Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Secret Room ‘Trip Ticket’ Cards All Collected

The Big Brother 18 Secret Room twist has now run its course for all remaining Houseguests after the hidden passage was revealed and everyone took a turn heading inside to collect their Big Brother Airlines ticket that could end up sending them on a round trip.

James and Natalie enjoy an evening in Paris

Last night the HGs received an alert to search for clues around the house and that soon led them to the secret tunnel, a Paris themed room, and a chance to return to the game if evicted.

Starting around 4:18 PM BBT 7/25 the Houseguests found messages on the main room screen telling them “clues are all around” and the hunt was on. Soon Paul figured out the key was to dial “PARIS” on the upstairs phone and at 5:40 PM BBT Paul disregarded instructions to wait until no one was around and dashed inside the red-lit passageway.

Inside Paul found the room we shared last week along with instructions on how this new Big Brother twist would work. It wasn’t a case of one and done. Instead twelve envelopes awaited the visitors, one for each of the remaining Houseguests. Had Paul managed to be the only one in with no one seeing he might have prevented others from finding it, but realistically the system was simple enough and the rest would have been there soon enough.

Paul did get the chance to be the first HG to pick from the 12 cards, one of which holds a “Round Trip” ticket back in to the house. HGs aren’t allowed to open their envelopes but rather will hand it over to Julie if/when evicted and it’ll be opened then to reveal either a “one way” ticket off to home/Jury or a boomerang ride back inside the house. No one will know until they are evicted. If anyone opens a card before being evicted then it’s voided.

Remember that Julie Chen said the twist would be active for the next four weeks, which I thought meant the room would be available for discovery over the next few weeks, but may actually mean the expiration on the envelopes. Only the next few evictions may fall under the blanket of this twist. We do not know and must await additional details from Big Brother.

Either way all the Houseguests have now collected a card and will await their fate. We only got to see Paul, Victor, and Michelle inside the room for the card picks. Victor went in second (6:07 PM BBT) before the Feeds cut to Fish before returning for the last visitor. Michelle was the last to enter and later cried about that after a long, stressful day. You can watch her climb back out of the hidden room at 6:41 PM BBT last night.

So far the room hasn’t been closed up yet. James and Natalie spent some quiet time hiding inside there which is pretty neat. I hope Big Brother leaves it for them until the space is needed for anything else.

What do you think of this new Big Brother Airlines twist? Who do you want to get the round trip ticket back inside the game?


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    • Ugh I hope not. I’m getting tired of watching everyone be against Frank and Bridgette. Just so boring. I want him out so everyone can get on with their games and make more interesting moves.

      • They will just pick off the stragglers when Frank is gone. There is no reason not to evict Bridgette, Victor, Natalie, James, Paul and Michelle. These guys are going to be gone and wonder what happened unless, they win HOH then, their stay will be longer!

      • Right now it seems like Frank is the only one playing, but that’s because he’s the only one who needs to be. Frank is everyone’s target so no one needs to campaign against him or make moves because they don’t want the target falling off Frank and onto them. Once Frank leaves then things will start happening again IMO. And then some of those “stragglers” may start to play for real.

      • Making a lot of assumptions about this cast. All they’ve proven up to this point is that they’re cowards just like the S16 group. Odds are that they’ll just do what Paulie says until it’s too late. Frank goes, you lose anyone who had any ounce of guts in that house remaining.

      • There is a huge difference between having guts and being egotistical, arrogant, or just being downright obnoxious; and then there is simple ignorance. Frank, along with Paulie, Paul, and Victor, can be listed under more than one of these. None of these guys are looking like winners; more like losers, imo.

      • I still think things will change once the house isn’t united against a single target. When people stop agreeing with each other, that’s when people will need to play for real and I think we’ll see that from at least some of them.

      • but that is what da is doing getting them on one player every week now she got frank out she has them fixed on nicole

      • No one is really playing the game and it will just get worse once Frank leaves. I personally do not like him, but the whole cast this year are a bunch of puppets. Not sure why they have not gone after Da she is just as nasty as she was the first time she played

      • I can actually say that I catch myself saying almost the same thing. Even though I was on team frank I’m so over them being complete assholes to them. I just want to fast forward to when these a holes start turning on each other and things start getting real for them. Ugh!

      • Same here Leesa. I was team Frank as well and sad to see him go. I just wish he hadn’t ended up with this cast. I could care less who wins out of this crew. I was going to stop watching which would be a first after watching since S1, but just like you I decided to keep watching because they are going to have to turn against each other and I can’t wait to see that happen!!

    • Yes he the ONLY one playing! It would b a shame if he didn’t get it! M also I think Paul’s should b voided, cuz he didn’t follow the rule n may I might add showed poor sportsmanship, which csnt n voided for that but can b voided for not following the rules! So we shall see…..

    • People are finally starting to make big moves earlier in the game. All of these get back in the game cards and tricks are going make everyone stop the big moves — if you aren’t sure you are going to get a power player out (and keep him out), you are less inclined to even try. So, I prefer they get rid of all these tricks.

    • Conspiracy theory — They often lock the guests out of the house. The producers could easily go in and replace the envelopes anytime they want to make sure the proper player gets the return trip back into the house!! Now, who is the proper player?

  1. So what’s supposed to happen if no one in the next 4 weeks has the round trip? Are they gonna do a reset maybe?

  2. I thought this was one of the most fun and interesting twists by Big Brother in ages. It was extremely entertaining to watch on live feeds as everyone searched for the secret. Just the enjoyment of them searching for the room was enough for me, but the 12 cards with one possibly bringing them right back is an amazing twist. Well done CBS, now every eviction until its used will be packed with tension. Really loving this season.

      • Lots of work. You know I operated a computer store, so it’s long hours most of the time. W10 has double my workload in the last 12 months. And right now it’s back to school, all August will be pretty hectic. So when I get home in the evening, I try to catch up with all the thread, Matt and Branden put here. Then I try to read as many posts as possible, but most of the time, the conversation is over, every thing has pretty much been said, so it’s hard to come up with something fresh to add. I try to make up for it on week-end. But don’t worry, I keep up with the story line.

      • Hahahahaha!!! Don’t they randomly make jingle bell sounds when they show him on the episodes?? I know I’ve heard it more than once recently.

      • Lol I swear they do unless I’m going crazy lol! I wanna say I heard it during the ice cream veto comp when it showed Nicole eating a lollipop I think then went to Corey lol

      • They must have. I watch the show on my PC while chatting, so I missed a lot, but Production loved doing this. They did it with Becky with the choo-choo train. lol

      • Hey I hope you see this. I have been having a lot of problems getting on and staying on this site. I don’t see anyone else mentioning this and for me it’s only this site. I keep getting kicked off and other things start popping up like crazy so I end up closing every thing up. Did a virus scan and nothing showed so I started trying other browsers. The one I’m on now at least doesn’t kick me out, but it keeps jumping around and sending me back to the top. No idea what is going on, but I am trying to get this typed so you know I was trying to answer your other message and couldn’t. I only get a few letters typed and it kicks me to the top so this won’t be my usual lengthy message. :) Hope all is well and I am sad about Frank and the only thing I am waiting for is this crew to turn against each other which they have to do at some point.

      • Oh my gosh…you’re NOT the only one that happens to! For about two weeks it happened to me and I was going crazy because I couldn’t post. Captain555 tried to help me..spent an entire day with me. I deleted some programs I didn’t need, and made sure my updates were up to date; but now it’s starting to happen again–and right in the middle of trying to post, I get sent to a Gwen Steffani page, that won’t let me leave, so I have to close and start over. It only happens on BB Disqus.
        Anyway, I’m sad too. I want Frank to go and watch the others start gnawing at each other, like the rats that they are. LOL!
        So glad you were able to post something, because I started to get worried about you. So glad to hear it was the stupid computer thing and that nothing happened to you. I don’t have trouble (right now–knock wood) posting on any other Disqus site–just BB. My laptop is OLD, but when I scan for viruses, none show up either. I’m so sorry you’re having this trouble. Are all of your updates up to date? Have you deleted your browsing history lately (I know that sounds stupid, but I had a friend that never did that once in the entire year she had her computer)? Have you checked to see if there are any downloads that you don’t recognize? Jeez, Jacee—-I hope you can figure this out. I went to two different browsers and it helped for a while…but still took 5 minutes to write 5 words.
        Good luck, my friend…I KNOW how maddening it is—believe me. I was going out of my mind!! Ask anyone! Keep trying anything you can think of. And take care, OK? I’m sure the stress of all this can’t be helping what you already deal with. I’ll be sending positive healing thoughts and prayers your way!!

      • Just saw this and OMG you and I had the exact same problem only I would get sent to Ellen DeGeneres instead of Gwen lol. It is so strange and yes I did all of your suggestions above and haven’t downloaded a thing. Like you when I finally got to this browser it is the best of all of them and I thought it actually cleared for awhile, but the jumping up and down as I type is driving me crazy. Funny you mentioned Captain555 because he helped me once before when I had something go wrong, not this season, but either the last one or the one before. He is so knowledgeable!!! Well tonight is the night we have been dreading and I will see if I can join the show thread. If I can’t don’t worry because it means I can’t deal with the jumping. It would be nice if Bridgette won (for Frank) and at least we know one of these clowns will be leaving right behind him. :)

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  4. I’m so sick of James and Nat, if they never show them again I would not asky why! Nicole whine and cry so much it irks my whole being, that crying and whining bcz of Corey didn’t give her the code right away got on everyone’s nerve, it went on for so looooooong, Nicole was all smiles getting ready for her finger date but last night they really got it in! I can’t believe she is on national tv knowing her parents is watching. They need to keep a close eye on Paul bcz his meds is not working and he’s constantly talking about hitting or doing harm to Bridge is not funny! Exhausing how he was running like a caged tiger around the house and talking,talking,talking,talking,talking,talking, and talking, talking, and talking why can’t he just be quiet NO Shut Up! Meen Meech w/all the fake crying about Frank and Bridge. She only was doing this bcz she’s scared Frank may come back in w/the twist! Zak was her usual nasty self and attitude nothing changes there, well ummmm unless you are a maxi pad getting changed in front of everyone in the storage room! Victor came in just another tool for Paulie. How can you follow around a person like a puppy dog who put you on the block then evicted you? Paulie is still running the house and his ego has checked all the way out, there is no one that’s going to or even think about taking a jab at him. He even admitted this and talked out loud who’s going on the block in front of the girls and not one person will vote him out…he’s still a piiece of crock sh*t, the things he say! This house can’t get no crazier and it reminds me of one of 3 “One Flew Over the Cukcoo’s Nest, Animal House or Lampoon’s Vacation. Take your pick all three will fit!

    • Ewwwwwwww about Nicole and Corey. I will never understand how people do anything of that nature on national TV. :/

    • Tee I swear you read my mind. Everything you listed about all these jerks is right on. What are they going to do when they have to turn on each other? What makes me irate is we get to see how all these people act on the feeds, but they don’t or at least haven’t yet shown the mean girls and boys and the things they have done and do each and every day on the weekly TV episodes, but they sure have shown Frank and portrayed him like he is the worst for the last 3 episodes. Bridge had her pet basil plant (pretty sad when you have to make a basil plant your pet) and Natalie wanted to use it for cooking and I guess Bridge said no – so James stole it. OMG Nicole drives me up a wall with her whining over and over again. That day with the code she went on and on and on. lol to the finger date. I couldn’t believe she would do that either because she knows her family watches and when she was whining about the code she got all upset because Corey got asked about it in his DR and she went crazy thinking she was going to be portrayed as a brat. That’s the least of her worries. lol Paul I can’t add a thing to your description. – absolutely perfect. Same goes for Z and Day. Meech same thing she was worried that people would think she was being a bully and started that fake crying in hopes that it make the live show and the sad thing is it probably will and she gets away with it. :( I felt the same about Victor when Tiff told him trust Frank and don’t trust Day. At least I thought Frank would have someone, but snakes Paul and Paulie took away that hope. Paulie is just too much – I think he is trying definitely to play a game like Derrick, except he is the furthest thing away from Derrick imo. Was Paulie getting his ridiculous hair cut him copying Derrick when Derrick changed his looks so he would blend in better? Derrick looked good with his change, Paulie I just laugh when I see him. Worst haircut ever!!! So again thank you for your perfect description of all the characters of BB18 and you’re right any one of those movies fit!!!

      • I’m so glad someone can see through all the smoke and mirrors and bs! OMG! you made me laugh w/Bridg and her plan! LOL but it was very sad what James did and Nat is a snake! This girl was never her friend and I hope someone sends her home soon! Keep watching Jacee2 and keep me updated on your end! LOL

  5. Obviously production knows they need to keep frank around because this is a boring, mentally challenged group

  6. Why have a game show were people stop their life for three months to try to win a half million dollars if the peoples you want to win can’t stay in the game so change the play at the last minutes to kept them in the house that so unfair to the other playesr who left their families to try just stop thedame game an say were going give this money to this person sorry not sorry can’t be me I Sue

  7. Nicolle’s stock has gone down. Didn’t she played better in her season without a showmance? All her double dealings/lies are busted. Her credibility in the house is as bad as Da.

    • Ironically, the showmance 5 still has the edge in the game. Meaninng Paulie, Zakiyeh, Nicole, Corey and Davonne! Others like James, Paul, Michelle, Natalie, Bridgette, Victor have no clue! They are next after Frank goes if they do not know it yet! Unless, they win HOH or VETO!

    • Although Frank was throwing Nicole UTB every chance he got on BBAD her core alliance thought this was another one of Day’s lies after James loyally told paulie what Day had told him what Frank told her about Nicole. I hope that made sense :D
      Unless something changed since then Nicole came out of this smelling like a rose and everyone is blaming Day for lying about Nicole. Day’s reliability is probably shot by now.

      • Whining is worse this season! Hubby keeps reminding me every time he hears her talk! haha

      • But she figured out Derrick and that is when she got evicted. I had hoped she’d listen to Donny and help him but she didn’t listen to him until later. :(

    • Judging from updates, I can concur James, Natalie, Michelle, Da’Vonne and possibly Bridgette might go against Nicole and Corey which could also damage Paulie’s game seeing he is affiliated to them. Zakiyah, Victor and Paul are on the middle right now but the possible targets this upcoming week I guess are (in ascending order); Michelle, Zakiyah, Victor, Bridgette, Da.

      The reason I guess for Paulie being on the bottom is because of his attitude I guess and how everyone thinks he has no ” originality ” which is almost about everyone in Big Brother but his is more straight to your face mimicry in my opinion. I just really want a power shift because if I would be in that house, I’d be motherfucking get the ruler out of the house.

  8. Oh please. They’re ALL boomerang cards! And when Frank gets evicted on Thursday, and opens his envelope and goes back in the house, then BB will say everyone has to turn in their cards in the DR and the twist is over. They don’t want all the houseguests to know that every single card is a boomerang card because they just want to save Frank this week!

    • They said the same thing about Amanda in her season and Vanessa last season and they both lost! The most they try is to talk to the house guests and steer them to decide the opposite way! The only reason people want Frank in the game is because of the drama. Chances are good he is going to be evicted soon enough because everyone is against him but, without Frank, it becomes very boring when the alliance of 5, Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Zakiyeh, Davonne vote the stragglers off one by one like in past seasons! Like watching paint dry!

  9. They want everyone to way in on every post so they can keep ratings. If Frank comes back in I won’t watch this show ever. Rigged like the 80’s WWF! FAKE!!!!!

    • 80’S wwf????.. pretty sure the 70’s, 90’s,00’s and 10’s WWF/E was rigged as well

      • If it was Fake in the 80’s. Why??? Would I keep watching it. I didn’t. That the whole point to the comment.

    • If WWE wrestling wasn’t fake, a lot of those guys would be long dead from all those injuries! Not different from movies where people get killed. It is all for show!

  10. Have I got some juicy info! Michelle is Christine’s cousin…heard it from the mouth of babe on Twitter! :-) So now you know the rest of the story and why Nicole got some weird vibe that she may be related to Christine! This is why! :-)

      • Looking at her wall, haven’t found it yet, but I found this. She is responding to BB poster and says: “don’t worry Frank, producers like you, you’re good”

      • Yeap, found it: “Oh btw, Michelle is indeed my cousin and I told her if Nicole is playing she better make sure to get her out.”

      • Me, too. People keep talking about how Nicole is so boy crazy, but how about Christine throwing her best friend in the house UTB repeatedly because she thought Cody had her back?!?!? Pot, this is kettle – you’re black.

      • Thank goodness Michelle doesn’t seem to be as man crazy as Christine was with Cody.
        Makes me wonder if Michelle might’ve had a crush on Frank (for some unfathomable reason) and wanted a showmance and then Bridgette stole him away from her.
        Probably didn’t help her confidence that Frank talked to her as if she were a dog always criticizing everything she did or couldn’t do.

      • I don’t disagree on the jealousy thing with Michelle. She said early on that Frank was her favorite player and she may have wanted to work with him very badly. He, however, realized really early on that Michelle was no dummy when it came to BB and would not be nearly as malleable as Bridgette, so he went the Bridgette route. Reminiscent of Derrick with respect to Nicole in S16, no?

      • This probably broke Michelle’s heart.
        I still blame Frank for the breakdown between them since he was always criticizing her. If he hadn’t Michelle might have remained loyal and Frank wouldn’t be about to go home.

    • And I thought Michelle was somehow the sister of Nicole because they look so much alike! lol

    • Now I’m wondering if Corey is kin to Clay from last season since Corey said that he knew Clay from college.

      • Pretty sure Clay & Corey know each other – even if only in passing. What I DO know is that Corey is pals with Michael Wacha, who pitches for the St. Louis Cardinals AND said on feeds a couple weeks ago that he knows Joelle Fletcher, the current Bachelorette. : ))

      • Well, isn’t Dallas Society an incestuous little group? Ha ha
        Hmmmm…I have a cousin who’s married to a Dallas socialite (she’s an oilman’s daughter & they’re quite wealthy, so I assume she’s a Socialite) – wonder if I know any of these people by way of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Hahahaha

      • LOL! It really is starting to sound incestuous.
        Maybe your socialite friend can help get you on BB.
        It’s fun linking up all these reality stars that know each other from real life.

    • I love how, in the Big Brother Universe, someone being related to someone is considered “juicy info”. And how they all try to hide being related to past houseguests. Who cares?

      • I don’t care, but Nic has been bringing it up with others about the similarities of Michelle to Christine and she tries not getting too close.

      • I just don’t like it. I’d like to see a cast consisting of true fans. It’s ok if you met someone in passing but relatives and friends of past cast members – meh. I think a brand new cast (no relatives or friends) would be easier to root for, I guess. IDK. I wish they’d cast a larger net.

      • Hey Joni, how ya doing?

        Isn’t the not-so- secret room a thrill, except Paul somewhat destroyed the mystery of it all by not going undercover.

      • I’m okay…got sinusitis. Hopefully I’ll kick this by tomorrow. Paul just doesn’t know when to shut up, does he! Geesh!

      • Omg, he’s nuts. Nicole is driving me nuts. Bridget is as well. I near bout died when Paul stated you could feel the sexual tension tween frank and bridge.

      • Maybe on Bridgette’s part, but Frank, no he loyal to his girlfriend back home. He just feels sorry for Bridgette is all. So that is hilarious for Paul to state! :-)

      • Boo hiss, with all this humidity it’s a wonder I’m not suffering as well. Been staying in this week.

        Have you tried Young Living oils?

        Whenever I feel stuffy, I put a small drop of R.C. oil right on tip of nose and within minutes my sinuses clear and I can breathe again.

      • My skin is too sensitive for any oils, lotions, etc. Had to resort to taking non-drowsy Claritin, which is working pretty good and ES Tylenol for low-grade fever and headache. I’m feeling much better today now that my sinuses drained into my chest…so now have a slight cough, but nothing like the bronchitis kind, thank goodness!

      • O&hhh, man, that hurts. I feel your pain.

        And during the summer no less. Horrors!

        Hope you’re feeling better soon.

      • My heart function is up to 45%. So far so good, but will need another surgery to remove the implant lead because the jerk did not place it on the right area and blamed it on my anatomy. If he had only talked to the first doctor who placed the first device, he would have told him exactly where it needed to go.

      • So darn sorry you’re having to be the one to suffer at the hands of incompetence. Geesh. Hope someone gets it right this next time.

      • Rest assured, I’ll be horizontal before I allow anyone else to enter this body. They bilked Medicare $140,000

  11. If Paul has any real friends outside the house, I would be very,very surprised, somebody please tape his mouth shut!

  12. Thoughts:
    – I find it hilarious that people want the game rigged for Frank, when people complain about it rigged for Rachel, Amanda and Vanessa. So do you like the game rigged or do you not like the game rigged? Make up your mind.
    – I wanted to like Paulie, but now he’s just overrated and douchey. He’s pretty much a wannabe of his brother.
    – I like Bridgette, and I feel kind of bad for her. But I don’t see her winning this game. I may be wrong
    – As much as I still don’t like Frank, I’ll give him this- atleast he’s playing the game. Yes too hard too fast, but better than nothing. Sadly he’s a lost cause in this game.
    – I wanted to like James, but he’s just too afraid to make a decision by himself. This was the guy who split up Clelli (a power alliance), so what happened to the dude
    – I think Nicole’s gameplay went down the toilet ever since she laid eyes on Corey. Pretty sad for a superfan.
    – Day, Z and Michelle are just catty.
    – Paul and Victor are just a bunch of frat boys.

    • LOL, I only want the game rigged when one of my faves is in trouble j/k.
      Frank and Paulie are both playing the game hard, I agree.
      I’m not so sure that James has made a poor decision by finally deciding to choose a side – the side in power at that.

    • Only reason Frank has this much support is nobody is playing the game except, for Paulie! This game is going to be very, very boring real soon after Frank goes! The past couple of seasons have been boring because they picked off the stragglers one by one which is likely to happen again after Frank gets evicted! So, that is the reason! Frank is out of options so, everyone rooting is only for more drama if Frank somehow managed to survive!

  13. Help me out here…What good is the secret room and having to find a password if every single person in the house gets a card? Their odds are all 1-12 of getting the “boomerang” card, no? I’m lost. If the “finder” kept it secret and managed to find a way in w/o being noticed, (and could take a card once every 12 hrs. or so until they got caught or something) wouldn’t that have been a better “secret”? Or am I understanding the room incorrectly? (My apologies if so.)

      • Okay…But what’s the draw? If your odds are 1-12, they’re 1-12. Nothing changes that. Right?

      • but in bb canada there was secret 2 golden power vetos and it was triple elimination

      • The odds foe stsying in yhe game would have possibly gone up if fewer people had cards, wouldn’t it.?

      • The odds are still 1 in 12 and it does not matter who gets a card first except, if the boomerang card has not been drawn yet, and there are 2 cards left. Then, it becomes a 50% chance for the last 2 to draw!

    • That is the way it was supposed to be…but Paul kept running around like a crazy lunatic pushing people out of the phone booth and trying to keep other HGs from knowing what was going on. Paul could have kept it secret if he had went when no one else was around…I believe the clue advised him to do that..the clue card said that Paul had an option of which HGs he could share the secret room code with…the end result was that the entire house was present when he entered the room and they all shared the code..

      • Oooookay! NOW I get it! Sorry…But thanks for the great explanation. That’s funny…It never even occurred to me that it was “Player Error,” (I’m an idiot! – With THIS group? How could I possibly miss that?) Thanks for taking the time!

      • Regardless of whether Paul told others or not, BB put up clues for the WHOLE house (on the tv screen in the living room) AND put 12 cards in that room. The odds don’t change whether Paul went in no one else was around or the way he did (with others all around the phone booth)! My problem with the whole thing is that the FIRST person to correctly guess the code & get into Paris should have gotten a SUREFIRE bonus of some sort – otherwise, why work so hard for something that everyone else has an equal shot of winning? BB FAIL, IMO.

      • How stupid of him to ignore the “go when no one is around. ” what a jerk. Now Frank could potentially come back.

      • I don’t care if Frank comes back……Frank is entertaining as “H-__!”
        There are way too many annoying floaters in this house this year…..I don’t even have a favorite this year….and I always have a couple of favorites by now! :)

      • They should have just put out 12 cards and each houseguest gets to draw one in front of the others. Nobody is allowed to open it until eviction. I do not agree with the sharing of codes. That is cheating!

      • Paul should have kept it secret and repeatedly returned for a new envelope to prevent someone from returning.

    • They probably wanted to do something interesting for the HGs, who are probably bored out of their minds.

  14. I hope Victor has one of the returning cards (I’m assuming there are more than one) ONLY because he would be the first person to be evicted 3 times :~D

  15. So, if anyone doesn’t know, the secret room has 12 envelopes. 1 envelope contains a buyback, and you open your envelope when you’re evicted. If nobody gets the buyback card in 4 weeks, it’s over.

  16. I really hope Frank goes home, followed by Brig and neither of them comes back in…I like Frank but if he and Da can’t work together I would like to see him gone lol. And Brig omg can she think on her own, no…so go home

    • Many of them don’t seem to be able to think on their own! I don’t really even have a favorite this year….and for me, that’s weird…..I always have a couple of favorites by now! :)

      • I haven’t watched an entire season in years lol, I stopped after Da went home last season and b4 that I was so turned off by BB, with Evel Dick and his daughter, the Amanda woman and Mike B and that Aryn woman in seasons past omg, I was done. But so far this season I’m enjoying the game more than I have in years, and I’m enjoying that in the beginning it was more diverse so that keep me here

  17. I am sooo mean…I hope that the round trip card is exposed during a double eviction… that would be sooo

  18. This show will be sooo boring without Frank. Love him or hate him, he creates the drama. I love him-everyone else sucks!

  19. Anyone else find is coincidental that the same night they bring back an evicted player they begin a twist that can once again bring back an evicted player? My guess is since the house guests cannot open the envelopes then all 12 say “1 way trip”. The producers will wait until the returner (Victor) is evicted a second time, then they’ll give Julie the boomerang envelope and he’ll be the first player in BB history to play 3 times in one season.

      • My point is that it’s awfully coincidental that they decided to implement it after Victor returned. I think it’s very possible for all twelve envelopes to be the same.

      • Nothing is a coincidence with BB.

        Or else, the show would not have gone through the trouble of spending time, money and resources building a well-designed secret passageway to the area previously occupied by Pandora’s Box.

      • Heheheh. CBS would have paid me big bucks if that was the case, but unfortunately, I don’t work for them, neither am I even a resident of the US for it to be possible.

        The twist has been hinted at for a long while now, especially during pre-season interviews after the house tour pics were released so it was something to be expected anyway.

    • Yep, they need to give Paul Adderall to shut his butt down. He’s not even thinking strategy to further his game. Just barking.

      Woof, woof, woof

  20. I agree, I wish Frank gets the round trip card. Go Frank and Bridget. The other HG are boring!

  21. Oh I can’t stand Paul or Paulie. Both are so arrogant. If I had things my way, whoever stays would win HOH. Then right there in that moment Frank/Bridgette would look right at both Ps. “You are both on the block. If either of you wins POV then guess what – you will decide who replaces you.” Then Frank/Brdigette would turn to the other house guests and say “Good Luck!”

    • I am a hugh super fan !!! Frank tries his dammest to play this game hard but he just gets shut down by everyone except Brigette. All Da’vonne does is gloat in the DR about Frank being on the block. Besides that, she has no game play ! Michelle is jealous Frank bonding with Bridgette instead of her, again no game play ! The others r just falling in luv or maybe forgot they were in the BBH playing or decided just to watch Frank play. How obnoxious for Paulie to say to Framk give up buddy ur making an ass out of yourself !!! Someone plz show Paulie the finger ALRIGHT !!

    • I agree & the funny thing is neither one of them has game play. Paulie actually had the nerve to tell Frank to give up trying to win $500K.. Is he serious?? Wow!!

  22. Frank is the only person who remotely deserves 2 be in the BB house. The rest of them are a joke. Once Frank is evicted, I won’t even watch it anymore. No game play at all!!

  23. I agree & the funny thing is, neither one of them really plays the game. He actually told Frank 2 give up trying to win $500K… Is he serious?? Wow!!

  24. Jst watched 2 notes episode and I tried to go and vote for the care package and it wldnt let me says voting is closed how can that b julie saod it’s open til 2moro did I do something wrong. Anyone can help

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