Adam Poch’s Big Brother 23 Player Rankings – Season Review Part 1

Adam Poch from Big Brother

Less than 1 week from now – the winner of Big Brother 23 will be announced – and unless something totally insane happens – like Azah & Derek winning part 3 of the final HoH – Xavier will be the one with Big Brother confetti on his shoulders. Let’s face it – he has really done the best job all season – not just the first half (like Tiffany) but ALL season long. If you don’t think so – then I don’t know what show you have been watching. More about Xavier and the final 4 BB23 contestants next week.

BUT FIRST – as I do every season – at the end of the year – I go back and see if my preseason predictions held up – and I give myself Bacon or Tofu. This week I will start with the first 8 to be evicted.

Read my preseason BB23 HG rankings here.

Travis – pre-season prediction – 3 strips of Tofu – I think I did pretty well on this. I said he was gonna be bro-y and did not see a path for him to make it through the first couple of weeks. He didn’t even make it past the first week. While we never saw his full potential and personality – the HGs apparently saw enough of him to cut him early. – I give myself 4 strips of Bacon

Frenchie – pre-season prediction – 4 strips of Bacon – oh how wrong I was. I thought for sure as a super duper fan – he would play the slow steady game and lay low early. Maybe if he did – he may still be there today. I’ll wait for you to stop laughing and get off the floor. OK, let’s continue. I am sad for him as a person that he did not make it as far as I thought – but I am so so so happy with the drama that he brought to the game week 1. We have never seen a first HoH so messy since Cody on BB19. But this was way sloppier! – I happily give myself 5 strips of Tofu for being so so so off base!

Brent – pre-season prediction – 2 strips of Bacon – not as wrong as I was with Frenchie – but I missed the mark a bit here. I said he straddled the line between confidant & cocky. He jumped over the line, set it on fire, and never looked back as he was clearly one of the most cocky individuals to ever play the game. I was right that he was gonna be a Bro – but he did not stand a chance to make it far as he ruffled feathers pretty much from day 1. – I give myself 4 strips of Tofu

Whitney – pre-season prediction – 1 strip of Bacon – I correctly called it that she would not make it to jury. I did think she would be a little better athletically – and she did win the play-in challenge to become the captain of the Aces. That was not a physical challenge – and she never did unleash the comp beast that she claimed was inside of her. She did spend plenty of cringeworthy moments lusting after Xavier, and some of her outfits were, well… correctly predicted by me to come off a little too “Real Housewife” like. – I give myself 3 strips of Bacon

Christian – pre-season prediction – 3 strips of Bacon – my initial comparisons to Zach Rance meets Tyler Crispin – never came to fruition as he was forced to play a defensive game right from the start. His light-hearted personality got swapped out with a desperate fighter and he won 4 comps in the first 4 weeks. He was also forced into a showmance with Alyssa by Frenchie. This all played into his blindside & backdoor by what should have been an ally in Derek X. I thought he would make it to the top 6, and I was wrong! – I give myself 3 strips of Tofu

Britini – pre-season prediction – 2 strips of Tofu – while I was incorrect thinking she would be a pre-jury boot – I was correct that her mouth would rub people the wrong way. Apparently that was true for the people out here as well as in the house. Sure – her rapping was unexpected, but kudos for her to have the guts to lay down some bars during the live show(s). Even Julie seemed impressed by that. Britini had a hard time making bonds with people not on her team, and she was the easy pawn until she was the easy target. Let’s not forget her kicking ass in the Veto week 5 which set the stage for the Christian backdoor. – I give myself 2 strips of Bacon

Derek X – pre-season prediction- 3 strips of Tofu – I was so close to being 100% correct about his game. Week 1 he just could not find his way, could not find his clique, could not figure out how the game was played. Then he goes out there and wins the first Veto and he went from Clark Kent to Superman. From there – he still didn’t really understand how to play the game – and was used as a weapon. Along the way he came out of his shell and is a heavy favorite to win America’s Favorite Player. He has also caused Abercrombie & Fitch to sell out of their bird poop – I mean paint splatter sweatshirt. – I give myself 1 strip of Tofu (that could easily have been 5 strips of Bacon!)

Sarah Beth – pre-season prediction – 4 strips of Bacon – I incorrectly thought that her and Christian would team up (or hook up) and be the goofballs of the season. But like Christian – we never got to see that part of SB’s personality as she was glued to Kyland’s hip. Not sure why this angered Tiffany so much – but that vendetta led to SB going home a week after she did the Cookout’s bidding to get rid of Derek X. So much game & entertainment value misjudged by me. I give myself 4 strips of Tofu.

Ok – there we go – the first 8 down – and next week I will recap the Top 8 and give myself more bacon & tofu.

For my question of the week – which players did your preseason predictions come true, and which ones were you completely off-base?

Let me know what you think of my rankings and the answer to my question of the week in the comments section below. From outside the Big Brother House, this is Adam Poch reminding you, ignorance is temporary, stupid is forever.

Catch me here every week during the BB season for my rankings. If you want more of my thoughts during the season. follow me on Twitter @HeavyMetalTeddy – and listen to my Podcast – @BigBrothersPod.


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