BREAKING: Big Brother 11 HG Chima Has Been REMOVED!

This is not a joke. This is not a rumor.

Chima quits Big Brother and has been removed from the house!!

Official Update: CBS released a statement confirming Chima Simone was expelled by the producers and not by her choosing. Scroll to the bottom for the press release.

Overnight Chima was allowed to leave removed from the house and she is now gone from BB11. You can watch the events leading up to the eviction on the live feeds using the Flashback feature. That’s what I’ve been doing all morning!

Possible insider leak: An anonymous tipster sent me details from what we couldn’t see once the feeds went to fishies. Scroll to the bottom to read details.

Details on Chima’s removal from Big Brother:

  • 9:50 PM – The PoV competition is set up for practice. Kevin goes to wake Chima to come out and give it a try since she’s nominated. Chima gets up without her microphone and goes out.
  • 9:55 PM – Big Brother tells Chima to put on her mic. She refuses.
  • 10:00 PM – Kevin kindly goes and gets Chima’s mic for her. Natalie runs it to Chima who immediately throws it in the hot tub. Natalie goes to fish it out of the hot tub and tells Chima that maybe she won’t have to practice afterall (hah!).
  • 11:00 PM – Big Brother tells Chima to replace her mic. She refuses so Kevin gets it for her, again. Chima tells production to, um, put something in their mouths and create a vaccum…
  • 11:15 PM – Big Brother has to ask Chima again to put back on her mic.
  • 2:45 AM – Live Feeds are back and Chima is missing. Jeff says, “and then there were seven.”

Rumor has it that during the downtime in the feeds a house meeting was held. Chima was told she’d have to pay for the microphone she destroyed. Chima reacted as you’d expect Chima to react and she was removed from the house.

In past seasons the Big Brother rulebook has read that if the jury is short one member then production can use America’s Vote to backfill. That’d be awesome.

In all the seasons of Big Brother I believe this is only the fourth removal from the game, but the very first Drop Out Request (DOR). Chima won’t be missed.

All the HGs are still up on the live feeds. Jump on right now with the Free Trial to see what happened.

Leave your thoughts on what has happened.

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Update: I was just checking to see if Chima’s details had been removed when I saw her bio and had a good chuckle. Did they let Chima write this??

An exotic beauty, Chima is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Oh yes, truly as beautiful. Truly.

Update 2: Okay here’s what I received just now on what happened. The tipster believes this to be a credible source based on past details and it synch’s up closely with what we had heard so far. Until I can directly confirm please take this with a grain of salt:

Mike: Hey Guys, can you all come into the Livingroom please? We need to have a house meeting.

…. … they speak …. ….

AG [Allison Grodner]: You will be paying for the mic pack Chima, this will come out your stipend.

Chima: You know what? ***** this *****. I’m outta here. love you, nat–you too Lydia. *throws something* (her mic?)

She presses the diary room button, it doesn’t go green, she tries to pull the door open (EVERYONE is in the living room sitting down btw) and Chima says "don’t ***** with me, open this damn door. NOW!"

Then Nat and Lydia want to leave with her, but production asks them to remain a moment..

AG: Everyone, PLEASE calm down!

Lydia gets up and tries to open the DR door, bangs on it, crying.

Chima was SCREAMING at AG! The entire control room was told to record everything in case something happened. Security may have been there too.

So what do you think now? Seems very plausible and goes with the story that Chima had refused to pay for the mic. Too bad she thought the mic must have cost more than the $500,000 she was just a few people away from possibly winning. Not a smart move…

Update 3: Kevin just revealed on the live feeds that Chima will be banned from all media outlets owned by Viacom (CBS’ parent company) that includes places like MTV, VH1 (Sorry, no ‘Chima of Love’ then, gag), BET, etc. Kevin also warned her against slandering the BB production because they’ll sue her, but she told him she “has friends.” Delusional to the very end. He also pointed out Chima’s picture has still not being ‘grayed out.’

Update 4: CBS released this press statement today semi-clarifying Chima’s eviction though they note the full details will not be released until a future episode. I’m guessing we’ll see it on Tuesday night’s Big Brother show.

“Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show’s jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show.”

Did producers truly evict Chima or did they allow her to leave but and then decide to say it was their choice? With Chima’s blockade from media interviews I doubt we’ll ever know for sure.

Update 5: Chima has released a statement via since CBS and all CBS related outlets have banned her. You should read the full statement from Chima at, but don’t be surprised that Chima blames everyone but herself for her eviction.

I’ve never seen so much action in this house! You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds with the Free Trial so why are you waiting?! Start watching now!

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  1. There is some talk that Chima quit. We know she threw her mic into the hot tub. Since this coming Thursday is supposed to be a double eviction, I wonder now that Chima is gone if they will allow Michele to put up another person for eviction. That would take care of the double eviction.

  2. As a person of Jewish, and Spanish decent, I was confused at how a black woman would berate people for being racist, then call people racists….

    It seemed to me that Chima thought she was above the RULES!!!

    I hate to say this, because I LOVE President Obama, but she kept talking about him in the house, and almost made it ok that now that we have this awesome President, whom is of color, that she can call people “white trash” “southerners” and “people from red states”

    I love Big Brother, watched for years…
    This woman was an absolute disgrace to herself mostly, and to her family next..

    I think Big Bro made a very good attempt to keep Chima in the BBH…sakes they taped a LIVE eviction….

    Thank you CBS, and may peace find Chima sometime in her life..

    Walk in peace..

  3. Oh,that’s a real shame, I was so looking forward to seeing her go out the door the usual way on Thursday. Well at least she won’t get to pollute the Jury House with her racist rants.

    And no they won’t be bringing anyone already evicted back. Except for Jesse they all have been able to see all that went on that the others haven’t been able to. They could legitimately bring Jesse back I guess, third times a charm?

  4. I really don’t care what happened, I am just glad she is G O N E !!!!

    She made black women look bad. She was the typical “scorned woman”. She couldn’t let Russel’s rejection go. So sad!

  5. They won’t have to do the double eviction since the first one kinda just happened. The real problem is they’ll now have just 6 jury votes which could lead to a tie with no tie-breaker.

  6. OMG… what happened? Glad she is gone. Now lets see who Nat buddys up with. This should be good.

  7. Matt, I told CBS in my angry-rant message to them via the website that if they needed to remove someone they could just give America that vote.

    I also told them to grow up and stop pandering the whiners.

  8. I think Chima is the biggest cry baby in biggest loser history and if this is true, then she has just confirmed that. It’s a game people! I wanted her to be the next one voted out anyway and was glad to hear Michelle had nominated her and Natalie. If she’s left the show, then she can’t vote for the winner. YEAH!

  9. When I called the CBS (to thank them for removing CHIMA from the house)the VM was full. I believe the public voice started putting heat to the network.

    She thought she was above Julie saying on Thursday; “by a vote of 3 to 2 Chima you have been evicted!”

    Her pride couldn’t handle defeat on national TV.
    I do feel sad for the shame she has brought to her family.
    I don’t want to kick her while she is down and hope she seeks help and look at the sunny side of life and others. A strong woman is also one who can admit that maybe she is wrong. Strong does not = being evil/mean.
    I will write no more of C…..
    The PERSON has left the BBH.
    Thank you CBS!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sweet!! I blogged about this yesterday, let them go!!…..and when things don’t go Lydia’s or Natalie’s way, they’ll be next!! Watch!! I’m soo sick of selfish people thinking only of themselves… know had Chima won hoh, she would have gladly stuck around to torment the house….the minute things don’t go Chima’s way, it’s hatefest 2009 in there!! Let all 3 go….if it ends up being a shorter season, then oh well!! Better than letting the 3 witches blackmail the show!!

  11. i think they got alot of complaints ( mine also) about the way chima was acting and the stuff she was doing. i just wont to go on record saying thanks bb. you finally followed your own rules.

  12. The thing Chima has done % said was so wrong. She made fun of Russell,s ear , & I have a handy-cap grandson who wear,s braces on both legs, so it makes me WONDER, how am I suppose to FEEL about her being RAPED. He was born a pre-mi,so if she gave birth to a child not so perfect, what would she do to it? Makes you wonder !!

  13. It’s about time BB took control and did something about her!!! I understand that arguments and grumbling are a part of the game, but she has gone waaaay past acceptable behavior time and time again, and I’m glad that BB has finally reached the point we did weeks ago!

  14. OMG! Amazing news to wake up to! I think the BB screeners really messed up by letting Chima into the game. Isn’t there a precedent for bringing back a previous house guest in the game? Wasn’t there a stunt last year with Crazy James in a box?? They should let America vote for who to bring back. Yes, they know what’s been happening, but that “power” isn’t any worse than Jeff’s wizard power.

  15. Way to go Big Brother, it was getting painful watching Chima. I think she was very disrespectful of what happend on 9/11 and to all our men and women still fighting the war on terrorism. Being Jewish I found her racist slander doubly offense against Russell, how are we supposed to come together as a country with her vulgar rantings. Good move BB!!!!!

  16. Oh my finally she off she was the rudest person I have ever seen on BB, oh so glad meanie is gone

  17. Yeehaw!!! LOL!!! The Racist Chima is OUT THE DOORS!!! I wonder if they will let her in the Jury house? Maybe they can place Casey in her spot, let america choose!

  18. it’s about time that sick girl was outta there!

    i wish there was a way to bring casey back!!!! that would be awesome…

  19. I couldn’t stand her, but she was not worse than Evil Dick! At least Russell isn’t physically threatened by her, I couldn’t believe they allowed Dick to stay in the house with how abusive he was–and even win! It was disgraceful. Chima had to have left on her own, if they didn’t kick him out, they certainly wouldn’t have kicked her…..

  20. I am very happy that Big Brother removed Chima. I was appalled to watch her threaten what she would do if things didn’t go her way. She proclaimed to be a strong woman, however she acted like a spoiled brat. Strong women are wise and strong enough to earn things through hard work, not bratty rants!

  21. Bring back CASEY!!!!! I think half of America agrees that Casey should be brought back into the house. Maybe now that Chima, Ronnie and Jessie are gone he’ll stop smoking so much and watch his own back and not expect other people to do it for him.

  22. Judy, I don’t know what Chima would do in that particular case. She did, however, mention one night on BB/AD that if she had a test and there was something wrong w/the baby… “Hell no I wouldn’t want it”. What a sad excuse for a human being.

  23. This is sad! Chima gives black women and women in general a very bad name. She was a wanna be Diva. BB put up with her crap longer than they should have but props to them for not letting the players control them because that is exactly what she was trying to do. She acted like a complete spoiled bitch and does not deserve to participate in any future BB associations. She was getting her pride handed to her and I have to say she disgraces BB and America!She is a sad, bitter, selfish, racist, human being! Thanks BB! Now bring back Casey! Ask America!

  24. Will, it,s not over,, now she,ll go on every-talk-show-& talk MUD,,about B.B. You just watch, it,s everybody’s fault but hers.Maybe she,ll go on Donald Trump,s show, would,t that a slap on the knee?

  25. Yay! I am so glad she is gone. It will be a much better BB house for it. And the game will be totally different. It will be interesting to see how this affects everyone. As for them bringing someone back into the game like they did last year, that won’t happen. Last year it was planned, and all the HGs who were voted on by America stayed in the jury house after being voted off until the vote.

  26. To Danian @3, I thought this wasn’t supposed to be a political discussion but since you injected it I’m not going to let it go unchallenged.

    [comment moderated]

    And before the haters on this board (you know who you are) start calling me racist please know that my son, like Obama is bi-racial.

    Editor’s note: STAY OFF POLITICS.

  27. Chima’s picture isn’t black and white it is GONE!
    Good move CBS. I hoped you kicked her out so she can’t say she lost because she quit. I wrote to CBS and I told them if they were doing it for ranting by leaving her on it wasn’t working, if they wanted rantings kick her off and every one who aren’t even BB fans would tune in just like they did with John and Kate plus 8. I told them if they didn’t get her to stop with her racist ugly comments I would contact other net works, and radio stations, and they would get publicity of the network that not only seem to be condoning her ugly hatred racial comments by sweeping it under the carpet, rewarding her by bribes so she wouldn’t quit, and then by editing it to look like she was being bullied and calling Russel a terrorist because he terrorizes the HG. To insult our intelligence when we all knew the truth. Comments like Russel is a terrorist and Chima is the twin towers (is not a comment you make when you are saying someone is terrorizing the house) call him a bully. I know Kelly Rippa is a big reality show viewer and I mentioned I would write the Regis and Kelly a letter to see if it got out if CBS would quit letting this person control their show. It is a game. $500,000 is a lot of money but is it enough to go on TV to make a fool out of yourself and embarrass not only yourself, your family and friends, women, your race, not to mention Americans by telling someone that all Americans feel this way about him. She was an embarrassment to out country. Our soldiers fight and risk their lives so that we will have world peace for this racist idiot to go on TV and run her filthy mouth with such hateful, hurtful, racial comments. You cannot blame a whole race for something that some people of the same race have done. I hope Chima seeks some counseling and she can fight the ugly demons with in and find peace.
    You couldn’t hear what the rat pack was saying but Jordan and Jeff who she also hated were feeling bad for her. Jordan was saying nice things about her. Even through all the ugliness, and rude things she did. Chima, hopefully you will know a strong women will apologize when she knows she was wrong. I think Chima is on the edge, I really hope she gets help. I am afraid someone of the street could say something to her and set her off. Not only could she hurt someone else I hate for her to hurt herself. I think all of us who wanted her off the show realizes that this person is hurting and needs help. Let’s pray for her.

  28. @Matt– I was mentioning this last night during BBAD. Unbelievable. Production would tell her to put on her mic, and she just sat on the dryer flipping them off. Thanks for all your support and info on this site, along with letting us vent over the C word (As I will not utter her name anymore). I believe it was through all the info viewers found on here that enabled them to voice opinions to CBS and etc….. to gain some action. Thanks again.

    And to Killer, Nat and Lyd won’t walk. They wouldn’t get to see their master at arms, The Jesse-Meister.

  29. Ding Dong the WITCH is dead !!! It couldn’t have happened to a nicer (ha!)person !!!!! I truely believe she has mental problems and needs counseling immediately before she hurts someone or herself. It’s her way or the highway—and guess who is out driving ?

  30. Good Riddance. She has such a bad attitude and has acted like a child anytime she did not get her way. How old is she????? Regardless of how everyone feels about Russell (I myself am not a Russell fan) her comments about him being a terrorist and then even worse when she called herself the Twin Towers…were insulting and absolutely disgusting. From week one…her team of Jessie, Natalie, Chima, Ronnie and Russell (until recently) were just bullies. I completely understand it is a game…but the same must hold true when the other side starts to make a comeback and kick some ass. Good riddance you freakin’ baby. I am SOOOO happy she is gone. Now Gnat!

  31. At first I thought this is a joke! But it’s for real!! Yeah BB now don’t change your mind. This has made my day. She was worse than nails on a chalkboard. ewwwwwwwww

  32. Yeahhhh!!!! She is a nasty individual and didn’t deserve to be there. Bring back Casey!

  33. Hip hip hip Hooray! The wicked witch of the west is gone i am soooooo happy! But knowing BB they will probably let Chima come back. Then i really will stop watching. Lets see how tough Natalie is now. I cant wait for Chima to see how much the viewers disliked her. Wait until she hears all the negative stuff said about her. Does this mean she still goes to the jury house?

  34. Cudos to BB !
    Could have happened sooner as far as I`m concerned.
    Goodbye to the spoiled , arrogant, diva who thought the world should revolve around her.

  35. Mark,
    FTR, Damian did NOT make it political. YOU DID!

    His comment was about Chima and how SHE thought that because Obama was President she could say hateful things about those who disagreed with her.

    There was no need to add separate political commentary based on that post and yet YOU took the opportunity. Damian’s comment was ancillary and just acknowledged Chima’s statements to put it in context.

    His post was about Chima, pure and simple. Your post has no place on this forum.

  36. I don’t know if it was C’s “sense of humour” or if she really does have some sort of mental issues, but her comments and actions just went way beyond the pale.
    I just don’t know why she would go off and say such horrible nasty things! I am honestly starting to feel sorry for her because it seems that she could be delusional enough to believe the drivel that is coming out of her mouth.
    Hmmmm… Either that, or she is one hell of an actress!

  37. I am doing my happy dance now. Good riddance you sore loser! I hope she wasnt able to leave with Russ’s property. Honestly its no wonder she is single!! She needs medication and a Dr. or rubber room. I have never seen a more disrespectful person. I feel bad for her grandparents they seemed so sweet to have an evil spawn in their family.

  38. NO WAY they let her in the Jury House!

    She needs to seek professional help, seriously.
    Its more sad than anything.

  39. personally, i don’t think that they should bring back anybody. i think BB should be a one chance kind of game, once you’re gone… you’re gone. it’s not really fair to bring back scorned evictees… they already lost!

    (however… if they have to… Casey, Casey, Casey! :) )

  40. She has really screwed the production of the show, wow. I guarantee she is in breach of contract and she won’t even get her stipend check.

  41. Thank you CBS!!!! It’s about time that you regained control of the house! Her behavior was utterly disgusting! I don’t know where she got the impression that she ruled the house and could do whatever she wanted. She’s just a spoiled 2 year old brat in a the body of a bitter 30+ year old women. She’s going to have a very hard time finding employment due to her racial views. Again, thank you CBS for getting rid of her and making BB enjoyable to watch again!

  42. It is reported on other sites that she quit.
    also- she told people in the house that two weeks before she went on the show she was raped by a serial killer- IF true- than CBS was crazy to let her on the show- don’t they have to be interviewed by a psych so that the mentally disturbed aren’t on the show.

  43. I am afraid she is probobly going to get a taste of her own medicine on the outside. What she truly needs is some serious help and a muzzle.

  44. A great move on BBs part…In the end Chima got what she wanted…She’s been begging to be tossed through her actions for two weeks…@ niff,As far as her future job prospects….”Free lance Journalist”=unemployed writer..Its like calling a fellow who pumps gas for a living a Petroleum Products Transfer Technician.Chima has a tough road ahead of her…You just cant go through life harboring so much hate…

  45. Yay! So glad Chima’s gone. I wonder how they will present it on Sunday’s show. I’d be happy if anyone but Lydia or Nat wins. I don’t mind any of the others. Matt, you do a great job. Thanks so much. (I can’t imagine they’s bring Jesse back, he’s been ousted two times already, give someone else a chance.)

  46. Chima is the most obnoxious, racist, iritating, shameful excuse for a human being. If she was a part of my circle I would be embarrassed to even admit that I know her. I have children 10 and 13 and in their entire lives they have acted so immaturely. What kind of parents raised this piece of work anyways? Unbelievable!! Glad she is gone as she will not be missed. AND big brother should sue her for her antics. Give her a taste of her own medicine! SUE, SUE, SUE her I say!! Jeff was right. Between Natalie, Chima and Lydia the worst house guests that BB has ever chosen. Hope next season someone else is in charge of casting. And CBS should be responsible and show all of it …the good and the bad and not be so partial to the whiners! When a racist is a racist they deserve no protection whatsoever. CBS….grow some balls!!!

  47. Thank you BB, you have done the right thing. However I guess when it is all said and done I really feel sorry for the shame she may have brought on her own family. Seems that it would be hard to hold your head up and be proud and say that’s my daughter or grand-daughter after the way she has behaved.

  48. One last comment and it off to work….I wish I could have seen dada’s face this morning…Have a great day guys….

  49. What happens now with the block? Will Michelle have to put someone else up in her place? Will there still be a double evection this week? Anyone have any ideas?

  50. Woo Hoo…..loved waking up to find out chita is gone!! Set the pace for a great weekend!! Now, to make it better, to keep an odd number in the jury house, kick jessie out!! WIN-WIN……how about it CBS??

  51. Well i am sooo Happy and i am going to do the ren and stimpy dance! HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!! If they bring in Jessei then Michelle should replace Chima for Jessie and put him on the block with Nat!

  52. Well If america picks Roonie i would be mad but happy at the same time cause there will be people on his but like Russle! They should let one of the guys they had with Jessie like cowboy or the oters for america to choice from not Ronni or Jessie. I hope they bring back Bannana boy.

  53. BB does really stand for Big Brother not Big Baby
    Hope she has gone to a safe house for everyones sake, she will need protection….for sure

    I was worried for Julie and her baby…no one knows how crazy will act….I really worried she would get physical with Julie caught in the middle.

    I really don’t care how she left…quit?…removed?….NOW we can all start to heal.

  54. This is very unfortunate for her family. I think her mother and grandmother are probably very strong, moral people, but I think Chima has somehow, distorted the meaning of “STRONG WOMAN”.

    I think she maybe wanted to portray a female Evil Dick, but got confused about how to go about it. Maybe this will teach her a lesson about life. Too bad she had to do it in front of millions of people, so that this will resignate on her family…..

    Better days to you Chima…..

  55. Suz my causen was rapet by a rapist when she was 13 and her five brothers went in that house when he was penatrating her and messet him up bad and the cops said do it but dont kill him and they said they have been trying to catch him for years but she isnt sick or crazy she is a christain and very sweet but i think Chima is just crazy and selfish Biatch!!!

  56. Disclaimer notice: As there is another Linda in the comments room.. I have added an E to my name as our opinions are not = and wanted it noted to the rooms.
    Opinions are a great thing so keep them coming.
    Linda E signing off after a very long night/morning.
    The ride was fun!
    Until later… :)

  57. cammy dont worry cause Big Brother has BIG BRITHERS TO PROTECT Julie and every one els on the staff ok sweetie Thats what big brother do protect the little onse ok. I feel sorry for Chima cause the world wont.

  58. to June
    I didn’t mean to imply that those who were raped were mentally ill- only that the outcome for Chima if true is that she is disturbed in general
    But if true- she needed time to heal not be picked by CBS and put in a stressfull situation.
    It was irresponsible for CBS to do this and for Chima to submit herself to this added exposure.

  59. I think CBS should also sue Chima. I don’t think she has any money, isn’t she unemployed journalist? If she isn’t she will be after they witnessed her rude behavior, heard her racial comments, seen her deliberately destroy property, possibly be behind the putting M&M’s in Michelle food, know she is allergic to them. I would think Russel could sue for slander. I know she call Jordan white trash, but she went on on about Russel be a terrorist, and how she hopes he goes to prison and gets raped. Possibly Michelle could sue her too and the others involved in the M&M’s. Isn’t that assault? Attempt to murder? People can die when they have an allergic reaction to something. To deliberately put something some ones food knowing it will cause them harm is like putting poison in someones food.
    As desperate as Jesse is, and was using Lydia, and when she gets off the show hears what he said about her, he knew she has issues, but I think he thinks Natalie is sane. Wait until he hears his secret love interest tried to poison a HG.

  60. I Hope they dont decide to give her another chance because you all KNOW she’s gonna pull the race card. “ohhh..they evicted me because I’m black woman”….NO! BITCH..they evicted you because you are an obnoxious, vile, disrespectful, racist woman. Grow up and be thankful the producers took your crap as long as they did.

  61. Oh I feel for her too!! but unfortunately no one seems to be able to reach her. ALL of America feels for her….unfortunately

    I would LOVE to hear Evil Dick’s opinion of her….sorry last mean thing I will say about her

  62. Thank you CBS!!! I hope she (or someone convinces her) to seek some mental help. I hope the tie-breaker would be America’s Vote.

  63. I know Suz its ok i still love ya sweetie but any ways SHHHHEEEEEES GOOOONE HALAJUYA THAT YA JESUS!!!!

  64. it’s about time!!!! I am a black woman and was embrassed at the way chima acted. I was blown away to hear all the BS that came out her mouth. She seem to have forgotten why she was there. She seemed very angry and i think she should seek counseling. Maybe now we can get back to the “game”

  65. I don’t think they will bring anyone back because Thursday was to be a double eviction. Now they only have to evict one. I wonder if they will let Michele nominate another person and then hold the eviction ceremony on Thursday.
    Sweet Jordan told Jeff she feels for Chima and hopes BB can get her some help.


  67. Chima’s gone, so what. Why waste all your energy on her…. It’s so funny how people can talk about her being the bad person and then turn right around and say all types of negative things about her as though it justifies everything. How hypocritical…but it’s okay because she deserved it right? Please. Give me a break.

  68. jkat look up on top and it says they will bring anoter back and only one evection ok sweeti go on top of this list.

  69. As much as I disliked Chima for what she did, I think the pressure of the house along with her thinking she was better then everyone else and deserved special treatment got to her. Being locked up for this long and no outlet can effect people in different ways. Let’s remember she is a human being who needs help. I hope she gets it from both her family and a professional.

  70. There are so many negative comments about Chima. I would like any of you to go into Big Brother’s House and see if you could handle the pressure. There were lies and deceit and living in a house for a very long time with a bunch of people could cause quaos. Everyone thought Jeff and Jordan were the perfect couple. Well, they are not. Chima is human and with a game like Big Brother house, people can mentally be affected. We watch so many reality shows in which we are not really aware of what is really going on and come to our own conclusions about what we think is the right decision for someone. Chima was not racist, Brandon was. Let us not forget HIS comments. I am quite sure there were other racists in the house also. But who is going to admit it when they are trying to win $500,000. I don’t think Chima should have been asked to leave as Lydia said she would commit suicide. What is worse, throwing a mic in the water out of mental distress or stating you are going to commit suicide especially over a man. Russell should have been thrown out as well as Chima when they were both in each others faces and Russell in Jessie’s face. Jeff just about informed Jordan he had the “majical power” when he stated nothing was going to happen to them and almost slipped it out to Russell. Keep in mind Jordan and Jeff both had their mic’s off for approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Should production have assumed Jeff at that time was informing Jordan he had the “majical powers”. Our reality shows are becoming more and more intense and don’t be surprised if one day someone ends up shooting someone else on national television. It has happened before where a guest shot and killed someone. Yes, this is only a game. But it is a live televised game and people put up fronts for America and their families all the time. But teh reality of it all is, Chima as well as the others may be the nicest people you would ever want to meet. But, a game in which you could win $500,000 in a time in which an economy like ours has become devastating. People in Big Brother house are desperate and will do or say anything just to win money. Bills have to be paid, people are without jobs and homes are being foreclosed. Think about you and what would you do. Don’t bash someone until you get to know that person.THIS IS ONLY A GAME……

  71. jcat you just opend my heart sweetie and i am a christian and now i will behave my self and i will ask all my prayer partners to pray for peace for Chima and yes god made her and loves her to and he hates sin but love the sinner us yes us! He who has not sined cast the first stone right!

  72. I’m a minority and a woman. I don’t let her actions (whether good or bad) justify me. We are all different. JUST BECAUSE ONE PERSON BEHAVES A CERTAIN WAY, DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE ALL DO. There are minority women out in the world doing FAR MORE worst things to embarrass the rest of us than Chima did.

  73. @June I see where it says they “can” bring a person back as America’s vote. But I am wondering with all the craziness this year would they take a chance since this person would have seen everything. Now if they do let’s hear it for CASEY. That would really set off Nat and Lydia.

  74. denise but this big brother will leve a legesy am i right it will be the most talked about and the top one in my book!
    ps.. i know i cant spell so forgive me and i dont know how to check my spelling on the web so shhh Marg.

  75. @DAL: 12 other HGs managed to keep their sanity, composure, and basic decency (for the most part), but if you really want to try and justify Chima’s actions and stand behind it then feel free.

  76. jcat they always bring some one back like i forgot his name but he was a bike rider and had a mohack and pink hair.

  77. She who is without a bed in the BB house cast the first microphone?…Ok I really have to get to work…@June,bless you dear.Your one of my favorites…..Hey BB…Put June in da house!

  78. I had just reached my limit and stopped watching-until my friend called this morning. I just hope CBS doesn’t screw this up and bring back Jessie-then it would just be back where it started-again. ALSO-C needs therapy-a lot of it-she might want to book the hour after her for Lydia-who obviously has no idea who she is.

  79. Dal i think your in denile cause she did have racest among every thing and every body. Are you blind or just dumb!!

  80. Chima should never have been selected. BB goy what they deserved. They created it and they should bring her back. No one else has the balls to challenge Russell. This group is basically unlikeable and unstable, including Jeff. He is kind of slow, mentally. He’s somewhat chauvinist along with Russell who is a paranoid bully (China was right). Jordan, Lydia, Michelle and Natalie seem somewhat mentally unstable. Michelle also thinks she is better than anyone because of her position (researcher). The only one that seems normal is Kevin. By the way, Chima is not a racist. She may have prejudices. Racists have power. Besides, she made comments Black men (including OBama) as well. Right now, he is the only likeable personality.

  81. Correction on previous comment: Kevin appears to be the only sane and likeable personality.

  82. Awesome news! Thanks goodness. She really needed to go.

    @DAL- It was not that Chima just threw her mic into the hot tub. Have you not been watching what has been going on? She not once, not twice, but at least 3 times called Russell a terrorist because his family is from Lebanon. She even went as far to make a joke about 9/11. I can see people going crazy locked in a house with numerous people you’ve never meant before, but she went way too far. She needed to go. Big Brother made the right decision. Thank you BB!!

  83. Is this true she gone.Yes I,m so happy that they got her out before she did something to someone. thank you bb for getting her out

  84. Seriously-Kevin is the most likable? I don’t dislike him, but I would forget about him 10 minutes after meeting him-just vanilla.

  85. I just remebered Dick who was more of a terrorist in the house than Chima. Hmmm! Is his behavior any better because he is male?

  86. KELLY i know i didnt belive it untill i got on here too sweeie its so awsome right its better then going to Disny land how do you spell Disny land?:)

  87. To everyone,

    Thank goodness, what a beautiful Sat morning here in Fl and all over the nation. The witch is GONE!!!!!!!!

    NOW FOR MY THOUGHTS, as I said in another post and no one seemed to notice. In our cable guide here every week for the past 3 weeks they have only given Russell and Kevin’s full names(last year the last 6-8 wks it showed Evel Dick and Daughter) NOW for the this next week beginning for Sunday night show, it has Kevin and guess who, Braden’s full name for all 3 shows.

    What do you all think?? Maybe they are going to somehow bring Braden back, maybe they have had him off somewhere in seclusion..But I do think after seeing all seasons, someone is coming back…EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, remmeber…

    Let’s hopefully get back to an entertaining and wonderful show as is prev seasons.

  88. Good Riddance to Chima. What an evil, miserable, hateful, bigoted bitch. And a poor loser to boot. A cry baby, annoying, disgusting, inconsiderate poor excuse for a human being. Natalie and Lydia ought to go as well just for being the losers there are as well.

  89. Ding Dong the BITCH is out the door. Hopefully she will never get on another reality show. (Omirosa) I wish everyone would boycott the station if she did. Love BB 11

  90. Matt, I don’t think ‘DAL’ is justifying her actions, but you can’t sit up here and say everyone in that house acted like saints. No one in that house is any different. They all lie, deceive, and say what they want to. We act like Natalie, Lydia, Jeff, Russell, Michele, Kevin, and Jordan haven’t said or done anything to anyone. As far as I’m concerned EVERYONE HAS THEIR FAULTS. Not one person is exempt.
    You can’t just throw one person under the bus like that when all of them in there are shit starters. Chima just had the balls to say what she wanted to say. Jeff, Jordan, and Michele talked shit about Chima, Kevin, Lydia, and Natalie, but didn’t have the balls to say it to their faces. But America praises them like they are gods or something. It’s like whenever one of them does something, it’s cute and adorable. But don’t let Chima, Natalie, Lydia, or Kevin do something because it’s the worst thing that could happen. Like I said before, chima was NOT the only bad person in the house. We just overlooked all the other stuff everyone else did, and channeled energy into her. Be fair, and talk about everyone else that caused trouble. :)

  91. They need someone who can challenge Russell. HE IS A TIME BOMB they way he tries to question everything anyone says, does, etc. He wanted to tell people who to talk to.

  92. Did you guys notest that his one topic has the fastest and the most post of all on here? I wonder why!!!!!By Chima!!

  93. Also, is anyone forgetting that Braden bluntly called Kevin a fag and Lydia a bitch? This was not stated during the live eviction. He said this to both of them while they were in the backyard, because he found out Lydia had been talking to the other houseguests to get him put up on the block. But I guess it’s okay for him to say that, and still be praised.

  94. Good job producers for removing Chima from the show. She was racist and tried to instigate violence. Plus, she broke so many rules, she should have been removed sooner. It seems like she was receiving special treatment since the producers were basically rewarding her behavior with luxury items and giving in to all of her demands/threats. It is unfortunate that America was cheated out of the live eviction. One great thing about the live evictions is that no one can spoil the result for you by calling you with the eviction results. BB producers: in the future please stick to what you promise America and follow your own rules.

    Again, smart move to remove Chima, even if it was long overdue.

  95. I AM SO HAPPY THAT CHIMA IS GONEEEEEEEE !!!!! I got up to this great news !!! I really can not believe that BB has finally gotten rid of the most HATED person in BB history..I guess that with so many people letting CBS know ALL OF OUR THOUGHTS IT WAS TIME TO GET HER OUT FOR GOOD !!!THANKS BB for doing all Americans a Hugh favorite !!!! Post #63 Doug you have hit it on the head !!!! that was a great post…thanks for your insight. Post #65 Tina S you also had a great post..I hope that CBS has learned a lesson. I surely hope that the following BB seasons will be free of such hatred people. I also would LOVE TO SEE CASEY COME BACK !!!!PLEASE BB hear our VOICES…HURRAY AGAIN !!!!!

  96. Sarah, I agree. They do need someone who can challenge Russell. He thinks his shit doesn’t stink. I think that’s why Michele didn’t put him up. She was probably afraid that Russell was going to blow-up on her. LOL.

  97. Oh man I can’t believe Chima is gone. Oh well she want be missed. As far as being in the house 24/7 they all knew going into this game they would be there, I think she was just a little crazy from the get go and this pushed her over the edge. Oh well she is gone.

  98. Good job producers for removing Chima from the show. She was racist and tried to instigate violence.Her ongoing and continuous racist remarks were intolerable. Plus, she broke so many rules, she should have been removed sooner. It seems like she was receiving special treatment since the producers were basically rewarding her behavior with luxury items and giving in to all of her demands/threats. It is unfortunate that America was cheated out of the live eviction. One great thing about the live evictions is that no one can spoil the result for you by calling you with the eviction results. BB producers: in the future please stick to what you promise America and follow your own rules.

    Again, smart move to remove Chima, even if it was long overdue.

  99. For the last time, Chima was not a racist. Racists have power ti destroy, oppress, etc. SHE HAS NO POWER.

  100. This reeks of Rascism> Wether you all want to admit it or not. Very strategic. Another angry Black person. Remember the other person booted out of big brother because they posed a ‘threat’?!?
    I read this blog and was amazed at the hatred that was always directed to her.
    Why didn’t anyone take it like they did that filthy evil dick. He had fans. And he was an awful, awful, person.
    I see right through this nonsense.
    Yeah, I’m glad that she’s gone. And now you all can continue getting your thrills and chills from the rest of the rats going after the cheese.
    There are many Black women who are sick and tired of the negative, maligned images in reality television.And those who love to hate us.

  101. Thank God they finally did something and she is gone. I am so proud of Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Russel for the way they reacted, kept their cool and dignity. True signs of winners.

  102. “Disneyland”… They did not kick Evil Dick off because he didn’t brek the rules. They have kicked a male off the show before. There is not an anti female conspiracy…… except according to people like Chima.

  103. Oh if Chima still has a job when she goes home, can you image what she would write. She did not using her mouth to say whatever she wanted too, just think if she has a pad and a pencil. Oh well Bless her Heart is all I can say. She is a little pitiful and really needs some professional help. She had a lot of hate towards man and thinks she is above any actions taking against her for her actions.

  104. It is so funny how we now remember what Chima stated and funny how BIG BROTHER NEVER STEPPED IN TO REMOVE CHIMA AT THAT POINT! This is where we as viewers should have stepped in and protested BIG BROTHER..But we chose to keep quiet and do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Comments were made by Braden, Chima, Russell, Jeff, and every contestant in BIG BROTHERS HOUSE. We as well as BIG BROTHER are so caught up on ratings and who is going to be evicted,we lost what is important. If it was that important to any of us, why is it everyone are still supporting the show? Making BIG BROTHER RATINGS HIGHER. PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES…..

  105. At one time I enjoyed Big Brother and Amazing Race. They used to demonstrate human strategy and dexterity. What makes the shows unbearble to watch any more are the forums. Chima is not the only one who has issues.

  106. Good Riddance Chima, be gone fool.
    I hope they replace her with the last evicted house guess. WELCOME BACK JESSIE

  107. Yeah now maybe Lydia will straighten up and I hope that Russell finds his hats she hid… On with the game!!!!!!!

  108. It’s just amazing to me that people like Chima and Natalie and Jessie really see themselves as the “good” guys when they so obviously are not.

  109. BB in this case I think it was great that you listened to the viewers.

    Still not cool what you did to Jessie

  110. why would bb let someone with such a traumatic past like chima on the show??????????????? They were asking for it! She need mentl help

  111. It is about time BB steped in and did something to her. After the racist comments i wroter a letter to them and never herd back as i bet alot of you had. so i have to say i am happy to see her go and hope she get some serious help on the outside as we all now she needs it.

  112. @blackgirl

    BB did nothing to Jesse, he did it too himself. Please all he did for the last week he was in the house was mostly sleep. Jesse is self center and thinks he is all that. Please. I hope they don’t bring him back.

  113. This news made my day.I am so happy and can’t stop dancing on air. I would like Lydia and Natalie to ge. The sooner the better!!

  114. im so glad she is gone now michelle need to put up lydia with natlie. or bring back braiden or casey would be nice

  115. jeff is not playin the game and jordan is just plain stupied. he dont want her after this is over let kevin win

  116. I guess now everyoe on this board can shut up about chima now! Imean seriously evil d was gross russ is so crazy when he wants to be yet chima is worstnof the worst bs
    Guess every show needs a villian

  117. @Cassandra: Nice try with the double standard attempt, but you got it wrong. Braden called Kevin a ‘beaner.’ Jeff called Russell a ‘faggot.’ Both actions were condemned by most everyone including here at this site.

    If the best argument you can make is ‘someone else said bad stuff too’ then don’t bother.

  118. what is jeff next move if they bring jessie back bet jeff run and hide again under jordan skirt

  119. Carol, Jesse could have been awake the whole time it would not have mattered because the HANDOUT power was gonna be used against him no matter what.


  121. This is a season of ‘firsts’ for me:
    First time watching BB and first time EVER getting worked up over a person on a reality show.

    I emailed BB (another first) and expressed my opinion–and it looks like thousands of others did, too.

    The spoiled princess-diva could dish it out, but couldn’t take it. She went past the ‘entertainment’ factor a couple of weeks ago. BuhBye now!

  122. @bg: Besides the fact that Jessie’s first HoH was a handout, I’m not going to dispute Jeff’s gifted power. But bringing Jessie back won’t really be necessary since it was going to be a double eviction to speed the game up. Instead they’ll just need to have a single eviction and then figure out what to do about the missing jury vote (it’ll probably just be an America’s Vote).

  123. This is the last thing i gonna say about Chima

    Chima is a bitch who makes her race look bad.


  124. @blackgirl

    It was America’s vote that gave the power to Jeff, and America got it right by giving the power to Jeff and Jeff got it right by putting up Jesse. Jesse needed to be gone he thought he would coast through to the end. Jesse himself told Jeff it was the right move. Anyway everyone is entitled to their opinion that is why we live in America.

  125. hi matt great read,im glad that other girl is gone.w/ any luck we will see the evil step sisters right behind their mama.then we can get on w/the games.i did send a complaint via email and phone.i do get very emotional over 9/11 as well as the rest of you. danian pozas i agree w/you on the fact that i hope she does find some peace in her life.she is definately a train wreck and needs help.

  126. Chima was such a negative person – towards everyone and everything. There are three people who deserve to be in the final three and they are Natalie, Kevin and Russell. Why? Because they have played the game very well. Michelle, well, I don’t know what is wrong with her, but she is really STRANGE. Jeff has done nothing in the competitions, and Jordan is a tag-along.
    I hope that Chima gets some help because she has serious problems. Glad that she is gone.

  127. it’s about time, i was so pissed when the eviction ceremony was not live just because someone wanted that much attention…
    they shoul dhave asked her to leave way before that….they make the rules not the players….

    c-ya chima

  128. No MATT not America vote again.

    not another handout to Jeff. two handouts to the same person in one season. no way

  129. bring back casey or braiden
    Dont bring Jessie back didnt like him last season and was even worse this year

  130. Thank God!!!!! Chima is the biggest piggot I have ever seen,so up on herself and the ugliest nastiest person ever. I wonder if her close click have any idea how much they are hated?

  131. @bg: That’s what the rulebook said in the past seasons. Blame Chima, not me. This wouldn’t happen if she could have kept her cool and stayed in the game.

    If Jessie got to come back wouldn’t that be his second power handout in the game? He’d be one up on Jeff if that happened.

  132. chima was raped and attacked by a serial killer and had bones broken in her face. commemnts about her face are gross. i dont condone her actions but all the vile things ppl keep saying are rude. ITS JUST A GAME! u guys arent playing it. america should have no say in what happens in the house CDT etc

  133. Natalie has not won anything has she? She does not need to be in the final. All Nat has done in the house was find out stuff and run to Jesse. And now with him gone, maybe she will join him in the jury house this week and they can spend some time together and that would drive Lydia nuts.

  134. love how ppl keep saying chima is a racist (laughable) well then Jordan and Jeff are bigots (f@g comments) and so is braden (f@g and beaner)

    calling someone a terrorist is not racist he RUSS did terrorize ppl in the house

  135. Nat helped her team win the first comp with russ. what has jordan done???? flirt witth jeff

  136. Matt,Jessie did not get a handout, there was a challenge and Nat of the athletes won. Casey, Braden, Jordon etc would have won it for their clique because they were given the same opportunity. Can you say the same thing about Jeff.

    BB saw the outrage from the fans and decide to change the game to please the viewers.

    The last CDT was not a viewers choice, everone had to complete for it and Boogie won.

  137. i agree w/you matt on your last commet.i hope they do not bring back jesse,i would rather see americas vote.that would just be the kicker of the game.thank -you other girl for leaving.

  138. blackgirl,

    you absolutely CAN say the same thing about jeff! every single player, as an individual, had the same chance that jeff had to win the power… just like in the first hoh comp, everyone had the same chance to win the power… someone won in both cases, and someone was alotted a power.

    it was a popularity contest. JEFF WON. the first HoH was an endurance contest, the athlets won – and as such, Jessie won.

    neither were handouts. they both won the given competition fair and square.

  139. @larry/valerie

    August 15th, 2009 at 10:55 am
    Ding Dong the BITCH is out the door. Hopefully she will never get on another reality show. (Omirosa)

    Chima made Omarosa look like Polly Sunshine :>)

  140. @f team jj
    she didn’t call him a terrorist because he terrorized people. she called him a terrorist because he’s of middle-eastern ancestry. which she stated over and over again by calling him a Muslin extremeist, and saying he’s a terrorist and she’s the twin towers, oh, and my personal favourite… taking his rosary and saying he’s not a catholic, he’s a muslim terrorist!
    SERIOUSLY? it’s “laughable” that anyone would dream of calling those comments “racist?

  141. those comments NIKKI were PREJUDICE not RACIST racist implys she has POWER she HAS no power! and everyone is prejudice because of tv news etc. I dont think she shouldve hid his rosary though. But im not her.

  142. This news has made my day. Thank you CBS for removing Chima. Now I will start watching BB again. I absolutely could not continue with her in there.

  143. im so over ( the jeff got a hand out w/the cdt).we americans voted he had the most votes.everyone had the same chance.jesses 1st hoh was a hand out .russ should have had the power of hoh,and jesse join the team.i feel that way about all the cliques ( if they had won the challenge).but…we had to expect the unexpected and that is exactly what we all got,in every aspect so far.i hope there is another americas vote.

  144. America outrage about the way the game was going cause BB to change the game. BB saw that all the emails and vmails was about mr popularity Jeff so bb said let us please the fans thus the handout. BB is about keeping the viewers so they did

    got to go to work bye

  145. Cant wait for psycho paranoid russ will blow up on next…him guess either Nat or Jordan since those are the only two ppl he hasn’t done anything to yet. Now he can go back to being the villian. cANT wait

  146. im glad chimas gone. She was a horrible representation of humanity. im embarassed to be the same sex as her. and as for jessie coming back, hes already had two chances i think htats enough and if giving jeff another “handout” is wrong then how come america would give it to him then? maybe because of his character and morals- he deserves it b.c his actions were respectful.

  147. ummm…. i don’t know who taught you your definitions sweetheart, but they are megaaaa wrong lol
    don’t worry though, i’ll teach you.
    PREJUDICE, in a nutshell, is simply a preconceived judgement or opinion formed without any real examination of any facts.
    RACISM, is discrimination of PREJUDICE based on race.

    so yes, she made racist remarks.

  148. Does this sound like anybody we know (cough: Chima)?

    On Narcissist Personalities

    1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

    3. Believes he is “special” and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

    4. Requires excessive admiration

    5. Has a sense of entitlement

    6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends

    7. Lacks empathy

    8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him

    9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes

  149. THANK GOD CHIMA THE RACIST BITCH IS GONE.BB how much crap could you take from her? You gave her what every she wanted. You went to a tape show on Thursday instead of a LIVE SHOW because you were afraid of her. Thats BS. It was ok to say things about Russ and 911 (that was wrong) but if you said one thing about her being BLACK IT WAS A DIFFERENT STORY. What does she think the President is going to help her with a meeting with CBS?? DO NOT BRING JESSIE THE BABY BACK.

  150. Blackgirl Your saying that jeff got a hand out does that mean that jessie got one two when he got a secound chance to play the game?

  151. Can someone please enlighten me a little? I just watched BBAD. It did show Chima without her mic and BB asking her to put it on. It never showed the hot tub incident. However, it did show BB asking her to replace her microphone in the storage room. Later I see Chima with Nat. Lie and Kevin in the red room. She DOES have her mic on. Then before BBAD goes off, Chima is in the kitchen. BBAD never showed Chima until about halfway through when Kevin woke her to go practice. It seems that it took longer than everyone is making it seem and she did have a microphone on the last time I saw her…so maybe she didn’t get tossed because of this but because of something that happened after BBAD went off the air. Can anyone explain please?

  152. I sure don’t want anymore of America’s choices. The game should be strictly with the players inside. I would LOVE them to bring Jessie back, because that Jeff reward was just not right. To reward somebody because they are not winning anything and you feel sorry for them is not a game, it is sympathy. BRING JESSIE BACK and let him fight for the right to be there. He didn’t get a fair shake.

  153. @tired 131
    There are many Black women who are sick and tired of the negative, maligned images in reality television.And those who love to hate us.

    Unfortunately, Chima was not a role model for woman of any race or ethnicity.

    She was not a Maya Angelou or Oprah (two strong women that I admire). She does give the meaning of ‘diva’ an entire new level of meaning, though!

  154. Glad to see BB stepped up and got Chima out of there. Was upset by her not following the rules, when Jeff was chastised after one minor infraction. She was blantanly going against productions orders. Then destroying BB property.
    Was upset by her ‘twin towers’ comment. In this day and age to continually call someone a terrorist has only one meaning. Then to associate it with one of the worse things to happen in our recent history. I had a friend that died in 9/11, don’t berate what happened like that.
    Jeff was playing the game. He did what they would have done, if they had won the power. To act like a two year old and throw tantrums is ridiculous. Her, Nat and Lydia were talking about hiding the golf balls, so the rest could not pratice. They were talking about destroying Jeff’s clothes. BB, where did the bottle of hot sauce go? This is the behavior of 6 year olds, not gorwn people. Sure have fun and play pranks, but not when it is vindictive.
    If America votes to bring someone to the jury house, I vote for Casey. He was given a raw deal. After all, he wore that banana suit with no complaints right up to eviction. Bringing Ronnie back just hands it to the ones that are part of this.

  155. just hearing the news & am glad to be back. i left last night before everything cause i had enough, saying when she’s gone i’ll be back! didn’t know it would be this soon! can anyone tell us about the m & m episode w/michele & nat? i obviously missed something!

  156. Cateyes they did,t veiw it on the late night bb you can only see this if you have live feeds.when jordan and michelle where sitting in the kicthen eatting and at the part when you saw kevin go out to the kicthen to go back out side with her mic that when she threw it in the water.

  157. what really annoys me is that chima took a spot in the house that thousands of other people would had love to have, people who have watched the show and realize that you always need to expect the unexpected and learn to deal with it. she was a baby, and obviously had never really watched the show. glad she is gone, but would rather have watched her get voted off and go through the interview with julie, guess she was too afraid of that happening… one last thing, big brother needs to screen these people better.. anyone that could have a traumatic flashback during their isolation in the game should not be brought into the house, ever.

  158. raciist is a person with a PREJUDiCE belief that they are superior to another. So NIKKI you are wrong

  159. @ Sarah Mills and f team jj:

    I don’t see the word “POWER” in the definition of “RACIST”
    A racist is one who holds this belief/doctrine:

    rac⋅ism  /ˈreɪsɪzəm/

    –noun 1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    1865–70; < F racisme. See race 2 , -ism

    Related forms:

    racist, noun, adjective


  161. I am disappointed in Chima. I was hoping she would get it back together. I liked everyone in the game and i like chima (i know im weird like that) but i hope america chooses Laura. i don’t want Braden and I’m sure it’s between Laura/Casey. I would love to see Casey come back. I still can’t believe these people are upset over a twist of the game and that the meathead (jessie) is gone.

  162. wonder who ppl will scream racist bitch and evil diva at once the game continues. Since pol make russ out to be an angel

  163. I don’t agree that Jeff got a hand out. Every one had the same chance to win. Jesse could have been the won because he may have had some kind of fan base being is was on before. Chima and Lydia seem to know a lot of famous people. Russel being the terrorist that Chima claims he is just because of his race should have had the whole Muslim votes, Chima being about women power and how strong she is should have given her all those women votes, Ronnie should have had all the other perverted, cyber bullying followers, plus there was word that some one wanted Ronnie to win went as far to fix the competition for him to win. To me it sound that Natalie, Kevin, Jeff, Jordan, and Michelle were at the bottom (in the ghetto as Jeff says). We chose Jeff because of his character. The show is about to expect the unexpected. They signed a contract knowing this. Did you forget that Jeff was part of the athletic team? Who did you think was going to win that competition, Ronnie’s team? would could all say that competition was fixed so Jesse would be the one who came back. You have no idea what productions has scheduled. Before the program is aired or the game begins they may have a schedule of what is going to happen when. They don’t know in advance that I America is going to like Jeff. I am not one that likes to listen to the “f” bombs coming out of peoples mouths or talking about farting etc., which Jeff as also done, but I haven’t seen him lie to any one, be rude to someone by calling them racial names, disturbing their belongings, hogging the washer and dryer, etc., he just sits outside and takes it all in. That’s what you all hate because they can’t get a rise out of him. Even when he is mad he keeps quiet before he go offs on some one. I think he has handle himself very well. I think getting Jesse out was a smart move. The rat pack do not deserve to win. It past BB people have lied but nothing like this year. These girls in the rat pack are so immature and rude, not only to the HG but production. Chima walking around like she owns the place, bossing people around. She was bossing Kevin up until then telling him how to play the HOH game. I am so glad her vile mouth is gone. Let’s go Jeff.

  164. @ Matt…….. Good morning……. Hey Matt, willl they let Michellle put somone else on the block and just have one eviction next week or will they count Chima as one eviction andthen still have an HOH comp for the 2nd eviction? What do you think will happen now Maatt / Bluezeey / other BB Fans? P.S. Bring back Casey / Jessie but not Laura / Braden!!!

  165. it’s not a twist in game. Jeff didn’t have to compete for it at all. Just complain and whine about being atvthe bottom until America felt sorry for the loser

  166. I think that if anybody gets a chance at anything it should be to go to the jury house for a vote on finally night in chima’s place and pay them perdium. Jesse can’t come back because they would still be short one person in the jury house.Chima got what she wanted, to be able to say she was the victim. All I’m gonna say about last night is after a little time with people your true you will show up .You can’t hide it for ever and good luck in life don’t let yourself be the victim the rest of your life. Not every person in your life that acts mean to you is your enemy. Sometimes they become your best friends. Also, good luck Michelle

  167. We akk know russ is,nt an angel we all know he did wrong but he relize that. and said he was sorry and it came from his heart chima would,nt even say sorry. so that there sais alot about her.

  168. lol f team jj…. how am i wrong?! i thiiiink you just proved that i am write…

    unless you’re going to try to say that Chima wasn’t using “Muslim terrorist” as a negative thing? you think she meant that in a NICE way? ahh yes, how stupid of me, she probably was! i’m gonna go call my best friend (who is of middle-eastern descent) a Muslim terrorist right now! i’m sure she’ll take that as a sign that i believe we are equal

  169. @F Team: Jessie didn’t have to compete for his first HoH. And of course Jeff had to compete, but it was an indirect competition of winning over America to get the votes. Do you think he would have been chosen if he had a crappy, unpleasant manner all the time?…

  170. my emails and voice mails were strictly about that girls behavior and commets in the house about terrorists and 9/ votes went strictly to jeff in the americas vote for the cdt.he is poular b/c he has been playing the just not in a loud obnoxious way.

  171. @ F team JJ – Jeff didn’t have to physically compete for the CDT but he did compete for it and he didn’t even know he was competing. His actions spoke for him, just like everyone else in the BBH. Just because the level of competition was not up to your par doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve it. America chose him because America likes him. It was a personality competition and Jeff won. Sorry to get your goose, but that’s just how it is.

  172. I agree with you matt.I think jessie got more of a hand out then anyone in that house he got a secound chance at playing and became hoh for the frist week and did,nt have to work hard at getting it.thats a hand out.

  173. boo hoo someone called me a name! Let’s kickbthem out of the house any word can be used negatively. It’s so stupid. He was terrorizing ppl and s was chima they’re both terrorists IMO

  174. this is all due to CBS improper screening on the contestants to meet the “clique” profiles. i think this season was ruined from the beginning by making the cliques they tried to find nerdy or off the wall people for them. that’s how we got chima to begin with, then obviously the cliques were ruining the game so they dissolved them. they realized bringing jessie back was a mistake because it gave him a clear advantage being in the house previously and having the first HOH handed to him, so “coup de’tat” was invented to make people interested in the game again. they made 2 huge errors at the beginning of the game that ruined the gameplay i think, now we’re at this point where the remaining contestants who were not screened are trying to leave the show because of the changes made to the game. lydia and chima def. should have never been chosen to be on this show they are way too fragile emotionally to be in there. cbs just ruined this season from the start to be honest, and obviously they want to appease us the viewer so its really taken a toll on the people in the house who probably would’ve never made it on a previous season of BB

  175. I think survivor has better laid out compa so that no one can really have any big advantage. Anyone agree

  176. I think this explains why some of the live feeds were down. If chima really is gone, thats great but it has a strong emotional impact on the group and their performance abilities, time for the therapists to get in there and make sure everyone is ok. still love the show.

  177. People you need to lay off Chima. Chima was playing the game well and was totally screwed last week by CBS. Can you really blame her for going off? I don’t blame her one bit for quitting and think she should have been treated better. Please DBS do us a favor and bring back Jessie or Ronnie!

  178. ok. so I totally agree that she deserved to go, 110 percent

    my ONLY issue is the America’s vote concept…I mean really, we know if jeff or jordan are there, they get the vote…id hope that its not like that…

    Unfortunately(even if you hate chima/nat etc) this kind of ruins the game, we know who will be next due to the numbers game, and now there is one team, and another that has 2 members…

    Oh well, she deserved it, is what it is…not sure why she wouldnt just move on.

  179. calling someone a name…. and making a racial remark… are two very, very different things.

    you think there isn’t a major difference between calling someone an “idiot” and calling a Middle-easter person a “terrorist”?

  180. What is positive about calling someone a “muslin terrorist” or “white trash”. Her race has fought long and hard to overcome racism. It just goes to prove that it’s not just a certain race of people that are racial, but that racism flows through all ethnic backgrounds. I am so tired of ANYONE pulling the race card. It’s a lame excuse to speak your mind. Chima truly demonstrated what it means to have the pot call the kettle black. Or should I say copper for fear that I will be called a racist? No, that kettle is BLACK! Say what you will…….

  181. and i agree with that comment, bring back jessie, he got SCREWED, so lets make it fair, bring him back, and lets see what happens…

    you are right, Id be pissed too if they ruined my game with a stupid power that overrides All other power…its ridiculous…I still believe the HoH shouldve at LEAST had the tie breaker( I know there wasnt a tie, just saying)

  182. @ Matt……. I don’t think anyone evicted before Jessie will be brought back because they would have an unfait advantge in the game and the jury house…… They would be able to use outside information (TV & Blogs) in the game and jury house against others…… What do you think will happen now Matt / Bluezey60 / other BB 11 Schemers? Who do you all think will be evicted next? Yes Chima is gone!!!

  183. agreed on the survivor comment, they have it laid out where america isnt controlling things..

    Look at the last survivor when America DID control things…they gave the money reward to JT, the SAME GUY who won Survivor…stupid? yes….related to an “america’s vote”

  184. I just think u shouldn’t get kicked out of BB for saying politically incorrect things. In that case bye bye jeff and Jordan for saying a gay slur. If russ said slurs about chima I stillneouldnt want him gone just coZ of that

    I agree and disagree with you NIKKI

  185. @ Alex – this is not the beginning of the game. Look back and you will see that Jesse had his alliance and they were all against a team of 2 – Jeff and Jordan. I guess it’s supposed to be ok now that the first “big” alliance was more than just two.

  186. Wait, how did jessie have an advantage? because he had been in the house? CMON, Ronnie knows more about BB..

    and if jessie had an advantage, how is it that he had no control over his fate, and heck, no time to fight for it either….

    jessie had no unfair advantage, however I do agree they forced personalities that did no fit (casey, laura, chima, michelle)

  187. it was their job as an alliance to have an enemy…this is big brother…they played the game and got people out the right way…

    your argument holds no water…yes they went after jeff/jordan…so?

  188. I dont think she was kicked for “political statements” it seemed like a pissing match with BB that had been going on for awhile.

  189. BB did poor casting Jordan and jeff seem to operate on a collective IQ of 110 and michelle is solo strange
    Russ is justbwow angermanagement
    Lydia and chima how didnthey get past pysche tests

  190. Chima wasn’t kicked out she quit- she was told to pay for the mic she broke and decided she would quit instead.

  191. I am so sick of people saying that America voted Jessie out. Actually, Kevin voted Jessie out. If Kevin had voted the other way, Nat would have been out! Good riddance to Chima. She would have been out in a few days anyway.

  192. she didn’t get kicked off though! she quit!!!
    she should never have said those things, but at the end of the day, they weren’t kicking her off the show for being very extremely politically incorrect.

    she quit because she’s a sore loser.

  193. yeah, a pissing match, and I totally agree, Chima instigated it, and basically was the only participant…this is her problem, id be upset, but not to the point where you are destroying property…its too bad, it kind of ruins BB11 unless they replace her

  194. NIKKI – so true. She couldn’t bear to be the victim of being voted out fairly by the other houseguests. Poor poor HiroChima! Has she awoken a sleeping giant?

  195. also, i’m not saying that jessie had an unfair advantage. i am saying, that if you think jeff had an unfair advantage.. you HAVE to believe that jessie did too by being handed the first HoH. the first HoH more or less dictated the major alliances for the rest of the game.

    i think, personally, that no one has been screwed this game. the game is what it is – “expect the unexpected”. special powers have been apparent before in the BB house, and players should be aware of this. it’s part of what makes BB what it is.

  196. so…if you want to play a game of, if someone voted this way, then the next vote would be this, followed by another vote of that…


    look at the facts, america gave the power to the guy who hated jessie, wouldnt even look him in the eye…and it was obvious

    all week people say, get rid of jessie and nat blah blah

    of course people will vote jessie out, hes hated for being a big strong guy, hes a nice dude that is really intelligent…not sure why people hate him so much

  197. I don’t agree that all jess did was sleep. He was schemeing a lot. Nat and him worked very hard tobget rid of who they wanted and jeff Jordan weren’t good at convincing others to join them and over throw team jess.

  198. I get that, but im sorry, the advantage of being in the house before VS getting destroyed by a power that has no counter….is kind of a weak argument.

  199. lol channin!
    i know!!! it’s absurd! i don’t understand why they were SO unreasonable about their cards being down for a SINGLE WEEK… yes, they were probably going to lose a member of their alliance, but they’d only be down one person?!?!?! why didn’t any of them, instead of figuring out ways to screw with the others property, start fighting to win a little?!

    it’s just strange how supposed “competitors” dealt with the whole situation. grow up.

  200. yep, jessie was eliminated because of what ALL houseguests said on the feeds at some point

    Jessie is a SMART guy…he knew about the power, and who had it the SECOND they announced it…hes always thinking numbers, he never lets his personal feelings get in the way…hes SMART.

  201. I see no point and bringing anyone back,Isnt there or was supossed to be a double evictsion this week. so what the point of bringing anyone back if this is supossed to happened know they can just get rid of one instead of 2.

  202. I never hated Jesse – I just wasn’t on his side. He and Nat did not “work hard”. They laid in bed and schemed. Apparently America just liked Jeff more than Jesse. It has to say something when the majority rules.

  203. Nikki, I think some people want to make a clear distinction between the prejudices of those with *power* and the prejudices of those *without* power. For instance, visual communication studies have shown that people in our society (black, white, and other ethnicities) instinctively associate white men with medical doctors more than any other group (e.g., if you show a lot of people of different races and genders and invite someone to “pick the doctor,” the white man most often gets picked). Because of this and other markers of privilege, white men tend to have more power in our society. Ergo a white man who spouts off prejudiced statements is more problematic for society than a black woman who spouts off prejudiced statements, because she has much less power.

    Discussions of prejudice and racism cannot happen in vacuum; people need to consider societal context. We all exist inside systems of power and influence, and that impacts how much we are able to *enforce* our prejudices.

    That said, Chima got on my nerves from day one when she didn’t want to be one of the “brains.” Team Michele!

  204. they tried to talk to jeff, he wouldnt look them in the eye…why do you think there was NO surprise from jessie/natalie? they play the game better than most…Russ might be the exception…gosh i dont like him for booting ronnie, but he has 18 lives.

  205. ALSO! i was never a jessie hater, i’m still not.
    at the first HoH i was hoping the athletes won to get jessie back in the game! i think he’s very entertaining, including his cockiness.

    i also just don’t think he got screwed. i don’t think anyone got screwed. the game is what it is.

  206. russel is just as big and strong as jessie.
    the reason jeff didn’t put HIM up, is because russel played better. he considered alternate powers and power shifts, and made relationships with people other than the power-trip group.
    he outplayed jessie.

  207. i just find it a bit unfair that just because they had the HOH room, they were sitting up there scheming…

    PLEASE IF JORDAN OR JEFF HAD HOH THEY WOULD DO THE SAME THING except minus the scheming and plus talking about butts.

    majority ruleS? yes in the house it does, due to numbers, yes…but it shouldnt be that america gets to give a power to their favorite lovable idiot who has zero game skills(bb game skills, seems to have other game down pat) that cannot be overrode by HoH, or Veto, has complete power…

    it was a bit much.

  208. sigh, so by your logic, russ wouldn have been eliminated if he was a worse player?

    ha ha ha….nice logic…

    ill let this jeff love fest continue, enjoy the season where nothing happens except jeff/jordan discussing farts…seriously.

  209. gosh that is a beautiful pic of chima on the top of this blog , shows how truly beautiful she is with her ugly mouth wide open and face screwed up ,,truly a beautiful woman

  210. Team Jesse got a freebie, Team Jeff got a freebie. All is fair in love and war. It’s a game people, put yourself in their shoes and think of what YOU would have done as a competitor. If Jeff saw Jesse as a threat, he did the right thing of getting him out. If he didn’t see Jesse as a threat, he did the right thing by getting the strongest player from his opposing clique out. I would have done the same thing and so would you.

  211. Some ppl here think younshould get to fight to keep your place and ifbyou lose that’s it. Others feel if some twist in the Game gives u rid. Powers than oh well

  212. agreed, whether she quit or was tossed…i think we all agree she flat out deserves the label or “quitter”

  213. russ definitely would have been eliminated if he was a worse player. if russ stuck 100% with the jessie crew, it would have been russ and jessie up there. in which case i think russel would have been evicted.

    i mean, there is absolutely no way to know what would have happened if Russ was a worse player.. because he’s not… but, in my opinion, i think jeff was targeting the power in the house.

  214. Alex, America used their favorite player to eliminate their least favorite player. They used Eric in the 8th season as their advocate. So they used Jeff this time….

  215. America should stay out when it comes to voting. Let them play. Do ppl honestly feel jessie was a bigger threat than russ????

  216. America is a part of the Big Brother game… that’s just how it is. it’s been like that for a while now. they’re an aspect of the game that you have to take into account while playing…..

    if you don’t like that, well then don’t hate the players… hate the game!!!! ahahah

  217. I think that Jesse is a bigger threat simply because of the alliance he had formed. Russ and Jeff came to trust each other because Russ saved Jeff and Jordan so he returned the favor. (Not that Russ is trustworthy at all! Just when I thought he was honest and stuck to his word, he disappointed me.) I am glad that Jesse went home first, but the HG’s will see Russ’ true colors. Even if it’s when the show is over and they see him scheming and stabbing Jeff in the back.

  218. look at what happened after jessie left! 3 girls broke down in TEARS. that should be sign enough at how MAJOR of a threat he was… those are 3 people that absolutely would not have put him up… no one else in the house can say that.

  219. I hope russ annihilates jeff and Jordan! Lmao russ keeps saying he’s never really lied to jj. And he’d give away pov to them. Oh please

  220. Wow! Her grandparents didn’t seem to approve of Chima’s manner of behavior. Seems like she slowly cracked while in the house. She acted like a spoiled 7 year old and then self-sabatoged herself. At least Jessie took his eviction somewhat honorably.

  221. What is the saying about keeping your enemies close.. Nat and Lydia only want to make sure that they get to Jess first. Both women are crazy about him. I am sure Nat’s boyfriend has some choice words for her when she returns home. I THINK ENOUGH HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT CHIMA!! Some TV will have her on next week and she will still be in the spot light.

  222. Hey Alex, you said Jeff wouldn’t even look Jesse in the eye….I am not sure about that I will have to go back and look. I do know that Jesse (big tough guy) wore sun glasses when he put Casey on the block. do you think he was looking him the eye are hiding behind his foster Grant sunglasses.
    America voted Jeff yes. Some think it was an unfair advantage, and the same people can say it was an unfair advantage for the competition game that was played geared towards the Athletes, give Jesse an unfair advantage to be brought back into the house. I think they knew more people would be tuning in rather if they liked Jesse or didn’t to see him, more than cowboy or the other two. It’s a game….expect the unexpected. If Jesse would have won HOH he would still be there, that’s his fault. If Russel thought he could trust Jesse to take him off the block he would have chose him to play in the POV. We all know he wasn’t going to take Russel off. Russel made a good move picking Jeff.

  223. physically and mentally russ was better than jess. Also russ is a charmer. Look at how michelle seemingly forgave him

  224. I think they should just remove her picture all together rather than making it gray. She was removed and her picture should be removed as well. She doesn’t deserve the respect of the graying of the picture. That was not game play, that was a spoiled little brat whining until she got her way. She really needs to seek some type counseling. I was almost going to stop watching BB all together. In real life how far do you think that type of behavior would have gotten her, or anyone for that matter. I really liked Chima in the beginning. I thought she was going to be this smart, quiet competitor. I need to re-evaluate my people reading skills. AND Lydia? the same thing. What a disappointment. At least Jesse was PLAYING the game. I did not like him last year, but this year, I was surprised at the way he was actually playing. Like some of you, I am hoping for a new set of REAL PLAYERS, next year. This year was only 50% players.
    Love reading all the posts. Have a great day everyone.

  225. I never take the time to respond to happenings in the house, but the removal of Chima took way too long. Chima was a bully right from the start. Chima’s way or no way. I don’t know why she thought she could get away with threatening the producers of the show. And furthermor, take Lydia and Natalie with her. Why keep people in the house that don’t want to be there? They are downers and ruin the show for me. Let the four remaining battle it out. Russel should be the next to go as he is loyal to no one. But, I guess that means he’s a good player. I really think the people who select the contestents for the show need to make sure they pick people who are willing to follow the rules; not people who are self-centered bitches who feel they are the producers of the show and America can’t live without them. Good by Chima…. Hope never to see you again.

  226. This is fantastic news! Chima was a disgrace to the human race! She was the most self-centered and egotistical person I can ever remember seeing on BB; even moreso than Dr Will. Boy, talk about a poor sport! Good riddance. Now bring Casey back in the game! Or even Braden!

  227. i dont think jesse was a bigger threat,i just do not care for his personality.i did not like him last year and i feel the same way this has always included americas vote in some just happened to be the cdt this year.channins commet 267 says it best.and thats exactly what happened.i hope there is another americas vote in the finally,if jeff is in final 2 i will vote for him again.if it comes down to russ and michele i will probably vote for her.i like russ but i think michele has proven her self as a contender.

  228. @kenneth

    August 15th, 2009 at 12:32 pm
    this is all due to CBS improper screening on the contestants to meet the “clique” profiles.
    Here’s info on narcissism; Chima couldn’t have passed this test! LMAO–it all sounds like her, doesn’t it?

    Dang…all they had to do for a pre-screen psych test on Chima was the “How to diagnose Narcissm” test:

    1. An exaggerated sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    Translation: Grandiosity is the hallmark of narcissism. So what is grandiose?
    2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    3. Believes he is “special” and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    4. Requires excessive admiration
    5. Has a sense of entitlement
    6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends
    7. Lacks empathy
    8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him
    9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing, or contemptuous behaviors or attitudes

  229. I sure hope this is true! Chima is a miserable,messed up person, with absolutely no class!

  230. If this is true about Chima, then all i can say is DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!!! good riddance!

  231. @f team jj: She made black ppl look bad.

    Not in my book, because I have common sense and realize that one person does not represent a collective group.

    She made HERSELF look bad. Period.

  232. There is only one thing about Big Brother that is that they pic the winner from the binning. if you pay attention to whole season it is clear that the whole thing is a set up. #1 they do endurance challenge as a result you know who is going to get in the house (Jessi. then, they ask America to vote when they know who America loves the more (Jeff). and to round the things they overthrow the power of one HOH which in my eyes is totally wrong and unfair. because if they are about to do double eviction, they should had respect the hoh power and the wizard power. so that way America will play but the players are respected too. I think people behind Big Brother need to go or do some serious think about how they are messing up the show. I do not like Chima but I think that It was not fair to overthrow her HOH nomination because if it was Jeff nomination and someone else had overthrow his decision, everybody would have seen how wrong the things were handle by Big Brother Production.

  233. jeff won’t win everyone hates him. Neither will Jordan she hasn’t made big moves. (except on jeff) LOL

  234. What a great way to start ur day…Thanks BB for not tolerating the way Chima kept disrepecting your hard working crew. Hopefully Nat/Lydia will stop their childlike actions. Pls Pls do not bring back Jessie..pls consider Casey, or hv 6 jurors, in case of tie, let America vote. Pls do all possible to solve this, but pls don’t bring back Jessie…cud we be that DESPERATE…..

  235. no she made black women look bad how many diva black women do need to see on reality shows jeez. Last yr there was that other loud black women. Oh and let’s not forget omarosa.

  236. This female child is a disgrace to all women—us of color and all other races. She is probably the most racist person I have ever seen. I really feel sorry for her grandparents. They seemed to be sweet people. I am sure that she will be unemployed on her return to her home. Bet she has to move, too. She is such a totally unstable person—both intellectually and emotionally. She talked about how smart she is, but evidently that was just another one of her lies. And, she is a thief. BEST PERSON EVER TO LEAVE!

  237. bring laura back. At leastbshe played actively and not bitch and moan about being at the bottom

    And I thought chima quit? Why do ppl keep saying she was removed by CBS?

  238. Analogy: All white men are dorks, geeks, Video game players (Ronnie).
    All white men wear Banana Suits (sorry, Casey)
    All white women can’t tell time and have breast implants.
    All white women have PhDs.
    All mixed-race women love muscle-bound men (Nat/Lydia).
    All mixed-race men are gay and wear plaid.

    Puleeze—-I think most people have enough common sense to not generalize that because ONE person is the way there are that an entire race, ethnic group is exactly the same way, whether it’s reality TV or not.

    Chima self-destructed and did not show good character or intergrity; the people she should apologize to is her grandparents, who seem to be upstanding and good people—

  239. i am white i do not believe she made all black women look bad. just her self,i know many black women,trust me they act nothing like her.

  240. Oops…sorry. Post 293 was in response to post 290…meant as an analogy: F team JJ

    August 15th, 2009 at 1:30 pm
    no she made black women look bad how many diva black women do need to see on reality shows jeez. Last yr there was that other loud black women. Oh and let’s not forget omarosa.

  241. chima made her slef look bad.I hope she relize what she did and learns from it.I think with the way she acted that will take a while

  242. What is the difference between a diva black woman and a woman? Why the adjectives? Why can’t she JUST be a WOMAN? Good Lord! Get off the color kick. She is an angry woman and hell hath no fury on a woman scorned. (Not a diva black woman scorned…)

  243. I was scouring for at LEAST one comment here that recognizes the double standard imposed between Chima and Russell- and it was shot down by TPTB of this site. Russell attacked Jefff/Ronnie/Chima/Lydia/Michelle utilized the word Bitch and all the likes, in the worst forms as LOW blows. Chima, after being provoked by Michelles Genius move to divide Russell and Chima with her LIE. Russell and Chima are both on the same scale. Chima removed herself. She knew well that she would be repremanded… and woman who especially is a minority and has been raped is going to react more extremely to Male authority than a woman who has not. Like Jordan who hangs on Jeffs every word. I do not condone Chimas tactics.. or the girls ruining Jeffs clothes.. But lets honestly look at this. We only call her a “BITCH” because she’s female and ..lets be honest…she’s black. We call Russell a BULLY because he is a boy and… “thats what boys do”. With that said… she did her group a disservice.

  244. !!!! i so agree with betty….you go ….chima needs to go!!!!! she is a total man hater…and so negative also with lydia….its a game not a drama series…all they do is put everyone else down..and natalie is now best best with the 2 loosers…
    you need to think smart and play the game….cant wait till sunday nite….

  245. Yes Renie – CHARACTER IS NOT CREATED IN A TIME OF CRISIS – IT IS ONLY DISPLAYED THERE! Chima’s character was displayed for all of America to see. And the vote is in, CHIMA SUCKS!

  246. I hope Jesse doesn’t come back. He had enough opportunities to play the game and it would be unfair to the other competitors. What would be a good idea is to keep the game going as is and have America as one of the jurors. Great opportunity for BB to show appreciation for their fans by making them feel apart of the game.

  247. Once during the Big Brother game,America should have a chance to evict a Houseguest without the Houseguests knowing the time it will happen.CBS and the producers and sponsers know that the viewers make this show popular.This should serve to warn Evil Dick,Ivette,Chima among others that your off the wall conduct will not be tolerated.You can win Big Brother without being a JERK.

  248. @Jack Kash – being a BITCH has nothing at all to do with a person’s sex or race. Bitches come in all shapes and colors. Look at how many breeds of dog there is. All female dogs are bitches.

  249. Having 3 delusional women cry over a man doesn’t mean he is a great catch, and the 3 of them will see that too once they get to see what he did and said behind their backs. He used them. He doesn’t care about them.

    I was cracking up laughing seeing them cry over this guy and so was my 14 year old daughter who I spoke to her about never acting like any of these girls. I would hope if my daughter went on she would play the game with out have to do favors for some guy and be a door mat, that she wouldn’t have to talk like a sailor, she wouldn’t make racial slurs or comments about peoples gender preference, sit around talking about farting, pooping, etc. I would my sons could go on too and carry themselves just as well. I really don’t understand why people find it neccessary to make things personal and drop “F” bombs ever other word, it just makes them sound ignorant.

    Going back to them crying over Jesse what I found to be the most humorous that these were 3 females and not one of them hand the same feminine hand gestures as Ronnie did every time he cried and fanned his face. Too Funny! There isn’t any thing wrong with being gay, and I think he had more tendencies then Kevin who is openly gay.
    I have know problem with some one being gay being on a show but Ronnie is perverted. He is a cyber bully. He is also a very disturbed person who does not need to come back into the house. According to some they have speculated that his hard drives have been confiscated and he may be looking at going to another house and it’s not the BB house or jury house. I know all sick videos have been removed from the Internet. He is a whole other story. I am sure he is loving this stuff going on with Chima and the other two delusional girls in the house because it is taking some of the hatred off him. Chima I am glad is gone. If they find out that Lydia deliberately was putting red M&M’s in Michelle’s food and/or drinks and Natalie had knowledge of it also (and Chima too) knowing that Michelle was allergenic is no different than putting poison in something, and they are equally guilty and charges should be pressed. You can’t go around poisoning people.

  250. That’s right Ann! Look at the character of the 3 women that were crying over a Jesse – that speaks for itself doesn’t it?

  251. most of the black women cast on these shows almost always make black women look bad. Whybdo you think ppl remember omarosa???


    She is an embarrassment to CBS/BB, her ethnic race, her gender, hopefully her family & the human race as a whole.

    Hopefully in her “real life” there WILL BE CONSEQUENCES for her behavior. There have been for Braden (WHICH she admitted she did NOT think he was a racist but ONLY pushed that to further herself in the game).

  253. I just have to respond. This entire season has been the Jessie, Natalie and Chima show. Now that the power has FINALLY changed, the little children of the house cant take it. Bottom line, Jessie was the only one of the three actually playing the game. Once he is gone, obviously they dont know this is a game and they need to actually play. Now with witch Chima gone, maybe Natalie and Lydia will smarten up and play the game. If it had not been for the mystery power, I would probably quit watching the show because for 1 thing, I thought it totally unfair for Jessie to be back in the game. Now the house is at an even kilt and if Natalie and Lydia play it smart, they may have a chance. (I hope not)Needless to say, good ridence to Chima. I thought she should be kicked out for the terrorist stuff anyway.

  254. Perhaps then, the shoe did fit! If Omarosa was Asian, would the same sterotype apply? It’s not about being black, it’s about their character. Unclassy women are so unattractive – it’s a shame that the only ones mentioned here have to be black. There are lots of unclassy white women – i.e., Heidi Fleiss, Britney Spears, etc. They don’t make white women look bad, they make themselves look bad.

  255. I read on another site that Chima’s picture was removed from the wall and not turned black and white because she is removed from the game.

  256. The mousy Gnat has about run out of aholes to run up into.
    Please, please, please let her be the next to go.

  257. f-teamm jj i agree russ is a charmer but i bet possibly down the road michele has a surprise for him.or they will end up in final 2.

  258. oh yeah I am so so so happy thank you cbs she needed to go and she needs to grow up now!!!! So with that being said, Is she going to the jury house????? just had to ask thanks

  259. American granted jeff and j the power coz they think they’re a cute couple. Can’t wait till russ backbstabs them

  260. Oh, yeah, baby!!! I haven’t been this happy since MJ gave Chicago all those championships. Over six billion people on the planet and Chima manages to stick out like a pot of burnt beans. Her, penguin feet, and chalkboard, really need to reevaluate their definition of what a strong woman means.

  261. And by the way, there is no way in HELL that I would allow the actions of anyone that I have absolutely nothing to do with, be a reflection upon me. Perhaps as a racial whole she made black women look bad, but the racial whole wasn’t playing big brother. Chima was and she blew it!

  262. @Lisa: That’s not true. Lydia and Michele were having breakfast and discussing how Chima’s picture was still there and in color. They wondered if she’d return because of that.

  263. As we heard from Chima, she had a horrible experience in her life and clearly needs help. She is not just an angry black woman, she is mentally and emotionally sick. Her actions are not that of a strong woman. I hope her family will intervene and get her the professional help that she needs. I’m with Jeff, I feel sorry for her because she is so negative and truly unhappy with herself. How can anyone go thru life that way. Chima, I hope you get well.

  264. don’t think she will be in the jury house. America prolly has a vote in the end which will prolly go to j or j

  265. Wow, what a quitter. She knew her alliance was done, so she did everything she could to get tossed out instead of getting voted off the normal way. What a copout! What happened to “I’m a fighter. I’ve always been a fighter”??? I’m calling bullsh!t! This was your one chance to prove you’re a fighter, and you took the cowardly way out instead.

    Also, I’d bet good money that the “I was raped by a serial killer” story she told was BS too. None of her family mentioned it. None of her friends mentioned it.

    Hilarious. The loud mouthed, self proclaimed “fighter” revealed to be nothing more than a sheep in wolfs clothing.

  266. @CHANNIN You said: ” being a BITCH has nothing at all to do with a person’s sex or race. Bitches come in all shapes and colors. Look at how many breeds of dog there is. All female dogs are bitches.” Um, Contradiction in that statement. Of course BITCH means woman… and of course Chimas behaviour stands out because she is black.. look at the comments above! And whenever someone calls even a male a BITCH… they are refering to the female being weaker than than the male. We call women sluts- men are Players. Double standard. No one wants to admit it.

  267. Not Chima did not make herself look bad.Big Brother Production throw her down with the unfair decision that Big Brother Productions makes. they should had respect Chimas’ HOH. If I were Chima, I would have done the same thing but in the first day because it is clear that the Big Brother Production people Know who is going to win this season. If they bring back someone, it will not be fair because they will know exactly what is going in the house and that is not fair for the rest of the house. Big Broher Productions has to fix their mess!!!

  268. am for one happy she is gone.It dose,nt matter what kind of women she was its her actsion that made her look bad.It not because of her color or because she is a female she a peson who made the wrong chocies and had to go because of it.

  269. her being raped and attacked prolly didn’t help
    Her mother being sick didn’t help
    Getting screwed by jeff a man onnher hoh made it worse
    Bwingbstuck in that stressful house having these emotional problems sent her over the edge

  270. I don’t care about Chima’s past. I don’t care where she comes from. I don’t care what she’s been through. She’s a horrible person.

  271. the young lady was selfish and screwed her teammates Lydia and Natalie with her actions. didn’t expect any thing less later young lady

  272. I was offended by the comment Chima made regarding 9-11 because our family was directly effected by that sad event. I do feel like she needed to leave the house because there is so much a person can take. In addition, for the safety for the others, it’s best that she is gone. Chima was hurt by Russell’s typical male games which effect women everyday. Her being sadly raped should have been taking into consideration by Russ as to how much he should push that envelope, but he did. Then Michelle ran all last week up to the HOH room looking for cover from Russ (which was just an act) and then nominated her. Michelle had so many other people to choose and she chose, let me kick her while she’s down card. Chima’s rant about Braden was inappropriate. Her rant with Russ was mean and nasty, as were his. But go back to Evel Dick’s verbal attack on the women in the house, Baller and Ryan attacks on Sheila, Jeff saying f*g and h*mo and so much more, and no one says anything. But this season is all about bi%hces and withes and nasty things about women. Lydia did not do any better having sex and handy work on screen. Michelle is married and if no one can’t see how she wants Jeff and Russ in a bad way, you’re blind. Jeff talking to Jordan like the typical macho crap and practically calling her fat, dumb speech, shut up, you talk too much, the cookie dough incident when cleaning the fridge and much more. Yet we applaud Jeff. We give him the power while he sits and smokes and f**& this and that. Good looks blinds people’s judgment. And the women are worse because we worship the men, attack the women and for what. For money that we the viewers are not even getting. Some of you pay to watch people get money and act like fools and then we want to write CBS and tell them that we are offended. Chima’s life is ruined by this. She brought it upon herself. A few weeks ago we didn’t even know her name. Jameka read the Bible and preached and for free clothes took all her clothes off on tv. Natalie is hated because she was loyal to Jesse who by the way arrogant and self-absorbed that he is, understands how to play the game strategically. I do say this to CBS, please look for positive african-american women that are intelligent, sane, and beautiful. There are Halle Berry, Rihanna, Alicia Keys out there to put on your show. I refused to believe that the only ones you can find have huge lips, fake hair, thick and ghetto fabulous. To all of you out there, don’t relish in her misery because we are no better to judge this sad event. I have watched BB since the first episode and have not missed one since then. Since ED the show has taken a turn for the worse on how to obtain the cash reward.

  273. The producers should put the 500k in a glass case , and put it in the house so they ALL remember WHAT they are playing for.

  274. @alva: Not Chima did not make herself look bad.Big Brother Production throw her down with the unfair decision that Big Brother Productions makes. they should had respect Chimas’ HOH.
    Ummm….it wouldn’t have mattered who was HOH that week. Production would have had the CDT planned out well before the season started. It wasn’t AGAINST Chima or her reign as HOH personally.

    When CDT was announced, Chima wasn’t HOH and had NOT won the HOH competition at that point in the game.


  275. @ Jack – my dictionary defines the word bitch as being a female dog. Not just a female. Men can be sluts too! The N word is defined as ignorant. Just because a person is black doesn’t mean they are ignorant because someone calls them the N word. Come on Jack, I can call you a tree but that doesn’t mean that you are one. Especially because of your race. Gimme a break!

  276. @ F team JJ – in other words, Chima needs to get control of her emotions and actions. It is so obvious that she isn’t.

  277. Chima wasn’t kicked out because of racist comments. She was kicked out because she refuse to play by the rules. RULES! Evil Dick didn’t break any rules. How can you compare the two?

  278. i’m on the bring back casey team!!! they might do it ……remember when Kasar came back?

  279. Yes!!!! she is gone!!!!

    Bringing back Jessie is only fair. he got unfailry evictied, and he was the last houseguests to leave.

    Bring back Jessie

  280. alva

    What she did and said made her look bad.Its a game and I,m sure they where told to expect the unexspected,And she agree to play the game.And just because she was hoh that week that they decide to use the magic powers don,t give her the right to do what she did.If she going to be a poor sport then why play the game.

  281. She was ask to leave because she refuse to put her mic on. That’s the last I heard.

  282. Good riddance. Now, don’t bring back Jessie. One thing I noticed about him in both seasons is that he is also emotionally unbalanced. It seems this season, it was a must have – Lydia, Russell, Chima, Natalie, Jessie and Ronnie all seem to be individuals who teeter on the brink of emotional control. In this case, they all gravitated towards each other and look at the dynamic. Those three girls have acted like a suicidal harem since he left the house. I think Jeff, Jordan, Michelle and Kevin deserve half a million each for putting up with all that nonsense.

  283. Jeff got the coup two HOH’s before Chima was HOH so how was this unfair to Chima
    Was CBS suppose to be psychic and know she was going to be HOH-Jeff could have used the power when Michelle was HOH and Ronnie left.
    Anyone who defends her is of the same ilk-doesn’t take responsiblity for their actions and blames everyone for their problem.
    You can only make it through like but accepting responsiblity for your actions.

  284. CHARLIE BROWN – they told her she had to pay for the mic she destroyed. She said F*** this S*** and quit.

  285. I pray BB does not bring back Jesse. That would be so unfair, he has already been given a second chance. No one else has been given that.

  286. I know Renie, but if instead of Chima it was anybody else, it still unfair, and I still think Big Brother Productions’ people suck. they keep doing unfair things in the game. the first one was to create uneven groups. two to do endurance competition to make sure Jessi will get in the house. three not to respect decision of a HOH. bottom line they suck

  287. @alva #323 comment, you obviously don’t watch the game or you would have noticed the power was given away before the young lady won HOH. It was the luck of the draw . THey all hated it but Jesse ,who got voted out seems to think it sucks but it was part of the game. Out of all the girls on that team he was the only one with class. (still glad he’s gone )

  288. Alva – unfair by whose standards? It’s BB’s game. Now ours. We just watch. Is it unfair that in the game of Monopoly that you have to pay rent when landing on someone’s property? Some might say that it’s unfair – but it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Don’t cha think?

  289. michelle is a mess. I can’t wait till she gets hers using chimas hatred of men to get pity and then backstab her

    What about girl power???

  290. I am for a “good guy” winning for a change! I personally love Jeff. Never have liked Chima and don’t understand how she got away with so much. I wish BB would have let Nasty and Lydia leave right with her!

  291. I am for a “good guy” winning for a change! I personally love Jeff. How did Chima get away with so much for so long?

  292. @ Renie — It’s about time that someone pointed out to all these whiners that CBS announced the CDT before Chima had won HOH — so what happened could have happened to anyone — that’s one of the things I enjoy most is how quickly situations can change — for 2 days on BBAD, all you heard was Chima gloating about she was personally going to take out Russell — of course, not in such civil words…

  293. Suz #345– good point. She did not have to compete for HOH if she thought it was so unfair. And… It was Kevin that was responsible for Jessie leaving. He was the 3rd vote

  294. Whether she was kicked or quit…the great thing is no more having to hear her cackling. She was a player in the game, just not a great player. Now…just bring Casey back to fill out the jury and we’re good!

  295. Jeff is playing the game very well. Obviously, because he is still there! Besides, he just needs to be still so we can look at him all day. What a hottie!

  296. @F team jj……..Jeff has done nothing but win one veto…….YET AMERICA LOVES HIM!!!!!!

  297. This is the way I look at it some people did some stupid things in that house but chima action in words where not call for, I under she was rape i,m sadly a victum of that myslef.she acted as her own person in that house and treated some people like crap so she got what she desevred maybe will get to wacth the rest of the season knowing that the poor sport is gone

  298. Alma, her attack 10+ yrs ago is NO EXCUSE for her DISGUSTING behavior, PERIOD.

    Behavior of houseguests in other BB editions is IRRELEVANT.

    Current houseguests: There is a difference btwn a stray comment here & there (which should happen either) BUT she was CONSTANTLY/CONSISTENTLY making inappropriate comments.

    BTW, I do NOT count saying the “F” word ANYWHERE NEAR as bad as Chima making racist & sexist comments. AND she NEVER really apologized for any of this…as a matter of fact…she TAKES PRIDE in her comments (like giggling after her Twin Towers comment).

    STOP trying to justify her bad behavior. The “but the OTHER kids do it” is utter nonsense when kids say it to parents & is the same for you to do in this situation.

    AND IMO, you defending her after her Twin Towers & other “terrorist” comments is NOT honoring ANY that died b/c of 9/11 & as a matter of fact is appalling to me.

    I WILL & DO JUDGE HER. IMO, she is a DESPICABLE excuse for a human being. AND I DO HOPE HER LIFE IS RUINED OVER HER BEHAVIOR in the house b/c she deserves it.

    Jessie is a 2 TIME LOSER…keep him in the jury house.

    R.I.P. The victims of 9/11.

  299. @Alva – I think if CBS brought back “runny” or jessie for that matter – no one would watch any more!!

  300. F Team JJ, I think Jeff has done the hardest work to win the biggest competition of all. He remained a decent person which for being so, he won America’s vote. That’s pretty hard to do when surrounded by horrible people.

  301. @F team JJ

    August 15th, 2009 at 2:13 pm
    jeff has done nothing but win 1 pov


    Your point? I like Jordan, but what have Jordan, Natalie and Lydia won? NADA, ZILCH, ZERO. Can we say Stepford Wives here (although Nat is good at pulling strings behind the scenes and it was GREAT watching her stutter and stumble over words yesterday).

  302. Kelly, I would like to see Lydia in place of Chima and if Nasty or Lydia win the POV then Russell or Kevin

  303. @ Kelly – that’s right. And she shouldn’t use the victim card to try and get her way. Nor should she try to intimidate people into agreeing with her. Is it just me or did she, in the last few days, act like she had no chance of going up on the block. Natalie was trying to intimidate Michelle into not putting her up by saying “it would be stabbing Chima in the back”? Natalie and Lydia were scared of Chima – I am so glad that the rest of the houseguests weren’t.

  304. Channin this is the first season that I watch Big brother and you are right the rules or standards of this game are not my standards. therefore I think the game sucks. Here is not about the best players it about who Big Brother Productions want to keep.

  305. @Kelli: Kelli

    August 15th, 2009 at 2:15 pm
    @F team jj……..Jeff has done nothing but win one veto…….YET AMERICA LOVES HIM!!!!!!

    AND he won our hearts—that’s a BIG one! <3

  306. @Matt, If I sign up for the Big Brother Feeds will they automatically charge me after the 3 free days?

    Or does anyone else know?

  307. lets remember while talking about Jeff – he LET russell win HOH!!! thats a real man….he let him win b/c russell wanted to know about his dads surgery…….REMEMBER……THATS another reason America loves JEFF and can’t stand the Ronnie’s Jessie’s and Chima’s of the game!!!!!!!!!!

  308. Does anyone remember when Chima wasnt such a biotch! I remember getting mad at her bc she was so naive and ALWAYS beleived the wrong people. She wasnt always this bad. Having said that I dont like Chima and Im glad she is gone.

    It goes a little deeper than the mic incident tho…She was already treading thin ice and why was she so angry b/c she was put on the block…Jessie put her as# on the block she wasnt that mad.

    All of them have been on the block except Kevin so thats the nature of the game. Everyone is lied to, back stabbed, etc. so what is her problem? I think it was something else that got her mad to the point she was acting like that.

    Its more to it guys…I just dont know yet.

  309. Lucy, Yes it would! But I am hoping that Jordan will solve that before he gets the chance! :)

  310. I am sorry Chima was looked bad before Jeff got the special Wizard powers and over ruled her HOH powers. It looks like that is what is happening to Michelle now by Chima leaving.

    “Adversity doesn’t change your character, it reveals it.”

    This is what Jeff said, and it is so true. Chima and her rat pack truly showed their true character and so did Jeff by keeping calm.
    How many of you could just keep your mouth shut and not explode like Jeff did with all they were doing to him and the other HG and productions. They are losers, not only in the BB house but in life.

    I hope Natalie enjoyed the $500,000 bag of cheeto’s that she hate and called her so BFF to quit after going over the edge because they were missing. If she would looked at Nat’s mouth she would have seen it was orange. I couldn’t believe Jeff didn’t throw her under the bus. I guess it showed his character again not to stoop to their level.

    I wonder what the secret is that Lydia told Jeff and Jordan?

  311. You know what sucks? They probably won’t show any of it. Editing out the REALITY of a REALITY SHOW makes NO sense. Retarded.

  312. I think people in and out of the house need to get over the notion of “fairness.” I hate those speeches about keeping ones word, believing in god etc. The fact is BB is a big game of liars poker – the object is to lie well and often in order to create a balance of alliances that will both keep you in the house and evict those who present a threat to you because of their ability to lie better. Where BB production fails is by bringing in people whose personalities are so volatile and extreme that they humiliate, degrade and present a physical threat to others.

    Really, was it good casting to bring in Chima, a survivor of extreme physical violence and then bring in Russell who is emotional and physically fights for a living?

    I hated Jessie in the last season – he constantly used his physical presence in an attempt to intimidate others. The fact is Rennie was mature and had enough life experience to handle him. America obviously tired of him and he was evicted. He never stopped moaning about that this season and he tried to intimidate Russell in the pool room with Michelle present. Of course that was never going to work and if you noticed, he kept backing off when Russell met the challenge with his own brand of intimidation and volatility.

    I am tired of BB bringing in people who degrade others and I am really sick of those people winning the game. The message is that bullying and intimidation will help you win in the house. We saw this directly on two occasions – Evil Dick ( a particularly despicable real life loser) and Mike Boogie’s humiliation of that one girl he hooked up.

  313. BBFAN7 – that’s how they get you to subscribe to the live feeds sweetie. It’s all about the money for them and all about the show for us!

  314. First of Big Brother alway said “expect twist in the game Chima knew that anything can happen she needs to play by the rules and nothing was unfair.

  315. JMT, comment 370,
    I too would like to see her suffer some consequences for her behavior and comments. Maybe Hoopstar if whatever place she works for will fire her! This CAN’T be good publicity for them.

  316. I had also read on another site that Chima’s picture had been taken down. I believe it was and now they have put it back up. That is why they are showing the wall and Kevin looking at it with Chima’s picture in color. do you think she is coming back? Perhaps she has agreed to pay the $5000 for the mic and found out she blew up for nothing because it was her BFF Natalie that ate her cheeto’s which you could say possibly could been a $500,000 bag of cheeto’s some friend.

  317. @JMT

    I agree with you 1000%! What has happened to you in the past is in NO way an excuse for undignified behavior. It’s the easy way for people to justify what they do. It’s nothing more than a meer copout for being a bad person. The same way people use going to church to make up for what they continue to do on a daily basis.

    She was a self centered brat who went crying home to mommy when she didn’t get her way.

    As far as people saying it wasn’t fair to have the CDT, it’s part of the GAME! This is NOT real life.. it’s a GAME for half a million bucks. They know the rules and possibilities BEFORE they even apply and BEFORE they go into the house. Grow up and quit blaming others when you LOSE!

  318. jeff is a 31 yr old chronic smoker. Russ is 24 and a trained mma fighter ( If u don’t know what that is look it up) there is no way moronic jeff let him win. You delusional. I guess smoking doesn’t affect or impair tour phsical abilities at all.

  319. FteamJJ: anddddd how do you know that Jeff is a 31 year old chronic smoker? do you know him now?

  320. If Chima is allowed back, they need to vote her off first chance they get! Anyone is better than Jesse coming back. I would stop watching if Jesse came back. I do love to hate him though! lol

  321. It has been fun all morning reading everyone’s thoughts on Chima. I for one am happy that she is gone. To me she is the root of all evil in this years house. I see the house with the final 7 being a much calmer and enjoyable house.

    My biggest concern is that they will bring someone back into the house that has been evicted. I don;t think that it is necessary or fair. They were eliminated and that is done!!! However if they have to bring someone back in it has to be one of the first four, although they will have been able to see what has transpired in the house in the last few weeks.

    Leave it as it is. Keep Jessie in the jury house………allow Michele to put up another player or let them think that this is going to be a FREE week and then after HOH on Thursday do another eviction on the LIVE show.

    Whatever is great, just do not ruin the integrity of the game and bring someone back!!!

  322. Russell is a good player. He vote to keep Jessi and now Jeff is kissing his ass.LOL
    Russell is going to win

  323. It doesn’t matter what Jeff isn’t and Russ is or Russ isn’t and Jeff is. They are both playing a game. And doing a good job at it in my opinion.

  324. even if Jeff is a chronic smoker…..who were the final two players of that HOH????? apparently it didn’t really matter if he smokes or not……and HE DID LET RUSS win AFTER he heard the story about Russ’s dad…….

  325. 400 f team jj
    Obviously you didn’t watch the show where Jeff and Russ made the deal. Russ was hurting bad—Jeff took himself out of the HOH comp because Russell really wanted a letter from his ‘pops’ who had just had surgery.

  326. If Chima is brought back they need to vote her off! If Jesse is brought back, I’ll stop watching!

  327. so I guess being raped and beaten ten yrs ago means that it still doesn’t effect who she is today and she should get over it??????


  328. No way that let Jessie back………….that would be 3 times!!!! Besides his arrogance irritates the you know what out of me!!!

  329. AMEN KELLI! The thing is, I think, people are taking it personally when the reality of it is, they have absolutely nothing invested in it but their time watching the game. It didn’t hurt me one bit that Chima or anyone was evicted, quit or kicked out. The game is entertaining and I like to watch. I don’t lose sleep because I do not know the houseguests personally, or anyone that they might know or that they might know. Who cares. Watch the game for entertainment purposes. People crack me up sometimes!

  330. Channin- oh, i agree – cracking up over the blogs too – this is just as entertaining as the show!!! and i get sucked right into the drama! TEE HEE!!!

  331. It’s about time that BB grew some ballz. For those that keep saying that Michelle has no chance. You are wrong. I am a Jeff/Jordan fan and have become a Russell fan, but by the way Michelle has been playing she has the chance to take it to the end and I do think she has a chance of winning.

  332. @ F team JJ

    If what happened to Chima had happened to me, I would never get over it! But I would not put myself on the same level as the person that had done that to me. I would seek help and try to be a positive influence, especially to the women, children and yes, men, that have had the same experience. She is nasty and bitter and needs some serious help!

  333. Kelli – me too girl! Why do you think I am here! This is so much fun. I love Big Brother!

  334. lucy I would like to see lydia up there as well.And channih I think she should have more respect for people considering what happen to her.

  335. F team JJ, you don’t tell me any of your problems and I won’t tell you any of mine.

  336. I hope Jeff wins, but if Russ wins, that is ok too. It would be obvious that he played a better game because of the simple fact that he won. Go whoever wins!

  337. channin – ME too been a BB fan since the first guy one …….oh, what was his name….the guy with one leg….was the first winner right? Was it Eddie???

  338. Chima needs to seek professional help and get her a prescription called Lithium and then some anger management. If her family is watching, I’m so sorry you have such a bitch related to you. If I were you I would disown the girl or get her some help.

  339. Yeah, Kelli, you remember that idiot was trying to talk Eddie in walking out of the house?

  340. channin – right with ya – I would like to see Jeff or Russ or Jordan….i know she hasn’t done much…..but i just like her….she is just a little slow… the whole time telling thing…..which was HILLarious! but she just seems sweet and i like that!!

  341. She should definitely have more respect for other people that this has happened to, but most importantly, herself. She is sooooo lacking in that area. I am rooting for Jeff and Jordan but if they don’t get it, they obviously didn’t play the game as good as whoever won it. Don’t cha think?

  342. Kelli – she is a doll! She and Jeff make the cutest couple, don’t they! Her inocence is real and that is what makes her adorable. She and Jeff compliment each other very well.

  343. CharlieBrown – who won BB2 -was it that boogie?
    i get the years mixed up -was that the year that Marcellas and Amy (cheese girl) was on?

  344. It’s painfully and sadly obvious that Chima needed some serious (and continuous) help after her horrific rape experience, and never got it.
    That said, she’s one of the nastiest, most self-absorbed people I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m glad she’s gone from the show. If America now gets the 7th jury vote, all the better.

  345. channin – you and i think alot alike!! yep i love jeff and jordan together – they seem like they would be a great match!! he seems very respectful towards her and i LOVE that!!

  346. I just wish she would have stayed around long enough to be evicted.
    Wait until she sees herself of TV. I think even she will not like herself.

  347. maybe it was June in two – i was thinking she was more like 4 or 5??? like i said i get all the years mixed up……i just know i look forward to July every year… for not only my birthday!! but BB also!!!!!!

  348. Yeah, I don’t have names and dates memorized, but we watched every episode, didn’t miss one.

  349. charliebrown….i had to be out of town on business last year on the 2nd episode and was devastated (don’t have tvo) i ended up watching it on the computer….but its not the same!!!

  350. Did anyone else see that Kevin seemed to be embarrassed by everything the brats were doing? It looks almost as if he is trying to remain loyal but not wanting to. As BB put it, Chima claimed Russell was terrorizing the other HG’s, to put it in CHima slurs that cleaned well for CBS. She was doing exactly that. Everyone else seemed intimidated by her, except for Russell.

  351. Every year I say, I’m not watching it because so much time is wasted on watching it, (don’t get me wrong, it’s fun) but my wife isn’t having it. She forces me to watch and I get hooked… never fails.

  352. Wow… this is so sad. I actually liked Chima initially, but she’s really shown herself to be a complete nutter. What’s worse is she’s played right into the stereotype, and I won’t be surprised if her grandmother gives her a right smack on the head for disgracing that family and her upbringing!

    Chima actually had a decent chance at getting ahead in that house and she totally blew it. And the most ironic part of all this is when she looks at herself on the tele, she’s going to see that she basically handed over $500K to someone else and for what. None of her supposed friends in that house did that for her did they? No, they sat there and let her self destruct, increasing their own chances of winning. Pure craziness.

    I’m all for Russell or Jeff now. They need to pick those floaters off one by one. Michelle is a snake, but she’s played the game well, so I suppose I wouldn’t gag if she won.

  353. yes, it is soooo addicting……and when its over its like…..ok, what am i gonna look forward to on Tues, Thurs and Sun nights now!!!

  354. Kelli – I can’t say that I “liked” Evil Dick. His game was rough and tough but I respected the fact the other houseguests respected him. He was a complete asshole but that is who he is. I especially respected the way he worked to repair his relationsip with his daughter. Evil Dick was very entertaining and a little scary sometimes. However, he was not the same kind of “evil” as some of the recent houseguests.

  355. What a day this has been already! I love all this drama and am so happy that “C” is gone. No sympathy here. Can’t believe that she really thought she could get away with all the stunts she has pulled. I applaud CBS for standing up to her. She makes Joan Rivers look like a saint and I never thought anyone could do that after watching her on the other reality show. I noticed in an earlier post that someone likened her to Omerosa. That woman is a disgrace. (I wonder if the two of them are related.) I hope nobody gets to come back. It is what it is and move on from here. If someone were to come back it should be either Brandon or Casey because both of them were voted out only based on a LIE from Natalie. Hopefully she is the next to go.
    Thanks again for doing the right thing Big Brother!!

  356. yea. I guess saying f$g and homo isbrepectful.. And then Jordan again repeating the word by telling jeff not to say it -__- is respectfull.

    Go keV

  357. i don’t understand how people can “quit” their jobs for 3 months!!! i would love to apply if i didn’t have to work for a living!!

  358. i already know i would be the “Amber” of my season – only in the sense that she cried over everything…….I AM A CRYER TOO!!!

  359. @ F team JJ – go back to bed. LOL – Leave Jeff and Jordan alone. I’m sorry you can’t get past this bigot thing. No one has even mentioned it! Let it go!

  360. I guess it all depends on the job. I wouldn’t give up a career to go on the show, but a little old job… I am so there. LOL

  361. On the Real BB website, it says on the homepage: “It appears “Big Brother” kicked Chima out of the house”

  362. she was not cheated or treated unfairly in this game,she treated everyone like crap on her shoe.she just happened to win hoh on the last week the cdt could be couldnt’ve happened to a better sore loser.any one of those poor sports would have used it if they won it and would have put russ and jeff up.i hope she stays gone,she has had enough chances.i do not care about the mic im happy she gone due to poor taste in remarks about 9/11 and would have been better if the producers and cbs came on and said ( you have caused enough scenes ,your harr(ass)ment has done enough damage first and fore most your lack of respect to the families and all people who have died in 9/11 has earned you a permenant the owners of this show you are evicted.)

  363. I like to see Russel, Jeff, Michelle, or Jordan win it. And in that order. I think Russel and Jeff our coming from a decent place. I do get the feeling that Jeff is not too smart, but he is decent.

  364. Michelle, i have no idea how she made black women look bad. She’s her own person…she made herself look bad! She doesn’t affect black women all around the world.Has nothing to do with race. She is just a spoil little brat that throw a tantrum when she didn’t get here way. That’s just here rotten personality. Whether a house guest is White, Brown, mixed….doesn’t matter. How they act is not depending on there race just there character.

  365. what a boring ass show there will be now that “chi all that is evil”-_- is gone. Can u imagina the BBAD omg! There will be no entertainment really ugh. Except russ no one is really gonna scheme everyone is paired off. Booo BB

  366. Thank You, chima is evil, even worse that evil dick, she has some major mental problems.

  367. Is it just me, or doesn’t anyone else see that Chima’s exit was orchestrated by her? It seems to me that she wanted to get kicked out so that she had grounds to sue. Every move she made was calculated. It wasn’t until she realized that BB was not going to fall for it that she went on her rant. I am sorry, true she has problems, but thats not what went on here. Watch a little closer. Everything she did was with a lawsuit in mind.

  368. Just signed on to berate production for letting Chima get by with what I saw on the feed last night…I went to bed before it came to a final conclusion, but felt at the time Chima’s brat mentality had been propogated by BB caving into her demands the night before (?-or was it the night before that?)…Chima had developed this bizarre sense of entitlement, based on God knows what…What was just as nauseating was the way her “groupies” took her direction during the HOH competition…Kevin didn’t even try to think for herself, just turned to Chima to find out who he should to put up together…
    Next on my list is Natalie…Does that woman ever shut up?…She was prattling on in Michelle’s room after the HOH competition until I thought she would explode…She evidently operates from the quantity versus quality conversation mode…
    The final competition, which will be between the Jeff-Jordan-Michelle-Russell alliance will be most interesting…Michelle can take Jordan, but Russell and Jeff is a toss-up…Michelle may out due them all…
    Over and out…

  369. I couldn’t have had better news this mornin. First of all I don’t agree with anyone on any season who takes things to such a personal level. I do understand that everyone reacts to stress differently; but that does not excuse anyones behaviour. The second, is the house guests go into the house knowing somewhat what they are getting into, and third why is it that Chima could say all of the things she said yet deny bein racist herself? Someone on here said a racist has power- but at the time she was spouting off at the mouth to Russell wasn’t she HOH? I’m a firm believer we are all people period. People do bad things- I don’t care what their “race”. I do feel sorry for her family and her. Hopefully she will watch herself and learn some things. I hope mostly she feels ashamed and tries to be better for it.

  370. I have a feeling she will be back before too long. I am sure there is production crew talking to her with lawyers and she will realize it is best for her to return. Give it some time. Also would explain why her picture hasn’t turned to black and white yet.

  371. I am so glad that Chima is out. I hope her Grandmother is to upset over how her granddaughter’s acted. She was fine when things were going her way, but Lord what a 360 in personality, when things didn’t go her way. She is a spoiled person and I think that she needs to do a little soul searching.

  372. I looked up Russell’s fight record. He is 0-1 professionally and has not fought in 4 or 5 years. I guess that makes you a pro fighter.

  373. sry I’m not kissing up to the genius that is jeff and his useless lump of a g/f. Cant wait for the russ to do what he does best backstab and intimidate

  374. Chima has had an entitlement problem. She thinks she can tell production what to do. Many people would have been glad to have been on the show, not be so nasty to production. Who does she think she is that she is entitled to destroy property that she does not own. She made nasty comments about Russell’s ears that were uncalled for. It is just a game and she seems to be the only racist in the house.

  375. Forgot something…I saw a rumor that the Chima-rape tale was not true…It’s horrible if it happened, but I would not put it past her to create the story for impact…Anybody know anything?

  376. Well, if Chima is planning to sue CBS, they have millions of viewers/witnesses & tape to testify for them.

    Perhaps the Arab Defamation League will sue Chima for saying “Russ is a terrorist and I am the twin towers”.

    Perhaps Russ’s family will sue her as well. Hope so.

  377. Chima was vile from the beginning when she made comments about being superior to her fellow brains Ronnie and Michelle.

    Her comments have been offensive throughout…. and she has behaved like a spoiled brat with a soiled diaper.

    Natalie and Lydia are likewise distasteful…… and if there is video of those two being involved with placing m&m’s in michelle’s food, Charges should be pressed. Allergies are not something to mess with.

    Truth is…. These three stooges haven’t played half the game that Michelle has played. Good riddance to Chima and I hope that Natalie and Lydia are soon to follow. I’d like a final four of Russell-Jeff-Kevin-Michelle. Jordan is a nice girl but hadn’t done much either.

  378. I said he was trained not pro. Pro or not he can still outplay jeff physically and mentally hello technotroniks!! LOL

  379. I understand the HG are getting $750 per week to be there. This is more than most people make in a week on their jobs. ADD to that the chance to be on TV and make a name for yourself and to win 500g`s.


  380. @LanieLou
    Why would the Arab Defamation League care? Russ is Labanese and catholic i believe.

  381. I looked up Ronnie’s debate records.. If he was nationally ranked, the ranking must’ve been very low. And he never took 2nd in persuasive speaking at nationals, he didn’t even make the finals in nationals.

  382. I am so glad. It was about time. Should of been done a long time ago. she was so sickening to watch. Thank You Big Brother for getting rid of her. Now maybe her sidekick will calm down her antics.

  383. If they brought Jessie back they would still only have 6 jurors. So hopefully they will consider someone else or just let this be part of the double eviction.

  384. EMAIL CHIMA’S EMPLOYER! is the contact email for Chima’s employer. Let them know how deplorable her behaviour was, and tell them we will boycott given their continued affiliation with the racist/sexist/xenophobic/anti-Catholic bigot that is Chima.

  385. I think the rape did happen I lookedbit up and the guybhad raped and killed two other women one white and an Asian named chistina vu. He was calledntge bathtub killer coz he dumped them their when he was done or something. He wouldve gotten away if chima didn’t fight him and help the police. Ibthink they executed him in tx



  387. 493. F team JJ

    Yeah, it did happened, my sister-in-law remembers the American Justice episode when it aired.

  388. sommie1981 Chima IS THE 1 that said she was a “strong black woman” just like the other woman in her family. SHE brought it up.

    ED, as far as I remember, never said anything that he didn’t believe that could damage someone in their REAL LIVES like Chima did w/ Braden. She admitted [I saw/heard it for myself] that she didn’t really think he was a racist and only said so to help her game. NOW THAT should be an embarrassment to blacks b/c she admitted to being a race-baiter PLUS she is a hypocrite b/c SHE MADE MULTIPLE RACIST COMMENTS.

  389. I’m SO glad the BB ejected Chima.. she was WAY out of line… she lost site of the fact that this is a GAME.. she managed to INSULT AMERICA…

  390. for once i agree w/fteamjj……..really? attacking her job…..not right! that makes everyone as low as her!

  391. Ronnie didn’t win that was a lie. I will have to find the info of the person who truly won. Ronnie wasn’t in the finals. I will go find the info and post it.

  392. It’s a game!!!!! It’s really a sad thing that Chima chose to display such negativity. Better off gone for those around her. I would hope that negativity is not something she carries around in her day to day life! If so I feel badly for her…..

  393. Chima is an INGRATE. I would have loved to be in her position…along with millions of others


  395. Surely they aren’t going to let her come back. I hope they aren’t kissing her butt. I don’t know how she could show her face and return after her behavior. How rude she is to the HG, production, and staff. If she comes back I hope she was informed that Natalie ate her cheeto’s and sat there why her BFF looked for them and lost it when she couldn’t find them. It pushed her over the edge and cost her a chance at the $500,000. Thank you Natalie.

    Another thing, Michelle was talking to Lydia and asking if she had anything to do with hiding peoples items and she put all the blame on Chima. Does Michelle know that Lydia wanted to put the red M&M’s in her food or drink?

  396. Just like BB9 Adam’s comments RE “retards” affected his job with autistic kids, Chima’s disusting comments, which CBS is trying to restrict to the live feeds (way to censure her craziness, CBS) are far worse and far reaching. EQUITY FOR ALL. WHY IS CHIMA EXEMPT FROM CONSEQUENCE? EQUITY!!!

  397. @Samantha

    August 15th, 2009 at 3:36 pm
    EMAIL CHIMA’S EMPLOYER! is the contact email for Chima’s employer. Let them know how deplorable her behaviour was, and tell them we will boycott given their continued affiliation with the racist/sexist/xenophobic/anti-Catholic bigot that is Chima.

    Well…they probably have been watching the show, don’t you think and already have seen her antics?

    Separate the ‘real’ world from the reality show–leave family and jobs out of it. **And it’s not like we all really read/watch/whatever HollyScoop?

    Why would you even suggest this–it’s silly IMHO and not worth the time to even click “send”


    Who has stated she isn’t? She’ll face consequences for her behaviour with family, friends, peers…for a very long time. I bet many will pretend not to even know her.

    Her self-destruction will leave ripples in her life for a very long time.

  399. Renie, see above. Equity. Justice. You know, bedrock principles of this country. PRECEDENT HAS BEEN SET regarding housemates being held accountable for their disgusting in-house actions. See BB9’s Adam.

  400. And again…she just left what–12 hours ago? We don’t know what consequences she’ll face and she will have them. I’m sure she’ll be censured by people for a very long time and will not be ‘glorified’ for her actions.

    She’ll have to look in the mirror every day and see that the integrity and character she spoke of so often….was lacking in herself.

  401. I am not here to add to the criticism of Chima because enough has been said. I am here to express my hope that someone out there will reach out to her with kindness and love because it is easy for us to step on someone when they are down instead of helping them. Obviously, she is in a really bad place and I can say that because I have a niece who had gone through a similar tramautic experience and has been crying out for help by displaying similar behavior. It was amazing to see the result after we reached out to her with love and kindness.

    Let us not judge too harshly and instead pray that she gets the help she is crying out for. I am a mother, sister, friend, neice, aunt, cousin and I believe it is a lot easier to criticize than to offer words of kindness and help.

    I pray that her mother gets better and that her family unite to get her the help she needs. Remember she too is human even though her words and actions were wrong, she deserves forgiveness and love. Remember God loves us all even though we have let Him down so many times…. Be kind…..

  402. I realize songs can’t be played in the BB house, but just imagine…Russell playing and dancing to the Wizard of Oz song.. ding,dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch, ding,dong the wicked witch is gone…….

  403. Everybody assumes Chima needs help. We’re assuming because of her past experience, she needs treatment. Is it quite possible that she’s just a shitty, horrible, Person, and her actions have nothing to do with past experiences?

  404. I think Chima has some emotional problems to deal with. She needs to realize that the world doesnot revolve around her. She is an embarrassment to her race. She kept saying she is a strong black woman. She did not show that at all. She showed herself to be a very immature,self-absorbed, spoiled brat. she could dish it out, but felt she was above everyone else in the house. As long as her army of idiots were rallying behind her she was crude and very meanspirited. She should take any money she wins from BB11 and use it for therapy. Because if she stays on this course she will self-destruct.

  405. I read on Marcellas Reynolds’ blog that he was responsible for getting “her” in the house. “She” approached him and asked if he could help get “her” on the show.

    For the people who are saying that “she” isn’t racist…open your eyes. Justify “her” saying “she’s” the twin towers and Russell is the terrorist. You can’t. 9/11 isn’t anything to joke about and a slap in the face to the people who died, lost loved ones, were first responders, the city of NYC, and the USA. It’s too bad that CBS edited it so it didn’t look bad. Shame on them and shame on those defending the comments.

  406. Im sure chima has alot of exsplain about her action on the show I would,nt be surpize if she on the news or getting interview on why she did the thing she did.And I had a question for you all does anybody know who the have not are is it lydia and kevin?

  407. Although Chima’s actions warranted her being ejected from the house, is she REALLY the WORSE HG this season? NO, I agree with points that DAL and Cassandra made. This is a fishbowl, and if you are already at the edge of sanity before you arrive, you will be worse after you leave. I would also like to point out that Chima may not have been the only person to destoy personal property (think Lydia and Natalie) Also, Lydia is a ticking timebomb. She has threatened to hurt herself over Jessie, and she was contemplating using a bottle opener as a weapon. Does anyone remember the night she snuck into the room and watched Jessie sleep? BB needs to keep a close eye on her. Also, there have been several references by a few houseguests that are questionable. Jordan referres to Kevin as a F-g, last night (while in conversation with Chima) Lydia called Russell a mini terrorist, and let us not forget the hot mess that is Braden, and all of the insulting things Russell did/said. THis is just my opinion, and I hope that ALL of the HG that need help get it once they leave.

  408. I don’t thnk they had have not, they did the traditional way and won a grill. Unheard on another blog russ was smilking ear to ear T the camera.

    @alva thanks I try ^_^

  409. @MntMan #483 & Suz #60 Yes, her attack really did happen while she was in college (Hampton University)in Hampton, VA. Her name is Chima Benson

  410. For people saying Jeff won America’s vote because every one thought Jeff and Jordan were a cute couple is ridiculous. Why didn’t Jordan win? Why didn’t Jesse, Lydia, or Natalie win? They had a triangle relationship going. Jesse was getting more action then Jeff. Even the heavy flirting going on with Chima with Russel.

    If people think mostly women voted and they love big muscles on a guy then Jesse should have won or Russel, they both have bigger muscles then Jeff.

    Why wouldn’t we have given the power to the strongest women, that was said to be Chima.

    Perhaps most of us voted for Jeff because he had the best character. He stays out of all the drama, and lying. When it comes to him he handles himself well, with out losing his head.
    We thought he was the most mature and had the best head on his shoulder, and he proved us right.

  411. this is my first time of watching big brother,,,i was shocked at how CBS would allow someone like chima to control the situation,i am glad they finnally stood up and said regardless of ratings we will not stand for this and threw her butt out of the house,,i am sure her family is really proud of her ,,,now they have to be embarresed at her antics,,,good luck to rest of the house,,,

  412. Per Entertainment Weekly, SHE was Kicked out. . . she did not QUIT. . she was KICKED OUT.

    Kevin even state this was true when he was talking to Mi earlier. He stated, “If you don’t follow Viacoms rules, they remove you.”

  413. After reading ALL the posts I think everyone is glad to see Chima go out.It’s about time,I also read where BB has not taken Chima picture down from the wall !!!! Some think BB may bring her back in the game !!!! HEAVENS SAKES NO,NO,NO !!! If anyone comes back…LET IT BE CASEY !!!! Post @187-Renie, You are sooooooooo right. Chima FITS the NARCISSIST PERSONALITIES to a T. @Matt- KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK BY KEEPING OUT THE PEOPLE THAT WANTS TO START TROUBLE ALL THE TIME…GREAT JOB !!!!

  414. dude new topics puhleaze!! See now that chi girl is gone there isn’t much to tlk about. Oh how about jor touching on her implants at weird times Lol. Honestly I came on this blog coz the other one ibwas on was non stop jeff babble! Made me want to vomit.

  415. You know… I agree with BB removing Chima from the house big time, but what I do not agree with is perpetuating her hate with more hate. Please do not contact that woman’s employer. I am sure she will face enough embarrasment without our help, and she deserves the right to see the error of her ways and make the necessary changes to be a better person.

    I don’t think Chima deserves to be brought up on charges anymore than anyone else. What she did was downright awful, so let’s just be glad she’s gone rather than continue the hate in her name.

    I also want to add that Chima does not represent nor cause embarrasment to the “black” race anymore than Ronnie does to the Asian race or Jordan does to the “white” race. To say that is ridiculous and leads to more racism. I do, however, feel that Chima and Jordan are a disgrace to women ONLY because of the influence the media has on our young girls.

  416. I am so glad that the big-mouthed racist skank is out of the house. Chima’s Twin Towers remarks were outrageous. There is seriously something wrong with her! Can’t wait to see Jessie’s other groupies—Gnatalie and Gorilldia follow her out the door!


    Blacks should disavow her.

  418. @ Nicola #530. I agree with you an all of your points. I am African American, and Chima does not make my race look bad, she makes CHIMA look bad. I also want to tell everyone else: ok she’s gone. We all blogged about it…lets move on

  419. Unique

    You said it all in a nut shell. I do not condone her behavior and I too wanted her off the show because it seemed obvious they couldn’t control her mouth or her rude behavior. No one is born bad. Something has happened to Chima to make her feel this way. I know she was brutaly raped by a serial rapist. She I believe was his last victim before he was caught. I know this would affect her. I would think if some one who went through something has horrible and ugly as that would never wish that on their worse enemy. We all know sh hopes Russel goes to prison and gets raped. Can’t we all see this isn’t a sane person saying these things. This a women crying out for help. I understand her trying to act strong, I can’t understand her being so rude, and making racist comments. I think this has been going on for some time that is why when her Grandma heard her saying these this she said “That is just Chima being Chima”. I hope too someone reaches out to her and helps her so that she too can see how wrong she was and hopefully apologize to those she has hurt and hopefully will get their forgiveness. No matter what she too is a child of God and he still loves her and has already forgiven her.

  420. There will be a new HOH comp in about an hour. Michele will not be allowed to play. Lydia and Natalie are excited because they can “win one for Jessie”

  421. ok, here’s the deal… We were wondering how long they were going to let her run wild. Yes it makes for good TV for about 20 minutes then you are sick of it and your mouth is hanging open going WTF??? If they let her act like that then every single person to come after her on this show could act like that. Personally, and this is just MY opinion but I think the girl has some serious mental problems. There’s standing up for yourself and being a strong person and then there’s diarrhea of the mouth and acting like your 2. We all know which she did. Thanks CBS for finally getting her out. We had just about decided to stop watching because of her antics. And if Lydia and Natalie want to go with her… let them. Let Casey, Laura and Braden have a real chance at the game.

  422. Even if she didn’t “quit”, she did everything she could to get the boot. That’s no different than quitting.

  423. Thank goodness that BB stepped in. She was out of control and needed to be “removed.” The other 2 need to be put on a short leash also. So much for her being a (strong Black woman). HAHAHAH

  424. Yes…… Michelle got screwed out of her HOH because Chima quit…. They are having an HOH comp at 2:30 BBT and Michlle can’t compete vecause she is the outgoing HOH after2 days….. I told you not to count Natalie / Ydia / Kevin out….. If one of them witn, they should nominate Jeff / Michelle….. Let the backstabbing begin folks!!!

  425. Well thier having another HOH challenge in an hour. Looks like things about to change again. wow

  426. Have all the HGs forgotten this is a game, and they are playing for $500,000. Some of the HG have lost site of the fact that they are playing for money, money to make their life and the lives of their families better, and hopefully to do something good with the money they may win. This is not a game about friendships and relationships made, carry on with those AFTER the game, and AFTER you have succeeded in winning the grand prize. The people you are playing with are not your true family, friends or even coworkers, they are strangers in a real world that you may never see once the game is over. The game entails nothing other than to get to the end, one week at a time. How you choose to get there is up to that individual, but as in real life, you rarely succeed with hostility, anger, vengence, ignorance and intimidation. As for CHIMA, she came into the HG as a BRAIN, and she failed to use hers, that was HER biggest downfall. And if CHIMA is not allowed to go to the jury house, than let AMERICA have a say, give AMERICA the “one of seven” to pick from the remaining two players. Just a thought CBS.

  427. TJ – Firstly races are races not groups. When you group races together, that is what leads to racism (i.e. “us” vs “them”). Secondly, JAPAN IS IN ASIA!

  428. What will really hurt Chi-Witch, is if we all STOP blogging, posting talking about her.

    She loves all attention, negative or not.

    After about 2 weeks, take all her pictures off all websites, and everyone collectively stop talking about her.

  429. Just heard Michelle’s HOH has been voided and they’re playing for a new HOH tonight, is that true?

  430. all I can say is GOOOOOoooooool!!!!! Hahahhahh go Kev!!!! Cant wait till michele (sherat) is kissing up to new hoh and comes crawling back to team NLK!!!

  431. Renie,
    I’m not talking about some damn role models! I did not say ANYTHING about role models. What are you talking about?!?
    I said I-M-A-G-E-S! And reality television for Pete’s sakes! And don’t act stupid. This HAS been a major discussion in the Black community and especially amongst conscious and aware African-American women.

    Someone mentioned Omarosa. Another one!
    I’m not talking about real reality with likes of Oprah and Angelou(who by the way also have expressed disappointment about negative images of Black women!)
    And I completely agree with Sarah Mills. This show and Amazing Race did show real human strategy and dexterity, or the potential.

  432. Tia, Chima makes Chima look bad. She in no way reflects an entire race anymore than you do.

  433. IMO…

    If this was Thus nite and Chima was evicted, they would immediately have the next HOH,Noms and eviction and that HOH would not have use of the HOH room, because a new HOH comp would be after the 2nd or double eviction.

    So in a sense its just happening earlier in the week and at least Michele had 2 days.

    Hopefully it will be comp that is fair and may the best I mean Jeff/Jordan/Russell the good win. Lets just hope for the best..At least our biggest Horror is gone and not even in the jury house to have a vote.

  434. i have not read all that is posTed on this site but found this on a different one. WHY WOULD THEY BE HAVING A NEW HOH COMP?

    *Update*—-Chima’s picture is now black and white. It looks like the houseguests are getting ready for a new HOH competition. (in about an hour) Russell tells Michele she’ll be okay—Michele says even if I go up I can still play for POV—I won’t be walking out. Meanwhile, Natalie and Lydia are now praising production, talking about how good they’ve been to them.

  435. F team JJ, I agree wholeheartedly. It’s as if they play into these stupid stereotypes just to wind people up and create chaos.

  436. BTW F team JJ, they’re doing the same with Jordan, Kevin, and Jeff… very stereotypical.

  437. I am glad that Chima has left the show because I find it hard to watch someone to be rewarded for having bad manners and the use of scare tactics. This type of behavior being allowed teaches our youth that it pays to be difficult and throw tantrams. As a suriver of rape I am appaled that would be considered as an excuse for acting with such a sense of entitlement; neither should race nor gender. My grandmother was a native american princess; that does not give me reason to walk around like royality nor going on the warpath with whoever does not do my every bidding. I find name calling and derogatory comments to be not only inflammatory but shows a person has little class. I do believe Chima’s actions resulted in her leaving the show. I personally feel it would be wrong for her to be allowed to ever return. “Be careful what you wish”. As far as what BB can do I am certain their lawyers have already advised Chima about any further disruptions to their show could result in a law suit.

  438. I don’t understand why they’d have another HOH competition when Thursday was supposed to be a double-eviction. Why couldn’t they just have it to where Michelle nominates someone else and they have a single-eviction? Would that not have worked, or would that somehow unfairly tip the scales? All I know is I sincerely hope Russell, Jeff, or Michelle gets it!

  439. I don,t think that fair that michele lost her hoh bacause of chima quiting they should at lease let her play since chima got to play last week for hoh.So how is that fair. I hope michele wins it back and you think that what happen to chima was bad when jeff got to use is wizard power i say thats is alot worst then what happen to chima at lease she had a full week to enjoy the this sucks

  440. Chima was/is a spoiled brat. She did not represent Big Brother in a professional manner. I think its great that she was removed. Possibly this will be a lesson in life for her that everything will not go her way just because she demands it. I believe even her grandmother was not pleased with all of her actions and reactions. Good for Big Brother I have more respect for the management of the show. She got what she deserved.

  441. MeMe….I think it happened in Austin least that is where the killer/rapist was executed. He was known as the Bathroom Killer, his first name was Dale.

  442. OMG how quickly ones can hate and be vicious! I am talking about the ones who write these comments.I been reading all ogf them and showing my 15yr old son this is not the way to be everyone should be given the benifit of doubt at least once . Once I heard about C crime that was comitted against her and it was true my first thought is CBS should have never let her on show with out a counseler seeing her to see if she could stand the pressure,she should have never been on .You could see from first trouble she was breaking down and could flip out and that she did .It can take years from some to recover I know this for fact! I am not condoning her for her actions in any way ,they where wrong but I strongley feel the girl was breaking down early.Something set her off ,may been a little word our some simlarity in one player ,anything .It was better that she left yes .But the pure hatred from viewers on any of the contestent worry me what kind world are we ??? that we can hate and be vial so quick.I prayer I bring mty son up better .It is just a game not a vigilanty time,A GAME remember that and all have done stupid things in the game . I for one hope Cima gets the help she needs and she does need it and hope CBS sees to it her family or some one helps her . It can happen to any one of you as well so remember that! I disagree the viewer vote on eviction for the hate I read would make it unfair and votes would be made on that alone and not who played the game right

  443. why is micheles hoh over?just b/c she left or was evicted by bb and cbs.( what ever way it went down) it b/c michele put her up and she is gone and it screwed the double eviction so now they have to have a new hoh.i promise im trying not to hit trigger buttons matt,….i do not like those 2 girls.

  444. Man im telling u if they dont bring back Jessie, its a crime.

    -last person to get evicted.
    -couldnt fight to stay
    -somewhat got hosed out the house
    -strong competitor
    -had a love triangle
    -will have a huge vengeance for jeff.
    -he is a character

    dont bring back casey, or larua, they didnt even make it to the jury house

    dont bring back ronnie, he had a chance to stay

  445. Nicola,

    (1)Like I said SHE brought her race into from the beginning w/ her “strong black woman” comments.

    (2) You said RONNIE was ASIAN when he IS NOT. I was pointing that out to you but apparently just like your deductive reasoning skills for what you see happening in “the house” are poor so are your READING comprehension skills. I NEVER said Japan wasn’t part of the Asia.

  446. Marcus, just because Jesse didn’t have a chance to fight to stay doesn’t make his being voted out wrong. It’s part of the game, and there have ALWAYS been twists and turns on BB. If he had been “back-doored”, it would’ve been the same thing and nobody would’ve batted an eyelash. The game is supposed to be a reflection of society, and in society, sometimes life is not fair.

  447. Hello everyone….. Michelle is not alloweed to play in the Oh because she is the outgoing HOH…… I am glad Chima quit so Michelle culd getscrewed after being HOH for less than 2 days and can’t compte in the new HOH comp….. Go Kevin / Lydia / Natalie…… I think ven if Russell wins, he won’t nominate Natalie and may realize he may be expendable if he stays with Jeff / Jordan / Michelle….. Michellle will stab Jeff and Jordan in the back and tell Russell verything they said to save her but if Russell wins the HOH or if N / K / L win and nominate hr with Jeff!!! What do you all think about this post? Please give me feedback….. Thanks!!! P.S. I can’t wait to see who wins the HOH comp today…… Go Natallie / Kevin / Lydia!!! let the backstabbing begin!!!

  448. TJ – Whether she brought it up or not, she does NOT represent an entire race anymore than you do.

    Furthermore, you did say that Ronnie was not Asian, but that he is half Japanese. I was reminding you that Japan is IN ASIA, which makes him ASIAN. We can talk about semantics all you want, but it doesn’t change his background.

  449. marcus,jesse bd casey,so jeff bd jesse he avenged his alliance the same way jesse would have.

  450. Paul 556, you are so correct. Jordan: dumb blond, Kev: gayfabulous and Jeff: the stud insults our intelligence. In the past HG were more like ordinary people. Now more than half of the cast is hand picked and do not go through the normal casting process.

  451. get over it marcus! jesse was evicted under game play and within the rules! There’s no need to brng anyone back. If they brought him back, it still wouldn’t change the number of jurors and that is what seems to be the real issue here. No one needs to be brought back or added..a double eviction woukd have gotten the same number result this week anyhow. I find it extremely unsettling that 2 women (girls) would give up the 500k to go be with jesse in the jury house. Why’d they even sign up for the show if they have no monetary need? I’d love to see kevin go just to make jesse’s life even more miserable.

  452. TJ – What Paul said lol.

    Sorry, we are sharing a computer and I posted under the wrong name ha!

  453. That two funny leo I think only the strong player will win hoh beside how to you know what there playing. what if it something physical or mess with your mine who do you think going to get that the only one who has a chance on l/n/k side is kevin.I,m hoping jeff win this one or even jordan. russel be ok do will see what happen when the live feeds come back on,

  454. i am very happy to see that chima is out of bb show. she did and said so many things that she should have been eliminated before today. hats off to cbs and bb for doing the right thing.
    now the reason i am upset is not letting mich have her full time in the room. Chima and the other 2 girls were misbehaving but you punished the other group. the other group stayed quiet and did retaliate in any ways which i am sure took a great deal for them not to. the other group has had wks up in the hoh room and this was the first wk for this group. they are no longer on the block and michelle had one day with the other group up there. talk about getting the rug pulled out from under you. i would understand if this was planned. i understood the power. i would understand double eviction. this wasnt the week for it. you could have just had a single elimination for next wk. why. this just shows all other bb shows that the more things you do that shouldnt be done you will be rewarded later. Come on bb. you should of had a little more imagination to do something than what you have done.
    i am very disappointed in this season of bb and of cbs.

    joyce sieve

  455. Matt– Question– Can you tell us the rules regarding a HG who is on the block being kicked out leaving a vacant spot? Does BB consider Chima the evicted HG and them proceed with the new HOH competition? Or, if a different procedure is used would Michelle be eligable for the next HOH competition?

  456. leo,i think russ will put up lydia and nat b/c he has a better chance getting farther w/jeffs team.russ also knows that michele is a contender and has a better chance at being saved w/a pov by her b/c she will probably win still see the final4 as jeff,russ,michele and jorden.i dont really think jorden will make it to the final 3 tho,unless she gets her tush in gear like now.

  457. Thank God.
    Now how about looking into how she got on the show…..and who DOES she know @ CBS?

    As for the other two HG’s who want to leave..see ya!
    Allison “WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG” to get her OUT??????

  458. I don’t remember the first season very well. Wasn’t it all America’s Choice? Nominations and Evictions?

  459. I am curious if they will in fact have the double eviction this week. If so, wouldnt that interfer with the amount of time scheduled for the show?

  460. This is soooo unfair! Natalie should remain in the green chair and let Michele put up another guest! To cancel her HOH and to take Natalie off is WRONG! At the very least Michele should be allowed to play and Nat the rat should remain right where she belongs!

  461. Its a shame that Michelle lost her HOH so fast, but I would guess the reason they are doing it would be the fast forward like they do during double evictions. Since Michelle’s eviction has happened, now would be the fast forward and a new HOH would be needed to put up new noms.
    I wonder how they will deal with the one jury less , even bringing Jesse back wouldnt help with the less jury number..unless Chima went to the jury house ??

  462. Chima obviously has deep psychological issues that were exacerbated by her iniabilty to control her BB environment. I think the isolation caused her cheese to slip off it’s cracker.

  463. Jordan has won today’s HOH competition!!! Good, I want to see her and Jeff as the final two. Maybe nice people don’t always finish last. Cheers!

  464. I think Michelle could have a law suit being that she can’t compete in the HOH and Chima was allowed last week. Why are their one set of rules for Chima and another for every one else. Are they just trying to hand the $500,000 and $50,000 to the rat pack to get them to shut up? Let’s play fair CBS. If it’s not bad enough you didn’t let her stay as HOH you are not letting her compete. I know she won’t retaliate and childishly as the rat pack did. They better not fix it to play a game going over questions that they were practicing on last night. Well, after this I don’t think we should hear any more about it not being fair that Jeff got the special powers. I would call it even now for the rat pack and the fab 4. Expect the unexpected. Let’s go team Jeff!

  465. JORDYN HAS WON TODAY’S HOH COMPETITION!!! Good, I want to see her and Jeff as the final two. Maybe nice people don’t always finish last. Cheers!

  466. What is the issue with Chima strategically? Strategically it does not make sense for Chima to be nominated. If dumb ass Michelle cant see that Russell and Jeff are the threats in the house then maybe she is a little slow. OR is this just a racial issue to get the only black person out the house.

  467. it’s on the wikipedia website and backed-up by anotha site here in canada too. cheers!

  468. Good news about Chima – I personally thought she would have been evicted after she threw water at Russel. And, what’s the deal with Nat & Lydia hiding housemates clothing? What poor sports they are; when they were up in the HOH room no one destroyed any of their personal property..A good punishments for them would be to not let them try out for HOH for 2 weeks..


  470. chima deserved to go you cant threaten people in a game but michele should be allowed to put up someone else not take away hoh from her thats totally not fair and if chimas side gets it she gets what she wanted michele should stay hoh! we all love bb and want a winter one back like the couples version please please!

  471. @ Bluezey60…. Russell trusts Natalie more than Michelle and will not put Natalie up bcause he will make a secret alliance with her the same way he did with Ronnie…. He will want to have a back up planin case Michelle choose Jeff / Jordan over him…. Russell knows neither Jeff / Jordan will choose him over them, so he will play out of jeajousy and survival modelike he did when he turned on NBK… I think he trusts Natalie alot more than Michelle and Michelle will without a doubt throw Jeff . Jordan under the bus to stay in the game and even tell Russell about how Jordan wants Russell gone asap….

  472. I am glad to see Chima gone. What a unhappy person. Amazing that she turned out that way after being raised by grandparents who appear to be so nice. I guess she could not stand to see things going the other way. As someone else posted, I hope that at some point she can reflect on her conduct and make the necessary changes. I was shocked to see that the production company did not edit out her terrorist comments about Russell. He does not act like someone I would want to hang out with, but it is wrong to characterize him as a terrorist because of his being of Middle Eastern descent.

  473. So let me get this straight… Russell won HOH and evicted Michelle, now Jordan is HOH.. Jordan should put up Natalie and Lydia

  474. @ Kelly…. It isn’t a physical comp because BB set up the comp in 2 hours which wouldn;t be enough time…. People said Jeff won the HOH against Russell… I will no believe Jordan won until I see concrete evidence…..

  475. leo geez..i hope it doesnt go down that way but,its a good chance that it could.i think he is crazy to trust nat to.but,he is after jesses vote thats why he voted nat out.maybe some how that will slip out,i think jeff knows russ kept jesse in or tried knowing he wasnt staying anyways.i believe russ is trying to secure all his votes b/c he knows if jeff gives him his word jeff,will keep it til they get to final 4.

  476. @ Azrael…… How do you figure Russell won and evicted Michelle and them Jordan became the HOH? There was only one comp…. Where is your eidence for this claim?

  477. Wikipedia site has been updated. Jordyn is not the winner. I apoligize for previous entries.

  478. I wish people would post sources when they make statements about who won and what is going on. I think they are jerking our collective chains

  479. @ Bluezey60….. I think Jeff / Jordan already plan on getting rid of Russelll. When Natalie / Lydia / Kevin and CHima were practicing, Jeff told Jordan to wait until after this week to evict Russell becaue Jordan says Russell is too much of a physical threat and could easily flip to the other side….

  480. Let’s just let Chima go in peace.

    She blue it…we knew she would. She did. I am glad she is out. I feel sorry for her. She was beautiful.. She was sick. The game is better without her

    PS..when is pov?

    Let’s get on with the game.

  481. @ bluezey60…… People are just trying to get attention… Remember when I first came in I was an all out NBK fan nd there were people talking crap to me saying Jeff won the HOH? It turned out that the HOH comp was still going on when BB AD came on….. I guarentee if Natalie / Kevin / Lydia win the HOH, Michelle and Russell will throw Jeff / Jordan under the bus in a heart beat… What do you think about that statement Bluezey60 / Cheri / other BB Fans?

  482. @ Hexum… The POV was canceled because Michelle has had her HOH cut short in less than 2 days… They are having a new HOH comp new with everyone playing except Michelle (the outgoing HOH).

  483. just saw on live feeds tonight there will be a live show. 8pm eastern 7 central. Anyone else see that?

  484. I have spent way too much time reading the BB blogs and watching BBAD–guilty pleasure. I think I need to get a life.

  485. @ SandyOKC….. I didn’t see that…. How will they have a live show tonight? Why would they wen they need a show for tommorow, Tuesday and Thursday? That would completely throw off their schedule…

  486. How can someone as unbalanced as Chima get on this program? She is really something, and needs a lot of professional help. BB will now become very boring. I really hope that ANYONE except Jeff, Jordan or Michelle win the game.Jeff has done nothing to still be in the house except for the ” Coup de da thingee”, and Jordan is riding his coat tails. Michelle has something wrong with her, don’t know what, but she makes me very uncomfortable watching her. Something is missing from her personality. Russell and Natalie are players and deserve to win. I still have not figured out Lydia, but wouldn’t be sorry if she was in the final four. Kevin is ok too, and seems to be playing the game as well as anybody. I really miss Jessie and was sorry that he got the shaft because he was a real player. You need to admit it whether you like him or not. He knew how to play the game. Reminds me of Dr. Evil (Will)

  487. The HOH comp is still being played… There is no winner yet…. Go Natalie / Lydia / Kevin aka NBK or as it stands now N/L/K!!!

  488. Leo, I know. i am still watching it and it keeps saying that. It said Big Brother Houseguests are preparing for a live show tonight.

  489. @ Bluezey60…. Do you know anything about what SandyOKC in post # 619 is talking about? I have no idea how she said sheseen something about a live show tonight… Did you Bluexey60 / Matt or anyone else se that? Pople please stop making things up…. I am watching now and nothing is happening because the HOH is still being played…. Jordan didn’t win – that was a lie…. Now this? What is really going on BB Fas?

  490. Chima is a Sick Person, I’m a person of Color as Well, That doesn’t mean I have Right to Step on anyone else’s Rights, Saying Sick Things, Being a Pure De Fool, We can only Blame Chima for her sickness and her poor manners on Her, it has nothing to do with women, or other races, or her blackness, it’s all about her disrespect for other people,

  491. Leo, i’m not making it up. I keep seeing it in between them showing trivia. Don’t call people liars when I am actually seeing it.

  492. That would mean a live show tonight and then another HOH comp? Does that sound right to anyone else? They could have 4 hoh comps in 8 days. One this past thursday. One now… One tonight… One next Thursday? W~O~W… Chima really screwed AG and BB!!!

  493. I don’t know what is going on and why it keeps saying that. I am seeing trivia and then in between that i’m seeing that they are saying they are preparing for a live show.

  494. @ SandyOKC…. I never said you were a liar… I am trying to get 2nd & 3rd parties to verify this because so many people have lied the last couple weeks…. Look at the tacotime dude or whatever he calls himself saying Jordan won the HOH and then said “oh my bad, I got that info off wikipedia”….. Any wordBluezey / Cheri or Matt the host of this Blog site?

  495. I can confirm what SandyOKC is seeing. However, I think it is a mistake and there is not a show tonight. Think BB made a mistake with the msg.

  496. @Leo, sometimes the feeds say they are preparing for a live show by mistake. There is not a show until tomorrow and it is not live. More than likely, they are having an HOH and will make nominations sometime this evening. They will play the pov either tonight or tomorrow and have the pov ceremony Monday. The live show will be Thursday and they will kick out whomever this HOH nominates. Not for sure on all this just going by previous seasons. Go Russell!

  497. blackgirl@ im black to hush tho because some time u dont make a bit of sense and for chima girl u got to forget about what happen to u like that rape and stuff and let it go dont unleash ure hate out on america because u that happend. blackgirl hush im a blackman

  498. @ SandyOKC…. I didn;t mean to offend you ok? I want some BB tonight… I hope they do have a show, but I think that is unlikely because they would have to have an audience, and then get Julie Chen to be there for a live eviction and they still have to show Jessie enter the Jury house and explain everything that is happenening. In the statement from CBS they said they would explain everything in the next shows airtime which sounds like that will all be pre-recorded…

  499. I am really disgusted by everyone’s response to Chima calling Russel a terrorist. Since when is a terrorist only reffered to middle eastern people or those who look that way. If racist is the first thing that popped in your head then truly you are the racist. When she made the comment I immediately understood what she meant because I’ve seen his behavior(what have you all been watching?)He literaly had the HG planning on hiding in the HOH room if they backdoored him because they were TERRIFIED of what he might do. So unless the definition of terrorist has changed to: someone from middle eastern decent then I think Chima hit it right on the nose.

  500. An official statement from CBS seems to confirm that Chima failed to comply with BB mandates: “Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show’s jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show.””

    (Source Entertainment Weekly)

  501. saying someone is making things up is calling them a liar. I don’t know if they made a mistake or not. I was simply asking if anyone had seen it.

    Thanks to the ones that cleared it all up.

  502. The HOH that they are playing right now is what would have happened Thursday after Chima was evicted…since she was evicted early they changed the FF to today. Whoever is nominated today will go home Thursday as planned.

  503. Very thankful Chima is out! Initially she looks like a pretty girl, then she opens her mouth…& it all goes downhill from there.

  504. @Susan, Chima said Russ was a terrorist because he was lebanese and that his family was terrorists. I think that is a racist remark.

  505. I feel she should have been removed from the show earlier in the week. Not to mention how in the world she passed a psych test due to her horrible rape. Not to say she is “unfit” because she was raped, however, these are extreme conditions and would add to any underlying fears for everyone. Because she knew Marcelles, was she allowed to skip a lot of the screening.????? This could be why CBS/BB waited so long to make a stand with her…i.e. paying for the mic.

    ALSO, why isn’t the conversation between Chima and Russell, prior to their first major fight, about “staging” a fight being discussed more? This conversation was on the live feeds and included all details of the fight that had not happened…hmmm the plot thickens ;0)

  506. @ Ashley… Thanks for letting me know…. Crap… I was ready for some BB action tonight… Hey Ashley, can I have your opinion? Do you think Russell will make a secret alliance with Natalie? Here is why I say yes… 1) He wants to get a vote from Jessie… 2) He trusts Natalie more than Michelle 3) Michelle will no doubt throw Jeff / Jordan under the bus to save herself and even tell Russell that Jordan wants him gone ASAP because he is such a strong competitor and Jordan doesn;t trust him…. What do you think abotu that Ashely… Go N/L/K or even Russell…. Anyone but J/J!!!

  507. I am sooo glad Chima is GONE! She was a trouble maker from the get go….way to go BB

  508. @ SandyOKC please read my post # 635 ok> This is what I said….. @ SandyOKC…. I didn;t mean to offend you ok? I want some BB tonight… I hope they do have a show, but I think that is unlikely because they would have to have an audience, and then get Julie Chen to be there for a live eviction and they still have to show Jessie enter the Jury house and explain everything that is happenening. In the statement from CBS they said they would explain everything in the next shows airtime which sounds like that will all be pre-recorded…

  509. our prayers have been answered , chia-pet is gone. that is one hateful.she hreally needs to go talk to someone about her anger. i kinda feel sorry for her she is sick and doesn’t realize it. but i am so glad she is gone now to get nat and lydia out

  510. @Leo, I don’t know. It is hard to say with Russ. If he takes Michelle to the final 2, he will probably win because Jessie and company don’t like her. If he takes Jeff to the final 2 he will probably win for the same reason. If he takes Natalie or Jordan, I don’t know if he can beat them in the jury house. I just hope they all keep their heads together and play the game from here on out.

  511. i do think would throw them under the bus ..i was just hoping not until final 4.if n/l/k 1 of them wins hoh,i know they will put up michele and jeff.i do think jeff would be the 1 to get voted out.i dont see them putting up jorden at all not right now.i would just hope jorden will win pov..mmm i know. but if she did then they would put up russ and vote out michele.

  512. Maybe now Chima can get some REAL medication because she desperately needs it….maybe a straight jacket too. I feel sorry for her poor family that was so disappointed in her behavior the other day taht they were forced to voice it on national television….I can just imagine how humiliated they are now! What a disgrace she turned out to be! Maybe now she will finally see what America REALLY thought of her!

  513. Leo, I read it after I posted mine. It is fine with me whenever BB wants to be on TV. I’ll watch anytime it is on.

  514. now im not talking about chima im talking about blackgirl on the comments (so dont get me wrong) even tho chima need some help probly a man of course that need to come in her life yea jus because u got put down by somebody that want move on ure advances dont mean that all other mean thats out there wont turn u down

    sometimes u got to wait on love unstead of runing for love in all the wrong places

  515. @ SandyOKC… My bad again if I offend you… That postwas for the people I reffered to who made up lies about Jeff winning the HOH when he didn’t and then saying Jordan won the HOH and it isn’t even over yet… What do you think about the post and question I asked Ashley about Russel SandyOKC?

  516. OMFG! Michelle is no longer HOH because instead of putting up a new HG on the block BB decided to just redo the HOH competition. I am pretty sure that everyone can participate, but I could be wrong. Also Chima will not be in the Jury house!!

  517. Russell is hard to read Leo, he is a ship jumper. I think he would push to get rid of Michelle. I don’t think he’d want to be the one to get rid of Jeff. I think he would wait for another hoh to put him up. Just so he can say he “kept his word”

  518. Does anyone think it is unfair Michelle doesn’t get to play for HOH again? Chima was allowed to play because “effectively there is no HOH now”. Well, IMHO after Chima quit or was kicked off there was officially no HOH. I would love other opinions on this.

  519. I agree with you Melanie. She should be able to play. This is unfair to her. Maybe she will get to play again and she’ll win. Never know with BB

  520. Hi guys, I am pretty sure they show the same trivia over and over. As far as I know, there will NOT be a show tonight. When you watch a LOT you see these same announcements and questions over and over and over.. They are having the re-nomination and playing the POV right now. Likely Michelle will put up Kevin. That is the smart move. Kevin is more likely to win POV, and if he did and Lydia was on the block, he would take her down, leaving Mich to have to put up one of her team. I doubt Russ will try to make a deal with Nat since it is very likely she will be leaving this week. After this week’s eviction, however, there is no telling what Russ may decide to do.. HOH is EXTREMELY important this coming up Thursday. I really, really think Jeff needs to win this to stay in the game. I love Jeff, as you all know, but so far he has only one one POV. Michelle has been ROCKING it lately.


  522. #637 Susan

    Obviously you do not have the Live Feeds or watch After Dark on Show time. Chima is a racist. No if’s, and’s or but’s. If you are going by what was aired on Tuesday, that is how BB/CBS edited. I cannot remember all her comments too many to count but the last that I remember was he is a Terrorist and she is the Twin Towers. What do you think she was saying when she said that? That he was terrorizing the house? Why would she involve the Twin Towers if she wasn’t speaking of 9-11? What about her saying he isn’t catholic he is Muslim, or when she said all Americans hate him and all feel the same way she does. If you didn’t find this to be racist there is something wrong. It was clearly racist. Yes he is a bully. I never heard him one time make it personal. he could have said something about her rather large lips like she made fun of him by saying he had cauliflower ears. He never poured water on her, or threaten to spit on her. She wanted spit on him so he would hit her and get evicted. I think spiting is just as bad so she should have to if she had done that. Also for some one who was raped by a serial rapist and was the owner one who escaped why would she ever wish and hope and pray that he goes to prison and gets raped. That has nothing to do with being racist, it is just showing the hatred and vile words that were coming out of her mouth. She needs help and I pray she gets it and finds peace with in herself. I think she is fighting many demons.

  523. @ SandyOKC…. I agree with yu…. I think Russell would nominate Michelle / Lydia and try to evict Michelle if he won the HOH… However, I Natalie won the HOH and wanted him to evict Jeff / Michelle he would be miore than glad to stab Jeff in the back to get out his biggest threat in a physical comp… What do you think about that SandyOKC / Ashley / Bluezey60 / Cerhi / matt and all my other fellw BB schemers?

  524. men to my comment 653 sorry about that and i dont hardly trust michel at all she throw u up onder a train in a secound she was playing pool with Russel my home boy out in the back yard and she wouldnt admit something damit i forgot but like russel said hate it when people dont admit that they told a lie and she went right back in to the house and told chima something michael what a two faced bitch ahh michel ahh and like russel said and