Big Brother 16: Top 10 Events – Part 2

Picking back up where we left off yesterday in our Top 10 events countdown for Big Brother 16 we’ve got the final five moments that highlighted the season for us.

Big Brother 16 memory wall
Big Brother 16 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

I think we’ve got the biggest and best events from what shaped the season and drove the storyline here. BB16 might not have been wild and out of control, but there’s no denying that big events did happen, even if they were subtle. Of course there’s nothing subtle about a Zach Attack!

#5 Caleb Flips the Vote, Saves Zach, & Breaks Up An Alliance

Caleb Reynolds may go nuts at Final Four

Rewind to Week 6. Zach was up on the block after a failed attempt to get Caleb out the door when their Battle of the Block plan fell apart. (As it seemed to every week!) After losing in the Comic Book Hero Veto challenge things looked very bleak for Zach’s chance. Speaking of heroes, one showed up for Zach.

Caleb might have been the last in the guys alliance to be told about the plan to send Zach home and maybe that’s why he was the first to raise the question of just why they were voting out one of their numbers this early in the game. He was right.

The night before the eviction Caleb campaigned through the house to bring Zach back from the brink of eviction and ultimately he saved him. Sure, Zach was still evicted two weeks later, but I think he owes Caleb a beer for keeping him in the game those extra two weeks.

Not only did that night’s move by Caleb shift Zach to safety it also broke up the Rationales and put the target spotlight on Nicole and Hayden. It was a cascading effect of revelations that night as Frankie learned how close he came to being backdoor’d and was saved when Christine won that Veto.

#4 Zach Attack! Ya Froot Loop Dingus

Zach Attack on Big Brother 16

Can you even narrow down Zach to one event? He was the biggest showman of the season and knew he was there to entertain. If anyone didn’t take the game too seriously or worry about the impact of their antics it was Zach.

I think the first time we really saw Zach go in to action was the day of that infamous Veto meeting in Week 2. Devin decided to turn against his Bomb Squad and target Zach for eviction, but this seemed like the Zach’s ideal opportunity to blow Devin’s game out of the water and the Bomb Squad along with it. That sure wasn’t the last time we saw Zach Attack either.

Team America doubled down in one week with their abuse of Zach’s trust by having him deliver two “speeches” in pursuit of their $5K prize. Zach was convinced to give an over the top speech to incite an argument between him and Christine, but instead we got the line of the season when Zach called Nicole a “Froot Loop Dingus.” Later that week Zach delivered a less silly and more biting attack at Amber which also failed to accomplish TA’s mission.

Zach didn’t stop there though as he pleased his fans with a poem instead of an eviction speech and closed out his run in the house with a shower of Froot Loops as his parting gift to the HGs.

#3 Caleb Attempts to Sabotage Battle of the Block

Caleb Reynolds sits out of the Battle of the Block

If anyone was willing to make big game moves this season it was Caleb. Whether he was flipping the vote or turning on an ally, Caleb wasn’t typically afraid to go Beast Mode in the game when he saw it as his best move. That’s why I’m giving Caleb credit for the biggest individual game move of the season, even if it turned out to be an epic flop.

After learning that Frankie had lied to him about Amber and offered the guys’ names up for nomination suggestions Caleb was ready to teach Frankie a lesson. Caleb volunteered to go up as a nominee alongside Frankie and then throw the Battle of the Block. He had grand visions of all the ways he could go down such as if the comp was a harness pairing like the magic puzzle then Caleb was going to hoist Frankie up and tell him to watch as they lost.

Unfortunately for the House and Caleb’s plan the competition turned out to be very solo friendly and things fell apart quickly. Frankie later said he thought it was easier to do solo. When it came time for the competition not only did Caleb sit out, which turned out to be a mistake, but he also gave lectured Frankie on why this was happening. With Caleb on the sidelines instead of staying in and yanking the chains, Frankie was able to overcome the situation and secure his safety for the week.

It was a critical win for Frankie and a huge moment in the game. Caleb took a big gamble but it didn’t pay off. Had we seen a more coupled competition I think this could have been a wildly successful plan rather than an exercise in frustration. So remember kids, if you plan to throw a comp, keep your mouth shut to DR about it and wait to see how it works before you agree to sit out.

#2 BB Rewind Twist Wipes Out Frankie’s Game

Big Brother Rewind with a pink twist

You don’t push the button. You don’t open Pandora’s Box. You don’t take the bait. Everyone says it, but no one follows that advice. It’s going to happen.

When the BB Rewind button showed up they all knew it would be pushed and despite Frankie having the most to lose he was gung ho to make it happen. Perhaps figuring it would happen either way he wanted to be sure to get that camera time as well.

The button was pushed and out the window went Frankie’s HoH win, his Veto win, and his week of guaranteed safety. When the comps were recycled the odds were good for Frankie to win at least one of the two chances at security, but both of them slipped through his pink frosted tips. That was the end of Frankie.

Frankie would have been targeted again the next week without the Rewind as he’d have been outgoing HoH, but just one Veto would have kept him on to the F3. Instead Derrick’s master plan all came together giving him the chance to oust Frankie, target Caleb the next round, and move on to the F3 with his Dream Team. That brings us to the next stop.

#1 Derrick Masterminds the Season

Derrick Levasseur takes hold of Big Brother 16

When I met Derrick preseason I knew we had some potential here but things didn’t really ramp up until a few weeks in to the season. Our first glimpse of Derrick’s “Inception” abilities came when he turned Caleb from his die-hard support of Devin to save Zach. From there it was like a hot knife through butter as Derrick made his plans the House’s plans week after week.

Now that’s not to say Derrick controlled every move. He didn’t and things didn’t always go his way, but it was how he handled those times that demonstrated his ability to let go of what he couldn’t control and focus on the moves he could.

All season Derrick worked his master plan and while I’m impressed I shouldn’t be surprised that he got to the end with his two favorite pawns and allies: Cody and Victoria. Derrick couldn’t have scripted this any better himself. It was like two season’s of Dan’s strategies rolled in to one with Cody as his Memphis and Victoria his Danielle.

Let’s not forget that Derrick also managed to dodge nominations every week in a season filled with double the opportunities to end up the block. Yes, others have done it before, but none of them have gone on to win the season on BBUS.

Anything short of a Derrick win tonight will be a let down, but even that wouldn’t dissolve his effect on the season. Yes, it was a chilling effect on most the House’s attempts at big moves that would have rocked the boat, but it’s hard to fault him for sticking to a plan, especially when it turns out this well.

Bonus Event – Jury Returns to the House

Big Brother 16 Jury Returns to the House

I couldn’t let this one not make the list, right? Since the arrival of the Jurors came as a surprise visit to the F5 I thought this would nicely make a similar appearance in our Top 10 list as well.

The Big Brother 16 HGs waited all season for a chance at the mythical Luxury Competition but I don’t think many of us saw it playing out like this. Flashback to the morning of September 11th at 11:35AM BBT as the front door opened up and in charged the first six Jurors and boy did they charge.

After trashing the house the Jurors ended up being the ones who competed in the Luxury Comp which had them… trash the house again. Just like last year there was $10K at stake but unlike any time I can recall the Jurors had a chance at half of that.

Now it’s not to say the F5 was a disliked group as they’ve definitely got their fans and lots of them, but I think it’s a testament to how much love BB16 fans had for those evicted HGs that made this happen.

It was a fun and exciting event for fans and the HGs in a unique diversion from the regular routine. In a season of where we spent much of our time expecting the expected, this definitely stepped outside those lines. I think that makes it a nice little addition to our list here.

So what makes your Top 10 list as Big Brother 16 comes to a close? Share your thoughts and discuss our suggestions in the Comments section below!


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  1. I personally thought this was a more fun/entertaining cast than last year. My favourite had to be Zach’s breakdown realizing Frankie’s game for charity as well as the Judy chops. Thanks for all the great coverage this summer.

    • Agree. Last year was one controversy after another and a horrible cast of houseguests. Loved this ending. Love to be a fly on the wall when Frankie discovers how hated he is. Congrats to Derrick and Donnie. Thanks Big Brother Network for great coverage.

  2. I may have missed this question already being asked and answered, and if so, I apologize for duplicating the effort. But has anyone ever made it through an entire season not ever being nominated for eviction? If this is a first, Derrick definitely deserves the win. I mean, he deserves it anyway, but I am pretty sure this is a record-setting season. Even with BOB and 4 initial nominations, he was never put on the chopping block. Amazing.

    • Yep, a few have done it, but I don’t believe anyone has gotten to the end AND won the season. At least not on BBUS. Jillian did it the first season of BBCAN.

      But you’re right that Derrick managed to avoid double the nomination opportunities. It’s wild! I’ve added that as a note to his “achievement” record up above.

  3. Sure, this season wasn’t as “entertaining” as past seasons, but much of that is because of Derrick. He didn’t take risks when WE wanted him to, and even when everyone was calling for a backdoor or blindside, Derrick patiently picked the right moments to make his moves. Had he gone for Caleb, Christine, or Frankie a week earlier, maybe he doesn’t make it to the end.

    Derrick was really only in trouble twice this entire season. When he flipped on The Rationale to keep Zach, he could have been in serious trouble had Caleb not won the HOH during the Double Eviction which ultimately got Hayden out of the house. Derrick and Cody played the numbers game, and it paid off. Also, Derrick was in serious danger when Donny almost won the HOH against Cody. Again, if Donny wins that, Derrick, or someone from his alliance, goes home.

    Other than that, the guy was literally never a target or in danger of going home. That’s what being a great listener does. He built up everyone’s trust, got them to share all their info with him, and at the right time, used it against em. It might not be the most exciting game play, but it’s gonna win him 500k.

    • It really is impressive how he played it. He knew just the right weeks to make those moves even when it was aggravating for us to watch things get shutdown because he knew better.

      Derrick definitely followed the past HG advice of “listen more, talk less.”

      • Unfortunately for Donny, he didn’t ‘listen more, talk less’, when he (Derrick) ran to Frankie for help and asked him to come up with something (for TA mission) so they wouldn’t have to go with Donny’s TA mission suggestion of saving himself. He sure had plenty to say against Donny and his suggestion. Derrick doesn’t have blood on his hands? Really? He’s the reason Donny got evicted when he did.

      • He’s the reason most people got evicted. And while I think that it would have been great for Donny to stay longer, from a game perspective, the guy was good at winning comps to save his life. Had he stayed in the competition even for another week or two, Cody or Derrick would have had some problems. Again – it’s a game to win $500K, not to be friends, so I’m not surprised Derrick stood his ground, made the best move for his game, and still managed to make Frankie look like the bad guy in that situation.

  4. If anyone noticed, when Derrick would talk he would always tell the current HOH or someone with power “It’s your decision, i support you no matter what, but heres what I think.” He always made the people feel comfortable around him, and he was a pure genius. Derrick’s social game and ability to get the others trust was amazing. When i turn 21 in 2 years, and apply to hopefully get accepted, his+Dans strategy=A+

  5. u listed zack as being the showman of the season , no wonder frankie wanted him gone ,zach was gonna steal his thunder also don’t know why frankie will be on the talk not a good move cbs

    • What? I hadnt heard he was going to be on Talk. Will have to send CBS another email. Thats my daytime show but will miss that one unless its TA members.

      • It’s on the BigBrotherNetwork tweets by Brandon. God, don’t get me started. I already posted a rant on BB Round table Sneak Peeks that was written by Matthew at 2:45 p.m. today.

      • Yes! Thanks to the one and only redroses–who originally posted it, it is: cbs(dot)com/shows/big_brother/news/100318/

      • i watched the Talk today and when it was over, they announced that Frankie Grande would be on tomorrow. -Thursday

      • Thank you for the info! This is unbelievable. love Julie Chen but her behavior with the Grande family is out of character. She seems starstruck. There is no reason whatsoever to invite Frankie on the show unless his “mega pop star” sister comes with him.

      • totally agree with you. i for one will not be watching those women fawn over him like he is god’s gift to the world

    • I agree why is Frankie going to be on the show instead of the winner???? Why hasn’t CBS sanctioned him for his comments that should have brought him severe consequences Not a good move CBS

  6. #anyonebutfrankie was up there, for me. Sorry, houseguests, we had to create our own big moves this summer. >_>

  7. Slightly off topic, but I noticed Olive Garden Restaurant is advertising two of their dishes as a “Showmance” … and on GSN (Game Show Network), the game The Chase is being advertised as going into “Beast Mode” this season. Wow! Who knows how far-reaching BB’s fans are?

  8. When the rewind button was pressed, when Derrick was about to place his vote, that is when the countdown clock ended, and no votes were cast that night.
    I really think that it would have been more exciting to have let them vote, have the person say their goodbyes, and THEN the countdown clock should have ended. That would have been good!

  9. cbs (dot) com/shows/big_brother/news/1003181/

    Frankie will be on the Talk tomorrow. He is the only one. They are not interviewing the winner of BB16. Please leave a comment on the above article to tell CBS how you feel. Thank you.

  10. What a great season! I thought there was plenty of entertainment, and a pretty much likable group! Thanks for the great updates! I just hope survivor makes the BB withdraw easier.. sigh. :)

  11. I just went to the TALK FB page and posted so far they have not taken down my comment. The grammar and style may be off because I am upset but but people need to see the comments he made. I rarely get this upset over something on TV but this is so wrong. I think maybe CBS paid off Victoria’s family because I would still be fuming mad and letting everyone know about it until i had someone to cover it all the time, not just once on TMZ. Especially since Frankie is going on to do other entertainment (puked in my mouth) stuff.

  12. Thanks, Matt. I followed every post. I ranted about Skankie. I flew conspiraccy theories, I was nasty, vocal, angry, elated and most of all, I stayed informed, thanks to your spoilers. I’ll be back next year looking forward to your spoilers and analysis of BB 17. You Rock! Amen.

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