CBS has revealed the next season of Big Brother will be named “Over The Top” and starts on Sept 28, 2016 with a new approach. The next season of Big Brother will be online only through their CBS All Access streaming service.

Update: CBS has renewed Big Brother for TWO more years and says Fall 2016 season will not be called “Big Brother 19” but rather will be titled “Big Brother Over The Top.”

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Over The Top

While the current season of BB18 won’t wrap up until September, CBS has already announced we can expect Big Brother Over The Top in 2016 with a special online-only approach. Now that’s something entirely different!

CBS announced the new series will start on Wednesday, Sept 28th, just one week after BB18 ends and will last for approximately ten weeks which takes us back to the style of older seasons before the BB summer expanded to start before Fourth of July. This duration should put the schedule in to mid-December for a finale.

How to Watch BBOTT:

With Big Brother going online-only for BBOTT that means you’ll have to have CBS All Access to watch along for Feeds and episodes. You can sign up for $5.99/month and get a Free Trial to start things off. It’s super cheap at 20 cents per day and you can watch on so many mobile & streaming devices now it’ll be easy to still watch episodes on your TV.

You’ll need to login at the BBOTT specific page on CBS’s website. If you go to the regular Big Brother area then you won’t find the new Over The Top Feeds or episodes & content.

A huge part of the draw here for going online is there will be no more scheduled blackouts for competitions and shows. It’ll all happen live on the Feeds and we’ll see it play out in front of us. If you’re going to be new to watching the Big Brother Feeds then you’re in for a treat as this will be Live Feeds in overdrive.

How to Vote On Big Brother OTT:

Each week there will be four chances to vote including America’s Nominee, Have-Nots, America’s Eviction Vote, and America’s Care Package. To vote you’ll need to be subscribed to All Access then visit the Big Brother Over The Top voting page here. Voting is typically only open about a day and you get 20 votes each day to help decide.

Over The Top Cast:

Julie Chen revealed there will be 12 new HGs plus 1 Vet HG. That Vet spot would be filled by either Jason Roy (BB17) or Jozea Flores (BB18) with voting by viewers deciding that choice.

The first 12 Houseguests of the BBOTT cast have been revealed with one more set to follow on premiere night. Jason joined the first 12 HGs as the 13th cast member this season.

Over The Top Schedule:

During the online Over The Top season we’ll get weekly live eviction shows each Wednesday night at 11PM ET (7PM PT) and those episodes will be available on-demand the following day. Julie Chen will be hosting the live eviction shows as well as eviction interviews the next day. Daily events recaps will be at 10PM ET (7PM PT) each weekday (none on the weekends). Veto Comp and Ceremony will be held on Mondays and Tuesdays, respectively, at 4PM ET.

Nominations will be done a bit differently with a “Safety Ceremony” starting on Saturdays (10PM ET) with the nominations revealed on Sundays (10PM ET). It all starts on Sept 28th!

BBOTT has been announced as lasting 10 weeks which puts us on track for a mid-December season finale. However, exec-producer Rich Meehan has also mentioned the season will last 65 days which gives us a Fri, Dec 2nd finale date. We’ll have to wait and see.

Over The Top House:

The Big Brother OTT House has been redesigned, but only as much as you’d expect that’s possible in just four days’ time. There were changes to wallpaper and furniture plus some room themes were worked over. It’s different, enough, but will definitely have that unavoidable core feel of the BB18 house. Look through the BBOTT House tour photos.

Over The Top Prize $$:

As for the big prize at the end, the amount has been halved to $250,000 which is still an incredible amount of money and to be expected with this experimental season. Maybe we’ll see that number grow in future rounds of BBOTT, which we hope will be out there for us.

We’re excited for a new season to share with you and our coverage will be just as strong and in-depth as it has been for the summer seasons. We will keep you up to date on all the events and spoilers of the Big Brother Over The Top season.

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