Our Big Brother 17 Houseguest Interviews Coming Soon

Our Big Brother 17 Houseguest interviews are coming soon as I prepare to head to Los Angeles and the Big Brother studio for a chance to sit down with the new season’s cast to ask them what they’ll deliver this summer.

Big Brother 17 premieres June 2015 on CBS
Big Brother 17 premieres June 2015 – source: CBS

With my cast interviews just around the corner I wanted to again turn to our readers and ask for your input on what questions you’d like answered by the BB17 cast. If you had the chance to sit down across from the new cast, what would you ask them?

Submit your ideas and questions in the comments section below and I’ll review them for possible inclusion which means you just might hear your questions read in our interviews.

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The Big Brother cast will be revealed on Tuesday, June 16th and our interviews will be posted soon after so the wait is almost over! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, & by Email to get those updates.

Who will win Big Brother 17? It could be anyone of the new Houseguests and here’s a look back at last year’s winner before he even entered the house:


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  1. 1. Are you a casual fan? Superfan? Recruit? Applicant for another show?
    2. Would you vote with the house or would you play an individual game (basically not playing for anyone else but himself)?
    3. If you managed to have watched episodes of the most recent season, would you choose Derrick over Victoria for final 2 if your were in Cody’s shoes?
    4. How much of your real self will we see in the feeds, and how much of it will be pure gameplay?
    5. Would you rely on social game or competitions? (Can’t be both)
    6. What do you think about floating? Is it good or bad?
    7. Have you sampled any Big Brother versions overseas prior to joining BBUS, aside from probably Canada’s?
    8. Apart from Dan Gheesling and Will Kirby, which Big Brother player do you admire the most?
    9. Do you think you can adapt well with the unpredictability of the game, with twists and turns in mind?
    10. What would you do to avoid being the season’s first evictee?

      • At least a week before the start of the game do CBS start gathering the cast (and alternates) for initial sequestration, pre-show photoshoots, shoot footage for their commercials and interviews with the press.

      • Okay, Thanks James!
        The anticipation is exhausting, lol
        My mom & I love this show, I wish it was on at least twice a year, just look at Survivor.
        Have a great day James :-)

      • Just adding to James list, “Which houseguest did you hate the most, over the years?” (This answer could tell u a lot!)

      • Thanks! What led me to number 8 is that I get tired hearing incoming houseguests every season say that their favorite player is either/both Will and Dan. Those two became very safe answers whenever they are asked who they like as there are other legendary players deserving of the same credit (Janelle, Jun, Danielle R, etc). :D

    • Just adding to James list, “Which houseguest did you hate the most, over the years?” (This answer could tell us a lot!)

  2. Which of the following attributes do you think you’ll most bring into the BB house: Competition dominance, a strong social game, a fierce strategic mindset, or TV entertainment?

  3. What personality types do you most get along with? Which do you clash with?

  4. I just have one simple question….WHY does it take so long for cbs to show us who the new house guest are for each season?

    • Finalists are selected and then sequestered. CBS won’t reveal the cast until their locked & loaded. It’d be a bad idea to let them start researching each other and you don’t want to keep them isolated in a small room (hotel) any longer than you have to.

  5. “Backstabbing is inevitable in this game. How will you handle it when someone betrays you? How will you handle it when you have to betray someone else?”

  6. For Psychology/Communications Major: How will your major will help you win Big Brother?

  7. What past houseguest or combination of houseguests would you compare your playing style to?

  8. If a past houseguest is in the house with you, do you use them to get you farther or try to get them out the first chance you get?

  9. To save your ally, would you accept the following punishments:

    Not be eligible to compete in the next HOH
    Shave your head
    Take a chum bath every hour
    Be handcuffed to someone for 24 hours
    Eat slop for the rest of the summer
    Be put in isolation for 24 hours
    Dye yourself purple

  10. 1. Will you be seen as a Hero or Villain?
    2. Are you willing to sacrifice your popularity outside of the house for the million dollars?
    3. Could you back stab your closest friend/ally in the house?
    4. What personality type do you clash with the most?

  11. 1. Alliances have held a significantly larger effect on the past few seasons. Do you think an alliance is necessary in order to maintain your safety in the game?
    2. Which of the three important aspects (physical endurance, mental stamina, and social skills), do you believe it takes to win the game? In which do you believe you are strongest? Weakest?
    3. Do you believe that throwing a competition could ever be successful for your strategy, even if you’re putting your own safety in danger?
    4. If you could choose to compete with one former houseguest as your ally, who would you choose and why?
    5. What is your opinion on showmances? Do you believe that they are more beneficial or harmful in the end?

  12. I think James wins the best questions award, but here are mine.

    1. Have you thought of any possible twist the show could throw at you that is worrying you?

    2. What’s one thing you’d like the audience to know about you, before you enter the house?

    3. What is it about BIG BROTHER that interests you? (The concept, the fame, etc.)

    4. If you enter the house to find every other HG is a returning player, are you excited or scared?

    5. Out in the real world, is there one compliment you receive from others often?

    6. What season of Big Brother is your favorite, and why?

  13. What will you do if you end up on the wrong side of the house with fewer people in your alliance?

  14. Oh gosh so many questions I would want to ask, so I’ll shorten mine down to my top 5.

    1. ~ Are you going into the game revealing your true occupation? Why or why not?
    2.~ What type of house guest are you going to find the most threatening?
    3.~ Would you offer to be a have not every week if you think it will help your game?
    4. ~ Who do you think is the most underrated player in BB history?
    5.~ After it’s over would you rather want to be remembered for your game play or your personality?

    It would be cool to see one of these questions answered, I’ll be sticking around all summer to post my opinions on the season, can’t wait for more posts Matt :D

    • 4 is great. That would definitely give some great insight as to how big of a fan they are or how much they studied the game.

  15. I want to find out about Vanessa Rousso’s green necklacec too! Is it California jade? Can we see a close up ? It’s cool :)

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