Big Brother 18 Twists: Viewers “Impact The Game” Starting Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 18 not only are we going to find out more about the Secret Room and its Round Trip ticket twist, but there’s even more to be revealed. Teased to us last week by Julie Chen we learned there’d be something for the viewers to get their hands on and it arrives tonight!

Update: The twist was revealed to be “America’s Care Package” where we’ll vote each week on gifts (some are powers, etc.) to give the HGs. One round of voting a week and once a HG receives a gift, he/she is off the ballot.

Julie Chen has a secret on Big Brother

So far we’ve had the Battle Back twist, returning Vets twist, the super amazing “I’m a Secret Nerd!” twist (okay, not really), and then this week we saw the HGs discover a hidden room with a chance to return to the game. Now the next twist is moving away from the Housguests and in to our control for a change.

Last week Julie Chen revealed to Jeff Schroeder on his CBS All Access “After Show” that this twist would let fans work together to “impact the game.” Hmm, sounds like a viewer vote coming our way, right? Here’s what she had to say:

“We are going to unleash a new twist where people at home can get involved and they can impact the game… This time it’s something where you can strategize how you want to impact the game with other fans whether you know them or not.”

Obvious possibilities include viewers voting for something like a Team America, America’s Player, or maybe even a takeover of the HoH for fans to pick the nominees. I’m sure there are lots of possibilities, but several of those wouldn’t be anything new so I’m hoping we get something different this time.

I had been so distracted by the Big Brother Airlines ticket twist that I forgot all about this next twist coming up, but here it comes so let’s see what we’ve got. When it rains Big Brother twists it pours. So get ready to join us tonight at 9/8c and find out what happens next on Big Brother 18!



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  1. How about the option to restart the season with a new cast? I would definitely vote in favor.

  2. Doesn’t matter. Once Frank is gone this show is kaput! All that’s left is a bunch of losers. Won’t be watching BB any more.

  3. Although I would love for Frank to stay, I really wish they would not let viewers impact the game (unless it is stuff like vote for have not food or stuff like that, not something that actually has an impact.) It really ruins the game in my opinion changing Big Brother from Big Brother (US and CAN anyway) into something more like glass house. I don’t think anyone wants that.

    • I agree with you. Yes, voting for HN food or AFP was fun, but I don’t think viewers should impact a HGs strategy unless they agree to it. We did not give up our summer or our jobs or being with family, friends, pets, etc. so I don’t want the viewers to have an impact on the HGs unless they agree to whatever the twist is and they can use it to their advantage.

      • By going on the show, they agreed to everything the show throws at them including twists…it’s season 18…they seen many twists…a few included fan involvement…they know exactly what they get themselves into…

    • Are you talking about that Glass House show that lasted one season? About all I remember from that is that one princess moron who always did the heart-hands.

      I’ve never liked twists that involved viewer voting. AFP, maybe. Impacting the game? Never.

  4. What happened while I was gone???…why does everyone like Frank all of a sudden???…I thought most thought he was gross and disgusting…

    • I don’t think it’s a sudden love for Frank but more of an increased disgust for Paulie. Once Frank is gone, the game is over. Give Paulie the check and put us out of our misery. I can’t watch too many more weeks of making out, crying/whining, whinning about NOT making out, sleeping, eating, and excessively loud talking.

    • I’ve been here the entire time and I have no idea why so many like him now. I’ll be laughing like a Franking Franked Frank when he walks out the door tonight.

    • He is still gross and there are many who feel bad for him because he is a smooth talker and takes things very easy, even though he is angry on the inside.

    • I only like Frank for the game play because atleast, he is trying to play the game. Paulie is too but, pretty much everyone else has no interest at all! They are more interested in showmances and taking a vacation and collecting their stipends for doing nothing! Most people watch Big Brother for the game play like Survivor. However, Survivor, you do not need to force people to play. In Big Brother, most house guests just try and float from beginning to end and it becomes boring seeing one alliance picking off the stragglers one by one each and every week because the stragglers will not make a move!

  5. Maybe it’s another returning houseguest twist. Then, they can just send someone back in every week and keep the houseguests locked in an endless BB purgatory.

  6. I hope viewers get to choose the next person evicted and Paulie or Paul will be my choice.

    • I will vote for those not playing the game and floating along. We had this in Amanda’s season where she was nominated like for 2 or 3 times and she flipped out! She cannot figure out that fans were voting for her to be on the hot seat as the other players will not nominate her to be evicted! House guests will just collect their stipend for essentially doing nothing! Try doing that in your job and you get fired! So, why should it be any different. They signed up to play the game so, play the game or be evicted! Nothing more fair than that!

      • So true. I think Michelle, Corey, Zakhya and even Nicole are floating. It may not seem like it, but I think Paul is a floater who talks too much. Most of the house is floating.

      • they momma D sorta like floater to pull string!but she hold alot power from ive read today on reddit

      • In Amanda’s season, viewers were pissed because they would talk about putting Amanda up for eviction, week after week to only chicken out and not do it! Someone else gets nominated then, they talk about it the following week as well and again, no nomination of Amanda and someone else on the hot seat! Viewers got pissed that when we got the chance, Amanda was nominated by the viewers! We need this twist now!

      • I remember that season well. I couldn’t stand her, but loved her showmance. The same thing happened with Vanessa. They kept putting it off until finally she was out.

  7. yall just remember and know that if PAULIE gets evicted that PAUL the trusted 2nd in command will feel that he has to fill the dictators seat…and there goes the remainder of the season…

    • Paul isn’t 2nd in command. He thinks he is..Paul is just the ears for Paulie. No one in the house would vote Paul’s way or even listen to him.
      Then again…no one in this season tends to think for themselves.

  8. Years ago BIg Brother use to have better twists. Back when they bought in couples, played in pairs and even when they had coaches. Thoses twists were exciting and people played the game. These past years the twist have sucked. The show cares more abot doing things that have never been done than doing things that are actually good twists.

    • They should have hired Dan Gheesling, Mike Boogie, Dr. Will to screen the house guests. Those that will not play the game based on their answers to say, specific questions should not be given the chance to play! There are probably thousands apply to play so, why are we stuck with the worst of the lot?

      • theyh have canada producer right now!but peoplr hate twists in BB unlike with survivor!

    • I think the twists this year were good, but they messed up giving teams safety. They should have had some other benefit than total safety. People were too comfortable and it’s made them boring to watch.

      • you will be suprise who had round trip and riddle it phonr rang 7 times!

  9. Remember Amanda’s season? She cannot figure out that fans were voting her to be on the block. Since, the house guests by and large do not want to play, I would welcome the chance to nominate them for eviction! That way, they will have to play for VETO and play to win it! It will increase paranoia and force them to play the game! Let us do it! Do not let them play the same boring game. Let the fans decide who goes on the block. Atleast, one of them! Even for 3-4 weeks, this can impact the game positively. I am for it

      • telephone booth rang 7 times what is evelope hold everything right now

      • this all gows back telephonr booth from last sesaon 7 ring annd number 8 has it

      • I’m sure you could. You seem to know a lot and be very good at observing things.

      • i have even watch any this year stream i get everything from reddit and here and other site!

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      • I just wanna know who has the #7 or #8 ticket. You lost me with your reply (no offense).

      • il spill the bean right weatchout for the spoiler
        The winning ticket is whoever took #8 ,there’s a poster in the bb house saying ‘Ocho Rios for winning destination’ in plain sight so I don’t get how the hamsters didn’t notice that

      • There has to be a clue in the house somewhere as to which ticket is the right ticket to choose. No way it’s 100% random. The poster in the bathroom says Ocho Rios. Obviously, that’s a place in Jamaica. But why “Ocho Rios” unless it were relevant? Why not have a poster say “Visit the Great Wall” or “Visit the Seven Natural Wonders of the World” or “Visit Cinque (5) Terre”? They chose Ocho Rios for a reason.
        Also last year, the magic toll booth # was 7. Day answered 7th and got the reward. This year it would make sense for it to be envelope #8, since last year was 7.
        And who got envelope #8? Da’Vonne. She told Michelle she got #8 near the hottube earlier tonight.
        So Day probably has the round-trip ticket. What do y’all think? Nothing else in the house seems to make reference to a number besides that poster in the bathroom!

      • I hope it is one else will go against Paulie and she is next on his hit list

      • Awesome. This is going to be a long hour and half (cst). I’m biting my nails

    • Can’t believe she’s not higher on the favorite list and that Nicole, the dufudd dingbat is ahead of her. Nicole has no game. Except whining about Corey.

  10. remember how the phone rang 7 times well that a big clue who hold number 8 evelope!

  11. Oh..Give me the HoH now! please.. Paulie will be on Firing Squad….then I’ll hang Paul.

  12. Wait a sec! I don’t get this. People are saying once Frank is gone game over… write a check to Paulie. As IF!!! EVEN IF FRANK WAS TO STAY….WRITE A CHECK TO PAULIE! He wouldn’t have put Paulie on the BlocK!! Even now he 100% trusts Paulie…even fter Paulie called him an idiot. He’s not even ratting out the all boy’s alliance…maybe that would’ve saved his ass.

    • Frank would put up Nicole and possibly James. That would make the house pick a side. With Frank gone, Paulie will run every HOH and therefore picking everyone off 1 by 1. Day is the only one left that is gutsy enough to go against Paulie but she would have to win. She wouldn’t let Paulie run her HOH. What fun will it be to watch Paulie point and click- to determine who he want out next.

  13. I’m still confused about the hate for Paulie… people like Tiffany that much? Or did I miss something (and I watch the feeds).

      • But is that a good enough reason to dislike him, I mean when it comes to playing the game, what’s wrong with running it when you can? He’s as bad as Frank, but better because he’s able to fly under the radar and actually make loyal solid alliances. I think he has great gameplay so far, and I don’t get the hate.

    • He shouldn’t scare the house to vote his way in fear of being on the block. He was initially intimated by Vick because of his size but once he realized Vic is a open air-conditioned brain, that became bff’a

      • And that begets hate? I mean, that’s a smart move, if you can control and get away with it, why wouldn’t you in the game? Vic is a good ally to have for the time being and he hasn’t made any promises to him.

  14. I love Frank. Hate to see him go. De put him in a hole and everybody jumped on the bandwagon. He was clueless. He should have been more sneaky. Nicole loves Nicole. Paulie running the house with his 3 lackeys, Michelle, Paul and James helping. D mad all the time. Cusses on TV and worried about Frank hitting her playfully on the rump and her child seeing it is hypocritical. She has to have someone to focus her hatred on. So now it’s Nicole since Frank’s leaving. Nat is one French fry short of a happy meal as Bridgette also. What is wrong with their brains? Did they not get enough brain food as children? They are like 5 year olds in dealing with people.

  15. Paulie bulldozed Frank straight through the front door to wrestle power from him. Don’t blame Day.

  16. Most of the viewers here said the show will go down if Frank will be evicted. Oh why don’t we just stop the show and just let Frank win!! It’s a big brother. Expect the unpected and maybe Frank is not the good gamer on this season. I love Frank but oh well, other HG’s have their own game plan and technique to win this.

  17. If Brigitte gets the power and she is allowed, then she may give it to Frank.

  18. I hope everybody’s casting their 20 votes for Bridgette to get the special prize this week (you have until I think 1PM Friday.). It’s so she won’t have to be a have-not this week.

    We all know gutless big-talker Paul is going to make her the target, and him and disgusting Big Meech and Dirty Zakiyah are probably going to bully her all week on top of it, so I think she deserves all of our support so at least she won’t have to be a have not, too…

    (Not to mention how great it will be to see the look on all the rest of their faces if they find out she won America’s vote!!!)

  19. He should name it Goodship Lollipop because he looks like a giant lollipop

  20. You are so funny. This is the first time I laughed out loud while reading this site. Almost afraid to watch BBAD tonight.

    • I’m mostly corny. :)
      He does have a fashion business of some type. I went online to look it up and it’s stuff like skulls on tshirts. I can honestly see him making money off of this somehow. If he does, more power to him. I only wish he would take those words out of his vocabulary until he is evicted.
      I don’t watch BBAD any more unless I read something that piques my interest on Jokers the next day that happened during that time frame. I DVR for that reason. I did watch it one night when I couldn’t sleep.

      • You are missing all of Paul’s stories…that don’t make sense. Rather Paul be into fashion than a man’s hair salon. His hair and beard need help.

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