Big Brother 16 Jury Roundtable Sneak Peek [PHOTOS]

Our first look at the Big Brother 16 Jury is here as CBS shares scenes from the much anticipated Jury Roundtable debate is coming up on the season finale starting Wednesday at 9:30PM ET/PT.

Big Brother 16 Jury Roundtable
Big Brother 16 Jury Roundtable – Source: CBS

Dr. Will Kirby is back as the Jury’s host which was sure to tickle several of the fans. I’d love to hear what Dr. Will had to say about Zach’s impersonations with his “I hate you all” type speeches! Hopefully we’ll get a more exchanges between them.

The Big Brother Jury looks pretty calm and at peace with their situation except for Frankie. He did promise the guys he would emerge for him eviction ashes like the phoenix, rule over the Jury, and handpick the winner through his power of persuasion. Maybe Caleb gave him another “shut up, Frankie.”

Overall it looks like the Jury is excited for the job their about to do when they vote to crown the winner of Big Brother 16. Can’t wait to see what they decide! What do you think will happen?

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Source: CBS


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  1. Something must be wrong with Frankie…he knows his photo is being taken, but his mouth isn’t agape in any of the pics.

    • He’s probably in a staring contest with Dr. Will and Dr. Will is asking him if he needs help processing the fact that he wasn’t the best player in the house this season as Dr. Will reveals it was Derrick lol, just my guess though look at how he has his arms crossed and a confused look on his face like it can’t be possible for anyone else to be better then him since he was a competition beast so he says ha.

      • Holy crap, I bet you’re right! Look at that defensive posture! Wouldn’t it be great if that WAS what was happening?! I’d love Dr. Will to put that wannabe-star in his place. Will’s the real deal… he’s got the looks…he’s got the money…he’s got the life…he’s on TV (QVC, but, still).

      • Oh yeah a REAL star! OVC is certainly a leg up. He’s no more than one more reality star that wants to be a star. Frankie again? He doesn’t need it from BB super fans. He already has everything you just said only multiplied. Maybe that is why so many here can’t stop the bullying. Leave him alone unless of course like any immature bully wants, your design is to completely destroy someone who never did anything to you other than be gay and live rich. How about this. Focus on the game. Another great post for the bully police.

      • Jean, this is a forum specifically dedicated to BB fans. When you have an HG as polarizing as Frankie, you’re going to get both ends of the fan spectrum. No one wants to destroy Frankie, but I think a lot of people would like him to come down off his phony high horse and be real. We’re not bullying, we’re exercising our right to comment, as you are.

        By the way, you’re not Ariane in disguise, are you?

      • Jean Weber, if you don’t like what you’re reading, im pretty sure you know, how to exit, off this thread. Have a good day.

      • your calling us bullies??? Frankie is the bully who brought out our dislike for him, upon himself. I dont think you have been paying attention to his antics and bullying! And it has nothing to do w/ “being gay or living rich”, he is a disrespectful, self righteous pompous ass!!!! and you can quote me on that.

      • Oh jeez, K…you crack me up!! My mother always told me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all…or just thank them and go your own way.” However, had I wanted to respond to Jean, whomever he/she is, I would have reminded her that Will Kirby is a board certified plastic surgeon and not a reality star. I may also have told him/her that Frankie, while having studied Entomology in college, is not a doctor. However, what he learned about insects may have provided him with first hand information on how to act like the nasty, slimy, crawling, bug he acted like this summer.

      • You’re really too kind! I wrote something kinda mean about our beloved on another article on this site. But I thank you. You’re a good one, too. And you crack me up daily.

      • Thank you lady. I can tell that it is not your nature to be unkind and it isn’t mine either. Frankie is one of those people would bring out the worst in a saint.

      • I don’t know, Matt….If you read a rant I wrote a about an ago about Frankie, you might change your mind about me! But thank you…you actually made me blush. Seriously, though…you may think differently of me if you read it. I was MAD.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure. Check out my history of never ending comments on how we’re all more alike than we are ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than one another. I too have gone on one or two mega-rants on here (to the point where I felt the need to publicly apologize)… I’ll probably like ya even more because you balance your graciousness with honesty! As I said… I’m impressed!

      • oh… wow… not trying to destroy him for being gay and living off his sister’s fame and probably money. didn’t know making videos and posting them on youtube makes you a star either. btw youtube is not tv. QVC is though it’s the low end of the spectrum, but still tv. I’ve focused mostly on his attitude towards other people. what kind of person threatens violence against others? telling other HGs to rape another HG and “take all her virginities at the same time”? says another HG should kill themself if they don’t like something? then threatens them with saying he alone will pick the winner not the jury if they evict him? not a kind person. I pity him….

      • First, I don’t care if Frankie is gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, I don’t care if he sleeps with puppies, i don’t care if he sleeps with horses. a jackass is a jackass, and as Yoda would say “A Jackass he is”

        That play he put on when he was mocking the evicted HGs? Offensive! Stupid! ill-conceived!

        Second, Frankie overinflated his social media followers numbers from “over 1.5 million” earlier to “millions” (implying 2million+) when he was threatening Caleb Cody and Derrick to keep him over victoria. That’s a bully.

        Third, as has been expressed to you by GMaG, this is a forum for big brother fans, where all aspects of the game and the contestants is discussed. There will be times that the contestants are bashed, and usually it’s well deserved. This is one of those times. If you don’t like it, then feel free to find the door and leave.

      • agree. I get so tired of the “you dont like him because he is gay” bs. They have nothing more to use as a qualifier because they would have to state he is vile disgusting human being. And no its not because of his gayness but because of what he spews from his mouth

      • Relative of yours? Must be since you obviously approve of his vile, perverted disgusting behavior in the house. Do you have a daughter? Must not!

      • Bully Police? Voicing ones opinion is a forum designed for just that porpoise is bullying? If you are right in that assumption, then your entire comment was nothing but bullying. People have different opinions and the right to express them about the game and the players and this is where we voice them. That is not bullying, but rather freedom of speech, which you would try to take from some…
        Now, that could actually considered bullying without to much imagination at play.

      • i want to see the look on frankies face when it is revealed to him that Donny has a guest apearance on a cbs soap opera,and he doesn,t

      • Frankie is a delusional jackass,and thinks he is gods gift to the world,the pink haired freak that he is

    • he can’t believe hes in the jury house he thought he could do anything he wanted and would get away with it

      • It’s bad enough that Frankie has has to spend his summer with “normal people”. On top of that, now he doesn’t have a camera to preen to constantly. Can you imagine how bored he is with that uninteresting bunch of nobodies? The real question is what did the other jury members do to deserve such punishment? He is so full of himself. I hope someone in that jury house has taken him down a notch or two or…. three, to let him know that he is not Queen of that castle.

      • Or even the court’s royal, gay, pink-haired, obnoxious, dancer! Oh wait, he might be that one… but a Queen or King he is not! ;)

      • I wonder if they told him about the “Victoria situation”and what BB fans thought of it? Hmmmm!
        Oh and he is just mad that Zach is over him now and hitting on Christian. Jking.
        Ego only gets you so far until you p!$$ to many off.

    • He must have found out that heis not the single person that controls everyone on the jury and their votes.

  2. I’m just hoping CBS hasn’t skewed the votes in Skankie’s favor for the AFP award. I read an article about some guy suing CBS over an invention of his that negates or messes somehow with the votes viewers post so that those votes don’t count and the network can choose who wins.

  3. UGH!!! A full size photo of Frankie alone! He doesn’t look happy (good). And his arms appear to be crossed … usually means the person is not open to what is being said. Too bad (for him). I hope he gets his comeuppance soon, real soon.

    • Like the boo’s he deserved when he was evicted. They had the audience filled with CBS employees since it was taped earlier and not live. They did not want any leaka. They probably threatened to fire anyone that did.

  4. I’d really like to see what Dr. Will says about Derrick also, seeing as they’re both some of the best of all time.

      • Like ppl have said before… Will is both entertaining and good. As is Dan. Derrick is just good. If he returns as an all star, I would like to see him be more honest in the DR and schmooze the audience more.

  5. Great pic of Nicole hugging Caleb with Hayden in the background. I’ve missed N & H, and was strongly rooting for Caleb to make it to F3.

  6. Wow, this is the most serious and pissed-off I’ve ever seen Frankie look. First photo I can remember where he’s not ‘posing’. Reality that he’s out of the house and won’t be a winner has sunk in; he’s stuck in a house with ‘the regular people’ he feels superior to, and he’s not a happy camper…….. Everyone else looks great though. Nice to see them again.

  7. Frankie, is bitter!!! I guess, he’s not Jesus!! He though, he was going to control the jurors! Lol Wait, til he watches BB 16 and see who the real Master, was! Give over yourself, Frankie! #TEAMDERRIK!!!

      • GMaG, I’m sure you had to sneak to go, being a very, very young teen at the time, but what a story you’ll have to tell. Too bad about the shorts,I’m sure they were much more attractive on you.

      • Geez GMaG, you were at Woodstock?! {just came across your posting from 5 days ago, forgive my tardiness} What was it like? Did you take pics? If so, please post them so we can take a gander. I really wanna see those black shorts! I’m a Long Island girl but wasn’t aware of this ‘happening’ until way after it was over.
        H O L L A !!!!

  8. does anyone else find it funny that frankie, nicole, & hayden are on a couch & Christine is off to the side in a chair. AWKWARD

    • Doesn’t it make you eager and anxious to find out what has been going on in the jury house? Honestly, I don’t know which I am more excited about, the jury roundtable or the announcement of the winner.

  9. Well, Fakey looks as self absorbed and stuck up as ever… And that’s just from pictures, smh

  10. Looking forward to seeing Dr. Will Kirby on the show; my all time favorite BB Player. ( He was a great BB Player; and now a great physician…him and Mike Boogie…have remained friends, and from what I have heard, they have done some business deals together.) That photo of Frankie is worth a million; it’s not the Frankie Show…get over yourself…Frankie. Derrick for the win..Cody..second place…Vic….just go away to Hollywood with Frankie….and last but not least; Donny for America’s Favorite Player.

    • Doesn’t boogie owe something like 10.5 million in a lawsuit to an old business partner? I wouldn’t do business with Boogie… just sayin’, lol

    • cbs must love his fugly face , they are putting him on the talk thursday, i guess they have no respect for woman or don’t care if their daughters, sisters or wives , mothers etc get jokinly raped

  11. Are the jurors allowed to go on social media while in the jury house? My friend just showed me a tweet from his account asking votes.

    • No..someone else is tweeting from his account. For awhile it was Ariana. Not sure if she still is or not. Most of them have someone tweeting from their accounts for them.

  12. OK, I’m looking at tweets (they’re on the right of this page…I don’t tweet because I’m not a twit :) just kidding)…Soooooo, Frankie is going to be on The View tomorrow! And Ariana’s manager is a producer for CBS’ “Scorpion”. I’m pretty effing pissed right now. I feel like such a fool. I’ve been duped. I KNOW reality shows aren’t real. I know that. What I didn’t know, was that BB was such a farce. I know it’s just a TV show. I know that favoritism happens in every part of show business. I’ve experienced it myself. It’s a part of life. However, Julie and Les et al, were sooo disturbed by the racist remarks and the bullying last year that they felt the need to address the situation. Perhaps because one of those remarks was derogatory to Asians, hence reprehensible to Julie. This year though, bad behavior by a spoiled, entitled wanna-be (and I can say that because I’ve actually done Broadway shows—and chorus boys like Frankie are a dime a dozen–and YES he IS a wanna-be) can say the most foul remarks to and about women and he is rewarded. I can only hope that that Sara Gilbert has the wherewithal to hold Frankie accountable for his declaration that lesbians have a choice—as opposed to gay men who are born gay. I’ve said before that I’ve seen dear friends of mine FIGHT stereotypes…I’ve watched them discriminated against. I’ve seen them put down over and over again. And now that people are starting to come around and realize that maybe, just maybe, gays and transgenders are actually born that way, Frankie and his stupid mouth have set that belief right back into the stone ages. I am happy that Frankie WILL not win the $500,000, nor the $50,000—but right now I’m thinking that he’s a shoe-in for AFP. He’s already won $15,000 too much, in my opinion. Whatever. It’s only a show. My life will go on. And Frankie will get some publicity. He may even get some more chorus work on B’way. Time will tell.

    • i think its terrible , julie defends her nationality but not her womenhood i lost respect for her ,i used to love the talk ,but i might be finished with the show if nothing is addressed tomarrow frankie is a nobody and his sister is losing her status do to her behavior

  13. Should be interesting watching Dr. Will who was a master of manipulation.
    Nothing interesting about the Final 3 because everyone knew who it was going to be. The only minimal excitement is if Cody wins the 3rd comp. Will he take Derrick or Victoria? I think he will take Victoria hands down and win that $500,000. Of course, if Derrick wins the 3rd comp, he will also take Victoria and that $500,000 as well. That is even more boring as he will win it easily! Only question is how many votes Derrick gets which is probably very nearly all of them! This season cannot end soon enough! Atleast, Survivor is here to keep us entertained.

  14. Oh great, Dr. Will is back to make sure the jury votes for Derrick to win. I wonder if Caleb, being as stubborn as he is, will be willing to do that since he was pretty hurt by Derrick’s betrayal. It would be nice if this season had a more unpredictable ending with Victoria or Cody winning instead. Now that would be fun to watch. Not trying to upset the legion of Derrick fans either, so please don’t take my comments personally.

  15. Going into tonight (without knowing who won part 1 of the HoH, as I don’t have the feeds) my predictions to win the game, in order, are Derrick, Cody, Victoria…

    …said me and about a million other fans.

    I’m fine with the predictability though, because I have a great chance of seeing my favourite two (from the start, no bandwagoning) be the final two for the first time in the history of the show.

    Now please, Derrick, Cody, even if it’s “smart”, don’t turn on each other. If Cody is the final HoH and picks Derrick he most likely throws away $450,000, but I still hope that’s what he does. If Derrick is the final HoH it’s a difference between 9-0 over Victoria or 7-2/6-3 over Cody, but either way I think he wins.

    Hitmen to the end. Enjoy the show everybody. I know many disagree but I think it’s been a good season. Cheers.

  16. Why in the hell is Julie only having Frankie on The Talk tomorrow? All I can say is..”Wow..just wow!” Why not the winner? Pretty obvious now CBS.

    • Seriously. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that Frankie was cast the SAME season Ariana dropped her second album. Ugh. I’m sickened by the obvious favoritism.

      • Well, I think, JMO, that you may be onto something. I hadn’t even thought of that. You, K, are an evil genius. And I want some of that cream cheese frosting from the birthday cake. YUM!

      • Don’t tell Matt, he might deem my speculation inappropriate and use his magical words to try to instill guilt in me, yet again. lol Cake is finished, but I have decorations to put up and lots of other things to do. I’m not going to make it to the live show posting. Just got out of the shower a few minutes ago and thought I’d do a quick go through one last time. Sometimes there are just things more important(preparing for my dinner) and this is one of those times. I got behind because of my illness. Go get ’em for me tiger and have fun. Maybe I’ll see you back next year, good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Love that old saying! Bye now. Karen

      • Dang, girl…it’s not going to be the same without your wit! Compared to you, I’m a half wit. Looking forward to next year and you better believe I’ll be looking for you. BTW, that saying was one of my Mom’s favs. So once again, you made me smile AND made my day. Peace and love to you, Karen!

    • Awwww come on now … CBS loves the colorful outrageous people, not the drab pompous people like Derrick … gottal always think about the ratings, right?

  17. Looking forward to tonight’s roundtable. It should be the most entertaining given the last several (predictable) weeks, including tonight’s crowning of Derrick as the winner…I mean, whoever wins. Not a big of fan of Dr. Will, but it should definitely be entertaining since he likes to stir up trouble and (admittedly) is witty with his comments Hope he gives them hell!

  18. i was right from day one evil no good . Derrick wins $500,000 mistake.cody did to tust a drity cop sad

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