Big Brother 16: House Flips To Save The Zach Attack

What a night. The Big Brother 16 house has flipped in what we thought to be the final night of the Zach Attack after a night of celebrating the half-way point with credit to the most unlikely of heroes.

Nicole & Zach on Big Brother 16
Nicole & Zach on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Watching last night’s Big Brother episode I couldn’t help but note Caleb talking about needing to save his boy Zach. I thought it was interesting that Caleb, who wasn’t even part of the Detonators, would be so concerned about Zach’s safety. Now I’ve given Caleb plenty (puh-LENTY) of flak for his Creepin’ ways, but the guy is nothing if not loyal and he proved it again last night.

Flashback to 9:05PM BBT 8/6 Cams 1/2 to find Caleb and Frankie talking in the Hive. Caleb is raising the obvious question that many of us have been asking all week: how is this good for our numbers?

Caleb says that while they know Zach is a loose cannon he is one on their side and a more reliable number than Jocasta who isn’t a known quantity to them especially when it comes down to votes.

At the same time Zach, unaware of the discussion downstairs, is in the HoH room with Nicole promising her she’s safe with him and he’s not coming after her. She scoffs at his claims, but doesn’t push back too hard. It’s a good thing Zach isn’t going to have to rely on Nicole’s tie-breaker.

Derrick pulls Cody aside in the bathroom at 10:02PM BBT to discuss the situation. Derrick says they have 3 options. 1) Float this week & vote out Zach. 2) Call a meeting with the Detonators & expose what’s being said. Derrick doesn’t get to the third option, but that one is keeping Zach.

Derrick points out that he knows Frankie is going along with voting out Zach to get in good with Nicole & Hayden, but he and Cody know that Haycole wants to BD Frankie and they could expose that. Derrick says that while Nicole insists that Zach has got to go this week, why? Why should he do this for their game?

Arrggh! This is what we’ve been saying all week! Why is Derrick giving in to Nicole of all people to vote out one of his own numbers?? It made no sense and they’re finally realizing that.

Jump again to 10:25PM BBT as Cody brings together Frankie and Christine to expose what’s been going on with Hayden & Nicole and the wedge being driven between them. Cody reveals that had Christine used the Veto that Frankie was going up to be Backdoor’d.

They agree that they need to keep Zach for their numbers and to tell him what’s going on. Frankie says this will make him “crazy” and riled up to go against Haycole. Frankie suggests they blindside Haycole with this vote shift as they have 4 Detonators + Caleb to make it happen.

Derrick arrives a few mins later and the chatter is going wild. Everyone agrees to this plan. Zach has been saved. Hayden & Nicole are now their big targets.

Later at 1:22AM BBT Frankie and Caleb pull Zach in to the Hive and let him know what’s been going on but not to worry and that he’s safe now. Frankie opens with “no freaking out.” He warns Zach that Haycole have been actively working to evict Zach. Oh but he probably won’t mention they were all on board too until a few hours ago.

Derrick joins the group and everyone is confirming to Zach he’s safe, he won’t be evicted, and they’re ready to go after the rest of the house together. New targets? Nicole, Donny, and Hayden. Yikes, if we keep Zach and lose Donny in the DE that’s going to be a wash for a lot of viewers.

So that’s that. The house has flipped in nearly its eleventh hour. What never made much sense to me is finally clear to the rest of the Detonators. Zach owes Caleb a solid for Hero Mode Cowboy.

Taking one step back, remember when I said yesterday what a foolish plan it was to completely expose the Detonators just in the off case that Zach ran his mouth? It was unnecessary, but maybe it won’t matter at this point if they have such a stronghold on the numbers and perhaps the discussions wouldn’t have come to this point if the Detonators weren’t first pushed apart.

Are you excited for Zach’s close call with eviction tonight? I don’t think he’ll be vulnerable in the second DE either as the group will still have the numbers and after working so hard to keep him I don’t think they’ll flip again in the same night.


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