Big Brother 17: Vanessa Offers Allies Cash & Big Brother Shuts It Down

Over the past few days we’ve watched Vanessa shift to a new tactic from harsh confrontations and tears to offering cash to her allies to help move her along in the game. No more, said Big Brother.

Vanessa Rousso got "spanked" by Big Brother for her $$ remarks
Vanessa Rousso got “spanked” by Big Brother for her $$ remarks – Source: CBS All Access

It’s not uncommon to hear Houseguests trying to make deals and there have been situations in the past where HGs have arranged gifts for one another, but this season Vanessa seems to be taking that approach to a new level. Perhaps coming in to the game as a noted millionaire has put Vanessa in a different mindset when it comes to cash and it’s become more about chasing the title for her.

On Thursday night, Flashback to 10:11 PM BBT 8/27, Vanessa told Austin that $25,000 isn’t that much money and she was thinking they could work out a deal to comp the twins that much to each of them if one agreed to drop out at F4 for her. Yikes. That seems kinda sketchy, right?

This weekend, while looking for a pawn, Vanessa settled on Julia to make sure her target, Meg, would be sent home this week. Nevermind the fantastic opportunity she has to split up two duos by secretly getting Liz evicted. But to show Julia just how safe her plan is there’s a back up plan to cash in on.

Flashback to 2:46 AM BBT 8/30 as Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that she’s confident in using Julia as a pawn but should something go wrong she’ll pay her $10,000 out of her own pocket. Jump ahead to today at 1:18 PM BBT when Vanessa makes that same pitch to Julia directly.

Well Big Brother had enough of her making what sounded a lot like bribes to the other HGs and she was called in to the Diary Room this afternoon soon after she made the “I’ll give you $10,000 if things go wrong” pitch to Julia. Vanessa arrived back in the HoH room with the twins at 1:40 PM BBT.

Initially the Feeds cut but immediately returned as I imagine Big Brother might have wanted Feedsters to hear this even though HGs are usually not allowed to discuss their DR sessions. Vanessa tells Julia that she “got spanked” and what she really meant by offering $10K to her was just that she was 100% sure the plan would work. “I’ll give her $10,000 out of my pocket” very loosely translates to “this is a great plan and you can fully trust me on the votes.”

So what’s the issue here? According to past Houseguests, that’s a big no-no. You can’t offer to split winnings along with other various restrictions in that topic of discussion. I suspect it goes past Big Brother rules to involve state or federal regulations, but I’m no lawyer. Vanessa must have been aware of this before though because she’s discussed asking Big Brother for permission to offer HGs to work with them to take the winnings and gamble it in Vegas so several of them can profit from the prize money.

I imagine that’s going to be the last of Vanessa offering Houseguests cash to push her farther in the game. So hopefully that’s all settled now and we can get back to making game moves, not wire transfers.


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  1. I’ll give Vanessa $10 if she’ll get the heck out of the house. I’ll even throw in a Burger King crown so she can feel like a winner.
    How about it? ;-P

    • Vanessa is about as low as they come. Playing a game is one thing, but she takes it to a whole other level. When are these people gonna get rid of her? They already know what she is!!
      She should get ejected from the game for doing what she obviously knows she’s not allowed to do!! That would make both the houseguests and the live feeders happy!!

      • agree to disagree! Clearly she would be ejected from the game if she was breaking rules!
        And just because you and some others do not like her doesn’t mean everyone does not like her. And hey, she’s giving you a reason to watch! & someone else to cheer for lol because no one else has played the game? So at least she providing entertainment & making the game more exciting! all the Vanessa hater can sit back and watch the day Vanessa gets the boot…. or wins which I think at this point is very unlikely. everyone likes a villain, everyone likes entertainment, everyone likes drama, these types of shows/games crave it! Without it, if everyone was singing Kumbaya and holding hands and just voting people out in some type of order like drawing names from a hat, do you honestly believe any of us would watch this show? Of course not! Reality shows are about villains and drama! Big brother is all about that! So whether you agree with things that are going on or disagree, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because big brother is clearly getting high ratings! Who knows, they could be telling Vanessa to do all of those things, and telling the house guests what she is doing and not to worry about it, and to keep Austin and the twins! Really, how do any of us really really know?
        so as much as I have like and dislike houseguests from other years, I still come back and watch it & so do you! And, CBS is getting exactly what they want, a lot of people talking about this season! It’s unfortunately how reality TV is wired, always drama, always villains, always underdogs and so on! Why people take this to a personal level after all these years I do not understand! It’s a reality TV show game!

      • I’m not watching because of Vanessa, I’ve been watching BB since season one, I watch to cheer for my favorite player and it’s not Vanessa. You like who you like, birds of a feather flock together. I don’t admire her game play, if not for Austin and the twins she would have been gone already.

      • “birds of a feather flock together” & I happily accept that! Have you ever met her in person? Do you know who she is outside of the house? and what she does for so many for so many charities? Do you know how kind and down to earth she is? No, you don’t! So maybe you should think twice before you judge someone’s personality when watching a game show! you do know that reality TV is not reality anymore right? Anyway, I’ve beaten this to death of you & clearly it doesn’t matter what I have to say, you are just going to continue being judgemental.
        good luck with that!

    • Absolutely! Just wait til they all watch it back. They’ll all have regrets! A snake. I get that its a game, and she is playing it well, but I’d rather have someone likeable win. Like Johnny Mac!

  2. So glad she finally “got spanked” if that’s how she put it. About time… Hope it works…

  3. Vanessa should just offer $50,000 to each of the 7 remaining house guests, so they can let her win BB 17 and stroke her ego even more!

    • She’s already is violation of the contract they all signed, but I think she’s a major player in how the producers want this season to go…. On the other hand, whoever she is against (IF she makes it to F2) should sue BB. They have the clause in the contract for a reason, it should be enforced.

      • yes. I think we discussed this in another thread. It was known a week ago, and they ( CBS ) let it fester, and the behavior got worse and worse. Vanessa knew the rules and the fact intrastate transfers over $10,000 are watched by the Feds, IRS, and DEA. In fact you have to make special claims for such. Anyone who has tried to handle money over $10k should know this, as its the fine line between a simple bank transaction, and a Federal transaction full of red tape. Just carry 10,001 dollars through an airport security terminal and see if the DEA doesn’t confiscate it. There is proof of this on the NSA’s twitter feed not more than 2 months ago btw. This is why Vanessa studied the rulebook for a loophole to try to gamble or stake a player. With the contract, money becomes a very serious legal issue, and in the case of BB, gambling it is akin to money laundering to clean where it came from. Vanessa should have been DQ’ed last week, not now. She is a cheat, and what’s worse, is one that uses financial prowess to buy her votes in a game.

      • I carry 15k through the airport 4 times a year ging to Vegas. Never once have anybody said a word about it.

  4. If you’re gonna have rules stick with them. Vanessa caught offering Julia $10,000. Basic rule #13 says she should have been asked to leave BB. Why isn’t production enforcing rules? Why are they playing favorites? She is not only a bully but now a cheat

    • Only makes me viewers believe this whole game is fixed from the beginning when somebody violates their contract not once, but thrice!!

      • Then don’t watch it. Everyone keeps complaining, THEN why are these people still watching it? Stop watching it! Simple, easy, turn the channel! Don’t come here… All these people that say they’re going to stop watching it but every day there on here typing away…..

      • definitely a lot of haters, & I am okay with that. there is always a villain but attacking her personally, and attacking me personally makes those people just as guilty! the only difference is, I don’t care! They can insult me all they want because at the end of the day I Know Who I am, I know I am a good person and they can go ahead and say whatever they want about me or Vanessa because I know she won’t care, & I certainly do not care! :-) thanks for the support ♡♡

    • because it was a simple misuse of words completely take out of context! Just because everyone dislikes Vanessa they are twisting what she said around!

      • Did she or did she say to Austin that she’d offer them $25k each if dropped at F4? Did she or did she not say she’d pay Julia $10k if something went wrong? From my understanding, this was said on the feeds for all to hear. I don’t think this was taken out of context. Because if it was, she wouldn’t have gotten “spanked” by production. I don’t like Vanessa. But until all of this, I thought she was playing a good “mastermind” game. Hell, she’s had a hand in the eviction of EVERY player so far. Even when she wasn’t HOH. But, offering money, is a breach of the rules. And personally, I think she should be asked to leave the game. While I’m at it, if she’s offering to pay $10k out of her own pocket, shouldn’t that be a clue to Austin that she doesn’t really need the $500k and that they need to get her out ASAP? But, that is another story. lol

      • and I do not disagree with you in regards to some of her gameplay! I don’t defend all her actions. I don’t know the whole story about final for splitting the money but I honestly don’t understand what the big deal is…. So what, Final Four split the money… It’s not something we as fans of the game want to hear but it doesn’t make her a terrible person for saying it. and I guarantee you she is not the only house guest ever in the history of Big Brother to say this.
        as for the $10,000 comment….. that was completely taken out of context as far as I’m concerned, I’m simply giving my opinion though. it was said in a way not to bribe someone but to reassure them, that’s it that’s all!that’s just how I feel and how I see it, obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion and thoughts.
        as I said, I do not agree with some things Vanessa has said especially recently however if she truly did something against the rules then she would be booted. if she truly did something against the rules and wins then whoever lost to her can fight it I guess! but, I just don’t see it that way and that’s probably because I am NOT blinded by hatred towards Vanessa. I don’t think it matters what she says or does,she is not liked by some fans therefore they are going to rip apart anything she says.
        and for the record, I have said since day one of finding out Vanessa was going on Big Brother that I wanted her to win but I didn’t want her to win because she does not need the money and I always like to see the money go to someone who really really needs it!! since day one I have said that.just like the guy who won last year, my mind is drawing a blank right now on his name but I was super happy he won because I knew the money was going somewhere good! To his family!

      • And you know the rules? Did you write the rules to Big Brother? Have you had a lawyer explain the rules to you? Stop acting like you’re knowledgeable on this matter. You’re just a jealous hater.

      • Offering money is not the same as offering to split the game prize money to someone who has money. We know that there is a rule that contestants can’t arrange to split the prize money. We don’t know if there is a more general rule about making offers of value during the game.

      • And now everyone claims to be a lawyer who knows the specifics about their contracts and contractual agreements along with penalties.

  5. Vanessa shold definitely be kicked out. BB has no credibility/integrity with this “turning a blind eye/inconsistent, selective enforcement of rules”…

    On a related note, I would love to see the house include people on welfare, disability, unemployment and/or retirement (I.e. People who REALLY need the $). Maybe those individuals would use their heads (and not just think they were at summer camp) and actually try to win ( not throw comps)…

    • I’m not sure about people on public assistance because it would just be too sad to watch them get evicted. But yeah, every day working class people I would love to see play this game. Not just young adults who act like children.

      • The working class is to busy to play games. They have to pay bills. I wish it were possible though.

      • That’s one reason why Derrick was so likable, I would rather see the money go to someone with a family and have the money make a difference in their lives. The casting director needs to realize that most bb fans are people with family’s and we would rather see adults playing the game instead of filling the house with blonde bimbos.

      • Jason was the HG this season who exactly fits your description. Working in a grocery store, so not big money, and living in the basement. He needed the money….

      • I was one who didn’t like Jason at first. But he grew on me. He was funny. “Oh mylanta!” lmao

      • ♡ I always said I would not stoop to people levels and be a hypocrite but, if the shoe fits…..

    • Maybe she’ll prostitute herself the next time. Oh wait, is this against house rules? ??? Oh shucks, miracles never cease

      • The only one chasing skirts is James…and he wouldn’t pay one wooden nickel for what she’s peddling….

      • Steve is a man child and couldn’t even grasp what he would be paying for…

        And Austin already has 1 girlfriend and one prostitute (Liz… Who even was referred to as hoaring herself out to Austin). What would he need with another.

      • She referred herself to a whore !!! I hope I can have a daughter just like her !!!! NOT

      • she needs to be on celebrity big brother/uk they just tossed tila tequila for comments on the pro side of hitler .V’s butt should still be bouncing around on the BB’s doorstep !!!. and I am not pro hitler

      • That worked for Alison Irwin in BB4, Vanessa wouldn’t be offering her services to anyone but the twins and I wouldn’t put it past them to take up the offer, if they were promised money. maybe she would actually succeed in breaking up the Austwins then. lol so wrong.

      • there are obviously isn’t any or else it would be posted on here all the time! Every time Vanessa (who most fans seem to dislike) won something or things went her way, it would be posted on here.
        I don’t understand people’s logic! Just because a player people do not like is still in the game and doing very well they call foul and say it’s rigged! But if the game goes the wayfans like it and their favorite players win or are winning, then it’s such a great game and not rained at all lol
        do people honestly think big brother is so rigged that Vanessa is going to win the game and the person who lost next to her is just going to lay down and take it?! If she is doing things against the rules and getting away with it and wins, the other house guests are going to accept it?! Obviously not! do people honestly think Vanessa is so important to big brother that they (CBS) is willing to have a HUGE PR nightmare on their hands and risk cancelling the show that brings them big money every summer?!?!
        it makes no sense whatsoever! Yes Vanessa is a “celebrity” to some degree when it comes to poker, but honestly so many people have no idea who she is so they are not bending the rules for her! do I think production does and always has somehow manipulated a few people in the diary room to make the show more exciting and dramatic? Yes absolutely! But its not rigged.

      • Damn girl, you are making me read so much tonight and I appreciated your need to defend your favorite player, quite admirable. I just rather not waste time watching a show that supposedly carries the motto “expect the unexpected” only for it to be completely expected and if Vanessa is actually favored by production and CBS to win, that just means it goes from game show to terribly scripted soap opera drama and last I checked, i don’t watch those. given how many people are questioning this season, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is actually pegged to win this season and that would simply mean, I would rather not waste my time watching a scripted show, when there are plenty of other scripted shows that are actually worth watching, instead of a show about a millionaire buying her way to win said show. I’m sure if CBS just came out and said BB was scripted from the start, many wouldn’t watch it all. unless they were really bored or liked that aforementioned premise. simple as that Tina.

      • yeah, sorry this talk to text gets the best of me lol…… And I could not agree with you more! if Big Brother is scripted then I would completely lose interest! It’s one of the few reality shows still on TV that is not scripted, at least I hope not! And I highly doubt!
        aside from this whole Vanessa stuff, I myself am not impressed with this season of Big Brother because Julie Chen said on day one to “expect the unexpected” and every week there “would be a twist!” What, 3 twists? And after that nothing! so I certainly agree with you in regards to things like that! & I am sure certain situations are manipulated, but it’s hard to tell for sure so until a previous house guest comes forward and says it happens, all we can do is hope it’s the big brother game it was 15 years ago! and / or choose not to watch it anymore. to be honest with you, Big Brother Canada has been way more exciting and had way more twists! sometimes there twists are a little too much lol and have seemed unfair at times!

      • I want to like Vanessa, but the way she feels entitled to offer money and undermine the rules, doesn’t feel fair and I’m bias, simply because I’m pulling for someone other than the millionaire at this point lol because I know it would be enjoyed so much more and be won by someone who isn’t just in it for the fame or resume. I know right? I wondered what happened to a twist every week this season, that would of been fun! yeah, I been hearing much about BB Canada and how its more exciting, I’ll have to check that out sometime. we can only hope this season gets exciting, because I intend to stick around for the drama, when they turn on each other. the juicy part of the season. ;)

      • See, I am still rooting for JMac, hoping he can pull it off. I know dentists make a lot of money, and yet I don’t dislike him the way I do Vanessa. Just the way she goes about things are horrid :<

      • I do wonder what happened to the Takeovers…even the players were questioning their existence lol

      • Usually the “unexpected” twists bomb out(Gronk) so I’m liking this season with no fabricated twists so far Not scripted but I think production is doing back flips that Vanessa has lasted this long

      • How do we watch BB Canada or BB UK????? I would love to watch something better than this!

      • I live in Canada so it’s easy to watch here :-) but I’m sure you can watch it on your Google box or computer

      • if the game is rigged, why are they (Big Brother) keeping Vanessa around when she is so disliked by many fans? she certainly is not bring in more numbers if people are apparently boycotting the game. makes no sense to me, if it was rigged then big brother would be getting rid of houseguests that are not popular, and house guests that are extremely boring!

    • if this were true, and she was really breaking the rules she would be gone! The rules are not hidden from the public! If she really was breaking the rules and then won the game, the person she won against could totally fight it and it would be a huge big brother nightmare! I hardly think Vanessa is worth it to big brother to deal with that type of PR nightmare.

      • Look at the contract the HGs sign. Clause 43 is very clear. She did violate the contract. She should have been kicked out the door IMMEDIATELY. And, the clause even mentions any HG who is approached with sharing prize money is supposed to immediately notify the Producers. If Vanessa were to win, I’d love for the other HGs to sue. They ALL signed the same contract…….NONE of them should be allowed to violate the contract without the remedy of removal.

      • Look, I agree. But, BB seems to leave the door open to enforcing whatever rules they see fit. As I understand it, the rules also say you are not supposed to reveal who you are putting on the block and you are not supposed to tell someone they are going on the block. I think years ago they gave a penalty vote or something to the person that violated this rule. Now, it’s openly discussed and nothing happens. Vanessa seems to think she’s above the rules and keeps pushing it. I imagine BB is pretty exasperated with her at this point just like the HGs but they want to keep her in the game. Van was scouring the BB rule book not too long ago and I assume she was looking for a loop hole regarding the whole share the winnings thing. She claims to be so smart so I think she knows it was a violation and just decided she would do what she wants anyway. I’ll bet she’s the only one who bothered to really read the contract. Or, the others read it and forgot this part. Either way, they have to know that her offer of money is pretty damn shady. My hope is that they give her a penalty of some kind. Maybe we won’t know that until the live show. She deserves that and more. I’d love nothing more than for this to backfire on her. But, I don’t think a single thing will happen to her.

  6. I called this two or three days ago. Maybe it was yesterday I have lost track of days. Lol. Anyway I said Vanessa would suddenly say DR told her she couldn’t sticky to those gift money offers….. Oops sorry austwins. It would be right when she was ready to turn on them that she did it to justify her actions later. Not saying she ready get rid one this week but it setting up her turn on the soon.

    • See, but maybe it was strategy on her part. Knowing she couldn’t really give them anything because BB wouldn’t allow it in any way…so she offers, knowing she cannot actually go through with it.
      This of course makes her a very crude manipulator, but what else is new lol

    • Even the discussion of sharing the potential prize money with other HGs is against the contract. She should have been removed.

  7. If BB has any integrity at all they will kick vanessa out permanently for blatantly breaking the rules ,but i guess Alison Grodner has no integrity as a producer and CBS needs to be turned into the FCC and BB cancelled forever unless drastic changes are made,because this wont stop untill something is done,

    • We already know Grodner has no integrity. When BB15 was a full blown racist fest and nothing was done about it. Now all they do it post a disclaimer before each show. Now we have blatant disregard for the rules and nothing is done about it. Integrity is not on the BB menu.

      FYI: If you want to watch some great BB, watch UK or Australia. Always better than ours.

  8. Total BS by Vanessa, and then she lies that that wasn’t what she meant. Good grief. Um, yeah, I’d say offering bribes and splitting money up does make US, you and me, foolish for sitting though and watching this “competition” all summer. Vanessa should get more than just spanked. How easy would it be for Lamborghini-owning, 4.5 mil-in-the-bank Vanessa to float 25K in cash to a houseguest, and nobody ever know?! Easy.

  9. What have I been saying? lol she is a millionaire and doesn’t need the money, yet its all about the spotlight and title for her, give it to someone who needs it and could actually use it, why even cast her in the first place? might as well throw in another millionaire next year. what makes her so special? just because she is a poker player and good at manipulating? surely you could find someone better at that, casting messed up and it has been unfair to the other HG’s and especially us viewers who invest in it, now it makes me wonder how long has this really been going on. she goes to jury and all is right with this season, but if she makes it to final 2. CBS you just lost another faithful viewer and BB fan. nice to see it coming back to bite them.

    • I am a huge Vanessa fan prior to Big Brother!
      I have said since day 1 of Big Brother this season that even though I like Vanessa, I did not want her to win because I wanted someone who really needed the money more than her to win. Does that mean she should not win? No of course not! She is just as deserving to win as anyone else in the house. people love her, people hate her! But I do not understand why so many people turn situations like this one around. and, I do not understand why she is attacked personally! Outside of the house, she is not only extremely intelligent but she is very nice, very down to earth and an all around great girl! She is also very charitable! She works with a lot of charities and does a lot for them. she is not about the spotlight and is actually quite shy!
      of course she wants to win! When you’re playing a game, don’t you want to win? And especially having that in her blood makes her want it that much more! and it’s less about the money and more about the win, you can’t judge her for that, you can’t judge her because big brother chose her as a house guest! honestly, I DO understand that she has appeared very paranoid at times throughout the season however, if you ask any other previous house guests from any other season they will ALL tell you “the house makes you very paranoid!” How could it not?! and, her paranoia has been justified because she felt her alliance was flipping on her and they were! So she had every right to be paranoid and every right to overthink things & “talk alot” Do I think she’s played a perfect game? No! Do I think she has played the game being true to herself? No! But who does! Really, how many previous winners of Big Brother have been 100% honest and 100% loyal playing the game? This is a game, nothing more nothing less! A game! And this whole situation in regards to the money is being completely blown out of proportion! she is simply trying to reassure Julia and she is doing it with saying “I am so sure you’re not going to go home. If I’m wrong I will give you $10,000!” she’s not saying “hey, we are rolling the dice here and you might go home so if you do I’m really sorry and I’ll give you $10,000!” Why is that wrong? She’s not bullying her, she’s not asking her to take one for the team and leave the house & giving her $10,000! Do you honestly believe Vanessa wants to win the game by giving people money so they will leave and she can make it to the end? As if! Plus, do you honestly believe if the people left in the house think they have a chance to win $500,000 they are going to give it up for $10,000? It’s all being taken out of context! Haters are going to hate! There’s nothing I can do there. And of course you are allowed your opinion and I am NOT trying to disrespect you in anyway. I understand how people can see it, especially because for whatever reason Vanessa is not very popular but let’s be realistic here, she’s NOT paying people off so she can win the game!

      • That was quite an article, but I read it none the less and I understand where you are coming from, I have nothing against her personally. I just find it more interesting and exciting when someone wins money who actually needs it, not someone doing it for title or fame, I actually didn’t mind Vanessa playing, but with the way her tactics are being used, she is taking advantage of the other less fortunate HG’s and undermining the game entirely, now I’m all for creative ways to win, but using money to buy your way in a game show, is like watching the rich kid buy his friends off at a birthday, it feels empty and fake and you rather just be somewhere else and in this case, I just don’t care to invest again in this season, til she goes to jury. so this can actually go back to the BB house we all love and enjoy. simple as that, without any strings attached, the only cash money they should be earning is what the game offers, not what some entitled idiot cares to offer, just for her 15 minutes at the expense of everyone else.

      • & I agree with you, I have said since day one regardless of being team Vanessa I did not want her to win only because she already has a lot of money.
        However, she is not buying anyone to win! think about it, do you honestly think Vanessa (who is playing to win, not necessarily for the money!) would be proud of herself if she won the game buying everyone? And, let’s say she does by her way to the end and win (which she is not but for shits and giggles let’s just say she is) then really she deserves the money regardless because all the other idiots would have taken $10,000 instead of potentially winning $500,000! so they would all just be complete fools and Vanessa would deserve to win anyway lol
        (side note, I have always said from the beginning of the season when people were personally attacking Vanessa that they were wrong about her and that I enjoyed a good debate but was not going to stoop to their level and insult HGs character’s outside of the house therefore when I call them idiots and fools, strictly Game talk lol nothing about their character outside the house!)

      • Life is too short to read all your words but would you be ok if she beat James in F2 and gave the money to Charity

      • lol…. & I certainly do not expect anyone to read my long comments but then those who choose not to cannot really question me. but yes, to answer your question I would be happy if James won the game!

        PS. if life is too short to read what I have to say, there’s really no point in you and I discussing the game :-) with all due respect!

      • Since you didn’t read my question you did not earn the right to get snippy I no longer care what you think

      • Yes, I honestly believe she is offering money so she can get to the end and win. The $10k isn’t the only money she offered. She put it to Austin that perhaps they could offer the twins $25k to drop out at Final 4 and then leave her and Austin to go the Final 2. I can only judge Miss V by what I see and I see a manipulating, aggressively ugly player. She gets in people’s faces and tears them down unnecessarily. She accuses everyone of lying just in case they are lying. I can’t even get into everything this crazy woman has done. She is too practiced at it and it comes to naturally for it to be an act for the show. If in the DR she owned up to her tactics I would okay with her, but she tries to keep the facade going in there as well.

    • They do this crap on Survivor and the Amazing Race as well. They will cast major league athletes that are only there for fame, or to “prove” themselves. I don’t like it one bit.

  10. seriously, I don’t understand, well actually I do because everyone dislikes Vanessa so much but put your feelings aside for a moment! She was just telling Julia she would give her $10,000 out of her own pocket if Julia went home, meaning she was sure she would be safe! I don’t see the problem with that if she has the money lol…. She’s not buying votes, she’s not paying people to go home, she just did not want to go against her alliance therefore she used money as security! And that’s really all it was! End of story bottom line! I know so many people dislike Vanessa and I am over defending her, (well maybe lol) but in this case, people are overreacting! Its just like saying (two friends like we all have) if you do this and this happens I will give you this or that! We have all said this in real life at times! No we don’t say will give someone $10,000 but this is a game and it’s about money. I honestly think people are overreacting because they do not like Vanessa! she was just giving Julia reassurance and also trying to stay good with her alliance with Austin and the twins! That’s it, that’s all! She was not trying to buy her way to win, why would she do that? she wants to win, and wants to win fairley! She plays a game for a living, she wants to win by Nature! not by buying votes and what not. Honestly, think about it! In my opinion :-) no need to attack me for my thoughts. ♡♡♡♡

    • Tinalee, not attacking you for your thoughts at all…….but she, and all the other BB HGs signed a contract that specifically addresses what she did. It’s on-line, paragraph/clause 43.

      • I know you are not attacking me :-) and I do appreciate it. But, I still believe what she said is being taken out of context. that’s all :-)

  11. hello all my friends :-) its me, Vanessa defender lol….. I just want to say (well I have a lot to say but right now I will keep this brief, brief for me anyway lol)

    Let’s be realistic here! I know so so so many of you are not fans of Vanessa and I get it! And I respect everyone’s opinions, as long as it doesn’t get personal (which it does a lot of the times and I do not agree with regardless of which HGs is up for discussion)
    BUT PLEASE PEOPLE…….. do you honestly believe Vanessa wants to win the gameby buying people off?! do you honestly believe she would be proud of herself for winning a game because “paid people off” so they would be evicted but still vote for her to win? & do you honestly believe the people left in the game are going to leave now with the promise of $10,000 from Vanessa when they have a chance to win $500,000? Seriously! Do NOT get me wrong, I know what she said to Julia was true, but she was not saying it to “buy her off!!” ….. it was just her way of reassuring Julia the that she was going to stay safe!! the money part was just reassurance, just Vanessa telling her alliance she was not flipping on them. I know in my lifetime I have said to several people “I guarantee you such and such and if I am wrong, I will give you $100!” we have all said that! What Vanessa said to Julia was completely taken out of context and is now becoming absurd! Vanessa doesn’t want to win the game by giving people money to leave! She wants to win playing to the end! She’s just trying to secure her position within her alliance! Seriously! Think about it! And that’s all for now :-) ♡♡♡♡

    • It’s not that. It’s that any kind of monetary gambling is prohibited by BB. She disobeyed the rules set forth.

      • but did she get a ball? I mean yeah I guess so if you wanna get technical lol but, it wasn’t like that.
        its just like say for example Jmac said to Steve “I bet you $1,000 dude, you are totally safe this week!” we all say things like that all the time! &, I do understand Vanessa means it when she says to Julia if you go home I will give you $10,000 but she’s not gambling, she is reassuring her! if people want to twist it all up then so be it! I can’t be any more clear!
        Big Brother, cameras on you 24/7, audio on you 24/7….. No one ever says something stupid?! or says something they’re not supposed to say?! of course they do! production is always giving them crap lol…. The house guests are always told to “stop talking about production” I could not be on a show like that at all because I would constantly be saying something stupid lol….. It’s just a game, & I think people are taking this way too seriously.

      • If it were just the one time, I’d agree with you, but she was called into the DR three times total for this similar action and still was allowed to stay. Eventually it will all come out.

      • I guess it will, if she is strictly not respecting the rules but they are allowing her to stay. In my opinion, from watching all the feeds and big brother after dark, they are always getting into trouble! Numerous people on this season and many more on other seasons have done the same thing, pushed Productions buttons too far and / or broke certain rules. I’m not saying it’s right! But I think what she did is being taken out of context
        I just do not think this situation warrants her to be sent packing! like I said, she wasn’t gambling nor was she bribing, she was just telling Julia how safe she is. bottom line, end of story as far as I see it. there is just no way if she really broke a big rule “numerous times” that she would be allowed to stay. A rule is a rule, not to be broken but I am just seeing it as a huge big deal. Like I keep saying, it’s just being played out to be something way worse than it really is and so many House guests now and previously, have broken certain rules, and no one has ever been sent home. But if I’m wrong and she did something completely against the rules and should be tossed out then a lot of other house guests should have been kicked out also on other seasons. But again, if I am very very wrong then the house guests should complain to production, or after big brother is over this season (& HGs watch all the stuff that happened, apparently broken rules) then I guess Big Brother will have a lot of explaining to do or “pay” a lot of people off! maybe they already do that lol who knows!?! Anyway blah blah blah lol sorry

    • I agree with you I think the offer was gameplay. I don’t agree with you about respecting the opinions of non fans of Vanessa

      • respecting the opinions of non fans of Vanessa?
        I don’t get what you mean by that statement. I have been nothing but respectful to absolutely everyone on here whether they have insulted me personally or not. we are watching a game, a game! And we are having a friendly debate :-) if people want to take it to the next level like a lot of people have with me, then so be it! But I certainly am not one to dislike anyone’s opinions because they do not like Vanessa.

      • You keep saying that in the real world there is nothing wrong with what Vanessa has done. That may be true, but this isn’t the real world. This is a game and using money as bribes or pay-offs is wrong. Why? you might ask.. Well, in BigBrother there is no money, so promising money from outside the game should not be allowed. I understand she is a friend and you are a fan and supporter, but following the rules applies to everyone. There should not be exceptions for Vanessa because she has money outside of the house. Having that outside cash as a bargaining tool makes the game unfair to those without those resources.

    • I can understand the confusion between v and julia and it still doesnt make it right, but its a bit less confusing the convo v had with austin.

    • correct she want to win at all costs and willing to give cash to the other houseguests. It is about winning the GAME not the money to Vanessa she wants to be known as a great player. She already mentioned she wanted to write a book on the subject. Winning by, intimidation, bullying, crying, being a hypocrite of other’s gameplay is not the way to win. These people are scared of her outbursts as she attacks their integrity when it is hers that needs the examination. I have never seen HG in any BB show be so SCARED of another houseguest.

      I liken Vanessa to a the best of the cult leaders which is not a good thing!

  12. I prefer the non wire transfer game for entertainment but the Libertarian in me focuses on “out of my own pocket” so F..U Big Brother

  13. We know James will vote to keep Meg, but if Steve and JMac don’t also vote Julia out, I maybe done.
    Who am I kidding, I’ll watch but that would be stupid and I don’t want Steve talking about how much of a super fan he is. He’s almost in Adam from BB13 territory right now.

  14. So I just read Vanessa’s Wikipedia profile. 2 things: She’s a sex symbol? She looks like a meth head. And just because she’s won millions of dollars at poker doesn’t necessarily make her a millionaire. She could be blowing the money at a faster rate than she’s winning it.

    • Pretty much every professional poker player plays “cash games” on the side and most make even more money doing that than they do in tournaments, and it’s tax free! So I would actually add a few more million to any professional poker player’s “tournament winnings” to get an estimate on what they might be worth.

  15. Production should enforce the contract that is signed by all the HGs. The remedy mentioned is removal from the show………that should be done NOW. The contract is available on-line, there are two areas where the scheme to split prize money is addressed.

    • BB is probably protecting themselves from a lawsuit, especially from someone that can afford it. And then the media will spin it anyway they want and will probably take Vanessa’s side. BB is probably thinking it’s not worth the hassle. No money as far as we know ever changed hands and a good attorney would win against BB.

      • The BB appearance contract is very specific about what she’s done. Section 43 even says: “I am aware that it is a federal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment for me or anyone to do anything that would rig or in any way influence the outcome of the Series with intent to deceive the viewing public (including, without limitation, colluding to share any prizes, stipends or other monies). The clause goes on to say: “I acknowledge and agree that any agreement between me and any other participant(s) to share the Prize, if awarded to me or such other participant(s), shall constitute a deceptive or dishonest act hereunder”. Then the clause ends with: “I understand and agree that any act by me in violation of this paragraph shall give Producer the right to terminate my participation from the Series and to withhold any prizes, stipends and/or other monies even if already awarded, granted, earned and/or received by me”.
        The PRODUCERS need to do what is right, she needs to be removed…..and whomever else was in on the potentially proposed scheme.

  16. I was talking to my dad about things like this (relating to Vanessa and also the twins discussing splitting the prize) and he says it’s not just against BB rules – it’s illegal by federal law. So I don’t see why they’ve allowed the twins to keep saying they’ll share. It’s literally illegal to do so.

    • Your Dad is absolutely correct, as a matter of fact, the BB appearance contract states that it is a Federal offense. In order for the BB Producers to have any credibility in the future, they need to remove her…..

  17. If Vanessa’s game play had been better, she wouldn’t need to bribe anyone. She played it safe and went after the wrong couple (threesome). How in the world did she think she could possibly win putting up Meg and James? Game over

  18. can’t say I’m surprised with Vanessa’s tactic of bribing others…. she’s used nearly every other tool she can. quite sad and pathetic…. I think she needs to be taken to a room with some padding and wearing a “I love myself” jacket.

  19. if this games wasn’t rigged for Vanessa to win they would done kick her out but know they just spank her that’s big brother for you there this the 2nd time she made offers now an they still haven’t done it she end up the winner of this one

  20. She also cheated in a game earlier by putting Crisco in the fluid to fit her hand in easier.

  21. I hope they flip on Julia they have the numbers, Johnny Mac , weirdo Steve and James. Get rid of her and the rest will fall into place

  22. ok this is how i see it, there are rules and i have watch every season i seen someone leaving before because of the rules but i say don’t make her leave make her pay the price for breaking the rules,take her hoh give it to jmac he was next to receive it on the game and make her public apologize for her actions on..big bother has to make this big move because the house guests arnt making any big moves..

    • I hated seeing her try to con the twins out of their prize money by gambling it away – I doubt it she had won big with their money they’d ever seen a penny of it as well.

      • No decent person tries to bribe others to let them win. She is taking advantage of their stupidity. Vanessa should be kicked out of the game. She doesn’t deserve to be in the house, IMO players that bully and cheat don’t deserve stardom. Was my statement a little rough, maybe but that is how I feel about people like her. The enemy you know is better than the enemy you don’t know. Being low life is being like a snake and a snake she is. You can play this game with integrity, it’s been done.

      • well you and I can agree to disagree! I have no use for people who insult me personally! You’re just as bad as how you describe Vanessa! Attacking my character when you don’t know me at all!

      • if you think she tried to bribe people then so be it! I’m not going to be able to help you understand the situation clear because you dislike her so much. It’s useless! But, she did not bribe anyone! It was taken out of context! that’s all..
        think about it, she plays a game for a living! Do you honestly believe she will be happy to win the game bribing people to the end? As if!

      • She did try to bribe them, she got spanked by production for doing it. Have you not been paying attention. But, whatever. Its my opinion and I don’t really care whether you agree or not. Last time I checked it was still a free country and I’m entitled to my opinion.

      • & if you honestly believe she is bribbing to win the game then you are delusional! She says one thing to reassure someone and what she said is taken out of context and/or completely twisted around by all of her haters! it was a figure of speech! She was not saying a Julia, leave this week and I will give you $10,000, she was reassuring her, she was saying she knows julia is not going home and putting money on that! have you ever said to anyone “I bet you a million dollars…. Such and such and such?!) of course you have! And that’s what Vanessa was doing. Do I think she would give her $10,000 if Julia went home being a pawn of Vanessa’s? YES but only because I know she would feel terrible if Julia went home. quit taking things so seriously, this is a game! If Vanessa had or has been personally attacking someone’s character and being racist and said a lot of mean things to a lot of people or even one, then I can understand! But all she is doing is playing a game, yes a little too hard at times but, she’s manipulating people, turning things around on other people and so on because it is a game and she is trying to win it! it works for her this far, and now she has to step it up even more because there’s not many people left in the house. I do agree, she has said some stupid things but put me in a house away from my family and friends & with absolutely no idea what’s going on outside of the house, and not being able to hear my husband’s or daughters or moms voice, 24/7 for 3 months ++ I can guarantee you I would say some stupid things, I would make some regretful comments! it’s very tough being in that situation, and some people just deal with it differently than others! she is certainly NOT the first HgS in history to ever make mistakes! At least hers are not racist or directly mean & all of that, like we have had to watch other season!! she’s just being manipulative and doing what she needs to do to win the game! and if she was breaking very solid rules, she would have been booted therefore just like me, production knows what she meant by it, they were just telling her to stop talking about it. I don’t know about you, but when watching big brother after dark or live feeds, production is constantly, constantly telling people to stop talking about production or to stop doing this or to stop doing that! All the time!! So really, everyone should get the boot then I guess! And I’m pretty EVERYONE in this chat group if they had a chance to play for $500,000 would make mistakes!!
        from what I have been told and what I have read kama james apparently is very sexist! But because he’s funny, and a fan favorite, what he does is overlooked! so hypocritical! It’s easy to hate the “villain” & get worked up over things that are not that bad, They are Very typical in a game like this!
        nobody said Vanessa is perfect!
        you certainly are not perfect, in your other comment to me you put me down, insulted my character when you have no idea who I am! So, just by your words I would assume if you were in the house you would be making far worse comments!! it’s very easy to hide behind a computer and insult people you don’t know and jump on a bandwagon and say inappropriate things Plus try and damage other peoples character!
        Nuff said!! do me a favor, pretend I do not exist because I have no interest in talking to people who hide behind a computer and insult others! Lol… Must make you feel really important hey?! I am here for the fun :-) I love a good clean debates,

      • PS. YOU ARE watching the wrong game if you believe what you just said….. It’s A GAME sweetheart!
        peace out ♡

      • so you said it yourself sweetheart, she didn’t break any rules because if she did she would be gone!! just because you dislike her style of play does not make you right! sweetheart!
        again, you do realize that reality TV is not reality?! Don’t you?! If you truly think everything you see on reality TV is real, then you should take a timeout.
        I am done with you and your personal attacks on my character! Just goes to show you the type of person you are, I have never once insulted anyone for disagreeing with me! the same cannot be said for you so that just speaks volumes!
        NUFF SAID TO YOU!! ♡♡

  23. I have already stopped watching both the show and BBAD, I’m not going to waste my time watching this obviously rigged show.

  24. I personally lost interest in watching the show when the racist cast was on, that and when Dan “the D!ck” was on, and everything he was let get away with. But the absolute worst HG IMO on the show has got to be Frankie ” hey look at me” Grande, talk about a total waste of human flesh. I did cartwheels when he was evicted. There should be a rule against either people that have already won big money on a show, or people that are already rich, which I guess is basically the same thing lol. I really hope Vanessa gets evicted ASAP. Can’t stand her smug, nasty arse. Okay, let me have it. Wonder how long until I get hate comments lol. Sorry if u don’t agree with my thoughts, but I am entitled to voice my opinions. Have a great day all, God Bless.

    • we are all entitled to our own opinions! Just some of us don’t feel the need to attack people’s personal character, we see this for what it is, a game! Reality TV! Drama! And people like you are feeding right into it

  25. Work with house guests and gamble their winnings in Vegas? What house guest would give Vanessa their winnings to lose in Vegas?

  26. I have been say this for the last month, Vanessa is a Low life POS and she should be thrown off the show. The twins only thing upstanding they have done all season is cook and clean the kitchen. Otherwise they act like 12 year old mean girls who think they are better than the rest of us. Their parents should be so proud of them. Worst BB season ever. The integrity of the show has been compromised and respect for BB production and CBS is lost. If you think that this show is not rigged you should think again.

      • and then….. You attacked me personally! You don’t know anything about me whatsoever! But you attack me personally! Can’t say are you the first, but it’s rare!
        so much for a friendly debate! You are a hypocrite!

      • And THAT is a huge compliment! So thank you so much :-) ♡♡♡♡
        however I must admit I am NOT as intelligent or educated as she is! She’s brilliant! I enjoyed her a lot! On and off this game!

      • true that! & there is certainly nothing wrong with people having different opinions. it happens every single day but how you choose to react is all that matters and at the end of the day I can lay my head down at night knowing I never personally attacked anyone, at all! Regardless of what they have said to me!

  27. Tired of watching her screw up the show. Perhaps it’s how they edit things together, but she comes across as a man-hater. She can’t have a sit-down discussion with a guy one-on-one without her getting very hostile (if she has power over them) or crying (because she feels victimized by them for some stupid reason). She never does that with female HG’s. She’s done it to Austin a few times, but since he hangs out with the twins they act as a buffer.

    She could have gotten Meg, James, Johnny Mac & Steve to form a 5-person alliance, and sent Aus-twins packing. But, no, she blows up at James after POV, and there goes that idea. She says she’s alone in the house, but it’s by her own doing. She stays with an alliance she knows tried to screw her even when there are opportunities to ditch them and form another alliance. She either has a very overly developed sense of loyalty, or she really is just this dumb. She leads with her emotions instead of logic.

    Like Derrick said last year “it’s a numbers” game. Meg, James, JM, Steve & Vanessa is a 5-person team vs. Aus-twins 3 person team. Only issue is comps… James is good physically, JM & Steve are good mentally, Vanessa is good both, Meg is useless. Austin is good both, and the twins are good physically. You’d have to game the comps to get your secret 5-person alliance ahead instead of taking on Aus-twins head-on.

    But, she’s too emotional to see the forest for the trees. You have two week duo’s in the house that could make a mega-alliance, and she’s too busy shutting them down without seeing the big picture.

    She’s had SO many opportunities to make big moves, but she keeps making small moves to maintain alliances she knows she’s ostracized in, burn bridges with others (because most members in other alliances are men, and she blows up at them), and it’s only her skill at comps that’s been keeping her along for the ride.

    Of course, that being said, the rest of the house was stupid not to vote her out when Becky was in rule. If they had, then she wouldn’t be sitting there every week screwing up the rest of the game with drama, crying, bullying, bemoaning her “situation” while she sends others packing, and complaining about not wanting to get “blood on her hands” after she finishes slitting someone’s throat.

    If she really is an outsider, then she needs to get sent home, because this late in the game there is no room for outsiders. But, she’s not. She’s a hypocrite, and hopefully the rest of the house will get tired of it this week. If she was sent home in double-eviction, I wouldn’t shed a tear for her. To me, she’s been screwing up the game by not making it a “game” but more a “who will I make snap decisions on now” show. There is no masterful gaming going on. Every episode sees decisions being made on whims, and it’s tiring. There’s little to no strategy anymore. Nobody can keep their mouth shut and keep a secret. Everyone’s tattling on everyone else, and it’s like watching a bunch of kids on a playground acting immature while making up rules to some game they think they’re playing.

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