • If Chilltown came back, they’d probably be the first two evicted. Unless the HGs are THAT stupid and will let them stay longer and risk having them “control” them. I love Chilltown but I don’t think they can ever do what they did in BB7 again. Anybody who’s a fan of BB should know what they’re capable of.

    • CBS had people vote them back! Don’t post idiotic comments if you don’t know the facts. They were back because people chose it that way…

      • @ontariostr8,

        Whose comments are you saying is idiotic?

        Mine or Animals’s?

        Either way you’re in deep-poop. We’re nasty people.

      • “nasty” is right! LOL. I was over at survivorfandom and wow, I love the vibe over there. They agree to disagree and even if somebody “insults” their favorite, they don’t attack the poster on a personal level (ie: nothing like ‘you are a scum because you like so-and-so’. That is really annoying). Granted I’m new on survivorfandom but that’s what I’ve noticed there so far :)

  26. Cowlia and Porkche are a joke and delusional (yes there’s a lot of delusional HGs but this year, these two along with loonyShellHE and bratty Dani take the cake). They can deny it all they want but the only game they played was bratty’s game.

      • Hmmm, and how about psychotic and bipolar Rachel, egotistical and abusive Jeff, whiney and lame Jordan or Bullying Brendon. Just goes to show what little class JJ and BR fans have been. Peace. I am outta here.

    • agree, Kahlia & Porsche totally played Dani’s game “The Brat Pack” lol As looney as Shelly was at least it was her own lunacy as well as Rachael being her own dramatic emotional self. I feel whatever game your going to play…then play it if it works for you. Rachael can’t help being Rachael , I mean Jordan, Jeff & Brendan all told her to take Adam if she makes it to final HOH3 & it would have been a landslide vote in her favor, but Rachael decided to take Porsche to F2 & kept her word to Porsche. Not so sure Porsche would have kept her word to Rachael. Call Rachael whiney, bitchy , crybaby, Drama Queen, but when she kept to her alliance and kept her word to Porsche.

      • Just want to shout out a thank-you to MattBBN & his crew for this site & all hard work put in & to everyone else for their views & comments they kept me entertained Hope to see you all for BB14, hopefully they will cast a better bunch of newbies. I’m on to Survivor now. :)

  27. First of all I want to thanx Matt for this room.Im a lonely widow and it kept me company.Thanks to all that asked my questions.Some was mean some was nice but thats what you get when you get in these rooms.I wrote this in another room nobody reply. Im just wanting to know if anybody feels like me.Im the one person that really dont Rachel to win for a different reason.Im not going to say how she played the game how she acted in the house.The reason I dont want Rachel to win is because of Brendon.He treats like a dog.He yelled at her for calling him Bookie in the back yard.Had her crying so hard I felt sorry for her.Thats why Rachel played so hard this year she so afraid of loosing Bookie,He yelled your going to be doctors wife so act like it.Your not a showgirl anymore dont act foolish people be watching this show.Brendon has his nerve saying that to Rachel.When they had that super hero com.The next show he came out wearing his outfit and acting like he had a turtle on his shoulder.That to me was way crazier than Rachel calling him Bookie.Brendon is to controlling Rachel might be lucky to see a penny of that 500.000 if she wins.When they showed us the jury house you would never thought Dani had evicted Brendon twice,He was falling all over her. he was saying Let me get you some fresh squeesed orange.Lets watch the video.He was nothing like Jeff when Shelly came in the house.Brendon treated Dani better than he did Rachel.Poor Rachel dumped him he to controlling.

    • On the flip side thank God for survivor.Hope we can be just as nice writing in that room.I know sometimes I got alittle huffy but to all I didnt mean anything I said to anyone .Thats was bad it was just a room.To vent in.Thank you again.

  28. This will probably be my last post for the season…
    Matt and BBN and all his crew thank you for another great summer.
    To all my fellow posters…great commenting with you and be healthy, safe and kind to yourselves..until next summer..cheers
    My prediction…Rach will win and I don’t care who comes in second. Jeff or Jordan will win AF. Shelly took the game to a new crazy level that will be hard to beat…wow what a ride. All the best my friends! Annie

  29. @Matt (BBN)…I LOVE the site – will be back again next season! Thanks for all the updates.

    Go Rachel!

    Let’s go BB14!

  30. I just re-watched the double eviction episode of this season, keeping in mind how many Jeff-haters had a problem with the way he left, his words upon exit, his interview with Julie, etc…

    Let me just say that this proves once and again that Jeff-haters really do grasp at straws for reasons to dislike him. I’ve never been more sure of it. He said it himself ‘I’m a little fired up right now’ and despite that, really did not say anything bad at all. He was right, nobody else in that house wanted to step up and make big moves, unless anyone thinks Adam or Porsche (up until that point in the game, remember that) or even Kalia, Rachel or especially Shelly, was that person. Sweet sweet Jordan wasn’t going to take a bull by the horns either. Several people made comments eluding to Julie ‘seeming disgusted’ by Jeff’s speech. Not only can I say that she absolutely did not look disgusted, but normally I can at least see something, an instance, that I can say ‘Ok well I guess I can at least see what they’re talking about’. I don’t even see what they were talking about in this case. All Julie said was ‘Yeah! I’m going to inch back a little bit here’ after Jeff mentioned being a little fired up. It was in a joking context.

    Keep searching, and keep grasping at straws, or better yet keep throwing out ‘bully’, because apparently the Big Brother house is an elementary school playground.

    • I agree people exaggerated about his exit but the whole people were afraid to make big moves argument was also made by dani and kalia and it was a stupid one when they said it and it was still a stupid argument when jeff used it.

      Jeff is not a bully anymore than dani is.

      • They all had their issues, be it bully or pouting or crybaby, or bratty. IMO I think they all had negatives as well as positives. Everyone is entitled to root for their own fav. for whatever their reasons. I never cared for Dani in her lst season w/her Dad or in this season. She always seemed like a spoiled brat who if she didn’t get her way would make everyone miserable, but that was my opinion. I never liked JJ in either of their seasons either for same reason’s as Dani i.e. if they didn’t have it their way everyone else was playing badly. I originally liked Shelly until she went nuts. Adam I thought from very beginning was a big waste. I rooted for Rachael when I saw her change her gameplay & stopped whinning over Brendan & focused more on “Game”. But hey like I each his own. Just hope next year is a better bunch of HG

    • totally agree jeff didn’t exit badly or say anything badly he just said what everyone thought and knew about the game and how poor people were playing and the moves they were making I have never in the the 2 seasons jeff has been on seen a bad person I just think people are hating on him because he was a strong player and told people how it was. wish more people were like him and played there own game instead of cowering behind other people and being puppets.

  31. I think Rachel win will Round # because she had more time to get to know Jeff, Jordan and Adam in an alliance with them. She knew Dani before the season started and had a brief Alliance with her. She even got to know Kalia and Shelly whern they were trying to convinve Rachel to keep them…

    Porsha never took the time to get to know Jrff and Jordan which will impact her on the questions referring to them…

  32. Farewell to BB13…a season plagued with rigging and shadiness by production. Hope things turn on production and somehow Porsha my gal wins. And a big shame to all those BBNers who supported the rigging and injustice this season. I can’t believe many of you selfishly choose to ignore the cheating this season, just so one of your good for nothing vets can win (excluding Dani of course). Finally just so you cheaters know, if rachel wins, it’s not coz she a gr8 competitor, it was because of production.

    Im done, so feel free to curse me out now, but just so you know I wouldn’t see your insults. Survivor is on, I just took time off during a commercial break to give my closing remark. I wouldn’t be reading or seeing your insults…so keep em coming, I know the truth hurts
    Bye BBN LMAO

    • LMAO, you know you will come back and read, just hoping for comments, attention whore. P had lame game, she opened pandoras box and blew it, she evicted jordan and could of won it over her…..please come back to reality….CBS, puts the temptation out there, and she bit…blame it on her, da. When things don’t go the way you idiots hoped for , you scream set-up. What a joke. Dani jumped ship and flipped like a fish, and I really liked her in the beginning.She is her own worse enemy…..let the cards fall where they may….great season BB, can’t wait till next one! Dud, dude, don’t be a hater, just be…..

  33. Thank you Matt for this site and your insights. See you over at Survivor Fandom, and back here next summer. Go Rachel!

  34. If that skank ho Rachel wins this Ill never watch this show again. It is not nice to think bad thoughts about people but regarding that pin cushion thats all I can do.

  35. Thank you Matt for keeping me informed of this show when I could not watch it due to the bad weather on the East Coast!

  36. ok, first….let me say, p- won and what did she do? Opened pandoras box, and it screwed her up, then she won hoh and evicted jordan, the person she could of won the endurance comps over! Lame game!!!! R was hot on it!!!!Good going R! And good job CBS, once again BB rocks. We really need a all-star game! No more nebies for a year….well I’d like to see an all-star game for the holidays…….it’s been fun to talk to everyone, and let’s not get chaught up in hate, even thou shelly sucks bad…..she thought she had game, lol. well next year all, be good.

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