Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Monday Daytime Highlights

Veto Day did not disappoint us in the Big Brother house as things got off to a quick bang and didn’t slow down as Vanessa ran her laps around the Houseguests faster than most nominees looking for votes can manage.

Austin Matelson on Big Brother 17
Austin Matelson on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

After John revealed to Vanessa the plans to get her out we were treated to plenty of crazy as sides competed to make their pick the top target of the week and it’s still only Monday!

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 24, 2015:

9:40 AM BBT – HGs are up for the day.

10:25 AM BBT – Vanessa talks with Steve then tells John that she won’t be using the Veto. She says she tried to get approval (she actually did) but it didn’t work. John tells Vanessa about the 5-HG deal w/ the Austwins to get her out. It doesn’t immediately change Vanessa’s stance.

10:35 AM BBT – Vanessa now asking Liz about the 5-HG deal that John just told her about. Julia joins. Twins say it was a stupid deal. Vanessa is pissed at Steve.

10:45 AM BBT – Twins upstairs ranting about John and want him gone now that they know he told Vanessa about the deal they made and then broke.

10:50 AM BBT – After contemplating her next move Vanessa goes to find Steve. She wants to know if there was a 5-HG deal. He says there was but denies that he lead it like the twins suggested. Vanessa doesn’t believe him and marches out after saying he’s lost her vote.

10:55 AM BBT – Steve confronts Austin in front of Goblins & Vanessa to ask if he created this 5-HG deal. Austin says he did.

11:00 AM BBT – Vanessa in the Lounge with Liz and Austin trying to find out what happened. She’s not upset at them, she says, because they had reason to question her, but she says Steve never did. Vanessa tells them she wants Steve gone.

11:10 AM BBT – Austin grabs Steve and they go back to the Lounge. Austin tells Steve he’s trying to cover for him and explains what’s going on. He tells Steve that JMac revealed their 5-HG deal to Vanessa. Feeds cut for the Veto meeting.

12:15 PM BBT – Feeds return. Vanessa did not use the Veto. JMac and Steve remain the nominees.

12:20 PM BBT – Liz goes to talk with John. She’s upset that he told Vanessa about the deal. John tells Liz it apparently wasn’t much of a deal if both he and Steve are up on the Block. Liz tries to tell John he could still stay over Steve, but John doesn’t seem convinced.

12:26 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin and Julia about her talk with John. Austin says John is so dumb and has gone rogue. Julia says she hates him and Liz says he has to go.

12:30 PM BBT – Vanessa is still trashing Steve. She is completely fed up with him.

12:36 PM BBT – Austin goes to talk to John about why he thinks they prefer Steve over him. He tells John he wasn’t targeting him but his nomination options were limited. John says he’s just feeling defeated and has no one to turn to. Austin tells John to talk to the twins because they’re upset. He tells him he still has a chance to stay this week.

12:50 PM BBT – Everyone inside was hoping Austin and John’s talk was going to get heated, but it didn’t. Liz was disappointed because she wanted a show.

1:10 PM BBT – Steve doesn’t feel welcome downstairs so he goes to the HOH room to talk to Austin. Steve asks why Vanessa is so mad at him. Austin says Vanessa feels he’s being two-faced. Austin assures Steve that the twins want John to go so Steve can still repair what has gone wrong with his game this week.

1:28 PM BBT – Vanessa enters the HOH room and Steve asks if she wants to talk. She says no because she’s too upset and doesn’t want to act foolish on TV. She adds for the 1-millionth time that she’s a rational person and not normally emotional. She asks Steve to leave and he does.

1:34 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin that she is fine with John because she didn’t expect any loyalty from him but from Steve she did. So she wants Steve out. They talk about how terrible Steve and John are playing. Austin calls them the two stooges.

1:50 PM BBT – Liz has joined Austin and Vanessa. Austin tells everyone to just relax and they have three days to decide what to do (translation: 3 days to flip-flop 100,000 times on who should go).

2:00 PM BBT – Twins tell Austin they still want John gone and they need to get Vanessa on board.

2:10 PM BBT – Julia and Liz are being catty about JMac. Julia wants to mess with him and hide his belongings. Liz calls him “a skeleton with a hairy back.”

2:15 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia if anyone ever puts them up together she’d never vote for them in jury.

2:30 PM BBT – Everyone has calmed down. People are cooking, resting or working out.

3:35 PM BBT – Pool time for Austwins and nap time for everyone else.

So the feeds have quieted down for the day, but expect some more flip-flopping and drama tonight. It’s still a few days away from eviction and John and Steve are pretty even on who could stay and who could go. Let’s see which of them makes the better campaign.

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  1. The annoying twins are getting worse by the day … yeah their parents must be very proud by the way they trash Vampire Dentist … borderline on violence. And he does nothing wrong to them, they are the ones who backstab him.

      • It’s what they’re saying. Shoot fire from my eyes at him was one of the insults. I’d have to flashback to find out the others because I don’t remember all of them. I usually switch cameras during their rants. They make me sick. Spoiled bitches.

    • “12:50 PM BBT – Everyone inside was hoping Austin and John’s talk was going to get heated, but it didn’t. Liz was disappointed because she wanted a show.” You’d think Liz would be tired of shows already. She’s certainly given us enough of them.

    • LOL… I didn’t think about the parents, can you hear them talking about Liz? “She couldn’t have picked the nice dentist or the brilliant Ivy-league college student, she picks the grubby tattooed smelly wrestler”.

  2. Well the twins acting childish as always. How has JMac and Steve played a bad game so far this season? Both have played a way better game then the Austwins that’s for sure.

  3. It seems like Steve might pay for publicly counting out Vanessa too many times over the past few weeks. That’s unfortunate, but if I have to choose between them I would rather John stay…he is more likely now to confront the Austwins problem than Steve. I wonder if in a day or two Vanessa is going to see that the Austwins were as much to blame, actually more, than Steve in the plotting, and that her best move may have been to just use the veto and force Meg or James up, then rally the votes to evict them. Her position is better with both John and Steve there to use to break up the Austwins.

    • Are you sure about that? I am rooting for him or Steve, but I could easily see either of them putting up James and Meg. And guaranteed that they won’t manage to finally figure out the importance with aligning with the other side. So frustrating.

      • It’s certainly possible, but I just think Steve is more likely to come back into the Austwins fold, because he has no working relationship with James or Meg…John doesn’t really either, but he is not close to the Austwins, they really screwed him over this week, and I think he sees that three person grouping is the most dangerous right now. Also, if a Becky comes back you can almost guarantee that’s what she will want to do.

      • Exactly.
        Plus Shelli and Becky have worked with John in the past so if either comes back they will work together.

      • Becky will need to align with JMac and what’s left of the James Gang and go after the Austwins and Van…If Van aligns with the James Gang without the Austwins knowing, even better!

    • I think she know Austwins had to do with the plan, it just doesn’t benefit her to flip out at them.

      • Not flip out on them, but if she was more in control she could have used it to justify vetoing someone and blame it on her emotions. Then work her magic to convince the twins to vote out James or Meg. Its a better situation for her than now, with one of John or Steve leaving and Meg and James feeling in debt to Austwins and not Vanessa.

      • I do not understand how anyone can think a dentist flunked at medical school as a doctor. They have to know every medicine on the counter and prescriptions before they can become a dentist. They know more about this than a family doctor. Are these people are not smart at all. They need to think before saying crazy things like this.

    • They are all going to pay for not taking down Vanessa when they had the chance. I am looking forward to the day when Austin and Liz are on the block with Julia as a replacement nom in waiting.

      • I agree and just think when Liz goes if any blame of that could be put on Austin… look out Julia will scratch his eyes out.

      • If Liz goes, Austin will ask to be evicted so he can go smother her in the jury house.

        Is anyone paying attention to this guy’s possessiveness? He was actually worried about guys hitting on her at the finale party! He asked her to be his girlfriend (I thought he was 30, not 14) because he is concerned she will have other men chasing her when they leave the house.

        BB needs to cool those two down before something happens.

      • It’s a good thing he doesn’t know about Liz’s plans for him after BB is over! As of right now….there are no plans! LOLOL

      • If you were watching the feeds you would know that something has already happen! Under the covers. I have watch all of BB and they are the worst at hiding what they are doing.

      • They will latch on to Vanand she will be the brain they don’t have, like Austin is now.

  4. I’m am getting so fed up with the Twins and their disgusting behavior….Its extremely annoying and sad that they are acting like little kids when they are supposed to be grown women!

    • They are the only part of this season that REALLY annoys me. They are so spoiled, mean spirited and totally coasting by on the fact they have good players like Van, Austin and Steve (he’s at least decent) on their side. That, and the blindness of all the other HGs as to the danger of their 3some with Austin.

      I don’t care who wins at this point. But I do hope the twins do not. I would love to see them up next to each other OTB for the live vote.

    • Its not just the twins. I am getting tired of all of them except JMac. He sleeps all the time so he can’t do anything annoying.

      Sadly, they are running out of weeks and there are still too many a-holes in the house who need to go – Vanessa, Austin, Julia, Liz, Steve…

  5. I am disgusted by the comments Liz and Julia make about pretty much everyone on a daily basis but it’s gotten real bad the past day with Johnny Mac, ugh.

    “Liz tells Julia if anyone ever puts them up together she’d never vote for them in jury.” And this is the true definition of bitter. I need BB to not find annoying recruits like this who don’t understand the game so therefore will be bitter in jury. The twins take everything so personally and it’s ridiculous!

    • Exactly, if I were John next week I would purposely put them on the block to mess with them and watch them scramble! ^_^

    • I wanted both of them to get in the house and see how they would play together. Now I know.
      New avatar is real nice.

      • Haha, same. I would actually prefer Rachel and Brendan and I can’t stand them!

        And thanks! I really needed a change lol

      • Atleast Rachel buckled up in her second season.

        And atleast Brendon kept fighting in his 1st

      • You’re right on that! Rachel fought and fought and I love her for it. She played a lot better than all of the houseguests the past few seasons.

      • Gotta love an underdog that fights hard! If anything Johnny is most likely going to win America’s Favourite Player :)

      • True she also played her own game. Granted it was after Brendon left but she was able to fight hard

    • Maybe they’re so mad because they don’t want to admit he’s right; it obviously was a pretty bad deal if he and Steve are on the block and Vanessa isn’t.

      • Right, I kind of get their anger towards Johnny Mac for outing their alliance but it’s the personal comments that make me sick to my stomach, like it’s enough now.

      • Honestly I don’t know what’s worse. This or people attacking Dan’s wife for his gameplay.

    • Well like Jason said, if they put 16 fans in the house than the show will be boring because everyone will know what to do and what not to do. We need recruits to ruin their game and entertain us in the process. Also some recruits can play a good game.

      • I disagree with that, to be honest. Not everyone who applies are die hard fans like Jason and Steve. There are some like Shelli who just watch the show casually so they’d still have a diverse cast with people not so well-versed in BB even if they only chose from casting.

      • I know that not every Big Brother houseguest is a superfan, but my point is we need the recruits to either ruin their game (and entertain us while doing is such as Devin) or play a great game that we probably haven’t seen yet (like Amanda Zuckerman).

      • But there’s still the fact that non recruits ruin their games all the time. We had the best seasons when they all or the extreme majority were applicants.

      • I dont’t think we ever had a season filled with applicants, there is at least 3-5 recruits per season.

      • I don’t believe that. I consider myself a fan. I’ve missed only 2 seasons which included Season 16. If II was a house-guest, and you pissed me off, you better know u r going on the block if I’m HOH. lol. I’m not going to think…is she/he after me?

      • Of course putting someone up who is after you is the easy thing. But in that house paranoia is high so anything can change. My point is people are saying recruits don’t know how to play Big Brother which is false. Some fans don’t even know how to play Big Brother and Johnny Mac is an example. Some recruits can be good at Big Brother and Amanda Zuckerman from BB15 is an example. But a house with 16 fans can make the season boring because everyone will know what to do and we don’t want anybody copying a past player’s game. Recruits can have a fresh strategy or they can ruin their game & entertaining us in the process.

  6. Is Vanessa sure she’s really a Poker Player??? She acts over-emotional, impatient, illogical and most importantly, one most play one’s cards close to one’s chest, which she doesn’t do. smh

    • I don’t get it either, especially because she is soooo obvious when she’s lying! If someone questions her about something, for example, she’ll repeat what they said and act like she doesn’t understand and needs clarification, just so she can buy time to think of a lie to answer with. How could she bluff her way to $4.5 mil??

      • Yeah, that was my point. Her doing that is what makes it so obvious she’s lying. If she was going to tell the truth she’d answer right away.

      • That or she thinking about her options… like she’s thinking I could say 1 of these 3 things, what’s my best option? You can just see the computer computing.

      • That’s a good point, it’s a lot easier to lie to someone you interact with for a short time than someone you live with every day!

    • She’s most definitely a poker player… I’m thinking those tournaments last around a week and she probably stayed wired the whole time & figured she’d do the same in the House or maybe she JUST CAN’T turn it off so she can re-energize… anyway my point is she’s overwhelmed and this game is much too long an endurance match for her.

  7. Question – When will Austin tell Vanessa that Johnny Mac admitted to Austin & the twins that he has been after Vanessa for weeks? If Austin wants to save Steve, that is the play. Austin has shown in his DR confessions that he is onto Van’ s pattern of keeping info to herself and/or lying. If V asks him why he didn’t say anything earlier about John, he has an easy explanation. “Vanessa, we have fallen into a pattern here. You keep things from me like Steve & John’s (lie) F2 deal until it is the right time to bring it up, and I do the same. At the end of the day, we still watch each other’s back.”

  8. I think John should curry favor up to Vanessa and Jameg all of this week if he wants to stay. This will be his downfall. Believe it or not, Steve is better at socializing than he. All he does is SLEEP!

    • John is better at the social game! And James and Meg need to realise themselves that it is better for their game if John stays! They were all working together when Becky was HoH… James really needs to wake up and play the game, like right now! He should know he cannot trust the Austwins… If he votes John out this week, I have no more hope for him…

  9. Steve’s DE is coming back to bite him in the ass!. You should’ve put up the Austwins and Vanessa instead of Jameg. He said he did it for the alliance. Austin sure did it for the alliance when he put you on the block and you having 50% chance of leaving. hahahaha

  10. I feel really bad for John. He gets shafted way too much in this game. From a pawn to a target to a victim of bullying. Austin picks on him, and twins treat him like crap

    • “We reap what we sow”
      John has been a follower, and a push-over the entire game so far.
      “He made his own bed” and now he seems to sleep in it full time.

      • He’s either given up or he’s playing possum hoping they’ll look at him as less a threat than Steve. If Steve were to get evictd and Becky re-entered the House & John or her win HoH, preferably JMac. just to see if he’d start playing hard.

      • Well what could he do.
        If he played the game he’s playing now he’d pull an Audrey

    • Yet he chose this alliance. He would rather be aligned with Shelli/Clay than the Goblins.

      JMac made a choice. He aligned with the people already in an alliance over people who he could benefit more with.

      • While John was aligned with Clelli he didn’t want to be the pawn but had to anyway. He couldn’t benefit with the Goblins since they haven’t helped him. He had Becky but the Goblins were so stupid that both she and John were nominated because of them

  11. First could Johns strategy right now be to play as if he knows hes done in the game, kind of lime Dans funeral? He has not let anyone know he’s a superfan so they wouldn’t catch on to him picking up pieces of numerous past players strategies. I really hope thats what hes doing. Second, I hate to say it but I hope he stays and does team up with Vanessa. They could work together with whoever comes back and take down the Austwins. They are expendable to Vanessa and if she really is as smart as she thinks she is now is the time to cut them loose. They are all 3 feeling way to secure and wouldn’t see it coming. Put the twins on the block together (which Becky would be up for if she came back) and use Austin as a backdoor. Or put Austin and Liz up together with Julia as the renom. Julia winning POV to save Liz would be like Meg winning HOH, wouldn’t happen. They could send Liz to jury, Austin and Julia would be lost and would be the next ones out the door.

  12. First of all, how old are these B$%tches, 12? and does Liz need glasses? Has she looked in the mirror at her and Austin?

    2:10 PM BBT – Julia and Liz are being catty about JMac. Julia wants to mess with him and hide his belongings. Liz calls him “a skeleton with a hairy back.”

    2:15 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia if anyone ever puts them up together she’d never vote for them in jury.

      • I would love to see their reaction when they learn how hated they are on these boards because of their behavior. But then again, they would probably think we are all “jealous” due to their entitled sense of self.

      • Oh for sure, we’re all just ugly jealous haters because they’re soooo hotttttt-uh. Lol

      • Before they know it, they are in their 30s and young girls will be calling them old ladies.

        Wonder if they will look as good as Shelli does at her age? Probably not.

      • As a young guy ignoring their personality which is not great to put it lightly, but just looking at them physically I don’t find them very attractive. I can’t point to anything specific, but there is something about their looks I don’t find attractive.

      • I’m a straight girl, but they’re only okay looking to me. Just kinda generic Miami girls. I do think Julia is more attractive than Liz but I don’t know why. Lol

  13. It’s quite annoying that everyone keeps saying the twins and vanessa are disgusting people and they’re complete bullies. Well, guess what, you’re being a bully as well for making personal attacks on their character. Unfortunately, your lives aren’t on camera 24/7 so no one has evidence to show your flaws. If you look at past seasons, almost all of them have a bunch of people who could be described as bullies, spoiled, annoying, and disgusting. Evel Dick (Season 8), Jerry (Season 10), (Rachel Season 12,13), All of season 15, the list goes on and on and on and on. Frankly, this is the nature of the game. People are put into an environment where emotions and sentiments are exaggerated because of the close quarters. This show is a social experiment, and guess what the data says: people become nasty disgusting people when they are fighting for their lives and have forgotten whats it like to have privacy, electronics, etc. And for crying out loud, we’ve all casually said in passing “oh i hate this person”. Sure, “hate” is a strong word, but a lot of us still use it without intending any real harm. So please, calm down, and let’s focus on the gameplay. :) :) :)

    • The annoying twins say a lot of bad things about other HGs based on their own perception and hatred. And Van Van kinda bullies others. When they choose to take part on the fish bowl show, they must know that all their actions and judgements will be scrunitized, thus if they behave inappropriate of course they will be called out.
      And they deserve to be called out. Otherwise, what should we talk about … how cute they are? How hot are the make-out sessions?
      Besides, their gameplays are based on thrashing others. So?

      • A lot of their actions are very inappropriate, but i think its unfair for them to be hated by america for being in a situation that many of us will never understand

      • I know I have never said I hate them. I have said they are disgusting, foul mouthed and conceited individuals.

      • Well, we are all humans. If I am a contestant in this show, then I am going to be prepared to be hated by the people around the world (not only America, it’s seen by the world, believe me) coz many will not agree with whatever I say or do.

      • I dislike the twins for making comments that are completely unrelated to game play. The things they said about John today were mean, hateful, and completely unnecessary. Acting that way is inexcusable regardless of the situation. Whatever “hate” they receive by America was well earned.

      • Yup, shocking really. What has Vampire Dentist done to them exactly? Didn’t they backstab him first?

      • NOTHING, he’s been nothing but nice to them.Also, I don’t necessarily care for steve’s game play. But the way Vanessa treated him today was awful. She speaks to him with very little respect, and he just takes it.
        I’m sure the bullies, racists, and mean girls act the same way on the outside of the house. They make it impossible for people to say “oh the game is just getting to them”

      • Funny thing is that Lil Stevie mentioned yesterday (if I am not mistaken) that he expected to get bullied in the house but he was surprised that the HGs had all been nice to him. Well, Jace did bully him way back in Week 2 and now Van Van.

      • It’s one thing to not like how he played or to be angry at him. It’s another thing to be catty

      • Another thing to remember is that our opinion of specific HG’s can turn on a dime. I’ve seen contestants who were looking terrible on the show, receiving a lot of criticism, but then they make some kind of big game move and people suddenly become fans and change the way they view that HG. The whole dynamic is very interchangeable.

      • If I hate a HG, then I hate them. There is nothing they can do that will make like them. I hated Shelli from the moment she she evicted Day. And I hated her even deeper when she had a “showmance” with Mr. Perfection. Then once she started playing the victim card, I was suppose to like her? She was the reason Day went home She was the reason Jason went home. She ruined the season for me.

        And don’t even get me started on Vanessa the scumbag millionaire.

    • I guess what this social experiment has shown me is that we are seeing a good part of what the twins are like outside the BB house. I think their “full of themselves”, stuck up attitude is just not because they are i the BB house, it is probably a fair assessment of what they are like outside in their world. They have very foul mouths and the cursing flows very easily. I get that one has to lie to survive in this game, that doesn’t bother me. Their actions I dislike are beyond the game, for me anyway.

    • That might be going a bit big. No one is “Fighting for their lives” in BB. They’re living pretty well and entered the house knowing full well what they were walking into. And while I agree with you 100% that it should be about the game play and not about disgusting personal attacks it’s pretty fair to say that people react strongly to different personalities. I’d run across the street to avoid spending time in an elevator traveling three stories with Rachel Reilly. But Derrick from BB16 or Dr. Will from BB2? I’d move into a house with those guys in two seconds. Why? They were somewhat laid back and cool even when they were deviously running things behind the curtain. When personalities are somewhat abrasive that tends to irritate some people. Is it fair? Probably not. But it’s understandable.

    • I call things as I see them whether it’s the real world or the BB house. If I had the inclination to state my “hate” for a house guest, I most certainly would. This type of censor is to deny me freedom of speech. I much prefer to express myself through insulting comments. If an individual chooses to be on any type of reality show, then they must realize public opinion is part of the deal. Lastly, I have no real investment in these BB HGs, so I can’t take this show seriously, but do enjoy banter with other fans.

    • ILBB – please don’t be ‘holier than thou’. This isn’t the place for it. The HG’s go on these shows with full knowledge that people will be watching them, warts and all. They know their game play will be scrutinized, and they’re open for comments the minute the first episode goes on the air. This site is specifically for fans/nonfans to say exactly what they think. Close exposure does bring out the worst in some humans, and so does greed. Both of these conditions exist in the BB house, and the HG’s are willing to show the best or worst sides of their personalities, with the thought of $500,000 being the ultimate reward.

    • Do you have tweeter account?..This is nothing! .it’s all good….I don’t expect to read The Beatitudes here.

    • And might I add that the whole “social experiment” was over years and years ago. They are now on BB strictly for our entertainment… After all, they have to do something to justify winning a half million dollars…

    • It’s not being a bully for calling someone out (even in a deplorable manner) for their offensive characteristics and/or bullying and otherwise reprehensible actions. It’s like saying (though an extreme example) that no one should call murders or child molesters disgusting, putrid individuals at the risk of being labelled a “bully” for saying so…

    • “It’s quite annoying that everyone keeps saying the twins and vanessa are disgusting people and they’re complete bullies”

      Well their actions speak so. Vanessa constantly attacks people like John and Steve and the twins constantly talk down at John. I hope that’s not them in real life

      “Well, guess what, you’re being a bully as well for making personal attacks on their character.”

      There is a difference between personal attacks and criticism. If by that logic aren’t you a bully for calling us out. You’re attacking our characters for simply criticizing how they act. So aren’t you a bully by that logic

      “Unfortunately, your lives aren’t on camera 24/7 so no one has evidence to show your flaws.”

      That’s not an excuse for how people act. It doesn’t matter if you’re on TV- you’re equally as guilty!

      “If you look at past seasons, almost all of them have a bunch of people who could be described as bullies, spoiled, annoying, and disgusting. Evel Dick (Season 8), Jerry (Season 10), (Rachel Season 12,13), All of season 15, the list goes on and on and on and on.”

      Let me analyze all of them for you:

      Evel Dick- Being overly blunt when people lie and act cruel. People like Dustin, Mike, Jameka, Amber, Jen etc. have been attacking his daughter personally. Do I agree with his way of doing so, heck no! But they’ve been doing similar things to him.

      Jerry- He was cold hearted and cruel towards Dan every since the whole America’s player shtick even saying he should burn in hell.

      Rachel- Atleast in her original season Rachel was condescending and cruel towards some of the HGs- Monet, Ragan, Kathy, Hayden, pretty much anyone who’s not Brendan.

      Aaryn, GM, Jeremy, Katlin, Amanda- Have all been cruel and cold towards some of their fellow contestants especially Candice.

      “Frankly, this is the nature of the game. People are put into an environment where emotions and sentiments are exaggerated because of the close quarters.”

      That’s not an excuse for their actions. What about Dan? He never made personal attacks. Donny? Never made a personal attack. Dan was pretty much calm and collected through the whole game.

      “This show is a social experiment, and guess what the data says: people become nasty disgusting people when they are fighting for their lives and have forgotten whats it like to have privacy, electronics, etc.”

      True, but that doesn’t excuse them from criticism.

      “And for crying out loud, we’ve all casually said in passing “oh i hate this person”. Sure, “hate” is a strong word, but a lot of us still use it without intending any real harm. ”

      We may do so but that means we don’t like a certain person. Nothing against their character or their family.

      So please, calm down, and let’s focus on the gameplay. :) :) :)”

      Why don’t you calm down and stop whining about people’s criticism?

    • Exactly but what those evil twins r doing is not game play when u call ppl inappropriate names because they do not like what u do for your own game play. They r childish and r getting thru cause of Liz’s showmance. They need to get booed BIG TIME when they leave the BB house (which is hopefully soon) for both of them for their talk with JC only b/ c of their insults to others which I said had nothing to do with game play. I guarantee they won’t like it either.

  14. This is a bit off topic (apologies) but has the issue of the “Selected POV Chip Picks” been discussed in the open? I know Shelli and Vanessa spoke about being able to pick specific name chips out of the bag weeks ago and didn’t JMac pick Meg a few times in a row? Has it been an open topic of discussion?

    • John is different. The chip with Shelli and Vanessa is house choice. John is always picking the chip with Meg’s name on it. Maybe he can tell the difference too,

      • Right, but that means they’ve figured out ways to isolate/identify specific chips. Has this been a topic of discussion in the house?

      • If I am not mistaken, Vampire Dentist did say that he could spell out the chip with Meg’s name on it, that’s why he keeps on getting her chip.

      • I can’t believe this hasn’t been a bigger controversy this year. I’ll bet they make them chips covered in plastic next year with names on the inside.

    • Why not make new chips – it can’t cost much to have some made that would make it impossible to know whose name was there.

  15. Re-watchibg BB on CBS from Sunday has convinced me that Liz is the most undeserving HG to stay in the house. While Austin, Julia, Meg and James are hashing through strategy, Liz lies next to Austin picking knots out of her hair with a blank look on her face completely oblivious to the conversation, convinced her man will protect her to the end. Liz is an entitled rotten brat who has skated through more than 9 weeks on BB. Please, someone put the twins on the block next week just to see if Liz has something other than a meatshield to win this game.

    • I thought BB15 was the worst season ever, honestly only liked Elissa lol everyone else was forgettable or racist. terrible season, this one would kick into high gear, if Vanessa just left the house. the atmosphere would be lighter and fun, also the twins having an unfair advantage has turned many off.

      • Season 15 doesn’t exist. It was all a figment of your imagination. I always thought it was weird how they went from BB 14 to BB 16.

  16. Shocker … Madam Coward just apologized to the live feeders for being mean to Vampire Dentist today. Guess she was being reprimanded by the Big Brother for butch behavior.

    • Wow…I guess Production or CBS (or both) must read fan boards. That’s kind of crazy. Did it sound like she was 10-years-old and her Dad “made” her say it? Or did it sound genuine?

      • “Liz regrets being mean about JMac today. Says she and Julia were upstairs today talking and being ugly and she doesn’t want to be portrayed that way. She says she and Julia fuel each others fires. Aus says she should apologize to the feeders. Liz says she’s sorry she was just upset.”

        No, I don’t think she’s sincere. She’s just covering her behind.

      • So if I start a post you’ll all have my back and support it, I hope?

        (Be on the lookout for a post encouraging either; “Topless Thursday” or “Austin Can Only Say ‘F@ck’ Day” – Either one should liven things up a bit.)

  17. Oh goody Liz and Julia are gonna be those types of jurors. -_-
    I think John has a shot at staying cause James and Meg might want to work with him and Vanessa can maybe work a deal with them to keep John then they can go after Liz then Austin the Julia. :) best case seceniro for me anyway.

  18. Mr Coward just mentioned he had a lot of things to share with the live feeders tomorrow about his wrestling career, dating situation, etc ….
    WHO CARES???

  19. For all our enjoyment I sincerely hope we have a power shift this Thursday as the programming and live feeds have become too boring to watch and we really, really need a new scenario to discuss to liven up the boards!!!

  20. I hope that Vanessa agrees to keep John and convinces Austin and his girls. Then Becky walks in the house and John, Becky, Vanessa and the two idiots James and Meg vote out LIz, then Austin or Vanessa.

  21. Yikes! Its getting really tedious following the antics of these people. There is so much to dislike about them. BB, where did you dig up these people? I certainly hope you can do better next year.

    Austin is creepy and gross. Vanessa is crazy and seems to think people aren’t allowed to play the game against her. The twins are really nasty spoiled brats and Liz, well, she needs to apologize to her parents for the daily embarrassment that occurs in the HoH room with Austin.

    At this point, I hope whoever comes back into the house immediately wins HOH and puts Vanessa and Liz on the block with Austin as a potential backdoor target.

  22. It’s kind of like Dan (BB10) all over again. When someone plays their own game it’s bad, but if they play someone else’s game it’s good.

    It’s kinda like society, you kiss ass you’re accepted. If you do your own thing you get shunned.

  23. Either John is wearing his “Cloak of Invisibility” or he has decided to “self – evict” – (LIVE FEED 2:24am pacific)! Nobody 4 EVER!!!

  24. This BB house has been ruled with “blood on my hands” and “fear of Vanessa”. Austin and the twins have no guts to take her out, instead they continue to keep her knowing she’s lied and played them all for fools. Serves them right, that Vanessa will soon pick them out one by one and win the whole game. A very boring season indeed.

  25. As for a showmance, I see no attraction of Austin and Liz — zero chemistry and gross.

  26. She talks them to death, dumb them up, to blind. Refuses to allow them to have a minute to think

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