Revenge Of The Jurors: Big Brother 16 Jury Returns To The House [PICS] – Update: Feeds Return

This morning the Big Brother 16 HGs were woken up with the message that a Luxury Comp was on its way, but little did they know all the Jurors were coming with it.

Big Brother 16 Jury Returns to the House
Big Brother 16 Jury Returns to the House – Source: CBS

After Big Brother gave the Final Five HGs time to speculate on what this luxury could involve (and in Frankie’s case, trying to decide if “Luxury” was misspelled – hint: it wasn’t), they were all sequestered in to the second HoH room.

Feeds came back at 11:35AM BBT with a view of the F5 on two screens and an empty house on the other two. The house didn’t stay empty for long though as the six Jurors suddenly rushed in and started trashing the house! Start your Free Trial now to watch this play out.

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Zach grabbed all of Victoria’s clothes and threw them on the ground before dancing on the coffee table. Hayden dumped the flatware in to the sink and tossed their towels on to the kitchen floor. Nicole ran around throwing pillows on the ground as well.

Oh but the pièce de résistance would have to be Nicole grabbing the Froot Loops box, giving it to Zach, and watching him pour the contents all over the living room as he danced in a shower of colorful cereal.

Well, maybe that moment was outdone by Hayden grabbing Nicole, yelling “HEY CODY!,” and then giving her a big kiss. Hmm, I’m thinking Hayden’s no Cody fan, huh?

Soon the Feeds cut again and the Luxury comp was probably getting started. We don’t know if the HGs had to compete against the Jurors or with them in pairs. Jurors were wearing “Team [Juror]” t-shirts so “Team Donny,” “Team Nicole,” etc. when they ran in but there are six Jurors to five HGs so I’m not sure who would sit out.

We’ll keep watching the Feeds for when they return and let you know what happened and who won what. It’d be hilarious if the Jurors all whooped up on the HGs and got to keep the prizes for themselves, but I guess these HGs didn’t get this far losing at comps. Well, maybe one of them. Zing!

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Update: The Feeds returned at 1:05PM BBT to a destroyed house and furious HGs. Victoria is furious because her necklace was broken in the process of the scavenger hunt, but it also sounds like she won $5K.

HGs and Jurors were paired and had to find coins. Sounds like everyone, both HGs and Jurors, had to turn the house upside down and that resulted in a lot of things being tossed around.

Frankie implied Zach may have won a prize too, but now it sounds like Hayden won $5K, not Zach. Perhaps one HG and one Juror could each win. Maybe even one in each pair go to win. Not sure.


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  1. This “most twisted summer ever” is getting really weird. I don’t ever remember jurors coming back into the house, yet they’ve now done it twice this season. I also don’t remember the HGs getting video messages from home before, but these guys did. Isn’t part of the game supposed to be the isolation? Pardon my stream of consciousness.

    • Well honestly i feel a big thing most ppl have wanted is more jury footage so honestly i’m loving this as the houseguests left are pretty boring

      • Trying to win $500k isn’t all that easy…where would the luxury be in that? :-) I think just having to live with these odd house guests as long as they have has earned them this much! Don’tcha think?

      • No I don’t think that at all. They used to make them earn luxuries not just give it to them. They’d have comps and be forced to work together. Eating, sleeping and tanning is a vacation for most of them. They are getting paid to be there besides the grand prize so they should have to do something. Plus its more fun to watch.

      • You’re right, they should…but this season doesn’t seem geared for that for some reason! :-)

      • This season seems to be Geered towards and for Freaky Jerky A$$ hole Frankie by the production, and if that is true. . ..myself and 9th error will Stop watching Big Brother Forever!

    • I agree! Isolation effects your mental and physical game! Now it’s turned into a schlocky entertainment bore!

  2. Is it just me, or does that picture of Hayden… uh, “trying” to kiss Nicole look really awkward? She looks more terrified than anything. I think she’s even pushing him away a bit! LOL! Jokes on Hayden. Cody got a married woman to like him. Hayden’s struggling to get single Nicole…

    • Nicole has said in exit interviews that she really likes Hayden. She just doesn’t like the PDA on national TV.

      • Her husband seems to be a very nice guy with a wonderful personality. On the other hand, Cody is nice to look at with the personality of a pet rock. Funny how that works.

      • Did you meet and talk to Cody? Christine and a few other HG’s seem to think Cody is hilarious. Christine even said “I think he’s got a hilarious personality”. He befriended many in the house and has them laughing often enough. Yeah, sure sounds like he has the personality of a rock. You can tell me ‘consider the source’ and that Christine is biased because she ‘was in love’ with him, but it’s no better than what you’re doing. You don’t know him nor have you met him so I don’t see where you get your information.

      • I actually think that, outside the BB house, Cody is an awesome person! Yes, his flirtmance with Christine went too far and I feel like he’ll be the first one to realize it & apologize once he watches the season back. Beyond that, my impression is that he’s a very sweet, loving, and smart guy. His parents raised him right and he seems to be much more mature in some ways than your usual 23 year old.
        And before anyone asks, NO I’m not related to Cody, nor do I know him personally. This is just my read on him from watching the feeds & I’d be proud to call him “Paisan.”

      • Yeah, I guess hiding his personality could be part of his strategy. And to be completely fair, I’ve also never seen him in person, so I’m actually not even sure he looks good. It could be a game disguise.
        Actually, I’m pretty sure that after 3 months of feeds I can discern basic personalities. I take Christine’s word for nothing, she is a bitter and hateful girl. I can never agree with somebody who thought Donny was evil.

    • So, the only HG that got a full lip-lip kiss with Nicole, may have been Jocasta after Nicole won the Jury Compnto reenter the House ?? Ha!!!

  3. Oh how I’ve missed Zach’s beautiful face and dancing skills :)

    Maybe CBS wants us to remember the jury for when we vote for AFP. idk

    • bc all the entertaining and well liked players are in jury at this point.
      gotta give the viewers something to watch.

      • Maybe this is production’s way of apologizing to fans. They had to approve of the juror’s messing up the house, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

      • And here they worked so hard at not being embarrassed again by cleaning up what they should have done all along! :-)

    • I think it was to allow any jurors (and fans of jurors) still harboring grudges against those still in the house a measure of payback, to get it out of their systems, clear their heads, in a fun way, without direct confrontation or fear of reprisal, so when the time comes to make the ultimate decision they can meet it head on.

      • I really don’t like any of the jury members. Guess i’ve been cheering for the winning hg’s. Bringing the jury into the house violates the “secluded in a house” aspect of BB. This game is slowly being eroded away from its glory days… i hope they shake up the production / casting staff… they are going to sink this ship.

      • The sad truth is that too many shows try so hard to make each season ”bigger” and ”unique” that they end up working against themselves. When you give too much of everything, you end up getting excited about nothing. Let’s get back to everyday people being cast for this show (not models, not actors, not minor celebs, not past guests or relatives of past guests…or their pets…or trained monkeys…or…etc, etc, etc). Keep it simple and stop with all the ridiculous twists in the hopes that something will make the fans happy. Just keep it simple!

    • Perhaps, pure and simple, to break up the monotony. Maybe for the jurors to kinda let off steam for being evicted?

    • And the food comps where they could only eat what they could win and have nots only got slop or wasn’t it peanut butter a couple of years? Oh, and the hn’s were determined by comps not the hoh picking them

      • Yes I liked those too. More comps in general. But they had the food comp from BB 5 until Season 10 and then got rid of it. In season 11 they switched to the have/hn competition which this season they didn’t even bother with and I hate that. In BB All Stars slop replaced pb & j.

  4. The best part about Wednesday’s episodes was seeing the jury house. I forgot how funny those people were and that I used to like this season back before Zach was voted out. I would rather watch them the rest of the season. Hayden asking Christine if she’s into dinosaurs now, then Donny asking if she has an attorney = best moments of the season.

    • can someone tell me why Donnie asked her if she had an attorney? I think it went right over my head!!!!

      • Donny was referring to a divorce attorney. When Christine arrived at the jury house, I really liked that no one got up to greet her ~ no hugs … maybe, just maybe she’s finally getting the hint that her intimate interactions with Cody were inappropriate for a married woman (regardless of game play).

      • Or that hateful “Goodbye” messages sting the very people you are sequestered with when your buddies vote you out the door! The jury members were sitting on the porch, speculating on who might be following Nicole after the DE. They were mid-conversation, complete with Donnie’s impersonation of Christine’s maddening cackle (which was priceless, I might add) when she just appeared behind them fresh from her eviction and booing. It went from giggles to awkward pretty quickly! The only thing missing in that moment was Donnie’s cricket chirping……

  5. From what I can tell, the HGs each picked a juror. The juror’s played in the comp and the HGs watched. Hayden, who was picked by Victoria, won the $10K luxury comp. It was split, so Hayden won $5K and Victoria won $5K.

    Does anyone know anything more about the comp?

    • According to Jokers, the men, not Victoria, are griping about having to split the money with jury members and for some reason, they think America hates them.

      • They have a rude awakening coming when they all hear Donny’s name called and the deafening applause with it. I only wish they could hear the viewers along with the audience.

      • Oh my…the look on Frankie’s face upon hearing the audience’s thunderous reaction to Donnie after hearing the boos and hisses that will surely greet him when he leaves the house! He wont be able to blame that on disgruntled relatives of another HG or stuffy Americans who simply cant wrap their heads around his marvelous “gayness”….Oh! The inhumanity of it all!

      • Did you see the update where Frankie is complaining that Jocasta was allowed to compete, but Nicole got her out. Frankie says to Victoria, “Please thank Nicole for me” and is met with silence. (crickets in the background)

      • Cody called Hayden a coward for not letting Nicole win, which of course would have meant Cody won. How ridiculous is that!!

      • That’s hilarious coming from the biggest coward of the season. How many times has Cody called someone out like he says he is going to do? According to my count Zero.

      • Hayden actually waited and talked to Nicole before he put the last puck in and win. He hesitated to stop her game. I thought it was kinda sweet he didn’t at all do it spitefully. Then he was excited cause he can afford a new bike.

      • That was sooo cute to see. They have good chemistry. I don’t think they are ready for anything long term. Glad Hayden won money for his bike and would have preferred V win over Cody.

  6. I feel bad about Victoria’s necklace. She’s got a lot of nice stuff. Hope BB offers to pay for the property damage.

    • Maybe she can buy her a new one with the money she gets from Frankie when she sues him for slander, while on national TV. Just a thought!!

    • You know they sign a waiver that BB is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken property. When you sign a wavier like that don’t bring in anything nice. Remember last season Elissa gave Demanda her her wedding set to hold as collateral? She has already told Helen that they weren’t her real set because she wasn’t going to wear her real set into the house.

      • They can still hold the other HGs liable for it, though. They’re not allowed to destroy anything that belongs to another HG, hence why everyone flipped out when Victoria destroyed the pink hat and she had to justify first that she was allowed to do it, since it belonged to her. There’s a clause in their contracts that protects them from property damage.

    • Hopefully it wasn’t expensive. It would be foolish to bring anything worth any money into that house. Even Elyssa and Janelle didn’t wear their real wedding rings

      • Yeah, hope so. CBS and BB have always been very big on property damage. Pretty sure it’s part of their contracts.

    • They tell you not to bring your nice things into the house….that’s what she gets for not listening….plus she won$5000 so she can buy a bunch of new necklaces!!!

  7. Matt, please post those pics of Caleb with the vacuum in an article, in case someone missed your tweet. It’s too hilarious to miss!

    • Are you sure about that? I haven’t watched it, but I did read where the ratings dropped after the first hour and dropped even more for the 2nd show. I caught bits and pieces of it during commercial breaks and have zero desire to watch it.

    • I missed the first Utopia show and was disappointed it looked like it might be interesting. I made sure to watch the second show aired but turned it off mid show. I couldn’t get into the fighting and hatefulness I saw.

  8. I hope Cody won some money so that he can get that sinus thing fixed. I could not live with him and that noisy he makes everyday.

  9. Now, this is the kind of twist I can get behind! Considering the very boring season, the jurors trashing the Big Brother House is very cool!

  10. does this mean no Pandora’s box and a DE? I swear some of this is going right over my head and I’m usually on top of it (or at least try to be). I watch BB and BBAD. can’t afford the live feeds so am I missing a bunch or am I too short and it’s going right over my head??!!!!

    • After what I just saw on BBAD tonight where Frankie confronted Caleb (yes, he got him alone and helpless ~ poor Caleb), about who/why/when it was going to be him put up. Caleb was still explaining when Cody came out to the backyard, and then Derrick. Of course Frankie backed down once Cody and Derrick were there. He knows how vulnerable Caleb is when he’s alone.

  11. It was good to see them all have fun…and seeing them reminded me once again WHY Donny will win AFP…all my votes will go to him….fun group though…minus Christina!!!

  12. Am I missing something? Christine isn’t in any of the photos and isn’t mentioned in the article. Was she even there?

  13. I’m getting the feeling I’m the only person enjoying this season of BB16. Derrick has been my favorite for quite some time and he hasn’t let me down so far… I haven’t watched any other seasons so I have nothing to compare this season to.

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