Big Brother Celebrity on CBS

CBS is introducing the first-ever US edition of Big Brother Celebrity following their announcement of the new series near the end of Big Brother 19. Following 2016’s fall, online-only edition of Big Brother, Over The Top, we had hoped to see more of the franchise in the off-season, but honestly didn’t see this twist coming. Expect the… oh you already know.

There have been few details released so far from the team in charge of this Celebrity edition of Big Brother but we know the clock is ticking on getting it out the door, or rather in the front doors of the Big Brother house! Here’s everything we do know so far of the upcoming special series.

While every regular Big Brother summer season has Houseguests fighting to keep the prize money for themselves it doesn’t always work that way in celebrity editions of these sorts of competitions. There’s a chance the money could go to a favorite cause or maybe it really will go in the celeb’s pocket. When we asked Exec Producer Allison Grodner last season she would only say it was too soon to say.

Big Brother Celebrity Cast:

There will be celebrities, of course, but we shouldn’t go expecting them to all show up holding an Oscar. Julie Chen commented after the news released on how they’d love to aim high but also have to be realistic. That may come as a shock to some fans who think the house will be lined with A-list celebrities and Hollywood stars. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

As for who would make a solid cast for the inaugural BBC season, we’ve got our wishlist for maximum drama even if they aren’t all the most pleasant folks to have in the ring.

Big Brother Celebrity Schedule:

The season won’t be a full length 90+ days either. Julie Chen gave us that insight when she revealed there was a pay cut on her role of hosting for this season since it’d be shorter than normal. Over in the UK the CBB (Celebrity Big Brother) editions run just a few weeks so they could pull the same move here, but I’d for sure expect it to last fewer than six weeks here.

There’s been speculation that we’d see the series run on CBS during the Olympics which airs on NBC and creates a bit of a ratings nightmare for those competing against the Games. The 2018 Olympics kick off on February 9th and last until February 25th so it’ll be interesting to see how that’s handled, but maybe they’ll start just ahead and wrap up soon after those dates.

Update: Schedule details have been announced by CBS, confirming much of our expectations. BBC will kick off on Feb 7th, just before the Olympics begin, and will run for the duration, ending after just two and a half weeks with a finale event on February 25th. There will be episodes four nights a week, including two-hour shows on Friday nights.

Big Brother Celebrity Live Feeds:

Will there be Live Feeds for BB Celebrity? Yes! Oh you bet there will be and we’ll be running all our in-depth, constant coverage for the season so you can support us with a sign up of All Access when the time comes or you can support us with daily visits just to catch up on what’s happening in the house.

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