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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

| August 2, 2013 at 8:54 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 nominations

It’s spoiler time for Big Brother 15 and we’ve got your nomination spoilers from the Live Feeds. The Feeds are on and we’re able to listen in and see who has been nominated and who is going to compete for the Veto. This would be an ideal time to sign-up so you can try out the Feeds and see what other fans are watching everyday inside the house.

Despite all the chaos and drama last night thanks to Amanda being on the warpath, the new HoH was able to plan for tonight’s nominations. Today we learned there’d be little variance from that plan so here we are. Read on to find out who is on the block.

Big Brother 15 Week 6 Nominations:

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Howard Overby Big Brother 15 Eviction Interview

| August 2, 2013 at 6:50 PM EDT

Howard Overby - Big Brother 15 HG

Howard Overby entered Big Brother 15 and immediately became part of the briefly strong “Moving Company” alliance. Things quickly fell apart for the 29-year old youth counselor from Hattiesburg, Mississippi though as his alliance scattered and he became HG Amanda’s number one target week after week. Following a tumultuous week in the house he was evicted in a 7-1 vote with only the support of his ally Spencer.

Today I spoke with Howard about his game, where the house stands now, and even the very hotly debated whispered words between him and Amanda. While I had many more questions for Howard including those about Aaryn’s and GinaMarie’s actions, ten minutes can go by quickly. Here’s what Howard had to say to me today when we talked.

Big Brother Network: Your selective game lies were a big part of what sunk you early on with a slow burn to your eviction. Why didn’t you want to confirm the Moving Company to Helen?

Howard Overby: I thought if I told her everything it’d just disappoint her to the point where there was no return. From a personal standpoint, I should have just come clean. That whole flipping and dismantling of the Moving Company helped me be more me and more straight up in the game, which is what I said I wanted to do so I was happy about it. But telling her everything, that was the big battle inside myself that was killing me. If I tell her everything it’ll probably be the same as if I lie now and everything comes out later.

I should have just come all out with it, but unfortunately I didn’t. I don’t regret it, but if I had to do it over again I’d just say everything and go from there, but I think I’d be in the same position.

Big Brother Network: This week you were telling HGs you would rather be evicted than play their kind of game. Was that part of your strategy or were you in a way conceding defeat?

Howard: It was very truthful. This season, all the strong players, the players that see the BS & manipulation seem to be leaving every week. We have a young cast this year. There weren’t enough chiefs and there were a whole lot of Indians that were willing to believe they were being protected, instead of standing up and making a stand with people who want to make a stand.

From a game standpoint, yes it was definitely a strategy. I thought I’d be honest about everything and that would inject some type of motivation in somebody to stand up and join with a few people, who regardless of personal differences want to do something different about the house because if you don’t, here in a little while, they’re going to control everything. Which they are.

To me it was going to be a boring season. You were going to have your final four set in stone. No one wanted to make a move because they keep waiting and waiting. I think everybody was made to think they’re being protected by these people.

If I was really going to scumbag I could have just let Candice self-destruct and separated myself from her totally. But the man that I am, the man I was raised to be, the man I was created to be, I couldn’t have looked in the mirror if she had left and let that happen.

Big Brother Network: Let’s talk about the Amanda kitchen whisper situation. She’s claimed over and over that you made a very aggressively vulgar comment to her. What did you say in that kitchen during that whispered exchanged?

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Big Brother 15: Week 6 Nomination Anticipation

| August 2, 2013 at 5:56 PM EDT

GinaMarie loses it

Nominations are only a few hours away in the Big Brother 15 house as the HGs sleep the morning away after a very contentious late night round of battles between Amanda, Jessie, and Candice. Surprisingly the new HoH managed to stay out of the fray and focus on who would be heading to the chopping block next.

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Big Brother 15 Fight Night Round 2 – Amanda Takes On The House

| August 2, 2013 at 1:18 PM EDT

Amanda fighting with Jessie

Perhaps emboldened by her zero-vote time on the block, Amanda was in fine form last night and took on both Jessie and Candice in a no-holds barred battle on the Live Feeds. If thought just the HoH endurance comp was called “Bull In A China Shop” then wait until you get a load of Amanda’s tour de force. We’ve got the details here, but this should be seen so sign-up for the Live Feeds and enjoy the fun.

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Flashback to 12:29AM BBT to find Amanda and Jessie arguing. As background, Jessie is upset because she didn’t get invited to Helen’s BBQ. Amanda starts in on Jessie saying Helen didn’t want to invite her because Jessie tried to flip the house on Helen and get Amanda voted out. (Well, not really. She was approached by Howard and then took the plan to Andy and agreed not to try and flip.)

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Here’s Amanda’s MO. Instead of making it a move against just her, Amanda says things like “you tried to make a move against Helen, Elissa, Judd, etc., etc.” When really the issue is Amanda was in danger of getting evicted. This way she can make it a broad based “attack” and then get those other HGs to think she’s trying to protect them. She’s not. She’s trying to cover her own ass and that’s totally fine, but it’s easy to see through her method. She does this a lot.

“Why don’t you go cry in the f***ing corner. Have a little s**t fit under your sheets. Byyyyee!” Amanda calls to Jessie as she marches out of the living room.

Back in the kitchen Amanda tells Helen she just got in a fight with Jessie because of Helen. Then Amanda says Jessie was trying to make [insert every HG name she could think of] a target. See what I mean?

At 12:33AM BBT Amanda starts fighting with Candice. Candice says she cared about Howard and that’s why she wanted him to stay. Amanda starts off by saying keeping Howard would have “flipped the house on Helen, Elissa, & McCrae.” Wait, there it is again. It’s not against Amanda, it’s against everyone but her so she appears to be the selfless warrior fighting against injustice to protect the other HGs.

Amanda keeps digging in to Candice for wanting to keep her friend as if that’s a terrible move for Candice. Then Amanda drops the mysterious comment that she claims Howard made to her. Fish cut in. Production is continuing to block Amanda from retelling that story which makes me question the accuracy of her claims. Something seems to have happened with that, we just don’t have any details other than what Amanda retells.

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Next Amanda says it’s okay for her to fight to protect McCrae, but not for Candice to fight to protect Howard. Um, okay. This fight gets bigger and bigger, but it’s not the biggest of the night.

Jump to 1:55AM BBT for the Amanda vs Jessie battle. We see Fish, but we hear the fight. Amanda gets really nasty at Jessie as this one builds up.

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Big Brother 15 – BBMVP Week 6 Voting Ends Tonight

| August 2, 2013 at 9:49 AM EDT

Big Brother 15 MVP

America, it’s up to you to vote for this week’s BBMVP 3rd nominee. The Big Brother 15 HG who gets the most votes in CBS’s official poll will go up on the block.

The current HoH is immune from this nomination, so I’ve left that name off the list (spoilers if you don’t want to know until Sunday’s show). Any HGs nominated by the HoH are obviously immune as well. Big Brother will go down the list of results to find the next available option. Voting closes at 6PM PT so don’t wait.

So who do you think should go up as the third nominee? Last week was awesome fun with Amanda on the block and after last night’s fights she might not be making a lot of people happy in there. Could be another opportunity for good times on the Feeds.

Cast your vote for the next Big Brother MVP and then share your thoughts below in the Comments section on why you voted for that HG. The official results will be revealed Saturday when the Veto players are picked and BB makes the 3rd nom known to the HGs. We’ll watch for those spoilers and post them as soon as it’s confirmed.


Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 5 Thursday Highlights

| August 2, 2013 at 9:22 AM EDT


We might have missed half of a day on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds for unknown reasons, but we got to see an endurance competition play out that resulted in a hilariously surprising outcome.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, Aug.1/Friday, Aug. 2, 2013

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