Big Brother 17 Eviction Predictions: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

The Big Brother 17 live eviction show tonight may be sending how two players, but so far we only know who the first one will be after big shifts in the house have set the target with little chance of a change now.

Big Brother nominees Vanessa & Shelli
Big Brother nominees Vanessa & Shelli – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa Rousso and Shelli Poole currently sit on the Block in the nomination chairs with eight votes up for grabs. Which of these former allies will be sent packing? Let’s breakdown the votes.

Initially Vanessa was a lock for eviction this week but a funny thing happened on Monday afternoon. Seeds Vanessa planted in James’ mind over Becky’s trustworthiness combined with Shelli’s antics over a sweater may have changed the tide. That night the Goblins stayed up late debating their vote and had an epiphany: Shelli has got to go!

Yes it was all downhill from there for Shelli’s game and Becky’s plan. The Goblins conferred with Austin and realized they could pull together at least five votes to keep the choice from Becky who adamantly wanted Vanessa gone.

Now deals have been made and the Goblins feel secure in trusting Vanessa and her “word” long with believing the Austwins aren’t really with Vanessa. They’ll combine votes tonight along with Steve’s to keep Vanessa in the house and the 5-HG alliance alive and well as the Goblins tagalong for the ride.

As for the second round of the Double Eviction? That’ll be interesting and we’re predicting Johnny Mac to be the most in-danger HG with Becky as the alternative. Of course a lot can happen with nine Houseguests playing for HoH then six more playing for Veto. Maybe we’ll get a surprise with the second eviction of the night.

Update: I’ve made a spreadsheet of scenarios for the Double Eviction & shared it here on Twitter. I have 4 scenarios for John evicted, 4 scenarios for Becky evicted, & 1 situation where Vanessa could go if John noms Van against an Austwin.

Big Brother 17 Week 7 Eviction Predictions – Shelli Poole or Vanessa Rousso?:

Shelli Poole on Big Brother
Big Brother Junkies Shelli Poole on Big Brother
Shelli Poole on Big Brother
Big Brother Access Shelli Poole on Big Brother
Zap2It Shelli Poole on Big Brother

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. I sometimes feel like people answer these polls based on who they WANT to be evicted rather than who actually WILL be evicted.

  2. Its too hard to tell what happens after Shelli leaves. JMac could just as easily as anyone win the HOH, then Vanessa and someone from Austwins goes up. OR, James, Meg, or Jackie could win, and I see them nominating the same group. Though I say the last part with a caveat, because that trio led by James is a bunch of stupid twits.

    • I agree, the goblins arr the dumbest, stupidest group i hsve ever seen in all of big brother history. They belueve all the wrong people; snd trust them as well, WOW, they all desrrve to lose to crying vsnesss or lying Austin.

      • I don’t see that at all. I don’t even see them believing anyone. Getting Shelley out is just as good an idea as getting Vanessa out. It’s all about who wins HOH tonight. That’s all that matters.

  3. Its so depressing because while the james group is the more likeable group their stupidity astounds me. James is emotional and plays based on who hurts his ego. Jackie has some good insights sometimes but then I think she just gets lazy and doesnt bother following through. Meg is a sweet girl but lord is she not the brightest crayon in the box. I think the combined amount of strategic game play in the group is so low it makes my brain hurt

    • Pretty much. Jackie is just dumb, she thinks of things based of of no information and gives them to James and Meg liek they are fact, and they aren’t smart enough to realize it because they don’t have any game of there own(James is OK at comps but not much else). Like jackie thinks Shelli is the head and can’t fathom Vennessa working with the Austwins, based on pretty much nothing. They are all so dumb, any week they don’t get voted out is pure luck, or other people just care about bigger targets.

    • Now that is so funny it I don’t see them as likable— can’t wait to see them leave.

    • I don’t think a single HG can be thought of as a winning candidate. I don’t like Vanessa, but if she keeps it up she’ll be the deserving winner, from talking a one-sided house down from voting her out this week to HoH wins a couple weeks ago.

      Everyone is playing by emotions or, like Steve and Meg, just useless. Or, like Clay and Austin, completely detonating their game for a cute blonde. Van’s emotional, but at least she’s playing the game.

    • James, Jackie and Meg even now, still cannot figure out that Vanessa lied to their faces multiple times, broke her promises multiple times yet, they considerer her a good ally. Too bad Becky flipped this early, she should have sent these fools to the jury house herself. Now, Becky and John will be on the block for trusting these fools! Only consolation for Becky and John is James and Jackie blew their games and chances of ever winning. Meg lucked out because she is the ultimate floaters to take for Final 2. She is going to get $50,000 doing nothing!

    • And who do you think is a good game player? Austin? The twins? Vanessa’s the only one I see.

  4. Ugh! They’re all twits! Vanessa the head of the snake NEEDS TO GO NOW!! Get Shellie Bo belly out later….. She’s on her own basically so that would’ve an easy out! Yikes! BIG BROTHER PRODUCTION. You need to change things quickly & coheres the GOBS to change their minds! Get that green capped vixen out!!

    • Agree 100 pct. However, It seems that JJM wants to believe Austin–even as he leads them straight into the wood chipper with that goofy smile of his. The second DE tonight could be their last chance to ever get Van out. If they win HOH and send JMac or Becky out the door instead, they’ll never again have the votes to get her out–unless they got Van up there against Liz. They are clearly underestimating the hold Van has on the other bag of hammers in the house. Everything the Austwins does screams that they are protecting her at all costs–but JJM are so fixated on Shelli that they don’t see her as the bigger problem. Shelli will be much easier to get rid of later, but they don’t see it. They have everything backwards.

      • Exactly, Austin is trying to have them NOT target Venessa, while Jackie has convinced them that there is no way Venessa could be working with the Austwins, so they are completely clueless.

      • That’s what happens when you get a bunch of recruits that don’t know diddly about BB.

      • So was Clay, if I’m not mistaken. I thought I heard him say on BBAD he was approached at a sporting event.

      • If I’m not mistaken, Liz has a connection with one the runner up on BB..and Julia was the +1

      • They found Becky on Tinder. I want a season with nothing but TRUE superfans! How fun would that be?

      • What about a Big Brother All Stars? They did it once. It is time for another one. That is what I like with Survivor when they bring out the ones who go out and play. This coming season I think might be a good one when they asked the fans to vote for the tribe members. A number of them will play their hearts out which is all fans want. Most of the ones I voted for got in. Kass and Shirin might be the wasted slots in that group. Anyway, if they do not play the game—-they will be evicted in short order.

    • If they keep Vanessa in (which they probably will) the rest of the season will almost be too painful to watch. If I hear Vanessa say “I don’t want this one on my hands” (her MO all season) one more time, I might put my fist through the TV, and then whether or not I continue to watch will be a moot point. Oh, I forgot – we have two more TVs in the house …

  5. So IF their grand scheme works and both Shelli & Vanessa get taken out in the DE tonight and we have 3 factions:
    BJS (Becky, Jmac, Steve)
    JJM (James, Jackie, Meg)
    Austwins (Austin, Liz, Julia)
    Can’t count out Becky or Jmac because they have won and can win comps – same for Steve.
    If Jmac wins HoH for next week and with Vanessa gone, targets the Austwins like he had planned before, and takes them down a player (to 2).
    Wonder if 3 factions remain or if BJS join JJM to finish them or if remaining 2 Austwins join JJM or BJS for the numbers?

    • Something will probably go wrong lol, but if it doesn’t, the Austwins/JJM could just fortify there 6 man group and take out BJS.

    • I know BJS is alphabetically arranged, but maybe this is one time we need to change the order. Or is it just my mind that needs some rearranging? Maybe it was a 70’s thing. :(

    • Only problem I see there is I don’t believe Steve will go with Becky and JMac. I think he will go with Austin. I could be dead wrong and hope I am but I just don’t see him aligning with Becky. I know he is friends with JMac but he is also afraid of hanging out with him right now because he knows he is a target.

      • I see this too, apparently Austin and Steve are working together(so I’ve read), and Steve apparently really doesn’t like Becky for some random reason. I could see him going with the Austwins, or just continuing to float around lol.

      • Wonder if Steve and Becky are related and they are playing pretend? She didn’t try to get to know him “personally” until last weekish?!?

      • Where are these weekly twists we were promised? Nothing has happened since Grock, not a damn thing. That lying Julie Chen!!!

      • The Steve thing…could it be that Becky in her nom speech…exposed his game to everyone…not that it was that hidden anyways…but that’s when he express this animosity towards Beck.

      • Steve will go with whomever will keep him safe. He has NO game. He’s just there, hovering around, in that creepy way of his and talking to himself. Which he does because no one really wants to talk to him. Like JMac said in his diary session on last night’s episode, “No one is coming after you.” No one sees Steve as a threat. Personally, I think he needs to go soon. He does nothing useful.

      • Steve is still tight with Vanessa. The only reason he was sort of leery is because he was on the hot seat and Vanessa winning POV and taking off Shelli will put him at risk. Otherwise, he still supports Vanessa. When Vanessa’s alliance regains majority votes, Steve will still be doing her dirty work for her!

      • only when he votes and if he wins another comp. he’s not bright enough to manipulate on her behalf.

    • If it all works out, There will be 2 factions. There will be the Austwins and JAMEG, Becky, John and Steve. I put Steve in because he will need a mother figure and Meg fills that role. She’s grandma after alll…lol. I can only wish it works out that way.

  6. Goodbye, Shelli…and someone else tonight. Finger’s crossed it’s Becky! It would be great for them to discuss their failed plans in the jury house.

  7. Predictions for the 1st HOH of the DE – the rapid one. Assumes Shelli is gone. Becky can’t play.

    Nine players – Austwins (because they are in-comp-etent get it ?!?) and Steve (says he’s throwing) will not win. Meg is unlikely, but has an outside shot. James is unlikely if it is a questions comp – but his noms will be same as other goblins. Most likely winners – Van, Jmac, or Jackie.

    While I think Van is the most likely winner if you had to bet on any 1 player, I think the field has it against her and so let’s assume the field wins – Jmac or a Goblin. Besides, if she wins, Becky & Jmac go up and one goes home. Not very unpredictable.

    The most exciting, unpredictable scenario…

    Noms = Van and Steve

    The veto comes up. Steve gets himself off again. Re-nom should be an Austwin in all cases – but that wouldn’t be all that unpredictable (would be awesome drama), & is only for sure in case Jmac wins HOH. For most exciting & probable, let’s say Jmac goes up against Van. (This is also possibly be straight nom)

    Look at the votes…

    Evict van – 3 solid (Becky,non-hoh goblins)
    Evict jmac – 3 solid (the austwins)

    Who has to make the deciding vote — STEVE! His head will explode. he may ask for his Mom. But I can’t say what he would do, for sure. That would be a great ending!

    • Second eviction tonight won’t be a tie though.
      The first one is with Becky as the potential tie-breaker.
      Second eviction besides the HoH (Jmac) and 2 noms (Van & Steve):
      3 Austwins vote,
      Becky votes
      JJM vote
      Need 4 to evict with no chance of tie.

      • Correct. That is my point. And with those noms, the tiebreaking vote would be Steve between Jmac & Van. I think he goes with Van, but wow!

    • jc12345,

      Interesting thoughts. Let me share one with you, remember you heard it here first.

      In your Steve scenario, Steve won’t cast the deciding vote. Austin will! My bet is that tonight we see the return of Judas and he conspires to get Vanessa up on the block and out the door.

      • Props to you if Judas sends home Van (after Steve, thinking he is the decider and has his conniption but sides with Van). Austin would send van home if he flipped

        I’ve seen on Jokers that a little fight has happened. Hmm… The plot thickens.

      • For Austin to have a chance at winning this game, Vanessa has to be eliminated. Austin has been the driving force behind the Austwins/Goblins agreement.

        Tonight Vanessa doesn’t have the time to “mist” everyone for a week. It’s the perfect opportunity. From Austin’s perspective, maybe his only opportunity.

        As I mentioned earlier today, Vanessa is going to start trying to pull the twins away from Austin and look to get him evicted. It’s already starting as you mentioned look at what’s going on right now on jokers.

      • Am I reading this wrong or counting wrong?
        We’re talking about tonight’s second eviction, right?
        If so, there won’t be a deciding vote, right? Because there will only be 7 votes cast so the majority of 4 decides.
        Am I off track?
        The first eviction can be tied and if so, Becky is the tie-breaker but after that person leaves, then the 2nd eviction can’t be a tie. It’s just a majority of 4 out of 7.

      • My point (not stated very elegantly) is that Vanessa is going to go tonight and Austin will have a major hand in the eviction.

      • Yes, we are talking about 2nd eviction. There are 7 votes – so HOH won’t break ties. I was just saying the tiebreaking vote among the 7 – since the other 6 seem locked in.

        WTP’s point is that maybe for all of Steve’s hysterics on THINKING he is the decider – he won’t be. It would be Austin flipping his presumed locked down vote

  8. Oh, oh….on Joker’s : “Austin just yelled at Vanessa that he doesn’t want to talk about her conspiracy theories & stormed out of the cheese room”…..we all know what happens when Vanessa “stages” one of these fights….this time she didn’t get someone else to do it….she started egging him on…..hmmmmmm

    • She’s jealous and suspicious because he was studying with the other group. If she continues, it might be good news for Shelli.

      • Austin is really flipping out now….he may convince the twins to keep Shelli…, flipping the flip!

      • Becky pointed out to Austin the other day how Vanessa has treated him. He seems to be sensitive to it now. Vanessa has been brow beating him for weeks. Its about time he grew a pair. She has everyone intimidated and there is no reason to be. She is alone without Austwins. They SHOULD turn on her.

  9. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were staging all of this and still planning to evict Vanessa. Yes, it’s a long shot. And with this group, highly unlikely. But a girl can hope can’t she?

  10. I think it’ll be Vanessa because she’s fat and ugly and gross!

    (This is a courtesy robo-post submitted on behalf of all hateful posters who might not have internet access right now.)

  11. Hmmm. Seems like the websites are calling Shelli out at first base, while the fans are still thinking she’s safe (at least in round one). I wonder … obviously to even get to the poll question they’d have to read all the highlights above it, so what’s up with their vote? Wishful thinking?

  12. The goblins, like the 6th Sense, were in a really powerful position this week. By evicting Vanessa, they would have been able to forge alliances and control the house for a while. Shelli would be alone. The twins would have no one but Austin and he likes the goblins more than Vanessa or Shelli. They were in a perfect position to take out Shelli and have no great comp players left, except maybe Steve.

    Instead they are leaving Austwin and Vanessa intact as a 4 person alliance with Vanessa keeping her team under her thumb. Vanessa is targeting all of them next, starting with Becky.

    As Derrick stated in his blog, that shirt Julia stole from James for Shelli is going to cost several players $500k. What a huge mistake for Shelli and James to make at this stage of the game.

  13. Vanessa is telling Julie we will deal with it after the eviction. Julie says she hates Austin….thinking Vanessa might orchestrate an Austin DE eviction….if he doesn’t convince the others to evict her first! This is getting crazy!

    • Agree. What was the pattern that Jmac found? Van starts a fight with you –> you go (or at least are her target). The fracture of the austwins is underway. Tonite may be really a wild ride. Can’t wait!

    • Julia is an idiot like the Goblins. She wants to reduce her own numbers! She is unhappy because Liz has Austin and she thinks she only has Vanessa. Too bad Vanessa is not going to take either of them to the end.

      • I think she was just trying to appease Vanessa. She sure didn’t tell Vanessa the other side is planning on sending her out in DE.

      • What if the keep her first eviction? And then she wins HOH? She is capable of blowing up either the Austwins or the Goblins tonight…..I was happy that James had convinced them to vote out Shelli, now I think Matt may have been right….gotta get Vanessa out first….

    • I think Julie ‘ s playing smart to through the scent off goblins. She knows she needs them.

  14. Say after they get 4 or so folks in Jury House – and one of them re-enters the game and then wins the game…Do you think people (other than the winner’s die hard fans) will cry foul for that person winning $500K?
    It could be an unpopular person…

    • They usually don’t make it to the end, but this could be a first. I would cry foul because I always dislike people returning to a game. There should be no second chances for some and not others.

      • The ones I’ve seen were not America’s choice. They were comps so an unpopular person could re-enter the game and win it.

      • In the case of this season, we’re basically void of a strong majority alliance to easily take out a previously evicted returnee who is not part of their clique (Judd lasted three weeks after coming back, Nicole only had 2) so it’s gonna be quite interesting how this season would fare with an evicted juror’s return trip.

    • I hate the gimmick of letting someone come back. It never works out. It also has the potential to make it look like the game is fixed. I think once you are evicted, you should stay evicted.

    • For the record: I don’t like that scenario. Once out, stay out is what I prefer even though I hate to see some of my favorites go out. But yeah, once you’re out, stay gone.

    • It doesn’t seem to make much sense anyway. If a player is evicted they’re evicted for a reason. They’ve had time of freedom (as limited as it may be) and have had a “break” from the same pressure. So those remaining pretty much “delete” them again for that reason. I think it would have to be some extraordinary player to spend even a week outside of the house then re-enter and win. I can’t see the jury allowing that to happen. I think it’s a “Tv” loophole created in case some outstandingly loved/hated character gets evicted.

      • The reason the return trips have become frequent in recent seasons is because there are extra weeks now due to extending them for nearly 100 days and the fact that the over-all roster this year is 17, the most in any North American BB season.

        Prior seasons post-BB1 had less than 80 days in a season, which is sufficient time to evict enough players before settling with a final 2/3 the week before the finale.

        Basically, it all boils down to logistics.

      • I still think it’s a way to bring back players the audience reacts to and knows. Otherwise why not just cast the amount of specific players you need? Returning players are about comebacks and second chances. That’s a story-element. Not a logistics one I don’t think.

      • But look at how they are brought back over the seasons. If it’s to anyone that the audience likes then production would have just hold a public vote to send surely one of them back in but they no longer do so.

        Holding a competition instead is a more fair way to do that since it will all be about probability and odds. Judd won by endurance, Nicole won by chance (had she didn’t, Jocasta would have surely come back instead). On a much earlier time, Brendon won by chance.

  15. For everyone saying James, Jackie and Meg are idiots: they are in a bad spot regardless if Van or Shelli stay. This wasn’t there week to decided who goes up though, this was Beckys. The three of them are only doing what’s best for their game. Shelli is very vengeful and is still angry with James and they all know it and we all know it based on the feeds/her talks with the other house guests. Any deal Shelli would make with James, Jackie and Meg would not stick and technically doesn’t have to because she can always say she lied to them like James promised her and Her son safe.

    Keeping Van for them is better at the moment because at least she has no real vendetta against them and has her sights set on Becky and John. Nonetheless they know Van is slick and a liar.

    Just because Shelli smiles, looks pretty and cries in front of the camera let that fool you: she’s out for revenge in this game! And make no doubt she wants James out!

    • Lei’s cross our fingers they both go tonight, then the naysayers can say how smart they were.

      • Nope. Just one. (Without at least one of them there it’ll take a few days to find someone new to dislike. Give me a week to get used to the idea.)

      • Don’t get me wrong. I was rooting for the goblins but they more you think about it and hear Vanessa and the twins talking, the more it sounds like the Goblins have made a huge mistake trusting Austin and the twins. The won HoH two weeks in a row. Their reign is going to end and when it does they will be sorry they did not take off the head of the snake like they said they would last week.

      • Good question. I don’t know. I have developed a sympathy for Becky. I dislike Meg, and James showed me a side I do not like too. The way Vanessa manipulates him and Austin is amazing and they both look foolish.

        I’d like to see Jackie hook up with Becky and JMac. I think Jackie will be better off away from Meg and James.

    • Oh, I agree with you on that. But, unless they get Vanessa out in the DE, they’re pretty much screwed. Getting Shelli out is what’s best for James. I’m not sure if Shelli is so much after Meg and Jackie. But she’s definitely after James. I honestly wanted Vanessa go on Becky’s BD plan. But if Shelli goes, that’s fine too. But I really want Vanessa out next.

      • What’s funny is James accused Backy of acting in her own self-interests. He actually called her selfish for wanting Vanessa out and not Shelli. Talk about selfish! If Becky had not put up Vanessa she would not have a problem with Vanessa coming after her. When James told her he respected her HoH and would back her up, then flipped because Shelli stole his shirt (Julia did), James was acting completely in his own interests and it could cost his alliance big time. If one of the Goblins goes home they will be at a serious disadvantage against Vanessa and Austwins.

      • The thing is, is that in the event that JM goes (very likely) The goblins can steal the life vests from the floaters and literally have 2 free weeks before having to win hoh while the floaters fight a hopeless battle for survival. so he really only screwed the floaters not his alliance

      • Just the floaters…how many do we have left if JMAC goes…steve…maybe becky…then they have to start eating their own….all the rest are in an alliance of some sort offical and unofficial.

      • Yep. James put Clay and Shelli up as revenge for the Jason eviction. (Wasn’t that Vanessa’s idea in the first place?) Becky wasn’t being selfish, she was looking out for HER game. Vanessa is HUGE competition. Shelli is too, but Becky knows Vanessa can manipulate people better than Shelli. Let’s just hope that both Shelli and Vanessa are gone this week.

      • So true…Becky is the HOH…and if she made a move for her game you can’t fault her.

    • Except that Shelli has no one in the house now. If she wins HoH and puts them up they can take her out the next week because she cannot play HoH again. Vanessa has Austin and the twins. Even if she can’t play, they can and they will do what she tells them to do.

      By taking out Vanessa, Austin and the twins will lose their leader. It will even the odds in the house. With JMac on Becky’s side, the goblins will have enough votes to take care of the twins.

      What the Goblins are failing to see is that Austin does not control the twins. They control him. They are doing a lot of talking to Austin but not the twins.

      It seems a lot of people make the same mistake. They are thinking, “can I trust this person”. The question they should be asking is, “would this person trust me?”

      • So wouldn’t James be right to let Shelli go first If he were to think “would this person trust me?”

      • for James, yes, but for whole alliance? NO!

        The point is the twins do not trust them because Vanessa keeps telling them not to trust the goblins.

        If Vanessa goes no one will be whispering in their ears and telling them what to do.

      • Remember, they know Shelli was a part of the 6P alliance, so, they might be thinking…..if she wins HOH…..she’s putting 2 of us up. She won’t go after Austwins or anyone in 3rd Alliance. It’s Shelli’s fault for not talking game with them. They can’t read her mind.

      • Yes she does! If Shelli stays she has JohnnyWack, Queen Choo Choo and Mr. Floater: Steve! And it would only be a matter of time before she reminded the twinidiots of their sorority sisters bond. Plus she’s great at comps.

        And how can they take Shelli out next week if she puts all of them up during DE? That would mean only two of them would stay and the odds would be against them! They’d lose their appeal and clout and the austwins too.

      • JMac is loyal to Becky and he will be more than he is to Shelli. JMac already told Shelli he’d rather get close to the Goblins that Vanessa.

        Vanessa is the person everyone in the house should fear. If she hangs around, she will win the game like Derrick did last year. Anyone who wants to wins should take her out now.

        The twins are idiots for keeping her. Meg actually does have one thing right that they have to look at who they can beat at the end. The twins will get to the final 5 or 6 and then realize they cannot beat Vanessa.

      • Did John let them know that? He could have joined the group when Becky did. He’s another one that might go home if he doesn’t win HOH. So I say Shelli and John are stupid.

      • The goblins don;t trust him or Becky. They would rather trust Austin and the twins. Go figure.

      • Vanessa is not comparable to Derrick…it’s apples to oranges…Derrick was not a in your face player and continuously plotting and pressuring players to make deals..break deals etc..he was not even close to what Vanevil is…he was low key and got the job done by persuasion…not confrontation…Derrick never staged a fight to get what he wanted.

    • Your comment is spot on. . She’s out for blood and would not hesitate to put James on the block. Her word wouldn’t count for anything.

    • Well said…my exact sentiments…neither of them are good for the goblins…for the moment the Vanevil move is the lesser threat to them…Shelli will take James down if she stays and wins HOH…you can see it brewing…many say Shelli is on her own…no if Vanevil goes she’ll align herself with the twins as she was instrumental in keeping them safe and by extension… Austin…Van goes Shelli will replace her in that alliance..and she’s got becky, steve and John.

  16. Here is an out line of the 3 alliances (not including shelli)
    4th sense- Vanessa is the master and the Austwins are her loyal puppies.
    Goblins- James is commander Meg and Jacky usually go along with everything.
    Floaters- Becky and John are a showmance (sort of) and failed at their 1st and only move of the season with Steve just tagging along.

  17. Shelli is far less dangerous than some think. But Vanessa? She believes her own lies and that is very dangerous.

    • Plus Shelli is more likely to keep any agreements she makes. Vanessa makes a deal then starts looking for a reason to break it.

      • It hard to believe iether of them and they both need to go but it is about who to trust for this one DE. I think its Shelli.

      • She always says I won’t put you up, etc. she just gets someone else to do it. That’s her MO. And she thinks she kept her word and has integrity.

      • I think thats the mindset you have to have to go far in this game…Vanevil is the same…she believes in her own lies.

  18. Vanessa talking to Liz wonders if Austin is staging a fight so he has an excuse to vote her out. Is that not a reveal of exactly how Vanessa operates?

  19. Interesting that the poll still shows Vanessa as the evicted HG. Guess only a couple of people voted or something.

  20. Vanessa is going to win the second HoH and she is going to put up Becky and JMac. Becky will win POV an take herself off the block. Vanessa with then put up one of the goblins, my guess is Jackie or Meg, and that person will be evicted from the house.

      • You forget that austin wants to work with the goblins and Steve. They may put up one of the goblins but Jmac will go home

      • Austin, the twins and Steve will give Vanessa 4 votes. I do not see Austin voting against Vanessa’s wishes. She will come down on the twins and Liz will come down on him. They all fear Vanessa. Steve will not vote out JMac. 4 votes is all it takes.

  21. I wont be satisfied until after 4 weeks. Bc tonight is a double evict, and someone will be coming back in the house. And production will make sure it is Van if gets evicted.

    • Van is safe tonight unless there is an astonishing flip by the goblins. Then again if Austin, who is pissed at Vanessa, whispers something in James’ ear maybe things would turn around but I don;t think Austin will do it because Julia told him not to.

      • You are assuming one of the goblins wins the HoH. I am not. I think they will not win. The twins have been studying with Vanessa. The goblins have been studying with Meg. Advantage Vanessa and the twins.

  22. does anyone know where i can watch big brother online tonight. football is on in illinois

    • Check TVGuide online. It’s probably on after the late news on CBS in your area but you never know where else it might show. (In Los Angeles the same thing is happening so the show is running after the news but also on another CBS owned station at 9pm in the L.A. area.) That’s probably not possible everywhere but it doesn’t hurt to check! Good luck!

    • You can also try CBS website, they usually have it a few hours after it airs, but you can always find a live stream in your local area for programming, it also excludes sport events in some markets. I hope that helps. tonight should be interesting.

  23. I’m surprised Julia is not exhausted from trying to keep Vanessa off the ledge. Her crazy emotions and paranoia are just sucking the life out the house. Her demands for proof of loyalty would drive me nuts. I’m surprised someone hasn’t told her to just shut the f___ up! I would get tired if I was on her side and still had to walk on eggshells.

    • Yes what looney tune…just noticed as soon as someone wins HOH they don’t even have a chance to enjoy the win and she goes to them…ah can we talk…then she tries to make deals…2 bananas today for case of oranges tomorrow…what the f*ck don’t these people see it…it’s just as obvious as Audrey’s shenanigans.

    • Julia is totally loyal to Vanessa. She sees Vanessa has her only ally in the house because her sister is connected to Austin. Julia does not trust Austin.

      Julia better understand soon that Vanessa has to stab her or her sister in the back at some point. Austin will never do that as long as Liz keeps him as her man-toy. Austin has even said he doesn’t care if he wins now.

  24. sorry to say but with these people in the house nothing is obvious with these people

  25. The goblins maybe likable people but there so dense ! Who sends Shelli home with Van sitting right next to her ? *Shakes my head*

  26. John? That makes no sense to me. Although Shelli makes little sense either. I think Vanessa and Becky and perhaps even the Goblins have just as much chance to go depending on who wins HoH and veto – maybe more. Remember they will not have time to overthink it.

    • “The Battle is won before it is fought” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      Vanessa and the twins have been studying diligently the last day. The Goblins have been doing what they always do. James isn’t even going to try. Meg is just an idiot and because she is studying with Jackie, Jackie has no chance either.

      If I was Becky, I would grill the goblins non-stop because Becky’s butt is on the line tonight.

      I just have a feeling Vanessa is better prepared and will win HoH. Since she knows she is still their target she will not keep her deal for DE because she cannot play the next HoH and Becky can. There is an excellent chance a goblin is going home tonight, compliments of a Princess Valium and a stupid shirt that belongs to Clay.

  27. If history repeats, everything they’ve been studying all night for problem will only vaguely have to do with the actual competition. They’ve done this before. I remember one of Rachel’s season, her and Brenden stayed up all night practicing and the actually comp barely resembled what they practiced.

    • Ever ? Well, maybe not. I’ve seen worse. But they sure are not the smartest, that’s for sure.

      • It is funny though that James, Meg, Jackie, Julia and Liz are still in the house despite being challenged in the cranium.

        There are a lot of easily influenced HGs this year.

  28. The consensus among the house guests and the people paying attention seems pretty clear. Vanessa is safe. Yet 77+% of people voting on the poll seem to think Vanessa is going home. Who is voting?

    • People vote who they want to go. Even if you know the sad fact sometimes you can’t embrace it so you keep telling yourself….

      • Oh, I see. That’s weird, because the question isn’t framed around who you want to go, but who will go.

      • It has been the same poll all week though, hasn’t it? Vanessa was almost set to go when she was nominated. A lot of people voted then..

  29. If the picture I saw of shelli and van sitting in the eviction chains van Is not dressed to go home I could be wrong . Her hood is up but shelli looks dressed up a bit. I hope John wins it all.

      • You’re right ! Vanessa was dressed for this eviction she even had clean hair and no hat on. Its amazing how she changes her looks when she gets what she wants.

  30. I don’t think that the Austwins would put up John and Becky based on your predictions. I think that it would be the Goblins on the block if one of them won HOH.

  31. James thinks its worse to have one person who is alone coming after him than 4 people in an alliance coming after his alliance. Sharp strategist that James is.

    • He’s thinking ahead as if JJM take HOH tonight, probably feeling at least the Austwins will float to whomever has power tonight. I have to agree.

  32. Poor Julie, trying to create drama and suspense in this vote. I wish they could get through this voting thing quicker somehow.

  33. Send Meg home already. At least this week won’t be a total “BUST”! Just like Steven (Floater Extraordinaire) to nominate Meg and Jackie (sad). Nobody 4 MORE!!!

  34. The “Blind Squirrel Alliance” loses a member (Jackie), Vanessa is still in the house along with Meg, Austin and “Twin Evil” are alive and well, and Steven and Jon are the two “biggest worthless floaters” that I can remember in some time………………back to a mediocre season, after just one week and a “double eviction”. Nobody 4 NOW!!!

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