CBS Says Big Brother 14 In Summer 2012

It’s official, Big Brother fans! CBS has renewed the best reality television series for another season with Big Brother 14 scheduled to air in the summer of 2012!

BIG BROTHER, the summer reality hit that is wrapping up its most successful season since 2004, has been renewed for its 14th edition to be broadcast next summer on the CBS Television Network.

“Growing a show in its 13th edition on all these platforms is testament to the amazing creativity and energy of our producers. At every step of the way, they deliver innovative twists and turns that consistently evolve this proven franchise and engage one of the most loyal and interactive fan bases on television and online,” said Jennifer Bresnan, Executive Vice President, Alternative Programming, CBS Entertainment.

After record breaking ratings lifted Big Brother above and beyond previous seasons it should come as no surprise that CBS wants to see Big Brother 14 next summer.

Keep checking back and we’ll soon have Big Brother 14 application details posted.

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Source: CBS press release 1 & press release 2


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  1. I already can’t wait! I certainly enjoyed this summer BB! I actually gained respect for Rachel towards the end and think she earned the win. (notice earned not deserved)

    I sure hope that they either stick with all new ppl or just go for the All-Stars since I never thought the mix was fair.

    I also would like to see some of the posters from this site apply. Wouldn’t that be a hoot to put ur money where ur mouth is? Betting we’d all like that chance!

    Best of luck to everyone! It’s been real.

  2. Bidder Betty should’ve been women enough to give Rachel her congrats but in her true personality since Rachel didn’t do what she wanted in the game she continues to hang her lip. Face it bidder Betty u will never be a good game player as your dad. HaHa you really disappoint me with your behavior

    • I “THINK” the word you are looking for is bitter…. she isn’t an auctioneer you know. As another poster said Rachel earned the win, she doesn’t deserve it.

      • The Joker isn’t funny. He is really kind of lame. Just like his hero danni, he ain’t got no game.

      • @Wayne….I agree (the joker) needs to go sit in “tiMe oUt” w/dani&kalia(lol)

        theJoker n Dani n Kalia = a “bitter combination”…….(lol)

      • @ joker that other poster was also not very wise clearly. Beiing as how if you “earned” something then you “deserve” it your pretty much just saying the same thing but trying to make it sound better….don’t worry Dani sucks she’ll never win, she’s w hiny littlee biatch and I’m so glad Rachel won and didn’t need Dani’s vote to do so!

  3. I’ve only seen BB8 – BB13 and I think this season is in my Top 3 just based on the players.

    I think BB11 is still my all-time favorite with all the twists, Coup D’Etat, Team JeJo 1st meeting, intro of Have and Have-Nots, Final 3 Finale, giving the fans to actually be a jury vote for the BB winner, Chima’s eviction, etc.

    Looking forward to be a continuing follower for next season.

    • You can find the earlier seasons online.  Seasons 2, 3, 6, and 7 (all-stars) were by far the best seasons. The twists and comedy have just gotten thrown in to compensate for less and less brilliant players. Danielle from season 3, Dr. Will from season 2/7, Janelle/James from 6 and 7, all were AMAZING players.  Only two of them are in the possibilities cbs lists for 14 though.  Very sad.

  4. I would like to see new competitions and better have not choices. Id like for them to bring back the sabatuer as well as retire Jesse’s reoccurring role. Infact to bring back Evil Dick in pandoras box reeking havok on the house as a whole and make everyone question each others game to the fullest would be awsome! Just saying…..


      • Not possible since the winner of BB9 is in federal prison as in one of the other guests from that show. Seems he “invested” his winnings in setting up a drug running/selling operation.

  5. This is the worst big brother yet; it definitely felt like the show was giving the veterans the advantage in the beginning; and I still think that Brendan coming back was fixed.. Like seriously? If brendan didn’t come back Rachel would of been eliminated and there would of been 2 back to back veterans eliminated.

  6. I am thrilled that Rachel won.She was so deserving.I am very disappointed that no one mentioned anything about Porche crimeral acts when she spiked the muscle milk and Jordan was so sick from it.Why do you allow this type of behavious? I just hope if others was sick by her actions and deed that someone sues her.Jordan is ro nice and she will let it go but…should not.Porcheis hated by so many as is Dani,Kalia,and possibly,Shelly.AndAdam is no longer a favorite. Thel

    • yeah those 2 deserved to be up there, so glad adam was out

      lol @ jeff, the first thing he asks jordan when she arrives at jury house. ‘who evicted you?’ not even a ‘hi honey i missed u’

      • Actually essie there is such a thing as editing. Also go back and re-watch you missed it because of Brendons cheering. I am very detail orientted and that was the first thing I noticed because I thought “awww he’s so sweet” the first thing Jeff did was look over the back of the couhc and say “love, I’ve missed you”

      • Oh @ karen lol I didn’t see your post. He actually even saiid “I’ve missed you” right as Jordan was walking around the side of the couch.

  7. If u(Rachel), happen to read this website, “Congrats to u Rachel on “Winning”(like Charlie Sheen sayes, lol) BB13, U did an awesome job!!(actually, Dani needs to be glad this wasn’t a personality contest,lol). When u went behind the bushes cryn(flashback,when u lost the comp), that was funny lol, I just had to get that out,but all jokes aside. U really Improve & become a Stronger player after ur Brandon left he should be so proud of u…U should SMILE so BIG whenever u see Dani aka jealous witch(the hair color on her is terRible,I hope u read this Dani its not cute on u)….Anyways, I just wanted to send a shOut oUt to U Rachel, Congrats & Hope U & Brandon aka Bookie have a Wonderful Wedding….

    To BB………If you bring back any “Donato’s” to BB All Stars,(please let it be “Evel Dick Donato”,,,not “dani”)….just sayn lol…..:-)

    • really i think dani looks better with darker hair.. i was surprised she is blond.. or maybe she dyed it blond when she modeled.. i don’t know either way she suits the darker hair

    • You definitely sound like a fan of a cocktail waitress… maybe a little less sauce before your next post please!

      Just sayin.

      • @The Joker…U sound like a bitter Kalia/porscha/Dani fan (why r u so bitter)…..U need to go hide behind a bush(lol)….

      • Actually I am pleased that Rachel won, Jordan did not deserve it, Porsche did not deserve it, and Adam no way in HELL deserved to even be final 3.

        I’m not bitter at all that Dani/Kalia didn’t win, I was over that when Jeff got the boot.

        Raspberry you should probably get off the internet and back to your english class!

      • blah,blah….u still sound bitter at every comment/reply u make towards everyone…(fyi, I’m not leaving & u have a good day)

      • @ sparky….daniele suucks she lost she will never amount to anything without Daddy there to carry her get over it. And you were clearly picked on as a kid, Jeff is far from a bully he’s a straight foward honest person. BIG DIFFERENCE.

  8. BB no more all stars, veterans or whatever you want to call them. Start out big brother with new twist! Pandora’s box is always great. This years challenges where the best!

  9. How the hell could Jeff win America’s Vote ?.The man in vindictive, arguementative, and just does not know how to speak to women…………..As for Jordan saying that Porsche did nothing but walked around in a Bikini and cooked………she also won when she needed to……………at least she did not have anyone working their butts off to save her…………….Take a long hard look in the mirror Jordan before you make comments about others.

    • I know right! Jeff is a complete homophobic douche, and Jordan was right up there with Keith and Lawon as most useless player this season.

    • Porsche won when there was knowone left. She slept all season. What were you watching??? You must have missed the first 7 weeks of the show. Porsche was hardly ever on the episodes except for the live show when they showed everyone. And she wasn’t on any of the shows because she was always sleeping. She didn’t deserve to be on BB at all.

      • I agree w/Karen……exactly thats why, when kalia did her vote to insert her key she mention “pjs” referring to porsche for sleeping so much. P was a floater just A(who thinks he’s a All Star, for some stRange reason, A needs to see a psych, and plz A stop with all the yelling & juMping, he appeared to have alot of eneRgy after the game, but where was that eNergy during the game he was terrible during endurance comp,simple comps etc.) for ur attention A “We dnt wont to see U on any All Stars Series of BB”….thank u…:-)(now I’m sayn “yEll”)…

      • Rachel won people why still argue….jeff and Jordan shared more than half the total votes. Did you ever think that maybe you guys are the ones who see things oddly since MOST people loved the outcome?

      • lol so you honestly feel jordan was a better game player.. i never read any comments about her game play, just how she’s oh so cute in her humilitard and when jeff was going to give her a ring..

        if it were rachel and jordan up there, and dani voted for jordan wonder if she’d still be hated… obviously not

  10. Too bad we have to wait until next summer for BB14. Wish they would have a winter season again. I know when they did it before it was because of the writers strike but it would be nice to have it on twice a year.

  11. This is our last chance this season to Thank Matt for giving us a forum to share our thoughts and be kept updated. Thank You Matt.

    • I want to second that, Thanks Matt for the best BB fan site. I really appreciate your keeping us informed so well, have a great Fall, Winter and Spring!

  12. This is also my last cahnce to put out this public plea to CBS.

    Dear CBS, Please please please, add my twist next season. We’re talking ratings through the roof.

    1. Hg’s get evicted from the game…. but not the house. (keep that drama going)
    Just imagine the sour grapes when the hg’s that just got booted has to spend the rest of the season with the people that took away their shot at $500,000. and forcrd them to stay cooped up in the BB house, for no good reason. RATINGS.

    2. Evicted hg’s do not share the same privelages or punishments as the hg’s that are still playing.
    ie… Margarita Partys or shopping sprees… not for the evicted. But no have not stuff or slop either.

    • I know I have said it before..and more than once..but this was my last ditch effort to get it out there. If you have any pull with Allison Grodner… tell her my idea~!~!

  13. So it is only renewed for one season? CBS can air like 4 survivors and amazing races a year but they have to renew BB year to year????

    • Because the show didn’t have a guarantee. This year had the highest ratings since 2004, aka Big Brother 5. This is why if production needs to have a hand in trying to gain certain game results, people really can’t blame them, it’s their show and they need to renew to continue to make money. The vets return this year had a lot to do with ratings, and hey, it seemed to work.

  14. Lol I said last night was going to be my last comment, but I can’t stop commenting! I am very glad Rachel won. A good end to an average season. I am surprised at all of the strange complaints about Adam and Daniele. Plus, Shelly is apparently all forgiven now lol. The complaints, though, seem to be about Dani’s comment and Adam’s vote. I’ll admit Daniele’s comment was rude for no reason. BUT, Rachel also has said rude comments for no reason in the goodbye messages. People have to learn to look past them. Adam’s vote is also ridiculous. If you got evicted last by someone you’ve played with the whole game since week 2, you’d be a little angry too. I think if he had another week to cool off then he’d vote for Rachel too. But it doesn’t matter anyway because he won. I’m excited for next year though. I want to see some new people play. See you all next year!

    • shelly’s slate was wiped clean once she voted for rachel.. which is amusing since the shelly hate became pretty violent (her family received death threats!) funny how america works…

      supposedly adam told dick last night that he voted for porsche because he saw shelly vote for rachel.. i read this on another forum and ppl said they saw him mouth the word ‘rachel?’ to shelly in surprise

      i hope the next season is NOT all stars.. this season already had vets, no repeats pls

      • I like when they bring people back as an all-stars game of sorts but I really dislike when they mix new ones with old ones. Survivor does it all the time and this year I think too. I feel like new people are EASILY manipulated by veterans. Look at Boston Rob taking out everyone in his 4th season. This BB showed it too. Had Adam, Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche not been so easily swayed, this may have been a totally different game.

  15. Rachel: Deserved to win. Good job, Big Red!

    Porsche: Behaved like she was missing a chromosome. She was a quiet HG, with a dry sense of humor. The benefiber incident wasn’t cool; she should have been booted off the show.

    Adam: If you want to know the meaning of a “delusional douchebag”, look no further than Adam Poch “Spice”. America’s favorite, All-Stars…WTF! Sometimes, I think he’s smoking something else besides cigarettes.

    Jordan: She’s a sweet girl. Too bad she couldn’t fight her way out of toilette paper. Next to Shelly, she might have been the weakest competitor during HOH and POV competitions.

    Kalia: I can write a whole page on her, but it would only torture me. I will say, “Contrary to what she said last night, she IS Daniele’s slave. “

    Shelly: She was the ONLY HG who played with integrity. Her loyalty to her teammates ….okay, I’m lying! At least I can admit it.

    Jeff: I have a problem with people referring to themselves in the 3rd person. For one, I can’t take them seriously that’s why I find it ironic a “clown shoe” sealed Jeff’s fate. I don’t take Clowns seriously, either.

    Daniele: Beotch, biotch, biatch…only word I can think of without some bitches flagging me (oops).

    Brendon: Underrated player. Sacrificed himself to save his fiancé. He knew Rachel had the game to go farther than him. Also, Rachel acted demented when he was around. Good call, Bookie!

    Lawon: Worst game play EVER! There’s absolutely no logic in what he did. The only thing I can think of is maybe Shelly fed him a lie.

    Dominic: He could have been a competitor. Daniele liking him hurt his chances.

    Cassi: For the little time she spent at the house she sure was easy on the eyes. Her beauty worked against her. Daniele felt threatened by her looks.

    Keith: Only HG I have no opinion on.

    Evil Dick: Unless you’re a rock star, men in their late 40’s shouldn’t be sporting purplish hair with funky colored nail polish. Wish he could have played. He surely would have made BB13 a lot more interesting.

  16. Anyone notice how Porche told the jury she would do good things with the money if she won…What she going to do? buy more makeup and bathing suits? Look for her next in Playboy…lol


  18. These will be my last couple of posts for the season. First time commenting on this or any board this season, and at times I was reminded why I never did it to begin with, but I also enjoyed it, reading comments and discussing, etc. I’ll leave it with some final words on the House Guests, the outcome, and whatever else comes to mind…

    Dick: Didn’t like his tactics in Season 8, I believe he was overrated and his ‘strategy’ only worked because he was in a house of people too scared or stupid to get him out when they could. However, I do believe if he stayed he would’ve made things interesting this year, and I actually believe he would’ve worked with Jeff. So I can’t believe I’m saying this because at the beginning I was glad he left (wasn’t as glad when I heard ‘emergency’) but now I find myself wishing he stayed.

    Keith: Hard to tell given his short time in the house, I wanted him gone over Porsche in week one, but I think he would’ve added a dynamic to the game had he stayed. I don’t even think he would’ve stayed strong with ‘The Regulators’.

    Cassi: An unwarranted bad rap got her shown the door. Rachel’s reasoning to dislike her wasn’t justified. I think she could’ve added something to this game (other than looks) and I would’ve loved to see Shelly’s lies come out with Cassi still around.

    Dominic: The only newbie in my eyes who (at the time) actually wanted to play. I think had he not been a PT contestant as well, he would’ve become the strongest newbie competitor. He also tried too much too soon, however. My early-season favourite of the newbies, despite aligning with Daniele.

    Lawon: …Does anyone else hear crickets chirping? No need to even go into the fantastic stupidity of what he did, but hey, at least he ‘did something’ before he left. Until that point he added nothing to the game or the season as a whole.

    Brendon: I can believe he didn’t treat certain people greatly in the house, in either of his seasons, but this season I’m not sure I can blame him with Kalia around. (I’m kidding of course, you always find a way to be civil). Unpopular answer here I’m sure, but I would’ve liked to see him stick around as a fan of competitors. Last season I would’ve liked to see him run through the Brigade, and this season I would’ve liked to see him outlast several whom he didn’t, but it wasn’t in the cards.
    For all the rig callers, I for one voted for him to come back into the game, and love him or hate him, nobody can argue Lawon for Brendon wasn’t a great trade for the sake of the game. Nothing for something, no matter who’s side you were on.

    To be continued (as this post is getting ridiculously long)

      • Clever. I didn’t ask you to read it. I admit though it was long, and to think I have two more long ones awaiting moderation.

      • I also wasn’t even sure anyone would read this (or even see, before you say ‘trust me I didn’t read that long-winded crap’) with the season having ended yesterday. So, thanks!

      • Part 2 was somehow removed…

        Daniele: Ah, the queen of one-liners. I’m convinced even in old age she’ll never admit her ‘big move’ was a bad one, one made too early, no matter who (including her father) tells her as such. One too many arrogant/annoying/hypocritical comments kept me from liking her more, but I will always respect her competitive gameplay. The most bitter of the bunch will continue pinning that label on others. Gotta love how many times she says she wouldnt’ve gone against Jeff and Jordan, but also made comments about how everyone was ready to write them a paycheck and too scared to go after them. So, Dani, who were you going after then with Brendon gone? Say any name besides ‘Rachel’ and you’re blowing smoke. Jeff was clearly on your radar, too bad he ‘got you got’ before you could get him got.

        Which of course brings us to…

        Jeff: The only one I flat out ‘wanted to win’ amongst a few who I ‘wouldn’t mind winning’. I wonder sometimes if it makes me as sick as it does him about the whole clown shoe incident, because I felt he was playing the best overall game and deserved it, moreso than Season 11. I maintain that Veto though shouldn’t have been a must win, his alliance had the numbers, but we all saw what happened there (Shelly’s self-admitted fatal error). Seems like a guy I would like to hang out with, and someone I related to, as someone who’s read the wrong way and seen as ‘angry’ when not understood, and someone in a long distance relationship who’s rapport people like to scoff at because they don’t understand. Glad he won America’s Favourite, don’t care if it was twice. It’s a far stretch from the $500,000 he deserved.

        Shelly: One minute she ‘doesn’t regret her move’ and the next it’s her ‘fatal error of the season’. Sounds like she even lies to herself. (or as many pointed out, believes her own lies). She proved that it’s possible to make a move too early in the game, even with only two weeks left in it. Couldn’t win a competition to save her life, her logic in her ‘big game move’ was so completely flawed that it boggles the mind.

        Kalia: I could write a novel on everything I disliked about her. Realized as the season dwindled down that I’ve officially never disliked a Big Brother contestant more. These posts are long enough, I won’t even begin, I’ll just mention a glaring one. Strong competitors (as she liked to call herself) don’t give up on competitions. It’s not just the number you win (because two is just so damn high, including zero must-wins) it’s about the competitive will. We saw her give up more than once, including in her own HoH in the Veto comp that Jeff won. “I was tired, so I took a break”. Sincerely glad she wasn’t the one on The Talk today instead of Rachel. I think I would’ve thrown a rock at my TV.

      • db and sparky

        do you guys write your own material? with comedic gold like that, i dont know how you arent rich. and sparky wow you can click ‘reply’, type, and click ‘submit’ in your sleep? thats some kinda talent.

      • I’m sorry but I have to say this. I find it pathetic that MJ’s second part is apparently needing moderator approval when he’s actually discussing the game, intelligently speaking opinion, but these two clows db and sparky can have a back-and-forth chat about coffee and what kind of coffee they want when it’s completely off topic but that apparently doesn’t need approval. The first line in the ‘Commenting Rules’ is “Keep the conversation civil and on topic”. Good to see you guys hold to that.

        Well written, MJ

      • lol wow. My comment got removed too due to constructive criticism towards the site, guess the truth hurts. What a joke.

      • JeGa, I’m not usually up at 1AM to manually approve comments. Your comment was not removed, it had to be manually approved, which I just did.

        Don’t be so rash next time. You come off looking foolish.

      • @ TML … glad to hear theres something im good at… hehe… you can read db and i over at with MATT also

      • Matt, ok then, but I don’t see why MY comment even went under the microscope to begin with, unless the system automatically flags criticism, I doubt it’s that intuitive. It wasn’t a long message or otherwise spam-like, but alright. Thanks for the clarity.

  19. I guess Part 2 will be moderated when it wants to, but I’d like to get this done now. On to the final part.

    Jordan: All-around sweetheart, not many left in the world with a heart like hers. I’ll always defend her Season 11 win as deserving, not comparing her with past winners, but in her own right earned that win. This season, she seemed defeated, even before Jeff left. Showed some spirit in a few second place finishes, but I don’t think it was as ‘in her’ this time around. That being said, I don’t doubt she still tried, for Jeff’s sake as well as her own. I was glad to see her blow up at Shelly, it was deserving, and it’s a joke to say that’s ‘the real side’ of her as some have said. Even Rachel knew that wasn’t her, but good to see her emotions come out.

    Adam: Not often someone floats from beginning to end, but he managed to. I think he’s a good guy overall, and just got desperate in the final three and said and did some ugly things, but it’s a game. His final speech before eviction was a shot, sure, but what else is he going to do? He was trying to make the final two. He stepped up as much as Porsche pre-final HoH comp (both had 3 wins, whether or not one was thrown to him). I want to believe he’s joking with the self-praising comments made towards the end, because if he’s not, then something’s in the water in that house.

    Porsche: Like it/agree with it or not, she was in fact effectively asleep for 50 days. The golden key excuses you for 28, not 50. Just like Kalia, a couple of wins went completely to their heads, and it was sickening to watch the gloating. Several annoying comments, like Dani, but then a lot of her and Kalia’s time in the house mimicked Dani. (Sorry Kalia, huff and puff about it all you want, you played Dani’s game. Maybe you didn’t intend to coming in, as ‘you wouldn’t leave your life to come play with some girl’, but that’s what ended up happening). Porsche and Kalia using Dani’s little catch phrases incessantly was vomit-worthy, but I guess ‘That’s what Dani would’ve wanted’. One thing I’ll give Porsche, she was a versatile competitor towards the end, she won a few different types of competitions, just couldn’t nail questions to save her life.

    And finally…

    Rachel: Arrogance when she wins, self-pity when she doesn’t, and has some growing up to do, but there’s no doubt she deserved to win. She had some form of a target on her back from beginning to end, and still managed the win. From the outset, she was maybe my 4th choice to win the game, but in the final 3 she was my 1st by a landslide. 6 competition wins and 5 nominations, she deserved it and congratulations. A decidedly better player without Brendon in the house, I hope it’s a different case in the real world. His school fees suddenly seem a lot less intimidating.

    Random game note: I find it unfortunate that one vote, five words (I vote to evict ____) can give someone the self-worth that they single-handedly removed someone from the game, ignoring all factors leading up to it. But I understand that’s the nature of the game. Dani, for the record, Brendon essentially got himself out the first time, and Kalia, you don’t even get a say in Jeff’s exit if Shelly doesn’t turn the tide.

    Thanks to Matt, BBN and crew for another season of coverage and providing us with a place to catch up, read spoilers, and vent.

    Until next season.

    • I actually read all your comments lol, so I’ll do my own I suppose. Dick: I think one of the best to ever play. Shame we couldn’t see him play more. Keith: Not much to say. A case of poor choice in throwing a comp I guess. Cassi/Dominic: I thought they both showed potential. I don’t think it was Rachel’s jealosy blah blah that got her out. I think it was just that they wanted to give Shelly a key. Dom, like Keith, should not have thrown the comp. Lawon: *facepalm* Brendon: Did not like him last season. This year I liked him a lot more, but did bully at times. (i.e. “need me to show you a picture?”) Daniele: Really liked her in her season. THought it was one of the better games I’ve seen. This year she played too hard, too fast and was quite b!tchy at times. I still rooted for her though. Jeff: Excellent player. DO NOT like him as a person from what I’ve seen. Homophobic comment early in the game kind of sent me through a loop to be honest. Shelly: Did not understand the hate towards her. She easily played the best game of the newbies. People just got angry b/c she hurt Jeff and Jordan. Kalia: Decent player. Not great and didn’t add much to the show. Probably most desrving of winning after Rachel after the Fast Forward. Jordan: I actually thought she played great in her season. Not so much this time. She basically gave up after Fast Forward. Adam: I thought he played decent. Very lucky though. Shelly outshined him on flip-flopping so he didn’t get caught. Porsche: She did nothing first half, but thought she did excellent second half. THis whole benefiber incident has been taken a little too extreme by people. Not a big deal really. Rachel: REALLY DID NOT like her in her season. PLus, I thought she played terribly. This year, she was EASILY the best. No doubt. She also seemed more tolerable once Brendon left. Glad she won.

  20. but how will big brother survive next season with sooooo many people commited to not watch any more????? lol

  21. Just saw Rachel on the Talk and she is so happy for all the fans support They made her play a game she lost by a sec but the other host gave her and Brendan an honeymoon trip

  22. I hope we get either more return players. Or MUCH more interesting newbies than this season. Id love to see an all-stars as long as Dani doesn’t return!

      • I’m sorry but she is such a b**** she was making me want to slap her! Lol all the faces she makes like she’s just so above everyone and so amazing. And to have the nerve to call Rachel a floater, Dani did no different than Rachel tried to be friendly to the HOH..who didn’t? Lol much didn’t than “floating to powers” daniele was just jealous that Rachel didn’t need Brendon to make it through but she needed Dick.

      • I agree vetfan. I love it, they all said she would be worthless without Brendon. Well, they sure underestimated Rachel, because she was so much better in the game without him.

  23. is it true brendan (brendon?) cheated on rachel… when he said i love you when he was giving his vote, the face she made sorta look she was disgusted

    • he had to publicly appologize to her for showing his dick to someone on skype and it ended up on u tube…. low life toad…. you can look it up… its all there….

      • ew no thanks do not what to look that up lol… hmm yeah because her supporters are all saying she should leave him.. and i sorta felt like at the end of the game she wasn’t as ecstatic over him now that she was able to win without him, wonder if she’s re-thinking things as she didn’t return the i love you

      • Actually she didn’t win without him at all, he used the veto on her instead of himself and he ended up getting evicted when she would have AND most importantly she could not have won without his vote, she won by one vote only since Adam went back on his word and didn’t vote for her.

      • hmmm really because her fans think otherwise.. that she improved vastly in comparison to her older season when she paired with brendon

        i didn’t watch her season so i wouldn’t know for sure, but her devotees think so

  24. The most successful season since 2004! And they owe it all to Rachel, with a big assist from Bookie, Jordan and Jeff.

    Shelly redeemed herself, but Adam proved that he was the most petty person in the history of the show, he was and still is nothing but a colossal bucket of zeros, even Tori Spelling wouldn’t speak to him now, the audience even booed when his vote was revealed, what a loser!

    • Not toooo bad of a season! Rach would not have gotten as far as she did, if he bookie hadn’t used the veto on her!! She she didn’t win it fair and square! BUT… BB is not a fair and square game!! 3 more seasons??

    • Which reminds me, Dick used his veto on his “ungrateful” bitter brat b*tch of a daughter. Only Dick was able to escape eviction.

  25. I haven’t really been on since last night, does anyone know if Jordan was told about the benefiber fiasco?

    • yes and she is not suing or sending death threats or the likes, like the crazy fans who take it more personally than the actual players

  26. Congratulations to Rachel. I think out of everyone that played this season she really did have a target on her back and was amazed that she did win in the end. Out of all the players there she had to overcome many obsticles more than the rest of them and i think she was one of the most strongest competitors for the challenges. For a strong competitor it is harder for them to lose hence the crying. Well congrats to her.
    But can someone explain to me what Shelley was meaning last night when Rachel had said mean things and that were personal for i must not have been watching closely for i didn’t hear or recall Rachel saying any more mean things then any of the rest of the contestants did. Also this coming from a player who complete lied her way through everything and betrayed someones 100% trust not to mention the fact that she purpose made a fake ring up to bribe someone in the house with. That blew me away when she said that. She redeemed herself in the end with her vote but i think Shelley is beginning to believe her own lies. Though the most meanest comments i heard from anyone always came from Dani so that comment at the end just means to me poor poor loser(at least when rachel loses she goes and cries in a bush) Oh well can’t wait for next season

  27. Adam should no way be considered for the all stars. Other than screaming once in a while and liking 90210 there isn’t much he did that was extraordinary.

    It cracks me up when people don’t when anything until the very end. It’s much easier to win when you’re playing against 3 other people verses 12. It’s called odds. If you’re battling against more people, the win is more respectable than if you’re just going against 2.

    Rachael earned it for sure! She earned my respect. I couldn’t stand her at first but she redeamed herself.

    • I know right! I think he was actually serious when he said all that. I also find it amusing that he only seemed to play up the metalhead stuff on the live shows. I didn’t have the feeds, but watched every BBAD, until the final three, it was just too damn boring watching them play cards. But he never seemed to act like that on BBAD.

  28. Rachel deserved to win over porsche. Rachel should have taken adam. Adam would have lost against rachel. Rachel won 4 hohs ans 2 pov’s although adam won an hoh , rachel won more comps. Everyone saying how porsche deserved to win are all just rachel haters. I rooted for bendon and rachel the entire season and the voting would have been different if porsche and adam were in jury. Im just happy dani and kalia didn’t get any prize money. People can say well if brendon wouldn’t have come back all they want but point is that rachel won comps when she had to so she didn’t float to the end like dani said she did. Rachel was by no means a floater. If you wanna talk about a floater then look at adam and porsche. They floated their way through until most of the good players were out and that’s when porsche started winning comps.dani is just a bitter bitch because she didn’t win money and ended up in jury. Kalia talked about respecting game players and then voted for porsche to win. Im praying that next years cast does not suck and hopefully it will be a bb allstars.

  29. Tends to work out pretty often that while things don’t go perfectly, they have a way of turning themselves around. Wanted Jeff to win, didn’t happen, but he ends up with America’s Favourite and my fourth choice for wanting to win the game, Rachel, wins it all. Looked bleak a little bit in between, but not a bad ending after all.

    Goodnight everybody.

  30. OMG.. from TMZ

    View Video >>
    ‘Big Brother’ Winner Rachel — I’m Getting Married!!!

    She JUST won $500k on ” Big Brother ” Wednesday … but Rachel Reilly says she’s already dropping some of her winnings on a wedding THIS WEEKEND!!!! Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas were out in L.A. last night — when Rachel told us she’s having TWO weddings … one in Vegas and one on something called “Real Station.”

  31. TMZ ALERT..

    View Video >>
    ‘Big Brother’ Winner Rachel — I’m Getting Married!!!

    She JUST won $500k on ” Big Brother ” Wednesday … but Rachel Reilly says she’s already dropping some of her winnings on a wedding THIS WEEKEND!!!! Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas were out in L.A. last night — when Rachel told us she’s having TWO weddings … one in Vegas and one on something called “Real Station.”

  32. My only comment is that I’m surprised to see that no one else commented on the obvious, that Rachel, Jeff, Jordon and Brendon all had an unfair advantage in that their partners were with them through most of the game. Most everyone acknowledges that trust and numbers are the two most important factors of the game. If you are Rachel or Jordon coming in, you know that your partner has your back, ie., Jordan said it a couple of times as she dropped out of comps. If you go in with a partner and have a deal first to make two friends each all of a sudden you’ve got numbers because you have 6 votes. Maybe one vote falls out for each of you, but then you have 4 votes total, while the single “newbies” are struggling to make friends and decide who they had trust. It starts out being unfair and carries all the way through the game. That’s why Rachel and Jordan each had breakdowns when their partners left. I do think it made the “newbies” stronger, but they were still battling uphill the whole game…very unfair this episode.

    • Having a partner is just as much of a liability as it is an advantage. It makes you a much bigger target and it’s much harder to play and protect 2 people than 1.

      The vets had a big advantage b/c they were selected because they were great players and the newbies were a weak group casted. If the newbies were not so stupid and weak, they may have won. If you count Dani as an honorary newbie and Dick as out before it began, then it is 4 big targets against 9.

  33. A few more points:

    I really dislike Dani. She is extremely unlikeable, immature and an overrated game player, but great competitor at competitions. However, I think she would be a good addition to All Stars because she makes good TV and has no doubt added to the entertainment value of BB13.

    All the newbies are pretty lame. Shelly is the only one that is worthy of All Stars. Although at times I hated her, she made for a good addition the cast and in the end redeemed herself and voted for the best player and not based on petty personal disagreements.

    I sure hope I can see Evel Dick in an All Stars.

    I agree with an above comment. Adam is a delusional douche-bag.

    • Last I checked, All-Star meant all-around solid player. Shelly had manipulation and nothing else, she wasn’t even half-way competent in competitions, nevermind just not being able to win one to save her life. Her social game also flew down the toiler, all her lies were exposed and people stayed tight-lipped around her thereafter.

      Naming Shelly to Big Brother All-Stars is like naming an NBA player who can only rebound to the NBA All-Star game (I would’ve used a better reference, but it was hockey/NHL related and I’m not sure anyone would’ve followed)

    • I think that Dani is an amazing game player and competitor, and Shelly absolutely sucked. Maybe it’s just me though…

  34. Extremely excited to hear there is going to be a Big Brother 14 !!! Can’t wait:)

  35. i cant wait to see big brother again! I would like to see what happen to the past winners.

  36. I would like to see the allstars from survivor play Big Brother and the Allstars from Big Brother play survivor. That would be awesome

  37. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bring in all new cast members this season. it’s becoming really boring seeing the same people every year. I’m a real fan, don’t bore to another show. i think it would be cool to see former players every 3 or 4 seasons. but not every year. i know that many people apply to be on the show. Give others a chance to shine. PLEASE …….. ws

  38. I wish the age requirement was 18! Then I would only have to wait another 2 years!! Now I have to wait 5 years! Oh well, I guess I just can watch this show until then!

  39. I can’t wait for the 14th Big Brother season to begin. I hope that BB has all new
    people and no past players,except maybe for a surprise visit.
    I had the C.B.S. Big Brother internet service a few years now and I love it!!
    I saw things on the internet like the strategy session between the house guest
    before it got on the show.
    I am hooked on “BIG BROTHER”!!! I have the last two or three seasons t.v. shows on d.v.d. I also subscribe to Showtime to see B.B. after dark!!


  41. i think they need to truly go back to a great mix of newbies like in the beginning. Quit mixing in the veterans with the newbies and really get the game back on track. i’ve watched each season and it’s been going downhill lately so again i say bring on the newbies and make em a good mix this time !!

  42. im sorry but last season dani played the best game jeff was scared of her thtas why he backdoored her i cant stand jeff  he is a coward i hate him its ironic how he played twice and cant win dani played a great startegical game go dani for allstars please come back

  43. i do like brother but not all the people i wanted rachel enzo jeff and jesse to help them out

  44. The only black player gets voted off the first night. Wow CBS really? How about having at least 3 or 4 black people on the show at a time so race wouldn’t be an issue. 

  45. All the ethnic people are either older, out of shape or just not attractive. Yet you have all these young hot blondes running around or just hot white women in general. This is really messed up CBS.

  46. I like big brother but why is it they don’t have no black people on and when they do they be the first to be voted off. is they afraid a black person will win.

  47. All I have to say is thank GOD! Rachel or Brendon are not back for this season! My eyes and most importantly my ears could not take her or her voice for three years in a row!!!  Thank you Big Brother!! Bless you!

  48. hi bigbrother jeff here i”ver got some great idreas for the have nots to eat how bout stuffing & chocolate  coverd ants or maybe escagot &pumpkin pie

  49. I hate this season because boogie is a jerk and is taking over the house plus this whole  coachs thing is retarded i hate this season its byfar the worst season and i have seen them all i hope it’s not anything like this beacause i wait all season for this and i don’t know if i’m evan going to keep watching oh and shane is super HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. hey big brother, glad to see nothing has changed people still forget that we are watching and act stupid

  51. Was’nt a big fan of the coaches, But really love Britney, So go Shane hope you win it all

  52. I love Big Brother and Survivor also. I watch them all. I do wish the folks would stop the swearing. Old fashioned…maybe. I just think they can use less profanity.

  53. Brittany I watched sun 8/26 episode and I gotta tell you making the comment of comparing everybody who lost the HOH challenge to those in hospice was VERY  insensitive!!!!  Not a very good statement and the end of my watching Big Brother.

  54. dans life has run its course now time for him to go. he shouldn’ t have brought the bible in on deals.

  55. i’m sick that frank is gone love him know he will win the mvp.i wish BB would bring him back in a BIG BOX like they did another player a few years back would that chap dans a–? what a BIG move for BB Yaaaaaaaaa! lets get together all of us and insist BB get frank back in that house. go for it BB

  56. Will someone please tell that crazy girl from alabama what it means to get backdoored and please stop using it in every sentance, I wisH somebody would backdoor her please

  57. Dan has no family morals and should be ashamed the way he is as person and as teacher, what a disgrace to swear on your wife, your grandfather how this man sleeps at night is beyond me, with all the people that are sick is this world he should he truly ashamed and does not deserve to even be in this game at all, what a pity

  58. the last part of the season was so fake. It had to be scripted. Dan would not of came up with the idea of the funeral. Danielle was so fake over being upset that Dan evicted Shane. Once Frank was evicted it was no longer interesting and became so fake.

  59. Danielle is a whinny hypocritical brat that tried to pressured Ian into taking her tagging butt with him. Iam played a good game, Danielle was a sniffling baby all during the final 3. Pathetic, she should be embarrassed for her actions.

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