‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

After a contentious morning the Power of Veto Ceremony was held and we have the latest Big Brother 17 spoilers to set us up for this week’s eviction.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

It didn’t take long for us to reach the boiling point today when John, one of the nominees, dropped a bomb on Vanessa that set off a chain reaction of worry and anger at Steve. So what did that mean for the meeting?

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 9:

Vanessa did not use the Veto. John & Steve remain this week’s nominees.

After John revealed to Vanessa the 5-HG deal between Steve, John, and the Austwins she was off and running in a short period of time. Confronting Steve she gave him just a moment to answer her questions before saying he did not have her vote and was good as gone this week. Meanwhile the twins were upset at John for revealing this information.

In the end Vanessa got the drama she wanted and now has fuel for the campaigning she’ll do the rest of the week. She wants Steve gone at the moment, but the Austwins do not. We could get a real fun week of back and forth while we watch the twins try to get what they want against Vanessa.

Do you think Vanessa made the right choice to leave the nominations alone? Who is heading to Jury next? Well unless they come right back in that is.

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  1. I hope Vanessa can sway the house one last time in savings Johnny Mac but then be the next one out the door.

    • At this point she deserves to stay and get everyone else out that was too dumb to get her out. I’d love for her and JMac to work together from here on out and be F2.

  2. I hope Vanessa can sway the house one last time in savings Johnny Mac but then be the next one out the door.

  3. Its all about who the Goblins want to stay. Can Vanessa work her magic on them when Austwins have kept them totally off the block this week? They are so dumb to think the have any chance at getting further than final 4 (one of them) if they remain loyal to the Austwins…..They have got to break off and go with JMac/Steve and whoever comes back in….but I’m not sure who they’d prefer….and now that JMac reveled this…do you think Steve will even still work with him if he is the one that comes back in? Crazy….I hope JMac is the one who stays and that the Goblins are smart enough to see its time to go after Austwins next week.

    • At this point, I’d love for Vanessa to be the one to take out Austin or LIz. I would lmao. Really can’t stand Austwins. They’ve made a good season lame these last 2 weeks. At least Vanessa is entertaining. They’re just Gross!

      • Could they both have metal plates in their skulls so when they go near a microwave, they get zapped?

      • I knowuhhh riiiight? Next weekuh I would rather Vanessa win HOH if this means that she is coming after me and my disgusting bf Austiiiiin! The Gobliiins are too dumb to dooooo sooooooo!

    • Glad to see JMac finally playing the game when he needs to since Steve wasn’t planning on being loyal to JM anyway.
      Go Johnny Go!

      • Might be too much, too little, too late. But if John goes, IMO he’s the best one to return, because he’ll be breathing fire. The rest of them might have calmed down by now, and Steve might just run back to mommy Vanessa and grovel for her forgiveness.

      • I think John would still be gunning for Vanessa when he should be trying to split up the Austwins first.

    • If Steve goes, I really doubt he’ll come back in. He might be a super fan, but he’s a lousy game player, and all three of his competitors – Jackie, Shelli and Becky – would win the competition before Steve realized what hit him.

  4. What did I tell you? The target is just going to keep bouncing back and forth now.

  5. Also…I really know that a lot of people here want Vanessa out but…the reality is that Austwins are a bigger threat than she is as a chance to get to the end right now. If you go with Austwins you get max 4th place…at least potentially with Vanessa (and the Jury respects her manipulation ability) you even have a chance at F2.

    • You’re not wrong. Vanessa’s the most skilled player in the house and needs to be evicted for that reason, but Steve wasn’t wrong about the Austwins. If they’re not broken up soon, none of the others will stand a chance.

      • not to mention Austin and Julia are the only house guests that have not been nominated. Seems easy to use in a speech.

      • Get rid of Liz and those 2 are alone. They will no longer work together, since Liz was the only one holding them together. Either one of them would use the veto to try and save her, so she has to be up on the block with one of them.

      • So right, that three vote block needs to be broken up. Get Austin out and the twins are much weaker. And, on the up-side, maybe we won’t have to hear their annoying voices as much.

      • I see Liz as the lynchpin of the Austwins though. If you remove her…Austin and Julia aren’t as tight. I think they could potentially make more separate deals and fracture.

      • That is true, but Liz is harboring resentment against Vanessa for the planned, but failed BD of Austin, when Liz managed to single handedly win that comp. Liz and Julia would then be votes to help get rid of Vanessa.

      • She’ll learn never to take anything personally in BB. Always backfires against your benefit!

      • Yep, that is what I said before too. They need to get Liz out and fast. I’m pretty sure Julia is only with Austin because of Liz. You get her out and that is not a strong alliance anymore.

      • There’s still hope for Julia after the demise of the Austwins as everyone will be desperate to have superior numbers on their side.
        So glad all of Austin’s alliances have been revealed to the HG’s too.

      • yes this is what everyone should have realized when they let Julia into the house………these people are not the brightest

    • Basically it’s a dilemma for the other houseguests, Austwins are not as smart but have the advantage numbers wise. Vanessa is alone but is a very smart player. Of course, there are dumb players who are targeting people like John and Steve…. (Ahem… like Gob-ahem-lin)

    • Liz is the lynchpin in the Austwins…..if you get Liz out….Austin & Julia will still perhaps be loyal to each other but slightly more free to make other arrangements. I think if I were in there…Liz would be my main Austwins target.

      • Idk why noone has targeted her sooner? I’ve said that since Julia came in the house.

      • She has been my main target ever since she made the goodbye comment to Jason! Poof, she needs to be gone way before yesterday! No class that one!

      • More like “Have fun watching us from your momma’s basement”. And the “Butch” reaction from Jason hahaha.

      • Not sure when I started to dislike her but as you know I dislike Mr Coward since the first time I laid my eyes on him, not a good sight!
        And I finally truly despise the Leftover twin when she said she despised Vampire Dentist … how could she? I would have shot laser fire to her with my eyes if I could !!!

      • If Liz gets the boot, do you think Lurch will start dry-humping her sister.
        (Only because he is missing her, of course)

      • And Austin’s going to find out exactly how strange once this season is over and he finds out – despite Liz promising him eternal love (“yes, I’ll be your girlfriend …”) – she and her sister have already decided Austin’s toast as soon as they get back home.

      • Austin’s ego will certainly be crushed after he watches this season. Liz was even going into great detail to Julia about Austin being a bad kisser who didn’t know how to use his tongue. Sorry to gross you out if you didn’t hear that conversation.
        The only way Austin will be able to keep Liz is if he wins the money.

      • Julia is an idiot. She’s the biggest bitch I’ve ever seen and she adds nothing to the show. She can’t win anything and all she’s done all season is ride her sister and Austins coat tails.

      • I don’t think Julia would stay loyal to Austin, she’d be looking to team up with someone else to get rid of him before the door shut as Liz was leaving.

    • I’d love for one of the previously evicted players, whoever it is who re-enters the house, to got after Austin and Vanessa. Probably Austin (Judaus) first because without him it eliminates a three vote block, then an alliance to go after Vanessa next. Then the twins… after that I really don’t have a favorite F2.

      • More specifically – to break them up – Liz must go. The Austwins are really just 2 2-person alliances linked thru Liz. Eliminate Liz and you’ve done the most effective damage.

      • Agree. Liz goes Austin willingly puts himself up in an
        effort to be with “The Valley Girl” in jury. That would be hell for the other jurors.. And Julia would go anywhere for anyone to be safe or hope they saved
        Audrey’s blanket.
        Shelli, Becky or Jackie need to come back and
        clean this house stupid is boring.

  6. Steve thinks he’s safe after witnessing him shaking Van’s hand after the Veto ceremony! hahaha

    • To be honest I still think John will end up taking the bullet for his reveal of the alliance. If that’s not what happens on Thursday… perhaps production wants John to stay so they told Van in the dr to stir up trouble?

      • By doing this John has proven to Vanessa that he’s willing to work with him – I hope he will be able to survive this reveal though.

      • Like he said, though, it can’t really be an alliance if they put 2 of them OTB! They never said he or Steve were pawns either, because they weren’t sure who would win Veto either.

    • Just sayin’, cuz I’ve been on forum where the fans think that the production favorites are John and Vanessa

      • It’s obvious they’re oblivious, though! JMac is AFP and I bet V hates that when she’s been playing the game harder than him.

      • Vanessa’s good TV, and John’s probably America’s Favorite Player, so why not go with them.

  7. I like Lil Stevie, that kid has spunk, but I really hope Vampire Dentist’s dead fish charm can work some magic so he’ll be saved second straight week!

  8. What I don’t understand is, the Coward 3sum are talking dirt about Vampire Dentist and really want him gone, but why pretends to calm him down and said he’s not the target bla bla bla-uhhhh.
    Why they can’t be like Becky? Straight-shooter?

      • Vanessa was able to make the Goons paranoid of Becky and they didn’t realize that Becky would’ve been loyal to them the same way she was loyal to Clelli to the bitter end.

      • They got paranoid about her loyalty since at the beginning of their week, she’d been ratting on them.

      • Yes, but Becky was in an alliance with Clelli and she was trying to help them. This should’ve shown the Goblins that she was that rare type of creature on BB that would actually be loyal in an alliance. Once she chose the Goblins to align with she was loyal to them as well – until they stabbed her in the back by voting out Shelli instead of Van and couldn’t care less that this caused Becky to be evicted soon after.

      • Vanessa turned the Goblins on a promising and loyal alliance member – what else needs to be said? I thought this was so stupid of the Goblins but I suppose nobody has a chance against Vanessa this year.

      • The fact that the Goblins couldn’t apply basic math when making their decision to keep Vanessa was the Goblins problem. It was a numbers game at that point and they willingly gave up their superior numbers by believing Vanessa and backstabbing Becky. That was a fatal mistake I thought.

      • If Becky is as smart as I think she is she will realize that teaming up with Vanessa is her only choice at this point in the game since Vanessa is all alone in the game. If JM stays they will be 3 strong. With them working together I think they can take out the other couples. Plus Becky might be able to beat Liz at the comps.

      • I like this idea. and then ditch Vanessa at final 3. Jecky for F2. would be the best season ever if that happened.

      • YES! I would love to see Jecky as F2. It’s going to be fun watching the Austwins sent to the jury house – make it happen AG please!

      • Gotcha…I keep forgetting about BB’s creator and producer! haha Seems AG was listening the other night on which game the HGs should play…either Hide n Seek (life feeds chat) or forget what other game…I chose Hide n Seek…so that’s what they played the other night I heard!

      • I stopped watching BBAD a long time ago but I might start watching again now that things have livened up in the house.

      • I haven’t watched BBAD the past three nights…guess I didn’t miss tooo much! hahaha But now, oh yeh, with one of the 4 jurors coming back to play, I’ll be sure to!

      • I promised myself I wouldn’t get addicted to BB again this year but here I go down that wrong road again.

      • Not like the good ol’ days of BB when everyone was furiously conniving against each other on BBAD.

      • Exactly!! That’s what I miss – I don’t want a bunch of stupid games or people pretending they’re best buddies. Give me some drama like we used to see with Rachel! That’s why I hardly ever turn BBAD on, and when I do I can only take it for a few minutes. So dull!

    • In case you missed it, Becky is now a Jury member. straight shooting isn’t always safe when the numbers aren’t guaranteed, or should i say in this case, when your dealing with followers.

  9. I want Steve to go….and so does Vanessa…should have kept Jackie and now he might really regret it..

  10. As annoying as she has been this season, Vanessa deserves to win this season. Everyone else is terrible at Big Brother. Steve could have been a decent player, but waited too long to engage in the game.

  11. Julia and Austin, your time OTB is coming. Expect it and you won’t get disappointed when it occurs!

    • Lots of fun scenarios if someone attacks the Austwins.

      Nom any 2 of the 3 and the third wins veto & knows they will be renom. What happens?

      And then actually just seeing any 2 of them up there at the same time during the live vote. Would be priceless.

  12. Mr Coward is laughing that Vampire Dentist says he’s coming after his 3sum, but hey that’s a brilliant thing to say! Could open the Goons’ eyes … and he might get the 3 votes that he badly needs!!! Never underestimate the dead fish jedi master!!!

    • I hope this works out for JMac, and I do love seeing him fight for survival. Time to play dirty JMac.

      • He’s not playing dirty actually. He says as it is. I don’t think he ever throws anybody under the bus.

      • JMac has definitely stepped up his game though which is a big change from Mr. Nice Guy. Now if Vanessa can work her magic and turn the Goblins against the Austwins. JMac needs to develop a killer instinct at this point in the game.

      • Reading that Austin is calling JMac and Steve the two stooges…what does that make him and Liz?? Two brightest bulbs in the pack? Hardly! hahaha

  13. At this point reruns of anything are more entertaining. Couldn’t be more scripted.

  14. John needs to go. I’m done with him. At this point, he’s got nothing left and he’s gotten boring. James is the actual funny one; John is just a one-note boring fool. I like him, but enough is enough. John needs to leave and Jackie needs to come back. And then James/Jackie wins HOH. That would be perfect.

      • I am holding judgement on James. Going by his comments, he isn’t the best strategist. But he has been out of power for a while now and his peeps have been going.

        Laying low is not a bad idea especially if you can get in good with someone who has power like Austin. I think he has done that. And he could be ready to strike should the right opportunity present itself.

      • I’m sorry but after James decided to keep Vanessa over Shelli giving the SS alliance the numbers over the Goblins I lost faith with his strategic game. The fact is, James would not be losing the numbers game if he had kept Becky as an alliance member and voted out Vanessa. If Shelli had remained instead of Vanessa she would’ve probably worked with the Goblins too.
        This was just too big of an error for me to have faith in the Goblins abilities but as I said, he’s a nice guy that just made a BIG mistake.

      • In all fairness though, he doesn’t see and hear everything we do. All he knew is that he just lied to Shelli and evicted her boyfriend and he was pretty sure that she’d be coming after him for it (which is probably true). WE know that Vanessa is a bigger threat, but James doesn’t have all the information that we do.

      • See, this is what I don’t understand. If the Goblins had capitalized on having Becky join their ranks and voted Vanessa out they would have had superior numbers than the SS alliance. That’s all they needed to win the game. By backstabbing Becky they gave the numbers advantage back to the SS alliance.
        Although the Goblins weren’t privy to everything that was going on in the BB house, they should have known by then that Vanessa was way more dangerous than Shelli at least. They kept saying Vanessa would be easy to get out later, even knowing that Vanessa had won several HOH comps already.
        Instead of taunting Shelli by strutting around in Clay’s sweatshirt, James should have tried to bring Shelli into his gang of Goblins along with Becky since Shelli had soured on the SS alliance by that time.
        Even without knowing a lot of info the fact that James didn’t use basic math to plan his next step indicates he didn’t even consider his next step at all and has me doubting his abilities to play BB.
        But who knows? James could very well prove me wrong in a week or two.

      • James didn’t know everyone who was in that alliance, and he also thought that whatever alliance there was, Clay and Shelli were the head of it. By cutting the head off the snake, he thought he was killing the alliance.

      • Vanessa played everyone and had them thinking Clelli was the head of the snake and James believed her. She was the HOH so why would he blame Clelli for Vanessa’s actions? If James had been paying closer attention to what was going on maybe Van wouldn’t have been able to confuse him as she did. The Goblins should have suspected at least that there might be an alliance that was picking them off one by one but they never even suspected. There’s nothing wrong with having fun in the BB house but maybe if the Goblins had been paying better attention to what was really going on in the house they wouldn’t be outnumbered now. I’m sorry but I can’t give them a pass when they’ve played such a horrific game in my eyes. I do like them personally though – I’m just disappointed in their gameplay.

      • We do agree on one thing, I don’t think he played a great game. I won’t even count Meg because she’s not playing the game at all, she’s just there. I just don’t think that voting Vanessa out would have been so much better for James because Shelli definitely would have gone after him. He probably extended his stay in the house by keeping Vanessa over Shelli but he’s definitely not going to win.

  15. I want both of them to stay since they are my favorites in the house. But if any of them have a chance of returning to the house against Becky, Shelli, and Jackie, it probably would be John. But either way I hope whoever it is that is evicted wins the companion to come back and gets Vanessa the hell out the house. She is nothing, but trouble for everyone and using Austin and the Twins like cards she is dealt during a poker game.

  16. I’d rather have Steve go over John, for once i want Vanessa to sway the votes ! But after that she can go shove it !

  17. ugh people really need to stop pulling a Vanessa and getting all emotional, it would of made 0 sense for Austin to go after Vanessa this week, she’s a number he’ll desperately need for the next hoh comp to give them almost even odds at staying in power, otherwise it would be 2 vs 6. Plus she’s someone he can throw in front of himself as a meatshield and she has burned all of her other bridges in the house, no one but the austwins are going to work with her. Like them or not the Austwins are running this game and I for one want to see if they can strong arm there way to the end, that too me is entertaining.

    • I just wish Steve wasn’t so damn unlikable. It’s the product of very bad miscasting by producers. They cast Steve and Jason as the BB superfans. Steve was meant to be the likeable one, Jason was mean to be the unlikeable one. However, Steve turned out to be the like unlikeable one, and Jason the extremely loveable one.

  18. Vanessa is playing the best game. I hope she is HOH next week and continues to the end.

  19. Hilarious!!! Jmac finally opened up his eyes to see aligning with Vanessa would be smart! Took long enough lol
    & it’s nice to finally read SOME people are understanding Vanessa and are agreeing she should win the game! And agreeing she is ATLEAST playing the game! It makes no sense to me why she is a bigger target then Austin and the twins! I think if she made it to final 2 there is a good chance she would not win because of her style of play! depends on who she is next to!
    Vanessa and Meg……. Vanessa wins! (& if she didn’t, it would be a complete joke to the game!!)
    Vanessa and james……James wins!!!
    Vanessa and either twin …..Vanessa wins
    Vanessa and Austin……..tough call but I think Vanessa wins.
    Vanessa and Steve…. I think Vanessa Wins.
    Vanessa and Jmac…… I think Johnny Mac would win because of his personality and because he did win some things.
    HOWEVER if the house continues to let Austin and the twins run the show and if on Thursday anyone but Vanessa Austin or the twins win HOH and their shield vanessa is nominated and goes home then Austin and the twins will go all the way to the end! I just don’t understand why Vanessa is a bigger target then Austin and the twins???!!! aside from liking her or not, it would be very wrong of james and his crew to not put up an evict one of the twins, or else Austin! Vanessa still can be swayed! Austin and the twins, or should I say Austin and his twins will never break their alliance! Austin is setting himself up for third place or if he’s lucky and gets to choose, second place! I just cannot see him winning over one of the twins. just because of how the game has been played thus far

    • i agree with some of your points but I don’t think Vanessa could beat either liz or Austin in the final two, Julia maybe because she’s such a non threat but either Austin or Liz would have two votes with the remaining austwins in the jury, could probably get james and megs vote since those two get along with the Austwins quite well and they don’t like Vanessa and then all they would need would be would be one of steve/jmac/becky to vote there way and all three of them have had beef with Vanessa. I also think Austin could beat liz because BB has always had a rather bad double standard when it comes to showmances and the female partner always gets accused of riding coat tails and being a floater in favor of the male partner, or if the showmance is seen as pure strategy then women get painted as villains and other nasty words that describes a rather specific profession and guys are just celebrated as good strategists like doctor will and boogie.

      • well I am a complete fool lol of course Vanessa would not win against Austin or the twins, not even Julia because of the to automatic votes they would all get! I clearly wasn’t thinking smart there lol…. I do wonder though if it was Vanessa and Austin in the final two, if Julia would vote for Vanessa. I can assume not but it just would depend on how serious Liz really is about Austin! and yes, unfortunately a lot of “showmances” in the final two do favor the man because the woman “rode the coattails” in SOME people’s eyes!! it’s quite pathetic actually! And some women are accused of using that guy! I think big brother has more “showmances” that worked out then the bachelor or the Bachelorette lol

      • I don’t know why when I reply it doesn’t always appear! Did you get my reply? In short I just said you are right, I didn’t think of the numbers in jury & of course Liz, Julia and Austin all vote for each other. I do believe if it is Austin and Vanessa in the final two, Julia might vote for Vanessa. even with Liz there is a slight possibility she would vote for Vanessa also, but that’s only if my theory is correct and she does not like Austin but she knows she is looking very bad on national TV so she is now pretending to really like him. outside of the house, I do not think they will work out! Even if Austin shaves LOL
        & I read last week on here Vanessa, Austin, Liz & Julia were all talking about splitting it 4 ways if it came down to them in the Final Four so if that’s the truth then it really doesn’t matter who wins.
        I don’t know if they can even do that, but if they can and they did then that sucks for us as fans of the show! Boring! But, I would not put it past any of them! especially if Vanessa has side bets with her fellow poker players lol…. People bet on anything in Vegas (examples being survivor, Amazing Race, big brother! there is a lot of betting on reality shows now) so, if she has money on herself or she knows people have bet on her then that’s a great way for her to make extra cash lol…. Of course this is speculation! And I truly have no idea! So, don’t pull out the firing range on Vanessa for it lol

    • I think Vanessa would have a much better argument in her final speech to the jury for why she should win than anyone else though.

      • I fully agree! Vanessa has been playing the game since the very beginning. Day one!
        even I did not catch on to that until later. but from the very beginning she is aligned herself with someone she saw as a strong player, Austin! But then she sat back and just watched everybody and was reading each person and watching people connect and not connect! she’s very intelligent! like I said at first I was like where’s Vanessa!? She’s so quiet, is she going to play the game!? But now I get it, she played it smart! She saw a strong alliance and she made her move to align herself with them. she stayed away from the people who were acting as though they were at summer camp. I think V will have a very good argument if she is final 2 however my only concern is not only are most of the people in the house acting as though they are still at summer camp (Yes! they are finally playing the game somewhat) but they are also not respecting her game and therefore I think they might not respect the way she played the game! (take things too personal because clearly these people don’t know how to play a game!) but also they may pick the person next to her if they played more of an “honest” game regardless of how useless that person may have been! For example, if it is Vanessa and Meg in the end, a lot of the jury will be made up of her “friends”and they may pick Meg because she was so “sweet and nice” and didn’t backstab & lie and so on! but she didn’t win anything so far anyway, she hasn’t made any big moves, she pretty much is just sitting back and hoping for the best!
        Which I personally would be so disappointed to see that happen! I like a good game, and sometimes the villain does deserve to win! some people can’t look past the personal side of the game! stupid but true! & I think some of these people will not look past Vanessa 24/7 gameplay and understand! Does that make any sense? (sorry, I have a very bad habit as you know of posting way too much lol talk to text! Haha)

      • most of the HG that will make up the jury were not playing a game, at least not very well! For the better part of the show anyway!
        Shellie Clay Liz (Julia) Austin & Vanessa have been the only people playing the game really good! Yes James has made a few big moves but only makes them when he is HOH, aside from that he wasn’t playing much of a game. The other side of the house only woke up when Jason was evicted and then they blamed Shellie&Clay and then Vanessa (when the other two were gone! They needed someone to blame for their stupidity lol)
        I don’t think James, Meg, Steve & Jmac even know now there was that alliance! From the very beginning! & Liz, Julia and Austin have their hands in every cookie jar! and unless I have missed reading some things on the feeds, Steve, Jmac, Meg and James are still not playing a good game because instead of teaming up with each other, they are teaming up with Austin and the twins! And I guess with Vanessa! why they don’t team up together is beyond me! I seriously cannot believe after this many seasons of BB and these so-called superfans are just letting Austin and the twins control everything! James & crew had so many opportunities to break the other side of the house apart but they never did it! and I just do not understand why! Were they really that blind!? Did they really think they were at summer camp!? There was never a solid Alliance built with any of those people including Jason and Becky! only twosome! it just blows me away how easy it has been for Austin and the twins! Even Vanessa has had to repair a lot of things to stay! they chose to keep her! they allowed Julia to enter the game when they knew Liz & Julia would be a solid 2, a solid 3 with Austin! I just don’t get it! & I will be very disappointed if meg, Jmac or Steve win BB 17! they don’t deserve it! I don’t even think james deserves it! I do like him very much, he’s super funny and he has made a few big moves but not enough for me to think he should win over Vanessa, Austin or either twin. however, if it came down to Meg,Jmac, Steve & James then I truly hope it is James who wins! Jmac has been super funny and entertaining all season but I expected way more of him! I thought his game play would be way better! And I thought he would be the one to form proper alliances, and go against the other side of the house. anyway sorry blah blah blah blah blah lol I really like being able to talk to people about the show! I have been watching BB since the very beginning and it’s nice to be able to read other people’s opinions and comments! As long as people are nice about it! I have had a handful of people attack me personally and my character because I have defended Vanessa over and over again but I’m not afraid lol ♡♡♡ I admit I’m not always happy about the way she does things, and the paranoia / crying gets annoying but she’s running on empty because she’s been playing hard since the very first day and she is so deserving to win.

  20. Rooting for Steve to somehow survive this week. Johnny Mac while, amusing and a fan favorite has not really done enough for his game. And deliberately losing HOH and POV when his survival is at stake is just dumb.
    Vanessa is cunning and manipulative however, she may have committed a very serious mistake in the game. That is, not using the POV. Steve has been loyal to Vanessa more so, than Austin and the twins. They have pulled in the Goblins in which means majority control now. Vanessa is going to need all the help she needs to take out Austin, Liz, Julia and James. Keeping Johnny Mac who has thrown HOH and POV is a useless move. For Vanessa, keeping Steve makes more sense as he can take out Austin, Liz, Julia and James if he remains in the game. And the returning house guest will probably also, target Vanessa too!

  21. I hope Becky or if Johnny Mac gets the boot maybe he will come back !! I’m sick of Vanessa, Austwins Go Home you make me sick !!

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