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Big Brother 15 – GinaMarie HoH Photos Released For Week 10

| September 5, 2013 at 4:00 PM EDT

GinaMarie was HoH

GinaMarie was back in charge of the nominations for Week 10 on Big Brother 15 and that means she was in charge of the picture taking too. Check out her group photo for The Exterminators plus a look down the stairs that tripped her up this week. She even snagged a few shots of her fellow HGs sloth’ing the day away.

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Big Brother 15 Week 10: Live Double Eviction Show Tonight

| September 5, 2013 at 2:30 PM EDT

Julie Chen Big Brother 15

Here comes Double Eviction round 2 tonight on Big Brother! The HGs have speculated this could be coming up, but they don’t know it’s happening for sure. Once tonight’s live show kicks off Julie will confirm their fears.

No matter how the votes go tonight’s first evicted HG will be blindsided as both expect to be safe, but only one of them knows what’s really going on.

Stress and anger have been mounting in the house as we close in on the last two weeks of the season. A fight broke out last night between GinaMarie & Amanda over nothing but quickly escalated in to a 20-minute blowout that required Judd to physically separate them.

With Amanda’s fate hanging in the balance and the chance for GinaMarie to break a tied vote this should be a very interesting show to watch tonight!

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Who do you want to see evicted during the second round of tonight’s live double eviction Big Brother show at 9/8c? Join us tonight during the show and find out! I’ll be here live blogging the entire show so don’t forget to join us!


Big Brother 15 Eviction Predictions: Week 10

| September 5, 2013 at 1:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 15 on CBS

Tonight on Big Brother 15 another houseguest will be evicted as part of the live double eviction show. Since we won’t know who is in danger for the second eviction until it’s happening we’ll just have to focus on tonight’s first elimination round.

We’ve been tracking discussions on the Live Feeds and things look certain for how tonight’s vote will go and that’s reflected in the predictions below.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Big Brother 15 Week 10 Eviction Predictions – Amanda or Spencer ?:

Big Brother Access Amanda
Big Brother Source Amanda
Big Brother Junkies Amanda
Big Brother Live Amanda
Zap2It Amanda
Big Brother Fix Amanda

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


Big Brother 15: GinaMarie & Amanda Fight It Out

| September 5, 2013 at 10:10 AM EDT

Amanda and GinaMarie fight

Perhaps both expecting the opposite result at tonight’s live eviction, Big Brother 15 HGs GinaMarie and Amanda cranked up the heat and sparks flew last night on the Feeds. Sign-up now for the Live Feeds to watch all of these events and everything else coming up in these final weeks of the season.

Flashback to 9:20PM BBT 9/4 on Cams 3/4. Amanda returns from her DR session and asks about Elissa. GinaMarie begins to explain their sleeping arrangements and suspects a smirk in Amanda’s reaction. Things go downhill from there.

GinaMarie gets very defensive but Amanda keeps fanning the flames. Amanda tells GinaMarie she’s got an attitude today which gets GM going even more. GM continues to detail her sleeping arrangements with great concern over getting to sleep in Nick’s old bed as GM had planned to give McCranda her room for the night.

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GinaMarie brings up the accusations that she’s bulimic, but Amanda says it was Aaryn, not her, making those claims. Amanda goes on to say that GM got her and is getting her evicted so she wins. Sounds like Amanda is hedging her bets that she’ll be staying.

Things start to go even more personal as Amanda calls GM psychotic for her Nick obsession while GM calls Amanda a whore for jumping in bed with McCrae to get to his power as the first HoH.

Fifteen minutes later they are still going at it hurling insults at one another as the rest of the guys sit quietly around the table trying to stay out of the crossfire.

At 9:35PM BBT Amanda rushes across the room and gets up against GinaMarie who was seated at the table. GM jumps up and gets back in Amanda’s face. Judd gets up and steps between them and pries them apart as the attacks continue.

Things finally wrap up at 9:40PM BBT when Amanda goes back to her bed leaving the other HGs in the kitchen. McCrae comes to check on her a few minutes later as Amanda cries that she doesn’t understand why GM attacked her. When Andy comes in to check on her she starts yelling at him for laughing during the fight. She storms off yelling “F you guys!”

GinaMarie definitely seems to have flipped out with little provocation in this fight, but Amanda’s decision to engage her for twenty minutes and on such an extreme level is questionable. During tonight’s show GinaMarie is set to have the final vote on Amanda’s eviction and I imagine she’ll have a big smile on her face when she breaks the tie and sends Amanda to Jury.

Expect things to continue to heat up especially after tonight’s Double Eviction that’ll lead to another blindside no matter how the vote turns out, but we already know what’s going to happen. Grab the 2-day Free Trial for Live Feeds right now and watch all the action inside the house.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 10 Wednesday Highlights

| September 5, 2013 at 7:43 AM EDT


Things heated up in the Big Brother 15 house just like they’re supposed to the night before a big eviction. This time it was GinaMarie vs. Amanda and it got crazy and went on for more than an hour.

Meanwhile, Amanda is still feeling confident that the plan she and Elissa have to blindside the others with her staying is going to actually go down.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013

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Big Brother 15 Episode 30 Recap: Veto Competition Plays Out Like A Tragedy

| September 4, 2013 at 9:17 PM EDT

McCranda hug after the Veto

Big Brother 15 played out like a Shakespearean tragedy Wednesday night as McCrae and Amanda were fighting for their lives against each other in a close and tense Power of Veto competition. OK, I’m not really comparing Big Brother to Shakespeare, but that editing had one goal and that was it.

The episode picks up right after GinaMarie nominated Amanda and McCrae for eviction. And before GinaMarie can adjourn the meeting, Amanda is already in tears.

Amanda is upset that she was completely blindsided and for the first time this season did not decide who should go up as initial nominees. But it doesn’t take long before her tears turn to anger. Amanda heads to Spencer to accuse him of having a part in this. He of course did, but Spencer denies it. And Andy is snot even on Amanda’s radar, which is good for him because his goal is to not let them know he’s as big a part of their nomination as anyone.

It doesn’t take long for Amanda to head up to the Head of Household rom to find out what GinaMarie was thinking. GM tells Amanda the obvious excuse: she and McCrae are a duo and she needs to break them up. It makes perfect sense to everyone but Amanda.

And of course Amanda melts down and screams that she doesn’t even want to be in the house anymore. GM sums it up best: “can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen.”

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