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Double Trouble On Big Brother 16: Two Heads of Household Twist Examined – Update

| June 22, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT

One of the many “Twisted” twists set to hit the Big Brother 16 house this summer will include a double dose of the HoH and its nominations. Instead of just one pair of nominated HGs this season there’s set to be up to four players on the chopping block.

Big Brother 16 Nomination Chairs

Big Brother 16 Nomination Chairs – Source: CBS

In her surprise reveal of a slew of twists last week Julie Chen revealed details on how the title of HoH would be shared along with all its spoils and pitfalls. “Each HOH will have the responsibility of nominating two fellow Houseguests for eviction every week; however, for the first time on the series, earning HOH will not guarantee one’s safety in the game for the week,” CBS explained in a follow-up release.

So how could this all play out on BB16? There’s been plenty of speculation which is all we can really do at this point, but during Ian Terry’s “Winners Tell All” chat session he offered a reasonable theory.

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Big Brother Early Bird Discount Expiring Soon

| June 20, 2014 at 2:15 PM EDT

The Big Brother Early Bird discount pricing for your Live Feeds is set to expire soon in just a few more days. If you’re planning to watch those in-house, uncensored cameras then you better “get to steppin'” or you’ll miss the sale and end up paying more.

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Early Bird

Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Early Bird – Source: CBS

Every year I get signed up for the Big Brother Feeds because there’s really no other way to fully experience the show without them. CBS’s episodes are a great supplement, but when their edits are done the game we see on TV is often very different from actual events we watched days before.

If you’re new to Big Brother or trying to decide on the Feeds then here’s what you need to know. There are 76 cameras in that house this year, all in High-Def, and 100+ microphones. Using your Feeds subscription you can view up to four cameras at a time allowing you to watch and listen in on “private” conversations and events going on in the house.

Click here to sign-up now & get your Early Bird discount pricing

Not only do you get to watch the day to day events like scheming, lying, and backyard sunbathing, but when it comes time to endurance competitions, typically major turning points in the season, you’ll be able to watch them live as it plays out.

To get signed up you can visit this link and get your Season Pass for a one-time fee of $23.99 with the preseason, pre-order discount. That sale price ends next Wednesday, June 25, 2014 and then goes up to $26.99 for the exact same thing. There’s also a $9.99/month option available in-season, but you’ll pay $30 instead of $24 right now or $27 next week. If you’d rather pay more just send me the $3/$6 and get the Early Bird Season Pass instead.

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird sale

Speaking of sending me money, don’t. I do not accept donations. This site is entirely free for you. Instead I pay the bills each summer on this site thanks to readers visiting and signing up for their Live Feeds subscription by going through our links & banners. CBS pays all sites a referral commission for directing sign-ups to them. It does not cost you a single penny more to sign up through a fansite like us, so please do that even if it’s not mine.

Now if you just can’t get the Feeds, then that’s cool too because that’s why we’re here. Every day I’ll have daily event summaries for you to share and discuss what’s going on in the house complete with picture galleries (in lovely High-Def this season!). I won’t let you miss a thing.

In summary, Big Brother Live Feeds = awesome way to fully enjoy the season; Early Bird sale = best way to get your Season Pass; Waiting until later & paying more = not such a good idea. Enjoy!


Mapping The Big Brother 16 Cast: ‘Where Are They From?’

| June 20, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

The Big Brother season 16 list of Houseguests was revealed yesterday and we’re all getting to know them as we prepare for the 2-Night premiere event on Wednesday, June 25, 2014. So where are these new HGs calling home? Check out our map plotting out their locations below.

click map to see a full-size view

Big Brother 16 cast map

Big Brother 16 cast map – Credit:

With more open-call casting events this year I was especially interested in seeing where the most cast members were pulled in to the show. Of course with so many recruits this year it makes it difficult to get a feel on that. But, if casting was in-town for an event then they were also trolling the bars looking for HGs as well. Keep that in mind, future Big Brother Hopefuls.

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Big Brother 16 Introduces ‘Team America’ Interactive Voting [POLL]

| June 20, 2014 at 8:30 AM EDT

This season of Big Brother introduces a new twist, one of many, that will keep viewers voting and the Houseguests sweating the outcome. In fact, it’s already begun.

Team America

Team America – Putting The ‘F’ Back In Fixed

On Wednesday Julie Chen revealed a Big Brother 16 twist called “Team America.” Of course that is the same name as the 2004 movie from the South Park guys which means I’ll have the unsuitable jingle in my head every time I type “Team America.” Yep, see there it went again.

While BB16’s version won’t involve marionettes trying to save the world, there will still be plenty of strings being pulled. Hopefully just by us. How does it all work? Online voting will get viewers engaged in making decisions that are going to effect the house, but how that’s going to work inside the game we do not know.

The first vote was open briefly yesterday and in the rush of working all the Big Brother 16 cast content I completely missed my chance to vote before the polling closed. No worries though, I’m putting up our own poll here so vote below and we can see how this could all turn out.

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Big Brother 16 Cast Announced – Houseguest Bios & Interviews

| June 19, 2014 at 12:01 PM EDT

Ready to meet the Big Brother 16 cast of Houseguests who will keep you entertained this summer as we watch their every move? Earlier this week I sat down for one-on-one interviews with each of the cast members and can now reveal what I learned from my time speaking with them.

Big Brother 16 commercial airs on CBS

Big Brother 16 cast revealed ahead of season premiere next week!

The Big Brother cast includes a wide range of players this season with the youngest at 21 up to the oldest at 42. Most of this season’s HGs are running down the middle of the ages with an average of 27 years. Along with age, there’s a lot of diversity this season to answer that question from fans on the new cast. It feels like a good spread of backgrounds and personalities and after last season I think we can expect better behavior all around.

As to what I learned of the twist, it’s obviously not an All-Stars and not a Blood Vs Water theme as many suspected. I don’t think it’s necessarily even a “teams” arrangement unless they’re going guys vs girls and I doubt that.

Interestingly though, when discussion alliances I did get a surprising number of comments from the ladies citing a desire for an all-girls alliance. Could this finally be the season to pull off that elusive dream? I’m not going to hold my breath.

Overall I am impressed with this group for Big Brother 16. I liked the personalities and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with them. Yes, there are an overwhelming number of “recruits” in the mix here but I’m not ready to count those HGs out of the race just yet.

Here is your overview look at all the BB16 HGs together with links to their individual bios, details, and interviews so you can get to know everyone involved this summer.

Watch all of my interview videos collected together here.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Big Brother 16 Cast – Bios & Interviews

click thumbnails to see full-size image

click thumbnails to see full-size image

click thumbnails to see full-size image

Big Brother Live Feed - Early Bird sale

click thumbnails to see full-size image

click thumbnails to see full-size image

click thumbnails to see full-size image

Check our full rundown on each of the Big Brother Houseguests this season for even more details. What do you think of the cast preview? Any early favorites for who you’ll be rooting to support for Big Brother 16? Share your thoughts below!

Don’t forget to sign-up NOW for your Live Feeds so you can get the Early Bird sale price before it expires in a few days and the price goes up.


Matt Hoffman Breaks Down Big Brother 16 Cast

| June 19, 2014 at 12:00 PM EDT

Hello, Big Brother superfans! It’s Matt Hoffman from Season 12…back again in part to cling tenaciously to my 15-minutes of fame, but primarily to rail into this new crop of Big Brother lab rats!

Matt Hoffman

Big Brother alum Matt Hoffman

Looking back at how my pre-show cast assessment from last season ended up alarmingly accurate in many regards, I (with Big Brother Network’s blessing) decided to have another stab at predicting the future through unwarranted judgment and opinion. Let’s get this BB16 train a-rollin’…

See the Big Brother 16 cast interview videos here that Matt Hoffman is referencing.

Brittany Martinez
Brittany MartinezGive this interview a little time. I also started off immediately not liking Brittany (I say “also” because I assume you share my same view that Brittany is as engaging as a wall of drying paint). Then she lost a lot of superfan points by saying she’s a recruit and had never seen an episode of Big Brother before. But Brittany started to turn things around when the interviewer aborted the impossible task of coaxing a personality out of her and, instead, began focusing on her strategy. This girl seems ruthless and sharp…two excellent qualities to have. I see a game barely fueled by emotions, and a lack of knowledge of Big Brother could help her to not overplay. I’m picking Brittany to make it far. I’m also very excited to hear your collective taunts to me on Twitter when she’s voted off first.

Christine Brecht
Christine BrechtChristine would be my favorite contestant this season…IF she never talked or played Big Brother. What I love about her is that, for the first time on Big Brother, we’re finally getting what I consider to be a truly genuinely, nerdy, awkward female who will not ultimately do anything pornographic post-season. What turns me off about her is that I believe that she is one of those people who thinks that she is funnier than the people around her think that she is. The reason I believe this to be true is because we can smell our own.

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