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Big Brother 14 Twist Rumors: Veteran Houseguests & More

| July 9, 2012 at 9:16 AM EDT

We’re just three days away from the premiere of Big Brother 14 and confirming the latest rumors when it comes to twists and surprises for the new season.

Big Brother 14 on CBS

So far this preseason there have been a flood of theories and conspiracies as to what we’d see come July 12th. While those are fun to toss around and examine I tend to stay away from reprinting any of them until things start to take shape. With just a few more days to go things aren’t going to get any more solid than this so let’s take a look.

The “Mentors” twist has been spinning around so long that I can’t even remember when it started or perhaps when it was leaked, but the idea was that a set of former HGs would return to the game and lead a team of newbies. My first thought was a repeat of what we saw for two seasons on Survivor. It wasn’t good and I hoped Big Brother wouldn’t go there. Thankfully it looks like we’re going to get a whole different approach.

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Big Brother 14: Game Is On As Houseguests Move In – Updated: New Poolside Pic

| July 8, 2012 at 8:34 AM EDT

The game has begun! Big Brother 14 Houseguests have entered the house and begun the battle for the half-million dollar prize. CBS released this image late Saturday showing a small group of the new Big Brother cast entering the house’s front door.

Big Brother 14 Houseguests move in

click to see full image

You can see Big Brother 14‘s Kara Monaco, Joe Arvin, JoJo Spatafora, and Willie Hantz celebrating their arrival in the Big Brother 14 house. While it appears in this picture that Kara was the first to enter the game it’s important to remember past seasons. During BB12 CBS released a similar picture showing Andrew coming through the door, but it was out of order and Rachel was actually the first to arrive. This point is interesting because no “first to enter” HG has ever won Big Brother. Well, not in their own season at least since Rachel obviously came back and won the next year, but that doesn’t count.

The next time we’ll see these HGs is during Thursday’s Big Brother 14 premiere on CBS at 9PM ET/PT and then again when the Live Feeds begin that night at 1AM ET (10PM PT) along with Big Brother After Dark. If you don’t have your Live Feed account yet then there’s still time to get the Early Bird discount rate before it expires on Wednesday.

Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, get our email updates, and in our Forum so you make sure to get the latest Big Brother spoilers as they arrive. Here we go!

Update: CBS has released the first high-quality photo featuring the new HGs plus 4 mysterious HGs, but we already have a good idea of who those returning veterans are.

click to see full-size image

Big Brother 14 houseguests poolside


Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Discount Set To Expire

| July 7, 2012 at 9:15 AM EDT

You’ve met the new Big Brother 14 cast and seen the new house design. Now you’ve just got one more thing to do before the new season begins: get your Live Feeds. In just a few days the Big Brother 14 early bird sale preseason discount price will expire. If you haven’t signed up yet for your Live Feeds then be sure to do it now.

The Early Bird sale drops the 3-month season pass price from $39.99 down to a rate of $9.99 a month, less than the price of one movie ticket. But this deal expires this Wednesday, the day before the Big Brother 14 premiere. If you wait until Thursday when the new season arrives to sign up for your Feeds account, and you know you will want your Feeds, then you’ll be paying a lot more for the exact same thing.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird Discount

This season with your Big Brother Live Feed account you’ll get 24/7 access to in-house, uncensored cameras where you can watch Big Brother 14 alliances form and break, romances bud, and HGs endure endurance competitions for the power of HoH.

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Big Brother 14 Cast: Houseguests Revealed With Our Interviews

| July 5, 2012 at 12:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 cast

The Big Brother 14 cast has been revealed! We’ve got your new season’s cast info with bios, pics, and our one-on-one interviews with the houseguests. Read on to meet the twelve new faces you’ll be seeing this summer on Big Brother.

This is the final week of the Big Brother Live Feed Early Bird sale, so don’t miss the chance to save on your Live Feeds. The preseason sale gets you a 25% discount off the entire season of Feeds with a 3-Month season pass but it expires on Wednesday!

Watch our quick introductory video to learn all about the HGs in 2.5 minutes:

Remember the BB14 commercial that promised the “most HGs ever”? Well obviously 12 HGs isn’t the most ever which means there will be additional HGs not included in this information. Could the “mentors” rumor be true? I only met with 12 people for the interviews and we received no details on anyone else, but we expect that info soon! Also, due to a last minute change we won’t have an interview video for one of them.

Update: CBS reveals there will be 4 returning HGs: “In a series first, four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game — for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere.”

Update 2: We’re seeing in the Twitterverse that someone with production has confirmed Rachel Reilly will NOT be one of the returning HGs. Nor will it be anyone from BB13.

Update 3: Those 4 returning HGs? “‘Four epic players — including fan favorites and winners — are coming in with their own agenda,’ teases executive producer Allison Grodner,” reports TVGuide. CBS will do a slow boil reveal to premiere night.

Update 4: Or CBS could decide to just leak the confirmation by allowing the Live Feeds to cut in early Wednesday morning and revealing the 4 returning HGs.

Here is your Big Brother 14 cast. Meet the new HGs and enjoy!

Big Brother 14 Ashley IoccoAshley Iocco
Age: 26
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation: Spray tan technician
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Ashley Iocco

Big Brother 14 Danielle MurphreeDanielle Murphree
Age: 23
Hometown: Grant, AL
Occupation: Nurse
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14′s Danielle Murphree

Big Brother 14 Frank EudyFrank Eudy
Age: 28
Hometown: Marion, AR
Occupation: Unemployed
Fun fact: Son of pro wrestler Sid Vicious
Read more, watch the interview, & discuss: Big Brother 14’s Frank Eudy

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CBS Provides First Glimpse Of Big Brother 14 Cast

| July 4, 2012 at 2:06 PM EDT

Big Brother 14 on CBS

CBS has provided the first public look at the Big Brother 14 cast today with a new commercial introducing a batch of new houseguests. Just as you’d expect the commercial shows a good looking cast and some big personalities.

Check back with us on Thursday at 12PM ET for our one-on-one interviews with the houseguests and find out who might be your favorite HG on Big Brother 14. We’ll dig deep, have fun, and even ask reader submitted questions. You’ll get bios, pictures, and our very own interview videos, a first for Big Brother Network!

We can’t share any details yet, but I can promise that this Big Brother cast looks very promising and was a lot of fun to meet.

Anyone in that video catch your eye? They’ve only scratched the surface so far and we’ve got a lot more to learn as we head toward the Big Brother 14 premiere next week.

Don’t forget your Big Brother Live Feed Early Bird sale. The discount rate expires next week and you’ll end up paying more if you don’t get yours in time.


Final Week: Big Brother 14 Live Feed Preseason Sale

| July 4, 2012 at 10:00 AM EDT

This is the final week for your Big Brother 14 Live Feeds Early Bird discount. When the Big Brother premiere arrives next Thursday the sale will have ended and you’ll be paying more for your summer of must-have, uncensored, in-house cameras.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird Discount

There’s a lot to watch this preseason for Big Brother 14 events on SuperPass including the Rumor Control live events and the past season’s Flashback archive which has every minute from every day. If you missed this week’s Rumor Control then you can pull it up from their archives and watch it again to see what might be coming our way.

As an extra bonus this summer you’ll be able to watch your Live Feeds on your mobile device at no extra charge. Where ever you go so will your Big Brother Feeds.

Don’t forget you’ll also be able to download $30 worth of mp3’s as a freebie with your 3-month SuperPass account. If you’re already buying a lot of music then that practically makes your Feeds free with the Early Bird rate.

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