Diary Room: Derrick Levasseur’s “Weekly Warriors” – Big Brother 17 Week 7

Since passing the halfway point in this game, we are starting to see some strategies fall apart while others come to fruition. As I have said before, the best gauge for me to judge how someone is doing in the game is to watch the feeds and see who is targeting who.

Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16

The houseguest that is mentioned the least is obviously in a pretty good spot. Adversely, the person who is talked about a lot, well, let’s just say they better be good at competitions. With that philosophy in mind, lets look at my warriors for the week.

There is nobody in the house that is mentioned less as a target then Meg Maley. Yes, she has no strategy. Yes, She’s not great at competitions. Yes, she has no real beat on what’s actually transpiring in the house. These may sound like flaws but this is why Meg is in no danger of going home.

All the houseguests are fully confident that regardless of whether it’s a mental or physical competition, most of them can beat her. Is this a strategy? Am I saying that Meg is the best player in the house right now? Absolutely not. Don’t get me wrong, I think Meg is a great girl but the reputation that she has built for herself amongst the other houseguest was not by choice.

Although it may not be by design, there are a few things working in Meg’s favor. She currently has a few different “meat-shields” in front of her who will most likely go before she’s even considered. Barring a massive blowup or a huge lie, I would say that Meg should be able to make it to at least the top five before someone gets the idea to vote her out. How does Meg capitalize on this? She needs to embrace her persona and continue to play it up.

If she can convince the house that anyone would beat her in the final two, they might just take her. In the meantime, she needs to pull off a few competition wins and implement some good jury-management techniques. If she’s to accomplish this and the person sitting next to her in the end is disliked because of their gameplay or for personal reasons, she could win. Lets be honest, its been done before.

Going along with the theme of who is mentioned the least; Steven Moses has done a good job of staying on everyone’s good side. Yes, I know he is viewed as a “rat” and a “flip-flopper” but again, most of the house feels that he is alone and can be taken out at a later date. The bigger element to Steven’s game, which is similar to Meg’s, is that there are way bigger targets in the house right now. Although some may not trust Steven, it is too risky to take him out when there is currently a battle going on between two alliances, both with strong players.


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  1. I think Meg went out of character this week by doing a lot more talking than usual. She had conversations with Austwins, Shelli and even Vanessa. In fact, Vanessa mentioned her as a possible target just last night. But overall I agree she is the one no one fears right now.

    But I am 1000% in agreement on Shelli. What a stupid move to make an issue out of Clay’s sweatshirt. Stealing that shirt has turned James into a Shelli hunting zombie. He doesn’t want to hear any arguments about keeping her.

    At the same time, James is letting it blow up his game too. He is over-the-top knee-jerking right now. Not only is he believing Vanessa but he is now talking about getting rid of Becky of all people. Like Shelli, James is over-emotional and not thinking straight.

    • James is an immature idiot. All he talks about is Shelli taking his hoodie. Which it’s not even his. If I was Shelli I would of taken it also. James had no business with it. Grow up James!

      • A grown up would have said, “Hey James, you have Clay’s shirt. Can you give that to me so I can give that to Clay once the season is over? Kthanx”
        No reason to take it from him while he wasn’t around.

      • Actually it wasn’t even her idea it was the twins. And James was wearing it to piss her off. Like I said why should she ask him? I’d do the same. Especially after the way James was taunting her.

      • Add to this on top of all that… Right after James makes a comment about Shelli being so high school and childish, he then says “You know her favorite slippers she always wears? She left them outside by the couch so I kicked them under the couch and said take that!”
        Yeah, sure James is a grown up…. He’s an idiot!

      • Meg and him were even joking about killing your prey and wearing it’s coat. He was being an a$$.

      • I think you’re missing the point here… James was very immature, but it doesn’t mean much that Shelli was right to want the shirt back : SHE IS ON THE BLOCK!! James was the key for her to stay in the house… Why not just suck it up for a few days, smile, hide her emotions and then take the shirt when she wouldn’t be in danger to pissed off people and be kicked out for that?! It’s plain stupid

      • James was obsessed with getting Shelli out even before she took back what didn’t belong to him. Shelli has a relationship with Clay and she had every right to get the shirt back that Clay was looking for.

      • She said he was wearing it to piss her of. He is a man and those petty things don’t come to his mind. He shared clothes with Clay while he was in the house and wouldn’t have had a second thought about wearing one of Clay’s shirts. He gave him an Outback dinner after all.

      • He’s acting like a two year old so yes those petty things do cross his mind. Why else would he joke about it with Meg? And that dinner was long before Jason got evicted. Ever since then James has taken it to a personal level. That’s when I stopped liking him. Besides all the perverted remarks he makes.

      • You are right ! That gesture could have saved her game. And let’s remember what Derrick said tnat the hoodie is worth 500,000?

      • If you’re saying it’s no big deal, then why did Shellie feel the need to take it back. Clay leftvit, so what

      • One because Shelli will give it to Clay. Clay was looking for it and I wouldn’t put it past James to have had it then. Two all James did was wear it to taunt Shelli. Like I said he’s an immature idiot.

  2. I originally picked Meg as a final 2 candidate, although it was based on me thinking should could play a strategic game and influence others. Instead, she’s laid low and been horrible at comps. Would it actually hurt her game to win an HOH at this time? I think she’ll need to win an HOH at the exact moment when she needs it, when her allies are gone, and its down to the final 3-4 people.

    • Sorry to bring it up again but I’m tired of recruited floaters. Meg’s funny and I DIG her for that but she’s a young woman trying to make it as an actress, is close friends with a 2x Survivor contestant, gets cast on BB17 and just kind of floats along in the background doing nothing. Becky was recruited too but eventually bared her fangs and made a bold move. Clay was recruited and pretty much just quit when he got bored. – CBS has to do a better job with recruits. I know not everyone should be a “go for the throat” player (you have to have some “regular” people non-die hard fans can associate with (but models and actors who don’t seem to care about the game at all? – Bummer.

      • Andrea Boehlke – Do a youtube search for: Streets of St Patty’s: New York Style

      • Hmmm…. No one has mentioned Meg’s second place score in the veto comp, only a minute slower than Steve’s. Nor has anyone speculated that the HOH comp tonight will probably be questions and anybody watching feeds knows Meg is really good at those. And anyone paying close attention knows that Meg does pick up on a lot of things said in the house because everyone things she’s just “Grandma” and has no game and allows her to wander about with her silliness. I think there is a bit more to Meg than she’s given credit for. Will it take her to the F6? I believe so. Past that it’s anyone’s guess…

      • Again, as a personality I like her a lot but coming in 2nd place means nothing. Maybe you’re right, maybe different comps from here on out will factor into her favor. I’d love to see that happen. But we already know she can’t compete physically and I think she’s managed to float along this far because she’s so likable. That’s obviously not a bad skill to have if you’re only competing to be seen on TV. I credit her for that and again, i like her very much! But I still think she’s floated this far. We can agree to disagree I guess. (Nothing would thrill me more to be proven wrong here!)

      • I agree that second place means nothing. I was pointing out the time difference between first and second place actually. In this comp that actually did mean something (I think). And don’t forget Meg could have “floated” with anybody in the house considering her non-threatening demeanor. She would have just attached herself to someone else;)

      • I don’t think she had a lot of “floater” choices. As someone who prides herself on being friends with gay dudes she found Jason and attached to him early. Friendly people with similar personalities? Perfect fit! Good for her! But the two lead TSS women were/are Type-A personalities who are almost ten years older. The probability of Meg winding up with them was pretty slim I think. She’s been lucky to be affiliated with JJM thus far. She’d probably still be here because she’s proven herself to be zero threat in any capacirty but that doesn’t take away from what I think is her “floater” status. She’s an actress hoping for a TV break while having a pretty cool adventure. Nothing wrong with that but there are a ton of bubbly BB fans who’d be better for the show I think. (Hopefully I’m eating crow tomorrow morning.) Apologies. I’ll get off the soapbox.

      • My last soapbox speech as well. If Steve and JMac are still in the game at this point, I believe Meg would be also, with or without James. As for better BB HGs? Well, we could definitely have a discussion about half of those couldn’t we?

      • 100% different discussion regarding Steve/JMac/Meg! –

        It’s no surprise (to me) why JMac’s still in the game. He was useful in the early days of the TSS alliance because he agreed to be used as a pawn in numerous comps and was a trusted vote. He’s also incredibly likable. THAT’S why he’s gone this far. Also because there have been other targets that are a 37 (on a scale of 1-10) compared to him.

        Steve and Meg threaten no one. None. Zero. I guarantee if you asked all of them who they’d rather face off against in the Final two right now every single one of them (with the exception of Meg) would pick Steve because his social game is non-existent, he’s “weird” and he wouldn’t be viewed as having done anything to earn it. (He’s this season’s Victoria in that capacity more or less.) Meg might pick him only because he’s the only person viewed as potentially being less-noticeable than she’s been.

      • JMac has never been a “trusted vote” he has always voted how he wanted and told the 6S that. And the fact that he is a major target in the house is a case in point. Steve being a non-threat at this point is debatable since he has managed to win when he needed to and the HGs are catching on to that. Debatable also is Meg knowing so little about the game. She is not a super fan, granted, but she knows more than say the twins, and as my original post was intended to convey, maybe it was all part of a strategy on her part…. Although I like Meg, she is not my fav. I was just adding a different perspective to all the “stupid Meg posts”

      • In the first 6 weeks of votes JMac only voted differently than Vanessa (or what she wanted as HoH) once. He voted with her exactly the same every single other time. He was a guaranteed vote early in the season.

      • He still voted how he chose to vote. It wasn’t as if they put up whoever they wanted and counted JMac’s vote as part of their group.

      • Oh that’s a good point, I forgot that she actually did well in the veto comp. It’s hard to give her credit for anything at this point!

  3. I wonder if Shelli will be wearing her boytoys’ sweatshirt when they evict her tonight?
    Very doubtful because we know she will be dressed to kill and a sweatshirt wouldn’t look cougary enough.
    The showmance and the sweatshirt cost this gal a chance at $500,000. At least she’ll have the sweatshirt to keep her warm.

  4. I completely understand all of those explanations and agree with all except for Shelli’s. Yes, that could’ve been a mistake taking the shirt back BUT I think the main cause of her being the target instead of Vanessa is everything Vanessa had to say about Becky. James always knew he was Shelli’s target, that was never a doubt. But once he heard all that about Becky and started doubting her THEN on top of that assumed that Becky was just protecting Shelli the whole time, all that indirectly made Shelli the target again. I think the shirt thing is just the cherry on top, not the ice cream lol! They’re seeing Becky & Shelli as together and targeting them instead of the obvious, Vanessa & Austwins being a bigger group more than capable of taking them out. That’s just my point of view. Love ya Derrick!!

  5. Derrick, I love your articles. You’re giving really helpful strategies. But you write them as if the house guests can see them. I don’t see how any of this asvice is going to be used.

    • Why do they have color commentators during sporting events? To provide insight/opinion/perspective. He’s not writing them for the players. No one knows better than he does that the players have no access to them. He’s paid to write opinion pieces from his perspective as someone who competed in and won the game.

      • During sporting events, the athletes and coaching staff can actually listen to it, and recieve the feedback, so they can at least get an idea of what people think of their performance.

      • I find it highly unlikely that professional athletes are listening to color commentators during sporting events in the hopes of getting feedback that will improve their performance.

        Star QB on sidelines during a Time Out: “Shut-up! Shut-up!!! – I’m trying to hear what the color guy thinks I should do to convert this 4th and 5 into a first down!”

      • It happens all the time. Look at all the tweets that athletes send at 4 am about what someone said about them.

      • I would bet my life, my child’s life, and the lives of all my future grandchildren that athletes and coaching staff are paying zero attention to what the goon in the broadcasting booth is saying about any game.

      • Some do, some don’t. Twitter has proven this to be a fact. There are athletes sending angry tweets at 4AM about what someone said about them. Even in politics. Donald Trump does this on a daily basis.

      • What was your original statement? They dont listen to what others say. Twitter has proven that yes they do.

      • Right after the game they do. Anderson Cooper said that when he talks about Donald Trump, Trump tweets about his show while his show is on the air.

  6. Derrick’s views on the game of BB should be considered the gold standard. In winning BB16 he played a very smart game. The fact that he mentions Vanessa only in passing is telling–particularly when it comes in the same paragraph in which he praises Shelli for being a strong player. Even removed from the competition of BB, Derrick appears to be demonstrating the pragmatism that allowed him to win by keeping his views on Vanessa locked down.

    Why the silence on the game’s most talked about player? “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” might be the guiding principle keeping Derrick silent on Vanessa.

    Forced to render an assessment on Vanessa, I want to think that Derrick would say that despite her skills as a poker player, Vanessa has played a poor game. She has talked way too much, has shown emotion in a game you want to limit such reveals, and has placed a big target on herself.

    Vanessa has shown incredible cunning. She will need that going forward because her undisciplined game has made her survival more difficult.

  7. Thanks Derrick! Now if you don’t mind, would you please raid the crack house that set up next door to me. :-)

  8. James was already talking about flipping the vote before Shelli took CLAY’S sweatshirt.

  9. Amazing that Becky pulls the big move that the “other side” of the house needed, and then James & Co decide to disregard this gift and strong move, and “reason” that this isn’t a good thing for them. Wow. I think someone from Austin and the Twins, ridiculously, wins this game now.

    • I think there’d have to be some kind of weird insanity happening for any of those 3 to take home the title. I just can’t see any mixture of jury mems voting for any of them as they’ve played thus far. A whole lot can happen between now and the end but I’m curious, what leads you to believe (as of right now) that any of them would be given the title?

    • Organized operating units can bulldoze this game, but we’re seeing what happens when a ragtag bunch of misfits with little planning foresight attempt to play. It’s embarrassing.

  10. Agreed to an extent on Meg. Everything detailed about Meg’s game is correct, but I’m not sure how any of that helps her win. The goal of the game is to get to the final 2 and get the jury votes, not coast to the final 5 because you suck so badly at the game that no one bothers to remember to target you. If you’re playing a good game, one worthy of winning the jury votes, someone will be smart enough to realize that. Case in point, Donnie had Derrick’s number last season. It’s pretty rare for someone to win Survivor or BB doing what Meg is doing. It happens, but it’s uncommon.

    • Like Vanessa basically did last year? I thought it was quite rare that Derrick made it through the whole season without being put on the block! Now that is very rare!

      • But Victoria had no chance of winning the game. If she had been up against Cody, she’d have lost as well. That “strategy” will take you close to the end, but rarely wins the whole enchilada.
        The winners of all these shows typically have some sort of strategy combined with luck that takes them to the end and wins the respect of the jury.

      • I was agreeing with you! Meg is similar to Victoria! She’ll only be used as a pawn to get to the Finals before getting dumped! :-)

      • I was agreeing with you! Meg is similar to Victoria and will be used as a pawn til the Finals then dumped!

      • My apologies. I thought you were saying Victoria was good. Thank god I read it wrong! Teehee.

  11. I think it was funny when Steve talked to the camera saying he was going to throw the comp tonight. hahaha

  12. I loved when Vanessa asked Liz for her vote and she tabled it and shut down Vanessa. By Felicia!

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