Big Brother 16: Finale Night Predictions – Who Will Win Big Brother?

Three Houseguests remain on Big Brother 16 ahead of tonight’s season finale where one of them will be evicted, one will snag $50K, and another will be crowned the winner of Big Brother! It’s time for the last predictions of the season.

Big Brother 16 Final 3 on the Memory Wall
Big Brother 16 Final 3 on the Memory Wall – Source: CBS

We know which two players will end up in third round of the final HoH comp and while I’m fairly confident who will be moving on the Final 2 let’s take a look at all the possibilities.

Derrick and Cody will face off in the third round of the HoH competition with the winner casting the sole vote to evict. My prediction for this portion of the night gives an edge to Derrick in Round 3, but Cody has been no slouch in mental comps so he has a solid chance here.

I expect Victoria to be evicted no matter which guy wins, but there is always the chance for someone to change their mind and surprise us here. I’ll include Victoria in the Jury vote breakdown in case she makes it, but the real impact there would be on who Victoria sits next to rather than her own chances at winning.

Scenario #1 – Cody Vs Victoria in F2:

Victoria has a secret to share with Cody

What if Cody wins R3 and surprises us by Neda’ing Derrick. Cody would move on as the Final HoH with Victoria sitting by his side as they plead their cases to the Jury.

Votes for Cody: Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, Zach, Donny, Christine, Frankie, Caleb, and Derrick
Votes for Victoria: …

There are those in the Jury who wouldn’t be crazy about voting for Cody, but not at the cost of voting for Victoria. A vote for Victoria will come off as a bitter decision and while those are always possible and never a big surprise I don’t see them as likely.

Victoria made close friends with Nicole during her return, but Nicole is too much of a fan to vote for someone who didn’t win a single individual comp and was only at the end thanks to being dragged along. Derrick was her other close friend, but he wouldn’t vote for her over Cody.

If Cody takes Victoria he wins 9-0, but I don’t think he’ll do it.

Scenario #2 – Derrick Vs Victoria in F2:

Derrick and Victoria on Big Brother 16

Derrick has been suggesting for days now that he’ll take Cody to the end because he thinks it’s better for his game, but is it? The guys promised earlier that if any of them took Victoria they’d vote for Victoria, but wasn’t that Derrick’s own suggestion possibly to cloud his plan to keep her around? All the same I think it’s an empty threat and the guys wouldn’t change their minds or votes to Victoria.

Votes for Derrick: Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, Zach, Donny, Christine, Frankie, Caleb, and Cody
Votes for Victoria: …

Same as before there’s just no reason to vote for Victoria outside of the guys’ promise of retribution over such a betrayal. Derrick could easily talk them down from that ledge by arguing he made tough decisions all season and evicted allies in the final weeks so why stop at the last stage?

I believe this is Derrick’s easiest path to winning the game by a landslide but I don’t see him taking it.

Scenario #3 – Derrick Vs Cody in F2:

Derrick and Cody celebrate their win

Our most likely scenario for the night has the Hitmen at the end together as they face the Jury and try to summarize their entire 100 days of work into a minute long speech. Both have friends on the Jury who want them to win. Even those who may have felt animosity on their eviction night are likely to have calmed and can now see their moves for what they were as part of the game being played.

I don’t think we’ll get a landslide here like in the previous two scenarios. This could be close and I don’t see it being a shutout by either player. Derrick winning the last HoH would give him a nice edge to his argument, but I don’t think it’s an absolute must for his game.

Votes that I think are most likely a lock for Cody are from Christine and Donny. Donny told us he would vote for Nicole, Caleb, or Cody “because they are good-hearted people.” Then as for Christine I think her behavior all season strongly suggests she’d support Cody come hell or high water. Don’t forget that Derrick was HoH the round she was evicted and that won’t help his case with her either.

Caleb’s vote is a little uncertain for me at this point. He said he felt closer to Derrick but then also blamed Derrick more than Cody for his eviction despite Cody being the one to send him out the door. I think Caleb would come around and vote for Derrick due to that sense of belonging and proving his own loyalty, but I’m not 100% confident until we hear what he has to say in the Jury roundtable.

Jocasta is another uncertain one for me. She said she’d go after Christine, Frankie, or Caleb if she got back in the house which doesn’t give us much to go on with Cody and Derrick. Really she was pretty neutral with most HGs but seemed closest to Donny. If Donny goes for Cody then she might too, but if she’s neutral going in to the decision she may give Derrick the credit for his strong game moves.

That leaves five outstanding votes which is also all either HG needs to claim the crown as the winner of Big Brother 16. Hayden, Nicole, Zach, Frankie, and presumably Victoria in this scenario. I’m ready to put all of them in Derrick’s column.

Hayden is no fan of Cody’s and Nicole has professed her support to Derrick. She even went so far as to falsely promise votes to other HGs to throw them off Derrick’s trail. Nicole is solidly Team Derrick. Zach has repeatedly said he wants to see Derrick win the game so I have little doubt with him either. Victoria just last night promised Derrick that even if he evicts her in the finale that she’ll still vote for him.

Ahh and then there’s Frankie. During his final hours in the game he went before the guys and proclaimed that he would be the almighty decision maker on this season. Caleb told him to shut up. Cody insisted he wasn’t “f**king Jesus.” Derrick kept his mouth shut. This isn’t the reason alone Derrick will get Frankie’s vote, but it was part of his overall Jury Management that he ran from Day One. Derrick avoided direct conflicts and worked to “play nice” at all times. Combine that with Derrick’s outgoing act of kindness and support toward Frankie plus their Team America bond and I’d say we’ve settled that mystery.

Votes for Derrick: Hayden, Nicole, Zach, Frankie, and Victoria
Votes for Cody: Donny, Christine
Toss-up Votes: Jocasta, Caleb

I’d say the base vote is 5-2 with two votes up for grabs. I’d lean towards splitting those last two with Derrick getting Caleb’s and Cody getting Jocasta’s, but I’m waiting to hear more from them tonight.

Derrick should have this in the bag, but remember that we see everything while the HGs are left to speculate on their own partial information. It’s not going to be an easy decision and I think the Jurors will all carefully consider their options. But I’ll tell you what, if Derrick loses to Cody on this one I’ll be very, very disappointed.



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  1. Cody needs to take his head out of his ass and bring Victoria to F2 if he wins part 3 of the HOH comp. I really hope he’s not stupid enough to blindly bring Derrick when he knows he can’t win against Derrick.

    • I don’t see that happening! I think it’s already been decided between Cody and Derrick going to F2 and saying goodbye to Victoria! If either win Round 3, they’ll take the other.

  2. I think both Donny and Christine will vote for Derrick. Donny is pragmatic and a fan of the game. I think some time out of the house will allow him to appreciate what Derrick did. As for Christine, I think she will be on a damage control campaign, and not vote for her “flirtmance” just minutes before seeing her husband again.

    • I would hope they would, but I’m giving Cody Donny’s vote for now based on Donny saying he wanted Cody to be at the end so he could vote for him. Of course Donny’s had a long time to cool off & that may be all it takes for him to change his mind.

      • Well, I was wrong about Donny but right about Christine. Great finale last night and GREAT JOB, Matthew, in doing this site. You make me waste WAY too much work time reading your articles. Love your insights and perspectives. Thanks for the great work.

    • You know they are going to make Frankie vote last after his big speech about him controlling the entire Jury Vote

    • Normally the do it in the order they went to jury so who ever is evicted tonight would be the tie breaker if it went 4-4, but again Frankie is the golden boy.

      • I’m 100%. Ready for the big night? I’m trying to get ready for a BD dinner for my granddaughter tomorrow evening. She’ll be 15 and I’ve been teaching her to drive. That’s all I’ll say about that!!! Made her cake this AM early. Now I’ve got to get to decorating it, so my icing is next on my list. I’m in a fluster, but as you can see, I’m still coming back here as often as I can. I’m trying to get enough done to where that I can post with ya’ll tonight during the show. See you then, hopefully.

      • You sound like a fun grandma…I can really picture your country right now. …hi to your granddaughter.

      • LOL and I’ll say hi from you. I’ve told her about my pals.I got her the cutest card. It says that she is cool and I am cool and that can only mean one thing, coolness skips a generation… She thinks I’m fun.

      • It’s actually just a very fluffy white cake that my Mom gave me the recipe for and we have used it umpteen times for decorating purposes. It’s always been the grandkids favorite. White cream cheese butter frosting with various tints and my old, old, decorating tips that I used way back when my children were small. Fun times.

      • I look forward to when my granddaughter can talk and play! She’s just learning to crawl. Wish I got to see her more often than I do now…right now I’m averaging about once every 2 weeks. It’ll probably be more when she tells her mother (my daughter) off and begs to come to my house! LOL I seem to be able to get her to giggle more than her mother and father and other grandparents do! LOL Guess I just have that touch! :-)

      • Yummy! I’m sure she’s going to love it! If you need more, I still have half a cake from my granddaughter’s b-day dinner last night. :)

      • No fever since Mon. afternoon. That’s why I’m running a bit off schedule..well that and I can’t keep my fingers off this keyboard that I doused with 4 different antiseptics/disinfectants. lol

  3. Donny will vote for Derrick.. and Christine would probably vote for Derrick too. Don’t forget she is a fan of the game as well and if Nicole or Zach are the ones that will campaign for Derrick to win BB16 than I can see EVERYONE voting for Derrick.

    Derrick will win 9-0 against either of them.

  4. Great writeup! There is a typo in Derrick’s votes if he took Vic. You have him voting for himself. Obviously you meant Cody :)

  5. Both Derrick and Cody should take Victoria, given the chance, only sure bed for either of them never mind what the polls say.
    At least that’s my opinion, and that’s what I believe I would do in either of their spots…

  6. Any leaks about who’s ahead in the official APF vote? All the polls, except for the secret CBS website’s, point to Donny as the favorite. Is it possible that CBS will stoop so low as to disregard viewer votes and give it to Skankie? I sure hope the President does NOT decide to give a speech tonight and bump the finale. This BB season has been frustrating enough with all the ridiculous antics of some, and one particular, houseguests.

    • The problem is that the Arianna fans won’t bother with the other polls so those can’t predict the winner. I don’t think CBS would lie about who won, I’m just worried that a bunch of tweens who don’t even watch the show will end up changing the AFP outcome.

  7. I’m more exciting to see Dr. Will again tonight than the conclusion of this season. Will will get me pumped for All Stars next season, should it come to fruition.

    • I doubt Will would do another all star season. I have a feeling they would only include post season 7 HG. Which is a shame bc most of the best are from pre season 7. I want to see Nakomis play again. That girl is good. This new generation of BB watchers prob doesn’t even know who she is. Hope they include all if they do AS.

  8. I’m more interested in seeing Dr. Will tonight than the conclusion of this season. I want him back for All-Stars next year if that comes to fruition.

  9. After a little thought, I have decided that I would like to see Derrick win the game. Is it Derrick’s fault that he was put in a house with a bunch of idiots? Since he did not choose the hgs, why should we be mad? Derrick played a very good game and honorable game. Yes, he lied and he was supposed to do that. I would like to see Derrick come back as an all-star, so we can see if he really knows how to play this game.

    • While I agree that he’s not playing with good players, remember, he chose who left early on. & as soon as someone was on to him even a little… they left. I feel like a few of those players might have seen through him if they had been there long enough. Mostly Brittany.

      • The reason that you stated in your comment (Derrick chose who left early on………) is the very reason why I now feel that Derrick played a good game. Derrick did what he needed to do to get to the end of the game. As stated, it was not Derrick’s fault that he was playing with idiots. Anyone with one good eye should have been able to see what Derrick was doing. Don’t get me wrong, Derrick should never and I do mean never be compared to the greats (Dan, Will, Danielle……). However, he does deserve to win.

  10. Please do not even consider Victoria as the voters do notlike her . They want someone who played the game, not in a staring trance or eating.

  11. As far as your toss up vote with Caleb, I believe he votes for Cody because of competition wins – I feel his were more “visible” than Derricks and Caleb is in favor of competition winners over manipulation/social play

  12. Derrick, like a boss, will do his usual head nod and finger guns just as Julie announces his name as the winner of Big Brother 16.

  13. Again, Derrick has to get to the final two in order to win. I believe he will be there in the final two but there is always that slight risk that Cody will flip and take Victoria. Final two Derrick and Cody I am 99.9% sure of this, then there is that .1% chance that Victoria could end up there.

  14. I thought Derrick played a good game, but now that I think about it he was nothing but a big chicken; didn’t anyone see how delighted he was when someone else won HOH b/c they would have to get blood on their hands while he stayed squeaky clean. He wanted Cody to get rid of Caleb so he wouldn’t have to get his hands dirty, which may have backfired b/c Caleb blamed him anyway. Hopefully the jury will see this
    As for Frankie voting last, do they not vote in the order they were evicted?
    If so, then it should be tonight’s evicted HG

  15. I think Christine would vote for Derrick. One – I think she wants to save face and distance herself from Cody as much as possible. Voting for Derrick might do that. And if she votes for Cody, she’ll have more people get on her case and use it as ammo to hate her even more. Two – she was very complimentary of Derrick once she got to the jury house. She said something along the lines of Derrick is very good and as a superfan, she’s impressed.

    I also think Donny, being a superfan, might give Derrick the vote. Superfans don’t vote based on their heart. They vote for who played the best game.

  16. Here’s to hoping Frankie doesn’t get all the camera time tonight. And I sure hope he walks out to the kind of reception he deserved when he was evicted.

  17. I didn’t think today would ever get here! Looking forward to tonight’s finale!!! It’s been so boring on BBAD, so I come here for the best entertainment from the fans and production! Thanks so much to all who posted and to Matthew for a job well done in providing the spoilers! :-)

  18. I will also be disappointed if Derrick.doesn’t win but if Cody pulls it out and takes Victoria, kudos to him for a big game move and he will deserve the win.

  19. Having to wait a week for the finale is just too long for the fans, and for the HG’s, especially with the three left this year. A con man, a seemingly deluded fratboy, and a young girl who should never have been in the house in the first place. Booooooooooooooring!

    Listening to Derrick talk about his job with P&R is jaw-dropping. It’s beyond belief how he can sit there and talk so very convincingly, in great detail, and at such length, about something that is pure fiction. He’s utterly convincing. Lying comes as easily to him as breathing does to the rest of us . His wife doesn’t stand a chance if he ever decides to cheat, and cases he’s testifying on are surely suspect. Wow! It might win him the game but I think people back home are probably looking at him a little differently than they did.

    Watching Derrick play the HG’s is like watching lemmings line up to jump off a cliff. The leader, the lying lemming, knows to stop just before the edge while watching all the others leap unsuspectingly to their doom. He stands back, cool, calm and collected and watches the carnage unfold. Predator of all predators, a possibly pathological liar, manipulator supreme. These babies didn’t stand a chance against him, and only a miracle will stop him from winning.

  20. Not saying it would happen but wouldn’t it be absolutely hilarious if Victoria won it all!!!! Maybe the backstabbers would learn a valuable lesson!!!! I’m just sayin’ A real “hoot” get it????? LMBO

  21. Are the jurors allowed to go on social media while in the jury house? My friend just showed me a tweet from Frankie’s twitter account asking for AFP votes.

  22. I am impressed with the game Derrick played. Not much physical , but he had his mind working 24/7 ! Hope you take it all. Treat your family the way you have lead us to believe you do. God Bless :o)

  23. Unfortunately, Derrick will probably win BB16. Cody will fade into the background as the little boy who couldn’t. Victoria will pick up what’s left of her makeup, meet the man she deserves, and live happily ever after. Namaste …

  24. I don’t fully agree with Cody beating Victoria Unanimously. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Derrick ended up voting for Victoria if Cody were to betray him right at the end. As well, (Frankie and Caleb) were part of the pact that if someone took Vic to the end they would vote for her. Caleb even said in his exit interview with Jeff that he would vote Victoria. I still see Cody winning but probably in a 6-3 or 7-2 vote.

  25. Did anyone else see the ‘dress’ Vic is wearing tonight on BBAD? FUGLY as hellll. That girl doesn;t know what fashion is. Believe me, Im a kangaroo

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