Caleb Asks Amber ‘How Do You Like Your Rabbit Cooked?’ – Big Brother 16 Live Feed Updates

From before the time Caleb Reynolds walked in the Big Brother 16 house he’s had wedding bells in his mind for the very beautiful Amber Borzorta. Now he just has to let her know she feels the same way.

Caleb explains their romance to Amber
Caleb explains their romance to Amber – Source: CBS

How did Caleb know he was destined to be with Amber before the game started? According to the Big Brother Feeds, Caleb saw Amber at the airport and wished for the chance to be with her for 90 days in the BB16 house. I don’t know if it’s true, but that’s what was said.

So here they are, face to face, a couple of Big Brother spoons. Caleb has his chance at Amber and he’s not going to let it get away. Ever since the Feeds came on last week we’ve seen Caleb holding therapy sessions with various HGs telling them about his deep, deep feelings for his future wife. Totally normal when you’ve just met someone, right? Of course!

Most Houseguests advised Caleb to just wait and not say anything, but after days of saying “tonight’s the night I tell her of our love” he finally did it. How did it go? How do you think?

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 2:05AM BBT on Cams 3/4 and you’ll find Caleb nestled in his Love Nest bed while Amber perches as far to the edge of it as she can without falling off.

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Caleb kicks off the awkward moment with a nervous laugh and the quick declaration, “I like you.” He explains neither one of them wants a showmance. “It’s not what I want. It’s not what you want.” That might be the last accurate statement Caleb makes in this conversation. No, wait. “I don’t know if I’m seeing what I’m seeing, or if I’m seeing something incorrectly.” That was the last.

Amber explains she doesn’t do showmances and Caleb is glad, because he doesn’t either. It’s Day 11 for both of these seasoned reality TV vets, mind you. He goes on to say that he’s attracted to her for more than just being gorgeous. He likes her for her morals and religious convictions.

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Here’s where it really turns. “There’s a certain way you like at me throughout the day and I’m sure you feel the same way.” Uh oh. Run, Amber, run. “You look at me a LOT,” explains Caleb to Amber. “Am I wrong?” “I don’t know,” says Amber. “I didn’t know I looked at anybody a LOT.” Caleb says that “everybody sees you [do it].”

Caleb says he hopes that when this is all over… she interrupts him to say “this is all news to me.” Nevermind that, Amber, Caleb has more to tell you about your undying romance. Settle in and just accept it already.

When this is all over, Caleb explains, he’s going to stay here in California and they can be together and go on a “big dinner date” and watch a movie. He’s already got big, big plans. Just accept it.

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Now Caleb raises a concern. When he comes in a room she leaves. Caleb doesn’t know why, but “it happens everytime!” He thinks it might be because the house sees them as the next Romeo & Juliet and that could make them a target. He’s pretty sure that’s it even those “we” haven’t given them a reason to think that. Oh yes, he’s already elevated their relationship to a “we” status. Perfect.

Amber drops the F-Bomb on Caleb: Friends. She wants to be friends with everyone. Not passionate lovers. Friends. I’m guessing Caleb is hearing a much different F-bomb though. He says he hasn’t be thinking about this too much. Lie. He can not stop talking about her and his obsession. Daily discussions on it. But no worries. Caleb says he understands and is much more interested in knowing her outside of the house. Translation: he thinks she doesn’t want a showmance, but loves him just as much and wants a real world romance. And babies. LOTS of babies.

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This goes on for way too long. Amber thanks for him for telling him about their romance and slowly backs out of the room and runs for safety.

Later Amber laughs about the whole situation to the other girls. The word “crazy” gets tossed around. Flashback your Feeds to 3:02 as Amber goes to Jocasta, Victoria, and Nicole for help. There’s even more talk on this there for you to watch on your Feeds.

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It’s hard to blame Caleb for his infatuation. Amber is a beautiful woman for sure. Ships have sailed for less. But Caleb, you’re getting way ahead of yourself. It’s creepy. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize here. Oh who am I kidding? There’s a good chance this will keep blowing up in his face and he’ll mistake the flames for her burning love.

As for Amber, come on, girl! Use this to your advantage. Bat your eyes, smile his way, and use him to advance your game and keep you safe. He’s already said he would take you to the end. Let him! Sadly I’m not sure Amber knows of the power of “love” in this game as she’s another complete novice to the series. And we’ve already seen how novices are doing so well this season.

Let’s just keep watching and see what fun develops from this. Now no one wants to see Caleb get hurt, but some highly awkward moments and chuckles at his romantic attempts are fair game, right?


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  1. Obviously Amber meant sex friends.
    She only left the room to go write their wedding vows.
    She only leaves the room because otherwise she couldn’t contain herself around him.
    Camber <3

  2. Amber is probably too terrified to try and “play” Caleb. I have yet to meet a woman who was flattered by being stalked. People like Caleb are scary.

  3. Amber is probably smart not to lead him on, he is obsessed with her, that type of obsession can be very scary for a woman, remember this is a man who beat a pig to death. Stay smart Amber.

    • He beat a pig to death? This guy is not just creepy. He’s dangerous. I’m a bit concerned for Amber after she leaves the house. Hope her family it working on her new identity already.

  4. EWWW. This is really weird. Perhaps this is the twist that Big Brother is going to exploit for all it’s worth since “America’s Team” isn’t quite working out..yet. Interesting. I can see Amber going to some of the guys for help in getting Devin off her back. Let’s see how this plays out.

    • Eww…if she rejects him he may cook that rabbit ala Glen Close in Fatal Attraction.

  5. Caleb’s fancy towards Amber is too intense for her to take advantage of at the moment. Hot, sizzling and yes, it can burn anyone’s girly or manly parts if not handled with care.

  6. I feel bad for Caleb!! Was hoping that they would have some type of relationship they make a very cute couple and it’s great for television!!!

  7. I always enjoy reading your recap! I enjoy the drama, feel bad for Caleb who fas fallen so hard for someone who not interested in him. I guess Amber is not comfortable playing along to get ahead which says something about her character. But it also may cost her the win.

  8. The truth about Caleb is that he is a racist bigot homophobic sociopath! He called the president a Muslim Monkey… he shot and tortured a dog repeatedly with his friends and laughed about it. He compare murder and gays in the same breath and bullied fellow students in high school. He is evil and the BB housemates should be very concerned.

      • Don’t know about shooting the dog (although it wouldn’t surprise me), but the rest was on his Instagram page, until it got deleted. (Did they take the first “r” out of Grodner?) However, numerous people took screen captures. If you Google Caleb Reynolds, you can see the Instagram pages where he refers to “fags” and calls the President a “Muslim Monkey”. (Hey, at least he’s using caps- out of respect, maybe? **end sarcastic font**) Most of this has also been in the LA Times. Looks like it is true.
        So if he’s done a dog, can a rabbit be far behind?
        To add one more rumor to the pile, which may or may not be true- I have read that Caleb did some wrestling with Jessie Godderz as his tag team partner. (Wipe that smirk off your face, we’re talking wrestling here.) Anyone know if it is true?

      • how did BB miss all of this and let him on the show? also, i think amber is biracial, which kinda blows the whole racist thing out of the water. post links, though, if what you’re saying is true, i’d like to see it.

      • The desire to place one’s genitals in the genitals of someone from another race does not mean said person is not racist.

      • I dont know why people keep saying he can’t be racist if he likes a biracial girl. Has everyone forgotten about Donald Sterling already?

    • I think you missed misogynist in there as well, which he beautifully demonstrated when he mansplained to Amber what their relationship was going to be.

  9. The first week is like a new relationship, everyone is putting their best foot forward, for the most part. Wait until the “Bomb Squad” is in jeopardy, then we will see some of the stronger personalities come out to play. Right now I think Caleb comes across as pathetic and childish like a preteen girl. But once he gets wind of people working against him, I suspect we will see the Caleb that has been shown in the media.

  10. If she were really smart, she would give this a lot of thought considering he’s a beast at least in physhical challenges. But for us watchers, this is really REALLY messed up. I guess thats what people call “love at first sight”.. Creepy!!

    • That is not love.. Caleb is used to get any girls he wants, and that is what he is trying to do.

      And Caleb is alreday too strong in the game, people will be coming after him really soon, and once they do that Amber would become their 2nd target.

      Better to stay away from her.
      No matter what Caleb still keep her safe for weeks to come

  11. I think Derrick needs to keep an eye on Caleb. The guy may get too wacky over amber in that house. Scary.

  12. This is the funniest thing I’ve read all morning! Wow. Caleb has major issues. How embarrassing. But beyond, the embarrassing display, I hope BB producers are watching this very closely. This may become a serious issue sooner rather than later and they may need to step in… he does not seem stable or even possibly based in reality.

  13. Caleb is a stalker and Devin is a nut. These two teaming up is a scary thing. I really hope they go soon.

  14. Caleb was not wise to play all his cards with Amber at once. Came off as an obsessed stalker. Now Amber will tell everyone else about the Bomb Squad alliance (which Devin brought her into in a ridiculous rogue operation) and that team is essentially defunct. Caleb not the sharpest knife in the draw, from a strategy standpoint.

  15. I think she is right and needs to stay away from Caleb.

    First of all Caleb is the strongest person and the house and will be winning a lot, He will become everbody`s target really soon, all the guys will go after him, and if Amber is with Caleb they will go after her also.

    And if she likes her so much,even if she does not go for the showmance still means that Caleb will not go after her.

    And the girls don`t even like Amber that much and all the guys thinks Amber is the most dangeours girl.

    Would be a stupid move forming a power couple for her..

    Go Amberrr

  16. I hope Caleb come back to Hopkinsvile Ky and Caleb is so cute and I hope Caleb wins big brother

    • He is narcissistic and a one upper that has done everything bigger and better with a cherry on top . He has lied about so much that he had forgotten about what he has lied about. What a lying douche bag . His dad , Paul, said he is only on the show to further his modeling and singing career . That is the type of players ruining Big Brother . Most viewers want to see everyday people on the show , not fame whores like Caleb Reynolds and Frankie Grande.

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