Big Brother 17: Double Eviction Scenarios Plus Goblins & Austwins Make Plans

The Double Eviction is coming up tonight on Big Brother 17 and the Houseguests have been busily preparing for scenarios even though they don’t know for sure it’s about to happen.

Austwins & a Goblin prepare for Double Eviction
Austwins & a Goblin prepare for Double Eviction – Source: CBS All Access

DE’s are fun in part because we don’t have time to plan out what we expect to see happen. There’s no usual week of discussions and debates either by us or the HGs. Instead they’ll race through quick comps and fast decisions. Listening in on the HGs we know some of the choices they’ll be making.

Yesterday on the Big Brother 17 Feeds we watched as the Austwins sat down with Jackie and later Meg to run through some Double Eviction plans. Along the way Austin revealed his true intentions, but that may have passed right over his makeshift allies.

Flashback to 1:31PM BBT 8/12 to follow their discussion. The Austwins say they would put up JMac and Becky, but promise to keep Becky safe. Jackie has said keeping Becky safe is a big deal for her after they left her out to dry this week over them backing out on their initial support with Vanessa.

The twins don’t hold back that Vanessa is definitely after Becky. Later Liz told Meg that Vanessa “wants Becky’s head on a silver platter.”

Jackie says the Goblins’ plan would be to nominate Vanessa and JMac with Vanessa as their target. She starts to ask them how they’d vote in that situation then backs off. I would have really been interested in hearing a talk on that.

Here’s where Austin tips his hand. 1:36PM BBT. Austin tells Jackie that going after Vanessa in the DE might not be such a great idea for everyone. Well it’s definitely not what he wants, is it? What’s the reason, according to Austin? Because JMac and Steve are still in the game. Steve. Steve is Austin’s secret ally.

JMac is definitely a target of Austin and the twins, but Steve is not Austin’s target. This is how you know Austin is keeping his own best interests over this new alignment with the Goblins, as he should. He just told Jackie two quick lies mixed in with guiding the groups’ plans which push his own agenda over the collective’s.

Bonus Austin reveal tangent: In an overnight talk between Austin and Meg (1:27AM BBT), Austin tells Meg that after Vanessa gets out Becky then she’ll be coming for the Goblins. Meg doesn’t bother mentioning this to the other Goblins. You could whack these HGs with a stick and they might not notice.

I do believe Austin is interested in working with the Goblins for the immediate future. He told Liz yesterday that he wants to make sure they hold this 6-person deal together through DE. If Vanessa falls out along the way then I’d expect their group to continue longer, but as Austin has demonstrated, his deeper allegiance lays with Vanessa.


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  1. I love you have a spreadsheet!!! This is gonna be exciting. Goblins are making a huge mistake for their game. Lots of targets on peoples minds. And no one truly knows whats going on. Fantastic!!!

  2. Why don’t they get rid of Vanessa this week?! Then when DE comes to get rid of Shelli or one of the twins. :|

  3. This will definitely be an interesting episode tonight! I can’t wait! LOL It’s all going to come down to who wins HOH and Veto. DE are so fun! I agree that John and Becky are in trouble tonight. I just hope John doesn’t go. He’s the only houseguest I even remotely like. And I’d love to see your spreadsheet! :)

  4. This week has been like watching a train wreck in “slow – motion” and it looks like Becky is going to be on the receiving end of it…………..again! Nobody 4 MORE!!!

  5. There’s only 3 people who might get evicted for the double eviction – Vanessa, Becky, or John (there’s a VERY slim chance of John winning hoh then Vanessa winning veto and in that case one of the austwins would get evicted, but odds are that ain’t happening).

    I usually like double evictions, but I’m torn her. I really don’t want Vanessa, becky, or John to go. The GAME would take a serious hit with Vanessa and shelli leaving the same night, and I personally don’t want Becky or John to go because I like em.

    The last thing I want is the final people in this house to be the twins who are seriously awful at this game, Meg who brings nothing to the table, Austin who’s willing to give his game up for Liz, James who is so gullible, and Steve who’s closest ally is the camera. It would be the blind leading the blind.

    Here’s to John winning hoh and Vanessa getting the veto used on her! That’s easily best case scenario if you want drama and actual game play down the stretch.

    • I agree, there aren’t as many strong players this year that have seemingly made moves(yet) that you want to win. Shelli and Vanessa have been big players. James has been alright, but all the Goblins are morons and wont get far, JMac/Becky/Austin are startng to make some moves this week.
      Getting rid of the big targets is smart, but not great for the futrure viewing(?) I guess is one way of stating it.

      • Yes. Definitely not good for future viewing. But ultimately, the house guests don’t care what we like. That’s why Derrick played it so safe all season and he played it perfectly. He was a little dull at times, but he played to win 500k.

    • I wouldn’t count Steve out as a possible evictee yet. Since Steve is going up if the Austwins were to win HOH. In that case if Becky and Steve are the final nominees Becky still has a chance of staying by a vote of 4 to 3

    • Well said! I’ve kind of been thinking along those lines the past couple of days. It’s going to be a bunch of crappy players that i don’t care about one way or the other battling it out in the end.

      I can’t think of a year where it hasn’t been a player I either strongly liked or strongly hated playing for the win and it kept me interested and glued to everything going on.

      I can see myself giving up on the season if the Austwins and Goblins are the last 6 standing.

      • I agree, other than Venessa there really isn’t a person in the house I feel strongly about. JMac is hilarious, but I don’t expect him to be at the end, and from there I don’t really care about anyone, never really did. I guess James? He’s at least done something so far unlike most.

      • I agree. I’ve liked some and disliked some but nobody I really wanted to cheer on. I guess maybe JMac is my favorite. But no matter who’s at the end I will never give up watching.

    • Wow. You read my mind. I was thinking of putting a post like this, then I saw yours. There are a handful of us that watch just for the drama. If Van goes, the last (and maybe only) real strategist of the season is gone.

      I don’t care who wins, but I am scared that this season will become like watching slapstick comedy, i.e. “Dumb and Dumber”, if Van goes. Folks that have a particular fave (or maybe that want more comedic gameplay) will (and should be) happy that the biggest threat(s) go tonite. But for me, not so good.

      • Totally agree. I’m not even a fan of Vanessa. She’s smart but does some real unnecessary things that hurt her game, but at least she plays hard. And I appreciate that. I appreciate people playing the game!

        A few days ago the austwins were doggin her and saying she can never have fun and is always thinking game. That just rubbed me the wrong way. That’s how you win bb. You never stop strategizing. That’s why the twins suck and can’t think for themselves.

      • i would cry if i had to live in the jury house with vanessa. if it comes down to two of the goblins during the jury vote, vanessa will be so bitter and vote for the other one who hasn’t done her wrong.

    • 4 who might get evicted. If John wins HOH, (which I know he is hehehe) Vanessa and Austin on the block, if Vanessa wins veto one of the twins goes up…and Austin goes through the door.

    • cant stand the Austwins why oh why keep them they are pairs and in this game you separate pairs

      • They’re a 3some so eliminate Liz, that take care of Liz/Austin & Liz/Julia… I like the twins but only one should be in the game & don’t like Austin, putting it lightly.

  6. Has any deals been made with Vanessa if there is a DE?? Has anybody promised her safety??

    • The only deal that was agreed on was Van promising J/J/M that she wouldn’t target any of them for 2 weeks, since they are saving her. Of course, we all know how Van is with deals. She finds/manufactures ways to break them.

      • Yep, she”ll say the group thought it best she not keep the deal! She didn’t want blood on her hands with her alliance!

  7. If Vanessa survives eviction tonight and wins HoH, then James is “history”! There is “no way” Vanessa would waste a HoH to take – out Becky even for revenge sake…………….Vanessa is a smarter player than that. Nobody 4 NOW!!!

    • Has Vanessa ever stuck with her original plan in the beginning of the week when she was HOH?
      Usually she turns around and gets somebody else out. I can totally see that happening this week, since getting out James, the only real competitor of his gang, is a much better game move than taking out Becky, who is now much more isolated after the others stabbed her in the back.

      • You and I have been watching the same season of Big Brother as well as understanding Vanessa’s style/mode of play………………….the very reason she should be evicted over Shelli tonight. Nobody 4 REAL!!!

      • Unfortunately, J/J/M don’t see that. James wants Shelli gone bc of that ridiculous shirt thing and it’s blinding his judgement. And Meg and Jackie just fall in line with him.
        Vanessa can never be trusted. I can’t believe they’re dumb enough to rely on that deal after she already broke a deal 2 weeks before and got rid of Jason.

      • Well Jackie thinks Shelli is the mastermind, and that Venessa has no support in the house, she couldn’t be more wrong, but she has some ‘reasoning’. Her and Meg are just dumb.

      • He wants Shelli gone because she is targeting him. She wasn’t willing to promise James’ safety even with the risk of going home. He would be stupid to let someone gunning for him stay.

      • Last night she promised all the gremlins safety. She said she would put the twins up and I think she would. She knows they’ve all threw her under the bus.

      • yeah and the little fact that he sent her BF home and despite what she says she will 100% want revenge.

      • I can only remember her once going back on the plan which was obviously the Jason backdoor. I do however think she had every intention of voting Austin out but then Jacki was overthrown as HOH with Julia winning BoB by herself then Shelli and Austin were able to change her mind.

      • I think if Vanessa stays and wins HOH tonight she will put up Becky and James. James knocked Clay out of the game and Becky would have knocked out Shelli.

    • How;s that a waste of a HOH for Vanessa? Since Becky wants to take out Vanessa and holds no bones about saying it and would have done it had it not been for James + Jackie & Meg and then the Austwins.

      Mainly James b/c Jackie/Meg were on board w/Becky’s plan UNTIL James swayed them over to Shelli b/c he knew Shelli would be gunning for him as revenge for ousting Clay… hell, James really wanted Shelli then too.

  8. I want john to win hoh nom twins nd anyone but van to win veto so that julia is saved and van is re nomd then of course van will go cuz they have gobins votes nd austin nd julia votes

  9. I have another type of fear!! If the pre-season football game airs here in Rochester, NY (it’s on CBS) and disrupts BB for 3 hours, I am going to be pissed! Ugh.

    • I’m in northern NJ….Jets game is on tonight. BB is airing at 11:35 on CBS, but it is on at 8 on WLNY which is channel 10 by me.

    • Oh sorry. Football in Michigan is on Fox so I’ll get to see BB live. Im sure they will air it after the game.

  10. According to Matt’s nom scenarios above, this is how I think things would play out after the veto meeting of DE

    1. Vanessa HOH—— if either one of Jecky were to win veto then the other one goes. However, if it is John vs Becky my gut feeling tells me that the Austwins might turn on JJM and vote out Becky since Vanessa is targeting her
    2. Austwins HOH—– if it’s John vs Steve or even John vs Becky we are saying goodbye to America’s favorite. If it’s Becky vs Steve Becky might have a shot at staying 4 to 3 but it’s not a certain. I’m more interested in knowing what would happen if Becky pulls John off? In that case I think a Goblin deserves to be evicted due to their stupid decision this week
    3. Goblins HOH—— If the veto is used, Steve goes up and his block buddy will be evicted. If the final nominees are Vanessa and John however, I don’t even know who will be evicted now.

    Last but not least, the person I am HARDCORE rooting for
    4. John HOH—— Vanessa will be evicted, period. I don’t see her winning any veto comp that involves running

    • Right worst case scenario for the goblins right now is John/Steve being on the block and Becky using the POV. Then James goes up and out.

      However every other scenario they have a chance of coming out of this DE unscathed. Which is a far better deal than what Shelli was offering them.

    • Venessa could have a problem if she nominates Becky with John and then John won the veto. At that point I thinks she would have to put up a Goblin (meg would be safest) to guarantee the votes to get Becky out. Meg would be safe obviously but it would break their no pawn deal.

      • She will do exactly that and Becky would go home. She would then try to manipulate the Goblins into thinking that she still has their best interests in mind (hopefully by then the Goblins will say fxck u Vanessa)

      • if will be too late for the Goblins because losing Becky and Johnny Mac leaves the Goblins with 3 houseguests, James, Jackie and Meg versus Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve and Johnny Mac who will not trust them again!

      • Yup, those three are idiots that are obliviouse to what is going on and are getting played like a fiddle.

  11. I’m confused. Are Steve and Austin working together? I thought Austin wanted both Steve and JMac out.

  12. The only two people in this house with a brain are Vanessa and John. Everyone else is just dumb as a bag of hammers.

  13. I don’t think Austin has any allegiance to Vanessa. I think he is scared of her. I also think he will use her and allow her to use him only if absolutely necessary from now on, but allegiance, nah.

    • Have you been watching this? If he was ‘scared of her’ he’d would have kept quiet & let her be voted out against Shelli but instead his alignment with her has him making deals with the Goblins to vote Shelli out.

      Plus this way if Vanessa goes out in the 2nd Eviction he’ll have her as a vote in the Jury House and someone that could sway votes for him in the Final. You can bet he’s assuring her that HE saved her from the 1st Eviction.

      • It’s an “IF” he mades it to Final… at this point I can’t believe he will and I’m not wanting to see him there but you never know. He does seem to have more people in Alliance than most others. Truthfully they need to breakup the Twins, that’s the one true alliance and they can depend on each all the way for sure.

      • Yeah and you’d NEVER last in the House… you have to lie or dance around and NOT answer the question. LOL!!!

  14. If Shelli is evicted, does anyone think there is any chance of Shelli asking John to try to protect and help Vanessa after all of this?

      • I’m aware she is mad at Vanessa; she is upset with almost everyone. But I’m wondering if she would rather Vanessa go further in the game than JJM and Austwins.

      • Ok, but nah…I don’t think so. She knows John can’t stand her especially with what happened last week with Clay.

      • In this game, anything is possible. Shell probably is not fond of the idea of being in the jury house alone with Vanessa.

      • Shelli’s planning on having tea and crumpets waiting for all HGs that enter the jury house!

    • I think Shelli is kind of done with Vanessa. Over the last two days she found out a lot more about Vanessa throwing her under the bus. That’s why she told the gremlins she’s put the twins up.

  15. Non-entity Judas..”Everything I do is for love. I do this for Liz” All his DR is like a wrestling audition… smell!

  16. Vanessa would nominate Becky and JMac, but I’d expect her to press for Becky to go which she could make happen thanks to their 4 votes between Steve and the Austwins. This again being part of the danger of keeping Vanessa around as she’ll be one of 5 so even if any of her group gets HoH they’ll maintain a deciding majority on votes here on out unless they suffer repeat losses.

    With a majority of votes and full control of the Big Brother House, I am sure that Vanessa would be focused on clearing out the opposition left with a focus on the top competitors like James, Jackie, Becky and Johnny Mac. I have a feeling Vanessa will keep Meg and one other minion on her side. It could be Johnny Mac. She needs numbers when it comes time to take out Austin and the twins. I do not think Austin is going to peel off this time of the game when there are still threats on the other side. He knows James and Jackie could easily turn on him as they turned on Becky. Vanessa is a known quantity and has kept Austin and the twins safe and even saved Shelli. Add to that, Vanessa has been a very good manipulator that she can lie multiple times to their faces, break promises to their faces but, they still like and trust her? Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve all know that too.

  17. Here’s my thought on the potential DE scenarios. This is all Pre-Veto.

    HOH: Vanessa | Nominees: Becky and JMac
    HOH: JMac | Nominees: Vanessa and Austin/Julia/Liz
    HOH: AusTwins | Nominees: JMac and Steve
    HOH: Jackie | Nominees: Vanessa and JMac
    HOH: Meg | Nominees: Vanessa and JMac
    HOH: James | Nominees: Vanessa and JMac
    HOH: Steve | Nominees: Becky and James/Jackie/Meg

    Chances of Getting Nominated:
    JMac: 8/9
    Vanessa: 4/9
    Becky: 2/9
    Steve: 2/9
    Austin: 1/9
    Liz/Julia: 1/9
    Meg: 1/9
    James: 1/9

    It’s fair to say that JMac MUST win HoH/Veto if he wants to make it past this round… :(

    • I agree with that for the most part. Sucks that JMac is just getting screwed. He was gonna help get Venessa out of the hosue, then the Goblins(more like Dumblins) decided to flip, leaving him and Becky in a bad spot, while they remaine blissfully ignorant about everything lol.

      • Judging by Oscars vote tally it looks like keeping Van and pairing up with Austwins was a good idea for J, J & M. But yet they get called stupid for wanting to keep Shelli around.

        I think John is the dumb one he admitted himself yesterday that he didn’t know anything that was going on until Becky told him. Now that his boy Clay is gone he’s scrambling for an alliance because so far all he has been falling back on his throwing challenges. Now he’s in a tough spot and realizing everyone else but him has been thinking.

      • Becky and JMac have played a poor social game. Had they been better social players Becky would have been able to get Vanessa out of the house this week.

        The fault doesn’t lie with the Goblins, but with Becky and JMac.

        Last season Donny had a similar, no social game, problem. If he had bonded with the other house guests early in the game, instead of going to bed so early, he may has been able to pull some of the other house guests over to his side. He pretty much had Derrick all figured out but couldn’t do anything about it.

        Johnny Mac and Vanessa are the two house guests that are most vulnerable tonight.

        I think that although he won’t initiate it, Austin may pull the trigger on Vanessa if the opportunity presents itself during double eviction. Does he trust the Goblins enough to make the move?

      • They are stupid right……How could they look out for their own best interest instead of John’s.

    • You could be right.

      But if the Goblins want to do their best move, they would have their picks without Jmac. Should be van & steve. Steve is money in the veto comps. The re-nom is austwins (only if needed) – but assure them they are just a pawn – tell them we’re buddies, so no worries. Just need to get our target (van) It serves a dual purpose. 1) Reduce the votes for van’s side and 2) test their loyalty. Now, van would see thru this, but in the helter-skelter of DE, there won’t be time to explain it all to the stunned Austwins. And, after it is over, the head of the other side is gone. The Austwins will be pissed, but, being the followers that they are, they could be easily assimilated.

      Will they do this – not in a million years – it would be a play only a supreme strategist would devise.

    • Sadly you are right but hopefully Vampire Dentist can pull out a PoV win, he won twice before.

  18. Austin is being to creative, it was quite simple, Shelli first Vanessa next. He’s trying too hard to be a mastermind, what’s he trying to impress the twins.

    The Goblins, need to be ready to pivot if Austin switches the original plan and keeps Vanessa who is but a poisonous snake, who cares what she wants she is lucky to survive the next evict

  19. So in other words it’s in J, J & M’s best interest to keep Van this week because she’ll go after John & Becky. So now how does this make J,J & M stupid?

    And actually I can see why Meg didn’t tell J & J about What Austin said about Van coming after them after John and Becky, because, you know, They already know that!

    What I want to know is why are people calling J, J & M stupid if it looks like John and Becky are the ones who will be nominated and evicted this week if Van wins HOH? Whereas Shelli would have come after them. Keeping her would’ve been stupid!

    no, it’s only stupid because no one Wants to see Johnny no Mack go to jury.

    • They are stupid not just for that, but because of all there reasoning. Jackie thinks Shelli is the mastermind, and that Vanessa and Austwins aren’t aligned at all. They are trusting Venessa who they know is a liar, and could lose the support of Becky and JMac in the process. It’s a good idea for the next week(or during the DE), but as soon as that ends they will be in a much worse spot when Venessa targets them if they don’t have the suppost of Becky and JMac.

      • So their stupid because they don’t want to be evicted during DE and the next hoh? Right…

        But Van wants Becky gone and so does Steve, and John would be alone with Becky and Shelli. They don’t need John.

        And they do realize vanessa is a threat why do you think they want to nominate her during DE?

        And Shelli is great at mastermindig. She lied to Johns face and told him that she picked Van for veto because she felt she had no choice. But John knew she had a choice: him, in order to keep her safe! She said vans name in order to get Van not to think she knew she was Beckys real target, and so that she could continue to play both sides of the house. And that stupid John fell right for it! He hasn’t been playing the game at all and he’s proven it!

        Shelli is just as much of a liar as Van only Van is more aggressive and loony but Shellis better at concealing it.

      • Right Shelli is good at it also..and she does it with a pretty smile…and she is much better at comps than Vanevil.

      • I’m in agreement with Liz…for right now it’s better for and mainly James to get Shelli out…because if she wins DE James and and maybe one of the girls will go up…in regards to the goblins and Vanevil…they know what she’s about and they know eventually they are going to be targeted…they are hoping because they have saved her…it won’t be in DE…becky would be her target.

      • They don’t trust Vanessa. They want her out too.. Shellie is gunning for them, that’s why they want her gone first.. Shellie didn’t start campaigning till last night.. If she has started making deals earlier, I think they would vote to keep her..

      • Yes J, J & M realize that Van is untrustworthy. Shelli is too! She’d nominate them all before Van, though! j, j and m are in a bad spot but they are making the most of it. They are trying to make it through this week and if that means sending John home or Becky who is not apart of their alliance then so be it.

        I see now why Trump is leading in the polls. Some People just don’t have good reasoning skills.

      • But that’s the whole point. You lose John and Becky–two potential allies that they will need going forward–by giving the other side exactly what it wants anyway. This “alliance” with the Austwins is worth as much as a $3 bill, by the way. It dies when Vanessa says it dies. Which is the second Shelli walks out the door if Van and Co. win HOH for the DE.

      • Becky can’t play this week. If Shelli goes home, Becky has no choice but to align with JJM. It’s not like she can go align with Vanessa.
        Johnny Mac will go for Vanessa first.
        J/J/M can at best hope to be target #2 with Van/Austwins than target #1 with Shelli

      • I suppose. I’d be putting much more stock into what type of HOH comp this is going to be than they are. This is right in Vanessa’s wheelhouse.

  20. I was rooting for the Goblins. But I can no longer cheer for stupid. I guess we can now watch them all leave one after the other.

  21. FYI for L.A. viewers. – In case anyone’s not aware (I just discovered it accidentally) if you live in Los Angeles tonight’s episode isn’t on until 11:35pm due to a pre-season NFL game. (THIS week of all weeks? – Maaaan!)

      • This one is so big I’m going to force myself to wait and see it happen as a surprise. (Which probably means I’ll cave and be here at 5:10pm reading.)

      • Looks like it’s not just Southern California. Certain cities with NFL teams too. So there’ll be a lot of us. (I’m grinning as I imagine non-sports fans excitedly turning on the TV at 9pm only to discover a football game is still in the 3rd quarter.)

      • There’s no delay for canadian fans if CBS in the different canadian areas has a football delay then just tune to canadian station. Sorry to those in US who don’t have that option

    • In LA you can watch it on channel 9 at 9p! It didn’t set to auto-record but I found it in the DVR guide.

  22. Someone tell me how is it in J, J and M’s best interest to keep Shelli this week?

    And no because John would be safe is not a good reason.

    • It’s a good idea for the next week(or during the DE), but as soon as that ends they will be in a much worse spot when Venessa targets them if they don’t have the suppost of Becky and JMac.

      • What you seems to be forgetting J R is it’s their intention of getting out Vanessa tonight. There is no next week if everything works out.

      • John as HOH….Vanessa eviction votes ….Becky, Meg, James and Jackie To stay…Austwins and Steve…a tie Vanessa goes home or 5-3 if John convinces Steve. Same goes if anyone else wins on JAMEG side. Shellie eviction…only JAMEG votes…even worse if one of them is HOH.

      • Yes, and I plan to win PowerBall tonight so I will never have to worry about paying the bills again. But that doesn’t mean I am giving up all my other sources of income before I win.

        The only thing in their favor is with DE, Vanessa will not have time to get everyone together and twist their heads. But if she doesn’t go tonight, or in DE, she will be around next week to twist their heads.

        That means the Austwins will continue to be under her spell.

    • They will maintain the good term with Becky and can even work with Shelli plus Vampire Dentist. That’s a strong 6 person alliance.
      All they need to do is to put all the hatred/emotion aside.
      And yes Vampire Dentist is going to be safe!

      • But if Van stays and wins De and Becky goes then they don’t need John. And if J/J/M win HOH then Van is gone, and or John. John and Becky needs J, J & M right now. And all of this week.

        The only way John is safe it will not be because of his own merits he’s proven his worth in the game is throwing comps and being Shelli and clays puppet. If he stays or comes back from jury it will be because CBS brought him back.

        The only hatred coming from anyone is Shelli: she’s still bitter about her sons eviction and James wearing his clothes. H*ll hath no fury, as James said. And Shelli is definitely pi**ed off.

      • I don’t read most part of what you wrote coz it’s not your original point.
        You were talking about why keeping Shelli is good for Goonbishs’ game?
        Shelli already mentioned that if they saved her, she wouldn’t come after them and she’s willing to make peace with James, if only James agrees as well.
        Vampire Dentist is close to both Becky and Shelli and once Vanessa is gone, they can form a strong 6-person alliance and take out the Judases.
        Lil Stevie can even be persuaded to join them since he has a strong link with Vampire Dentist and Shelli to a degree.
        If Lil Stevie joins them, that’ll be a very strong 7 person alliance and the Judases will be gone for sure.
        Of course this is going to happen if they all put aside all the hatred for each other (James vs Shelli, CLEG vs Shelli, Becky vs Lil Stevie).

      • I agree completely. The right move is to evict Vanessa. It is clear Shelli is alone. Even this thing with JMac and Steve is really not an alliance. They are basically hiding behind each other.

        The Goblins can make a deal with Shelli and she will keep it because she has to. Vanessa has already admitted in a conversation to Jackie the she has the loyalty of Austin and the twins and they have hers.

        What it boils down to is Meg, James and Jackie are trusting Austwins again even after the broke a similar agreement with the goblins last week.

      • Right. For some reason, James wants to believe Austin. He’ll flash that goofy smile and lead James’ side–smiling all the while–right into a chipping machine.

      • Shelli will not work with them. She will target James the first chance she gets. She wouldn’t promise his safety even when there was a major risk the house had flipped. She dislikes James that much.
        And Becky would not stay aligned with the Goblins at that point, she would jump ship with Shelli and JMac.

  23. Good assessment of the situation. The goblins keep making hte mistake of thinking they can work with Austwins. But how did that work out last week? They promised James to vote out Shelli in exchange for not putting them up as a replacement nom. Then after the POV they changed their minds – even though it was never their intention to do what James wanted.

    There is no question, as long as Vanessa is in the house, the Austwins cannot be trusted. I believe if they don’t evict Vanessa, the goblins will be finished by next Thursday night. Lett ing Meg, who has slept through the season, and James who is easily influenced by whoever he talks to make decisions for them all is very, very stupid.

  24. For all the CBS viewers BB will be on WLNY tonight at 9:00pm. That is Channel 10 or 55 in some areas.

  25. One thing is certain during the DE – everything that can happen? It usually will! Fan favorites go home, plans go completely awry, and everything you think you know about the HGs plans can change in an instant.

    • Who are fan favorites this year actually beside Vampire Dentist?
      Coz others are equally loved/hated.

      • This season’s been interesting as far as “fan favorites” because most of the HGs people have been attaching themselves to (Jason, Da’vonne) were all voted out early. I think John is the only one left.

  26. I’m afraid of what will happen if Vanessa isn’t evicted tonight. She is clearly the biggest threat, her ability to play the victim and get people to believe everything she says is strange to say the least. She is loyal to no one unless it is good for her game, totally untrustworthy. Shellie at least has some social skills, I understand James wanting her out, I think if J/J//M win HOH they should get Vanessa in DE. John has the potential to go far, he is the only one that figured out Van’s game. If John wins the HOH after the DE he should put up Austin and Jackie w/ a twin as a backdoor option. I want John to win, none of the other HG’s deserve to win. They have all been led around like a bunch of sheep to the slaughter, clueless.

    • I am afraid of Vanessa too. The twins seem to be under her spell. They are also allover the place game-wise. To me Shelli will keep her word if Becky, Meg, Jackie and James take her aside and make her promise not to target any of them. Vanessa made that deal once before. She shook hands with Meg, James and Jason and promised them she would BD Austin. Then she BD’d Jason without telling any of them about her change in plans.

      There is an old expression, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. At this point if Vanessa stays and takes one of the goblins out, its their own fault. I am actually hoping it happens and I hope its Meg or James. No one deserves it more for being so stupid.

    • Hahaha and John hadn’t been led around and acting like a sheep? Chelli used him and he’s now suffering from Stockholm Sydrome. Everyone has Vanessa figured out.

      • I know your right, James is so funny and likeable, I just hate to see him go, he has more potential than Meg and Jackie.

      • How am I right about James? I don’t remember saying anything about James. Please refresh my memory.

  27. I don’t want James to win HOH I can’t stand him after what he did to Clay n Shelly I want Shelly to stay and put his ass up to evict him I like jmac I think Shelly n jmac should work together to get out Meg James n Jackie n Becky

      • I wish he was trying to win $500k. I think he just wants revenge on Shelli for taking Clay’s shirt back – even though she didn’t do it. James has to be the most easily influence person in the house. Vanessa intimidates him and he and she both know it. Vanessa can convince James of anything.

    • I am not so sure. I think Becky is going home tonight – or Jackie.

      I do think Meg and James made huge mistakes this week and put themselves a great risk. The Austwins are not going to evict Vanessa and the Goblins will not get another chance. They will regret their stupidity.

      • That will leave JohnnyWack alone in the game if Becky and Shellingoes because Van wants him out nd Austin wants him out and J/J/m want him home after Shelli, Van and John.

        Looks like John is the idiot he didn’t plan that his puppet master Clay would go home so soon now he’s scrambling for a plan.

      • I think james meg or Jackie winning hoh will be Johnny Macs down fall. They would put him up as a pawn but he’s actually Austin’s target. So even though they didn’t mean to send him home, austin and twins have the numbers to do it. I think his only chance is to win Hoh.

  28. The goblins are making a huge mistake by keeping Vanessa, hope it comes back to bite them in the ass, they should of took Shelli out last week if they wanted her gone so bad, Vanessa is nothing but a liar you can’t believe anything she says.

    • The Goblins tried to take out Shelli last week. They failed because of the idiocy of the house.
      They are fixing that mistake this week.

      • It failed because Austwins and Vanessa never wanted it to happen. The Goblins are stupid for having believed them last week but even dumber for believing the Austwins again this week. How many times can Austin spin James’ head around in circles until James realizes Austin is not to be trusted?

      • You should demand that John gives you some of his jury money because you’ve been petitioning for him hard.

      • I agree although mediocre may be giving them too much credit. Meg is just horrible. James is to easily influenced by people he should not trust and Jackie is… I am not sure what Jackie is. Jackie would be better off working with Becky than Meg I think.

  29. I am so lost with these HG’s continuous change of decision and it’s making my head spin, what each and every one of them should be doing is do what is best for their game and not some one else, take a risk if it is in your best interest. I don’t understand how they can allow Vanessa to manipulate each and every one of them so easily.
    I think Shelli now knows that she is out the door tonight and not seriously fighting to stay, her own ally Vanessa sunk her game and she has nobody to blame but herself.

  30. I suspect that Van will win the 500k, but I dont think America will like her much for it. Her winning will leave a sour taste like Andy did.

    • After shelli is evited from the big brother house I hope she only hugs becky and John and maybe vanessa and turns around and looks at james,meg,and Jackie and says I don’t hug stupid people

      • Lol if that’s the case then she should have never hugged Clay and the others shouldn’t hug her.

        Bye SmellyShelli!

      • Eh….she may want to be careful because she may get a chance to come back into the game. If shes only planning on going to Jury she can tell them all to f*ck off and they can tell her the same thing.

  31. What a great idea doing a spread sheet. Lol my mind is spinning when I think of all the different possibilities. Nobody sticks to their word and that’s why it’s a toss up in my opinion as to who anyone targets.

  32. How have Austin and the twins gained any power at all in this game? I don’t understand it at all. Austin is full of himself, and the twins sit around looking slack-jawed and bug-eyed. Why would James pay them the slightest bit of attention? What have I missed here?

    • Everyone is mesmerized by Vanessa. They don’t realize they cannot win this game by riding Vanessa’s coat tails. Yet, there they are 7 weeks into this doing exactly that.

      Austin is getting fed up with Vanessa’s antics but Julia is totally with Vanessa even siding against her sister. They do not trust the Goblins and they think the goblins don’t trust them. If Vanessa or one of the twins wins HoH, one of the goblins is going home during DE. I am certain of that now. With Steve throwing it, I think Vanessa is going to win HoH and then we will get to see the look I am waiting for – when Vanessa puts two goblins on the block.

      • They lack courage to step out on their own. They also bought into, NOT GETTING ANY BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. How many times did Vanessa recite this? If a person hears something over and over, they start to believe it. Vanessa neutralized her opponents early in the game. Brilliant girl. I see all of her machinations were purposeful. ! Get outta here.

  33. So while the Goblins are sitting around feeling fat, dumb and happy about evicting Shelli, Vanessa is plotting with the twins to take them out of the game and it may even happen during the double eviction.

    The problem is Julia is siding with Vanessa and against Austin.

  34. Austin ranting about how he is sick of Vanessa and her conspiracies to Liz. Austin is pissed. He is saying (FINALLY!) Vanessa treats him like an idiot.

    I hope Austin goes to James and tell him they have to vote her out and keep Shelli.

  35. I believe if Van wins 1st HoH, she’ll put up James and Becky and vote out Becky for putting her on the block next to Shelli! She’ll explain it was the only move for her game!

    • If she puts up Becky it may be against Meg. No one will vote out Meg over Becky and Meg has no chance of winning the veto comp.

      • That’s what I would have done, but I’m thinking the way Van would. No one would vote out James and he may not be that great at memorizing as Meg might!

  36. I love the comment “You could whack this HGs with a stick and they may not notice”! That sums up Meg perfectly but the rest too.

    The twins have spent all day with Vanessa yet the goblins have yet to notice that or the fact that the twins have been spending all their time with Vanessa since she went on the block. It took Vanessa a few minutes to notice Austin studying with the Goblins.

    And if the Gobs did notice the twins spending so much time with Vanessa it hasn’t occurred to them that’s a potential problem. That’s the stick they hit them and they haven’t noticed. Have any of these players ever watched the show? Do they not know how it works and what signs to look for. Austin picked up some clues from Diary Room sessions and who got called, how many times and when. Vanessa could have a strategy meaning with Austwins right in front of Jackie, James and Meg and the chances are they wouldn’t think anything of it.

  37. Yay!!!! Vanessa just pushed Austin too far! She’s already trying to divide and conquer him and the twins! Silly girl!

    • She is asking Liz, “when did I tell him what to do?” She is really crazy. She was just yelling at him for studying with the Goblins and claiming he was giving Liz wrong information for the HoH comp tonight.

      But this is what Vanessa does. She intimidates people with her emotional reactions then whines how she never did anything to anyone.

      The Goblins are stupid for trusting Austin and the twins.

      • 3:03 Vanessa asks Liz if she thinks Austin is picking this fight so he could justify backdooring her. Liz: “No way!”

        No Vanessa…That’s what YOU do!!!

    • Vanessa has she just found her boundary, if she didn’t realize before now. Shows how crazy, I mean nutty. LOL

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