Big Brother 18 Twist: Who Has The Golden Ticket?

Instead of sneaking away to gather his Big Brother Airlines card and potential Round Trip golden ticket Paul Abrahamian made a splash of this season’s latest twist and soon we had every Houseguest waiting in line for their turn at the super secret, hidden twist. Oops. Now one of these twelve Houseguests has the magic card in his or her hands and tonight we’ll see the first card in the series revealed.

Paulie tries to sniff out his ticket

Aside from the opportunity to walk back in to the house, we have very few details on this Round Trip twist other than when Julie Chen introduced the secret room during last week’s live show. Now we’re getting ready to hear from her again and the episode is sure to feature the hunt and discovery of the secret room. Of course the real question is which Houseguest has the magic ticket.

There were twelve envelopes to select from within the Paris themed room and everyone had a chance to choose their own card, except for Michelle who was left with no choice but the only card remaining. Paul entered first and Victor was second. Everything after that was off camera so we don’t know for sure except for any discussions among the Houseguests over their selection order.

Inside eleven of the envelopes is a “one way” ticket right on out the way they were heading, but the twelfth card is a “round trip” ticket and will send that HG right back in to the game following their interrupted eviction.

Houseguests are not allowed to open their cards on their own but instead must await their possible eviction for Julie Chen to tear open the envelope. Anyone who tampers with their card to possibly sneak a peek will have their card voided and tampering with another’s card should share a similar punishment. This way no one knows who has the ticket. At least no one inside the house.

All of the “Big Brother Airlines” envelopes were numbered which means production has known from the start who holds the power to return to the game if evicted. There are of course going to be “rigged!” accusations but with the HGs making their own choices and holding on to their cards there’s no chance for that to happen. Every one of the Houseguests will have a one in twelve chance of discovering the “Round Trip” ticket. So please, spare us the baseless accusations no matter what happens tonight.

We don’t even know how long this twist will last, but last week Julie Chen said, “this secret room will only be in play for the next four weeks.” She did not say this twist will only be in play for four weeks though. In that case it’d be possible that we’d be all the way down to finale night with the F3’s evictee getting to open an envelope. That doesn’t seem like a good idea. I’m expecting we’ll get clarification on just how long this will run and the cut off point for the last card.

The twist is playing out well inside the house as this week’s target knows his chances are not great for a return, but it’s still enough to worry some of the other Houseguests who fear Frank could be right back in the game after all their efforts this week.

If tonight’s evictee’s card is the Round Trip then we’re probably bumping out the Jury cut another week since it doesn’t appear to have started yet. Those HGs desperate to make the cut for some extra guaranteed stipends this summer just can’t catch a break!

So who has the Golden “Round Trip” Ticket? Only production knows right now. Is it rigged? No. It’s basic math. 1:12 odds here. Every one of the HGs has the same chance of getting to go back in.

Who do you hope has the special card? Do you hope the twist ends before it’s used? Should be fun to watch play out and it all starts with tonight’s show!


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  1. I will say that the HGs might be onto something that, yes, one is the round trip ticket, but the other ones could be other prizes if not voided.

    • MY guess is there is no other prize’s. Maybe Michelle might get a little something since she couldn’t pick her own card but was left with what was left over.

    • I think there might be some smaller prizes too possibly. They haven’t had any real smaller prizes to be won yet this season. (Except the outback dinner but that doesn’t count)

  2. “In that case it’d be possible that we’d be all the way down to finale night with the F3’s evictee getting to open an envelope. That doesn’t seem like a good idea”
    I think that at whatever point they decide to end it, if the roundtrip is still in play, it will be worth a prize or cash.

  3. Can not go down to F3…..they would need to re-do all 3 HOH comps in finale night if the HOH evicts the round trip winner.

  4. I hope America gets to pick the noms, if so I’m voting big, I’m voting Paulie bcz anyone else to vote it won’t put a dent in the game or change the game. It’s time to change the game and change minds, NOT be a follower!

    • I don’t understand why so many people want Paulie to be nominated. That’s insane. He’s one of the few houseguests ACTUALLY playing the game. Ya’ll complain when someone floats by, but turn around and say you want Paulie nominated.

      • Yeah I agree. I don’t think Paulie should go out that way. He is playing the game and it’s not his fault the floaters listen to every word he says. I would like to see someone make a big move and go after him the right way because he is a big threat but many are too scared to do it because most of them aren’t even playing the game.

      • Well If I get a vote I am now playing the game and Paulie would have to go! I’m not scared to do a big move! Everyone in the house is scared and why should I nominate someone else and do Paulie’s work? I’m swinging and I’m swinging for Paulie!

      • Not really. You don’t have any chance of winning the money from outside the house. Paulie is playing the game and has clearly manipulated them enough(not like it took much manipulation in the first place) to do his work for him. It makes for an uneventful season but if everyone else isn’t going to play their own game then it’s their own fault

      • I think we know we don’t have a chance of winning the money outside the house! O-M-G! Well if America gets to play I’m putting Paulie up and I’m playing the game and if they want America noms are noms will count!

      • Haha I was just saying since you said you’re not scared to make a big move but that’s because you have nothing to lose. It’s not like they’re going to evict you and you’ll lose your chance at 500K lol

      • I was just thinking if it is America’s HOH people better be smart. Nominating an easy player won’t flip the house.

      • Because Paulie is running the house and is getting very cocky with it. It’s boring when every week they just choose a target and unanimously vote to evict them. Plus I just want to see people fight to stay in the house and blow up people’s games.

      • Yes, he is playing the game so if I was in the house why wouldn’t I nominate him? He’s in control and bark orders, that’s where all the power is and I’m going after that power to get him out! I want to take out the head and have a chance to win the $500K also. So if America gets a vote that means we are now playing the game and you best believe I’m going for the head honcho while I have a chance and not be another follower and miss my chance!

      • I completely understand where you are coming from because it would be interesting to see how the house divides with Paulie gone and see how everyone game changes but I think it would be wrong for America to evict one of the only HG still playing the game. We are not playing the game. We are on the outside. If I was one of the houseguest he definitely would be my #1 target and I would try to pick up some his mindless followers for my side after he was evicted.

  5. The only way it could be rigged is if production clued Frank in (which I believe that some people said it looked as if he was already searching for clues in the house before the announcement was made) and they told him a number “to be aware of” but not the whole story. Since he wasn’t in the room first though, this could have been foiled. I do feel like production wants him to stay though…

    Just playing devil’s advocate here.

    • Or there is a code on the ticket and it has to be scanned after it is opened. If CBS wants to be able to change a situation, they will find a way to do it. Or they could create another twist to bring someone back. Like they keep saying…expect the unexpected!

  6. I mean it’s also possible that the producers did not let people pick freely. I think someone mentioned on Tumblr that Victor wanted to pick a number and was told he couldn’t. So in that case, maybe it was all pre-assigned.

    • If that was true you would hear a lot more complaining from the house guests because they know only one of the cards gets you back in.

      • To rig the game, they could have handed ou all “loser” cards and could then call a player into the DR and switch their card for an identical one…

    • People have been evicted 3 times before. Vic has only been evicted once though. If he had it, it would be the 2nd time.

      • I think Some Guy means he would get evicted the second time, have the right card to get back in and then the houseguests would evict him again – three times.

  7. It could be rigged though. If each HG has their own card, obviously production knows where it is stashed. Then if they put the house on lock down in say, the HOH room, they could swoop in and exchange envelopes, which we wouldn’t see as feeders because they would have all cams in HOH, or put up the fish! just saying, it’s possible

    • Production knows who got what # ticket, so if the hgs were to ever exchange theirs with another’s then that person’s ticket could be voided. Who knows really..just speculating is all.

      • I think what @Melodie meant was that Production could have 2 of EACH numbered envelope – 1 with each HG and an EXTRA back behind the scenes. That way, if Grod feels the need to “intervene,” the HoH lockdown & switch idea would be feasible.

  8. Paulie is a punk, he’s always trying to act tough like he is the leader of a crime family, or something, and talking about clipping people, and other crap like that, give me a break your playing a game in the Big Brother house. Oh and put some close on you D-Bag!

      • I just think Nicole will go home bcz all of Paulie side is against her, and Paulie will still be back in control. Have to cut the head off of the snake. I picked Paulie and James bcz I don’t think I can go wrong with both on the same side.

      • Corey is still one of the few I can’t get a beeline on. He is still under my radar right now. James broke a promise AGAIN but that doesn’t mean he should go up just yet (keep that broken promise in your back pocket though). Paul on the other hand is looser than a goose and should be put down fast and furious.

      • Good thinking Wrongway, thanx for giving me that hint on James. I think righ now Corey is an HOH waste, but Paul and Paulie is a winner!

      • Corey would be to easy of an out…again u get him away from Paulie and he would play the game for himself…and yes Nichole would still be there but do not think he would let her rule his game…

      • actually she don’t Corey has had his own ideas and thoughts on the game and he has voiced his opinions to Nicole.. but the house rules right now and he does not want to make waves.. Nicole is doing enough wave making for both of them

      • Sure, okay, if you say so! All I keep hearing in the background is ScoobyDoo getting the hebejeebies!

      • Corey is already mistrusting Paulie Corey knows that if Paulie will help to evict Frank then he may next in line or not far behind…Corey is smarter than he acts.. He does a lot more listening than talking..

      • Guess I’m just a left-winger for now when it comes to him being a big enough player to fit that description. We’ll just have to wait and see. Something just seems a bit off to me with him. JMHO!

      • I’m which you on this one! Could it be as one would say “Corey’s serial killer eyes?” I don’t know but it’s scary if he decide to make a move on his own.

      • The moving lips with those eyes…reminds me of one of Jeff Dunham’s “dummies”…I really need to stop…hate to be seen has having poor taste and being judgmental…but hey, he put himself there for others to judge, just as the presidential nominees did. But still I shouldn’t be like that! :-)

      • In my opinion, Corey and his scary eyes look to Nicole to make the decisions and he just follow along. Corey has taken a back seat to play finger games and not to play BB.

      • But it would shake the house up a bit to try and split at least one of the stronger showmances going on that could upset the house more than James’ would! They need to be shaken and Paulie has yet to really feel what it’s like being on the block. He was a pawn then. Nicole has experienced it from her season and that has carried over to this season…her fear of being a target and going up and out to jury without the hopes of returning again, that is if she doesn’t have that round-trip ticket, which she’ll think won’t happen.

    • Paulie and Da’Vonne – That would be a fun showdown. Paulie is not bad, his ego is just being fed more and more and he needs to remember what it feels like to be on the block. HGs also need to realize that they keep looking to him at every turn and if he is on the block, they might have an “Aha” moment that he has been controlling the house decisions.

      • Paulie has so many on his side, we know Da is gone! Nothing will change bcz Paulie will laugh and be back in control. LOL

      • Unless Da can convince everyone that Paulie is running the show and no one will win going up against him at the end at this point. She is good at that kind of thing. She just needs to stop oversharing and focus on strategizing.

      • Yes, I wonder can she put that brain to use w/that loose mouth! If so this would be a big move and it will be about time!

      • I love Paulie, but he’s gotten WAY too comfortable & I’d love for him to be knocked back down a peg or two. He’s forgetting one of the Cardinal Principles introduced in Big Brother (and Survivor) 101: NEVER GET TOO COMFORTABLE. He thinks he’s Derrick 2.0, but I bet you Derrick is CRINGING at how obviously Paulie is playing. The concept of stealthily controlling the game is lost on the poor guy.

      • If it’s Paulie and Day, it’s a land slide. That’s how it is every week. Paulie has to be up against someone that will force the house to show their hand and pick a side. His end game is to be with Corey. I would put him up.against Corey

      • Only thing no one see Corey as a threat or know that he wants to take Corey to the end with him! I think it would be James, since Michelle made that big speech on James making a big move on Frank.

      • I just don’t think Corey would fight and Nicole would just cry the whole time. They would all vote Corey because of his alliance with Nicole and then go after her the next week if Bri is not available. At least Da would put up a fight, Z and Mich would help her.

      • Waste of an HoH, though…no one will choose Corey over him. And he’ll then choose Paul to be his end mate! :-) We want a house division, not a stalemate.

      • Yes! I like those noms! Both on the same side and both are good friends and now one of those main heads have to go!

      • Plus Da would try to rally votes to get out Paulie so Paul can shut up for at least 5 minutes cuz his bro. is gone. Probably wishful thinking.

      • Paulie is so strong in that house and he has his side already targeting Da, so I would see a sweep of Da leaving!

      • Except, if Paulie is on the block and DAY is safe, I could see DAY rallying to get Paulie out.

      • Someone that would split the votes. Paul is a good choice but the most loyal would vote him out over Paulie. Jame’s would be a good choice but the vote’s would be about the same. Corey would be the best choice. He is under the radar and could easily stay over Paulie.

      • My only concern is the house don’t really have a read on Corey and Paulie and his minions are targeting Nic and Corey which would leave Paulie in control. Paulie is barking orders and he also have some other players like James and Paul that are his henchmen. Paulie thinks he has won this game, so it’s time for the game to change and show Paulie he is NOT bred for this game.

      • One of the guys. I was thinking Paul but maybe Corey would be better because Nicole would try to get the votes to keep Corey.

      • I had high hopes for Victor but it looks like he’s with the guys now. The only person that doesn’t like Paulie is Natalie and no one listens tor her so that’s going nowhere.

      • LOL! I knew Victor was a waste when he was in the house the first time. Now that I think of it, I think Jozea would have gave Paulie a run for his money bcz him and Paulie constantly bumped heads. Remember, Jozea told them and tried to get Paulie out but no one listened.

      • Did you hear Victor say the only two people that voted for him to stay was Paul and Paulie?? Idk who the second person was but it wasn’t Paulie. He’s the one that put him on the block.

      • Victor was is so gullible and lost! I seen it when he was first in the house and I knew he was a waste for the game then! He isn’t doing anything but waiting for Paul/ie to give him his orders then his marching orders again! I know Julie will be laughing when he walks out that door.

      • nooo lmao that would not happen..Davonne would do everything in her power and more to see that Paulie got evicted…Davonne may claim to be ur friend but all the while shes got a knife aimed at ur back…Davonne is all about Davonne…

      • I think Paulie and all of the other house guests would do what is best for them. Da’vonne should do what is best for her and only her.

      • Now, I like this thinking Wrongway! As long as the head of the snake is on the block we about to change the game! LOL

      • Both of them are nothing but trouble but the show would probably be boring without them.

      • That it would! The baby powder incident sent me into a rolling fit of laughter…especially the latest one! :-)

      • I just read about that on Jokers and it sounded so hilarious. When Paulie mentioned he looked like he’d been doing coke all day I almost died laughing too.
        Let’s hope he takes the hint that he stinks :D

      • I wish they would just tell him and maybe it will humble his mouth! I would of been laughing so hard, he would have put me on the block and I wouldn’t have even been up for noms. LMAO!

      • I’m sure many of them are tempted to tell him. :D Maybe he’s afraid he’ll miss out on something if he’s taking a bath.

      • Michelle asked Paulie if Paul showered yesterday. Since she’s sleeping with him now. Paulie confirmed, yes, Paul showers every day that he’s noticed! She put baby powder on his side of the bed, nevertheless! LOLOL He was pissed…in a funny way, though. Said he looked like he was attending a blow party and hoped he didn’t get talcum powder poisoning. It was too funny to pass up watching!

      • OMG! That was too funny! Michelle is thirsty if she is sleeping w/someone that stinks and does not shower. She smelled his pillow and it was nothing but odor. What does that tell us about Michelle??

      • A bit too plastic for Paul’s taste? I don’t know…but he doesn’t seem to care. He’s trying to find anyone that will let him, as he puts, bone them. Disgusting, but there you have Paul in a nutshell so to speak!

      • Both of them are nut cases, so maybe their is some desperate attraction. I remember when Michelle said none of her college friends keep in touch w/her or are her friends anymore. I wonder why?

      • I remember Michelle saying that at the start of the season and I felt sorry for her not having any friends…but now I know why.

      • Just the other day James plopped down on Paul’s bed and after a few seconds he jumped up saying that blanket smelled like pure b.o. lol.
        Maybe Paul is one of those guys that sweats a lot when sleeping.
        Still, if I was Michelle I would have to wash the sheets pretty often.
        Since they were locked inside for 6 days I believe last week I guess there’s not much they can do about dirty clothes.
        They should at least give them a change of sheets if they request them.

      • She put fresh linens on the bed after dousing gobs of baby powder on the mattress…that was the first powder scene.

      • I knew he was going to start stinking, once everytime I looked he was in those same jeans and won’t wash them. Production must’ve said something for him to even take one shower.

      • He did say he’s a very clean guy who grooms himself well…I think he could just be someone who sweats a lot…my hubby is one of those kind and it’s difficult having a pillow-top mattress that he can only sleep on. One of the reasons I can’t sleep with him anymore aside from the fact he calls the ships in at night too and flails, bringing a ton of bruises upon me. Baby powder seems to be the solution!

      • I have never seen him shower like the rest! When he said he won’t wash those same day in and day out jeans, I was done! His hygiene is questionable. I’m tired of him and that glitter beard.

      • Paul said he does not wear underwear at anytime. I noticed Paul and Paulie pulls a lot on their snatch below, like it’s itching alot, especially Paulie.

      • Oh ok then, I thought she doused the sheets with the powder. I hope that helped the stink lol.

    • I think Zak and Michelle with Da as BD..I don’t like Davonne but I like Zak even less.. Michelle may have redeeming qualities and can be a decent player if u get her away from Da and Zak

      • As u can see I’m banking on Paulie. If we think about it would the power shift if Nic or Corey was out? No, I don’t think so. I want Paulie gone to see how the game will be played from there. Nomatter who gets HOH Paulie will always have a great influence and they will always look for him to play the lead.

      • Right. I’m a fan and I enjoyed watching the live vote to see who each houseguest voted for. Now it’s predictable. Once the first vote is cast, I know what name everyone will say. The Bronte/Tiffany swap was awesome, it just backfired.
        Paulie and Frank could go and then we will see who knows how to play and who’s just easily influenced by muscles or aggressive play. They will have to actually think for themselves

      • This will be a hoot if those 2 not leading them. It will be like the blind leading the blind! LOL

    • Keep it up guys, great ideas! I like how everyone is thinking to see all different noms and sides. :)

    • As long as I see Paulie up on the block, I’ll be happy with that..I wanna see if he’s still a gangster when he’s on the hot seat begging for his life to stay….a b/d blindside of Paul should be good too, as he needs shock therapy badly.

    • Paulie & Paul – break up that arrogant duo. Plus Paul will realize America dosnt like him

  9. If Frank goes straight home, that means R/T is still in play. Dynamic/strategy will change as players will be more cautious on how they treat each other. Throwing shades on another player can bite you in the a*s if they get to come back….of course I don’t expect gnome/Paul to change his game..he’s just dumb.

      • Yep! He is an obitual liar. He does not need the money..Both of his parents are lawyers but then later he said his mom get trashed w/him drinking and drugs (well don’t sound like no lawyer to me). he knows EVERYONE, he has done everything and he’s always has done it better than you…blah blah blah! His mouth is always open will he just be quiet better yet just SHUT UP!!

      • Obitual..hahaha surely hope not or he’d be the “walking dead”. Were you looking for this word, instead – habitual? The other one has got me LMAO!

    • So you’re saying Michelle will start being nice to Bridgette most of the time instead of “sometimes”? Ha ha

      • Never will happen. After that convo Bridge had with Frank last night, I don’t see Bridgette lasting for long against those left in the house. She’ll self evict. Mark my words. Frank probably is anxious more so than ever to leave, if only to get away from her! :-)

      • I don’t understand, first this girl was whining to go home. Now she wants to stay knowing they are going to just treat her like garbage once Frank leaves. She is not strong mentally for Paulie and his henchmen. You see how she was broke down when Paul talked to her! It’s going to be hard to look at! They are going to use her and break her down mentally in every which way and throw her away! I just can not watch! I don’t like to see self-evicts but she is a great candidate to do so!

      • Once he leave out that door it’s going to be wolf city! Why would she do that to herself? The girl even thinks Natalie is still her friend and she trust Nat, but Nat talks mess and throws her utb. Bridge is going to learn the hard way and the saying is right Bridgette is a Bridge to nowhere! Poor Bridgette!

      • She’s trying to get America’s Favorite. Only the live feeders know the “real” Bridgette

      • True! It’s just not worth her sanity! They probably will be taking her out in a straight jacket once Paul gets finished!

    • It seems like production kinda inspired some of these personalities…maybe told Bridgette (esp since she’s a recruit right?) “You’ll be our sweet, sunny, girl next door, baking cookies and smiling and the audience will love you!”

      Then maybe told Natalie something similar like “You will be our sweet, sunny hot girl (to appeal to her obvious ego) and everyone will love you!”

      And maybe told Paul he would be the loose cannon/wild card in the house, causing mischief & raising cane like a rock star.

      The recruits wouldn’t know any better and would feel like ‘actors’. IDK.

      • Maybe they do. I see them as TV characters anyway. lol DR sessions are grueling according to ex players. They can last for hours. Dan/Ian/Janelle had been vocal about how they feel pressured during their sessions. They also said, after given so many scenarios, it’s your decision ultimately. A lot of them come out with a different perspective of the game after DR….Not sure what they’re telling the more dumb? Paul

      • I know. I really think that DR sessions are the most powerful in terms of Production’s influence in the game. It just depends on how intuitive the player is…it can make or break their game.

      • I’m surprised they haven’t started giving some kind of a penalty for talking about DR since the live feeds started. Just from little things leaking before they fish, it is obvious that they try to induce thoughts and scenarios into HGs minds. A lot of mind play going on in that room.

      • It goes on fish when they start talking about it. Ian came out from DR so stressed out and complaining about Production. Dan had to calm him down…Feeders catch it …then fish. Andy, guest on RHAP said, most of the players are aware that Production has an agenda every time they go to DR. lol..I have no doubt it’s true.

  10. If I was in the house, I would just rip open my card, just to satisfy my curiosity. If I don’t have it (which there would be a 90% chance I didn’t have it), then no harm, no foul. And If I did have it, then I would at least know that no one else has it, and they can’t get back in. And since it’s only valid for 4 evictions anyway, it wouldn’t matter, because I wouldn’t get evicted anyway.

  11. I’m going with Frank having the round trip. Frank has mentioned spending a lot of time with production and whinning about going home. Then, just like magic, the twist goes into play. If you watched the live feeds, you would see how bad if an actor Frank is. He knew where it was the whole time. He let Paul get it first to reduce suspicion.
    All of the cards say one way but Frank was slipped the round trip during one of his many off camera sessions with production.
    I’m not a Frank fan but I’m hoping he does have it. If not it’s going to be a miserable remainder of the season as Paulie picks off everyone one by one although he won’t have HOH each time

    • I hope have the return ticket! It would be a miserable remainder of season if he is gone! There’s no one in that house that would dare go after Paulie. They are all just waiting for him to pick them off, it’s sad!

    • Me too! Not even a big frank fan but just to make some excitement I want him back in ! I would love to see faces of many when he comes back! There is nobody else that is interesting enough to watch rest of season.. My only reason for Frank getting return ticket is for shock & awe! If not I can go watch friends kids @ summer camp as that is more fun! BB is like kids summer camp this season full of vacationers looking for a check , just not the 500K check the rest are there for!
      Sorry in car,no service,traffic ,spelling issues along w run on sentences?

    • Me too…he looked right at the camera when he confessed he threw some of the comps on purpose too before he winked. As I mentioned before. Tonight can’t get here fast enough for me!

    • U R my people! HAHAHA. He has often said he’s tired of DR asking him about his ticket and giving him hope. You could just be right!

      • Even before the ticket twist he said he told them of his plans when he got home and they reminded him of being Frank the Tank.
        I know he’s a smoker so maybe that is why he is in there so much. They others jokingly said he goes into the DR early every morning to take meds. The joke was, “you know Frank has an aged prostate” lol

    • I hope its frank that has it to,i know he,cant keep a,secret but i still think hes got the best personality reminds me of will ferrel

  12. As for the winning number, I think it will be either #7 or #8.
    It’s probably #6 though if Frank gets lucky :D

  13. It would be WILD if the audience voted to put Paulie on the block – Are you kidding???? The house would be like wwwwwhat???? Paulie’s attitude would probably change back to a more humble one if he survived eviction.

    But yeah – I realize he’s playing and I admire that – but talk about shook! That would freak everyone out. Maybe get them to thinking it’s time they start playing their own game for a change.

    • The house would wisen up and they would take into note what America see that we don’t but they would then know Paulie needs to go!

    • yeah hes playing…but the problem is the way he is mistreating people and his high minded attitude..

      • Totally ! The more Paulie talks more I dislike him. His massive ego doesn’t fit in that small house.. I’m all for confident people but his parents have instilled that quality into his brain. He’s the best @ everything blah blah blah… He is so insecure that I get embarrassed now when he talks because he sounds like an insecure egomaniac .. I don’t understand why so many girls find him so HOT? I am just @ point now where I cannot stand him& waiting for his eviction notice! Now he looks like other annoying one Paul!

      • I want him out of that house, and I hope this humbles him! Cody his brother was on youknow said Paulie was jealous, territorial, hothead, and impulsive.

    • Paulie has bullied his was thru the game. Having everyone afraid to vote against him or end on the block the next week.
      Frank has harassed his way thru the game. He never stopped thinking game or talking game. He never let his brain reset. If he would’ve he would see that Paulie and Nicole are playing him.
      Paul and Victor “think” they are playing the game- they have no idea.
      Day is playing the game- not a good one, but at least she is playing.
      Nicole, Michelle, Corey and James are floating thru the game. May the best floater win.
      And Natalie, well, why is she there?? I ask myself this question everyday. Maybe to get another cheerleader contract.

  14. Does anyone think it unfair that Paulie was coached by Derrick? Seems a little unfair to me!!!

    • I don’t bcz some of the past guest has referenced to reading another past player book, talking to them about the game, taking a page from their book, or even trying to play like them. He can coach them all he wants but the question is can they pull it off?

    • Paulie could have shadowed Derrick his entire season and Paulie would still never be as good as Derrick.

      • lol..Paulie has ruined Derricks good name.. Seriously doubt Derreck advised Paulie to come across as a high school jock with the attitude of a jerk..

    • So what? They had a relationship.
      Plus there are people who take notes from past players’ books.
      For example, Dan took pages out of Dr Will’s book.
      Dr Will took pages out of Richard Hatch’s book and so on

  15. If it is Frank (ugh and double blech) or Poochie, I mean Paulie (ugh and also doubl blech), with the gilden ticket then the round trip is rigged regardless.

  16. I hope Da’vonne has the golden ticket, or James. I don’t want Paulie or Brigitte to get it and Frank will get evicted again if he does.

  17. At this point does it really matter if Frank gets it or not? Even if he comes back he’ll be the target again. So he’s pretty much screwed either way

    • Something has to change. No one else is strong enough to challenge or beat Paulie.

  18. When I think about the viewers getting to pick a nomine, I think it would be the greatest move ever in BB history. Have they ever?

    It would get everyone in the house in a panick. Wondering what the heck we are seeing in that person that they are not. And, the person nominated would panick over the same thing! Especially if it ended up being Paulie, Paul, or Michelle. Anyone else and they would know. Vic, Da the trouble, Z, the paranoid jealous, Bridgette-biggest potty mouth on a girl in BB, & then the total obvious showmances, C,N,J,N.

    I say, DO IT, CBS!! LEt us!

  19. Someone said Davonne with the number 8 card has it. Otherwise, with the 1 in 12 chance, it is possible those evicted for the next 4 weeks will not have the round trip card. Depends on who gets evicted. More interested now in the twist where the viewer has a say. I hope it is the right to nominate one of those on the block for eviction via votes like in Amanda’s season.

  20. I think it can still be rigged. Production knows who’s coming into the room next. They would have time to switch out envelopes to have all winning tickets or all losing tickets!

    • Yep, I thought this too, however. Paul being the first to break the code, should receive it.

  21. Ii can not believe that production is allowing this Paul jerk to break rules and play like he did in this comp. I really wish the hg would show him the door

  22. I’m not saying that it’s rigged, but it’s not impossible since production could have told an houseguest to pick a specific card, if they are all numbered. Again, not saying that it happened.

  23. The ONLY person who shouldn’t have it is Michelle. She’s a floater. If she’d have made a big move and kept Frank and tried backdooring someone maybe- but no. She’s a floater for sure.

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