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Donny Thompson – Big Brother 16 Eviction Interview

| August 29, 2014 at 6:30 PM EDT

Donny Thompson was a leading fan favorite and definitely ruled our popularity polls for the past several weeks. It was a loss for fans to see him walk out of the Big Brother 16 house on Thursday, but even Donny admitted his challenge was insurmountable.

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16

Donny Thompson on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Now that he’s out of the house and free from the Team America mission I wanted to get his thoughts on the season’s twist and its impact on his game. Plus we also asked Donny who he would have targeted, who he hopes to see win it all, and much more.

Matthew Boyer – Big Brother Network (BBN): As a superfan of Big Brother, how did the experience compare with your expectations?

Donny Thompson: It was all I ever thought about and then some. It was a lot better than you can think and a lot worse than you can think.

BBN: Your social game was often quiet and reserved. Was that always your plan or a result of an early incident in the season?

Donny: If you would have polled everyone in the house on who they liked, I would have probably been on the top of most of their list. Just because I wasn’t loud and talkative doesn’t mean I wasn’t playing a good social game. I was going in trying to be likable and let people come to me, so that was my plan.

BBN: If you had stayed and won the next HoH, which two HGs would you have nominated?

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Double Eviction Returns Next Week On Big Brother 16

| August 29, 2014 at 2:00 PM EDT

This week on Big Brother 16 another Double Eviction live show is heading our way and I can’t wait to see who falls victim to the most intense episodes of the season.

Double Eviction on Big Brother 16

Double Eviction on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Julie Chen revealed last night that we’ll be enjoying another double dose of Big Brother coming next Thursday when two more Houseguests will be eliminated as the House races through an entire week of BB16 fun in one fast paced hour.

Last time around during Week 6 we saw Jocasta out the door followed by Hayden after he took “a seat next to your girlfriend.” It was a hectic night where Donny pulled off a surprise Veto win and beat out the guys to stay safe while Hayden got caught in the crossfire.

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Big Brother 16 Schedule Changes: Episodes Shift Nights In September

| August 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

When CBS announced their Thursday night NFL schedule the conflicts with Big Brother 16 were a glaring issue to fans concerned with missing their favorite reality series. We now have details on the remaining Big Brother schedule for September 2014.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

According to, next week will be the last time we have the regular Wednesday-Thursday schedule for the Veto & Live Eviction shows. Starting the week of September 7th, Big Brother 16 will shift its nights to Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday to free things up for Thursday Night Football.

The first live eviction show on the new schedule will be Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 8PM ET/PT. The Power of Veto episodes will slide to one day earlier on Tuesdays, also at 8PM ET/PT. This cycle should repeat until the September 24th Big Brother 16 season finale.

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Big Brother 16 – September 2014 Schedule:

  • Sun, Aug 31, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
  • Wed, Sept 3, 8PM ET/PT – Power of Veto episode
  • Thu, Sept 4, 9PM ET/PT – Live Double Eviction show – F5 revealed
  • Sun, Sept 7, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
  • Tue, Sept 9, 8PM ET/PT – Power of Veto episode
  • Wed, Sept 10, 8PM ET/PT – Live Eviction show – F4 revealed
  • Sun, Sept 14, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode
  • Tue, Sept 16, 8PM ET/PT – Special Eviction & Power of Veto episode – F4 revealed
  • Wed, Sept 17, 8PM ET/PT – Live Eviction show – F3 revealed
  • Fri, Sept 19, 8PM ET/PT – Special episode
  • Wed, Sept 24, 9:30PM ET/PT – Season finale – 90 minutes

Using the schedule provided through the 10th and knowing the finale is on the 24th, I was able to back fill the days in between. There may be another episode there on the 23rd if they stick w/ the Tues/Wed pattern all the way to the end, but I’m not sure they need it to finish out the season.

Of course Big Brother could do something wacky & bring back another player and do a Fast Forward, but it’s not necessary with this schedule so I wouldn’t bet on it.

What do you think of the schedule change for Big Brother 16? I’m curious to see if this has an impact on the normal routine of nominations and PoV events. We will know more soon and I will update this schedule with any other changes.


Diary Room: Adam Poch Looks Ahead To Week 10 On Big Brother 16

| August 29, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT

For the second straight week, a fan favorite got sent packing out of the Big Brother house. This time it was the competition beast 42 year old Donny Thompson. There was some last minute scrambling and we are finally seeing cracks in the Detonators. But once again, the person that Derrick wanted gone was the one evicted by another unanimous vote.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch

Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

For weeks the Houseguests have been wondering when an endurance challenge would happen, and they finally got it. It was the famous slip & slide challenge, this year with a snowman theme. This is one of my favorite ones to watch because people wipe out all the time. If you remember back to my season, I took a pretty nasty spill, and I even said at the time, I cannot wait to watch and rewind over and over.

During the challenge Nicole & Derrick both had pretty rewind-worthy falls. But, at the end of the day (or in this case the end of the challenge) Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb won his 3rd HoH of the season. Yeah, all hope of a HUGE shakeup this week is just about gone as Caleb has been the lapdog of Frankie & Derrick all season. They have been able to manipulate him so well, to the point where all of their decisions have been passed off as his decisions.

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Big Brother 16 – Team America: Frankie Blames Viewers For Rejecting ‘A Man In Drag’

| August 29, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

Last night on Big Brother the Team America alliance received word that Frankie’s signature mission, “House Swap,” had failed after viewers voted “overwhelmingly no.” Frankie said such a defeat would be crushing for him, so how did he take it? By blaming America!

Team America remains with Derrick & Frankie

Team America remains with Derrick & Frankie – Source: CBS

Even with Donny’s eviction last night the Team America twist will continue on. As long as a member is in the house, or Big Brother pulls the plug on it, the missions will keep going.

Derrick wanted to figure out what went wrong and if they had been miscalculating their efforts all along. Flashback to 12:47AM BBT 8/29 as Derrick settles in for a talk with Frankie. Go ahead and guess who is to blame for the flop? America. We’re just not ready for a man in drag, says Frankie. Yeah, that’s the problem, Mr. Social Media Mogul.

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Big Brother 16 – Week 10 Nomination Anticipation

| August 29, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

A new Head of Household is set to bring a new round of nominations today on Big Brother 16. Last night on the Live Feed we were able to listen in and see who was heading to the block.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

The odds were against Nicole though she worked hard to win that endurance competition, but now that she’s lost her chance at power she knows what’s coming. The real question is who will join her.

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