Big Brother 17: Vanessa Starting To Worry About Final Four Against Austwins

Vanessa Rousso has positioned herself in Big Brother 17 in the middle of two alliances that will be tighter and more difficult to break than anything she has to offer. Well, aside from cash apparently.

Vanessa needs a plan to make it to the end of Big Brother
Vanessa needs a plan to make it to the end of Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

On Thursday we heard Vanessa ask John what he thought could happen in a final stages scenario with the Austwins, but it was later that night that she went right to Austin to ask how that might go.

Look at what Vanessa has set herself up to work with. She’s got a showmance with Austin and Liz and a twin sisterhood between Liz and Julia. Neither of those players are going to break their bonds to take Vanessa to the end. If she gets to F4 she will have to win every critical comp to make sure she isn’t cut. So yeah, she should be worried.

Flashback to 10:11 PM BBT 8/27 as Vanessa and Austin are alone in the Lounge. She wants to know what he thinks would happen if the two of them and the twins got to the F4 and if they could work out some sort of financial deal.

Vanessa suggests to Austin that while she expects the twins to want to get to the end together doing so would only benefit them each an extra $25K. The math there is that $500K (1st) + $50K (2nd) combined is $550K. The twins have discussed splitting the money, supposedly not allowed by the rules, so that $50K split is an extra $25K. Of course that assumes one twin will win either way.

Vanessa tells Austin that $25K isn’t a lot of money and suggests a deal could be worked out to cover that. “It’s a difference of twenty-five thousand each. We can make that up in some kind of deal. Easily. Are they amenable to that kind of logic?” Vanessa asks Austin.

Again, not allowed according to the alleged rules restriction that discussion. Wait, if that’s not a lot of money to her and she’s saying a twin would win then shouldn’t they question why she’s saying to keep her? But now we’re getting off course and in to how it sounds like Vanessa is trying to use her wealth and money skills back home to buy her way to the end.

As for the F4 scenario Austin says there’s no way Liz will go against her twin sister. Austin says that while he’s never discussed it with Liz, he has assumed that if it’s the three of them at the F3 (Austwins) then he’s going home. That doesn’t answer her question though.


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  1. Best bet for Vanessa is to get someone next week to take out Liz. Julia would take Vanessa over Austin. Austin would take Vanessa over Julia.

    But no one like Vanessa, so let’s hope she’s gone next week. :D

    • Yes! If someone aims to split up the twins Liz is the definite target. People keep saying Austin but that makes no sense. One of the twins especially, and if you remove Liz then things crumble for Julia and Austin. it would be interesting too to see what happens if Liz went out.

      • I bet my bottom dollar that it Liz goes first Austin is so delusional he would beg the rest of the houseguests to vote him out so he can be with Liz. 500,000.00….I wouldn’t let Austin touch me for a million $. Liz supposidly doesn’t even like him but she seems to be prostituting herself by doing God knows what with him.#thot

      • She’s said in DR that she now likes him…in that way. How serious she is might be debatable, but she’s explicitly said “I used to not think of him that way, now I do.”

      • No she said last episode that she does like him now…but yeah those two need to go.they r so annoying

    • Yup, next week(or a DE this week I guess) will be a big week, someone has to fall, doubt it will be Meg, so it’ll be one fo the 6 actual players, well 5, Julia doesn’t count.

    • Austin would not take Vanessa because if Vanessa has made it to F3 she deserves to win, Julia has done relatively nothing in this game and will not win. Truth is no one would take Vanessa to F2 she needs to focus on best way to get to F3 and then win.

  2. When isn’t this psycho worried? So sick and tired of her running the show. Also hate Austin and the twins soooooo much. Ugh horrible season! I’ve never hated a houseguest as much as Vanessa and Disgusting Austin!

    • I just want to know- because I see so many hateful things out there on houseguests (Which I find horrible in itself), what makes Austin- disgusting?

      • Well, first of all the guy doesn’t shower for days in a row, probably smell like BO, walks around without socks or shoes, cooks food while shirtless and passes gas like it’s nobodies business. Not sure how Liz can stand to kiss him. Plus he has a girlfriend outside of BB and thinks he’ll be famous after this show. He’ll have a rude awakening once he’s out! I know tons of people that find him disgusting.,

      • He works out constantly, of course he is going to smell! Maybe if he sat and watched a computer all day that wouldn’t happen. His morals have nothing to do with “disgusting”. And who knows what his deal was with his girlfriend outside the house. You are just going by what you perceive.
        I don’t care if “tons” of people think that. You are welcome to your opinion, but going around judging people for cooking shirtless, and farting? You are in for a very sad, lonely life.

      • Austin’s mother, please.

        He’s disgusting. Tell your son if he’s going to cook dinner, to wash his hands after fingering Julia.

      • Amazing comeback, Jean Claude! Love it. Can’t believe someone actually tried to defend his BO and bad gas. Mind blown right now.

      • I defend people when someone they don’t know calls them “disgusting.” I find it insulting. I think this is the problem with our world. Too much hate… You don’t even know them.
        You two must have major stomach aches, and be the cleanest people alive!

      • Dude, what is your deal? You really are a little scum bag huh? You are probably sitting there, in your computer chair, for hours, constantly judging. Meanwhile your face is probably caked in pimples from not washing your face, you probably weigh 500 pounds, and haven’t felt a woman’s vagina in so long you can only complain about someone else doing it. I’m so sorry for you!

      • I think the point “austin’s mother” is making is that we all aren’t perfect, each one of us has bad habits. But acting like you are so above it is not just small-minded, but also hypocritical. If you don’t like them- fine, but you don’t have to be cruel. You are basing this entirely on what others say too, and what you see. What does that say about you?

      • We also wash our hands after using the bathroom, unlike your son Austin!

        He is straight up disgusting! Stop defending that man.

      • You don’t either though.
        Also the real reason people hate him is because his ‘holier than thou’ persona

      • Hey so if you hate him, wait till he gets out, buy a gun, and show your point! (that’s how it starts).

      • Describing someone as disgusting to look at doesn’t mean you hate them. If you like long curly hair, pony tail beards, tree trunk tattoos all over a mans body, and a man that walks around half naked all the time then good for you. Personally I don’t find that attractive, IMO any self respecting single young lady with a reputation to uphold (if she has one) would not crawl between the sheets with him on national television for her parents to see. But, that’s just me.

      • We know mom and dad aren’t going to take Liz’s behavior in the house well. Julia has reminded her, but in the isolated BB house, it hasn’t hit her yet. While Austin is not my type per se, I don’t think he’s disgusting. I think he’s thinking with his little head, not his brain.

      • Thank you.
        BTW- when did I ever say he was my type? Defending him against other’s comments does not a suitor make.

      • I wasn’t implying that you found him attractive. I was pointing out that in MY opinion, he’s not attractive, but I don’t think he’s disgusting.

      • I guess I just find the term disgusting more hurtful than others, which is why this convo ran rapid.

      • Thank goodness no one said he was useless or worthless! Then what war would we start? Then again, we’re not the ones who are putting it out there for others to pass judgment on like all those that sign up for this show have. If you don’t want people to say derogatory things about you, cover it up and don’t display your “privacy” to the public!

      • The truth is that no matter what they say, how they criticize or don’t, .. they LOVE it. They love their nasty behavior, and unscrupulous behavior. You pay to watch their every mundane moment. And you need it.

      • I am so thankful social media wasn’t around when I was young! I wasn’t an angel. That being said, Austin and Liz are in for a reality check when they get back to the real world.

      • Who is though? That’s the thing. I think everyone missed this because they were too obsessed with assuming I was his mother, or that I was defending him specifically. The problem in our world is assuming right and wrong are on such opposite ends, and that there’s no middle ground. And people expecting perfection from others. That sort of expectation is what allows for so much disappointment. There are things Austin and Liz do that I don’t like/or agree with. I don’t want either to win. But petty things like farting, not washing hands, not showering, may not be cute to most people, but it’s not worthy of such dislike. Why do we care what other people do? That’s the real problem. And yes i know this is a game blayh blah, reality tv, blah blayh. But I still feel some of these other people are missing this important point. I’m judgmental, and I’m quick to dislike things, but I recognize that it’s unfair and I have plenty of demons. Do you really care if he smells? And are you enduring it? Ask some of these simple questions before writing, or even before settling on a thought. And maybe people in this world would be nicer.

      • Truthfully, since I don’t have a smell-o-vision tv, his odor is not my concern. As I always tell my kids, not my circus, not my monkey.

      • Austin is ugly. But one person’s trash is another’s treasure..
        I Knew a girl Who loved Body odor. Total turn on.
        Not saying it was me though..

      • Just because people find him disgusting doesn’t mean they hate him. Hate is a very strong word. I don’t know him therefore I can’t say if I like him or dislike him. I find his actions disgusting. There’s a difference.

      • These are the seeds of hate. And what I mean by that is the hate in your heart, for judging others. Hatred has basically brought upon everything bad that’s ever happened in our world, and nobody thought it was wrong at the time, or realized it when it started out as just some name calling. I know, quite a bit different, but I’m just explaining where the process comes from.
        Misguided perhaps, but maybe *and go ahead, call me a whackjob* these little attempts of mine will make more people think about these things. Like “ohh my god that’s disgusting, i can’t stand them, blaah.” Think to yourself “does this really have anything to do with me? Wouldn’t it be easier if I could laugh about it, and not let it bother me?”
        Please don’t think i’m preachy, it’s not my goal here. I just want someone to see where I’m coming from.

      • I don’t think you’re preachy. I think you stand by your opinions and that’s great. I don’t hate Austin as I tried to explain. I have the feeds and when some of the things he does come on the feeds I have to change them because they are disgusting. That’s just the way I feel.

      • I thank you for posting this. I’ve noticed people mainly use this board to either complain about stuff not going their way or trash house guests. I don’t understand it.

      • And what about never washing his hands in the bathroom or eating like a pig with his mouth open just like those classless twins. I think he is dilusional just like those twins that he is actually good looking too.the 3 of them are nothing great to look at. It is their attitude that causes people to judge them.

      • Oh no, his mouth is open when he eats?? What bad etiquette! As of now he’s disqualified from the debutante competition.

      • Well all the non-human perfect ones are gone! You’ve clearly not slept with- but been adored by all of them!

      • I saw Liz sneeze, wipe her nose with her hand and continue to prepare a meal. I suppose she and Austin deserve each other!

      • Well number one he had a girlfriend of almost two yrs when he started messing around with Liz. Number two he’s screwing her under the covers with millions of people watching. (Well not screwing but letting her give him BJ’s) same disgusting thing. Number three he walks around like owns the house. Number four he thinks he’s had enough TV time to make him a star now so he just wants to chill with Liz. Need I go on?

      • Look June, your son gets on my last nerve. The person I see on TV is completely disgusting. I understand he may be completely different in real life. I get it, I’m not stupid. Let me have a damn opinion! I’m pretty sure you’re perfect in real life too. You love and accept everything and everyone equally. Take a chill pill though. Blaming me for everything wrong in this world is insane!

        You don’t find it rude when someone calls me 500 lbs without knowing me? Personally, I’m strong enough to not give a rat’s ass what others think. Lay off B

      • hey Austin’s ex! I do find it rude, but it also shows the problem on all sides. I don’t pretend to be perfect, that’s the point. Your welcome to your opinion, but hurtful remarks is just childish. I just wish people would be judged on gameplay since this is a game. There a lot of variables in that, and hygiene isn’t one…

      • What point? You asked why are people calling him disgusting. I gave you some of my many reasons. I was answering your question. But that’s JMO. People can feel how they want about anyone in the house. I could care less. Everyone is entitled to feel how they want. In the end it’s a game on a reality show. There are going to be people you like and people you don’t like.

      • He doesn’t shower and Liz gives him BJ’s. I bet she has some ranky ass breath about now. If I was Johnny Mac, I wouldn’t do any dental work on her mouth at all.

      • Oh look another disgusting troll. Know wonder you’re in love with Austin. Sorry he’s taken. Isn’t it past your bedtime.

      • He told Steve (alone and away from other witnesses) that he would not hand over 500k to someone he just met 2 months ago. That his girlfriend told him to do whatever it takes to get the 500k. That’s why he told Liz their romancing one another in the BB house shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. In an ideal world for Vanessa, someone would have taken out Liz or Austin already, leaving her in a good position in two alliances of three…I understand her decision not to take a swing at them this week, but she really needs someone like John or Steve to do it for her next week or she could be in trouble. She seems to realize that she can’t go to the end with that threesome in tact, but I wonder if her unwillingness to take a shot at them is what costs her in the end.

    • Well ya and an ideal world for the Goblins wouldn’t be to get picked off every week lol. But as for Vanessa ya, it’s gotten a little to far with those three and time is running out to get rid of them.

      • I think time has ran out on them three. Vanessa can’t win them all. Johnny Mac and Steve either can’t win or just throw the comps so she is out of luck there. Both Meg and Julia suck at comps and her only chance to survive this game if she want’s to win is to team up James,Steve and Johnny Mac. Otherwise she will be gone after final 4.

  4. Err Vanessa is so frustrating. She’s a millionaire, and yet her ego is so obsessed with winning. She’s a wanker.

    • Well to be some fair poker players (not all of them) tend to have a big ego- Boston Rob, Maria & Tiffany, Jean-Robert, etc.

    • Isn’t that why they ‘all’ are playing the game? Whether she’s a millionaire or flat ass broke….. What does that matter?
      She got on the show & the point of the show/game is to win….. Or have I missed something?

  5. I think the smartest move for Vanessa would be to nominate Austin and Liz… If either win POV replace with Julia, that way the terrible threesome is broken up. I think Vanessa realizes she has little chance if the Austwins remain in the house. However she will probably not nominate either of them. FOOL!!!

      • I agree….I would think to be successful in poker you would need to be relatively smart but it definitely is not showing.

      • Look I’m not gonna start getting into Liz getting into Austin’s junk or Austin’s hygiene. If there is a God, one of the triplets will be taken out, followed by another, than the other, than Vanessa, then Meg. A F3 of James, Johnny, and Steve may be boring, but a little more deserving IMO than the other trolls.

      • But no, it won’t happen because Vanessa doesn’t want their blood on her hands. And watch, Austin or Liz will win HOH again next week. And not go after Vanessa yet again (or this week for DE actually).

      • One would think those are logical steps to get to the final….. But this season has seen no logic. Why start now?

  6. If Vanessa doesn’t put Austin or Liz on the block she is a fool. She will not win this game if she allows the three of them to remain, They will always have the numbers. She should backdoor one of them. Then I hope James or John win HOH and evict Vanessa. Then it would be an interesting game to watch. I think Derrick was the only player I have ever seen that didn’t act like a bully or low life. Vanessa and Austin are bullies and are disgusting. Liz and Julie are floaters and don’t have a clue how to play this game. Once Austin is gone they will hide in a corner hoping someone will tell them what to do next. While I appreciate the fact that Steve has improved his social game, he does not need to act like he is 7 years old. You don’t need socialization to act your age. I hope when he watches himself on this show he will see how immature he really is.

    • Ya Austin is the biggest threat out of the three, but Liz going would give Vanessa a chance to work with Austin and Julia for a final 2, while taking out Austin doesn’t leave her that, she could still work with the twins, but getting out Liz seems like a smarter play cuz Austin might actually win a comp and would be a bigger targert than Liz or Julia if she needed to throw him uner the bus.

      • I think Vanessa should get rid of Liz too, but knowing Vanessa she’ll probably want JMac or Steve to do her dirty work.

  7. I think it should be a no brainer to knock out Liz this week. I’m not sure what Vanessa is thinking. If she stays with them she will at best make it to final 4.

    • She’s thinking that there are three people vying for Veto, and then HOH depending on what happens. Meg and James want her out too. Why not stick with the ones who have your back? At least for now.

    • Cuz she needs the Austwins votes in the F2 to win, if she is the one to knock them out she can’t win if ppl vote of of hate for her.

  8. I wish Big Brother would stop them from talking about splitting the $$. It’s not the first time this season.

    • Vanessa has been shown studying the rule book at various times…maybe she is trying to get Austin to verbally say he will split the winnings? Maybe there is some sort of penalty?

      • Does anyone have a clear recollection of what happened last year when splitting the money was discussed? I was under the impression that BB shut it down.

  9. Vanessa is a poker player. Wonder if she is keeping her cards tight to her chest and is bluffing both the Austwins and production….maybe the nominees are Really Austin and Liz? I know, I am such a dreamer! LOL

    • You give her too much credit. Vanessa is as much of an emotional player as anyone in the house. She will put up Meg and James today and hold off putting up the Austwins but if they last one more week they can control the game unless they blow themselves up which would be stupid.

      I guess that’s why the twins are talking about dumping Austin already.

      • Maybe if James wins POV Vanessa could make a deal with James that they wouldn’t put up each other until the Austwins are broken up and evicted.

      • That would be great but No one could trust James to keep his word. He didn’t with Shelli. So I really don’t think that would work sinc he isn’t good at keeping his deals.

      • James didn’t keep his word to Shelli so he can’t complain if others are no longer interested in keeping deals with him.
        I was a Shelli fan and I haven’t liked James since he did that to her.

  10. Week 11 power rankings
    1. Vanessa she in control of this game still and looks like she has the Austwins ready to take her to the final 4. She also has an alliance with JM and might use him to take out the Austwins.

    2. John he is safe and looks like he will be able to fly under the radar for a few weeks. If he wins the next hoh then he can take out Austin and that will get him in place for 2nd place. He is safe for atleast 2 more weeks.

    3. Steve everyone trusts him and no one is going to evict him. He is the house pawn and as long as he stays out of drama then he will go a long way.

    4. Austin he still has the twins tied to him, However looks like he may be in trouble soon. If he loses power he might go home in a 1,2,or 3 weeks. He has now made it 10 weeks with out a nomination so this is why he is so high.

    5. Liz she is shielded by Austin and Julia. She also will not be the 1st person targeted in the Austwins, Austin will be. She will probably be out in a few weeks if not sooner due to people waking up and seeing how threatening she is.

    6. Julia only has 1 protection that is Liz. If the alliance starts to fall she will be thrown under the bus by Austin she could very well be sent home 1st from the alliance do to the fact that her eviction would create less waves.

    7. Meg- She is in trouble and will probably go in the DE do to the fact that James is the only person who will win for her and James is probably gone next. If he wins veto she is gone.

    8. James he is finished this week. Vanessa is not likely to take a shot at Austwins because she wants them to protect her next week if they win. Its probably going to be him and meg. If he does not win veto this week he will be out.

  11. Did I read that right in that Vanessa and Austin had an open conversation (in front of cameras) about potentially making a financial deal to sway the outcome? – If so, were either called to the DR immediately? (Or did I interpret what I read incorrectly.)

      • Are you sure, Andalib? It seems like that would be a very big “No No” in light of the Quiz Show scandal from the 50s. Agreeing to work together with the promise of financial gain seems like it’d be very much against the rules. Otherwise many other players would have done it before. Why would that be okay on one CBS show but not another?

      • Well I don’t think they are going to expel the best player in the game over that lol. Everyone is warned that bb cant enforce any deals made.

      • Maybe BB is different than other game shows but if that’s the case why don’t 5 people agree to split $500k on day 1 and know they’re each going home with $100k as long as they make it to the F5?

      • I think more people don’t because they think its against the rules but BB does not add a rule until someone does something that they feel warrants a change in rules. ex. Jury house bb3 or Random veto BB7.

        They will probably add the rule for next season but I dout they thought someone would do that.

      • I disagree. Lawyers think about every possibility ahead of time. Rules for game shows have been rock solid and airtight for 50+ years. I’ll do some research.

      • Reality tv shows are not considered game shows they are considered documentary and thus have no federal guidelines (unless they are dealing with kids)

      • This was covered a few years ago too. Because BB has contests and winners, it is considered a game show.

      • A game show is a show where people compete for a set prize under a very strict format. The game show contestants don’t have any freedom they perform tasks given by the producers for money.

        A reality show is a show where they put a group of contestants in a certain environment with only a few rules and guidelines. The reality show contestants are left on their own and did side what they do in the environment.

        So big brother is a reality show because they are documenting a group of people living and interacting in a set environment free to do as they wish.

      • also not being a game show allows production to tweak the competitions to give certain HG’s an edge and to throw in things like Pandora’s Box and Diamond Power of veto at their whim

      • People are very firmly rooted in their opinions here. I believe that “Reality Show” argument might have a small bit of truth to it somewhere but I still think the HGs can’t collude. Why don’t five players make a deal on Day 1 and each walk with $100k, Andalib? It’s never happened. There has to be a reason for it never having happened before, no?

      • Sorry, perhaps I was not clear. BB is considered a game show because prize money is awarded to contestants who compete to win. The money they receive at the end is not the same as a stipend. It is award to a specific “winner”. Hence, It cannot be rigged so that one person is a predetermined winner. This does not mean that BB cannot make modifications to the competitions or to suggest ideas to HGs if this is allowed in the contract the players sign.

        As I said, this was researched and covered a couple of years ago.

      • I don’t think you will convince the Vanessa lovers its against the rules.

        I did find one post of what appears to be BB rules and it says they are not allowed to discuss what they would do with the prize money and they are not allowed to make deals in the game to split the prize money.

        It should be noted they are not allowed to speak in any language but English either but it appears Spanish and French are okay as long as its Vanessa speaking in those languages.

      • 1. I’m a Vanessa fan and I started this question saying that I believe it’s against the rules to make a financial deal. 2. I’m fairly sure that her talking French to her Mother one on one into a camera while alone in a room doesn’t even come close to the intention of the rule which is obviously to stop two players who can speak another language from communicating secretively.

      • I guess you want them to become supper strict and start expelling people for minor infractions like bbuk Im sure that would be much more exciting

      • Haha. I knew they couldn’t share but didn’t know what the rules were for discussing it. Thanks.

      • You are right. It’s against the rules, btw..Nobody in the house had ever take me to F2 or F3 and promise each other to divide the price money….that you can’t do.

      • no it is against the rules you cannot split or give some of your winnings to another player period

      • I thought this came up last year and it was made clear that the HGs cannot make deals to split the money. What they do after they win is up to them but they cannot arrange a deal before hand.

        Vanessa is just stretching the rules again like always.

      • It is an unenforceable rule. Van can do whatever she wants with her own money. The way it works in poker is they would chop 3 to 400k after arguing how much equity they had individually and play for the remainder. It would blow up the show but there’s nothing CBS could about it and it would be awesome

      • Not true. If CBS has it in their contracts that they cannot make deal to split the money three is a lot CBS can do if they win, including withholding prize money.

      • In theory yes but in “reality” withholding the prize money would be a PR nightmare and not worth it There will be the jury vote, Julie will walk on water and then no one gets paid Vanessa can tell you the odds of that happening and if she thinks she has an edge she may go for it

      • I found another website that has a set of rules but I cannot attest to their authenticity. They look good but who knows, its the internet. In any case the rules state that making deals to split the money is not allowed and that it could result in forfeiture of all prize money.

        Honestly, this is a no brainer and its why we have not seen anyone actually make such a deal in 16 previous seasons. Once BB allows this, the game play will end and be replaced by deal to share percentages and dollar amounts. Do we really want to see that?

      • No matter what the contract says, there’s no way CBS can tell anyone what they choose to do with their own money. If I won and chose to give it all to the person who was evicted first, CBS would have no way of legally stopping that as it’s my money and I can do whatever I please with it.
        I think the rule pertains to explicit splitting of the pot. Fine line, I know, but CBS has no legal footing to prevent winners from doing pretty much anything they want with their money.

      • It does violate the rules. They are not supposed to split winnings. I guess there is no rule in talking about it though. I wish production would call them out though.

      • Oh really that’s awesome. It’s a fun place to be and a great stadium to watch college football. I had season tickets for over 30yrs but gave them up when you had to put $1,000 deposit on them. Made me mad that they keep your money unless you give up your tickets then you get your deposit back.

      • I’m not enjoying watching Vanessa con the Austwins even though I can’t stand them. For the sake of the more innocent HG’s this money talk should be nipped in the bud by AG NOW !

  12. Their is no way Vanessa will make it to the end unless she wins every hoh and she can’t 2 weeks in a row,and even if she made it to the f2 she has pissed off to many people and won’t have the votes she over did it and I think she’s starting to figure it out that her goose is cooked,hope she goes home soon and never comes back I’m so sick of that fugley skank every week,go away Vanessa we don’t like you.

    • Vanessa is amazing and will win if she gets to the final 2 because the jury will vote based on game play and she has outplayed everyone in that house.

      • What if she is final 2 with Liz. Her sister and Austin are going to vote for Liz and James and Meg already said they will not vote for Vanessa because of the way she plays the game. I assume after she puts them on the block they will only think this way more.

        That means only one more vote and Vanessa loses. My guess is Becky would love to be that last vote.

      • There have been more than a few bitter juries. You can’t count on people voting based on gameplay. She has to get the Austwins out if she wants to make final 2.

      • I guess it could be subjective. I think bb2, bb4, bb8, and bb11 were also bitter. Not saying the wrong people won those seasons, but there were a lot of hard feelings towards the runner up those years. But like I said, it’s subjective so people could feel differently than I do.

      • I disagree,mabey Shelly would vote for her but she’ll never get that far because of Austin a d the Nasal Twins,3 against 1,by Vanessa

  13. Vanessa has brought up this question of splitting the money before. Obviously, if BB allows that the game could be rigged with all participants agreeing to equal shares. The game would be a waste of their time and ours.

    BB Production needs to shut down that kind of talk immediately. They should tell Vanessa not to bring it up again because it potentially taints the game. This is Vanessa stretching the rules again.

    • But Prince, this is the only way BB can get a female winner this year and being PC trumps being fair apparently.

  14. If Vanessa were smart, she would target the Austwins now and try to break them up. If she nominates Austin & Liz and either of them wins the veto, she can re-nom Julia and send her home thus breaking up the Liz/Julia team. If Julia wins the veto and takes down Liz, she can re-nom Meg but Austin should go home to break up the Austin/Liz team. James seems to be the only player who is willing to make big moves. Becky tried but lost her alliance members support; otherwise, Vanessa would be gone. Steve and John should join with James & Meg because no one is going to come between the Austwin unless someone makes a big move now and they are both expendable to Vanessa and the Austwins. Time is getting shorter and Vanessa can’t play for HOH next week which is a double eviction. She has to make the move now.

  15. I mentioned on here that Vanessa has won 4.5 million in poker, and has an easily findable video online being interviewed purely for the reason to show off her Lamborghini. For this, I was attacked by Vanessa sycophants. I could care less if she’s rich — good for her. But, I do not root for her over others to win 500 k because Id rather see other people that need it get it. I may not care at all about her winning if she wasn’t such a self-righteous bitch, lying to everyone and orchestrating them out the house but then crying how “mean” people are to her and how they dared lied to her (after she lied to them). It’s a scummy game by her. I don’t care about people who do dirty tricks — if they own up to it and then don’t get self-righteous when it is done back to them. She’s a hypocrite. And, for all those who stuck up for her owning a Lamborghini — again, good for her. But who in the world do you know (even celebrities) that go on video interviews ONLY to show off their new Lamborghini?! Sorry, that is classless. Be happy for yourself, Vanessa, but don’t show off your good fortune. Nobody likes the “friend” who shows off their stuff, and she makes a video to do it.

    • Her tactics work and she is playing the best game by far. People who don’t like her are just mad because they only watch for personality or to see “under dogs” win. If you want to see that go watch bbuk or bbau or some other none American Canadian or Brazilian big brother series.

      • “I may not care at all about her winning if she wasn’t such a self-righteous bitch, lying to everyone and orchestrating them out the house but then crying how “mean” people are to her and how they dared lied to her (after she lied to them). It’s a scummy game by her. I don’t care about people who do dirty tricks — if they own up to it and then don’t get self-righteous when it is done back to them. She’s a hypocrite.” WHAT PART OF THAT DIDN’T YOU READ???!!!

      • I don’t think you did, or atleast you couldn’t comprehend. Then, if you did, you will see I specifically said I don’t mind people who play the game dirty (or fast or hard). Fine, but then don’t CRY and MOAN and MOPE and say people are “mean to you” and lying, and be self-righteous (look it up if you don’t know the word) when people play that way, too. You read what you wanted to read, because youre a Vanesa sycophant.

      • Lamborghini aside, your point can also apply to the Pansy Clan, in my opinion they are even worse than Van Van. For me now, Van Van is a lesser of an evil compared to those 3.

      • The fact that Vanessa didn’t mind seeing Steve evicted several times without any qualms Vanessa is confusing me when she’s so heartbroken that Steve had turned against her.

      • True, that makes my point. She cries that Steve “lied” to her, then lies to him and wants to vote him out. Hypocrite, or the chick is crazy (I remember her saying she needed her meds to kick in one morning — no kidding!)

    • I can’t wait to see the reactions of the other contestants once she reveals to them she has earned millions over her lifetime. Boy how stewpid they will feel for keeping her around!

    • “Sorry, that is classless.”
      No arguments there. Have you met anyone from Vegas before? I’m not excusing her behavior, but that’s par for the course in that city. Class never enters the equation.

      • I don’t particularly like her personality, but her gameplay is great. So good you can’t tell if she’s faking, actually mentally ill, or just really emotional.
        Maybe lay off on the insults in case the latter is true.

      • Really? She is such a good player that you can’t really tell what’s real. Who knows if the crying game is an act, or if she’s really emotional. Who knows if it’s all an elaborate game move, or if she’s part psycho. What I said, in layman’s terms, is maybe lay off insulting her personality if she truly is just mentally ill or very sensitive. Since that can’t be helped, and people shouldn’t be made fun of for being who they are.

      • I’m a Vanessa supporter. Thus the “huh?”
        I was simply explaining that people from Vegas are flashy in a way that most other people find classless. Nothing more.

      • I didn’t necessarily mean you in particular, I was reading the whole convo and just clicked reply on the last one.

    • She’s not a person I’d even want to know in real life – I don’t like hustlers, especially wacky, paranoid ones.

  16. If someone other than Van or the Austwins wins HOH for the DE if they don’t take out Vanessa or Liz they are dumber than I thought. One of them has to go! Vanessa should be kicked out of the house by BB for trying to bribe the Austwins in order to better herself in the game. Vanessa has to see her own demise coming if she doesn’t split up the twins, she has played so dirty and tried to blame others for evictions as not to get blood on her hands when they all know it was orchestrated by her. She has such low self esteem issues that she will do and say and promise anybody anything to get them to like her. It hasn’t worked and now she has painted herself in a corner and doesn’t know how to get out without making someone mad. If she wants to redeem herself she has got to join with JMac/Steve/James to get rid of the Liz. Somebody please stand up and make a move before it’s to late. At this point I don’t care who it is.

    • Looks to me like she has done all of Austin’s dirty work for him. That helps him if he makes F2 and hurts her
      I also think she has the opposite of low self esteem
      I think her plan of waiting to break up Austwins is sound but going after them now would help her if she went to F2 I don’t think she realizes how bad she looks putting up America’s favorite couple.

  17. If Vanessa puts up James and Meg, she is a fool. She’ll never make F2 as long as Liz and Austin are there. If she gets Liz out, Austin will beg to follow and the game will be hers.

    • I think if Vanessa asked Liz to kill her sister she would. These people are under some kind of Vanessa spell. It is really hard to watch.

      • I think Vanessa thinks she’s this season’s Derrick. She’s wrong. That makes it doubly hard for me to watch.

      • Vanessa is starting to bug me worse than Frankie Grande did when he played last year. For some reason Vanessa is not at the bottom of the popularity polls.

      • I think Vanessa heard the applause for JMac and is trying to figure out how to use his popularity.

        I was talking to a friend and compared Vanessa to FG. We laughed that we’re always comparing this season’s HGs to last season’s.

  18. Best game plan is Liz goes up on block or Back door! That whole click doesn’t exist without Liz. This will be her only opportunity to break this group. The numbers are perfect for it. If she does not and unless she wins every comp she losses. Why are they so scared to make some serious decisions. That’s a lot of money just to be sitting and not doing what needs to be done. If she does do this she can be redeemed! #johnnymackforthewin.

    • or she thinks she has a lot of luck on her side. The one thing she does have going for her is Meg and James are stupid when it comes to BB. They have not realized that Austwins have 3 votes and can save them if Meg or James wins Veto.

      They just need to convince Austin of what Vanessa is up to.

  19. I think she should put up the Austwins this weeks. Otherwise, they are guaranteed to the final three.

  20. I don’t even know who i want to win anymore. Everyone is aggravating me. None of these people I’m particularly fond of, and the best player happens to be the most annoying. I’m sort of just like: whatever, at this point. We’ll see.

      • I don’t have anyone I want to win either. I just know I’ll be thoroughly disgusted if Austin, Liz or Julia ends up in F2. I already know I won’t be able to watch the finale. I might watch the after-show, but even that might be hard. Such a bunch of tunnel-vision twits this year.

    • I agree. I liked John and James, but James is not winning anything and John is getting on my nerves since he has no idea how to play this game. Hopefully with Vanessa as HOH they will finally wake up and start winning comps.

  21. I do not think Vanessa makes it to final 4. In fact, I am not sure she will make it past DE next week. As stupid as I think the Austwins are, I do believe they will talk to James and Meg this week and realize that Vanessa is setting up her team to go after the Austwins. If the Austwins win HoH, I think Vanessa will be the target, not Meg. And with Meg, Austwins control the votes in the house and there is nothing Steve and JMac can do about it.

  22. Do you ever notice that the showmakers clearly want certain people to stay? Like challenges will be catered towards their strengths, etc?

  23. I think the question begging to be asked at this point is this: Is CBS legally afraid of Vanessa?
    Has any other contestant ever come so dangerously close to breaking their legal contract as many times as she has?
    Does her money, knowledge and connections frighten them???
    If not, then why do they continue to allow her behavior?
    There is a no violence rule in the contract. In today’s society everyone knows you do not have to touch someone to have committed violence against them. The live feeds show her form of abuse.
    She breaks rules playing comps and is allowed to win them even though others are disqualified.
    She holds conversations about sharing prize money, multiple times, also against the rules, yet nothing is done.
    What, exactly is the purpose of the contract, stating the rules, if one houseguest is not expected to follow them and is therefor allowed to compromise 16 other contestants chance at winning???

      • She did once say she would help Jason out somehow once BB was over. What that entails I don’t know and she didn’t reveal that. Just a brief convo she had with another (forget who…but that convo I do recall).

      • totally agree. Does anyone know for sure that offering to help someone out is against the rules? Just curious. There probably a lot more rules that are being broken that we as viewers don’t know about.

    • CBS is not afraid or intimidated in any way at all by a woman who’s only known to a very small amount of people (when compared to the fans of NFL or any famous actor).

      We see what we see on TV screens during comps and read on boards. People post “SHE CHEATED!” and suddenly it becomes fact with zero proven evidence. Just accusation.

      I have NO idea what happened with the talking about money thing. That one I’m just as curious about. I read about it here in this story and have no idea what really happened but am fairly sure that knowing there are sites like this one and twitter and Facebook and SO many other ways to reveal things, if something truly wrong HAD been done Production would call them out on it.

      Maybe bringing up the idea for discussion is okay but the second you agree to do so verbally maybe that’s when Production steps in? I’m not sure.

      Knowing the dislike that Becky and Jackie have for her, if the HoH comp last night had dq’d them for doing the same thing commenters say they saw Vanessa doing wouldn’t one of them have stood up and said: “What’s the deal with THAT?!? Why was I disqualified and it’s okay for her?!?” Even if the monitors were on Fish wouldn’t that be chatter in the house later? Someone would definitely be talking about that.

      It feels like people LOVE conspiracy theories here when they favor the thought of Production helping out someone everyone dislikes.

      But practicality-wise what does CBS have to gain from all of that?


      I’m not a van of Vanessa on a personal level. I think she’s earned the term “bully” (in regard to Steve and JMac at least) fairly and I get why people don’t like her.

      But wondering about what power she has over CBS or Production?

      That feels a bit more like sour-grapes or personal dislike for a person.

      • I brought together all the questions being asked as to why she appeared to be getting different treatment than other houseguests from different places on social media and posted them here for discussion.

      • Totally agree with you! Everytime something goes Van’s way, people who hate her are pissed off and will come up with some unfounded reasons for it…

      • I saw Vanessa talking to Austin on BBAD last night bringing up the prize money deals but I was so disgusted I turned off the TV.
        I don’t even like Austin but to watch somebody con people in this manner shouldn’t be allowed and I wish AG would stop this from happening again.
        What if innocent Meg makes it to the finale with Vanessa while Vanessa has already conned Meg into letting her gamble with Meg’s prize money if Meg should win?
        I heard her mention a similar deal to Austin about one of the twins letting her gamble with their prize money if one of the twins were to win BB this year.

      • 1. Who or what is AG? (Apologies, I have no idea.) 2. If Vanessa has “conned” Meg into giving her money to gamble, how exactly is that Vanessa’s fault? Meg is a grown woman (25) living and surviving in NYC and pursuing a career as an actress. She’s not some innocent little 15-year-old girl fresh off of the farm. I’m sure she’s probably had a huckster or two approach her in the entertainment industry. It’s not like we’re talking about Vanessa being a pro Con artist here. And even if she is, Meg’s a grown woman. It’s only because people dislike Vanessa so much on a personal level (which is 100% fair and earned based on feelings I see posted here) that they find reasons to want her stopped. if JMac was a pro-gambler and offered to gamble money for people once they got out I think posters would be saying: “Look at him! Isn’t he so nice offering to help her make some money when they get out? He’s sucha great guy!” I think people turn this game really personal and get very emotional about it. (Which is okay if that’s how they roll! I just don’t understand it.)

      • I thought you were another Internet Genius and figured you already knew that AG or Allison Grodner is the exec producer of BB. :D
        I didn’t want to “debate” the right or wrong of Vanessa trying to gain control of the ultimate winner’s prize money- I was merely informing you that she was in fact doing so since you admitted to being unaware that this had occurred.
        I think you are being very disingenuous when you make excuses for Vanessa trying to con prize money out of the other HG’s by saying Meg isn’t really all that innocent and deserves to be conned out of her money if she’s that stupid.
        If it makes you feel better I don’t think anyone should be allowed to use the prize money as a game strategy; the same way the HG’s are not allowed to use the DR (Diary Room) as strategy when playing BB.
        Since this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a HG making deals with other HG’s winnings it is fair to wonder why Vanessa is being allowed to do so.
        I don’t even mind Vanessa winning HOH since Steve and JMac will be safe this week so I’m not singling Vanessa out for criticism unfairly as you speculated in your above comments.
        Since this makes many people uncomfortable just watching Vanessa behave in this manner AG should listen to the audience feedback and put a stop to this new type of strategy of conning people out of their winnings

      • The minute you turn a discussion personal and start insulting people when they haven’t insulted you in any way at all, I think that’s when it’s time to step away from the discussion. So I’ll do so.

      • I love Vanessa admire her game and her intelligence but if she were to con Meg or Austin to back her in poker that would be over the line and I would lose all respect

    • Good question Jenni and the only reason I can see for favoring Vanessa is that BB needs to have a female winner since it’s been so long since a female has won the game.

  24. I don’t know … I kinda jump on Van Van’s train now haha
    Vampire Dentist, Lil Stevie and Van Van are perfect F3 for me (in that order)
    Well … it’s no brainer really as long as it’s not the Pansy Clan, clueless Meg and her friend zoner James.

  25. Btw the big troll is never on the block and never volunteers to be the HN. Really? James, Meg and Vampire Dentist have been multiple times as the HNs.
    It really shows how BIG a person he is … really.

  26. Oh Vanessa proclaiming to Austin how awesome it would be to win the money to start up her and her girlfriend’s dJ Business

  27. Well, Vanessa it’s too bad you’re not twins or triplets. Maybe she’ll realize she needs James/Meg rather than Austwins and maybe she needs to do her dirtiest work right now. Vanessa you’re between the rock & the proverbial hard place… Austwins have to be the priority to get to F4 & have a chance to win. F4 w/Austwins makes you out a F4 or F3 for sure.

  28. The best bet is to take out the queen which is Liz,without her. The alliance between Austin and her sister crumble ! If Vanessa wants to stay,she needs to eliminate the twins and Austin,other wise they could take her out first. Thats better than going after Meg and James any day !

  29. Cheating has been the script for this BB. They continuously throw comps and now they are making deals dividing the money. I think if they vote Austin out, neither Liz or most definitely NOT Julia will be able to come up with a game plan to go to the end.

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