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Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Shares His Thoughts On Big Brother 16 Cast

| June 25, 2014 at 5:30 PM EDT

Everyone please welcome Big Brother alum Judd Daughtery (BB15). He will also be joining us for the Big Brother 16 season with articles every week sharing his unique perspective and thoughts on what’s going on inside the house. We’re very glad to have him here with us and hope you enjoy reading his contributions. – Matthew

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

I am so excited for the new season of Big Brother! Every summer I get so stoked to see new house guests playing the game and anticipating all of the twists along the way! I was about to buy the feeds last summer and before I even had the chance I got my key and my dream came true!

When the Big Brother season 16 cast was revealed I was a little taken back about all of the recruits. But this is Big Brother and they have the best casting team around and know what they are doing. I think this fresh cast mixed with the twist will be PURE entertainment! I want to take a minute to briefly give my thoughts on the new cast.

Donny Thompson: I was excited to see a good ole boy from North Carolina in the house and was a little pissed because he was kind of my idea alliance member I wanted last season! I really hope that people work with him and give him a chance. My only fear is that he will not mix well with the younger house guests and could possibly be an early evictee.

Frankie Grande: Unfortunately I had a snap judgement on this guy as soon as I seen the first few seconds of his interview not to mention I hear his sister is a huge pop star. I was very wrong about Frankie. He knows what he is getting himself into and I think will be one of the best players in the game. I like his strategy of working with the females but having a strong jock as a strong secret ally and I hope that works out for him. He will not only be a strategic and social threat but I believe a physical threat as well.

Jocasta Odom: I have to admit that I found Jocasta a little annoying in her interview that I watched. She seems like a nice lady and I think that it is very interesting that she wants an all female alliance (will it finally work!?). I could see her being evicted just before jury or maybe she will pull it off and actually make this female alliance work.

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Big Brother 17 Schedule: When Is Big Brother On?

| June 25, 2014 at 5:00 PM EDT

The Big Brother 17 schedule is ramping up as CBS sets its plans for the new season with a Wednesday and Thursday night back to back premiere event on June 24th & 25th before adding in Sunday .

Update: Read our Big Brother 2015 schedule details here.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

The new season of Big Brother premieres on Wednesday, June 25th at 8PM ET/PT and Thursday the 26th at 9PM ET/PT when we get to watch the new cast enter the house and scramble to find a bed and an ally. They’ll hopefully have a bit of a reprieve from danger though as CBS is already telling us the first live eviction won’t happen until the following week. Of course a first night cut wouldn’t require any live audience, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen again.

The rest of the weekly shows will be on Thursdays at 9PM ET/PT with the first live eviction on July 3, 2014, as previously noted, and Sundays at 8PM ET/PT. Last year Big Brother was going to get bumped around from Tues/Wed to Wed/Thurs, but this year we’re set from the start with a Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday episode schedule.

Sunday episodes typically feature nominations. Wednesday broadcasts have the Power of Veto comp & ceremony. Thursdays’ shows will be eviction & Head of Household competitions.

From the Live Feeds side of the game, there will be lots more going on than just the three weekly Big Brother 16 episodes. Inside the house the HGs will have plenty of important events going on across the week to keep them busy. Here’s how live events will play out.

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Tonight On Big Brother 16: Season Premiere Part 1

| June 25, 2014 at 4:30 PM EDT

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the season premiere arrives with its part one of a two-night move in event when the cast of all-new Houseguests get ready to enter their new summer home.

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises

Julie Chen has Big Brother 16 surprises – Source: CBS

Starting Wednesday night at 8PM ET/PT on CBS the first part of the season debut arrives as the new HGs head inside and face their first competition to decide who will be the new Head of Household.

“But first,” things just aren’t that simple. New twists will keep this summer going crazy even from the very start, and there are a LOT of twists this time around.

Kicking things off the new cast of 16 Houseguests will be split in to two sets before they enter the house and compete in two separate Head of Household competitions. Tonight we’ll get to see that first set of HGs and discover who is the first HoH. Can’t wait? Get a sneak peek of spoilers here.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird sale

Then tomorrow night on Thursday’s episode we’ll discover even more when the next group of Houseguests arrive and crown their own HoH. It’s going to be a busy week so be sure to check in with us often and get all the latest information. Find us on Facebook and Twitter for even more.

Join us tonight for the premiere and enjoy the fun with us and all the readers here!

Big Brother 16 Season Premiere tonight:


Welcome Back, Friends – Big Brother 16 Is Here!

| June 25, 2014 at 1:30 PM EDT

Welcome back, Big Brother fans and friends! Big Brother 16 has arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. This is the best part of the year for me and I’m excited to share it with all of you here on our fan site,! Oh, and Jeff says “Hi.”

Jeff Schroeder & Matthew Boyer

So yeah maybe I fanboy’d a little meeting Jeff Schroeder – Image Credit:

Our Big Brother coverage goes full-speed tonight with the season premiere on CBS starting at 8PM. I’ll be here live throughout the show posting all the events as they air. Then as always we’ll be getting Branden’s episode recaps to fill us in on all the details. Once the second part of the season premiere finishes on Thursday the Live Feeds will launch and our summer will be complete!

Last week I released my one-on-one interviews with the entirely new cast of sixteen Houseguests. If you haven’t met the Big Brother 16 HGs yet then be sure to start there. Watch their videos and read their bios so you know the names and faces before the show kicks off tonight.

Along with Branden supporting the site this summer with his recaps and Live Feed Highlight reports we’ll have a few additions: Big Brother alumni! Judd Daugherty (BB15) and Adam Poch (BB13) will be stopping by a few times a week with new articles to get us discussing the latest BB16 happenings.

Here’s a rundown on what we’ll be doing to keep you covered and up to date this summer:

  • Super fast updates from the Feeds. I’ll be posting events and news from what I see on the Feeds all day along. That way you can keep up and if something big happens you can use your Flashback Rewind feature to go back and see what you missed.
  • Daily highlight recaps and stories on the bigger events with pictures and details so you can keep up even if you don’t have a Feeds subscription.
  • Frequent updates on social media through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Discussions with readers in our Forum, Comments section on every post, and in our Chat room. I want to hear your thoughts. Disagree with a stance I’ve taken? Tell me! It’s an open debate here and part of the fun is discussing different perspectives.
  • Daily Email Updates with complete article round-ups from everything we’ve written that day.

I’m really glad to have you back here with us this summer as we continue to grow and become a bigger and better Big Brother fan community every season. This place would be nothing without you and I’ll never forget that. So thanks for your support through daily visits and especially Live Feeds sign-ups through our links and banners. It costs you nothing extra to sign-up through us as CBS provides the commission and Feeds are the same price everywhere you go. Thank you!


Diary Room: Adam Poch Gets Ready For Big Brother 16

| June 25, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Please welcome former Big Brother Houseguest Adam Poch to our site. He has graciously agreed to hang out with us and share his thoughts on Big Brother 16. You can enjoy his articles twice a week here on the site. Well, really you can enjoy them as much as you want, but he’ll only be posting new articles twice a week. So grab a plate of bacon, sit back, & enjoy! – Matthew

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch

Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Image Credit: Greg P Photo

Hello everyone – Adam Poch the Heavy Metal Teddy Bear from Big Brother 13 here. I have joined the staff at Big Brother Network this season to give you my opinions & insight on the 16th installment of our favorite summertime guilty pleasure. Today is the day we have been waiting for since the end of last season; well, for some people since week 2 of Big Brother 15 – but we have put that season behind us – and ready to move on!

Late last week, we got to meet the new houseguests – watch their preseason videos, read their bios, and dig through social media sites trying to find any dirt on them that we can. Tonight we get to actually see the new houseguests interact with each other and start vying for the $500K prize. But wait… unlike every other year where we got to see the entire new cast move in – CBS is giving is the first twist in what they are calling the “Most Twisted” summer yet. Only 8 of the newbies will be seen moving in tonight and the rest of them tomorrow. With 2 HOH’s each week – and 4 nominees – I think we will see the first 8 move in & compete for Head of Household tonight. Then Thursday night, we will see the next 8 move in and compete for Head of Household.

If I was part of the first group of only 8 newbies, I would know something is not kosher – and expect all of them to start panicking. At some point Julie Chen will come on the screen as they are all getting to know each other and deliver some of the twists – but I am curious how much she will tell this group – before dropping all of the twists when the next group comes in.

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Will Big Brother 16 Twist Be Team America’s Player?

| June 25, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT

One of the best parts of the Big Brother 16 preseason has been all the speculating and debating we’ve been able to enjoy. We tried to guess at the cast, the theme, and now we’re working through the cryptic twists. But are we about to see an old twist in a new way?

Team America's Player on Big Brother 16

Team America’s Player on Big Brother 16?

The Big Brother fan community has spun out some fantastic theories on what we’ll face this season and a good one that I’ve seen discussed in a few versions, including Adam Poch’s discussion here or another one over at Big Brother Access, is how we will be Team America and control a player. But what if we just control Team America?

It almost seems obvious from the twist’s name, “Team America.” If we’re just voting on little things then it’s not a big deal, but if America is voting on a collective set of actions or even a group of Houseguests (a team, if you will) then it seems to suit the name well.

While we discuss this, keep in mind there’s still no solid proof that we’ll even have teams of HGs. Yes, there are groups for at least the move-in, but beyond that is unknown for groupings or even production-forced teams. Okay, let’s keep going.

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