Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother spoilers reveal who won the Power of Veto competition today in Week 10 of BB17 as the new HoH faced off against the nominees and a trio of additional Houseguests for the win.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Both nominees admitted last night that if either of them didn’t win this competition then both of them would still be sitting on the Block come Thursday night. Not a desirable outcome for this duo. Did they pull off a save?

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Competition Results:

  • James won the Power of Veto!

Feeds returned just minutes from the 5-hour mark. HGs played hide & seek scavenger hunt with items to win. James pulled it off as we heard Vanessa saying alone that she nearly had it.

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Houseguests playing in today’s comp included Vanessa (HoH), James & Meg (noms) along with Austin, Julia, and Liz. Yes, all the Austwins were selected to play along during the draw.

Vanessa was weighing her options in this scenario overnight with Steve who thought it might be best to just wait until the thing was over before they started planning how to use it. Seems like Vanessa was trying to determine if James could be used to their advantage in dealing with the Austwins, or at least that’s what she seemed to be suggesting. Now we’ll have to wait and see what she can still pull off because while James isn’t going anywhere this week he’s none too happy with Vanessa.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up on Monday afternoon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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    • Vanessa will be freaking out as usual. She will change her mind 2256 times between now and Monday veto meeting, and in the end she will chicken out and put JMac on the block. No need to argue.

      • She will punk out! Because Vanessa is a snake and snakes have no back bone. But no one has a back bone.

      • Especially on this show or no balls to do anything. Only one got blood on her hands was Becky. When she put up Vene. No one voted her out so sorry James and no can win anything Meg !! So Bye, Bye!!

      • Lol, actually James did get blood on his hands, with Clay. Which allowed Shelly to put a target on his back. The thing that I dont understand is the smaller the crew the more blood you will get on your hands. Vanessa thinks that she will win the game because she tries to side with the Austwins but the only true alliance in that house are the the twins.

      • Yes you are right, that’s been so long ago !! They need to get more blood on those hands. Sorry about that, but you right James maked first big move !!

      • She might do the semi-cowardly put up Julia. Julia won’t go home though. Depends on if she listens to Austin or not. Austin wants JMac gone.

      • Probably, but she’s got to give Liz consideration for the spot but JMac’s probably the guy… well, they said get the returning HG out first.

        That being the case, she scratches an ally off the list and erases the line she drew through James’ name, a sworn enemy.

        But with Liz going OTB, she can put herself in F3 maybe at worse and keep JMac onboard to help her, she might wrangle a deal w/James before she re-noms w/Liz, making the offer to him that Liz goes up & Meg not leaving. Hey, it could happen, it’s at least a possibility which wasn’t there if James didn’t win.

      • Funny… it really is for her, she may not realize it but winning or losing is in this re-nom pick IMO. If she doesn’t start the Austwins bust-up, that happen- ing in the weeks ahead could be out of her control. Don’t need to repeat it over & over but Austwins + Vanessa gets her F3 or F4 money… NADA.

    • Oh We Carolina girls hope he uses it on himself, would love to see our Boy win this.

  1. James bro, impeccable timing! Now lets see where vans true loyalty lies…

    Austwins or with Steve and Jmac

      • I think this might be a blessing in disguise if it forces her to nominate Liz. Getting Liz out is best for Vanessa.

      • They have been guessing. The math says more DEs will need to come. I think the consensus was it would be next week. They are in for a surprise

      • They know one is coming but they think it is next week. As Gomer Pyle would say SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE LMAO.

      • I agree, please don’t tell them! I’d like to see at least one blindside this season, even if it’ll come from production…

      • We all know Steve will win the first HoH in the DE, put James and Austin up, evict James and then JMac or Van wins 2nd HoH! That’s when it will get tricky getting the Austwins out once and for all! That’s what I think might occur for Van to slide through! Austin or twins must win 2nd HoH to get JMac out and Austin or twins must win following HoH to get Steve out. And there will sit Van in F2 with Austin or one of the twins. That’s if Julia is put up as a renom and they take out Meg this week.

      • Steve said to the feeders if he won the next HOH it was time to be nasty and put the Austwins up. Of course who knows if he was being truthful.

      • The next nomination has to be Austin and Vanessa on the block. One of them will be eliminated and leave Julia and Meg with Johnny Mac, Steve and whoever, remains of Vanessa or Austin but, I think it would even be a no brainer for Meg and Julia to join up with Johnny Mac and Steve if it happens. Odds would be too much for Vanessa or Austin at that point being all alone and no one left on your side.

      • She needs Steve and JMac if she has any chance of winning BB. She’ll put Liz up and have her voted out.

      • That is the smartest move for Vanessa now. James winning POV only accelerated by a tiny bit, Vanessa’s alliance going after each other. If James lost POV, the next HOH would have been to get the other side out. The best move too going into the next HOH. Get Liz out which is a good competitor for the Goblin-Austwins alliance.

    • This was a giant middle finger to all the people saying this season is so predictable. Predictable my…

      • I have been rooting for James all season, this is why I have been doing that. He lays low until time to play and when he plays, moves are made BIG MOVES. Not like the talk about big moves the rest are playing.

      • To be fair, this isn’t exactly him making a big move; it’s him saving his own rear. but it’s still great entertainment nevertheless.

      • It was predictable because one alliance was in full control of the majority. Now, it is about to change because the circumstances force the house guests to play or get played!
        Vanessa’s alliance has to go after each other because if you do not make your move now—-it is you getting evicted! Most of the season was still boring with Vanessa’s alliance picking off the others, one by one for the most part with occasional excitement by the evictions of Shelli and Becky. Clay was not even into the game at all. He was more into the showmance.

  2. Vanessa needs to borrow a pair of ballz and put Liz up…James will not vote Meg out….Steve and JMAC still mad at the Austwins from last week…now is the time…(and Vanessa gets back in the Goblin’s good graces by saying this was her plan all along but she had to make it look like she hated them, thus the verbal beat down)!

    • But, but, she promised Austin and the twins they were safe…”What now my pretty,” said the Wicked Witch?

      • She can’t put up Steve or JMac or she’s toast. She basically has no choice but to put up Liz-uh now.

      • She has a secret final 2 with Julia. She’s got Julia in her back pocket and Julia’s not in a showmance.

      • You and I know this, but Van thinks she’s the glue of the whole house and can control everyone…LOLOL

      • She may be toast no matter what she does. James (or Meg) winning veto was the only things that could have thrown a monkey wrench into the good position she had gotten herself into. Now, for at least 1/2 the house, she will be the target come Thursday

      • She’s been in a precarious situation for a very long time. The fact that she’s lasted this long blows my mind.

      • Vanessa is already a target either way because the Goblin-Austwins alliance have 5 members and the majority votes. That is why you have to remove one of them before the HOH competition to even out the odds some. This is still a game of numbers. Not impossible to still break up that 5 if they get rid of Liz this week, then, Steve or Johnny Mac wins HOH and then, goes after James and Austin next week. You get rid of 2 of Goblin-Austwins alliance and it becomes a more even Vanessa, Steven, Johnny Mac vs. James or Austin, Julia, Meg grouping.

      • Exactly. Putting up either Johnny Mac or Steve ensures they go to the jury house and who is left to save Vanessa this coming week and keep her safe?
        If they can get Liz out, it would be Steve, Johnny Mac vs James, Austin, Julia, Meg for HOH. This week is crucial for Vanessa’s survival. If she wants to continue having a shot at winning, now is the time for that big move!

      • Vanessa needs to put Liz as pawn now as replacement .
        But …
        The only thing I can think can save Vanessa from Austwin’s fury is if she tells at veto ceremony she is putting Liz as new nominee but she is not her target . Saying this was her only option . Making some speech to encourage HG’s to evict Meg . Them making sure all HG’s ( except James ) do evict Meg .

        This would keep her kind of safe at next eviction nominations . Unless James is the one to win next HOH competition . Because he is already dumb and bitter and will target her instead of the Austwin’s .

      • I don’t think this will work with Austin. Austin and Julia will want Jmac or Steve to go up. If any of the 3 austwins go up – Van will have severely damaged if not totally burned that bridge.

      • JMac will vote her out if only to split up the showmance! It will be up to Van to decide as it will be a tie in votes.

      • JMac will vote her out if only to split up the showmance! It will be up to Van to decide as it will be a tie in votes.

      • Not exactly .
        In a Liz /Meg showdown :

        Vanessa can’t vote . Nor Liz nor Meg .
        James vote is to keep Meg
        Austin and Julia votes are to keep Liz
        If both Steve and JMac vote the same , they decide the evictee .

        There is no tie .

        Vanessa can influence the outcome if she can convince both Steve and JMac to vote for the same girl .

      • How is it a tie with (if Liz/Meg are up)
        Austin, Julia vote to get rid of Meg
        Jonn-Mac, James & Steve vote to toss out Julia??? That’s 3 to 2
        No tie. ??? I’m confused why you’re saying its a tie. Did I miss somethimg?

      • I can guarantee you that JMac and Steve will vote for Liz to go..that’s what Van wants and won’t admit that to them but will say it wasn’t her fault others lied.

      • But will she is the question? She’s always trying find a way out of being blamed for everything by getting others to do her dirty work. But they failed to do this this time and they’re her only hope to survive through this tactical error of hers. They have the numbers to save her.

  3. YES!!!!!
    I wonder if Austin and the twins let him win so he may be the one to put up Vanessa. Rgardless I am happy that he won and he better not use it on Meg.

    • why do some people keep saying hopefully James does not use it on Meg?
      Has he made reference to that??

      • ideally I would like him to use it only because I really want Vanessa to win because she deserves it the most! And if James is in the game, he’s still a huge threat to her. but I sincerely hope he does not use it on Meg. so many Vanessa haters! I don’t get it

      • Yes, He told her many times that he is thinking of using it on her. She says that he better not dare since he has a better chance of winning than her. James really likes Meg, but she is not into him on that way. He said if he stays and wins he’ll pay her rent for a whole year.

      • he actually really likes her! I thought he was just teasing, I didn’t know he was really into her. If he uses it to save her I will slap him through my TV lol… It’s a game! She’s totally not going to win! He has a way better chance at winning, Plus are these people going into the game to find boyfriend and girlfriends or to win a bunch of money before they lose it all to taxes lol

  4. OMG the house is a complete mess. They did like last year and let the jury come in and mess the house.

  5. Big brother is so fixed they can the challenge favor house guests in different challenges . Shelli could not win crap too save her life and each time james as good as gone he wins totally fixed

    • Every year I have to post this. Big Brother isn’t fixed…it’s tweaked. It’s engineered so the power shifts back and forth in the house. A good player knows how to get around this. Now we will see who the good players are…and aren’t.

      • If it was not fixed then why is vanessa still in the house because of players being stupid

      • You could argue that for Frank, Amanda, Frankie, and others.

        Van being here has no relevance…

        If I had a penny for every time that someone claims the game is fixed, I’d have enough money to equal the half million.

      • Ok Tbr78 I will give you example season 13 which rachael won remember Brendon was not in the jury and Lawton got evited and America voted for 1 player to have a chance to get back in the game and had to face the next person who got evited which was Lawton in a pop a shot basketball challenge Brendon won and the next week was evited again to go to jury .plus with 6 players left porshe opened Pandora’s box and the dual twist was brought back I’m for that pov challenge which rachael and jordan were on the block together won that pov and we’re both safe and also what was the final vote at the end 4 votes for rachael 3 votes for porshe who was the decided vote yah Brendon that is fixed

      • Production didn’t force everyone to vote to evict Shelli when the more dangerous Vanessa was already on the block. These people only have themselves to blame.

      • Tbr78 productions 3 favorite players are james,vanessa and John the rest they could care less about

      • Production didn’t force everyone to vote to evict Shelli when the more dangerous Vanessa was already on the block. These people only have themselves to blame.

      • The deciding 4th vote for Rachel was Shelley who resisted efforts by Danielle to get them all to vote for Porshe. Rachel still played a better game and deserved to win over Porshe. Shelley was a snitch and an ally of Danielle at the end.

      • Tbr78 if Brendon is not in the jury it’s porshe who wins bb13 not rachel shelly jordan and Jeff votes for rachael the rest too porshe

      • You do not know that. Only assuming that. Rachel still would have won probably because she played a better game. Danielle got her minions to vote her way which is why it was even close. If it was not Brendon in the house, it would have been someone else who would have been the 4th vote. That person probably would have still voted for Rachel as she played the better game compared to Porshe.

  6. Woohoo this is vans chance bd Liz keeping James and meg happy as well as keeping Steve and jmack happy and have them all go for Austin on DE coming up…problem is idk if they know the DE is this week.. I thought I heard one of them say they think its the week after

    • She can’t…she promised him safety. Remember, she will be toast if she goes against “her word”! They will bring her down if she does since she can’t play in the HoH comp next week.

      • But she promised the Austwins on Friday that “no way, no how” would any of them see the block this week.

        She has a tough choice. She is going to break her word to someone now. And it is a defining moment just like the Jason BD was.

      • She didn’t think about other scenarios before now, did she? Now she may have to get blood on her hands to save her own skin! LOLOL

  7. I am so glad that the twins are such good sports…

    From jokers:
    Sat 5:19 PM BBTLiz
    says in comic room that she purposely flipped Meg’s bag & threw her
    stuff everywhere. She flips a double middle finger. NT – AdamAndEvel

    The twins are just mean people.

  8. Noooooo! crap! Well this was worst case scenario, now it! I really like james, but I did want to see him go this week so next week or even on Thursday the twins and Austin could be the target! know who is going up as a replacement!? Getting rid of Meg seems silly but then at the same time, it’s very typical of poor players to all of a sudden start winning so maybe it’s good to get rid of Meg because of that, and also because at least james will be alone! I don’t know, maybe it’s time to flip the house and back door Austin or a twin! not a bad idea!

      • The true intelligent choice is to take out Meg . She is a very bitter jury already . And Vanessa needs to keep Austwin’s infor 1 more HOH .

      • She’s not that bitter anymore. She knows the odds are more stacked against her than they are with James. She said she’ll be glad to go out first!

      • She’s faking . It’s impossible for her to making jury and forget how Vanessa picks her friends out of play , specially James and be happy about it ,

      • I agree, it would be a waste of an HOH to get rid of Meg! especially at this stage of the game. they’re too far past the point of not getting any blood on their hands, they have to! And Vanessa is smart enough to know that, Plus as much as she does not want to get blood on her hands, she knows she has to. Meg would be super easy to win against in the finals! Taking her to the end would be smart but would be boring! she is a sweetheart though!

      • gotta love her for trying! She’s not even really a floater because she is trying to win stuff lol and not just flying under the radar. Maybe she’ll be one of those players that starts winning everything near the end but I don’t even see that happening. Most of those players who do that are generally floaters and / or flying under the radar and then start really playing the game, trying to win comps! (some, not all! So there’s still hope for her lol)
        but at this point regardless if she wins a few things here or there, and starts playing hard I still don’t think she should win the game. just because she’s nice, make sense?!

  9. Evidently Van Van is having a nervous breakdown up in the HOH, cursing and panicking (according to Jokers) must be pretty bad if the Live feeds won’t even show her lol.

  10. James is pissed. He said, he’s done being nice. (Rambo ready)lol He’s gonna have a game talk with Van later. She wants Meg to stay of course. I thought I heard he wants Austin out?..we’ll see

  11. I’m for one excited to see what Van will do! This will be the moment where she wins or loses the game. I’m rooting for a Liz backdoor!

  12. Sounds like James is going to go on the warpath. I hope he doesn’t. He is safe. He would be much better served letting the rest of them and their paranoia do much more to hurt themselves by self-inflicted wounds than he could ever do with an in your face attack

    • James is too emotional… I bet if he wins HoH next week, Van will be his target. Then the Austwins will become almost impossible to break up…

      • Eh. I have had to sit through Van being a hot mess for so many weeks, I’ll take a few days of James being a mess.

      • No I’m talking about having a cool head when it comes to strategizing. Van is an emotional person, but she is smart and thinks long term. James just goes with his emotions and has wasted his power in the past i.e. getting Shelli out over Van and screwing up Becky’s game in the process…

      • Van doesn’t think long term, that’s her problem. She’s used to play poker and think one hand at a time.

      • Putting James and Meg OTB was not a bad idea. She was/is playing the other 2 factions in the house. Her plan would have worked except for that pesky veto!

        By putting up James & Meg, she was deferring making a choice until she had to. Now, she has to. I could see it going either way – a Liz/Julia or Jmac/Steve re-nom. When she does this, she will be fully exposed.

      • I am hoping she will put Liz up as replace nominee and BD her. Otherwise she will be doomed going forward..,

      • Kind of hard not to react when Van held him and Meg captive for 45 minutes berating them, and lied on Meg. He’s only human.

      • I think getting Shelli out worked out for James, he is still there 4 weeks later when with Shelli staying she would have immediately gone after him. No matter what people say, Shelli was holding a grudge.

        James has no power, he is alone in the game once Meg leaves. Steve won’t align with him, neither will JMac. The Austwins are an alliance, Vanessa wants him out.

        At this point James’ only option is to go out in style.

      • I hope James does not give up and does something “big” just to go out in style… If he could make some kind of deal with Van and the rest to break up the Austwins, the game will become pretty wide open for everyone. He still has a shot at winning.

    • How precisely can he go on the warpath anyways? His only power right now is to take himself off the block.
      He may be good at challenges, but he’s not so bright, is he?

      • Agreed – he will take himself off the block. I just read on Jokers that he was going to get fiesty – which is completely unnecessary

        From jokers:
        Sat 5:30 PM BBTJames: “No more playing Mr. Nice Guy. They can’t do sh*t to me because I’m safe this week.” NT – AdamAndEvel
        Sat 5:25 PM BBTJames whispers to Meg he’ll try to make deal with twins to keep Meg & will tell Vanessa to her face he’s going after her. NT – AdamAndEvel

        I really hope he realizes that he does no good with stuff like this.

      • He’s really bad at this game. Very nice guy and I’m rooting for him as a person, but he’s too stupid for words.

    • You are right. He needs to step back. Let them all fester and come up with a plan that he doesn’t disclose for a couple of days. Let Vanessa and Austin come to him with offers. Day of Veto he can approach JMAC and Steve and lay out both offers and as a GROUP decide which way to go.

  13. Vanessa is accusing production of picking a comp that suited James lol. I hope the next time she touches that bible that her little hypocritical hand catches on fire.

  14. I’m just not seeing Vanessa make the smart move of putting up Liz. So now we will be tortured to death by her incessant agonizing, questioning, bullying and her saying uhhh, uhhhh 49 thousand times a day. Good times my friends, good times. Shoot me now!!!!!

      • I hope Steve leaves, he is simply filler for her game and without him, she lacks another number. Johnny kind of shot himself in the foot with his Meg comment, but if either one leaves Thursday, good riddance.

      • Yes he mentioned how she is his target, should he win HOH and it caught everyone off guard, its also a really stupid move this late in the game, no strategy behind it, other than to attack the Austwins and Vanessa’s numbers game, someone needs to take them on directly, its too late to let someone else do it, or watch them coast to final 3.

      • James needs to go console her, tell her she is not alone, he forgives her and understands why she took a piece out of him and Meg and how from this moment on they will work together to destroy the Austwins…oh, and that in order for him to believe she’s on board, she must put Liz up as the re-nom….think he can manage that?

      • It’s hard to say because Vanessa is so frantic, wigged out, frenzied, turbulent, etc. Don’t think she would believe/trust James, then she’d report into Stinky with her own twisted version and do plenty of blubbering. Stinky tells the twits and they exhibit more ghastly behavior. I think James could do it, but Vanessa is such an enigma that it’s hard to predict what would work to reason with her.

      • All true…and since I posted this, James has had a meeting with Austin.,..says he is going after Vanessa….now Austin will tell the mean girls and they will tell Vanessa and we are back to Steve being the re-nom….

      • …and Vanessa will confront James, meltdown a few more times, ambush all the HGs continually, make new fake deals, confer with Stinky again who runs to the twits who go on yet another ranting tirade.

      • Ha ! Ha! LOL ! Not happening . Not enough neurons in James to think a plan to help Vanessa and possible carry Meg and himself to F2.
        Goblins are to angry against her .

    • I think she’s also worried about the next HoH. If all 3Austwins are in tact next week she may think that guarantees she’ll be safe if she’s nominated by James if he wins HoH.
      If she is the one to send Liz out this week, Meg and the other 2Austwins can vote her out if James is HoH next week and nominates her.

    • I think she’s also worried about the next HoH. If all 3Austwins are in tact next week she may think that guarantees she’ll be safe if she’s nominated by James if he wins HoH.
      If she is the one to send Liz out this week, Meg and the other 2Austwins can vote her out if James is HoH next week and nominates her.

  15. Well I wanna know – Did Vanessa hug James and congratulate him? If not and he wins HoH, then he should nominate her and be sure to tell everyone to vote against her because of it. Lol :P

  16. Vanessa has to put up Liz now beside Meg. Let James vote to evict Liz and with the votes of Johnny Mac and Austin, Liz can be sent to the jury house.
    You have to remove one good competitor on the side of the Goblin-Austwins alliance and HOH is coming right after this week’s eviction.

  17. I can’t stress enough how this is the perfect time to take out Liz. She is a sitting duck and you will definitely have the votes to take her out. If Van doesn’t do it, her chances of winning this game go down significantly.

    • Right but I get Van’s predicament. Putting up Liz could cost her 3 jury votes (Liz, Austin and Julia). That’s a lot of votes

    • She puts up Liz, and she goes, then Austin, Liz, Julia are pissed at Vanessa, along with James, who’s already really pissed at her, that’s four people right there. She will put up either Steve or John, probably John. Too bad all that work John did to get back into the game. I know she gave “her word” to John, but if John leaves, only he will be pissed.

      • I think you are right. Jmac is the likely one. It’s the least blood and is probably the percentage play.

        But she knows that she will have to go after Austwins at some point. She MIGHT be ready now. I’ll believe it when I see it, but it went from basically no chance to something worth discussing

      • if Liz, who is the glue of the trio, is out, Van may be able to get Julia who hates Austins to work with her.

      • If Vanessa does that, she will be on the block next week. Who is going to play on her side for HOH? Steve or Johnny Mac alone vs James, Austin, Liz, Julia, Meg? That is dumb at the core. Vanessa if she does that, she is done for good!
        What makes sense for her is nominate Liz and get her evicted. One strong competitor removed from the Goblins-Austwins alliance for the next HOH. She keeps Steven and Johnny Mac on her side and if they win the next HOH, James and Austin could both be put on the block and one more on their side evicted. That is how you win Big Brother.
        Of course, if one of the Goblins-Austwins alliance members win HOH, then, Vanessa is probably going to get evicted next! The Goblins-Austwins alliance already control the votes with 5 people so, keeping them all in the Big Brother House and evicting one of your remaining allies Johnny Mac and Steve, when you are HOH is just dumb ten times over!

    • Vanessa needs to weaken the Goblins-Austwins alliance of 5 if she hopes to have a chance of winning. She only has Johnny Mac and Steve on her side to play HOH next week. So, put Liz on the block beside Meg, James votes to evict Liz and Johnny Mac and Steven still hate the betrayal of the Austins putting them both on the block. That is 3 votes and enough to evict Liz before the next HOH!

  18. That is what Vanessa needs to do. There is no more time left and they have to go after the Austwin-Goblin alliance. They have the majority of 5 votes now and it is time to make that big move. Cut them down to size and hopefully, Johnny Mac or Steve wins the next HOH.

    • No. I want James to win the next HOH. He will break up the Austwin…trust me. James should put Liz and Austin.

      • No. He won’t. Seriously, they already control the majority votes which is 5. This would be the 2nd time for James to give up majority control and would be even dumber than the first time out. He has a 5 person alliance in the Goblins-Austwins. Johnny Mac or Steve will put James up with Austin if they win HOH next time out. I am assuming, of course that Liz gets put up by Vanessa this week and evicted. There are no easy nominations left now because everyone has to go after each other this coming week if they want to win the game.

  19. Can James realistically create an alliance at this point?

    Van doesn’t want to work with him.
    Steve doesn’t want to work with him.
    JMac will work with him only if he is he last option
    The Austwins have each other

    I don’t know if he can convince Van/Steve/JMac that it’s in their best interest to work with him.

  20. Now we wait and see whether Vanessa betrays JMac/Steve or Austwins.

    Please, please, please betray the Austwins!

  21. Apparently the Big Troll does nothing while the two guys who ain’t playing the PoV are busy cleaning up. Way to go Big Troll !!!

      • She is having a nervous breakdown, she’s excused. Besides she doesn’t realize the rest of HGs are cleaning up. But the Big Troll is right there in the middle of the crime scene.

      • She is having a nervous breakdown, she’s excused. Besides she doesn’t realize the rest of HGs are cleaning up. But the Big Troll is right there in the middle of the crime scene.

    • Ok now who is the Big Troll, Austin? Because he looks more like Stan Smith from American Dad, and Liz is his ditzy wife Francine, and their son Steve is there, glasses and all. That is if you watch American Dad. To me it’s one of the best adult cartoons on. I mean if you take of Austin’s glasses, shave the beard, cut the hair, blue suit black tie, you have Stan Smith..lo

      • You think way ahead … he will never shave the beard and cut the hair, those are his mojo, troll and all.

      • It’s not a matter of me thinking ahead. I’m just stating that he looks like the cartoon character Stan Smith from American Dad. That’s all.

      • He looks more like a roided up Russell Brand.

        And he is the best renom IMO, she can say she did it to free the twins, and also to appease the other side. Best isn’t the right word really, more like least disastrous to her game.

        Johnny mac is low hanging fruit,while it would ruffle the least feathers, it blows up her shield plan for next week and weakens her position. It’s also a wasted HOH and puts a bitter, we’ll connected player (in the jury house at least) to poison the others.She wanted to attack Austwins by proxy, but circumstance has……..other plans.

        I just love it when a plan doesn’t come together!

  22. James is acting like a one man army. He’s so pissed with Vanessa that he’s gonna tell her off. He’s too emotional, and I’m not sure if he’s doing the right strategy for his game…he needs to cool down and think. lol

    • He should be humble, because who’s to say Van doesn’t win POV on Thursday during double elimination.

    • Why not? No one wants him for final 2, Why not go out with a blast. They are only telling him things that they think he wants to hear to save themselves if he wins the next HOH. He will be on the block every week from now on. To stay in the game, he has to win HOH and vetoes every single week which is almost impossible.

      • I know. But think about it. Twice Vanessa won HOH and those 2 times James was on the block. Is it wrong for him to try to take her out before she does him. Austin kept him safe for two weeks, so I understand him. If, they, in fact save Meg, put up Vanessa and Liz or Julie as pawn. If Liz or Julia goes home…oh well

      • I don’t care if James doesn’t make it to F2. I just want the twins to go along with Gorilla man!

    • James telling Vanessa off would be amazing and might get him AFP. But the more angry and emotional he is, The more likely they are to send his ally Meg home.

  23. Arggg I am so frustrated with James! Dude stop wanting to make “big” moves that do nothing to further your game… You don’t need to care about us, the TV audience, you know? Do things that increase your shot at winning the $500k! Break up the Austwins now before it is too late. You can go after Van all you want after that…

  24. Btw it’s funny that Van Van said she should have known it’s Big Troll’s veto card in the room coz it’s very sweaty in the room … oh yuckkkk STINKS !!!! Ooops sorry I mean ZING !!!!

      • But her plans are finally beginning to be seen for making it to F3 and F4 now, unbeknownst to the Austwins! Shame she strung them along…then again…brilliant! hahaha

      • Yeah I don’t think so either. If she wanted to put them up she would have done it already. It will most likely be Jmac and she will tell Jmac he’s just a pawn.

      • I believe so too, but if she doesn’t, she’ll have to get blood on her hands with this next move. She’s trying to get her own (or former) alliance to volunteer to be the renom. JMac or Steve won’t because it’s obvious either one will go home like what happened to JMac before when she promised he was just a pawn. She can no longer make any promises anymore. She will have to go toe to toe with them now if she’s to survive staying in the BB house longer. And sending Meg home will be a waste of her HoH! hahaha What a pickle she’s found herself in by not having targeted the Austwins before now.

  25. On jokers:

    Sat 5:38 PM BBTJulia asks Vanessa if he thinks James will use the veto on Meg instead of himself. Van says they still have that little hope. NT – Kayla08

    Julia is dumb. And if Van said that, she is not as smart as I thought either

  26. If Vanessa was having an honest talk with Austin the other night on BBAD, then I’m thinking Julia is going up on the block as the replacement. Then again, honesty only appears to be important to Vanessa when people are talking to her so we will have to see.

    • Liz would not be happy but with Julia gone,
      Vanessa may think it’s a lesser sin with Austin.
      I’m sure Vanessa will cry all thru the POV ceremony. Thru her tears: “D@mn you, James! D@mn you!”

  27. It would be interesting to see Austin as the re-nom. James would have to vote against him to keep Meg. Then with Jmac & Steve, 3 votes and see ya later, Austin. He would be all alone in the jury. Vanessa’s perfect “reasons”, Austin has never been on the block, he is close to the other guys in the house, and he was going to backdoor her. Jmac and Steve will vote him out as he just put them on the block.

    • James need to work on that angle with Vanessa, don’t you think? But James wants to kill her right now.

      • I’ve read about “James needing to calm down” etc and now your post that James wants to kill her. Was there a blow-up between Vanessa and James after the veto? Fill me in Cyril!!

      • lol (kill him) I’m exaggerating it, but he was talking to Austin/Meg and is really pissed of Vanessa. He said he will confront Van later. She’s avoiding him in HoH rm. paranoid, drinking wine…I Will update later

  28. There is no easy answer and I can see this playing out so many different ways. This is wear she needs to hone those poker reading skills, talk to everyone privately, make a gut call and go all in.

    • I think he is thinking when it gets down to Brass Tacks, Austin will choose “bros before hos”!!!! Other than that, I have no idea…

  29. OMG Jula just said that she can’t stand James,,,Hey Julia you are one of the worse players in BB have no game. Your only here because your a twin, Viewers don’t like you…what Zingbot saif was no zing but the truth..

  30. 6:14 PMJulia complaining about having to take a cold shower. “I’m going to kill myself.”

    Wow … you should take cold shower more often!

  31. Damn…according to Jokers, Austin just went to Vanessa and blurted out James’ plan…
    6:25 PMAustin pitching a way to try and get James to use veto on Meg. Van says it’s only got a 2% chance of happening. -AdamAndEvel6:24 PMVan: “Steve’s incentivized against me always.” -AdamAndEvel6:23 PMVan: “I have to get rid of Meg. She has to go.” -AdamAndEvel6:23 PMAustin telling Van what James/Meg told him, leaving nothing out. Says he believes Vanessa, but was telling them to chill. “Theydon’t know that I believe you no matter what.”

    • I think Austin is just playing both sides & saying what he has to say.

      The next 1-1/2 days will be interesting to see all the double talk, etc between austin & Van.

      Austin wants Jmac on the block so they can vote him out. He doesn’t want Meg out.

      Van doesn’t want to put up Jmac. He is in jer pocket – as is Steve, basically. She wants Meg out. What does she need to do to make that happen that she can get away with. Nom-ing Julia would work, but that would be bad for her game. She has a lot of decisions to make

      • Not exactly . No matter whoever Vanessa wants to evict . The most important thing is she tells before POV ceremony finish is she wants Meg out and encourages everybody to take her down . At the same time she needs to tell whoever Austwin is nominated she puts because there is no more choices and she will make all in her power to save him/ her . This works better if she truly wants Meg out . Only James will be extra bitter . The rest could be controlled for at least 1 more week .

        If she decides to backdoor the Austwin , she has to be very careful with a possible 4 bitter HG’s after her .

  32. Austin thinks he can help Van out of this jam. He has no idea what Van’s true plans are. He’s sooooo oblivious! :-)

    • Because Vanessa is “really” going to compound this weeks disaster by wasting a HoH on of all the HG’s,………………………Meg! Will Vanessa “pull” the trigger is the question. Nobody 4 MORE!!!

  33. Personally, I HOPE Vanessa puts up Julia, thinking that it will ensure that Meg goes. HOWEVER, John, Steve and James all vote to keep Meg instead, and Julia leaves 3-2. Yes, I’d rather Liz or Austin go, since Julia is a LITTLE more tolerable than those two goons she spends times with…but, my gut feeling is IF Vanessa keeps her word to Steve and John, she’d put up Julia first. This week just got 20% crazier.

    • Van just suggested this to Austin. She is testing the waters,,,

      from jokers:

      Sat 6:37 PM BBTVan asks what Austin thinks of Julia as a pawn? Austin: “Liz/Julia would not be happy about that. They won’t understand.” NT – AdamAndEvel
      Yes, this week is going to be a lot better than it was looking just a few hours ago

      • Yeah, I know; I keep updated on there more often than anyone. So, I know. Just saying that I hope this happens.

      • No one is happy being a pawn … and they were all so upset with Lil Stevie last week when he REFUSED to be a pawn.

      • I cant believe this, the twins have not been nominated at all. These people take the game too personally. Come on, really? Put the damn whinny twins up! Also Austin who has never been on the block.

    • If Vanessa wants an Austwin to be evicted , the only way is to make James , Meg and whoever Austwin remains thinking that this wasn’t her true intention . That her true targets as Meg . Convincing everybody that eviction was an independent vote from both JMac and Steve .

      Big lie , but if she can pull that one , very rewarding .

    • She’s going to have one peeoed Liz! “Oh Sherman, Sherman, Sherman!” (Nutty Professor’s mom clapping)!!! :-)

  34. We’ll see if Van Van would put up Vampire Dentist as a renom. I think it’s a stroke of genius in his part when he mentioned to her audience cheered when he said he wanted to work with her during the live interview with Julie. It must have gotten to her head … but we’ll see, finger-crossed tho!

  35. Let’s say the twins are allows to survive this week. Next week someone wins and puts up two of them, the third one wins veto and pulls them off. Then it’s 2/2 votes and the HOH decides. After the next week, they can’t control the votes.

  36. I think it’s funny how we all wanted vanessa out and now we’re all trying to figure out how to save her game

    • No one is trying to save her game. Most of us anyways…are trying to think of the obvious because the stronger alliance are the Austwins. Most of us want Vanessa out still, however, she is HOH and she needs to make a smarter move for herself in long run, but regardless she wont be saved because the Austwins are planning to be the final three, so the smartest thing she should do is remove either Austin or a twin.

    • Not me….from day one I wanted either James or Vanessa to win…(favouring James by a hair), I was resigned to the fact that he was probably going….now I am back to rooting for him first…I’ve put Vanessa on the back burner for now…(this is the first year I have been torn between 2 houseguests)….last year was the only year I picked the winner from Day 1, so I am not really an expert a choosing winners!

    • Nah! It’s just fun to think possible scenarios . Not necessarily they had to happen . Nor you need to like the HOH of the week .

    • me personally, I have been Team Vanessa since the very beginning but I know what you’re saying! At least she’s playing the game, and has been since the very beginning. Love her or hate her, she deserves to win!

  37. I’m happy James won but Vanessa needs to realize with this double eviction she might want to evicit one of the trio with the others help cause jmac and Steve and meg and James would be a better aliallance than her being the fourth wheel with Austin and twins.

    • Right? She needs to have some sense to know that. If she does then I am going to be very surprise. I just hope she doesnt disappoint me

    • She doesn’t know it’s gonna be DE this Thurs…she’s counting on a week from Thurs as being DE!

  38. Yahoo, James! My little Asian stud muffin is back!! This is Vanessa’s ONLY chance to break up the Evil Trio of Death. If she backdoors Liz and gets everyone to vote her out, Austin and Julia can be picked off later, plus it will do a lot of damage to them emotionally. If she can tell the other HG’s not to run squealing and tell the Evil Trio what’s going on, they have a chance of doing this. It’s not that I’m a huge Vanessa fan either, it’s just that I dislike the Austwins even more. The sight of any of them receiving the $500,000 would make me very, very ill.

    • Same here! I’m with ya English! I know James may not make Final 3 or 4…but the twins will be history! I’m happy about that!

    • yes, with this outcome I think she needs to back door Liz then Austin and Julia will probably go their separate ways and probably both try and align with Vanessa regardless. but, who knows! I like James, but I am disappointed he got Veto because I just like my scenario :-) lol… I need to think of another lol

  39. Oh, god, now we gotta listen to Vanessa coming up with reasons to nominate someone all day tomorrow!!! UGH!!!

  40. Vanessa has continually said to the Austwins that she wiuld not betray them. She may put Jmac or Steve up. But I agree with another poster that it would Be in her best interest to put up Liz.

    The alliance has to end sometime between Vanessa and Austwins. But again Vanessa seems to be thinking 2 moves ahead, like anyone does with playing chess. If she breaks up the alliance now, will Austwins vote for her to win at end. thats 3 votes for or against her.

      • The poker community (those that play as professionals) is very tight…they study each other constantly (often watching replays of tournaments and studying any movement)..that is often why a lot of them wear sun glasses during tournaments. They play against each other A LOT. They are well aware of each other’s quirks. Someone very close to me told me before the first episode aired that she was a contestant. This person has played against her. This person said she is tough and very hard to read and that is part of her poker game play. I think she is going to be very hard to beat.

      • Never have, but with $4 million in career tournament winnings she is obviously extraordinary at a game that is more cuthroat than BB. Dying to see how she plays this week’s hand she’s been dealt.

      • I hear you, but the difference between poker and BB is there are too many emotions involved. She needs to stop playing with her heart and start playing with her head because if she doesnt she will be eliminated.

      • That”s the thing. Her crying while explaining things makes people in the house feel sympathy for her. She is pulling on the heart strings of others and general humanity. If the others would just see thru this cry me a river stuff , they would get it and vote her out.

      • Agree, I think she will go, either way because the twins have more power than anyone in this game and if she does not do something about it, it will screw her big time.

      • If anything , I think she Will be in top 3. She is very good at remembering things in the house and game. she will be able to talk/cry her way thru her answers to jury at end that will make them believe her, the jury in end will probably not be able to contest her answers .

        Though i would like to see James or Meg win, they didnt seem to have to connive their way to end with lies and promises.

  41. Interesting discussion on this thread. The consensus seems to be that nominating Liz and evicting her is the best move forward for Vanessa’s game, but in doing so, she will have a direct role in evicting every friendship forged by every HG in the game. Without being eligible for HOH, this will be her most challenging week.
    If Van manages to save herself in POV or campaign successfully to stay in the game through DE, she will have earned the right to be called one of the greatest BB players ever.
    Just can’t see her (or anyone) pulling off that miracle scenario.

    • If everyone besides vanessa wins this season I would be a joke she has played from day 1 unlike steve or john did not start playing until last week and james same thing 1 good week which was week 6

      • I agree however, sometimes the underdogs are the smartest players. Keeping it low key and steady can always be a good thing. Those I call silent killers.

      • Bli tiger this is how I would play if I was on big brother I would get rid of the week players and have a all best players season to be the best you have too beat the best which is more fun than beating a week player

      • I agree but I would prefer to beat the best by being a silent killer which is why I like Jmac and hope he wins

      • Jmac does not deserve to win he was already voted out no one who gets voted deserve the money to win

    • Today’s veto was really a terrible turn of events – from Van’s perspective.

      She has worked hard the last couple weeks to stay and had actually gotten herself into a decent position with 2 factions in the house – Austwins & jmac/Steve. If the noms had stayed the same and James went this week, she likely would’ve survived the DE and not really been targeted.

      But the only thing that could go wrong did. Now, she has to choose. She may be in a no-win situation. Even if she survives DE, whatever she does now likely will not be good for jury votes. She could win a few more battles, but not be able to win the war

  42. Happy for James -vacation over get back in de game. Vanessa! It’s time put yur big girl panty on and pull the trigger on yur 3-headed monster. Calm yur crazies, deep breath put Liz on the block. Then double talk until Thu. The best move if Van gonna have shot at F3.

  43. Well, we’re going to see just how smart/gutsy she is b/c this is a no-brainer if she wants to go from no chance to win F1 or F2 to having a good chance and maybe gaining a fan or two, putting Liz on the block & that’ll save Meg. At least some BB fans & HGs will go WHOA, Van, way to go girl!!! I’m not going to get too excited yet.

    She can even cry when she puts up Liz at the Veto Ceremony, “the House has spoken, sorry Liz”, then under her breathe she says “it my birthday, happy birthday to me”.

      • Are you staking her? LOL. Didn’t she do the Bday thing in DR after winning POV recently, all smiles and happy, I guess the adrenaline + adderall + victory combined can put her in an intense state of euphoria.

      • Most definitely staking her! haha Yes, she did and I wanted to remind BB it wasn’t her birthday but only that she got lucky winning that Veto! hahaha

    • LOL……
      Only thing is, Vanessa does not know Liz is not a fan favorite lol so, that logic for her is useless.
      I don’t quite get the concept yet (I need to put all my gummy bears together lol) fine how exactly vanessa is guaranteed final 2 if Liz leaves this week!? There’s never a guarantee, things change on a dime in that house! Especially this season!
      I’m not disagreeing with you whatsoever, I would very much like to see Liz leave mainly because I want to see what Austin and Julia do. Do they remain solid? Does Austin seek revenge and go after Vanessa? Does Austin stay loyal and solid with Vanessa? Do Austin and Julia go their separate ways and new alliances form? so definitely for entertainment I would be happy if Liz was evicted this week, and like I said I need to play with my gummy bears lol but I think it would be a smart play for her because I honestly don’t know of anyone better for her to put up and evict at this point. however, if the trio do promise Vanessa safety for the next few weeks it might be smarter for her to evict Steve or Jmac because 3 is always better than one but then again, who can really trust anyone at this point.
      and a total side note here, I have not read any of the feeds today (& not really yesterday either) so I don’t know what people are telling Vanessa and I don’t know what deals are being made, if any? I would assume there are a lot of deals with Vanessa right now! But just because she put someone up in place of James, doesn’t mean she gets what she wants because the people who are voting to evict are the people that are important!
      Ugggg I swear I have never been so invested in Big Brother like I have this season. Mainly because I know Vanessa personally but also because I am a part of this chat group now lol and so instead of thinking things, I am sharing ideas and my head is all getting messed up!! LOL I don’t know what the right thing to do anymore is lol lol but I sure have a lot to say don’t I? Hahaha :-) all in good fun ♡♡♡

      • Girl you need to check what’s in those gummy bears… no one’s guaranteeing anything. Logic says if V is 4th on totem-pole & 1 of the Austwins is booted then V moves up a spot and so forth & so on. LOL.

        Btw, V almost if not already has Austin dumping his GF & her sister to remain loyal to her (Vanessa) UNLESS he’s playing her big time. Truthfully the only one that can tell us for sure would be ‘little austy’.

        Here’s the thing, you need to prepare yourself… how do I put this delicately… Vanessa ain’t winning, no way, no how… no guarantee on that though. LOL.

      • and I am ok if she doesn’t win as long as James wins! :-)
        I do really need to sit down with my gummy bear though & catch up on the feeds

  44. OMG…just in from Jokers: Steve is jumping up and down in glee, arms raised. Van catches him doing this on the scamper cam too!!!!

    • That damn tool is going to bury himself. Has he not learned after all these weeks there is a monitor in the HOH room and that V is looking for any excuse to nominate someone?

      • She’s talking to him. And he said he doesn’t want to talk game without a good night’s rest. He wants her to talk JMac and Van said don’t! She’s planning to get drunk!

  45. James was able to nullify her HOH and now she will have to choose someone else to be a pawn or get back to the paranoid thinking, she can only do this so much, I honestly feel she is going to jury soon. since she can’t play thursday. this week has been saved, once again. thank you James. BBAD should be fun tonight and watching V freaking out, such a guilty pleasure within itself.

  46. I think James at this point can make a deal w/V… she doesn’t put up Liz, she’s his target for sure, she puts up Liz(she’s evicted) and V’s safe if he wins HoH, he just has to make sure he doesn’t slip and call her Shelli.

  47. Didn’t Van Van say that she and Vampire Dentist needed to behave like they still hated each other? Now she’s worrying that he doesn’t come up to the HoH and builds a relationship with her. With the Big Troll pushing so hard to get him renom’ed … oh well, here we go again, running around in circles.

    • Van & jmac did say this. And jmac is very disciplined. Playing the distance game is sound strategy. He did the same thing during Becky’s HOH – keeping distance to not appear to be working together.

      Hopefully for Jmac, his discipline keeping to the plan doesn’t hurt him. He needs to at least “check-in” with her soon and just say – “still good?”, etc. If Austin sees van talking to Jmac, he will not like it.

      • You know what, I am really rooting for the three weirdos now to make it to F3 (Van Van, Lil Stevie and Vampire Dentist).
        So this kind of circle talk worries me :)

      • What’s more funny is she tells Steve not to get JMac to come to HoH because she told him to be quiet and distant. And now she’s telling Austwins that JMac has yet to even come to HoH! Sooo freakin sneaky of Van!!!!

      • After all this is Van Van we’ve come to know, love and hate. Expect nothing else. But well … urgggghhh-uhhhhh

      • The Austwins are NOT seeing through any of that! hahahahaha I say brilliant move on her part when it comes to them!

      • The three of them, the Pansy Clan, they think they are the centre of the universe, so what can you expect from them?

      • I’m ready for all of them to go to jury – but I guess that’s not the point of the game. I don’t have a favorite at all – it’s just a matter of whom I dislike the most. I’d kind of like to see James win, just because he’s such an underdog and he has at least tried most of the time, but there’s about a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. Just don’t let it be one of the Evil Trio – I couldn’t stand to see one of them up there smirking, knowing it’s just through the stupidity of the other HG’s that they’re still in the game.

    • I’ve been watching and I’m thinking it’s an act. (I hope so) They did talked about continue acting as if they’re still feuding.

      • Van/Austin/Liz in HoH It’s funny, Now she’s asking Austin “If I put you up as a pawn, for sure Meg is gonna go, because nobody is gonna vote you out” She’s throwing a lot of names now. It’s interesting what she’s really setting up…no idea what she’s gonna do.

      • It’s between Julia and Vampire Dentist …
        you know the Pansy Clan will push hard to get Vampire Dentist renom’ed.
        Let’s see what happens … finger-crossed still!

      • I’m sure she’d hate to lose Julia first out of that group but if Julia volunteers and gets evicted by James (Austin can’t fault him for voting to save Meg) plus Jmac and Steve – then Vanessa is still “good” with Austin/Liz in case they win HoH, and Jmac/Steve “should” target Austin/Liz next if they get HoH.
        And if Meg stays, she can hope James focuses on Austin/Liz by then after he’s simmered down and still with Meg.
        So if the next HoH takes out either Austin or Liz, then that blood isn’t on her hands and if she gets to the end, she could still have those 3 votes.
        That might be Vanessa’s safest play for next week when she can’t be HoH.

      • While I agree that’s possible, I really doubt that’s it. She’s finally realizing that the Austwins are a problem, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to act on it.

      • Even when she’s talking with Steve tonight . Nobody wants to get caught saying..”Let’s take the Asstwins out”.lol

  48. I’m glad Vanessa is freaking out. She could have saved herself the trouble if she hadn’t been such a B to Meg and James. I admit I haven’t seen for myself and I’m going off what others have said. But it sounds like she severed all ties and pissed on any remaining good will with them for no reason. And now they get to watch her squirm.

    • It’s true. She should have just kept it to being a game move instead of bringing up stuff that never happened and pinned what she made up on them, making both of them irate.

    • That is exactly the probe;m, he emotional strategies is ridiculous, she pissed off people, had she been smart and tried to work with the other house guest she would be in a better position. She is not smart at all. I thought as a poker player she would be smart but she really isnt.

  49. 7:27 PMJames says that he & Johnny Mac win vetos when their backs are against the wall. JMac: “No I get evicted!”

    Hahaha. TRUE !!!

  50. Come on somebody out by the studios, start yelling over the fence to Van and tell her fans want a twin as the renom!!!

  51. Last night on BBAD James was telling Meg that every time Vanessa starts talking to them, they should just keep their mouth shut and nod or shake their heads. I was rolling. Vanessa’s head would explode with all the conspiracies she’d would be thinking up. I think James should just flat out tell her that he’s using the Veto on himself and that if Meg gets voted, then she better pray that he doesn’t win HOH because he WILL be coming after her. Tell her that he’ll put her up along with Liz or Austin. No deals for safety. She’s going up if he wins HOH. The time to strike big is NOW. Get rid of Vanessa and/or Austin or Liz. Julia is a waste of space and there is no sense in wasting an HOH on her.

  52. OMG…JMac threw it to James on purpose!!! Austin, twins or Van do not know JMac is making a deal with James.

  53. Vanessa is floating the idea of putting up Julia. If she does, then do Steve/JMac vote her out even though Van wants to keep her ? I doubt it. Julia is probably the best person to ensure a Meg eviction

  54. 7:35 Julia says she’d feel fine as a pawn if she wasn’t going to go. “I’m a huge target too,” she adds though.

    Give Vanessa an inch….

      • Wait for it…she is very good at strategy. I’m loving how difficult the situation is on how she’s going to pull it all off! Austin and Julia are falling on her sword! hahaha

      • Well, I hope your right, because truly I dont see it. Her loyalty to the two face twins and Austin is short coming for her if sh doesnt put Liz or Austin up.

      • How? She’s not using good strategy. She’s the last man on the bottom of a 4 person totem pole. The person playing this game victoriously is Julia. She’s made no waves and she just sits back while Liz and Austin keeps her safe. Either way Vanessa had targets on her back,she hasn’t strategically stayed in the game. She’s strategically been used as a pawn in this game for people that have a chance of winning.

      • She has survived 5 weeks of eliminations being BB public enemy number one. She’s doing something right strategically.

      • He hasn’t had the whole house gunning for him. Vanessa has.
        He’s also not much of a contender for the win, so no one really cares.

      • He volunteered for that week thinking he was safe.
        Much the same way he volunteered the week he agreed to throw the challenge with Liz.

      • A lot of this season has been based on luck more than strategy! That much I have noticed. Anyone else?

      • No,you give her too much credit. This season is full of passive players. Just anyone that makes a move,could be victorious in this game.

      • Shelly, Becky, Jackie, Vanessa, and James are hardly passive. All of them have made or tried to make big moves.

      • Shelly is the exception,but Clay really tossed her off her game. Her decisions were all based on Clay. Seriously,no one paid attention to Becky til she made one move..and then she had a voice. James is inconsistent,especially with Meg. One thing he does do is defend himself. Jackie again,she didn’t make big moves she was a planner. But she never was relevant til after Jeff left. She was forced to play. All of them only make moves when they are forced to play,and that’s why I say passive. Atleast James knows his target and never strays. This season is confusing,I don’t even know if they came because it was BB or if they just came because they were looking for company.

      • Agree however, she is planning to put Jmac, which she thinks is a smart move but she will get eliminated sooner or later

      • The more I think about it, the more I realize her only move might be to stick with Austwins and pray for a miracle. There’s pretty much no other way for her to get to the end now.

      • I doubt it. She is not as smart as I thought. The only way she could win is if she become HOH again and again. Other then that I dont see that happening.

      • Well, yeah, that’s the miracle I was referring to.
        She is very smart. Almost frighteningly so. Her biggest problem was she’s not the friendliest frau and this is a social game. She’s angered more than a few people along the way.

      • I hope you’re right. As long as she doesn’t get others to do her dirty work, she doesn’t have a chance!

      • YES that’s what I’ve been saying. She’s not playing for us (the fans) she’s playing for herself. If she somehow manages to keep Steve & JMac this week, then maybe, just maaaaaaybe she’ll be able to get one of them to make a move next week which she would silently vote in favour of… She’s quite good at trying to get both sides to play against each other

      • Precisely! What’s a boring game for us is irrelevant if it can make you half a million $ richer. Derrick for instance. That was so boring, but good for him.
        I know this isn’t the popular view, but I think she should play it relatively safe this year. It really all boils down to who wins the next HoH. If she makes a big move and targets Liz, she better hope Steve wins the next HoH, because almost any other outcome means she’s out next.

      • YES you got it! And yeah it might not be the popular opinion mostly because it seems people can’t delineate the difference between what they want (as fans) and what is good strategy and choice for the players themselves. If Vanessa plays it safe this week she has more options. If she makes a move which is what many people seem to want, she puts herself on the radar for everyone in the house to agree upon next week… You used a good analogy with Derrick – boring as heck, but knew what he was doing despite people saying all through the season he needed to make ”big moves”! :)

  55. 7:42 PMVan asks who their targets are next week. Austin/Liz both say “James & Meg.” Julia doesn’t answer.

    Meaning … they want Vampire Dentist to be evicted this week!
    See Van Van … you are the HoH but the Pansy Clan is trying to run your HoH. Get a clue !!!

  56. Vanessa said she has no choice but to put up JMac. No!!! You do have a choice, put up any of the Austwins.

  57. 7:50 PMVan says OK, so basically she has no option but to put up JMac. And the votes can still go how they want.

    Well, who’s the HoH, huh?

  58. Hope springs eternal….JMac very aware of Austwits in room with Van…Going to check to assure he’s still good.

  59. James will use the veto on himself and Vanessa will be forced to nominate another hg in his place. Of coarse we all know who she going to renom. Won’t be Austin or the twins thats for sure. No one has a back bone in this game !

    • She won’t fire the first shot at the Austwins. She needs Steve or JMac to do it for her. I love how awful strategic moves blow up in your face. James and company had theirs when they sent out Shelli over Vanessa. Now Vanessa basically shoots herself in the foot by tossing up James and Meg–and the worst case scenario hits her in the face like a 2×4. James probably can’t win, but winning veto tonight makes the rest of the season much more interesting. Good for him

  60. Now I want James to win the next HOH and put the twins on the block. He’d do it in a heartbeat. OR he might go after Van but I think it’ll be the twins or Austin and Liz. lol

      • What can you expect from a person who identifies with Judas (the biggest betrayer of all time?) and those horrible sorry excuses for human beings, the twins???

    • Austin and his Asstwins are horrible people……they say such evil and hateful things that have nothing to do with the Game! Wait til they get out of the house and realize how much they are hated…….cannot wait!

  61. OK, Vanessa, now is the time for you to put your renom where your bluster and bravado has been for the past ten weeks. You’ve all of a sudden found yourself low man on a 4-man totem pole. You know you should put up Liz, but will you do it – or will you pansy out and turn on Steve or Johnny Mac? It’s all come down to this. This minute, right now. Let’s see what a wimp you really are.

  62. If John goes up and gets evicted, then the viewers have wasted 2 weeks on complete garbage TV. Replay of last week because these players don’t have the balls to do anything risky…

    • Vanessa’s finally *beginning* to see the light at the end of the tunnel might just be a freight train coming at her. With the DE coming up Thursday, there is absolutely no better time for her to BD Liz. THAT would be the best move for Vanessa – and I think she may see that – but will she have the guts to do it?

  63. James winning Veto has shaken this house up Big Time! I was hoping for that to happen…was getting tired of the boredom and hate fests!

      • It was getting too predictable and boring before…now it’s Game ON! I don’t expect James to make it to F4, 3 or 2…but this veto win did make that a bit more difficult for Van! That’s all.

      • Really? Why wouldn’t she just throw JMac or Steve? She has no strong allegiance to them… She might have wanted them to help her wear down the other side (Austwins) but that’s not going to happen, so she’ll stick to her master plan and keep the group of 4 strong, until it’s about 5 ot 6 left then she’ll find a way to make her move..

      • Now ‘ s the time to get down to brass tacks, but Vanessa was so full of herself. Do you think she is standing in front of the mirror berating herself for her idiotic attack on james and meg????

      • I truly don’t believe so… I think she’s managed to play her cards as best as possible (given that it’s 3 on one side of her and 3 on the other)… Her saving grace is that people seem to keep lining themselves up as targets for the Austwins… Her power base remains with the Austwins, but she was hoping to temporarily start a fire where either JMac or Steve would lead the revolt against the Austwins… Didn’t work out, but Vanessa still has lots of options.

      • I beg to differ. She doesn’t really have any options left. Making enemies of and helping to evict the people she needs to work with in order to win doesn’t make sense to me. I said the same thing when Meg and James made the stupid Brass Tacks alliance with the Austwins–aligning yourself with the people you need to knock out is silly

      • We are supposed to ignore that and just go by what Van accomplishes. JMac and Steve will stick to Van and hope they take down the Austwins rather than her. If not, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves if they are evicted.

  64. No mater what happens next, at least we have the satisfaction of watching Vanessa sulking in her HoH all alone after James won the veto and she realized what a dumbazz move she made.

    Now, she is talking about putting up Julia as a pawn to ensure Meg goes home. I suppose if she makes final 2 she can include sending Meg home as one of her accomplishments in the game. LOL.

    I want to see how JMac plays this because if he can convince Vanessa to put up a twin to ensure Meg goes home, then Steve, JMac, Meg and James can flip the power in the house. Vanessa putting up Julia and then seeing her go out the door will turn Austin and Liz against Vanessa, probably for good.

    I know James and Meg aren;t smart enough to see this but JMac is. I hope he sees it through.

    • It’s all about numbers to Van. She needs strong players beside her now to get her to F2. Meg is a vote she can’t risk!

    • Steve, JMac, Meg and James can flip the power if Meg is evicted??? You mean Steve, JMac, James can flip it! hahaha

    • I think she is trying to get one of the twins to volunteer as a pawn. Its not going to happen so little miss “blood on my hands” will take the easy way out – again.

      • She just asked Steve who he would rather go up, him or JMac even if she can guarantee he would stay. Steve said he doesn’t want to go up.

      • Really!!! It’s time for someone else to be a “Pawn” right?? Everyone has had their chance except for the power trio!!

      • She’s still getting any of them to volunteer. She doesn’t want blood on her hands…remember, especially with those from her own camp!

  65. James and Meg are not too bright. When they talked to Austin about what Vanessa said they should have denied, denied, denied. They should have told Austin James never said anything about putting up the Austwin. He should have said, “we had a deal. Why would I say that to Vanessa, especially knowing she would run right upstairs and tell you?”.

    Instead, they tried to tell the truth, James said something but only under duress and he didn’t mean it. Just enough for the twins to buy Vanessa’ story. James and Meg really are playing a very bad strategic game and do not deserve to win.

    • They don’t care at this point who they talk to. He’s mad and Steve told Van to wait til James has cooled off a bit before talking to him.

  66. So we’re back to the hope of Vanessa suddenly changing her game plan and undermining everything she’s done so far, so that the viewers can be happy? Her best bet (as has always been the case) is to wait until it’s about 5 people left and stage a coup then… If she aimed for Liz now, there would be a whole house going after her (and no, I don’t think James, Steve, JMac & Meg would suddenly fall in love with her if she suddenly changed her direction)… Vanessa is going to stay the course folks, just accept it and wait until it’s about 5-6 people left then she’ll do what she does best – she’ll turn the tides against the power that is a threat against her.

      • This. Mayhap Stevie has deceived them all and misadvised the moment of DE? Perhaps to seize at controlling both DEs to bolster steadily building resume?

    • Vanessa played her cards too fast by going on the J meg attack. She should have waited until after veto.

      • I don’t think she’s lost anything by going after them… Her power base has always been the Austwins. She may have HOPED somebody (JMac, Steve or James) could would take one of them down, but it didn’t work out that way… For her, it’s same, same, until next week.

    • She cannot wait until there are 5. And I don’t think any potential partners in the house will wait until there are 5. Its way too risky and would almost certainly mean 1 of the Austwins will make it to final 3. That means Vanessa has two votes against her automatically.

      Plus, she and her partner would have to win almost all the HoHs and vetoes.

      I think the non-Austwins need to realize they need to take the Austwins down by 1 right away. Then they have a week to go after each other. before picking off the other two Austwins.

      I think Vanessa’s best shot is to work with James, Steve, Meg and JMac now to go after the Austwins and get them all out of the house. Then they can go after each other and Vanessa would have a very good chance of making it to the end.

      • You are right and I believe what is throwing everyone off is believing in Steve that the DE is not this week but the next!!

      • It depends on who wins the HoH in the previous week. If Austin won the HoH with 6 left, heck it’s a brilliant plan because he can’t compete when it’s only 5 left meaning Vanessa and (let’s say JMac for argument’s sake) would steamroll over the twins in comps that week…

    • Yep…Like telling Liz that Austin had been hitting on her since Week 1, but since she’s a lesbian and loyal to Liz, she stopped him!

    • Van can’t wait till F4 to go after the Austwins–that’s way too late and she knows it. Even if she got to the end(doubtful), she’d never win. The right move is to send Liz out the door now for the benefit of her own game. Otherwise, she paints herself into a corner with no viable path to winning. She never should have gone after James in the first place–he can’t win either and she turned him into an enemy when she could have worked with him to help get the Austwins out. Another huge tactical mistake in a season full of them

  67. Saw this on Twitter: Jmac and James agreed that without makeup Julia looked like Mr. Bean. Funny, I can see a slight resemblance…

  68. Van/Jmac/Steve talking in HoH. Very interesting .It looks like they’re really teaming up. They will continue game talk tomorrow.

    • Yeah but she is talking about maybe putting up jMac in which he says if he goes up, he is going home. She tells him to leave and they’ll talk tomorrow. Sh then asks Steve if he rather him or JMAC go up even if she can guarantee his safety. He says he doesn’t want to go up. She says they will talk tomorrow. Not a good talk.

      • I completely understand where Vanessa is coming from. She can’t play HoH. . It’s obvious in their conversation though that they have to deal with the trio. Is she ready for a war? ..we’ll see.

    • Vanessa needs them to step up and lead the revolt while she silently stokes their fire… She has played the game well by making sure she gets people fired up about other people in the house.

      • Right.. Matt, I find her demeanor more honest when she talks to Jmac/Steve than the Austwins. .That’s my observation.A lot of mambo-jumbo when she talks with the twins. (they’re smart you know. lol) Maybe I’m wrong…she likes them better?

      • Bet she loves her steaks that have a heartbeat too or she wouldn’t be able to trust their tastiness! :-)

      • It seems that way to me too. She talks slower and more calmly to JMac and Steve.

        With the Austwins she goes into machine gun mouth mode and that is when she lies the most.

      • I am so sick of Vanessa talking about and being concerned about getting blood on her d*mn hands! She is really annoying! ;) Lol!

  69. Please put Liz up. It’s time to split that terrible and scandalous alliance up. America is wary of Judas’ girl. They have the numbers to make it happen if they are smart.

  70. Sat 8:05 PM BBTAustin on Johnny Mac: “He has a serial killer mentality.”

    That’s a very strong assumption, don’t you think? A vicious unwarranted attack.

  71. Every night, Steve brings up the size of James’ thingy…every single night…why????
    9:26 PMSteve: “James, I have some bad news. Size is important.” 9:26 PMSteve asking all the women if size is important. After Liz/Julia answer, they say they hope they’re not on feeds.

  72. How dare Van suggest Julia go up…Geezuhhh, like she wants to think up a speech and go on National TVuuuhh?

  73. Looks like Jmac is going up. You would think that the J/S/Jmac/M would start realizing why no one puts Vanessa, Austin or the twins up ever for eviction. My gosh they are really stupid. Shouldnt that give a clue that you should eliminate them??? 4 against 4? This is the whackest Big Brother ever! I hope they read all the comments about their play so they can realize how much they suck at this game! Too bad all the smarter players got eliminated. Moma Dae, Jackie and Jason would have sent the twins, Austin and Vanessa packing already.

    • That’s a great point. Vanessa never puts up the twins or Austin and Austin and the twins never put up Vanessa. What should that tell them?

      These HGs seem to get amnesia every week. Didn’t Becky tell everyone about Vanessa? Didn;t Steve tell Meg and James about the solid fortress of the Austwins and Vanessa? Didn’t he say, the Austwins are a lot closer to Vanessa than they think?

      Weren’t James and Meg wondering why Vanessa put them up for not telling her she was a BD target and not warning her Austin knew about the Bob throwing weeks ago when JMac, Steve. and the Austwins were in an alliance designed to BD Vanessa last week and she put up none of them?

      Vanessa told Julia tonight she might have to put her up to ensure Liz and Austin vote out Meg! She basically screamed in her face, “I don’t trust you!”, yet Austin and the twins continue to work with her!

      I just cannot explain it. Vanessa is very lucky to be among a house full of idiots.

      • Lol!! Im telling you! This is head hurting, eye gouging plays by these dummies. Seriously, I am almost done with watching the rest of the show because I cant stand to see idiots missing the obvious. Its ridiculous how week after week its sooo obvious that they are working together and they decided to trust Austin and the two face twins?? That was such a bad play on James, Meg, Steve and Jmac because its obvious they cant play the game at all. I want BB to see how crappy this season has been. It sucks because BB comes once a year and what a waste this one is.

    • Davonne and Jason knew about the twins and basically did nothing with it.
      Jackie not only knew about the twins, but deliberately didn’t target them before week 5 so as to keep them in the game to vote out two people instead of one (?!?!?!?!?!).
      Jason was on board with Jackie’s plan (!??!?!?!?!?!?).
      You’re giving them far too much credit here.

  74. Although I’ve largely lost interest in this season and am barely checking in anymore, I did have to see who won the POV. Mixed feelings about it being James, given his past efforts in this game. If he is smart, he will save himself Whatever he chooses to do, however, I suspect it will not make much difference to the outcome of this game unless Vanessa is willing to nom an Austwin. Any Austwin.

    • James has to win HoH next week or he is going home anyway. Its a moot point unless he does something to flip the house this week.

      He is not even trying. This is how James plays. If he wins comps he thinks he’s safe. If not he accepts that he may go home. In between comps he does not play the game at all.

      • You are so right. Such a strange approach to the game. I think just one of the many reasons I’ve grown weary of this group. There seems to be an over all resignation to “how it’s going to be.” Actual game play has ceased, with the exception of Vanessa, who is the only one playing hard. I’m not a fan of hers, but just give her the flippin’ money and let’s move on.

    • True…but James sure did put a damper on Van’s plans until she can figure out another…that was the most exciting for me! How she gonna figure it out if “she can’t keep her word”? She’s all about “her word” and “her integrity”.

  75. Johnny Mac’s talking to Steve about how if he or Steve go up on the block, they are out. I think JMac will try to get an Austwin up rather than wasting an eviction on Meg.

    • They should have thought about going after them from time. The fact that Jmac wanted to take Meg out never made sense. They should have worked with her and James to try to get the Austwins and Vanessa out and then go after Meg and James. If they did that they would have a better chance at winning the game, but honestly I think Austin and the twin is going to win because the rest of the house is too stupid to take them out.

    • You’re kidding, right? I thought JMac wanted Meg gone! But of course he said all this when he talked to Julie before winning his way back in.

  76. So Steve and Jmac are having this conversation. Won’t Steve run and spill the beans to Van as soon as he has a chance?

  77. I’m kinda satisfied even if Meg leaves,because her gameplay is just so terrible. ZingBot was nice,she’s terrible. Not just games but alliances and strategy

  78. If Vanessa was smart she should put up Austin and make a deal with James and Meg not to go up and save Meg and with Austin gone so is the ditzy twins game they would be lost and no threat

      • at this stage i would keep Meg for a vote she and julia both stink and she would have james steve and jmac on her side..if Meg goes home so does Vanessa Austwins are done with her

      • People think Vanessa has be running the game but Austin has manipulated her the whole time and he wants her gone

      • I am aware he says he wants her gone. My question is does he have the balls to pull the trigger himself? I do think they her Stinky manipulate each other depending on the scenario.

    • How would that solve any problems? Now instead of being at the bottom of a 4 person alliance, she’s at the bottom of a 5 person alliance with Meg, James, Steve, and JMac.

      • Thats true because Austin is truly running everything. He manipulated the twins and some of the other house guest.Logically he is a good player.

      • Not seeing that one. She runs the house however she pleases with him there already. No need to piss off three jurors to put yourself at the bottom of an even bigger alliance.

    • I think it would be smarter for her to put up Liz. break up the solid trio as well as the solid twins! Then Austin and Julia will Scrabble to make new alliances! smarter game move, and more entertaining for us :-)

  79. I dont trust Vanessa, she will send Meg home. She is a snake! She could make a big move against the Austwin but I doubt it, she is a whimp like the rest of them

    • The only way Meg isn’t going home is if she’s put up against Jmac. The twins and Austin will find voting him out way too tempting.

    • in a perfect world Vanessa and Austin both get evicted in a double eviction then what would the houseguest do. lost little sheeps