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Big Brother 14 Premieres Tonight On CBS

| July 12, 2012 at 9:30 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 on CBS

It’s finally here! The Big Brother 14 premiere tonight on CBS starting at 9PM ET/PT when Julie Chen ushers us in to the new house design, introduces the new HGs, and launches the best thing you’ll get to watch all summer. Take that, Olympics!

Here’s what we know so far about the new Big Brother season. We’ve met the twelve new houseguests so watch our interviews and read their bios. We’ve seen the Live Feed leaks that revealed who are the four returning Veterans. Speaking of that, don’t worry, those Vets won’t be competing against the Newbies, but instead mentoring them through the game. We’ll learn more about that twist on tonight’s show.

To help get you excited for tonight’s BB14 debut, as if you need help to get excited for this, there will be several events going on today to enjoy. First up you’ll get Julie Chen and her “The Talk” co-hosts at 2PM ET (1PM PT) reliving their day in the Big Brother 14 house. We’ve got a preview video below of what all they went through that afternoon. Then at 6PM ET (3PM PT) SuperPass will be running their “Happy Hour” live show only on the Live Feeds, so get your free trial for that and be ready join in the fun.

Big Brother Live Feeds - Free Trial

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The Big Brother 14 season will then kick off at 9PM ET/PT. After the west coast broadcast is complete at 10PM PT (1AM ET) we’ll get both Big Brother After Dark on SHO2 and the launch of the Live Feeds. Be sure to have your Feeds’ free trial up and running today so you’re ready to join us online and watch tonight. Here’s a little safe-for-work preview of the half-naked HGs you’ll see lounging around the pool all summer.

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter, get our email updates, and in our Forum so you make sure to get the latest Big Brother spoilers as they arrive. Here we go!


Big Brother 14 Twist Explained Plus First Episode Pics

| July 12, 2012 at 8:45 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Today on The Talk it was Big Brother 14 day as the hosts relived their day of fun inside the BB14 house. There were clips of the house, competitions, and even Diary Room segments for each of the hosts. All through the episode host Julie Chen teased us that she’d reveal the twist and by the end she did. Kinda.

Julie explained what we already know: 12 new HouseGuests have moved in. 4 “legendary” former HGs followed closely behind. Those Veteran players will be playing a Big Brother side game for their own prize. Watch the full video of that segment below.

What Julie didn’t detail was what exactly the Vets will be doing and what their prize may be. The common expectation is the Vets will be mentoring and leading three HGs each. When the Vet’s three HGs are eliminated then the Vet is eliminated as well. The prize money for the Vet could be anything, maybe $100K, maybe $1. We don’t know.

In addition to those details, CBS also released a series of photos from what we’ll see on the first episode of Big Brother 14. The most interesting to me is the picture of newbie HG Ian Terry competing in what I expect is the first HoH competition. I guess that explains where his teddy bear came from that we saw in the leaked Live Feeds photos.

Get ready for the Big Brother premiere tonight at 9PM ET/PT and then make sure you’ve got your Live Feeds account set up and ready so you can start watching when those go live around 10PM PT. Here’s a direct link to get your free 3-day trial. Enjoy!

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Last Chance: Big Brother 14 Live Feed Discount Expires Today

| July 11, 2012 at 12:29 PM EDT

Wednesday is your absolute last chance to get the Early Bird preseason sale price on your Big Brother 14 Live Feeds. Tonight at 10PM the sale will end and the price will automatically increase 33% for the exact same 3-month season pass of in-house, uncensored access to the Big Brother house cameras that you can get now on sale.

This season you’ll get free mobile access to the Live Feeds on your Apple (iPhone, iPad, & iPod), Android, and any Flash enabled devices. No extra charges this year for that feature. Plus you’ll get $30 worth of free mp3 downloads as an added bonus. Last year in-season that would have cost you $50, but right now you can get it for $29.99.

In addition to Early Bird pricing you’ll also get the 3-day free trial to test it out. Bonus!

If you haven’t signed up yet then be sure to do it right now. You know you’re going to want the direct access to the Big Brother 14 houseguests to catch the drama, romance, endurance competitions, and more that you can only watch on the Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Leak Confirms Vet HG Rumors

| July 11, 2012 at 7:41 AM EDT

Big Brother 14 cast FOTH

Our first Big Brother 14 spoilers of the season are here! Late last night the Live Feeds leaked out some footage from the in-house cameras and now we can confirm to you the four returning veteran HGs. This season is going to be awesome!

If you want to keep Thursday night’s premiere a complete surprise then stop reading now. But if you’d rather find out which veterans have been brought in to mentor the Big Brother 14 newbies and who they may be paired up with then read on.

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Welcome Back For Big Brother 14, BBN Readers

| July 10, 2012 at 10:25 AM EDT

Welcome back for Big Brother 14, Big Brother Network readers! We’re just two days away from the new season’s premiere so let’s get this party cranked up and ready to go. Let me give you a rundown on what we’ve got for you this season.

Big Brother 14 logo

Starting this Thursday our Big Brother 14 coverage will go in to full speed mode. We’ll be delivering spoilers, updates, and every bit of news you’ll need to keep completely up to date on what’s going on inside the Big Brother house.

In addition to our preseason one-on-one interviews with the BB14 cast we’re also planning to have weekly interviews with the eliminated HGs thanks to CBS. Look for opportunities to share your questions and get them answered.

Helping me out this season will again be Branden, our professional in-house writer who does a great job of offsetting my abilities. Considering I’m barely literate at times he’ll be pulling a lot weight when it comes to our episode recaps and daily Live Feeds highlights. That leads me to a bit of sad news.

BB12′s Matt Hoffman won’t be able to join us this season for recaps like he did last summer due to personal obligations, like being inside the Big Brother house. I kid! But no, he won’t be available and we’ll really miss him. In lieu of flowers, Hoffman has asked for donations to be made to your local melorheostosis support center.

On the plus side, here’s what we’ve got coming up for you with Big Brother 14:

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Big Brother 14 Twist Rumors: Veteran Houseguests & More

| July 9, 2012 at 9:16 AM EDT

We’re just three days away from the premiere of Big Brother 14 and confirming the latest rumors when it comes to twists and surprises for the new season.

Big Brother 14 on CBS

So far this preseason there have been a flood of theories and conspiracies as to what we’d see come July 12th. While those are fun to toss around and examine I tend to stay away from reprinting any of them until things start to take shape. With just a few more days to go things aren’t going to get any more solid than this so let’s take a look.

The “Mentors” twist has been spinning around so long that I can’t even remember when it started or perhaps when it was leaked, but the idea was that a set of former HGs would return to the game and lead a team of newbies. My first thought was a repeat of what we saw for two seasons on Survivor. It wasn’t good and I hoped Big Brother wouldn’t go there. Thankfully it looks like we’re going to get a whole different approach.

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