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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations Revealed

| August 26, 2011 at 10:56 PM EDT

After Pandora’s Box returned to Big Brother 13 this afternoon all bets are off. This week’s nominations are practically pointless. All the power rests on the Veto comp tomorrow. But, you can’t have a week go by without this ceremony so lets get to it.

We watched some surprising discussions this afternoon in the lead up to the nomination ceremony. Just when things looked to be going in one direction they took another turn, but once the twist hit the choices for nomination were obvious.

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Week 8 Nominations:

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Big Brother 13: Shelly and Jordan Exploded In A Big Fight

| August 26, 2011 at 4:50 PM EDT

Big Brother 13 fighting

Since this might have been missed with all the other craziness of last night’s Big Brother 13 double eviction & HoH comp I thought I’d give it it’s own post this afternoon while we wait for the nomination spoilers (read my nomination anticipation post).

Last night, right after the show was over and the Live Feeds returned we were treated to a major fight between two former, close allies. Flashback to 8/25 @ 7:06PM Cam 3/4.

Jordan is curled up crying in the Lounge room when Shelly comes in and says she wants to talk to her when she calms down. Jordan says she doesn’t want to talk to her. For whatever purpose Shelly starts yelling at Jordan and gets up in her face. Shelly was yelling that Jordan is only mad because Shelly wouldn’t play Jeff’s game for Jeff. She is jabbing her finger at Jordan and yelling some self-pity line. I’m a little surprised how nasty Shelly became unprovoked. Way to kick a girl when she’s down, Shelly.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 25, 2011 @ 7:06 PM BBT on Camera 3/4
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That’s enough to get Jordan up and yelling back that she didn’t do what Shelly is claiming. Shelly is blaming Jordan for things Jeff said during the big fight earlier that everyone missed (Feeds were off just before the show). Jordan is screaming back at Shelly for how she repaid her after giving away that phone call.

Rachel starts to drag a screaming Jordan away who yells the Newbies were following Daniele because they thought she was some sort of god in this game. Jordan gets in a few funny jabs at how Daniele’s 15 mins faded long ago.

It was a huge fight and highly entertaining. You’ve really got to turn on your Live Feeds and use the Flashback feature to watch it over if you missed it. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Then grab the Free Trial and see what you’ve been missing!

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Big Brother 13 Week 8: Nomination Anticipation – Updated x3

| August 26, 2011 at 2:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 13 Week 8 nominations

After a roller coaster double eviction Big Brother 13 show last night followed by an overnight HoH competition we’re ready for the next big event: nominations. The new HoH has just a few hours to finalize the noms and then hand them out tonight. From late night conversations we’ve got a pretty good idea of who will be going up on the block. Read on to find out what we’re expecting.

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Big Brother 13 Week 8: HoH Competition Results

| August 26, 2011 at 12:31 AM EDT

Big Brother 13 was insane tonight! Best episode of the season. It had something for everyone. Team Jeff struck a blow. Team Dani got revenge. Newbies stepped up. What else could you ask for? A late night HoH competition? Sure, I can do that for you.

Just short of two hours after the live, double eviction show concluded the remaining Top 6 HGs entered a major HoH competition. With only 2 Vets left, the odds were stacked against them. Jordan had already blasted in to Shelly for betraying her. Definitely worth a Flashback to 7:06PM BBT to see Jordan absolutely screaming at Shelly and dropping more F-bombs than a sailor Adam. Now is the time to get your Live Feeds Free Trial.

Big Brother 13 Week 8 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

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Big Brother 13 Episode 22: Thoughts From Former HG Matt Hoffman

| August 26, 2011 at 12:20 AM EDT

Matt Hoffman (BB12) returns with his review of the latest Big Brother episode. You’ll find him here at BBN each Thursday & Friday all season. Read Matt’s past articles.

Matt Hoffman Big Brother 12

With a double eviction night, we spent most of the time in competitions or live banter. Very little of this gives any headway to humorous content. That being said…I will do my best here, but in exchange for what will probably be a sub-par post at best, I am offering up the second and final “Q&A With A 7th-Place Loser” edition of my write-ups for the season, where I will try to respond to every question that is posted in the comments section at the end of this post. On with the show!…

We begin with the aftermath of Daniele being tossed on the block as a replacement nominee against Kalia. While Kalia makes a beeline for the kitchen, Dani decides to continue to be one of the only people left in the house interested in playing the game and starts working for votes.

She begins by hitting up Shelly in the backyard, swearing on the life of her grandmother that she will “never nominate Shelly ever”. That’s a bold statement. Never EVER? Dani needs to think this through some more in case at some point later in life she’s ever put in the precarious situation of power where she has to nominate two people to have their skin made into a football.

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Big Brother 13 Episode 22: Week 7 Double Eviction and HoH Results

| August 25, 2011 at 8:40 PM EDT

Tonight on Big Brother 13 episode 22, we’re going to be hit with a double eviction as part of the Fast Forward event. That means we’ll have a quick eviction, an HoH competition, noms, Veto comp, Veto ceremony, eviction, and then another HoH comp. Phew! While we wait, join us on Facebook and grab our free mobile apps!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live evictions and competition results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds (not signed up yet? get the Free Trial) ready to go because as soon as the broadcast is over the Big Brother Feeds come back!

Update: Allison Grodner, Big Brother exec producer, tweeted “all hell breaking loose in the house. Shelly, Jeff and Adam fighting… Shelly has been outed.” Whoa! Tonight is going to be awesome. Anyone looking for a quick, easy nomination for Fast Forward will likely find it with Shelly tonight. You will NOT want to miss the Live Feeds tonight!

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 13 Week 7 Live Eviction voting:

  • Jordan: evict Daniele
  • Porsche: evict Kalia
  • Shelly: evict Kalia
  • Rachel: evict Daniele
  • Adam: evict Daniele

By a vote of 3-2, Daniele has been evicted from Big Brother 13!

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Big Brother 13 Week 7.5 HoH Competition – ‘Before or After’:

  • Round 1: Everyone is safe
  • Round 2: Adam eliminated
  • Round 3: Shelly, Rachel, Porsche eliminated
  • Round 4: Jordan eliminated
  • Kalia is the new HoH!

Adam and Jordan both went out on an easy question. Shame on those two. Congrats to Kalia. She’s about to pick 2 noms. Sounds like we might not get a Veto comp. Hmm…

Big Brother 13 Week 7.5 Nominations:

  • Jeff
  • Rachel

Definitely Veto comp coming up next.

Big Brother 13 Week 7.5 Veto Competition – ‘Clowning Around’:

  • Jordan is NOT playing tonight. She can’t save Jeff.
  • Jeff is way behind here…
  • Porsche won something!!

Update: Jeff made a huge, costly mistake during the comp. He threw his second clown shoe out of his pit and never saw it. Jeff could have easily won. It was another 30 secs before Porsche found her second shoe. Screenshot of the missing shoe.

Will Porsche try to rekindle her friendship with Rachel, or let her get voted out?

Big Brother 13 Week 7.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Porsche will NOT use the Veto. Noms remain.

Either Jeff or Rachel will be going home. I’m guessing Rachel. Jordan and Adam will vote to keep Jeff. Will we get a tie breaker??

Big Brother 13 Week 7.5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Jordan : evict Rachel
  • Porsche : evict Jeff
  • Adam : evict Rachel
  • Shelly : evict Jeff

Tie breaker time! Kalia evicts Jeff!

Jeff has been evicted from Big Brother 13 via Fast-Forward, just like BB11.

Big Brother 13 Week 8 HoH Competition:

  • Like last year, this comp will play out after the show. Grab your Live Feeds.
  • Update: Trivia started @ 8:42PM BBT. HoH comp underway. Spoilers soon.
  • Results are in. Find out who won HoH tonight!

Big Brother 13 fighting

The house is ON FIRE right now. Jordan SCREAMING at Shelly and Shelly is SCREAMING back at her!! Turn on your Live Feeds (Get the Free Trial) RIGHT NOW! If you missed the fight, then Flashback to 7:06PM BBT to watch it all over on Live Feeds.

Watch inside the Big Brother house – Live Feeds Free Trial

Big Brother 13 fighting

Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations are revealed Friday night, so stay close by!

Be sure to sign-up for the free Big Brother email updates, join us on Facebook, visit the Big Brother Forum, follow us on Twitter, and get our Mobile Apps.


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