Big Brother 17: The Move Vanessa Should Make This Week, But Won’t

Following a Power of Veto competition on Saturday that upset Vanessa Rousso’s plans she’s turned to looking for a new plan, but so far it looks like she’ll go for a much smaller target than she could.

Vanessa has a plan, but not a very good one
Vanessa has a plan, but not a very good one – Source: CBS All Access

After scrambling overnight to find a substitute plan and appropriate target Vanessa appears to have settled on taking out the closest ally to her original target, but when she does that she’ll miss the move that she should be taking this week.

James is effectively off the Block with his Veto win and Vanessa needs a renom. She’s decided her new target will be Meg. Yep, sleepytime “grandma” Meg who has apparently lost 18 HoH & Veto comps this season. Her renom options include John, Steve, and the Austwins. Vanessa continues to present herself as working closely with John and Steve individually in private so she doesn’t want to risk seeing one of those allies go home. That leaves her with the Austwins.

Looking at the situation I announced that Vanessa actually had a perfect opportunity here that had me thinking of Big Brother 14. Dan made a “shocking” move of betrayal when knew he had to split up the showmance of Danielle and Shane, something Vanessa seems to have only begun to focus on when it comes to the Austwins. Even worse for Vanessa, there’s a twin sister factor in here that Dan didn’t have to deal with. While that move may have been disastrous for Dan it could work for Vanessa as he did the voting she wouldn’t have to. It’s a perfect storm of opportunities. But one step at a time.

Just imagine: Vanessa tells Austin that she needs one of the twins to go up to make sure they vote the way she wants: Meg out. She renoms Liz against Meg then secretly campaigns to her allies John and Steve to join with James in voting to keep Meg by evicting Liz. 3-2, Liz is gone. Bam! Austin and Liz would be split along with Liz and Julia broken up.

Even better, and more importantly, is which of the three Vanessa would get to keep. Austin is more loyal to Vanessa than to Julia and Julia is more loyal to Vanessa than she is to Austin. Vanessa could pull the patented Danielle-SHOCKED face while getting no “blood on her hands” but walking away with everything she wants while not even casting a vote. Vanessa could be set up to work one on one with every single remaining HG except James. Practically perfect!


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    • The “plan” written above is going NO WHERE!

      There’s so much wrong with the thinking behind it, that quite frankly I’m a little embarrassed for Matthew.

      First, to point to Dan as an example of what to do and then say that things went disastrously for Dan should be your first clue that this “plan” will not work out well for Vanessa either. Both are/were GIANT betrayals.

      It has already been established by Vanessa and Austin that putting up Liz or Austin would be too risky. The Austwins would turn on Vanessa even if Liz would not be evicted. Strike One!

      IF Liz were evicted and Julia and Austin were not out for revenge against Vanessa (highly, highly unlikely by the way), for the rest of the house guests the great white whale (the Austwins) will have been defeated. Guess who is the NEW great white whale?


      For any of you who think that this new “super alliance” of Vanessa, Steve and JMac is anything more than an alliance of convenience to target the Austwins, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you. Strike Two!

      Rather than look at scenarios from the perspective what’s best for your favorite player, I find the game much more interesting to look at the HOH moves from that player’s perspective.

      The suggested “plan” is certainly NOT in Vanessa’s best interest.

      Remember Vanessa can’t even play in the next HOH. The “plan” has far too many risks for Vanessa.

      First she risks alienating the remaining Austwins. That’s two players coming for her next week.

      Second, James and Meg are still both in the house, do you really think they will not target Vanessa next week? Remember, from Vanessa’s perspective James broke his word to Shelli. And Vanessa realizes that James and Meg are MUCH closer to the Austwins than they are to anyone else in the house.

      Finally, as mentioned above, Vanessa has to at least suspect that her alliance with JMac and Steve may be one of convenience. Just a couple of weeks ago JMac and Steve were targeting her!

      From Vanessa’s perspective the Steve JMac alliance is designed to deal with the Austwins. If the Austwins are no more (and taking out Liz, does destroy the Austwins), what reason does the alliance have for it’s existence? Strike Three!

      Conceivably, by making the move suggested by Matthew, Vanessa COULD make herself the biggest target in the house all while being unable to play in the next HOH.

      As if that wasn’t enough, let’s look at where that move will position her with the jury.

      Despite the ridiculous idea proposed here that the Austwins will not blame Vanessa for Liz’s eviction (which they most certainly will), Vanessa has to be concerned about jury votes. Vanessa is playing to win, NOT for second place.

      The RISK of losing the Auswin’s jury votes with this betrayal is more risk than Vanessa will take at this time.

      Making herself probably the biggest target in the house AND the risk of losing jury votes makes this “plan” a non-starter. It may hold interest for you if you are ROOTING against Vanessa and the Austwins, but the “plan” is not grounded in any sense of reality. NONE!

      Let’s look at Vanessa actual position.

      I have said since the original nominations were suggested that Vanessa’s best move was to get rid of Meg. James may never be Vanessa’s ally, but he CAN be persuaded that as long as the Austwins remain in the game, they are a bigger threat to his game than is Vanessa.

      Julia agreeing (kind of being pushed) to go up as easily as she did, with very little blow back from Liz or Austin, is PERFECT for Vanessa! Steve has up front agreed to vote to keep Julia (because that’s his intention).

      Steve would make no assurances like that if Liz or Austin were going to be the pawn. To think that Liz or Austin, even if they agreed to go up (they would not agree, but for sake of argument) would not have gotten a verbal assurance from Steve that he would vote to keep them, is more “magical thinking” on the part of Matthew.

      One more reason the “plan” wouldn’t work, for the “plan” to work, Steve completely exposes his game. Why would he do that?

      Anyway, back to Vanessa’s actual position for next HOH (in which she is unable to play).

      Steve and JMac are gunning for the Austwins. The Austwins still think they are aligned with Vanessa and are threatened by JMac (he will most likely be their target). James is probably gunning for Vanessa, but don’t be surprised if she enlists the help of JMac to steer James towards targeting the Austwins.

      Also remember that James and Vanessa had a fairly productive talk recently in the HOH room.

      I ask YOU, dear reader, to honestly answer this question. if you were Vanessa which “plan” would YOU execute?

  1. It is the cowards way out, but it’s what I expected from Vanessa. Don’t forget they all think the DE is next week. I suspect that’s when she was planning to break up the threesome, quickly with little time for reprisal. From what I gather today,she wants both the twins gone and Austin to stay. To which I say WHYYYYYY??!!!

    • Could Vanessa be jealous that the twins have taken her good friend from the beginning Austin away from her?
      Unfortunately for Vanessa, Austin can probably beat her in the F2.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that Vanessa wouldn’t put up Austin or Liz as a remon. However maybe putting up Julia could be something good if James, JMac and Steve would play nice (I’m looking at Steve here when I say that and his evict Meg thing) and vote out Julia. Yes you still have a showmance in the house, but you take Austwins down to two members instead of three. You get what you can get.

    • And Steve has already said he wants the next HOH and Austwuss/Liz Ho go on the block. This DE would be the perfect chance and he could gain jury points with Meg/James if they don’t make it to the end. Even if it is Juseless on the block Steve could turn from the Dark Side and join the Rebel Alliance = Jury votes.

    • I’m wondering if James could talk Austin into making a secret Judas VTE Julia and blaming it on Steve. He could use the old “don’t you want Liz to yourself?”

      • That would be awesome! Treachery!

        I think this move to re-nom Julia is masterful. Keeps van “in the war” (to win BB) by non-frontal assault on austwins. She still could get their jury votes. But if somehow, someway Julia goes from it. Amazing.

        I have been thinking this all day but Steve’s crush on Julia made it seem unlikely. The 3rd VTE from Judas on Julia would be delicious BB TV Thursday nite going into a DE. Even better if they make it a blindside.

      • He wouldn’t do it because liz would see it when they wstch the show once its over

      • Vanessa would be wise to get Austin out. At least make james choose between meg and him

      • Very true. But if he didn’t really care about Liz and is really just using her (for a little side fun as well) as much as I think she is using him, then he MIGHT – I can hope!

      • I thought of that too. They’d have to get Jmac to go along and promise to target Vanessa next. Vanessa would be out of her mind after the Julia eviction. Austin would just deny deny deny and blame Steve. Jmac would have to tell Steve to be cool til they know what happened. Don’t let Vanessa rage get YOU in the line of fire.

    • Her best bet is to get Austin out. If she was in the final 2 with one of those twinsaa, she would stand a better chance of winning bc no sees them as strategic players. I really want Johnny Mac to win.

      • I hear yeah and your right, but Vanessa isn’t going to put Austin (or Liz for that matter up) as a renom, so at least Julia could be the next best houseguest. Worst would be Steve or JMac. Vanessa said it herself, she doesn’t want to waste her HOH on Meg and with keeping with her plan, Julia would be the only other option.

      • Sorry to say this but jmac will be lucky to make it past the de. Unless he goes on a winning streak. 2 hoh and a couple of vetos

      • It wasn’t fair to bring the other evil twin in the game either since all the HGs knew she existed. Adding Julia threw the house into a downward spiral and hasn’t recovered since. It gave a unfair advantage to the dark side. It was only fair to bring a HG back in.

      • Heard on feeds Van is thinking of taking Austin with her to F2. Another “promise” of hers? She’s already been caught three times when she told hgs she’d help them out after BB is over.

  3. I don’t know what the right move is at this point. I think going into this week she should have started going after the Austwins ( she had J-mac and Steve) on her side and could have secured a temporary deal with James and Meg. But I think she handled the James/Meg noms so badly that she has to get rid of one of them at this point. Even if she saved Meg and got rid of Liz, I still think James would be coming after Vanessa. and go back to Austin and Julia. There’s no way he’ll trust her long term. I think this move would get out, and Austin and Julia would be coming after Vanessa. I could see Austin, Julia, James and Meg going after Vanessa the following weeks. Just my thoughts, what does everyone else think>

    • If Juseless goes up and home then Van can say she didn’t know the others would flip, etc so not her fault with Austwuss/Liz Ho and let the next HOH take out one without the “blood on her hands”.

  4. Apparently Vanessa got in trouble with production for bribing one of the twins with $10,000 dollars basically to be a pawn. Vanessa is freaking nuts to want to win that bad…..

      • Basically she walked into a room with the twins …stated she got spanked and the feeds went to the back yard. She then backtracks and states it wasn’t a bribe but she was making a statement that she’d bet money that one of the twins wouldn’t go home….more lying….

      • Ahhh thanks for that clarification. Makes sense now.

        But if she broke a house rule she should go home. However, when they let Audrie cheat and ignore HN rules they pretty much tossed the rule book into the bin.

      • Audrey did get a vote against her for that. They should have done more but all she got was a penalty vote at eviction in which she went home.

      • If BB wants to really shake things up than for that Van gets an HOH punishment = POV winner gets to re-nom. Can you imagine? And it would be within the rules.

    • Wow for real. If she did that then she need to go!!!!! Im soooo tired of bb right now. If austwins win im never watching bb again. It all seems scripted at this point. Im over bb now. It makes me so mad. I only come on here to see if it’s worth watching.

      • I’ve been on board with this season being manipulated and scripted for awhile. I was able to guess two of the eliminations by which nominee was dressed for interview with Julie and which was dressed for the HOH comp immediately after he vote.

      • Scripted? This season would not be going this way if it were scripted. Audrey would still be in the game. As for the outfits, most of the votes have been unanimous, so of course the person going out is going to dress to be evicted.

      • How do you come to that conclusion about Audrey? And if they went by Big Brother rules neither person would be sure they were going home. These people are supposed to have a heads up of being nominated or how the vote is really supposed to go…it’s a “tell”

      • This season, every evictee has been told by the other HGs, usually by the HoH, that they are the ones going home. That’s how the noms know how to dress.

    • It’s about time production put a stop to Vanessa unfairly trying to con the other HG’s with her “deals” promising money in the future.
      Good job AG and thanks!

    • It’s not about the money.It’s about bragging rights.If you look at it 500k is a paltry sum for the time and effort that BB takes. As smart as she is, she could have gone on Jeopardy, won boatloads of money and still gone home to her girlfriend every night. I always question people who put get into this looking for prize money

      • Whenever she goes into game mode which is 99% of the time, all I hear in my head is Ozzy Osbourne singing Crazy Train–and that’s why I call her Sithe Lord Crazy Train–I am not the liar you seek…

      • I do the same thing except the song is “They’re coming to take me away..Oh my”

      • I think of the song, “Crazy Bi***” by Buckcherry when I think of Van at all. Check it out on utube! :-)

      • Most con artists think they’re smarter than anyone else so Vanessa must have been pretty confident that she could win BB easily since all the HG’s would be dumb and easy to con. Prisons are filled with people that think they’re smarter than everyone else.

  5. That move killed Dan’s game. She is making right move get Meg out now. This way she isn’t the pawn anymore. No more chance she is the one people tempted to drag along and also not a guaranteed for for James if he wins HOH in de they do t know is coming thursd thursday. She is more likely in good spot with anyone who wins HOH Thursday except James bit depending on who is voting and on block against her at end of night. So Meg being gone is key for her at that point. Meg would vote emotional. While if somehow jmac and Steve voting they vote for her. Ends up for maybe James sees value splitting up 3 some at that point. Meg is the one person who Van knows she needs out for voting and no donations reason for rest of season. Not about comps not about side and numbers it about the voting sides and potential way noms would be done in future.

    • Yes, that move contributed to Dan’s downfall, which is why this is so much better.

      Who took the blame in that situation: Dan or Danielle? Dan. Here Vanessa would get to be the Danielle while her allies do the voting and become the betraying Dans.

      • You are completely delusional if you think Vanessa would escape blame if she put up Austin or Liz and they were evicted. VANESSA herself said that putting up Liz or Austin was too risky.

        With the move you suggest Vanessa loses THREE jury votes. She is not going to do that.

        I really can’t believe that you think this idea of putting up Liz is even remotely a good idea for Vanessa. If you’re interested, I posted my rebuttal of your idea in a response to Captain555 near the top of this thread.

  6. You laid out perfectly why this was the best move for Vanessa, especially cause she could pin it on John and Steve pretty easily. You leave James and Meg in as a pair, but only one is ever going to win comps, and if he put her up against John or Steve, they would go home over her. Seems like she is pinning all her hopes on John or Steve winning the next HOH and putting up Liz and Austin. Problem is she doesn’t know it’s a double…while I think John still would do it, in the heat of the moment Steve might go after James instead. Maybe she is confident in her three in comps against the Austwins 3 at F6, but a truly great player would never put themselves in that situation.

    • Why would Steve allow himself to be used? He is currently in a good position with the Austwins.

      If he would vote out Liz, next HOH him and Vanessa are targets one and two for Austin and Julia. Austin may be able to get Meg and James on board as well.

      This “plan” is not a good idea for Vanessa and it is certainly not a good idea for Steve.

  7. At the very least the announcement of the DE should make them all scramble to talk to each other and we should see where their alliances really lie. Except Steve. That last DE when NO ONE whispered a plan with him?! That was disturbing.

    • I wish they would have the eviction at the beginning of the show, followed by the HoH, then announce DE for the first time before immediately going into the veto. Don’t give them much time to talk and make them play their own games.

      • While that could be interesting to see, I think the knowledge of the DE is meant to shake them. They’re supposed to be freaked out, because it will change their performance and seeing them like that will be more interesting to us.

    • Wasn’t it the strangest DE though. In the past seasons everybody’s scurrying from room to room during the breaks trying to make deals and influence votes, but that one, crickets. What is wrong with these people?

  8. 1:37 PM Liz to Julia and Vanessa: “If Julia gets voted out, I’m self evicting.” -jellyfisher

    Now wouldn’t THAT be amazing!

  9. But she’s a “mastermind”. I swear, if there were anyone with a hint of common sense or comprehension of the game, they’d make Vanessa look like a chump.

  10. But still, if Steve ever got on board and helped vote out Julia, then they would have effectively damaged the trio power. Liz should be the one up to so they can her out and change the course of the game. Vanessa oh Vanessa what are you thinking.

    • That seems to be the consensus for an HoH not being wasted for sure, but the juror votes for Van if she made it to F2 wouldn’t be there.

      • There not there now, why would it matter at this point. She will never have the votes to win so do as much damage to the power trio as she can and then maybe the votes will come to her but who knows.

    • Vanessa is interested in WINNING the game. She is not interested in evicting players that you personally don’t like.

      Vanessa is going to push Steve HARD not to evict Julia. Julia is Vanessa’s true final two.

      • Vanessa more than likely won’t make final 2. At the moment she has no votes for the win in jury, so how can she even think about winning if she doesn’t have them. It isn’t whether I like a player or not, it is about how she should play the game to win. Getting out a power trio would score her enough votes to win this game or by not getting them out, she her self would be casting a vote for a winner. GEESAS, get with the program wtpvideo

  11. She could not have been handed a more perfect chance to break them up. It really is perfect. Because the pawn always goes home, right?
    I can’t believe this. But honestly, I shouldn’t have expected anything else.

  12. From Jokers:

    Sun 1:20 PM BBT Vanessa says if Julia goes home, she’ll give her $10,000 out of her pockets. NT – AdamAndEvel

    Sun 1:47 PM BBT Van backs up on her $10,000 gift to Julia if Julia is voted out after Van was called out by BB in DR visit.Says it was just a gambling expression. NT – Scott3325

    • Supposedly fans are tracking other bribes she made. One to Austin somewhere in the last few weeks and more than one to Julia…fans are convinced there may be more…

      • As am I, which is the only explanation as to why she is making “stupid” decisions to keep the power trio…

      • If they find any then she needs to be disqualified due to cheating and this week at least needs to be played over without her. Otherwise, forget the show having ANY integrity ever going forward.

  13. I hope John or James pulls out a win on DE night or Steve he even said he would put up Austin and Liz. It’s time to split them up. These House guest need some help in strategy. Or Vanessa does..I thought she was smarter than this. What a shame.

  14. I’m so PO’d that Van is handing the Asstwits the F3. I don’t want any of those 3 to win anything-uh!

  15. Meg thanks all the Live Feeders for the fun dip they gave them
    Julia curses the Live Feeders and says she’d rather have more slop…

  16. Between the two of them, the twits only have half a brain – and Liz got most of that. Julia, bless her heart, couldn’t pour water out of a boot with the directions on the bottom! I say put Liz on the block and vote her out. Now, you’re left with stinky and single twit and odds are, they’ll go after each other. Divide and conquer!!

    • Ahahahahaha! Probably would have forgotten to plug the hole in the boot before pouring water into it too! :-)

  17. Vanessa’s best move would be for her to put Liz (with her charming personality *eyeroll*) and have James, Steve and John vote her out. She kills two birds with one stone. Then, hopefully, James, Meg, Steve and John form an alliance and one of them wins HOH in the DE and puts up Austin and Vanessa. You have the opportunity to decimate the Van Austwin alliance because if one comes down you’ve got Julia to replace them. Vote out the stronger player of the two. That’s what I’d do but then again I still have brain cells. IMO whoever has the balls to make that sort of move deserves to win.

    • You won’t find anybody to argue with you here on that one. But the chance for it to happen is pretty slim.

    • That’s what I said too! Loses the big move’s value by waiting for another “singleton” to split them up…and not enough weeks to get all of them.

    • That may be the best move for the players YOU like. It is certainly not the best move for Vanessa.

      To see a full explanation, visit my post at the top of this thread in my response to captain555.

  18. Liz has to go, she is the glue that holds the threesome together, I think it’s a bad move for Vanessa. Only if James wins next HOH in the DE and he puts up Austin and Liz together does this scenario work. Vanessa will be sitting pretty if that happened. But I feel like James will go after Vanessa if he wins HOH and that is ok with me, and would help his game to get her out. I want to see James /Jmac/Steve/Vanessa in the F4. Talk about some great conversation (not).

  19. Oh yes! Put Liz on the block, if she’s evicted don’t care who win the next HoH (but I still think that the best options for this are John or Steve), Vanessa go to the block or could be backdoor, and she’s sent to the jury house by an unanimous vote.

  20. This is smart on Vanessa’s part. She’ll claim Julia is the pawn but knows Steve and John will not pass up the opportunity to vote out any member of the Austwins. Julia goes. That leaves Liz and Austin as the target of the next HOH, which cannot be Vanessa. Liz will be evicted over Austin anyday because she’s better at comps. Vanessa gets to keep the one ally she’s closest to (i.e. can most effectively manipulate), Austin. If she acted against Liz she would be top of everyone’s target list, including Julia and Austin.

      • You know, I wonder about that. Vanessa and JMac are my favorite players. We kind of laughed when John told Julie he would target Meg, but if Vanessa honestly wants to do that too… I wonder if there is something to it. They are both too smart, and know the game too well, to just suggest that for no reason. They have a different perspective being in the house than we do watching from outside. Maybe Liz and Austin are getting tired physically. Maybe Meg is more dangerous than she appears. I don’t know. I find it interesting.

      • “Liz and Austin are getting tired physically”??? That is a very dangerous statement on this board lol…

      • Getting Meg out make James a free agent.

        Quite honestly, I’ve said from before the noms were made that by the end of the week MEG would be the one to walk out the door.

        James may never work directly with Vanessa, but I think he could be convinced that the Austwins are a bigger target than Vanessa.

        From Vanessa’s perspective eliminating Meg keeps the focus off her during the next HOH with everyone except possibly James.

  21. No surprise there but john ,James, and Steve should send Julia on out.At least one would be gone.And that still means they have to win hoh but they still need to cause if not two of them will be up and one gone.

  22. Meg is not a threat ! This has got to be one of the dumbest moves Vanessa has made ! Meg hasn’t won any HOH’S or POV’s and Liz has won 2 HOH’S if I’m remembering correctly and needs to be gone before she reaches the end but dumb dumb Van is gonna take out the last of James allies ! SMDH

    • Meg isn’t a threat BUT getting James alone by himself is very beneficial to her and John and Steve

    • Agree 100 pct. I think this season will be defined by all the bad tactical moves and gameplay more than anything else. If one of the Austwins wins–which is looking very likely now–it will go down as one of the worst seasons to date

  23. For those that overestimated Van, the good news is that she’ll be leaving the House quite shortly.

      • Actually if she doesn’t put up Lizzz-uh I don’t think it is wishful. You need to write the G-Man’s predictions down Vanessa is gone by next Thurs, maybe this Thur with a DE. Btw, I think she’s on to put up Julia at this point, so after that flops around like a fish out of water by tomorrow it could change.

        A Julia eviction isn’t good enough anyway and even if V doesn’t exit by next Thurs, she still ain’t cashing in… the absolute best she could do is F3.

      • Do you think Production will tell her DE is this Thur instead of next? If they do, that will change everything for her and she will put up Liz instead of Julia! So that’s why I’m saying wishful thinking…she could survive to F2 if this is the case. That’s why I don’t hedge bets this season. So darn unpredictable it isn’t funny.

      • I was going by Wikipedia that DE is this Week 10 and I have no idea if Production would tell her that, maybe Steve has, he’s the super-fan.

        Seems Van is working on Austin… “Vanessa encouraging Austin that he isn’t ‘doing her dirty’ by looking at options for getting Liz out without having to do it himself”, “Vanessa asking Austin about his post-BB17 plans w/ Liz & what kind of bf he is. Aus’ main concern is Liz w/ alcohol & drunk decisions”, he seems to be going along with her, could he be playing Vanessa like a drum?

      • Steve told everyone it would be next week…but he suspects it’s this week! Sneaky of him!

  24. Putting Julia up is the smart move for Vanessa? Julia has volunteered and three have no one but themselves to blame because they failed to win the power of veto. So, the blood is minimal. In addition, it means that they were betrayed by Steve not Vanessa. It also means that there will be three teams of two with Vanessa as the decision maker. If Vanessa were to choose Liz, then she would have two strong enemies with her in their sights. The showmance can be taken out by the other four, not including Meg. Now the problem with this approach is Steve is listening to little Stevie and might not vote for evicting Julia. Finally, if they evict Meg, whose side would James be on when the dust settled. Someone else will knock one of the other teams down to one. Then it will be three on three with Vanessa deciding. Unless someone goes after Venessa, and the others wise up and boot her after they realize that she is just a third wheel who decides the winner. Vanessa’s game plan should be to then just gooble up the individual player with the one remaining team of two. At that point, she simply needs to make the final two.

  25. I think it would be fun if JMac and Steve threw a hinky vote in to keep Meg over Julia and watch the fireworks from Liz and Austin! Why not? One less Austwin to get out during DE!

  26. Strictly by the numbers (and Van is a numbers gal), nominating Julia gives Van the best chance to not be nominated for the DE on Thursday.
    * With Meg, Julia is the least threatening comps HG. JMac and Steven would leap at the opportunity to vote out Liz. Julia – not so much.
    * Steve’s boy crush on Julia makes him most likely to give Julia his vote.
    * Unknowingly, a returned houseguest has publicly stated on national TV in front of Julie Chen that if he got back in the house, he would target Meg.
    * Julia coming off the block after the vote would mean that only James would be 100% targeting Vanessa. If JMac or Steve win HOH they would nominate two of the Austwins, and visa-versa, keeping V off the block until a potential BD.

  27. Two things: We are down to eight HGs and Van still is trying to keep the blood of her hands. It’s time to make a big move. Liz has got to go. Then Meg can go because Van would’ve earned the right to stay out of DE with that move and Julia is more useless than Meg.

    Second: “But even then Vanessa will have to partake in voting one of them out herself.”

    No truer words have been spoken, she could play the whole “I thought the house was voting Meg out, I’m just as confused as you guys (Austin and Julia)” dumb routine and even if they don’t believe her she has the house so Austin and Julia would be dead in the water.

    Matt you need to be a coach for these guys. They all need an abundance of help.

  28. I normally agree with this author, but I don’t agree it’s in Vanessa’s best interests to go for a huge target right before the double elimination. Unless James wins the HoH, Vanessa is safe again in the next eviction. And even if James wins the next HoH, Vanessa is probably STILL safe in the next eviction. It gets hairier for her after that, but she’s in a good position for the pivotal DE. Leaving Meg in there is not good for Vanessa at all as it strengthens James and a strong James is not in Vanessa’s best interests.

      • This isn’t a terrible HoH to waste though. A big move right before a DE is a bad move. We shall see, but I think she’s playing her cards correctly.

      • Fair enough. :-)
        I personally don’t care who wins, but I’m enjoying the Vanessa show for what it is. All of them bring something to the table this season. I’m enjoying this.

    • I agree with you. Putting up Julia is best – and if it so happens that Jmac & Steve decide to be devious (not likely) then Julia could go (???). And Van got no blood on her hands.

      • Yup. Her best-case scenario is Meg goes, Steve or Jmac wins the next DE HoH, then puts Liz and Austin on the block. It all hinges on the next HoH. But no matter what the outcome, she is very likely safe for the DE.

    • The only problem is–she has to beat the Austwins to win the money, right? None of this helps her get closer to that. Making James an unnecessary enemy is icing on the cake. If he wins HOH for the DE, 100 pct she goes up. Probably with Liz. And if she loses veto, she’s probably gone

      • Yeah it does. She’s now got three other people gunning for the Austwins. James isn’t with them anymore and may even team with Vanessa (gasp!), and both Steve and JMac are targeting Austwins.
        I’m not sure I agree with who James puts up. You are of the mindset that it is 100% Vanessa, but it’s not so clear cut. They’re all doing the math, and all of them realize Austwins have to go.

      • But she could put Liz up as the pawn and James, JMac, and Steve send her out. And she could play dumb to Austin and Julia as well. That’s my point–she could take a direct shot right now that has a 100 pct chance of success and is passing it up to evict Grandma Meg, of all people. Total waste of the HOH. SMDH

      • That’s not what’s best for her game. I’m not convinced it’s what’s best for James or Steve either. For James, yes, but everyone else, I’m not so sure.

      • Losing Meg is actually good for James. Since Meg can’t win any comps, she can’t help him. If she goes, he’s forced to seek alternative options. Aligning with JMac, Steve, and Van gives him a chance. Staying with Meg would have

      • You’re probably right actually, but I doubt he sees it this way. At least at this point I’d imagine.

  29. if vanessa does what she is thinking what a idiot james needs ti get steve and john on his side by telling them they do not have a chance against the austwins and vanessa

    • At this point in time, though, even James, Steve and JMac wouldn’t be enough to do that! It will practically take a village now to eliminate them. They’d have to win every HoH and Veto from here on out.

  30. And once more this season, I have an incredible urge to introduce my head to a brick wall! Seriously, is there something they’re pumping into the water in the BB House? I don’t get these moves at all.

  31. She’s keeping the austwins together because she’s banking on John or Steve winning hoh next week and if they do, then they take their shot on the trio. Vanessa wouldn’t be to blame because she didn’t put them up and had to vote one out.

    • Yep! The Austwins and Van should be dubbed Cowardly Lions because of their lack of bravery! :-)

    • And if the Austwins win they will still be too scared of Vanessa and will nominate Steve and John. Bunch of chickens.

  32. So it was one foot staying on the disc huh? I wonder if they all knew that before hand.

    • I think BB wasn’t very explicit when they said, “the one left Standing will win. If a juror was the only one left “Standing”, they’d be the next HoH too”! Sitting down on the disc disqualified you. Squatting did too if your butt touched the disc, which Van’s did, but guess they didn’t look closely enough for that happening. GinaMarie posted photos of that on her twitter. Van should have been disqualified too.

      • Yeah, they did these interviews after the fact so no wonder they are trying to cover their butts. So what if you were completely sitting with one foot dangling?
        It’s whatever at this point, but they are doing a good job with making this 13 min comp look like it took 2 hrs lol

      • I was watching closely to see anyone cheating or being disqualified and none did.
        I think Vanessa won fair and square and hopefully this week will be a waste of an HOH and whomever she puts up as a pawn goes to the jury.

  33. I can’t believe I forgot about Steve’s crush on Julia. God, these guys are so dumb. Austin willing to throw his entire lot behind Liz when she will definitely take Julia to F2. Steve willing to keep a threesome in the game so he can spend more time with Julia. I can’t with these people. They frustrate me as a viewer.

    • I would really like it if Julia got with Steve. He will worship her and she will dominate him. They make a cute match. I definitely think that Liz and Austin will last longer than Shelli and Clay. The twins may move to California to be closer to Austin and start and acting career if they get offers.

  34. JMac might work with James but I really think Steve won’t. He win HOH on Thursday, puts up Liz/Austin as he said, one of them comes off, he puts up James and James goes to jury.

    • IN BB After Dark it was a lot longer and Liz told him that she had never been asked to be someones girlfriend it just happens, and referred to her ex boyfriend. It was an extremely childish and awkward moment. Austin said that at least they could be boyfriend/girlfriend in the BB house and then she said yes.

  35. Could not agree more with this article. Liz is the most powerful player and here’s a chance to evict her with no blood. What annoys me about the players this season is no hg’s are willing to do what it takes to win. These people aren’t your friends they’re your competition. Maybe Steve will become that player, let’s hope.

  36. That freeloading POS Austin needs to go he’s never even been put on the block. He just sits around all day with his stupid beard pony tail thing …. Get a f*cking haircut Austin your a homo nobody likes you and f*ck you too Judas your a homo too. Liz can do better your a bum. Oh yeah…. Wrestling is for fags

  37. THE move of the week for Vanessa would be to get rid of the common denominator of the trio: Liz. That’s the *only* move that makes any sense. After all her interfering in everyone else’s HOHs all season, she all of a sudden has lost the nerve she needs to get out the one person whose removal would do her the most good. Hey, Vanessa, this whole season we’ve disliked you, but now you have finally given us a **reason**!!

  38. Austin will NOT want to lose Liz. I think Vanessa won’t make this move, bc if Liz leaves, Austin and Julia could hold Vanessa responsible and James and Meg plus remaining Austwins, and potentially even Steve and John would prob all revert to Vanessa as the biggest threat. Vanessa’s threat level is below Austwins for now. Steve and JMAC are targeting Austwins. James should target Austwins but might be vengeful. Potentially, only a James win during the DE puts Vanessa in jeopardy. Taking out Meg is a lot less risky. Plus, if say Steve and JMAC join James in evicting Julia, Vanessa could genuinely wipe her hands of the accident and be the new third wheel shielded by the leftover showmance.

  39. I don’t understand what’s stopping Steve and Johnny Mac from flipping and voting Julia out over Meg. I mean, isn’t that a very likely scenario?

    • There both stupid. They don’t owe anything to the Austwins. Why not take the opportunity to strike at one of them right now. They can join forces with James and Meg and go after the otherside. With Julia gone and Vanessa unable to play, the next HOH will be 4 on 2. But Steve and John are too stupid to not realize that.

  40. Omg…with one move Vanessa could break up the showmance and the twin twist. It us a bold move that might bring about some interest. Yikes so boring, wake up bb players create some interesting shows.

  41. This is a season of idiots (James, Steve, Meg, twins, Jackie, Clay) and psychos (Venessa, twins, Shelli).

  42. Do you see it otherwise? Could using Julia as the renom, evicting Meg, and keeping the Austwins together really be the better strategy and move to make this week? Share your thoughts below.

    Evicting Meg is useless and a huge waste of HOH. After all, next week, they have to go after each other. Whoever wins HOH will strike the first blow. It is either kill or get killed figuratively speaking. You cannot survive the following weeks if you get evicted next week. That would keep the Goblins-Austwins alliance intact and remove Meg who is useless in competitions. All it would accomplish is remove one vote on the Goblins-Austwins side. Steve or Johnny Mac have to win the next HOH otherwise, it is over for them and Vanessa as well. The Goblins-Austwins still have majority vote but, what is bad about this decision is leaving Liz, a decent competitor in the game. Vanessa could very well be the next one evicted this coming week. Playing it safe does not apply as your survival depends on making the bold moves!

  43. I feel like even if Liz went up. It still won’t work. Yes Steve expressed his interest in putting up Liztin, but he wants Meg gone BAD. It’s smart in theory but Steve will not vote out Liz over Meg. That’s just my opinion.

  44. Biggest bunch of idiots. I don’t care for Vanessa but if she wins she deserves it. Would love to be a fly on the wall when they get home and watch this back. But BB needs to find people that can play this game. It’s not a game this year it’s a dictatorship

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