Big Brother 16: Will The Bomb Squad Alliance Explode?

With an alliance of eight Big Brother 16 Houseguests, the Bomb Squad mega-conglomerate was bound to hit some snags. Now with some showmantic (or lack of) drama brewing inside it some of its members wonder when it’s going to explode.

Bomb Squad alliance - Hurt Locker
Bomb Squad alliance goes *boom* – “Hurt Locker” – Source: Universal Studios

Caleb confessed his burning love for Amber on Sunday night earning him a deflating “thank you” response. Thanks to Devin having a talk with him (1AM BBT), Caleb is coming to slowly, very slowly understand that maybe that didn’t mean she loved him back. Now his over-sized alliance is waiting to see what happens between them and how it could impact their plans.

Cody and Zach were out playing late night pool at 2:30AM BBT when the topic of what could happen. Cody is confident “it doesn’t hurt as all.” Zach is a little more worried and notes that “ever since he came out to her” they haven’t been looking at each other. “That’s bad for us,” explains Zach.

Cody sees what he’s talking about and notes that “his ego is so bad” that he could decide that since he brought Amber in to the alliance then he can take her back out of it at will.

Overnight there was also talk from Caleb about bringing Brittany in to their fold (2:57AM BBT). Yes, a ninth member. Or, maybe an eighth if he decides Brittany should replace Amber. Brittany certainly seems to be “playing” the game more, but does the Bomb Squad really need any more cooks in its kitchen or simply votes to keep its control?

Most of the Bomb Squad alliance members have known this ridiculously sized group couldn’t last. It’s just a matter of what breaks it first and with so many moving parts it’s a race to that title. If Caleb’s rejection goes as well as some of us suspect then we could see their “BS” alliance fizzle out in no time.

What would you do if you were a Bomb Squad member? Stick by Caleb and oust Amber, add on Brittany to keep him happy, or maybe even decide to make a move on eliminating Caleb altogether? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. It is pretty simple from my eyes, if no one from the “Bomb Squad” wins HOH this week, this alliance is over. Caleb or Devin will be put up via a back door in the next 1-3 weeks. That’s my prediction.

      • I like the idea of backdooring Caleb if he goes off the rails and using Devin as their muscle and house target/distraction in the meantime. Caleb IS a comp beast but when do you reach diminishing returns? That way they could control Devin without Caleb around to protect him. Ultimately evict Devin when they’re ready.
        I’m really anticipating who the next official HoH is. Will the worm turn?

      • With the way things are going now… Devin will offer the HoH a ”secret” alliance between himself, Caleb and whomever else he can get at the time… Poor guy keeps forgetting that other people DO talk to one another.

  2. I wouldn’t want a loose cannon like Caleb in my alliance, but I also wouldn’t want Devin in my alliance. So I would oust those two before I ousted Amber, who seems to be making no waves.

  3. If I was a BS member, I would just wait and see, don’t do any move. But work with other alliances, even smaller group from within the BS. I think Cody and Zach would do well to try to work with Derreck and Donny.
    Sorry girls, I don’t see any Janelle type of players in this female crew.

    • Yeah I have to agree. Even though I do actually like most of the girls this season….most of the brain power seems to be on the male side. The women are lining up nicely to be used as pawns. I hope I’m proven wrong.

    • I’m holding out a little hope that Team Nicotine could surprise us, but so far the odds don’t look good.

      If Britt knew the game better she almost might be able to do more, but she came in very empty in that column.

      • Seems like alot of the HG’s came in this season a little empty in knowing how to play the game of BB. That is why I don’t like recruits that know nothing when they come in.

      • But at the same time, it’d be nice to really have them learn from scratch. Some of the recruits anyway are casual viewers thus they have a fair idea on how the game works.

        The problem I see with most superfans that join the show to play is that they are very self-aware, they can practically guess correctly the order of competitions they’re going to play, even if production have them by random. And the impact of any “game-changing” twist is felt less on them.

    • I concur. I was hoping Nicotine – Amber – Britt, even – but doesn’t look like they will make any strong moves. I see Xtine as strategizing and Amber as soliciting.
      If I was in BS – I would not target Amber this next week.
      And – I would not recruit Brittany to replace her in the B.S. No need. Brittany already knows she will be the target next week so spin that to her that she must vote with them to stay safe (or put her up as a “pawn” – yawn). To save herself, Brittany will vote your way. She would be more dangerous if she was in the B.S. The less she knows, the better. And you still have the majority votes, with little, if any, pushback from the rest of the HGs. Only IF Brittany wins HoH would you look down that road. Get her out next like you planned and that’s a non-issue.

      • I don’t see why there’s so much focus on “majority votes”. This isn’t Survivor. If someone from your alliance wins HoH, you don’t need any votes to keep your alliance safe. If someone else wins and puts up two people from your alliance, it doesn’t matter how many votes you have. The only time numbers matter is if the HoH puts up an alliance member against a non-alliance member.

      • I’m with you but they usually have a specific target they want out (not just with pawns). I think maybe part of it is sway/control the house votes to prevent the key target from successfully making a case to stay.
        Sounds like they want PowPow around to nominate every week and while it’d be ok if she was evicted, they really want someone else more “threatening” gone.

    • Watch out for Christine and Nicole. They know the game very well. And the guys that know the game already are spending the money. There heads are way to big!

  4. I do hope that Devin actually goes on the block initially and stays there all week. He will absolutely implode, back dooring him may be waste of time the more I think about it.

    • You’d have to nom him with PaoPao though (or some such weak player) to ensure they lose the BoB. But he would simmer in his stew all week, for sure. Just need a consensus in advance so no one actually listens to his pleas/false promises.
      I don’t know if Donny still believes in him but then again, what choice does he have? He has to play nice with everyone right now and buy time.

      • It’s a conversation between Britt and Cody about Zach attraction to Frankie. I’ll put it on FB

      • Can’t pull it up but did see something online that is prolly what you have here.
        Who would evict Frankie? I think Zach is the only one cold & calculating enough.
        If Frankie finds out Zach said this, he could play Zach like a violin (maybe he already is – his social game is excellent).
        I can see those two taking care of each other for awhile yet, now that Zach has settled down some.
        Frankie is a gamer, too, and the only one who could do Zach in; Zach’s pretty smart and conniving..and vulnerable to Frankie. But for now – they’ll stay together, I think.

      • Amazing how that works! Ha!
        But – Zach the Brat did say before the game that if his mouth is open, he’s lying. Who knows?
        Think I like Frach better than Zankie. Zankie’s cute but Frach is faster, fewer characters.

      • Oh I heard a little bit of that on the feeds but not the entire conversation. That’s probably why they were switching cameras.

  5. Devin needs to go but I think they really should keep him around for a little while, I would love to see what other horrible moves he makes, it seems as though this guy has no clue what he is doing so should not be a threat to anyone…. Cody, Frankie and Derrick should break away from the lame BS alliance and start their own… add Donny …this show is off to a pretty bad start strategy wise…that alliance was too big even before Devin decided to add more people.

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