Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 6?

We have your Big Brother spoilers revealing who won Head of Household in this week’s “Perfect Shot” competition after the Live Feeds returned following the latest eviction.

Julie Chen hosts the latest Big Brother HoH comp

Frank is out the door and gone after his Round Trip ticket turned out to just be a One-Way dud. The other 11 HGs carry on though and one of them is now safe and in charge of this week’s nominations.

Houseguests competed in “Perfect Shot” where they had to roll a ball down a wavy board and drop it in a box at the very end. They could practice for as long as they wanted with a yellow ball, but only had one shot with the official, final red ball.

We watched as the Houseguests busily practiced away before the end of the show so we didn’t get to see what happened. Instead we raced back to the Feeds for more disappoint. Nada. CBS is really letting us down this year, folks. No way around that.

So who did win the Big Brother HoH comp tonight?

Big Brother 18 – Week 6 HoH winner:

  • Paul Abrahamian won Head of Household. Goodness.

Paul had a score of 21, the closest you can get without hitting the target box at the end. Nicole and Da’Vonne scored a 19 each. Paulie scored a 6.

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Nominations are coming up on Friday already so get ready for those spoilers soon then Power of Veto comp will be held on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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    • Obnoxious yes but he is better than most and you gotta give the man credit he went from being the third man out in his first alliance to getting in with others to stay longer! U can’t blame him for being recruited and not knowing the game!

      • I am not saying I’m not giving him credit but as soon as he went from being the underdog to being in a much better position in the house his whole attitude changed! I was rooting for him but now he’s arrogant and cocky! So this is just going to be 100 times worse now that he is HOH

      • I agree, I am just really tired of him and his “your boy or friendship” crap he says over and over. I don’t think he even knows how to use the word ‘friendship’ properly. I was hoping Natalie would have won, I would just love to see what she would have done. I hope they don’t put nicole up only cause that is what DA wants and she will really try to flip the house. I started to like DAs way of playing earlier on but now, I just want her gone. getting rid of bridget (i agree with the others) would be way to easy and sucker move. If paul was smart he would get corey/paulie out..but i don’t think he will even attempt it. I honestly would love to see vic/DA put up..with paulie/corey as backdoor option. but thats just me. both are just to comfortable thinking they wont go up and they feel way to safe…make them sweat..up together.

      • Exactly! It’s players that are way too comfortable that I like to see go! Unless they are comfortable and not cocky.

  1. Paul won HOH? Good grief.
    Will they call a house meeting over this? Will more muffins be made? Will we be forced to hear him say “Friendship” and “Pissed” over and over?

  2. Well, I don’t know about the rest of you..but, I am out for the week..I cannot handle Paul, or should I say Paulie, during their reign as HOH’s…I simply cannot. Paul is one of the most annoying HG’s in BB think how he will let all of this go straight to his head is going to be more than this BB fan can handle! I’ll check back next week!

    • Anyone who doesn’t watch because it isn’t going the way they want it to is a baby and definitely isn’t a true fan.

      • I think maybe they just don’t find Paul entertaining. I think that’s reasonable.

        Me….. Back to the lake……. Long weekend. Taking kodi. He’s still pooping! ?????????

      • But as an adult that likes the show enough to spend their time on a forum dedicated to the show you’d think they’d have enough mental fortitude and objectivity to get over it instead of throwing a hissy fit… right?

        People like this will NEVER be pleased, so you can’t take their threats seriously.

      • I’d say the baby is someone who criticizes others for choosing not to watch something they believe they won’t enjoy seeing. :)

    • Lynn, not sure if you’ve ever watched BB Canada but if you haven’t Google Peter Brown Canadian BB & find some of his DR segments! Most annoying.

      I think Paul,is trying to do him. Maybe becuz Peter has, for the past 2 seasons, been a commentator on the Side Show….. But you just have to goggle him to see that there really is a more annoying DR person. Peter was kind of a nice guy tho. Wasn’t into the woman so much as Paul isn’t either.


    • Sorry, but people like you are the worst kind of ‘fans’.

      When things aren’t going your way you throw a tantrum.

      Either watch the show or don’t. Please don’t involve us in your soul-searching.

      • I think you’re getting a bit too deep with your analysis there, friend.

      • Is it, though? I find it hard to believe someone who is invested in the show enough to hang out on a forum dedicated to its 24-hour coverage would suddenly stop watching for such a silly reason.

        Seems pretty easy to understand. Not sure why that’s ‘getting a bit deep’ to you, you’re free to disagree!

      • The worst kind of fan is the sort who attacks others in a snotty, rude manner. What’s it to you if someone else chooses not to watch?

      • Yikes… I seem to have upset you. This is the comments section of a big brother fansite. Pretty sure saying I’m “attacking others in a snotty, rude manner” is one heck of an exaggeration.

        This is just tv, guys. Why do you have to get so personal? Relax!

  3. man i thought last week sucked this week probably be worse unless paul actually grows a pair and makes big moves

      • That’s what he said if he ever got HoH! Guess we’ll soon see. Probably wants to put her out of her misery from not having Frank to cling to! She looked like a little fish in a big pond with all the other big fishies at beginning of BBAD!

      • It was sad to watch Bridgette on BBAD last night I thought too. While the guys were talking about getting rid of her she walks into the room and seats herself on the bed and all the talking stopped. So uncomfortable to watch. Maybe she’ll be happier in the jury house.

      • Whoop, whoop!

        Big move, Paul…….ewwwwweee I’m a scared of you-a!! Lol

        I know grammar…. But it’s a joke! Lol

  4. Well at least Victor is safe this week. My guess is he will put up Bridgette and Nicole. Maybe have either Natalie or Michelle up as a renom.

  5. I don’t know why everyone is so against Paul winning HOH. I hope he makes a big move and shake things up this week. Hopefully he’ll put up a showmance like Corey & Nicole. However, something tells me he’ll likely go after Bridgette which is probably what the rest of the house wants.

    • It is going to be Bridgette and Natalie with Michelle as replacement nominee if one gets off. Bridgette will be the target. I hope Bridgette wins VETO so that, it ends up Natalie vs Michelle and one of them gets evicted next!

      • Probably Z will be replacement if he doesn’t put her up first. Hope James can talk him into it since he did most of them a favor by putting Frank and Bridge up.

      • So I must have missed something. ..I thought Paulie and Z were an item. Is he secretly dogging her? If not I don’t see Paul putting up Z because of Paulie. But I just keep seeing comments here and there that Paulie wants Z up…like WHAT? Can anyone fill me in?

      • Yes he is, three episodes ago, He was to keep the peace, ride through til she needs to be gone

      • Paulie says one thing but does the opposite later, so I don’t put much weight on what he says anymore when his action prove otherwise. Especially when it comes to Z. Paul should put up who he thinks would help his game, not Paulie’s. James was pointing out to Paulie who should go up on the block and why they should. Paulie saw sense in that, but James needs to convey this to Paul instead, since it’s not up to Paulie (makes me mad that Paulie thinks this is his HoH too) to make that decision. Maybe James ran that by Paulie first to see how he felt before James goes to Paul to provide that help since Paul asked for everyone’s help on who should go beside his choice, Bridgette.

      • Which is funny because Paul was one of the major ones against the returnees at the beginning of the game….now, he might put up all three (with replacements) of newbies?

  6. Looks like Bridgette is the target this week with Natalie as the pawn. Would be very surprised if Paul puts anyone up instead! It is going to be a boring week and he will probably torment Bridgette to boot!

  7. Paul is gutless and stupid, so no doubt the Target will be Bridgette, with someone else (I’d guess Natalie) put up as a pawn. He’ll talk his usual big talk, walk around like he’s the king of the world, and make a completely useless move that takes no risk and requires no balls.

    With Frank gone and Bridgette likely on the way out, I am seriously considering giving up on the rest of this season, because I find nothing likeable or entertaining about the remaining HGs…

      • True, it would be nice to see her get her come-uppance, especially if it’s sooner than later.

      • What a coincidence. Over at Jokers Paulie is telling Corey and James that he wants paul to nominate Day and Bridgette and they will get rid of Day.
        Sounds like a good plan to me – I hope they can make Paul do this.

      • Wish it had been this past week instead of next. I don’t want to see her after she is evicted. Now we have her the rest of the summer.

      • I can just hear Paulie talking to him, “Uhmmm about that favor you owe me,” in Don Corleone’s voice!

      • Haha! Next he’ll be making a deal that Paul can’t refuse.
        I’m going to see a lot of DR footage of Paul because I don’t think anyone knows what he’s really thinking.

    • Totally agree ! Frank played a hard game & that’s why all these other floaters disliked him. Honestly don’t give a rat’s ass who wins now. Worst floater by far “Z”. Meech crying after Frank left was ridiculous, all she had to do was make a big move to flip the house but her reasoning was Frank picked Bridgette over me ….lmao (great game move ) mean girl ? if Frank would have got round trip ticket I’d still be in but I’m out, see y’all next season . Or if I hear Day’s evicted i’ll tune in for that, and she’ll come up with some lame excuse & blame in on FRANK …bahahawaa

  8. I hope everybody’s casting their 20 votes for Bridgette to get the special prize this week (you have until I think 1PM Friday.). It’s so she won’t have to be a have-not this week.

    We all know gutless big-talker Paul is going to make her the target, and him and disgusting Big Meech and Dirty Zakiyah are probably going to bully her all week on top of it, so I think she deserves all of our support so at least she won’t have to be a have not, too…

    (Not to mention how great it will be to see the look on all the rest of their faces if they find out she won America’s vote!!!)

    • Great idea Rick. Just for meanness I think we should vote for Paulie instead so that Zak will be a HN all by herself and drive herself crazy wondering why Paulie is up too.

    • This is not the week to vote for Bridgette. Next week would be better if she is still there.

      • Yes…..Vote for someone you DON’T like for this week. If the rewards get better each week, I wouldn’t want someone “deserving” to miss out on a better reward or have someone like Paul get a better reward in the coming weeks!

    • Omg! Good idea! I will help promote that idea on the other Big Brother 18 sites too!

      Vote for Bridget to get the care baggage from the American voters! Yup, that would freak out the other House Guests! Love it! Let’s spread the idea! :)

  9. not if Paulie has his way His target this week is none other than “Davonne”!!!!! He is making plans as I write this..

    • Paul had said he already knows who he wants up and wont change his mind. If he doesn’t let Paulie control his HOH….I will have a little respect for him….only a little though in this regard.

  10. Paul? Seriously? I really hope he actually is smart….. oh wait I forgot. This is Paul we’re talking about.

  11. I hope I see a big move for the next episode. I don’t care who, but it has to be one of the showmance. Recognizing who’s actively pulling the strings, or a comp threat, but not Bridge and Nat…that’s boring.

  12. Paul is obnoxious, bossy and tyrant-like when he is at the bottom of the feeder. I can’t imagine what he will be like now that he has some actual power.

  13. Omg wth. Why Paul ? I think he will pu up the oldies like may be day and Nicole. I know he wants to take the guys with him ????????????.
    I hope after leaving the show, girls will work on their self esteem??????.

  14. Not sure I’m going to be able to take a whole week of “friendship” and/or “pissed”! Geesh….Who’d a thought? Prediction. Who do you think Paul will put up with help from his choir director? Bridge and who else? James or Natalie? Nichole perhaps?

  15. I won’t feel sorry for any woman who wants to work by getting people’s sympathy. This is 2016 and a women are incharge of their lives.
    Common Bridget don’t feel sorry for your self because u didnt have any friends.
    Make your own destiny and be U incharge of your life. Gosh woman?

    • She opened up a lot, eh? or she was pulling a Dan funeral / sick grandma thingy!

      Is she really that smart to pull that tho?

      • I don’t think she is aware of what she is doing. She is smart but she doesn’t know it. Sad!
        She probably feels good playing a victim card unknowingly??

  16. The good logic would be to get Da’Vonne out, but Paul’s logic is to probably get Bridgette out, though I still have no idea why Bridgette is a target of anybody at this point

    • Paul will want her out because he just doesn’t like her, not because it would be a waste of an HoH! He’ll think it’ll be just one less girl to put up with. Oh well, that’s Paul for ya!

  17. Hey did anyone else notice Paulie wearing some sort of girdle under his shirt during the HoH comp?! I seem to recall Brendan(?) – of ‘Rachel and Brendan(?)’ wearing something similar.

    Is it a back support thing? Or are these guys practising ‘waist training’? Lol

  18. All I know is that fine a** Briget is way to hot for James. Paul should have gone home week one. I can’t wait to see how many people he pisses off next week. lol

  19. Paul was already on my top 3 list of who I wanted to be evicted first. He miraculously survived when Victor got evicted by becoming alot more humble. He can be extremely annoying and this week will give everyone a chance to see that all over again.

  20. The care packages 2-4 could definitely change the game! ! Delete two votes, safe for the week and co-HOH and safe for the week. It could get interesting.

  21. Nicole is STRESSING. big time! Dumb girl should have honored her F2 alliance that she pretty much begged frank for In the beginning. It’s getting good. Haha

    • its actually funny…Paul can’t recruit a “PAWN”…The guys are refusing and the women are screaming….everybody has an excuse…

  22. I’m starting to sense some distrust from Z with Paulie…his motives are so beyond what she has in mind, and she’s picking up on that. Will she act?

  23. James is wanting to call in a favor by keeping Nat off the block and putting up someone who’s not contributed much…Z. Let’s see if he gets his wish! If he does, it will be Bridgette and Z on the block.

    • Because Nat has contributed so much. About the only thing she has contributed is looking great in a bikini and loving on Jamesy

      • She’s done better in comps than Z ever has, which isn’t saying much, so that’s why I feel Z should not get compensation for looking pretty either who’s not even tried to win any comps!

  24. I don’t understand why so much hate and dislike for frank. He looks like a good guy to me! I know that some people were annoyed he is touching them but that just being socially awkward. And he apologized after and didn’t repeat.
    Frank seems like a loyal friend and deep thinker. ????????????????

    • He’s almost 40…. Has been on a previous season & is a sales guy (can’t remember what he sells)

      I could be wrong but I don’t think he’s socially awkward.

    • A person should not be touched without permission. Personal Space. He didn’t know her well enough to be touching her. I thought he was trying for a showmances with her. Day was not having it. Plus, it probably aroused her. No place on the show.

  25. Oh well. Ok folks sleep well. Good night. ???????????????????????????????????????????????

  26. Paul reading his hoh letter, in which his family says the house is a lot quieter without him there.

  27. Ummm… this is awkward but I actually like Paul, OH MY GOD PLEASE DON’T HATE ME LOL! Why so much hate though, you haven’t even seen what he will do with his power, he won 1 veto y’all… give him a chance. I mean like YIKES! How would you feel if you entered the house and was so excited to play and just get shut down by America? It would suck!

    • I liked Paul at first but the past week or so he has become really annoying. He wouldn’t let anyone in phone booth and he acts as if he knows everything.

  28. I like Paul for not wanting to go after Day. And I hope he got “his girl” if he’s the deciding vote.

    • We won’t decide anything other than putting up two girls bc that’s what Paulie wants for every nomination ceremony here on out.

  29. The last time I rooted for a season that wasn’t that entertaining was BB16, and it was because of Derrick’s flawless gameplay. But these guys on this season hides behind a big group and take out so called “Big targets” that are actually sitting ducks waiting to be picked off. Nothing is happening, and the show is stale af. But I hope Paul does something worth watching which I doubt it. Can’t wait till the numbers actually start dwindling down so I can watch some people play.

    • yes I agree I am not even watching it just come in here and check updates its to bad but the casting this year sucks

  30. Well! I just have one thing to say!


    Between poor widdle Fwankie getting the boot before jury and Paul getting HoH, I’m LOVING the comments!! So many pissed off fair-weather-fans!!


    • I’m actually looking forward to Paul’s HoH we will probably/hopefully see some good BB for a change – this year sucks (just my opinion)

      • That would be nice to have a shake up. BUT IMO he is just Paulie’s lap dog. We will have to wait and see.

      • Pauls noms will be beyond predictable and boring. He doesn’t have the balls to nominate Nicole and Corey or dayvonne and zak.

  31. This season is horrible. All the girls are just playing to get to jury so they can hang out with their boy toys. The fact that they are arguing over who to take the honor of “pawn” is absurd. Everyone is afraid of Paulie. Seriously, if Nicole won the HOH, who would she put up? Ask Paulie. Someone needs to grow some balls, put Paul and Paulie up, the bromance has to go. Thought maybe it would have been James last week, but he chickened out.

  32. Paul??? Seriously, freaking Paul?! Two weeks now we have HOH winners on NO ONE’S radar so they’re going to make pathetic game moves. It’ll be something boring like Bridgette and Natalie #LAME

  33. Noooooooooo!!!! Great!!! I liked him at first somewhat, felt he was an underdog but as soon as he stopped feeling “alone” he totally flipped the switch and became arrogant and cocky! Now he’s just going to be worse!!!

  34. thoughts on who he is going to nominate? She sure the heck is not going to go after Paulie!! his head is shoved too far up his ass! Obviously Bridget and then a pawn??
    no big moves, he’s going to play the man and act like this is his HOH and he’s going to do what he wants! But ultimately he’s going to NOT make a big move and just put up Bridgette!!!
    Really his only dilemma this week is who to put up as a pawn!!!

  35. I’d rather have flaming f’ing hemorrhoids than see Paul be HO anything for a week. #paulsucks.

  36. There should be a Big Brother just for Seniors 55 – 65. I think that would make for an interesting show. Would there be showmances? Would there be scheming and deviate players? Ya bet your asses. I think older people would be more brutal and great game players. Most of all no whining little sissy’s.

    • So if senior is 55-65, then what about over 65? Big Brother: Super Senior Edition? JK lol

  37. Personally, Paul should put up Da and Zak. Those two are up to no good. Zak is very quiet and her and Da are alway’s together talking. They could become dangerous. On the other hand Paul could also out up Zak and Bridgette as she is most definitely going to have a vendetta against the house. Bridgette is now a loose cannon just waiting for her chance to go after all who voted her sweet pumpkin Frank out. She plays better than we give her credit for.

  38. I feel like I did a few weeks ago for the Game of Thrones season finale, sad to the bone that its over. Its officially time for me to retire from BB this season, Ill watch the episodes on-demand, ill always check in to BB network, but I refuse to give those idiots better ratings. Its ridiculous. Who the heck wants to watch a game of “follow the leader” for the rest of the summer, not me! It was good while it lasted, but the remaining house guests are not worthy. I’m so disappointed this year….

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