Big Brother 17: Johnny Mac Pours The Gas, Vanessa Lights The Fuse

John McGuire isn’t afraid to go all out when his back is against the wall and that’s exactly what just happened this morning when his chances of a Veto save appeared to have run out.

Vanessa wants to ask you a question
Vanessa wants to ask you a question – Source: CBS All Access

Speaking with John, Vanessa explained that she wouldn’t be using the Veto as it’d just be too risky. With that confirmation John revealed to her the 5-HG “alliance” that had been created to target her for eviction this week. Cue the music, please.

Flashback to 10:25 AM BBT as John tells her that he along Austin, the twins, and Steve agreed to work together to get her out of the game. Vanessa didn’t know all that. She knew something was up, but not how deep those waters ran.

Ten minutes later Liz comes by and Vanessa confronts her about the 5-HG deal. Liz doesn’t have good answers for Vanessa, but manages to shift the blame to Steve. Vanessa was already on a push to see about keeping John this week so this plays in to that plan. Vanessa tells Liz she wants Steve gone.

Liz heads upstairs and is wildly upset about John revealing this. Flashback to 10:50 AM BBT. She’s cursing and cursing about John while discussing how she wants to hurt him. Julia tells Liz to cool it. She’s pretty far over the top.

Downstairs Vanessa sat quietly for several minutes before going to find Steve. Flashback to 10:51 AM BBT. She demands an immediate answer on whether or not Steve was leading the charge to get her out. Steve admits there was a 5-HG alliance created, but is mostly caught off guard while Vanessa is very upset.

Steve says he didn’t lead the rally to target her, but she doesn’t believe him. “It was you motherf**ker.” She tells him he has lost her vote and leaves as the chaos continues.


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  1. Sounds like JohnnyMac punched the “Paranoia” button with authority. But was it too early?

    • He was right on time!!!!!! He got the crazy train started. Austin is beyond scared. Vanessa is on to him.

      • Wait… Didn’t Vanessa say to Steve early this morning that she had made “Agreements” with everyone in the house?? What a hypocrite!

      • She is a huge hypocrite. I personally don’t like the way she plays the game. I agree with John, she does bully people to get what she wants from them.

    • I love seeing JMac develop a killer instinct and it’s about time.
      I don’t see what other choice he had besides try to sway Vanessa to his side and proving he’s willing to work with her.
      I hope Vanessa will get her way once again.

      • I understand he had to try something before the Veto. I’m just wondering if in that house right now, with Steve being able to lurk in corners, if it might play itself out now that Steve has time to counter. 4 days is an eternity in there. (But you’re right. He had to try.)

      • Oh yes, I see your point and it’s a good one. 4 days is a long time and everyone could still change their minds about a hundred times before Thursday. Personally, I’m going to enjoy all the drama JMac has stirred up in the meantime and I’m hoping Vanessa will be able to save him.

      • The thing that I would have never imagined or wanted before but now I am really looking forward to … Van Van teams up with Vampire Dentist in exterminating the Coward 3sum … jedi master meets dead fish master!!!

      • I never doubted for a minute when the time came for the SS to turn on each other Vanessa would be leading the way. If Vanessa can save JMac I will be rooting for her too believe it or not.

      • Let’s hope Steve doesn’t return if he’s evicted. Would like to see Becky or Shelli return to take out the Austwins personally.

      • I want to see them on the block so bad. That will make the whole season worth it to see Liz and Austin on the block together.

      • I can’t wait to see the love birds turn on each other as it could get pretty ugly. Bring in on BB!

      • She knows she’s on the bottom with them so she just might go after them or team up with someone that will go after them.

      • Wouldn’t that be special – for Van Vam to team up and rip the Austwins out by their roots (apologies for the dental humor). Couldn’t happen to a more deserving threesome. (Austin is such a wuss. Wasn’t he the one – the other being Steve – who wanted his mommy’s help in making his decisions?) Is it even possible that John could see his way to teaming up with Vanessa?

      • Ahahahaha! That could change by Wednesday with Vanessa’s mood swings! :-) If she can convince the Goblins to vote Steve out, if only to piss the Austwins off by keeping JMac, all is aligned correctly in the BB house! :-)

      • I agree I’m glad he spoke up. Then Liz has the nerve to ask JMac why he blabbed about the 5 person alliance. Loved it when JMac told her you don’t put two people up from your alliance so you guys went back on that deal.

      • That idiot Liz doesn’t understand that Steve and JMac were able to figure out their alliance wasn’t really an alliance. I’m going to be upset if the twins continue to advance to the finale in such an easy manner.
        I want to see blood, sweat and tears from those 2 as they go down.

  2. Love the chaos courtesy of Johnny Mac. Vanessa will get her way, Austin is a coward, The Twins are self evolved imbeciles and I don’t get Steve.

    • I wonder if Vanessa can forgive Steve for his betrayal, even though she’s never been exactly loyal to him in their so called alliance.

      • hehehe…if the Austwins don’t go along with voting out JMac, Vanessa will go “float” to what works best for her, despite personal grievances. That’s my gut feeling anyway. Hoping I’m wrong. But, alliances have to turn on each other at some point.

    • JohnnyMac is dishing Vanessa s mess right back at her. She can’t handle it. You go MAC!

  3. Theory??? John pretty much knows he’s going home. If not this week, then next week. He can’t win Veto to save himself. This is the ONLY week left he could possibly come back with any chance to take vanessa out (because the rest are too stupid to do it) so he takes the only gamble he has left. Get voted out this week and try to come back with one plan of attack and start picking them off???? Is that too out there???

    • Or. . . He has stirred Vanessa up which could keep him in the house. Then another of his former allies will come back to help with the attack.

    • I think I am inclined to agree with Cindy that John is trying to burn it all in the hopes of staying, and upsetting Vanessa so much that she evicts Steve.
      That gives John a 100% chance that one of his allies comes back (everyone who has been evicted would work with John over Van, even Shelli I think) and John gets to survive a week and have a returning ally.

    • He just told us the reason. When Vanessa told him she wasn’t going to use veto, he realized he was going home. Steve had told him about the GEEKS alliance. He had to play his last card to save himself. So, as of now he’s expecting Vanessa’s and Jameg’s votes. He better campaign for their votes until Thursday.

  4. Johnny Mac doesn’t know the game?? Sounds like he’s playing the heck out of the game now. He knows that by pulling Van’s strings, he’ll get her all fired up at Steve. With her, it’s just a matter of who she thinks is rolling over for her first.

    • But JMac being the nice guy that he is waited until there was no hope for survival before telling Vanessa that she was indeed the intended target to be BD this week.

      • I can only hope that James and Meg, along with Vanessa being the swing vote, to evict Steve and JMac stays in and then an ally of his comes in and align themselves with James and Meg and get the Austwins out. At this point, I’d rather have Vanessa stay and get the Austwins out. The twins seem to have an irrational hatred of JMac.

      • The same way some of the HG’s had an irrational fear of Donnie last year which is absolutely ridiculous. Who in their right mind would think JMac or Donnie is really evil?
        Maybe JMac hurt their feelings by liking Becky more than them? He hasn’t caved in to their flirting strategy at all thankfully so now they hate him I guess.

      • Yes, I have thought all along that they didn’t like the fact that JMac hasn’t kissed their rears throughout the game. They weren’t his target…Vanessa was. I never thought I’d want Vanessa to stay in the game, but she is so much more tolerable than the Austwins-uh.

  5. Of course Vanessa is going to say to the Austwins that she is not mad at them for planning to back door her, only Steve. What else could she say. She doesn’t want to alienate the 3 of them, because she still needs them (ie the numbers) to take out Steve and Jmac before moving on to getting rid of Austin and then Liz. Why don’t the Austwins see this, or at least if they see it, do something about this. The winners in all this are Meg and James. Hopefully V doesn’t get wind of “Brass tacks”.

  6. The Goons should have realized by now that the Coward 3sum also had an alliance with Lil Stevie and Vampire Dentist but they easily dispatch them and also stay loyal to Van Van.
    Their only survival chance is to go against their wish (keeping Lil Stevie) and try to save Vampire Dentist and work with him and the returning juror … hope the sense comes to those loony minds of theirs!!!

    • The Goblins have yet to figure out the numbers game going on but hey, at least they provide entertainment for the Austwins so they still have a chance in the game.

  7. Speaking on the camera, “Austin wants to do this”..”but Judas wants to do this”..”Can Judas break on his words?” ….give me a break..Go hang yourself Judas.

  8. R.I.P Steve lol he should have said “no I didn’t start the charge Austin did and was going to backdoor you if you didn’t win pov.” Also very smart move on Johns part.

  9. I wish the good drama happen during the Big brother after dark. Can’t get feed. Gatta see it! Be surprised if anyone is talking to Vanessa by Thursday. The way people feel bout her, caught in lies. .. now firecracker mood.

  10. Whoa, Nelly! Did I just read that Vanessa said, “…it’s morning and it’s easier to get in my head because my meds haven’t kicked in yet”? Aha! My conspiracy theory is correct! The ‘meds’ are actually the antidote that keeps Van from being affected by the ‘stupid gas’ being pumped into the house…which explains her actions. No? OK. Vanessa is a great manipulator, and as much as I do not like her game play, she is a genius. A suuper geeenius.

    • The fact that Vanessa might have an advantage over the other HG’s by her “medications” is certainly helping her be a genius this year. When everyone else is worn out by her continually talking game, the other HG’s are exhausted and easily swayed so she’ll shut up and go away. Vanessa exhausts me just by reading the Jokers Updates.

      • Is that what she takes? Didn’t Amanda from BB15 take that too? What is it with the mean bullies and the connection with Adderall?


        (Sorry, I just woke up a few minutes ago and it hasn’t kicked in yet.)

      • Remember Devin from last year and Aaryn from BB15? They were both on Adderall too. I’m not an expert on Adderall but going from what I’ve been told by others Adderall is a legal form of meth and basically works the same way speed does. When Adderall is given to people with ADHD the speed effect makes them slow down and stop being hyperactive and unable to concentrate. When a person without ADHD takes Adderall they start getting paranoid and behaving like Vanessa.
        One sign of a HG being on Adderall is that they can’t shut up and can talk game 24/7 long after the undrugged HG’s minds are numb and worn out.
        It’s supposed to give HG’s the ability to concentrate better in the comps so that’s another unfair advantage.

      • Adderall is for focus both for those that need it and those that abuse it. For those with ADHD or other disorders like it it doesn’t slow them down exactly just makes it so they can keep their focus on a task. For those that don’t need it it does the same thing, but can make you overly focused on something. For example in colleges it is very common to use for cramming, getting papers done, etc. however if someone takes it and takes a break for a second on facebook for example hours could go by with out them really noticing.

      • By observing the effects that Adderall has had on Vanessa, Amanda Z., Devin and Aaryn I think it’s pretty clear it has the same effect on them as taking speed so they obviously don’t have ADHD since Adderall would have the exact opposite effect on people with ADHD or hyperactive children by making them calm down and focus.
        I’ve heard it’s very easy for anyone to obtain an Rx for Adderall from a Dr.

      • It seems like your right. It helps them focus, but it is the bad type of focus that those without a need can have. Yes it is very easy to get, they pretty much give it away. Many doctors are careful, but some if you say you have trouble concentrating will just give it to you. If you really want it you can find a doctor that will give it to you.

      • I’ve never felt the need to become a paranoid, nervous wreck that talks incessantly personally.

      • HA! Why would anyone want to feel that way? I just don’t get why people would choose to abuse this drug considering its effects.

      • Hey, I’ve been trying to reply to Anonymous, but I keep getting a message that says ‘comment has been deleted by moderator.’ What the…?

      • The same thing happened to me yesterday.
        If you open up a new tab for this article the above comment has probably been deleted so my reply probably won’t be there either.

      • Adderall is a heavily controlled substance. I’m sure there are some unscrupulous MDs out there but the DEA is on top of those prescriptions in a big way.

      • I’m just telling y’all what I’ve heard, I’m not a Dr. or expert on the ease of obtaining this particular Rx, but many, many people have said it’s easy to obtain.

      • It well could be a regional issue. Where I’m at, good luck getting a doctor to prescribe them. Some doctors here won’t even prescribe the sleeping meds, and the DEA doesn’t care about those types of drugs.

      • I’d never heard of the drug until I started commenting on the BB blogs so it’s not a big thing in my region obviously.

      • It’s a good drug and beneficial for people with ADHD, but it’s also being abuse by a lot of recreational drug. Weight loss is one.test takers, etc etc.

      • Right. I’m not even sure if the players from season 15 needs Adderral….straight jacket?

      • By their behavior I don’t think they needed it at all. Amanda became a raging bully and Aaryn couldn’t stop putting her foot in her mouth.

      • She will have a great advantage over the other HG’s in the mental comps with the help of Adderall.

      • It’s exactly like speed/meth. And it does nothing for concentration, you literally go from one thought to the next without finishing the first.

        And the comedown is brutal.

      • Remember how enraged Amanda would get when the DR was late giving her next dose of Adderall? So similar to Vanessa’s behavior this year.

      • Yes , if you are a normal person , it increases your concentration . But makes you hyperactive at the same time .

      • It true she non-stop..conversation sometimes goin in circles…she must have a stash of red bull some where!

    • I think the ‘stupid gas’ emanates from her. This thing with the meds tells me she shouldn’t even be in that House with all the stress & people saying you don’t have any idea what it’s like living in there.

      The meds things is disturbing especially when she admits she can’t function until they kick in. Are you effing kidding me? Is Production keeping track of all the sharp objects?

      • They don’t allow her to use the only knife in the house! So yeh, the other hgs have been warned! LOLOL

      • Probably she uses some methamphetamine as Ritalin . She tells her MD she has attention deficit and hyperactive disorder so she gets them as treatment . But in reality she has not that diagnosis and uses the medication to increase her concentration instead . A trick a lot of students at College do to get better notes . A combination of methamphetamines and coffee is the best combination to pull an all – nighter before a law or medical test .

      • Yep, I can see that… wide-eyed and ready to go, she’s like the Energizer Bunny… look how freaking fast she can talk. Truthfully if she’s doing that it’s cheating.

  11. John basically told Ausin if he stays and wins HOH, he’s going after the Austwins. I wish he goes to Vanessa and Jameg with this. He should tell Vanessa the Austwins are still planning on back-dooring her, and they are waiting for Steve or returning house-guest to do it. She must not trust anything they say. Go to Jameg and tell them, he will work with them and returnee to get the other side out. He’ll be set!

  12. I feel like slapping the annoying twins with their future silicon boobs … for the amount of thrash they have been throwing at Vampire Dentist … those are some very harsh and violent words!!!

  13. What’s interesting is that John has just proved that, once his own back’s against the wall, he’ll come out fighting just like any other backstabbing HG who has ever played this game. Too bad it’s taken this long to see it.

    • He didn’t backstab anybody, he just said as it was. The one who backstabbed him was the one who made an alliance with him but also targeted him.

    • I think JMac keeping a low profile helped him remain in the game since he never threatened anybody.

  14. This is either a brilliant move that will save his life in the game, or an act of “If I’m going down, I’m taking EVERYONE with me.” Only time will tell.

  15. I’m gonna lose it if they show that “Austin’s Angels” clip on tv one more time….Austin looks a tree stump and those 3 Angels look like putrid fish.

  16. 4 days is a long time. Jmac needs to talk to Vanessa (for re-enforcement) every morning, before the Meds kick in.

  17. Ha. Just last night, Vanessa was talking to Meg about how every Monday Audrey would go crazy and things would get nuts. Who was she really talking about?

  18. Vanessa takes ‘meds’ now that explains some things; probably some kind of psychotic like Prozac, based on her emotional wild swing outbursts

    • She does…and she’s uses it as a crutch when she blows her stack..blaming the meds…or she didn’t get them on time…she a straight up gal…the meds make her evil.

  19. One observation here… Steve/JMac put OTB thus V safe at this point, Vanessa wins POV thus V safe from Eviction 100%… Vanessa’s SAFE what’s her problem? She’s her own worse enemy. How can anyone call that ‘good play’, I don’t know… when you’re 100% safe wouldn’t a good player relax for the next round and during the time off NOT PISS OFF all the other HGs?

    • She is most definitely her own worst enemy. Vanessa has the gift of gab, unfortunately, she doesn’t know when to shut up. She could’ve have been an AMAZING player this season has she not freaked out over petty issues time and time again.

      As of now, she’s an above average player who continues to talk herself out of holes she puts herself in. I’m not sure if that’s a recipe to make it to the final 2.

      • I agree with all that. 2 big flaws: she talks 100mph and she interrogates person… both of those things make people uncomfortable.

        Vanessa says: “Something has been brought to my attention… ” then all she needs is a bright light she can shine in their eyes.

    • V is a huge target and never will become complacent about being safe as JMac and Steve have!

      • My point is V’s not complacent even when she’s safe which means she never gets any rest/sleep… look at her, she looks a wreck, she is a wreck. She’ll be on vacation shortly, 2 weeks from this Thurs max unless she gets super lucky, she would have to turn into a dynamo on the comps.

      • About ‘wrecked’? Then she needs to look in the mirror, look at the pics we see on this site. About ‘vacation’, I don’t care if she’d believes she’s leaving or not… b/c she’s leaving whether it’s by vote or in a strait-jacket.

        She only believes what she thinks is good for her game, if that’s different from what she said before then she didn’t say it, according to Vanessa.

      • Can I choose the color and pattern of the strait-jacket? Pretty please? Lots of glitter for that one!

      • Hey, why does Vanessa feel everyone’s a liar but her???

        In the words of Arsenio Hall — it makes you wanna say, hhhmmmmmm

      • That’s an easy one, she doesn’t lie. If you truly believe it’s the truth than it’s not a lie. Actually it’s funny b/c lately she has actually admitted some lies.

      • Did you notice this girl scrubs her face and showers without removing her eye makeup?????

      • I’ve seen her from time to time without her eye make-up…that stuff’s harder to remove with just anti-bacterial soap and water…you need make-up removal pads or lotion to remove mascara. She’s probably limited on that stuff, so uses it sparingly.

      • You’re kidding me… well, that bitch!!! But think about it, she can’t be applying eye makeup every time she showers or gets up in the afternoon, my gosh she’s got interrogations to get to.

      • Gman, you’re making me fall in love with you and we’ve only known each other, what, say two weeks? I’m pulling a Liz

    • She is her worst enemy..and under all that psychotic paranoia she still has the sense to know if she blew up with the Austwins..she would have been the target 200% next week….she turned it around and said I can understand…don’t blame you guys really…but the mother f****ker Steve is who we need to get out…knowing full well that she needs them to keep her protected as much as possible…but now she knows that she won’t be protected for very much more….we could see some change in her strategy…she is crazy smooth.

    • Once Vanessa got a little bit of power back into her hands the bully emerged once again.

      • “Something has been brought to my attention… ” and she’s off with her interrogation, she needs one of those halogen head-band lights she can put on and shine in the person’s eyes. LOL.

    • You’d think so, hey, but Vanessa is Vanessa. They broke the mold. At the end of the day, (sorry but I just can’t help myself) how in this world, since Vanessa is acutely adept at reading people, does she think that ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, would even remotely think of giving them her vote since she is quick to say, someone’s not getting her vote?


      Acknowledging that they have been hoodwinked! !!!!#

      • Vanessa is definitely one of those that can dish it but can’t take it… BOO HOO, no one likes me, no one talks to me, I’m SO ALONEEEE, woe is me. Aren’t you sorry for me?

  20. Btw whoever is evicted this week, he’ll probably come back so to maintain 4 females and 4 males in the Top 8.

    • Woohoo! Keep everyone in suspense! NOT…we need more girl power as the guys left seem dense right now! hahaha

      • I need mamma Da to come back and rile things up, amp, amount amp. Get some voltage in da house!

    • I don’t know. If it’s a physical comp Shelli and Becky are pretty strong and pretty p.o.’d. I’m hoping it’s Becky.

      • I hope whoever comes back deals with the Austwins 1st instead of Van! They are a much bigger threat, but no one seems to realise that…

  21. This week will most likely depend on which way James and Meg vote…Austin seems to be locked in with John as the target …while Vanessa wants Steve gone…while James and Meg probably want John to stay because he would help them more than Steve… Would they go behind what the HoH wants and risk him getting mad at them or do they just vote with the power and prevent Vanessa from getting what she wants…

    • If I were them I’d vote to keep John…cause Steve..may think he can play the game…but Vanevil will eat him for lunch…cudoos to John for dropping the H-bomb…I’ve always said if you know your going out…go out with a bang..and screw up everyone elses game…at least you might be remember.

    • This is the chance for James to redeem himself after blowing up Becky’s game. John is the better option for him and Meg. Hope he realises it and does the right thing. Then I may start to like him again…

  22. Hopefully the production produces the rewind button and Mr Coward accidentally pushes it (while smothering his missus) so everything is rewinded. Vampire Dentist wins the HoH and nominates Mr & Mrs Coward and Lil Stevie wins the HoH and choose to not use the veto.

  23. Now this is what I was waiting for, the drama is lovely when the snakes gather and only venom can be shared.

  24. JMac and Vanessa are working together. Live feeds show them making a deal to fool everyone about how much they hate each other.

    • Jmac & Van have definitely cleared the air between them and I think Jmac wants to work with her. But I think Van is just hedging her bets should he stay. I would say she is not actively working against him and it really comes down to whether Van regains her trust in steve. Jmac is controllable where steve is not (as much). If Van gets back good with Steve, then Jmac is expendable for Van

      • You are right jc12345! You should go on the show! I haven’t liked Vanessa but you have to give her credit she is playing the game wide open. She’s doing a lot of lying but I’m sure you have to in this game. That’s my problem with James, he says he won’t lie! You have to lie to play the game!

  25. Wow. I feel bad for Steve. Vanessa is a bully. She NEEDS to go. She doesn’t deserve to win. Not one cent.

  26. Van and Austin are crazy…..BUT, the twins really make me sick! They are such bullies, the way they talk behind everyone’s back and their mouths….nasty! they certainly are no better than anyone else, they make themselves look sleezy and classless….bullies! Rant over

    • Yup someone needs to put up the twins together asap. Liz will be voted out. Austin is left with Julia, who hates him. Haha one can hope!

      • I’ve been wondering what will happen if/when Liz gets voted out ahead of Julia. She can’t stand Austin, but she’s only been loyal to him and her sister, so she’d probably stick with him right?

      • But what if Van is gone? I agree with you there, but I wonder what she’d do if she, Liz, and Austin get evicted before she does. I could see her sucking up to the goblins maybe

    • They are sleezy, classless and self evolved. Have they really taken a look in the mirror before they start bashing? I don’t think so. They are typical of 12 year old bullies. I am hoping for a big change soon.

  27. James and Meg, IMO, should VTE Steve. I think they would work with JMAC better than with Steve. Liz and Julia are very clear that they want JMAC gone. Vanessa is swing vote, right now that seems to be Steve. I still believe JMAC wants to be the one to get Vanessa out.

  28. Make sure that Derrick sahres his feelings about JMac when he writes his colum you pay him to write for on this site. He said that he really liked JMac’s game. I wonder if he still feels that way.

  29. Google Vanessa Rousso. She is a RICH poker player. Doesn’t need the money at all. EVICT her please ………………..

  30. No one has the guts to put up or get our Vanessa but why she is no threat she is a good player and just might win! she can talk her way out of everything and takes the blame for nothing. I wonder if she blames others for things in real life like she has in the game? And the live feed OMG so boring…these people are no fun and the conversation is boring boring boring

  31. Did johnnymac lie about James saying he’d throw the comp? If so I outright loathe the guy now. What’s he done to be the fan favorite anyway, I really don’t get why anyone likes him.

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