Tonight On Big Brother 18: Live Eviction Vote Week 5 – Update: Another Twist Tonight

Another eviction awaits us tonight on the Big Brother 18 live show as Houseguests Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning find themselves in the hot seat with just nine votes between them and the exit. But it might not be over just yet for either of them.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

CBS didn’t squeeze the new secret room adventure and Round Trip ticket twist in to Wednesday’s show, but the Feedsters already know that every Houseguest has in his or her hands a chance to boomerang right back in to the house once evicted and that opportunity starts tonight.

At this point the votes look to be solidly against Frank and he’s the most likely evictee tonight, but once he’s out front if his special card holds a Round Trip ticket then he’s walking right back in the door. Oh the drama.

In case you’re a little lost over this twist then check out the backstory details on how the HGs followed clues to find a hidden tunnel leading to a room filled with cards and one second chance among them. Unless Victor got it then really it’s a third chance, but who’s counting?

Should Frank’s card be a regular one-way ticket then that’s it and his game is over. He’ll go home and likely say goodbye to Big Brother forever as he’s just one round shy of making Jury. If that happens then the rest of the season’s Houseguests should have made the Jury cutoff and we’ll get a confirmation from Julie tonight if that’s the case.

Once the eviction is over we’ll have another high stakes Head of Household competition. The majority is looking to knock out Bridgette so she’s got a couple of chances to score a victory and shift the target which could end up on Nicole at this rate.

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We’ll be back here live for the 9PM ET broadcast and will be sharing all the spoilers and results live as it happens so join us for that fun because this should be a good one.

Join us back here at 9/8c as we live recap the eviction show to discover who was voted out, and who is the new Head of Household. What do you want to see happen in each of those decisions?

Update: I forgot all about this, but there will be another twist revealed tonight. Julie says it’ll be a viewer influenced twist that lets us “impact the game.”


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  1. I’m behind, but from what I gather in the few minutes I had to check in, it looks like Frank’s eviction is still the plan. If he truly goes, I honestly wish SOMEHOW that Paulie would be the next evicted so we can see what all of these bodies do without a head. I know there is very little chance of that happening, but hey, it’s BB, and wonders never cease.

    • Here, here! They’re giving him way more credit than is necessary and hanging on to his every word. So if they aren’t going after him, he needs to get rid of the clingons it seems one by one! :-) I’m expecting a lot more in the next two weeks from Da and Mich, and maybe Bridgette who won’t be in “wanna be” or more obvious showmances.

    • I just reread your comment. Did you know you can take that in other ways at least I did. Hahahaha

    • Maybe if Z baby gets wind that he will have no problem cutting her loose, she will wake up & smell the coffee. That would get Da to thinking if Paulie would ditch Z to take a guy to the end, then what chance does she have? Maybe they will win an HoH and put him up and win the POV and get the ladies mad enough to vote him out so they can keep their men to themselves and get to the end with them (Nat, Nic). If they don’t very quickly, it’ll be a sausage fest in there soon and the Jury will be full of femmes for the next several weeks.

      At this point, if one of them gets HoH, they’ll need 4 votes to make it happen: Da, Z, Nic, Nat, Bridge, Mich & James should join in and think about who would be the boys ringleader next. Paul would be a future target for the girls with his mouth. Corey isn’t going to fight to lead. IDK. Possibilities. Not likely but possible. Lol.

      • I like it, I like it all! I wish the girls could turn this around. As much as none of them are much more likable than the guys, I’d still like to see the girls get the best of them this season. James would most likely last just as long(at least almost) with the girls as he would last with the guys.

  2. Paulie is becoming the Vanessa of this season. Everyone takes info to him and gets his approval for every move and then they’ll be scared to put him on the block.

    • He seems to think he is a Derrick, but I think he is more “akin” to a Cody. Hopefully, he will not make it as far as his younger brother did and will not have those bragging rights.

      • Hopefully, but the only person who would try to get him out is Da and we all know she’ll be gone soon so he might be there for a while.

      • I thought her grave was dug, but she seems to have new life in the game. I’m not counting her out yet. She has both barrels aimed at Nicole, it seems. The vets are imploding.

      • There are setting traps for Nicole. She’s like a cute little mischievous varmint and she’s close to being caught.

      • You are right. The target is slowing shifting from Day and her not winning comps is helping her. She is, however, still a huge target, but if she is able to lay low and be quiet…who knows?

      • I want DAY gone but if she has to stay, I would like for to team up with James, Natalie and Michelle and Victor to get Paulie out.

      • Yeh, but he needs to get more involved now than ever rather than slipping in with Nat alone anymore.

  3. Man when is the house going to break into two camps? This everyone sticking together and manufacturing a bad guy every week to evict is getting old FAST!

  4. I finally got to the attack of the baby powder scene again, but it kept getting cut off by fish and more fish…no one was talking about “hush-hush” stuff then either. Geesh! Feeds have really gotten bad this season than in any other. What’s up with that?

  5. Could it be the audience gets to pick the number that is the round trip ticket? If it’s that (yeah, right, in my wildest dreams) I’m hoping we all go with #6!!

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