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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 6 PoV Competition Results – Updated

| August 13, 2011 at 8:51 PM EST

Power of Veto

This week’s Big Brother 13 Veto competition was critical to more players than possibly any previous Veto comp this season. With two floaters nominated last night the options were wide open for someone to be backdoored. Once the Veto players were selected one of the couples began to panic when they realized they’re most likely doomed while the HoH celebrated her luck in the picks.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

Big Brother 13 Week 6 Power of Veto results:

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Big Brother 13: Where Lawon’s game went wrong

| August 13, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

Lawon Exum - Big Brother 13

When we decided to do a rundown of each newly-evicted Big Brother 13 house guest’s game, I didn’t expect Lawon to be the focus. So this isn’t going to be as exciting as I’d like. Figuring out where Lawon’s game went wrong could be summed up in a sentence. Something like this: Lawon’s game was so nonexistent, I wasn’t even sure he knew he was playing a game. But I’ll try to give you a little more than that.

Lawon’s first mistake was not really playing the game. He was first or early out of challenges and he rarely talked game or really took sides. He just floated along more than anyone else. Then there was the whole part where he asked to be evicted because he was convinced he’d be eliminated then brought back with super powers. This game is never that easy, Lawon. And haven’t you heard that broken record called “Expect the Unexpected?”

Aside from the obvious, Lawon was also caught up in a lot of lies. Not even lies about the game, but just lies out of the blue. Shelly even said in Thursday’s episode that Lawon lied so much that she now knows what to look for when he’s not telling the truth. He would talk in circles and agree with everyone on everyone. He pretended to always know what someone was talking about. Weird.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 6 Friday Highlights

| August 13, 2011 at 10:22 AM EST

Big Brother 13 was back with a late night HoH competition on Thursday which left the HGs with a little less time to sort out the chaos and start naming names for nomination. Once again things turned out much differently then planned, but that’s Big Brother for you. Read on to find out who struck a deal and who ended up on the chopping block.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 12, 2011:

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations Revealed

| August 12, 2011 at 10:06 PM EST

Last night on Big Brother 13 we saw a returning player win the Head of Household again for the fifth time out of six competitions. Newbies simply don’t seem equipped to do much in this game other than roll over and get evicted each week.

These nominations are still fluid though as the Veto competition on Saturday could change everything. This was a very, very last minute deal where the HoH completely changed her mind on who to nominate.

Big Brother 13 Week 6 Nominations:

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Big Brother 13: Lawon Exum Interview

| August 12, 2011 at 8:31 PM EST

I caught up with Lawon today and he dishes about the choices he made in the house.  Lawon Exum

Chloe: How surprised are you to be voted out of the game?
Lawon: After analyzing what the chance may have been at the last minute, I am more shocked than surprised because I felt that showed me who was my true alliance and who was not. It made me wish I had followed my gut instinct more throughout the game.

Chloe: What made you so certain you were getting a special power if you came back in the house?
Lawon: I thought I would be coming back into the game with some kind of power due to this being a game where you “expect the unexpected.” I overanalyzed it a bit and I did not expect the outcome that happened. The “chance” of coming back didn’t sink in until I was out there competing in a competition. Do I regret that, yes of course, I was overanalyzing what the chance was to come back. If I didn’t overanalyze, I would have fought and never told Kalia she could put me up as a pawn. And you have to remember, when you are in that house, emotions are so high and so up and down that your thinking process is all over the place. You overanalyze every sentence every word fragment that everyone says and every idea that is given to you in the house. So I really just blame myself for overanalyzing what the outcome would be if I got evicted and had the chance to come back.

Chloe: Do you think you went overboard in your acting job of being pissed Kalia put you on the block?
Lawon: Yes I do. I think I acted too much, my emotions played a big part of that and I didn’t follow my gut in terms of how to handle the situation.

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Big Brother 13: Week 6 Nomination Anticipation – Updated

| August 12, 2011 at 4:21 PM EST

Big Brother 13 Daniele gross face

There’s a new/old sheriff in town after last night’s whirlwind eviction, twist battle, and HoH competition. Considering the odds were stacked 6:2 I’m a little shocked by how poorly the Vets alliance performed by allowing their outnumbered challengers to take control for the third week in a row. So after all that voting by America we’re nearly right back where we started 2 weeks ago. Well, except now the Veterans could end up controlling the final vote, but I think there’s one HG who would rather ignore that.

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