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Will New Big Brother Twist Become ‘Battle Of The Weakest Block’?

| June 27, 2014 at 12:30 PM EDT

Big Brother fans waited and speculated and waited some more this preseason in anticipation of discovering just how this new “Battle of the Block” twist would work. Now after last night’s premiere conclusion we have the answers, but that just raises more questions.

Battle of the Block

Battle of the ‘Weakest Block’ – Source: CBS

As Julie Chen explained last night on Big Brother 16, the Battle of the Block twist will involve each week’s four nominees in a duel battle to escape the chopping block. Despite earlier suggestions otherwise, the HoHs will not be participating in this new competition, only the noms. Here’s how it works.

Each of the two Head of Household winners will nominate two HGs. Those four HGs will face off and work as pairs, grouped by the HoH who nom’d them. The winning pair will be free from the block, but they’ll also get to “dethrone” the HoH who put them there.

Example: “HoH A” nominates “HG B” and “HG C.” “HoH X” nominates “HG Y” and “HG Z.” HGs B&C compete against HGs Y&Z. HGs B&C win the comp and are no longer on the block. HoH A, who nominated HGs B&C, loses his role as HoH. HGs Y&Z remain on the block since they lost and HoH X, who nominated them, becomes that week’s sole HoH.

Confusing enough for you? Yeah, it seems a little complicated, but I think we’ll get the flow of it before too long.

Here’s the sticking point for me though and it was immediately obvious on what we should expect as a result of these rules. If you were HoH and wanted to remain safe for the week, would you put up strong competitors who would have a better chance at winning and dethroning you, or weak HGs who are more likely to lose and let you stay safe? The latter, of course.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Launch – Highlights From Premiere Night

| June 27, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT

Ready to see the Big Brother 16 cast on your Live Feeds? That time has finally arrived as CBS launches After Dark and the Big Brother Feeds tonight following the BB16 season premiere.

Big Brother Live Feeds

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds launch tonight online

Starting at 10PM PT / 1AM ET the switch will be flipped and those glorious HD cameras will begin streaming uncensored content, called Live Feed, from inside the house. Well, it’s uncensored if you’re watching the Live Feeds, sorry After Dark viewers. This Big Brother Feed is what lets us view the HGs in their natural habitat without the messiness of production editing the story to fit their narrative. Instead we’ll hear what the Houseguests say and do as it happens.

Expect the HGs to know we’ve arrived too as last year all were primping and very excited for the arrival of that “Fly on the Wall” visitor, us! If we have especially good HGs this season then they’ll take us on a passive tour of the rooms hopefully including the new Have-Not layout.

Want to join in on the fun and start watching the HGs too? It’s incredibly easy. Click the big yellow button below and get signed up for your Free Trial. You’ll be able to watch on your computer, tablet, phone, and most all of those other fancy little devices you’ve got.

Big Brother Live Feeds free trial

If you don’t like the Feeds, then maybe you’re not feeling well, but you can cancel in the first 48 hours and not be billed. There are two sign-up options: Season Pass & Monthly. Season Pass is cheaper at this point ($26.99 vs $29.97), but that’s up to you.

Now let’s sit back and see what our new summer friends are up to. I’ll be posting a timeline of highlights plus screencaps straight from the Feeds as soon as they start. Enjoy!

Big Brother 16 – Live Feed Highlights – 6/26/2014:

9:55PM BBT – Waiting on those glorious Feeds to come alive and show us what’s going on inside that house.

10:00PM BBT – Feeds are live! Everyone is sitting around waiting for us when Frankie jumps up and starts shouting.

10:02PM BBT – Yep, HGs racing all over the house showing us all the rooms.

10:04PM BBT – Joey & Hayden are streaking. Joey changes her top in front of the camera. Completely topless there. I told you this was uncensored.

10:10PM BBT – Guys in HN room. Cody is a HN and says he volunteered.

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 1 – Battle Of The Block

| June 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

The first night of Live Feeds brought us a healthy dose of Big Brother spoilers as the HGs were running a mile a minute and not holding back a bit as they plotted their next move. Find out what happened in the first Battle of the Block competition with these overnight spoilers.

Battle of the Block

Battle of the Block – Source: CBS

With two Heads of Household and four nominations this season as part of the new Double HoH twist Big Brother needed a way to break that down to the regular one HoH and two nominees. Enter the Battle of the Block.

In this competition, new to Big Brother 16, the four nominated HGs would face off in pairs and battle for safety. If they won then the HoH who put them on the block would be dethroned and the nominees would gain their own eviction-redemption themselves. Here’s what happened this week.

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Diary Room: Adam Poch On Big Brother 16 Premiere & All Those Crazy Twists

| June 27, 2014 at 8:30 AM EDT
Big Brother HG - Adam Poch

Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

2 nights, 16 houseguests, 2 HoH competitions, and twist after twist after twist! Welcome to a new season of BIG BROTHER!

On BB7 – we had 2 HoH’s the first week. On BB9 we had 4 people nominated the first couple of weeks. But BB16 is nothing like those 2 seasons. We will find out soon (if not already) who each HoH nominated, and which group of nominees won the new Battle of the Block. Frankie & Caleb need to be very careful – because they can go back into the nomination pool.

That fact alone may persuade them to nominate weaker players so they cannot win the BotB, and the first 2 weeks will be the toughest, since they wont know what type of competition it will be. Is it going to be mental, physical, a puzzle, endurance??? And will that competition change from week to week?

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Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 6-26-2014

| June 27, 2014 at 7:00 AM EDT

Last night on Big Brother, spoilers & results revealed who won the Head of Household competition for the second group of Houseguests soon after they moved in to their new home.

Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16

Frankie Grande on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

This was part two of the Season 16 premiere and wrapped up all the introductions, crowned a new, additional HoH, shocked us with the news that Frankie is the first Team America player, and set us up for the first Battle of the Block competition.

I’ll be live blogging with all the details of tonight’s show over here, but if you just want the highlights for spoilers and results from the show then this is the post for you.

We already know who moved in the first night so that makes the Group 2 move-in obvious, but here’s who was there:

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Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Week 1 Nominations

| June 27, 2014 at 1:30 AM EDT

The Live Feeds have arrived and with it comes the first set of possible Big Brother spoilers, but tread carefully as we’re still getting our bearings and things could be fluid.

Big Brother 16 nominations

Big Brother 16 spoilers reveal nominations

When the Feeds started the HGs ran around the house and eventually calmed down in the kitchen. Lucky for us the Memory Wall sits in the kitchen and soon we could see two keys missing. Read on for the spoilers to find out who appears to be nominated.

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