Big Brother 13 Runner-Up Porsche Briggs Interview

Big Brother 13 Porsche Briggs

Porsche Briggs secured her spot as Big Brother 13’s runner-up this week when she was narrowly defeated by Rachel Reilly in a 3-4 Jury vote.

Today Porsche sat down with us to discuss her game play, the choices she made this season, and what she has coming up next in life. Read on to find out who she would have taken to the Final 2, how she would have voted from the Jury, and even why she decided to take Rachel over Jordan further in the game.

Big Brother Network: Would you have kept the deal and taken Rachel if you won Round 3?

Porsche Briggs: I know many people are not excited about this answer, but yes, I would have kept my deal with Rachel. Her and I worked together very well. We had each other’s back. Throughout the game we definitely had a couple of hiccups, but at the end we got back together and I would have kept my deal with her.

BBN: If Rachel had taken Adam to the Final 2, how would you have voted?

Porsche Briggs: I probably would not have. Breaking a deal with someone is big in this game. If she had not taken me I probably would not have given her a vote.

BBN: What made you decide to take Rachel over Jordan to the Final 3?

Porsche Briggs: Jordan won the competition two years ago. It wasn’t fair when you see people who were competing so hard and trying to win this season to fight against someone who won one competition and a luxury then gets to win again. That’s not fair.

I also knew that Jordan and Adam had a Final 2 deal. I didn’t want to have to compete with Jordan to have Adam take me to the Final 2. Jordan would have taken Adam. Adam would have taken Jordan. I didn’t want to have that happen, so making a deal with Rachel was probably the best idea.

BBN: Coming just 1 vote shy of the win, which Juror do you think was the swing against you and why did they vote against you?

Porsche Briggs: Shelly was definitely the swing vote. In her pre [season] interviews she was really kind of obsessive with Jeff and Jordan. She really liked them as people and obviously didn’t want them to be mad at her. She sees them as people that are going to be friends with her on the outside. Maybe by sending Jordan to the Jury it cost me in the end, but it’s what had to be done at the time. I know Jordan had a big influence on Shelly’s decision for voting and I think Shelly’s definitely a follower in the game and didn’t show to be a leader at any point. I think she definitely took Jordan’s lead on this and voted for Rachel.

BBN: Adam’s vote surprised a lot of viewers. What do you think motivated his vote for you?

Porsche Briggs: Adam and I played the game a lot from the beginning. From Week 2 we were in cohoots with each other. I knew he was going to vote for me. He didn’t want Rachel to have the money. I knew he didn’t like the way she talked about certain things. I knew he was going to vote for me and I really had a strong feeling about that.

BBN: Would you really have traded your Golden Key to be at risk but able to compete?

Porsche Briggs: At this point, I don’t think I would have done anything differently in the game. Coming in to this competition, especially playing with a bunch of veterans, you were in fear of your life every week. Everyone was a target, especially if you weren’t on their side. Having a Golden Key probably helped me out in the long run. People like Jeff and Brendon maybe thought I wasn’t there to play the game, but anyone who gets on the show is obviously there to play the game. I took the blessing of the Key and played a social game, relaxed a little bit, tried not to make any waves, and let other people get at each other’s throats a little bit. Then by the time I could play I was ready.

BBN: What made you change sides to Daniele & Kalia after you seemed to start the game with Rachel?

Porsche Briggs: Rachel’s reaction to Brendon leaving was definitely a big factor in that. I do think that Rachel needed to be playing along side someone. I tried to remind her that last season she wasn’t there playing as a duo. She just didn’t seem to take Brendon leaving very well. Brendon was also a big factor in me teaming up with Rachel and Brendon. After he left, Rachel didn’t have much of a choice but to team up with Jeff and Jordan. At that time Jeff and Jordan didn’t really like me. They wanted me to make things easier for them like throw the knock-out competition. I was trying to play as fair a game as I could and didn’t want to be playing under any dictatorship.

BBN: What was your best move of the season?

Porsche Briggs: My best move of the season was winning my first Veto. Winning when it really counted. Day 55 [Fast Forward show] was a huge day for us. I had talked a lot about how to play the game with Daniele and Kalia. Daniele would always tell me, “you’ve got to have numbers, you’ve got to play with numbers. When one of us leaves this week you’ve got to get Shelly.” I knew at that point if I had Shelly’s back by voting for Daniele whether it worked or not with keeping Shelly in the game that would at least get me Shelly’s trust for a little while. It got me her trust long enough to get her to vote against Jeff and that put him out of the house as well.

BBN: What was your biggest mistake of the season?

Porsche Briggs: The biggest mistake I probably made in this game was opening Pandora’s Box. I was definitely in a cushy spot that week whether or not I trusted my entire team. Who knows what would have happened. Maybe they still would have voted out a Newbie. I just don’t know what would have happened. It was definitely a comfortable Friday before I opened Pandora’s Box.

BBN: Time travel back to the first night in the house. Would you still partner with Keith? If not, who would you have picked?

Porsche Briggs: Before we even knew there were duos, Keith and I were discussing working together as we walked in and looked around the house. I mentioned we should work together. Then he picked me to be his partner. I knew that was a terrible idea because a secret partner working together is much better than one out in the open. That kinda hindered me with that. I wish we had stayed separate and had been able to play against each other to get our other partner’s out. Kalia and I were probably going to be partner’s if not me and Keith.

BBN: What was your favorite moment from this season?

Porsche Briggs: The competitions. I would love to say “hanging out with these people” and getting to know them was awesome. It was. It was fun. Getting to play the competitions in Big Brother were just incredible and having so much freedom by not having a cell phone or Internet or news from the outside makes you really get back to basic communication. It was a lot of fun. You were excited when you won. Winning felt more fun because it was the big event of the week. Competing in the different competitions and pushing myself, seeing how well I could do.

BBN: Which HG are you most likely to stay in contact with after the show?

Porsche Briggs: Most likely Rachel, Adam, and Dani. Probably in that order. Maybe a little mix-up.

BBN: If you could come back for another season, would you?

Porsche Briggs: Oh absolutely. Big Brother is normally a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve already played with people having their second chance at it. I know CBS saw something in me where they thought, “hey, you’re one of eight people who could play with these all-stars and dynamic duos.” We had more winners in our season than All-Stars [Big Brother 7] did. I would be more than ready for that challenge to come back.

BBN: What are you most looking forward to now that you’re out of the BB13 house?

Porsche Briggs: My family all came out to see me so I’m really looking forward to talking to them more, hearing their feedback on the show, things they saw as opposed to things I lived. Finding out what’s going on in the world.

BBN: What’s next for you? What’s out there on the horizon?

Porsche Briggs: I definitely enjoy my job being a cocktail waitress and at the age I am, 23 and the youngest in the house, that kind of job is acceptable. I was always interested in acting and hosting the competitions really ignited a passion in me for being able to host things, read lines, and take on different personas. I think I’m going to do something around those lines in L.A. for awhile.


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    • congrats porsche, although honestly i thought she was older than 23.. explains her college-like humor tho

      ppl must be surprised she will keep in touch with rachel.. but then again rachel is still close to ragan who apparently said mean things about her as well

      • She will be in touch with Rachel cause she won a lot of money. In my opinion, that is the ONLY reason. She is crystal clear to me. Really.

      • I would not call Rachel at all after Rachel watches the show and sees all of the hateful things that Porsche said about her like killing her unborn child. If she had a brain in her head she would stay as far away from Rachel as she could.

      • At 23, she should not still be acting like a stupid high school student. She is a grown woman and do not call the things she did “college” humor. Most college kids do think of killing unborn babies with medicine balls. It is unthinkable that you try to play off the horrible things this young woman did by saying “college” humor. It is an insult to all of us that worked so dilligently in college to earn that degree to dismiss her actions by saying “college” humor. It was in no way humorous!!!!

      • ok i’m too tired to argue but it’s typical girl behaviour.. i don’t know why we get so catty but it happens.. maybe she enjoys that american pie-ish type of humor.. that raunchy, crude stuff

        either way i have read conflicting reports about whether jordan was really sick from the benefiber because porsche had apparently added it to the muscle milk the week when jordan was NOT a have not… anyway, if jordan has moved on i think the topic should DIE

        they all seemed pretty chummy at the wrap party, i glanced a few pics someone had posted at facebook

      • Hey Sheri,

        I hope Rachel reads these blogs and watches the show and hears and sees what a low life Porsche is. I wish I could be there when she realizes what a hypocrite and what a total sleaze Porsche is. To think that somebody like Jordan had to leave without a prize this season, and most of the other houseguests while Porsche left with second place makes me ill.

        CBS should have evicted her immediately after the Benefiber incident, and the totally immoral remarks about her being pregnant. UNACCEPTABLE.

      • NO Essie,what Porsche did with the tainting the milk and suggesting killing an unborn baby that is not typical girls behavior. It is the behavior of someone that has some type of serious mental issues, and needs serious help.

      • sheri, i think it’s being blown out of proportion… rachel wasn’t even pregnant and was drinking around like usual, which isn’t the best behaviour either for someone to believe they really are pregnant.. that’s why the other HGs took it with a grain of salt since rachel is pretty much a drama queen.. i’m glad rachel won but that doesn’t mean she’s some sort of angel

      • so sheri, you have never said anything mean about someone else? gossip, dislike, rumors are all human nature, and to think someone needs help for making a joke that you find unfunny is not only ridiculous, but its also hypocritical and ignorant. You have made jokes at others expenses before too. everyone has.

    • yeah what a sweetheart…not, I think you forget what the witch said about the potential Brenchel baby. She is an overconfident wannabe.

      • Oh excuse me, she felt it was unfair to be in a season with the vets but “oh absolutely, she would come back to do BB it again. Really, I guess in that season she would say it is unfair to be judged just because she had been there before. Seriously, Porsche, what a hypocrite. Also, she feels it IS acceptable to tamper with peoples food! If I knew her personally I would NEVER TRUST her again. Anytime things don’t go her way, they could and would be in danger. Just think people, what she would do if she truly hated someone. Can you say poison, possible murder? IT AIN”T FUNNY OR A JOKE!!!!!

      • Flyonthewall: I vomited right with you she is an unbelievable bitch and do not think any bar in California or Los Angeles would hire her they do not want a liability like her working for them. I mean the girl admitted she has no remorse for either putting stuff in the milk to make people sick or wanting to kill an unborn baby. She is a liability to anyone that would hire her especially since she said she only did it because she was bored. Would think her job prospects are very, very limited at this point.

      • so, Porsche, is going to hang around LA for awhile. If Rachael is unemployed, what makes her think she’ll get something – maybe a movie actress? Come on, Prsche, go back to Fla. You went on the show just to try to make it big, but forget about it. Go back to your white trash life. She bought her father dentures to come to LA? Didn’t he have any teeth? She doesn’t have a good personality, has average looks and body. So glad she didn’t win.

    • Her and Cowlia wake up 2 thirds in to the game and make them selves sound like some super players. Rachel played from the start, while Porsche sat in her bikini trying to figure out what is 2+2.

      • Wow, um, I’m pretty sure Kalia was playing the game from at least Week 3, when she let Dani win the HoH… And I’m sorry that you feel the need to make fun of her just because she isn’t a size 0. Pretty low and shallow, if you ask me. Guess you’re just a rude, ignorant person

      • porche had a golden key. what was she supposed to do? sink herself like dani? and kalia was a target after the regulators were taken out. and she made it to the final 5. give her some damn credit. and rachel felt the need to put the entire weight on her shoulders and PUT A TARGET ON HER OWN BACK. she had jeff and brendon as bigger targets. her “fighting from day one” is a load of sh*t.

        oh and stop quoting jeff and jordan with the “woke up” thing. its getting annoying.

  1. Hope you enjoyed your experience cus you are the LAST person they’d call back from BB 13.. Well, maybe Lawon would be the last but still… Congrats on your 50k :)

  2. That order that she said, so if i got it, she considers Rachel more than Dani?!
    I’m a little bit lost right now, who’s this girl?! lmao

    • Too bad she didn’t feel like that about Rachel when her, Dani, Kalia and Shelly spent all day and night trashing Rachel. I can’t wait to see how much Rachel wants to be in touch with Porsche and Porsche’s reaction when Rachel asks her about this….

  3. Love you Porshe! People that hates are Jeff’s obsessed fans. Actually they love you if you teamed up with Jeff (example Rachel) and hate you if you go against him. Ridiculous right! The average age of Jeff’s fans are about 14 yrs old.

    • Maybe cause J/J fans prefer people who are kind and not spiteful and revengeful. And their fans prefer people who do not find it acceptable to tamper with the food of others. Makes me wonder what else you might do to people you truly dislike. And saying you would keep in touch with Rachel first, YOu hated her. You are only saying that because she now has money and you ain’t stupid. I find you scary.

      • Sharionmarie you said it exactly. I mean would you want this person to wait on you. HEck no I don’t afraid of what she might put in my drink if she was BORED!!! Whoever she goes to work for better have really good liability insurance and have a feeling Porsche’s winnings might be spent on hiring a really good lawyer. Spiteful ugly mean vindictive creature is Porsche!!

      • good lord people its fiber. she didnt put rat poison in her food… you all hated rachel last year (thats the reason she is back. she and brendon were “most hated”) and now you love her. remember her from last year? “floaters grab a life vest” “ragan do you think its ok to be a bitch just because youre gay”. like, you are hypocrites. you only like people that jeff teams up with.

      • Ya, JJ fans are so moral. Do u think it was DPK fans who threatened to kill Shelly’s family?

    • Jeff is not a saint and Jordan neither. Stop the obsession about them America!!! Honor your your parents, not Jeff and Jordan!!! Come on people, what’s wrong with you all…

      • I should ask the same to you. What is wrong with YOU? lol

        So other people like JJ/BR, others like P, some even “worship” (to use your term) even bitter bratty D. Rachel won, Jeff got 25K. Moving on.

    • read all my entries i was never a jeff/jordan fan. I hate porsche because she is a bitch, ungrateful, liar. she has murderous instincts in her and should be watched by the police before she hurts someone. she tainted their foods and she talks about killing someone’s baby. she is a big bitch. i dont think she deserves any money and i beg CBS never to invite her back. porsche i hate you bitch.

      • Sorry I missed some of the season but was just wondering where did Porche get the benefiber to put in the drinks/food. who provided that or did she bring it into the house..thanks all.

    • @sisi, The fans of Jeff and Jordan are mature adults. Porsche acts like a mean 12yr old. Her nasty pranks should of gotten her kicked out. So I think you have it backwards…the average age of Porsche fans is 12.

  4. stupid move porsche. If you had taken Jordan to the final 3 instead of Rachel you would have won the final HOH and the half million dollars.

    • I thought the same thing until I talked with her. Her answer was pretty logical, well the second half at least. “Not fair” is a horrible justification.

      If she took Jordan to F3 then both Adam & Jordan would have taken each other. She knew they had a deal together.

      With a F3 of Rachel & Adam, she knew at least one of them would take her.

      Considering her poor performance in Round 3, if she hadn’t taken Rachel she might have ended up with $0. Plus, I don’t think she could have beat either Jordan or Adam in a F2 when it comes down to it.

      • Right on, Matt. She is not beating Jordan or Adam with zero right in the final comp. Say what you want about Jordan, she was not the dumbest one in the house.

    • Just say this happen.Porsche won the veto which she did and took Jordan instead of Rachel.Guarenteed Porsche would have won the competion which was endurance and for sure Adam would have won the 2nd HoH competition.Porsche takes Adam to the final two and when it comes to votes on the jury.It would have been Rachel Brendon Jeff Jordan and Shelley.Danielle and Kalia would have voted for Porsche.Either way with Rachel or Adam,Porsche gets 2nd place

  5. First of all, seriously, Porsche you were the worst at hosting the competitions, your phony host voice is so stale and fake, and don’t even get me started on your fake accents, btw the fortune teller did NOT have a british accent, she sounded more like the crypt keeper. Secondly, Shelly didn’t vote for you because Rachel was the better player. I am however excited to hear that you like “competing in the different competitngs”. I think you should use that 50k and get a college education. Btw there is nothing wrong your occupation, however you seem defensive about the topic, so maybe you should get a degree and get a real job, I don’t think acting is for you.

  6. Congratulations Porsche for coming in 2nd and not only in your first BB game, but at 23 years old. Was happy to see you at the Wrap party with Janelle and to learn that Janelle told you to lay low and win when you had to. Guess that’s what you did because you left with $55,000. Janelle also said if she got to play again she would love to be your partner.

      • Janelle I loved but have lost any respect I had for her when she said she would want to partner with someone that wanted to kill an unborn baby or that tainted milk to make others sick and feels no remorse. Maybe Porsche is more of a sociopath that Shelly is. Janelle was always one of my favorite players but not anymore.

      • janelle could also go to hell. if you were important big brother would have invited you back. please tell that bitch porsche to go get me a glass of scotch.

      • Come on folks, the baby things was a joke. And if the pregnancy was taken at all seriously (which it wasn’t), then why was Rachel continuously getting drunk while supposedly pregnant. That’s why you couldn’t take her seriously. Most of the writers her are so disgusting. No one in the bb house was a saint.

      • @sugarland, Janelle would of been invited back if she wasn’t pregnant and about to have a baby. You need to get your facts straight.

      • lol well bill i hate to break it to you, but at the wrap party JJ had said they were planning to visit so-called sociopath shelly at her house in new orleans…

        the HGs have all moved on, it’s over… let’s just anticipate the next one ok

      • Seriously, sugarland? I was not a Porsche fan but to suggest she’s going to hell because of a game? Come on now. I’m thankful you’re not my judge, or anyone else’s for that matter.

      • she wanted to kill an unborn baby and she tainted foods. if this is a game what kind of game is it? what has this country gotten to that u can say that and get sympathy. now about to get banned for speaking my mind but porsche can go kill babies and its okay.

      • @ stevens if u kill a baby and go to court and am one of the jury rest assured that u will be guilty and sent to the gas chamber.

      • sugarland. are you legitimately crazy? i think YOU might be the sociopath. Its fiber. FIBER IS GOOD FOR YOU.

    • Honestly, I’d be lying if the same thought hadn’t crossed my mind. He’s big into grooming himself a lot, for example his eyebrows. Plus there was absolutely no affection between Jeff and Jordon in the game. When Jeff was evicted, he just kissed her on the cheek or forehead? I forget which one. But Not once on the lips. That does seem a bit odd.

      • Did you see Will in BB7? Dude, he was grooming his eyebrows and shaving all his body hair (arms, underarm, etc). No affection? Would you rather they have make out sessions like R+B? Oh no, wait, then you’ll complain that it’s gross. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • @Kitty, Just because he doesn’t have sex for all of America to see doesn’t make him gay. Wow you’re sick. Did you not see all the affection he showed her on the final live show???

      • karen, dont you think its weird that they only showed affection (not just sex, you idiot) on live shows? they never showed affection when they werent on the direct television. i think they are phoneys.

  7. Congrats! to Porsche for making $55,000.00 I didn’t think she would last after her golden key. She did what she had to do to stay in the game… And she won HOH,Veto and final with Adam to make it…

    • porsche made BBAD a little more watchable-especially during texas hold’em games- and I kind of sensed production liked her because the cameras were on her alot( on BBAD )

  8. View Video >>
    ‘Big Brother’ Winner Rachel — I’m Getting Married!!!

    She JUST won $500k on ” Big Brother ” Wednesday … but Rachel Reilly says she’s already dropping some of her winnings on a wedding THIS WEEKEND!!!! Reilly and her fiance Brendon Villegas were out in L.A. last night — when Rachel told us she’s having TWO weddings … one in Vegas and one on something called “Real Station.”

  9. The only thing she could end up doing is posing for Playboy…she has no brains, and can’t be trusted with anything else

  10. The only thing i like about Porsche is the dress she’s wearing in her picture! She Floated all the way to the end, did you catch that she won basically nothing in the game, she didn’t deserve to win at all. I am so happy Rachel won, she played so hard, so never gave up when everyone around her hated her at one point.

  11. I am very disappointed Porsche was even allowed to continue in this competition after what she did to Jordan with the benefiber in the slop. She should have been sent home then.

    • Actually, Porsche was forced to throw the benefiber drink out before anyone drank it. It was a dumb prank, but she didn’t hurt anyone. Besides, Evel Dick got away with pouring a drink on someone’s head and throwing people’s stuff in the pool.

      • Porsche had no idea what the actual effects would be. She’s said in interviews that she thought it would make the other HGs crap their pants and that’s what she hoped would happen. We knew it wouldn’t do much, but she did not.

        Porsche had malicious intent with her actions even if she wasn’t successful.

  12. All you haters out there…. this was a game. Why don’t you all go and lock yourselves up for 3 months and see how it feels. You do what you have to do to get in the game. So quit with all the nastiness… she came in second…Congrats Porsche. They are all going to be friends, so get a life all you haters.

      • oh man here is irony.

        db saying someone sounds nasty.

        i dont think you have said one nice thing on this entire page.

    • i completely agree with you ms mary. so much hate just means that they will probably bring her back and if they do she will probably be a force to be reckoned with. she was definitely the best one out of all the brand-newbians. if she would exercise more and sleep less she would win more physical and endurance comps.

  13. Congrates Porsche from a Big Jeff fan…the sweat/leisure outfits gotta go though…they’re more suited for Ol’ Shelly.

  14. What an insult to college students “humor”. I wasn’t a fan of Shelly but I give her credit for voting for the person who played the game and didn’t sleep through most of it. Adam is so girlie giving his vote to P cuz he was mad at R for not taking him to F2. Im so glad Rachel won. Rachel spoke proudly of being a cocktail waitress, unlike P who acts embarrassed by it. Since she can host and read – wow, now she can turn in her apron. When Rachel hears what P said about her pregnancy, no way will she keep in touch with such low life.

  15. I thought it was interesting that Porsche did not mention Kalia among those with whom she would keep in touch. They spent alot of time together in the house. Maybe she was as sick of listening to Kalia as I was on the live feeds. MAN, that woman can talk!

    Did none of you catch the live feeds when it was noted that Porsche is being taken care of by two “sugar daddies?” Way to go, wholesome 23 year old! NOT! Porsche was mean and cruel throughout most of the game. She is NOT someone I’d like to know in real life.

    • yeah she probably has a hearing loss from listening to Kahlia all the time in house, besides she couldn’t afford to hang out w/Kahlia the two of them would literally eat through the $55k she won

  16. Yeah, Matt, you were great, even thogh I thought you were conniving on BB, but you have a flair for writing.

  17. Hey Matt!

    Is Porsche aware of what a sleazy player she was, putting Benefiber in the shake powder so people would get sick, and threatening to kick Rachel in the stomach when she thought she was pregnant. Unacceptable behavior. In the BB house, or outside in any social realm. Should have been kicked out immediately. Shame she won second place at the expense of Jordan who is a sweetheart of a girls, and who was most affected by Porsche’s bad conduct. CBS should penlize her and take her prize money away.

  18. Hey Porshe, use your money to buy something other than ugly Sweat-pants, that struggle to contain your big —!

  19. dear porshe
    i hate to be mean but use the money to get some acting classes
    you sounded like a robot when you were hosting
    you should also join a gym cause you really let yourself go
    right now you dont stand a chance

  20. One day we will all hear about Porche Briggs! I think she will harm someone in such a way that she will be jailed for it! She has promoted herself as such a unworthy b—h .I do not care if someone says differant when this stupid woman did what she did to other houseguest and go on to say she would harm an unborn child! CRAZY! she is a NUT! I just hope someone does something about her horrible pranks and I hope Rachel NEVER has anything to do with her! Thel

    • rachel was getting drunk when she was “pregnant”. porche may have said it, but rachel actually DID IT. think about that.

      • @Matt (BBN)

        This comment may be to late, but Rachel was definitely drinking during the time she thought she was pregnant. I remember thinking why would she be drinking if she actually thought she was pregnant. She was drinking wine with the grapes in it. Gellieman is correct. She may not have gotten drunk, but did drink her wine.

  21. all you porsche haters need to stop being so vicious. she was not my favorite player and i was also doing some hating but some of you have taken it too far. her personality inside the house doesn’t reflect who she is outside the house. i think danielle was a bad influence on her, shelly, and kalia. if porsche really hated rachel then she wouldn’t have compared herself to rachel in her HOH blog and in the speeches she made when she was on the block. rach and porsh were like two fighters who don’t like each other and they say crazy sh** but after the fight’s over they re back to being best friends.

  22. Porsche, you got robbed. You played a better social game than rachel did – you actually realized the jury had to LIKE you if they were going to vote. Your biggest mistake was not evicting Rachel. The feeds would have, for just less than a week, been watchable…the show itself could have been watchable simply because Rachel Hantz wouldn’t take up 90% of the effin screentime!

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