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Big Brother Winner Hayden Moss On Survivor Blood Vs Water

| September 30, 2013 at 2:54 PM EDT

Big Brother winner Hayden Moss on Survivor 2013

Big Brother winner Hayden Moss made his return to television for Survivor 2013 this season as a castaway on “Survivor: Blood Vs Water.” The BB12 winner arrived in the jungle with returning Survivor castaway Kat Edorsson but quickly found out he’d be playing against her instead of by her side as part of the season’s many twists.

Hayden has made a decent showing so far this season though it’s hard to praise him too much with two consecutive losses for his newbie tribe, Tadhana, including one that came down to his role as the last leg of the challenge.

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According to some Survivor spoilers leaked by Big Brother’s own Elissa Slater we hear that Hayden did very well when the season was filmed back in May and June 2013. We’re still watching to see how his shot at the million dollar prize goes. Can he not only be the first Big Brother crossover star to Survivor, but also the first to win both shows? We’ll have to watch and find out!

Check out these pictures of Hayden Moss competing on Survivor Blood Vs Water plus his interview video below where he discusses how Big Brother helped prepare him for Survivor.

Hayden Moss on Survivor Blood Vs Water – Picture Gallery:

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Hayden Moss talks Survivor Blood Vs Water – Video:

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Big Brother 15 HGs Elissa Slater & Howard Overby To Appear On ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’

| September 23, 2013 at 2:43 PM EDT


Big Brother 15 may have wrapped up last week but fans of HGs Elissa Slater and Howard Overby can keep watching more of them on television. CBS has announced via their end-of-season interviews that both Elissa and Howard will be appearing on another CBS show, The Bold And The Beautiful, in late October.

Howard had previously released the news last week that he’d be a part of the series, but now since her release from Jury sequester we’ve learned that Elissa will also be joining him in the same episode.

Oh, but that’s not all of the Big Brother alumni that episode either. Elissa’s sister Rachel Reilly and brother-in-law Brendon Villegas will be returning as well plus an appearance by Jeff Schroeder for the episode. It’s a Big Brother takeover!

The former HGs will be part of the “Bikini Bar” event where Elissa will play a hostess and Howard will appear as the DJ and host of the in-show event. Howard told TV Guide:

“This is so exciting! A blessing! I got a call out of the blue from The Bold and the Beautiful asking if I’d like to appear on the show. I said yes without knowing any of the particulars… So getting that call really floored me. It’s crazy.”

This appearance won’t be Elissa’s only stop on the show either. Elissa also made it known that she’ll be appearing again the following week with her sister. “Rachel and I also did some scenes for two other episodes where our characters are seen shopping at the Forrester Boutique. [Airing Oct. 30-31],” she told TV Guide. No word on if Howard will make it to that second round of episodes though.

During the post-finale backyard interviews with Jeff we heard Jeremy McGuire tell us that we’d be seeing him again soon but that he wasn’t allowed to say more. With that kind of hinting I expected to have his name on the list of Big Brother houseguests showing up on “Bold,” but at the very least it doesn’t sound like he’ll be part of this group.

We’ll keep an eye out for other Big Brother 15 HG appearances. Who would you like to see out there on another CBS show?

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Big Brother 15 Finale Photo Gallery

| September 21, 2013 at 9:43 AM EDT

Julie Chen on Big Brother 15

CBS has released a gallery of photos from last night’s Big Brother 15 finale event where Andy made a surprising move in taking GinaMarie to the Final 2, but still managed to pull out the win and take home the half-million dollar prize.

Check out the photos below for a look at a not-so-thrilled Jury, Julie taking on the F2, a slightly bitter Spencer, and a surprisingly gracious runner-up in GinaMarie.

What was your favorite moment from last night’s show? We had hoped for a zoomed in shot of Andy when America’s Favorite HG was revealed, but Amanda learning that America was indeed the MVP voter nearly made up for that.

We’ve also got more pictures from last night’s broadcast including shots from the competitions. That “Under the Sea” comp was no joke!

Share your thoughts below on the Big Brother season finale and take one more glance at the night’s events. You can view the full gallery at

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Photos: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.


Big Brother 15’s Andy Herren Interview

| September 20, 2013 at 2:54 PM EDT

Andy Herren - Big Brother 15 HG

Andy Herren pulled off the win on Wednesday night with a 5-2 victory over GinaMarie for the title of Big Brother 15 winner. As a quiet, unassuming HG from the start I think he surprised many of us by making it so far in the game with so little attention on himself despite so many alliances and roles in the season.

I spoke with Andy about his achievements in the game but also why there was so much negativity and hateful things said in the house. Read on to find out what he had to say on all that and more.

Big Brother Network: Congratulations on your big win! Jumping right in to it, a lot of viewers, myself included, were shocked when you evicted Spencer and took GinaMarie to the Final 2. Did you see taking GinaMarie as a risky move?

Andy Herren: No, not at all. I knew that GinaMarie was the last card that I needed to play because I thought the Jury was going to rag on me for not being loyal. I wasn’t loyal to any of the members of the Jury. I voted all of them out when I said I was on their side. So I thought if I could prove that I pledged my loyalty to GinaMarie on night one and then held it up the entire game that that was the last card I needed to play to have a well-rounded game.

It was a little bit of a stretch. I mean let’s be real. If I had had to vote GinaMarie out at some point then I would have had to, but I really did want to keep my word to her. She was someone I trusted and she was really good at comps. So if someone is really good at comps and is never going to put me up then why would I want to get rid of that person?

Even though I wasn’t really aligned with GinaMarie until the Exterminators I was still weirdly aligned with her because I did want her going anywhere. So I needed to do that and I thought I could kick her ass in the debate.

BBN: I didn’t think anyone would want to go up against the speech communications professor for that.

Andy Herren: I knew if I made the debate and did terrible then I should quit my job. So I had to hit a homerun when I got to that point.

BBN: Do you think the votes would have turned out any different with Spencer?

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Big Brother 15’s GinaMarie Zimmerman Interview

| September 20, 2013 at 12:29 PM EDT

GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15 HG

GinaMarie Zimmerman left Big Brother without a job and a rough reputation but she also left with a great big check for $50,000 as the season’s runner-up. I spoke with GinaMarie her time in the house, that final night of surprises, and even about some of the vicious comments she made directed at the other HGs and beyond. Oh, and of course I asked her about Nick. Read on to see what she had to say.

Big Brother Network: Congratulations on your second place finish.

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Thank you so much. It’s surreal. I’ve gotta tell you, I’m happy. I’m so happy.

BBN: I thought that was great, watching that because we’ve seen people come out after getting beat and being so down, but you really were a great sport about it.

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Andy’s a really great guy. He’s awesome and when we made it to the third round of the HoH and we had a deal to take each other. I was guaranteed a check so even if I didn’t win the big prize I was getting fifty grand and it’s still money in my pocket and a big honor. So you know people can’t be greedy and I was super happy even though I got second.

BBN: Talking about that deal with Andy, are you saying that if you had won Round 3 you would have taken Andy as well?

GinaMarie Zimmerman: Yeah, you know what, it was a big toss-up. I won part one, I want to see where part two lands. With Spencer I thought I’d be able to beat him and have more Jury votes but when the time came that me and Andy were in it together it was a win-win situation, “you take me, I’ll take you.” Obviously guaranteed money. He kept his word and took me to the end. So hey, I’m happy about that.

BBN: Before the Jury votes were revealed, did you think you might have it?

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Big Brother 15’s Spencer Clawson Interview

| September 20, 2013 at 9:41 AM EDT

Spencer Clawson - Big Brother 15

Spencer Clawson was a frequent lightning rod for controversy on Big Brother this season as an often unfiltered, outspoken houseguest. After 8 rounds of nominations he fell one step short of making to to the Final Two where I expected him to end up with a guaranteed fifty thousand dollars.

Following the finale I had the chance to speak with Spencer and ask him about the season, the moves he made, and even about the consequences he faced outside in the real world with his job, his employer, and more.

Big Brother Network (BBN): If you had made it to Round 3 and won, would you have taken Andy or GinaMarie to the F2?

Spencer Clawson: GinaMarie. Absolutely. I think I could have beat her in the F2. I believe I could have plead my case more eloquently than she had and I think I would have stood the best chance of beating her.

BBN: When Andy voted you out, did it catch you off guard or did you see it coming?

Spencer Clawson: No, I saw it coming. I knew Andy well enough to know when he was lying to me. I knew for two or three days that there was no way if he was final HoH that he was going to take me.

BBN: After Andy voted you out, was there any feeling of bitterness that made you consider not voting for him to win or had you already resolved that?

Spencer Clawson: There was a part of me that wanted to say, “Andy, you jerk. You voted me out and I’m not going to give you a vote.” But at the same time I’m a huge fan of the show and I think he played a phenomenal game and the fan in me could not be a bitter Juror. There’s nothing I dislike more than someone that’s mad that they got got. So I had to give credit where credit’s due and he deserved to win the game.

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