Big Brother 14 for 2012 should be confirmed any day now with a press release from CBS as it seems like a sure thing based on this summer’s performance.

Update: Well look at that. In between the time I wrote this and it posted, CBS announced Big Brother was renewed for next season!

Here’s the rundown on Big Brother’s outstanding numbers this season:

  • Big Brother 13 won its time slot every episode all summer for key demographics with the caveat of excluding sports events.
  • Big Brother 13 grew its viewership by 11% overall for the 18-49 age group. That’s broken down as +4% for 18-34, +12% for 25-54, and +4% for all age groups.
  • BB13 Episode 20, August 21st, had the highest audience rating since 2007 with 8.37 million viewers.
  • BB13 Episode 24, August 31st, was the first time ever that Big Brother was the top program for the 18-49 and 18-34 demographics.
  • Big Brother After Dark was up 8% in average viewers from last summer.
  • Traffic was up 18% at for Big Brother visitors. Interestingly, our traffic was up a very similar 18.4% from last summer with over 14 million pageviews!
  • Live Feeds subscribers increased by 10% over last summer and 25% of those subscribers picked up the Live Feeds mobile access add-on
  • Fun fact: 2.5 million hours of Live Feeds were streamed to users.

Wow. Wow. Wow. With ratings and results like that how could CBS not renew for a Big Brother 14 next summer? Show of hands: who wants Big Brother in 2012?

Source: CBS press release


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