Kryssie Ridolfi – Big Brother Over The Top Eviction Interview

Kryssie Ridolfi became the final evicted Houseguest of Big Brother Over The Top this week when she left the house during finale night and joined the rest of the season’s past Houseguests. She did it all with a smile then and it didn’t sound like that smile had faded today when I got to talk with her about the season.

Kryssie Ridolfi on BBOTT finale

Kryssie wasn’t a season dominator but she did make it all the way to the very end and there’s an achievement in that alone. Now with the game wrapped up I wanted to talk with her about that infamous Wall of Shame, overcoming her desire to drop out, and just what she really thought about the finale results between Jason and Morgan.

Big Brother Network: Early on in the season you struggled with staying in the game and not dropping out. How did you overcome that and was it something you struggled with throughout the rest of the season?

Kryssie Ridolfi: Homesickness is really tough for me. I don’t do well with change. It took awhile for me to settle in. I’m nocturnal in real life and having to be awake from 10 to 10 was just an additional shell shock on top of everything.

But honestly it was the wall comp that made me realize “okay, no one is going to listen to your bullshit anymore and you need to put up or shut up and you need to push forward.” It was right about there I was like okay, I’m going to overcome whatever is holding me down and I’m going to boogie through the rest of this competition.

It became about proving the rest of the Houseguests wrong at that point. It wasn’t even about winning, it was just about outlasting everyone else.

BBN: The Wall of Shame, tell me your thoughts about that one now looking back. How are those hands and will they ever climb another rock wall?

Kryssie Ridolfi: Oh I’m sure I will climb lots of rock walls now. My boyfriend is a rock wall climbing enthusiast so I’m sure I will never be in a situation again where I will be unsupervised and therefore injure myself. The first thing he showed me when he saw me was how I should have gripped the rock wall.

My hands are healed. I do have a permanent scar on my left one. In retrospect I wish I had actually said “hey, I need a medic” because I don’t think anybody realized my hands were as screwed up as they were. I don’t think it carried over on camera and it wasn’t until the following day that the rest of the house was like “yeah, your hands are really messed up.”

It’s part of the history of my experience on Big Brother and I know I’ll never live it down. I will never concede and say I wasn’t hurt, but I’m actually more pissed off that I second guessed myself and answered the question wrong because I wouldn’t have had to worry about how injured I was if I had just nailed it on the first try.

BBN: What’s your reaction to the winner results last night between Jason and Morgan?

Kryssie Ridolfi: It’s not that I was surprised, but I can’t think I can’t think of another way to finish that sentence. I really thought that Jason had it locked, but because the house was so divided I didn’t get to see Morgan’s game. I didn’t get to see what she was doing behind the scenes. If America was voting on things I didn’t see then I can’t be mad at them. I’m just glad to be sitting there with those two. There two very different players and I’m heartbroken for Jason because I know that Big Brother is his life and he wanted it to be his legacy.

I’m very happy for Morgan. I had a chance to bond with her over the last week and she’s a lot more than just the crop top and cowboy boots that I met on Day 1. I’m very happy for her. If Jason didn’t win I knew it wasn’t going to be me so she’s a great first place if it couldn’t be the two of us.

BBN: Thank you Kryssie and congratulations on making to the F3.

Kryssie left in the place that I think most everyone expected and she did get find herself at the finale, but unfortunately her game play just wasn’t strong enough to draw the levels of votes she needed to be a contender. However, along the way through the season Kryssie did give us plenty to discuss and kept us entertained with events like The Wall Of Shame and all that blood. So much blood.


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  1. Thanks for the interview and all of the hard work you have done for us BBN! She is still talking about her hands? She will never let it go, I predict it will be mentioned at her funeral and possibly be etched into her headstone. Get over it Krusty!

    • I laughed when I read the line about being permanently scarred and the line about them being screwed up. If she had called over the medic it would just have been a bigger joke then it already is. She would be wise to never talk about her hands and that competition again.

  2. whenever kryssie referred to herself as the queen of her alliance i couldn’t help put puke a little – now i realize she IS a queen – the queen of exaggeration! please go from wence you came!

  3. Didn’t care for Kryssie in the house but I will say she left with class and a positive attitude.

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